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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 21, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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at 9:00 we're following some of this morning's top stories for you. we start with belgium.
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a terror alert has been raised to its maximum level there, the prime minister telling reporters this morning that the threat in that country similar to what happened in paris. terrorists they say are potentially targeting shopping centers, large gatherings and public transportation systems. officials fear the attacks would be carried out by several people. a snowstorm in the midwest will last through the weekend. up to a foot has call fallen in iowa, 6 to 10 inches are expected in the had chicago area. there are a few flight cancellations out of dulles and regan this morning. >> we have been keeping track of what tom kierein has been saying this morning, using words like frigid, freezing, i'm keeping track, tom. >> that's right. november weather has already wowed us so much, now we have to get ready for the temperatures to drop. >> back to reality. late november and we expect by this time of the year to have freezing mornings and
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invigorating chills during the afternoon and that's what's been happening today throughout this saturday, lots of sunshine and, why he, in the upper midwest there is that snowstorm, all the area in white is snow from missouri into illinois, southern wisconsin, michigan, northern indiana are getting the heaviest snows in chicago. flight delays in and out of chicago, st. louis and detroit, perhaps indianapolis over the next hour or two as that storm will be tracking well to our north. radar not showing any rain, no snow in our vicinity. clear sky, beautiful. now getting above freezing, low to mid 30s. rural areas low to mid 40s. metro area mid and upper 40s right around the chesapeake bay. at union station there's the flag flapping gently in the breeze. we will have a chilly afternoon, a dry pattern develops for the thanksgiving week ahead. a look at that day by day in just a few minutes. 9:02. developing this morning five people expected to recover from this cash overnight in
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northeast. take a look at this video. cop car, a taxi and an suv all involved. it left what you see there, a trail of damage behind it. we've got news 4's derrick ward looking into more on this, he is live at h and 8th street in northeast. derek. >> reporter: good morning. the clean up has already begun, you can see the scene here now they are going to be boarding this storefront up soon. there looks to be structural damage to the frame. take a look at the scene earlier, pretty serious accident involving a police car, taxicab and suv. what's still up in the air is whether or not that police car had sirens and flashing lights going, whether they were responding because we do know of a hit and run accident or another accident maybe a couple blocks from here. there are some people that are saying that this may have been part of the response to that when there was a collision here at this intersection of 8 and. and h northeast. folks are saying it's not uncommon to have this.
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earlier in the summer this he had a car run up on the sidewalk and into the building. they said the hours when it happened there was nobody out here. it could have been a lot worse. we are live in northeast, derrick ward. developing in prince william county police are looking into a suspicious death. a long time neighbor was found dead in his home, this is on long view drive in woodbridge, virginia. when police got this they found the man had trauma to to his upper body. police are not releasing the victim's name or any information at this time. new images coming in that minute the raid in saint-denis ended. you can see the moment of the explosion. listen here. this is from someone's phone down the street. french officials confirm a third body was found inside the apartment but they haven't identified that person. mean ill would, french media outlets are reporting that hasna
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aitboulahcen did not blow herself up. else is in more trouble for its emissions cheating software. the epa says that software maybe on more diesel vehicles than originally thought. the epa accused of vw of using it on 2000 vehicles from 2014 to this year. now the auto maker says the same software is on vehicles going back to 2009 models, the ep. a says it will investigate and take appropriate action. it was a horrific crash that devastated the hyattsville community, five dead, 14 injured when a church van went up in flames, this was earlier this month. news 4's erika gonzalez sat down with a father and son who are still waiting for the rest of their family to come home from the hospital. >> reporter: freddie rodriguez has been home from the hospital a couple days, he has a broken leg and badly burned recall a. he tells me he remembers the truck that would eventually hit them zigzagging through traffic
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with smoke and two wheels on fire. he would swerve the van which carried morehan a dozen people headed to church but couldn't get out of the way fast enough. screams and sirens, the impact he says pushed the steering wheel and dashboard into his chest and the van caught fire. from eddie jr. says first responders freed him from the wreck. were you scared? >> worried. >> reporter: you were very worried. what were you worried about? >> my mom, if she went up with god. >> reporter: freddie's mom survived the crash, she's badly injured, still in the hospital and so is her six-year-old daughter but the baby boy she was set to deliver did not make it. once in the hospital rodriguez says the infant was laid on his chest for an hour before he was taken away. the first and last moments with his youngest son. the emotional pain is greater
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than the physical. and while he knows there is he a long road to recovery ahead he says today he's thankful to be home and thankful for the first responders who risked it all to save his family. >> erika gonzalez with that report. if you would like to help this family we have information on how to do so on our nbc washington facebook page. students at the university of mary washington will pay more to live and eat on campus next year. the board of visitors voted friday to raise room and board rates by 2.5% for the 2016-2017 academic year. all residents halls with the exception of two are going to go up. the other two will increase 3% to meet debt financing requirements for those buildings. this is a big story, happening today, santa making his way to the national harbor, happening today, kids can visit saint nick starting today through january 3rd at the gaylord hotel's orchard terrace.
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enter through the village of the north pole, it's in the hotel's exhibit hall. pretty cool. >> i know. they have the big ice village there, too, which is so cool. >> and fake snow. wawa coming to fairfax county. how long do you have to wait? and could all the creating a racial divide in the city? we're going to tell you what a new study is revealing this morning.
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it seems a racial divide exists in the district. in a new "washington post" poll they are showing how big the difference is. the post found 86% of white residents in the district see benefits in redeveloping
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buildings and refurbishing older neighborhoods. at the same time 55% of african-americans in d.c. say redevelopment is bad for people like them. a big part of that has to do with less moderately priced housing. about a third of residents expressed concerns about housing costs. we've got some really good news this morning. fairfax county is getting it's very first wawa next month. it is in the chantilly dulles discovery shopping center, it will open up on december 18th. you will miss out on a thanksgiving turkey hoagie. wawa is planning to open inlm manassas in the spring near piper lane. >> wawa is the happening place am williamsburg. >> yeah. monday speaking of big things, big day here at nbc 4. all day long it's our annual food 4 families drive. we have a phone bank up and running all day long. you can drop off donations monday at verizon center or head to any washington first bank
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location as well as aders jewelry and sax fifth dwavenue. you can also donate on line at just search food 4 families. a local boy taking the theater by storm. he has got one of those voices that just gives you goose bumps. meet the star of the musical oliver who is stealing hearts at just ten years old. tom is at that i canning a look at your forecast coming up next, we are going to see how that thanksgiving day forecast is shaping up. we are back after this.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> a little blondat boy from warrenton, virginia is hearing the roar of the crowd at the arena stage. >> he is performing the title role in the knew cal oliver. as wendy rieger shows us this fourth grader loving the spotlight and asking for more. ♪ where is love ♪ does it fall from skies above ♪ >> reporter: nine-year-old jake miller only has to look behind the foot lights to find the love as his sweet voice fills the stage at arena stage. he beat out the competition to get this title role in a modern day revival of oliver based on charles dickens iconic tale of
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poverty, abandonment and redemption. >> i think oliver is about a young boy who has been abused and he wants to find love. >> reporter: while oliver is set in the time of dickens the arena stage production moves it to modern london to remind people that those problems have not gone away. >> 1 in 25 young people are sleepingen o the streets in london today. audiences have a tendons. he to say, well, that was then. no. actually, it's now. and if theater isn't about this momentb in time then what are w doing? >> reporter: big concepts for a fourth graderer to portray. >> if you get really into the song then you can see what he really wants and then it kind of gets you upset. >> reporter: jake says he's having the time of his life doing something he has wanted to do since he was a wee boy. >> i just feel so happy because i love making people happy. ? er to accomplish this jake is at the theater for rehearsals and
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shows 12 hours a day with mondays off, that's when he goes to school,>b gets the lesson pl from his teamer. he says he finishes it on tuesday. >> reporter: have you ever tired? >> yes. i get tired sometimes. >> reporter: but theater can be an amazing education. jake is working with k a torse from broadway like jeff mccarty who plays fagan and has shown him how to bring it. >> he is in a sleeping bag and i pull him up and scream right in his face and he gives it right back at me. he is a beam of light this kid. we're really lucky to have him. >> there's something absolutely fantastic about working with young children in the theater. because they are just in the process of becoming. >> reporter: and jake is just becoming adept at musical theater. >> i was so nervous. i was so nervous, but i was so happy at the same time. i was nervous-cited. >> reporter: did you nail that? >> i hope i didder.
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>> it will take gentleman i can through christmas and his tenth birthday and through the start of the new year. and what then? >> wow. i have no idea. ♪ >> wendy rieger with that story. you can see young jake in oliver through the first of the year. we've got a lot more information on the nbc washington app. all you have to do is search oliver to check it out. >> what were you doing when you were ten? >> not singing like that. >> and what an angel. so this is a veryuç special day for an area veteran, lieutenant colonel luta mcgrath is turning 108-year-old old. she is the oldest woman veteran of world war ii still alive. she is celebrating at the queen of apostles catholic church in laeks drae. we we wish her very happy birthday and thank you for your service. word has it she's still very active, very social, involved with the church, still lives in
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the home that her and her husband shared since 1960. >> we absolute our world war ii vets and all vets. we have so many in our area. >> it's wonderful. >> especially here with a big military community here. >> very prideful community, too. outside we got used to some of this warm weather in november and walked out the door today and it was like bam. >> november acting like november. this is the time of year where we startingbm to get the subfreezing, no and chilly afternoons. going to be go with us for the day ahead. after our freezing start temperatures are beginning to warm and still many area lawns have leaves to rake. good day for your leaf raking forecast. just some light breezes and it will be sunny, you will just need fleece, make one or two layers to stay comfortable. if you plan on runng through the leaves instead of raking them your recreational impact forecast by noontime ought to be around 50 degrees, low 50s early afternoon, mid to upper 50s by midafternoon.
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great weather to get exercise outside. back down to the low 50s after sunset tonight. temperatures right now getting into the low to mid 40s metro area, mid to upper 40s right on the bay waters. beautiful day on the bay. much of northern virginia, shenandoah valley and out of the mountains most locations getting out of freezing. you won't need the umbrella today but you will need the sunglasses, light jacket, long sleeves and pants for the afternoon especially if you are going to any of the football games, any of the sports going on outside today, light winds with sunshine and temperatures into the mid 50s. post your pictures, i took this one yesterday morning, northern montgomery county, a newly shorn cornfield. it is ready for winter. post yours on facebook, twitter and instagram. i had a great ones this morning it is snowing now this area in white in the upper midwest from illinois into michigan, northern indiana, that's causing flight delays from st. louis to chicago over to detroit, indianapolis. the good news is that storm is
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passing well to our north. that's good news for snow haters. snow lovers, sorry, this one is going to miss us. just cold weather moving in after that goes by. right now storm team 4 radar we are all dry here all around our region. here is hour by hour timing maybe a few scattered springs else by 11:00 tonight perhaps up around baltimore, but elsewhere we will stay dry. as that system passes to our north it may bring rain into the mountains overnight. it changes that rain to scattered snow showers between midnight and 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. on sunday. most of them are done by midmorning sunday. the rest of the area stays dry. lots of sunshine during the day on sunday. a clear night sunday night as colder air comes in behind that storm system. if you're going out tonight, heading out to dinner or out this evening for entertainment, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. the low 50;us 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. back to the upper 40s, then by dawn under the upper 30s. sunday afternoon low 50s.
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blustery wind tomorrow. lots of sunshine, colder weather could moves in sunday night into the 20s by dawn monday, afternoon highser monday the mid 40s. that will be the coldest day. it will begin to warm up again. get away day tuesday, wednesday, looking great. temperatures on thanksgiving day right around 60 degrees. mild on friday, too. four things to know on this saturday, no he have 21st. five people expected to recover from this crash involving a cop car, a taxi and an suv. the cop car slammed into a business at 8th street and h street in northeast. >> a fairfax county man is seriously hurt in an early morning house fire. he called 911 win he could not get out of his home. crews were
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battle. three are i a rested in turkey with suspected connections to the paris attack. security followed one of the men as he checked into a luxury hotel. all three are being held in prison right now. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is reigniting the conversation about paid leave. why he's leaving work for a while. let's show you a look at some events happening this weekend. how about thanksgiving with the turkeys? so it's a vegan potluck and an actual turkey feeding. this is in the poolesville, maryland, starts at 1:00. the village at leesburg shopping center has a tree lighting, that gets under way at 3:00 p.m. today.
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. facebook founder mark zuckerberg says he will take two months of paternity leave when his daughter is born. he posted on his facebook page that the decision is personal and outcomes are better for families when working parents take time off to be with their newborn. facebook offers u.s. employees up to four months of paid paternal leave. this is pretty common among silicon valley companies because they are trying to recruit and want to hold on to talent. >> it's trending up and definitely a lot of other people are starting to talk about it, too, as well. the weather, what do we need to know today as we head on out? >> i know you're sleeveless this deceive, don't let that it is cold. you need long sleeves later
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today. we will have it in the mid 50s and light jacket and overnight tonight down to the upper 30s. sunday afternoon the low 50s, blustery wind tomorrow with sunshine then the coldest day of the next seven day, monday, 20s in the morning, afternoon highs mid 40s. then a nice recall with aer trend on tuesday and wednesday, low to mid 50s and sunshine, beautiful on thanksgiving day, sunny and up around 60 degrees. >> an even the day after thanksgiving because we know a lot of different events and parades are going on. >> you've got the tree lighti. >> that's right. come out and see us. >> that's going to do it for
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to "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. i'm rick doc walker from red skin park. coming up today, the redskins take on the unbeaten panthers tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and we have the keys to the game from head coach jay gruden. we go inside the locker room to hear from some of the fellas. a wild scene last sunday at fedex field and a whole lot more coming up in the next 30 minutes. redskins made up some ground last sunday and all three


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