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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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vote. today a maryland woman found pushing her lifeless daughter in a swing is in court. she'd been in the park for almost two days. she said her 3-year-old son died from dehydration and hypothermia. her trial is expected to start in late january. and there's going to be a courtroom appearance for the student charged with bringing a loaded gun into his classroom. that happened at wilson high school earlier this month. the 16-year-old faces three charges. that includes possession of an unregistered firearm. police still don't know how the teen got the gun through the school's metal detectors. no one was hurt in that incident. if you haven't wrapped up your shopping yet, today is free shipping day. they say items will arrive by christmas eve. so you have do this today. walmart, macy's, kohl's, they're all doing it.
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we will put together a list of participants on our nbc washington app. >> are you all done? >> no. it's because we're working so hard, right, david? >> let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell who's checking in on the weather. what do you think, chuck? >> it's been an incredibly milder month. it's been on average 9 degrees above average. it will be a gusty and blustery kind of afternoon. one weekend of winter will be saturday and sunday and then back to 70 for santa. are you kidding me? watch what happens with your temperature here. 46 now. hardly anything in the way of a rise of the temperatures. in fact, i think we'll stay to the mid to upper 40s. by later this afternoon, look at this. temperatures falling during the afternoon while the sun is still out. winds will be increasing to ta 15 to 20 miles per hour.
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windchills will be down to near freezing by 5:00 this evening and your friday night will be a frigid one. you'll need the heavy coats again. windchills back into the 20s. how long does it stay cold over the course of the weekend? i'll give you the plan coming up. for now, trouble. here's melissa mollet. >> again, molette green on the way to this fatal crash in upper marlboro. right now what we're being told is this is largo road at front gate drive. your alternate, old margo road. just checked in with our friends at wtop. they're saying wouch the vehicles went off into the wood. there's a tow truck trying to get under way before the commute picks up here. taking a look into and out of town, you're looking just fine this morning. no major problems. 66 and 95 looking good through the beltway. northern virginia also rolling along just fine back here in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa.
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multiple lanes are shutting down tonight. the lane closures start at 9:30 tonight and stay in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning. >> they were supposed to be fighting a fire in lanham. two female career firefighters from landover hill say christopher kelly and jeff miller visibly forced them out of a burning home last week. the fight basically boils down to a turf war. >> to have a situation where firefighters are arguing or fighting or tussling over a fire scene is absolutely unacceptable. >> a new maryland law makes it a felony to assault firefighters while they're performing their jobs. it's been nearly a year since they complained of a teacher spanking students. we reported how the principal
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allegedly ignored the complaints. he's now been dismissed by the prince george's county school district. the teacher in question now works at a school in montgomery county. happening today, the chicago police officer charged in the death of laquan mcdonald is headed back to court where he is expected to plead not guilty. just this week jason van dyke was indicted on six counts of murder. the video shows van dyke shooting mcdonald 16 times within seconds of stepping out of his police car. so still no announcement on when a new trial for baltimore police officer william porter is going to be. yesterday attorneys on both sides met with the judge behind closed doors. at least one more session was planned. the trial ended in a hung jury. the next trial for caesar goodson is expected to begin in three weeks. he was driving a police van that
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was transported gray. 4:35. a metrobus driver is recovering after being stabbed by a driver. he was attacked on wednesday night on martin luther king avenue. a driver and a passenger argued. it was a verbal altercation just before the stabbing. the bus driver's union says they need to make safety a priority for metro and others. >> they need to increase police presence for buses especially and especially in high-crime areas where we know there's a higher propensity to crime. >> d.c. police arrested robert vosburg. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. a safety program for metro employees is now being expanded to include metrobuses. it allows them to anonymously report safety concerns. since 2013 they've used the close call for trains.
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paul wiedefeld announced yesterday he's expanding it to buses. it's the first bus in the nation to have it. a man is accused of trying to help out and now a pennsylvania man is behind bars. police say they found high-capacity guns and knives in his backpack. he's also accused of using multiple twitter accounts to get out information on member os testify u.s. military. he's going be in court next week for a preliminary hearing. >> happening today, attention wawa lovers. the popular gas station and food matter will make its way into chantilly. ribbon cutting is set for 10:00 a.m. a chick-fil-a and child care center will also join the retail area where wawa is. will you be there, david? >> i will be there.
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big deal. this is also a big deal. some waited hours in line. now the wait is over. fans celebrating "the force awakens." midtown started playing it at 7:00 last night. >> i think they did a really good job of taking you through the base story and maybe to the next level. it's fantastic. >> how many sick calls this morning. the new movie has already brought in $14 million overseas. those numbers expected to grow and break box office numbers this weekend. a missing teen is discovered behind a bar in d.c. what a family believes is behind his mysterious death. and a new study that show as what parents are doing in a car that's putting a child's life at risk. and with the temperatures and with the temperatures plunging
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a study out of oregon says most parents aren't using their seats properly. these are the infant car seats. researcher found 95% of new parents they studied made at least one error when buckling in their new button. one of the most common mistakes was a loose harness. most parents buckle the harness too low and put the seat at the
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wrong angle. you have to have everything properly buckled in for safety. >> you can stop by a police station and they'll double-check. you're going to have to layer up. >> yeah. you'll need the layers, absolutely, but you're going to need them for the ride home more than you're going to need them for the ride in. and for our friends and neighbored down in there. the northern neck, a risk of a few rain drops here early this morning though we're dry in and around the metro area. somewhere between low and modera moderate. turning breezy and turning much colder as the day goes along. so bus stop temperatures, cloudy skies, mid-40s but staying through the mid-40s through recess. only a "c" for recess, upper 30s and low 40s by the time you're coming home. what they're going to need, they're going to need to carry
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their coat. it's going to be in the 20s and 30s on your way home. we'll show you how low we will go. that's at 4:51. trouble already on the top of the beltway. that's what melissa mollet has to talk about. >> top of the morning, new crash reported outer loop at new hampshire avenue. it seems like everything is off to the shoulder and nothing slowing things there. it might cause a little bit of commotion. in fairfax camp washington intersection. big police response in that area right now. also upper marlboro, we have an accident investigation. the road closed because of it. take old largo either way. 50 east of the belt way looking good. into town, out of town, no problem. top of the beltway, keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any worse. coming up, lebron james
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takes a big fall onto the sidelines but he wasn't the one rolled out of the arena. and disney parks, what they're banning kids from
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welcome back at 4:45. now to breaking story on capitol hill. the 1$1.1 trillion bill needs t clear the house. tracie potts has more on that story. tracie, good morning.
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>> hey, eun. it would fund the government through the end of the fiscal year, through september of next year. however, there's a trick here. are republicans and democrats going to be able to get enough votes? they're going have to work together on this and there's actually opposition on both sides. you've got 115 republicans set to vote know. they think it's too much money. there are those opposed to dreamers and obamacare in this budget. and then you have democrats who don't like the ban of the release of crude exports and the lack of relief for puerto rico. so you may have some democrats voting no on this as well. the leadership on both sides urging them to vote yes. republicans need about 100 votes. democrats need about 120 to make this happen. we're told it will probably sail through the senate and that they've got the votes. the tough fight will be in the house and it's possible the vote could get delayed. so we'll be watching that very
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closely. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you, tra tracie. a group of bicyclists will escort the motorcade from the nun real home through next d.c. to the cemetery. while saying good-bye holden wants to bring more attention to bicycle safety on the roads. the search for a teen comes to a terrible end. the family of paul mcginnis jr. says his body was found behind a bar. he disappeared after celebrating his cousin's birthday on tuesday night. >> my son was with him. thought he was coming out of the bathroom. he never came out. >> his family believes he fell while on the stairs in the back
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of the bar a former district court commissioner was arrested last month after a co-worker accused him of taking inappropriate pictures. mangroo has been charged. his case will be tried in prince george's because of a conflict in montgomery county. cruz is climbing in the polls after tuesday's debate though still behind front-runner donald trump. russian president vladimir putin says trump is the absolute leader of the presidential race. he welcomed trumps's interest in improving relations between the u.s. and russia. trump said he was honored and
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called putin highly respected. we're watching this today. the bernie sanders campaign is in trouble with the democratic national committee right now. according to the "washington post," dnc officials say the sanders campaign access confidential voter information gathered by hillary clinton's campaign. the sanders campaign manager says a staffer has been fired over this but that it was a software glitch that allowed them to see this information. the dnc has now shut off the list until they can figure out exactly what happened. the sanders campaign said they never downloaded or printed this information. david? >> kristin, thanks. the ceo known for dramatically raising the price of an hiv drug is pleading not guilty to a ponzi scheme. the government is charging him. they say he used the money to pay off investors at a failed
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hedge fund. he posted bail so he's not in jail right nout. if found guilty, he could face 20 years in prison june big changes for orlando theme parks includi includi including walt disney world. you'll have to go through metal detectors. they're looking at terrorism. >> they're considered soft targets. >> 19 million people individual magic kingdom every year and that's only one of the disney theme parks. they also stopped selling toy gu gun s and banning costumes for those 14 and older. the wife of mga golfer jason day is out of the hospital after a courtside crash at an nba game.
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lebron james landed drekdly on her. she was carted out on a stretcher. a big crash. >> hope she's doing already. all right. this is a special moment i want to share with you. do you see that woman right there with the han key? that's me on stage with the warren theater. what a treat it was. each year the washington ballet invites i'll say notable washingtonians to take part in their amazing production. can i just tell you i'm so very impressed with the dedication, the production, the dancers, everyone involved. all the people behind the stage who have to practice day in and day out to make sure this goes on and makes it look so easy. it's an amazing production. thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. the tickets are still available for "the nut kraker." >> finally you found a reason to
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wear that dress. you looked wonderful. >> thank you. >> and i remember wearing my victorian outfit with my moustache. >> the only reason i'd be on a y ballet. the big change. return to of all things, winter in december. it is arriving today, the next big change in the weather. you'll notice it for sure. it really occurs during the course of the afternoon. by noontime today it will be partly cloudy and breezy. temperatures at noontime, 45. but during the course of the afternoon, temperatures fall under an increasingly northwesterly wind so that by 6:00 tonight, windchills back down near 30 degrees. and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, air temperatures down near 30 but windchills, teens and 20s to get your saturday started. so the weather and your plans, today, cloudy and kind of a damp starm this morning. it will be dry. today if you're going on,
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blustery and cold. for the weekend you'll need your coats wunds again. the shenandoah valley is done. you can see a lot of rain, southeastern virginia, southeastern banks of south carolina and most of that will stay east of i-95. a couple of sprinkles near richmond. rain chances, the low, are not completely down to zero. here's our high resolution computer model. here's i-95. most of the rain chances here are during the morning hours and staying away from the areas out north and west of the city. but there could be a random sprinkle or two. 20% or less east of i-95. a 20% to 30% chance east of calvert county. keep that in mind. by this evening, cold and windy. here's your seven-day forecast. falling temperatures here today. a cold day tomorrow. highs only in the 40s. that will be our coldest day so far this winter. and on sunday, another chilly day with sunshine around.
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temperatures on sunday up into the mid 40s. then this depose winter. how about 0 degrees on christmas eve. it does come with a chance for showers, but that is crazy warm weather as it heads toward wednesday, thursday, and friday of next week. 'll get more into the details. that's coming up at 6:01. for now here's our shopper in chief, melissa mollet. >> oh, absolutely. i've been done here for a couple of weeks. i know it's amazing but that's how it happens for me. remember, we're still shut down on 202 because of this crash investigation. the easy thing to do here, police will direct you around. they parallel each other very close. you're not going to have to alter that morning commute too much here this morning. the camp watch intersection, a crash on fairfax boulevard. right now, top of the beltway, outer loop in new hampshire, we still have that crash on the
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right shoulder. >> all right. thanks, melissa. coming up at 4:55. guns locked in the mail. where they ended up, a mistake, where they ended up, a mistake, and how it all why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun.
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to be stricter standards as
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far as the pack jing of these types of shipments. >> a ups package containing what you're looking at there sent to the wrong address instead of a trade show in las vegas. a ups employee notice thad the box was damaged and relabeled them sending them to the wrong address. the guns were addressed to a homeowner who kept them after ups looked into the missing guns, they were located. the homeowner was arrested and charged with theft. 4:58. the family of a young d.c. reporter killed back in may is working to keep her memory alive. tomorrow the parents of shar niece milton will host a holiday party for the children of the murder victims. milton's murder is still unsolved but her mother says she doesn't hold hate in her heart. >> i pray for those who hurt her. i pray for them nightly. >> 4:58.
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montgomery county police say robert king is the man found shot to death in germantown. a neighbor heard him crying for help on wednesday and king told him he didn't know who shot him. crime solvers is offering a reward for up to $10,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. a traffic stop in sterling leads to a man. he blew through a stop sign. police say the 23-year-old had a teenage girl in the car with him. during the traffic stop the deputy found out he was having an inappropriate relationship with her and had pornography with him. there was a spree of robberies that lasted more than a month. get this. it with us badly timed snack that may have led to the arrest of one of the suspected robbers, cory rogers. rogers carried a bag of doritos to the counter before he pulled
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out a gun at an anne arundel gas station. when he left he for goat to take the bag of doritos with him. days later they found a car used in one of the robberies. after the chase the suspects wer crashes and were arrested. find time to keep your family safe. one out of every three christmas tree fires in a home is blue jaysed on electrical problems. be sure to replace any victims of lights with worn or broken cords. always keep your tree away from any heat source. be e sure to water your tree every day. a try tree is a huge fire hazard. for more tips head to the nbc washington app. search christmas tree safety. all right. stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.


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