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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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announcement on the website last night. they're working with the police didn't to see if the threat is credible. they expect to reopen tomorrow. this morning prince george's county's 911 system is back to normal. we're told the computer-aided dispatch system wasn't working on sunday. they handled calls manually on paper. no calls were missed and no service was interrupted. the system is being replaced. a celebration today in montgomery county. council member george leventhal said none of the county's veterans will be homeless on new year's eve. they found home or have a housing plan for all of the veterans. leventhal will be in rockville later to detail what's next. coming up on this monday morning at 4:30, we're off to a stormy morning begin. >> good morning, chuck. >> good morning, both of you. good morning, everybody. off to a quiet start but rain
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chances are sneaking back in before it's over. grab your umbrella. april showers in the middle of winter. possibly high temperatures this week and the potential for being near 70 on christmas eve. that is crazy. moving into the metro probably between about 2:00 and 4:00 moving in between southern maryland around 4:00 or 6:00 today. nonetheless, you'll want to have your little umbrella. seasonably cold outside this morning. we'll be up into the low and mid 50s today. that's well above average. again, that seven-day forecast has numbers that don't even look like december at all. see you in a few more minutes with that. it's traffic time. >> we've got a nice start for you right now. 495 and colesville road moving along quite well for you in the inner and outer loop. we have a problem on the baltimore washington parkway. the webb lane is blocked with a
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crash. it may attract a little bit of attention as you're headed down from baltimore headed toward the d.c. beltway. you're running at posted speeds right now. the activity associated with the breaking news we told you about earlier is not affecting anything at all. it's not going to slow you down, so there are no worries there for you. if you're coming in from front royal on 66 through manassas headed to the beltway and even 66 inside the beltway, things are moving along quite well. back to you in the studio. happening in the day ahead. the man federal investigators say helped shooters will be in federal court. enrique marquez has a bail hearing. marquez bought the two assault rifles used in attack that left 14 people dead on december 2nd. we're hearing new details. police say adele hamid abboud
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coordinated it. french newspapers say he hid outside of the bushes out jied of a paris house for four days. he then went to an apartment in a paris suburb where he was killed the next day. there was a discussion about is islamophobia. they'll talk about the bias which they say has increased since the paris attacks. >> today marks 27 years since the scotland lougheed bombing. 270 people died when terrorists blew up pan am flight 93 over lockerbie. most passengers were americans. a hoax caused an emergency landing in kenya. all passengers evacuated the
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plane safely. air france's ceo said the device contained cardboard, paper and kitchen material. right now they're searching for as many as 91 missing people in china. it shows the moment a landslide hit extend chen. it's raining which makes it tough. they believe a pile of construction waste piled up against a hill may have triggered the landslide. 4:34. we turn to decision 2016 where christmas week means heavy campaigning in the race for the white house, and there's new controversy. donald trump is calling hillary clinton a liar, this after she said isis was using video of his comments ominous limb and islam as a recruiting tool. tracie potts will be with us at
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4:55 with more plus what's going on with other candidates. >> there will not be a gop debate at liberty university next month. that's because fox bez announced they would host a debate in south carolina. it happened two days after temperature state of theionion. he's hoping to have a forum in lynchburg instead. >> this is a story a lot of people will be talking about today. it's the moment of the miss universe pageant that's still causing quite a bit of internet buzz. pageant host steve harvey read the wrong name crowning miss columbia instead of miss philippines. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is columbia.
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>> they don't even in what's going on there. >> this will go down as the worst television moment. >> this is what happens on live tv. they had to take the crown off miss columbia's head and miss philippines was able to walk as the new miss universe. miss columbus is like i'm not taking it off. >> she stood there and they took it off her head. >> i feel for him. we do this and sometimes you see a word or a number and your brain just doesn't process. >> he won't sleep for weeks. it's the worst, i'm telling you. and twitter was not nice. >> no, no. twitter is often not nice in those sorts of situations. he did apologize on twitter but then misspelled columbia. >> it was phillipians. >> he was praying maybe.
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>> amen. >> let's talk redskins. redskins on the cusp of a t pl y playoffs. >> reporter: one more win and they're in the playoffs. the redskins 35-25 victory on sunday earned that honor and demonstrated dominance. on defense, five sacks containing tyron taylor, buffalo's quick qb. they scored three times they touched the ball. kirk cousins nearly perfect. four touchdown passes and he ran one for the score. both the players and fans liked that. >> i think a lot of people didn't really think he was going to be a good quarterback or that he was going to get the job done. we're doing everything we can to get behind him and stand for him. they can go on and on about dion
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and pierre and shorter and reid. there are a lot of guys. i said all along it's my job to be a distributor and i said all along they kept making me look good. >> reporter: up next, a short workweek. the skins win there, they're in the playoffs in two weeks. carol maloney, "news4" sports. >> did you hear that? did you hear thatsome. >> i did. playoffs. make it happen. >> clear outside now. that's about to change, according to chuck bell. a college professor moves ahe ahead. the comments he made about the saook tragedy that have some calling for his termination. termination. remember this dog
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a developing story in florida now. ed a m.i.p. strarts at florida atlantic university are deciding whether to fire a professor for his controversial comments proechl fers james tracy says the sandy hook massacre was a hook. tracy wrote a book called "nobody died at sandy hook." he also wrote a letter to one of the families asking for proof over the announcement of the death of their son. it's 4:41. we're looking at the "weather &
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traffic on the 1s." >> chuck bell is here with the details, hey, chuck. >> yes, indeed. chances for rain going up. chances for cold going down. you'll need a coat, maybe a little hat as well. later on today you'll need an umbrella. right now it's in the chilly 30s. for now things it feels a little wintry. rain still tracking its way in the ohio valley. that puts it in about 2:00 and 4:00. hard to believe. >> things are looking good. drive payment does help. in toward d.c. on new york avenue, you're moving along without an issue right now. this is 95 north and southbound. if you're moving from virginia into maryland and maryland into virginia. if you're headed out of frederick headed down the
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beltway, you're looking good. it's only about a half hour trip for you. don't forget, when you leave the house, tune in to wtop 103.5 f.m. for traffic updates. the comments made by hillary clinton at this week's debate that is has donald trump firing back. caught on camera, a maryland teen's arrest that has
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they're going to people showing video of donald trump insulting islam and muslims. >> a pushback from trump after that comment saturday night. he attacked hillary clinton on "meet the press" saying she lies about everything. trump isn't the only one challenging. tracy hill is live on capitol hill now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're not seeing eye to eye. in syria bernie sanders says we need to deal with isis before we try to take out assad. other candidates like marco rubio say it's not the united states who will take out assad, it's the syrian people. yes, definitely a clash over this. isis and syria right in the middle of it as we head into the holiday with these candidates still trying to get your support.
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at least six of them will be in new hampshire today. new hampshire is a focal point. they've got the first primary coming up in about a month and a half or so. the latest numbers on the rb side. donald trump um 16 points over ted cruz. we saw him over the weekend and marco rubio. on the other side, hillary clinton is actually not winning in new hampshire right now. ber any sanders has about an eight-point lead even though he's leading nationally. eun? >> tracie potts line on capitol hill. thank you, tracitracie. you can hear donald trump on "today" this morning after "news4 today." >> they tried to give him cpr but he passed away. >> former president jimmy carter are in mourning today. carter's grandson died suddenly saturday night. the 91-year-old shared his personal tragedy during sunday
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school at his church. he said 28-year-old jeremy wasn't feeling well and went to lie down. when they went to check on him, he wasn't breathing. they rushed him to the hospital but they couldn't revive him. during his lesson president carter reflected on the life he and his wife had. >> he was full of life. from the time he was a little boy he was a special child to us. >> the death comes just two weeks after carter revealed his own battle with brain cancer was successful. new charges coming up for a stabbi in a high school classroom. that's because baltimore police say the teenager who was attacked died last night. t.j. smith was 17. the tenth grader who stabbed him faces attempted murder charges but they may file additional charges today. police say it's not on what caused it. there's controversy this
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morning. in the video you can see the officer hitting the teen with his fist. the incident happened saturday morning. zachary bloomenstein was in a verbal amount. what's of concern is the use of the closed fist to strike the head. >> this is not a move that is taught in our academy. >> so far there are no charges against the officer in the video giants food is recalling zatarain's parmesan rice. it may be mixed with other dirs. they may bring their purchase recrete to giant for a full refund. a dog famous on social media for protecting her owner needs your help.
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you may remember the pit bull precious would not leave her side after a fire earlier this month in prince george's. now she need as home. the family can't care for her long term. she can't go back because pit bulls aren't allowed in the county. meteorologist chuck bell is here with us all smiles. >> absolutely. >> feeling good about what you're going to tell us this morning? >> yes. i feel good. most people. i know most people are appreciating the mildly mild weather in december. but no real cold air anywhere in sight. so if you like the cold, get outside and enjoy it this morning. the next big change in the weather is just about on our doorstep. the next big change arrives this afternoon. we'll be partly cloudy. sunshine this morning. turning to more and more clouds.
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that's a cold sunny dry weekend. we're going back to a cloudy and showery pattern. again, no cold air anywhere in sight. showers toward chicago and indiana. leading edge of the raindrops is about 12 hours or so away. it could develop a little rain ahead of that as well. here's the way our future weather handles it out. skies a little bit of sunshine, but clouds will gradually thicken up. mostly cloudy. the computer keeping the rain out of here by three but not long after there are shower chances sneaking back into the picture. so have your umbrella ready to go for late this afternoon and into the evening hours but most of the daylight should be fairly dry. then tomorrow off to a cloudy and wet start tomorrow. things should dry out. so the best chances are sun youn tonight to lunchtime tomorrow. then a brief period of dry weather tuesday night into early
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wednesday. unfortunately wednesday looks like a good bit of rain. wednesday afternoon on into christmas eve as well. there's a whole lot of rain in the seven-day forecast. here you can see, 30% chance today. most of the rain tomorrow, the front half of the day, but rain back in on us back this afternoon. check out these numbers. christmas eve. that's not a new record. that is going to obliterate the old record. i don't like to forecast a record high more than day in advance. four days out. mid-70s. that's 30 degrees. warmer than average. driest day of the week. likely to be christmas day itself. mild showery weather on into the weekend. we'll detail it at 6:01. now it's traffic time with kim mccormick. >> we have one small problem on the baltimore washington parkway. the ramp to westbound route 100 is blocked by accident activity.
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it's a brief delay past the area, so just be careful if you're headed down toward the baltimore area. toward seminary road there's a long-term work zone. two lanes will get you by construction on the southbound side. if you are travel across the american legion bridge this morning. beautiful shot. it's headed from-month-old into virginia. so far no significant issues and if you're traveling around the rest of the area, it's nice and quiet as well. >> kim, thanks. we continue to follow the developing story and the affluenza teen who appears to be on the run possibly with his mother. so why are officials calling her a missing person. >> how low they can go. >> how low they can go. how much you expect to why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun.
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if you are just joining us this morning, we're following breaking news in montgomery county where police are investigating a deadly shooting. details are limited right now, but we do know a man was shot and killed around 12:30 this morning. "news4's" derrick ward is on his way to the scene and he'll bring us an update. we're also keeping a close eye on the current temperatures. a lot of you in the current 30s and 40s right now. what does the day hold? chuck bell will let us know in a
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few minutes. developing now, a nationwide search for a teenager. some say he got off easy after a drunk driving crash that killed four people and hurt nine others. police they're than couch is running because of this video. it doesn't show him drinking. doing so would be a violation of his breaux bags. >> getting help. we've got to to find out how he's doing that. >> would it be his mother? >> i think it's a safe assumption. >> they've listed his mother as missing. that means her face will appear on databases across the nation making it hopefully easier to catch him. we geefrt good news. gas prices are way down. we venlts seen these prices since 2009. in d.c. you're paying $2.20. in maryland, $2.01. in virginia, less than $2 for a gallon of gas. gas is $1.83 on average in west
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virginia. a gallon of gas is $1.98. >> those lower prices contributing to both of the two big stories of the season, holiday travel with more than 100 million people expected to head home for the holidays this week and holiday shopping. just days to go. retail experts say 92% of people still have something to buy but that it's too late to shop online. >> you're definitely out of luck in terms of making it there in time without paying those expedi expedited fees. >> brick and mortar are expected to ramp up the discounts over the next few days. >> what you need to know to get your gifts delivered to grandma's house in time for the holiday. i'm molette green from the bethesda post off. that's next on "news4." happening today, required registration of drones begins.
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the f the unmanned systems must be registered with the faa no later than february 19th. for anybody who purchases a drone after today it must be registered before its first flight outdoors. the faa is waving the $5 fee until january 20th. stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> that breaking news in montgomery county, police say a suspect is in custody after a deadly shooting overnight. they're calling the shooting on ridge road a homicide. the man died but we don't know his name just yet. good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell off to a cold start. mostly in the 30s this morning. no one's below -- i shouldn't say no one. there may be a few pockets out there between those observations statements that are below the
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freezing mark. more pointly, though, rain chances coming back in on us by mid to late afternoon. here's the timing on our high resolution model. after lunch that's when the rain chances start to sneak in. your 24-hour focus then, off to a pretty nice and cold and dry start in the 30s now. 40s at 7:00 tonight and near 50 by 7:00 tomorrow morning and with rain chances. we'll detail how many will be wet. on 66 moving in from front royal through gainesville, haymarket onto the beltway, no reports of any problems right now. we still have that accident on lincecum. if you're traveling from fred ricksbug up toward the beltway, virginia, i-95, everything is quiet north and south


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