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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we're watching the progress crews are making to repair
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university boulevard after a water main break. we'll take you live to the scene with the damage and how it will impact your morning commute. we're also tracking developments in two separate stabbing attacks that left two people dead overnight. one at a popular d.c. night club, the other at a home in leesburg. but we begin our coverage this morning on the countdown to iowa where voters will be gathering tonight to make their picks for the presidential nominees. aaron gilchrist is live in des moines with more on what is ahead. >> good morning. we're 13 hours away now from the opening of the iowa caucuses. more than 3,000 little community meetings that will be happening all across the state. and the polling is open, this is the time we will see people making a decision on the nominee for president of the united states. we will dig a little deeper into what will happen tonight. chuck todd will join me in a
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moment. for how, banow, back to you. we have all the delays up on line and the bottom of your screen. fairfax and loudoun county schools on a two hour delay. schools in fauquier county are opening one hour late. >> west virginia, berkeley, jefferson and morgan county schools all on a two hour delay today. also this is not weather related, but chancellor middle and high school in spotsylvania county closed because of a power outage. >> let's check in with chuck bell to find out what kind of day we'll have weather-wise. grab your umbrella on the way out the door. won't need it first thing this morning, but by lunchtime, raindrops will be coming on in, so the weather will impact your plans for later on this afternoon. but we're off to a mild and try start. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 out the door this morning. rain likely this afternoon up through early this evening. a little cooler tomorrow morning, but there are cooler days coming. more about that coming up.
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water main break in silver spring, it is a massive hole. university boulevard, one eastbound lane getting by between carl avenka between carroll avenue and piney branch. take new hampshire or flower. you'll want to avoid university. i'll be back will ten minutes with another live look and take a look at travel times. back to the countdown to iowa. this will be our fist indicator of how americans really feel about who is running for president. aaron gilchrist is covering everything you need to know live from des moines for us. good morning again. >> good morning. we have chuck todd here with us this morning to talk about what will be happening tonight. and what's the big picture about the caucuses and what we'll see tonight from folk w40s are trying to make some decisions? >> i think the questions we are turnout, but on the republican
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side, do a bunch of people show up. new people show up, dw donald t will win. if it's a traditional turnout, i think it will be about whether ted cruz can consolidate the evangelical support at dom nature traditionally the iowa caucuses. but that's the big unknown there. democratic side, it feels as if hillary clinton has a slight advantage. their organization and it's a complicated process that the democrats go through, a little bit different. and bernie sanders could bring out more people and still lose the caucuses the way this system works. i think the clinton people have an operation that being looks a lot more like barack obama's in 2008. and he was able to not just overwhelm the caucuses, but also manipulate the process a little bit so at that time he was able to make it so hillary clinton should have finished second, but he made it so she finished third. >> so do we suddenly see hits it is candidates disappearing from the race is this. >> i think tomorrow morning you
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will see as many as four candidates on the republican side trp oudrop out. maybe martin o'malley. but a bunch will also say let's see how i do in new hampshire. >> chuck, thank you very much. eun, we'll send it back to you. we talked about how important voter turnout is tonight. right now there a snow storm headed to iowa and it could affect the results we see. analysts say if young first time voters stay at home, it may affect bust and donald trump the most. and we want to remind you about our coverage. it does not stop when we go off the air. follow aaron gilchrist on twitter, #nbcaaron. and also download our nbc washington app. right now crews are making progress fixing a water main break in silver spring. one lane just reopened on university boulevard. but there is still a giant hole
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in the middle of the street. molette green is live with more on this break. >> reporter: a lot more happening just moments ago. you can see that there is traffic flowing. two left bound lanes on the other side of the far side of the work zone. and then you can see some traffic coming eastbound. so one lane eastbound open and two westbound lanes now open. that just happened, as whole lot of progress. but we want you to know this is a very active work zone for the crews here. >> complaint stress it enough, we're trying to get traffic by, but you have to slow down if you're going to use that eastbound lane. everybody is getting back to work after being off last week. it's a work site. we're opening it so traffic can get by, but please be respectful and keep safety in mind of the, woulders there. >> reporter: this is a big job with lots of equipment on the scene. a big hole in the ground and
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workers are having to dig deep to make sure that they make all the necessary repairs. it's just a 12 inch main, but a lot of pipes and it's very old. some 88 years old. that is the latest live here from the scene. some progress to report from silver spring. back to you. developing in leesburg, two stepbrothers in a deadly stabbing on plaza street. officers say a woman ran in to the lobby of the police station saying a man had been stabbed. the two stepbrothers had been fighting before the stabbing. the victim's name is not being released. this is the first homicide in leesburg this year. we're working on learn more about a separate deadly stabbing overnight. d.c. police say two men were stabbed on l street northwest a few blocks away from farragut square. one died, the other is in the
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hospital right now. still have the problem again with the water main break in silver spring. and a maryland community left stunned after the arrest of a virginia tech student for the murder of a 13-year-old. plus ready to take action, the steps being taken in the hours ahead to combat the growing threat of the zika the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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cloudy skies anded my outside. you will only need the light jacket. you will likely need the umbrella before lunchtime or shortly thereafter. rain in central west virginia now should be arriving here between 11:00 in the shenandoah
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valley and 1:00, 2:00 here in the metro area. to your commute, mild, dry. upper 40s to near 50. mid fifth on t mid-50s on the way home, but with the swipe of the windshield wipers. and again, university boulevard hear betwere between avenue and piney branch, we have a couple lanes open. you can work your way around it on new hampshire avenue or flower avenue instead. wellington road at balls ford, a flee c three car crash in monassas. southbound 270 looking good. top of the beltway on time right now. 66 and 95 on time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. today new developments about a deadly train derailment.
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it's been nine months since it flew off the tracks. eight people died. today the ntsb will put out a preliminary report about its investigation into that crash. we'll let you know what the report says right here and on we're alsoup d upda updateed on breaking news in northwest washington involving an officer involved shooting. we're live next. plus a new phase of construction involving the 3rd street tunnel. how the work will impact your commute.
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community struggling with the abduction of murder of a 13-year-old girl. two students from virginia tech face charges in the death of nicole lovell. she had been miss since wednesday. her body was found saturday in surry county, north carolina. 18-year-old david iz eisenhauer accused of kidnapping and murder. natalie keepers help him dispose of the body. >> a perfectly normal family. nothing to indicate there is anything unusual. >> police are following up to hundreds of leads. they were seen searching a popped on the virginia tech campus yesterday. eisenhauer is being held without bond and expected to be a rained
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later this morning. a silver spring family going to need help after a dryer caught their home on fire. two adults and a child escaped the house. one went to the hospital we're told with nonlife threatening injuries. fire crews thanked neighbors who cleared snow from the fire hydrant near the home. and cleanup under way for a home opener in bowie after a car slammed this to the side of the house. take a look. the red car crashed into the home. a driver of an suv lost control after some sort of medical emergency while driving. the suv hit the red car which then smashed into the house. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital. no one inside the house was hurt. news 4 iteam has learned montgomery county's troubled dwe department of liquor control is looking for a new person to lead the agency.
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director george griffen has resigned. the iteam has investigated botched deliveries, missing inventory and agencies of internal theft. the agency controls all sales of alcohol in montgomery county. a spokesperson tells us the county is searching nationwide for griffin's replacement. today is the deadline for high schoolers to apply for the my school d.c. lottery. the lottery deadline for pre-k through 8 is march 1. mayor bowser is promoting a new empowering male high school which opens next year. it will be the first all-male public high school in the district. this is also the start of education week toly light ways the district is trying to improve. today we'll find out way whether the world health organization will delay the zika virus an international health emergency. the organization's director general says mosquito-spread virus is rapidly becoming a threat. the virus is links to birth
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defects and blaine dama s and in-faents. more than 20,000 cases include 2g 100 pregnant women. senator chuck schumer wants the government to take action to stop the virus from spreading. schumer wants the feds to deploy resources abroad and work with private industries here to develop a vaccine. the mosquitos live in south america, but the tiger mosquito lives in the u.s. and has been known to carry the disease. if you live in the district, you have until tomorrow at midnight to sign up for health care under the affordable care act. the deadline was pushed back two days because of the blizzard. so if you sign up, your coverage will start march 1. d.c. health link going to have folks at the mlk jr. memorial library today and tomorrow. maryland sign up deadline has been extended until friday. in news 4 your health again this morning, it looks like
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researches found women who receive face-to-face support responded in a more positive manner. that's compared to those who receive receive from texts. in a separate study, experts found actual talking helped pre-teens better understand nonverbal emotional cues. so much gets lost in texting. you can't get meaning or emotion. it's important to have face-to-face contact. >> shocking to think we actually have to talk to each other. >> yeah. >> we should talk to you right now, chuck bell. how is it looking this morning? >> so far so good. happy to have a conversation where you on a monday morning. coming up on 6:21. you need the umbrella not just for today, but you'll also need it again coming up on wednesday. so two big chances for rain this week. heaviest rain will come on wednesday. but to today, good chance to remind on you get your storm drapes cleaned out.
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the flooding impacts are likely to be low for take and tomorrow. but wednesday, the combination of mild air will really help melt down the snow back and heavier rain likely on wednesday could also cause some trouble. so get the storm drains cleaned out. rain for your monday moving in after lunchtime today, rain still about five or six hours back out to our west at this point in time, but it is making steady progress in our direction. rainfall amounts today, a tenth to maybe a quarter of an inch of rain. so more than enough to get you wet and rinse your car off with all the salt and gunkiness that is out there. timing out your rain chances, cloudy skies by noon. 12:15, rain from frederick, maryland out to winchester. 2:00, 3:00, moderate areas of rain in the metro area. heaviest rain going into parts of southern maryland between about 5:00 and 7:00. and everybody starts to drive out by about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. temperatures are mild. we're in the upper 40s already this morning. we'll be climbing up into the mid-50s by 11:00 a.m.
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again, rain likely this afternoon especially between 3:00 and 7:00. and another heavy shot of rain coming our way for wednesday. so here is a check of the next four days today and wednesday. those are the two big rain days. sandwiched between there, groundhog day tomorrow. melissa mollett has traffic now. >> punxsutawney phil is my man. inbound 29 here at bull run post office road, we do have delays building as you're headed inbound there through centreville because of a deer that was hit and it's blocking things up this morning. herndon, fair tags county park and west ox road, a car fire. and in silver spring, university boulevard between carroll avenue and pine any prampg road, shall lanes open. but if you want to avoid it, take new hampshire instead. big look at things, typical slowdowns. but no main problems on any main routes.
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see you at 6:31. we have an update to the breaking news out of afghanistan. ten people were killed and 20 injured after a suicide bomber blew themselves up outside. this is new video of the bombing. also getting reports that the taliban is taking responsibility for the attack. now, many civilians were lined up outside that police space when the blast happened. p we will keep you posted. many folks still digging out from blizzard 2016. and the warm weather helping to melt some of that snow. but not soon enough for those with mobility or health issues. in prince george's county, the department of public works is encouraging residents to work together to help clear the snow that piles up there and that's an issue for some. >> how in the world do you expect senior citizens to come out here and plow what you all have placed on their property?
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in the county says those piles of snow are unintentional side effects of all the plowing. good news if you didn't get a chance to take advantage of d.c. restaurant week. because of all the snow. there is still time because of the blizzard most restaurants are extending deals through wednesday or even next sunday. you can check out the full list on the nbc washington app and search restaurant week. it may be february, but maryland lawmakers are already thinking about your summer and the backups on the chesapeake bay bridge. they're considering building a third crossing or widening route 50 on either side. before that happens, lawmakers will propose a new bill that would secure federal money to upgrade the bay bridge. the bill would have the hear land transportation authority set aside $1.75 million for an environmental study, that study has to happen before any federal money is contributed to the project. despite exhaustion, william holmes jumped for joy after his
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key won him a hundryundai. and he gave it to his mom. he spent six days, five nights with his hand on that suv. five others also made a to the finals of that contest at the washington out toe show, auto s. so the winner had on pick a random key. holmes mother plans to use it for hir vol er volunteer work. >> one false move and your happened is ohand is off the car. and we're six days from the super bowl sunday. are you feeling the excitement? >> yes. both the broncos and panthers landed yesterday. broncos touched down first in san jose, their plane had the team's logo and they flew a flag out of the front of the window. carolina arrived shortly after and check out the pants on
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quarterback cam newton. as you can imagine, a lot of attention focused on the pants and they reportedly sold out online immediately. ta david, you need a pair. >> i already have a pair. all right. kickoff at 6:30 on sunday. carol maloney is there all week leading up to the super bowl. you can look for her reports on news 4 later today. breaking news in d.c. where police have a crime scene cordoned off, an officer-involved shooting. derrick ward has been at the scene and will join us live. so your kids finally heading back to school, but some of you parents asking what took so long. montgomery county, what they have to say about the week of cancellations. and we're also helping you make it to work on time.
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the major route many of you if a blocked because of a water main break. we'll show you which roads remain closed. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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there is a giant hole in the middle of university boulevard. here is a live look. wssc crews are working quickly to repair a broken water main. >> and we ccan show you what looked like early this morning. the 12 inch pipe that broke is 88 years old. several lanes have reopened on university boulevard. so you can drive slowly through that area. let's go over to melissa mollett. >> another side note on that one, if you're heading out that way, you might want to consider new hampshire avenue or flower avenue. yes, we gave some traffic
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flowing on university right now. still it will start backing up here in the next couple of minutes. inbound 29 at bull run post office road, some slow downs there because of a deer that was struck. fairfax county parkway, a vehicle fire there. 95 north at prince william parkway, a crash happened there right side blocked. been talking about marc brunswick 872 canceled for the day. some of your kids are getting to sleep in a little bit right now. several schools opening late today. fairfax county and loudoun county schools opening with a two hour delay. fauquier county schools are on a one hour delay. >> in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson and morgan county schools are all on a two hour delay. we have all of the delays on the nbc washington app. let's check in with chuck bell. we want to know what kind weather we'll have. >> these kids relearning how to
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go to school now. >> no kidding. after that week of vacation following the big snow, finally things getting back to normal. still a lot of deep snow out there and we'll be dealing with snow melt over the next couple of days. more rain also in the future. and it will be rain, not snow, this time and the next time we have a chance which comes up on wednesday. so two days with raindrops this week. temperatures this morning are not cold by early february standards. yes, february 1st, a brand new honesty. 24 hour focus then, cloudy skies, we will be raining early to midafternoon. and a cooler and drier start for a tomorrow. a look at the weekend and the whole 7 day broadcast at 6:51. in northeast washington, officers have several roads blocked off for a police-involved soot ihooting. the investigation is on clay
6:32 am
terrace. derrick ward is there for us. >> reporter: good morning. you will run into some closures along 53rd street in the area of dicks, blaine, because of the investigation into this police-involved shooting that happened earlier this morning. it was about 2:09 a.m. when police were called to the scene. we understand that the person who was shot is an adult male, the officer involved was also male. the officer was not injured. the person shot was taken to a hospital. we don't have any details about their condition. the scene has been held by police. it's moved a bit, but still indeed a crime scene. investigators are going over what evidence they can. they it have thedid have chlt 3 imaging system to get a virtual himmage of the system so they can do their investigation that way. but of course the physical investigation here looking for shell casings and any other evidence continues.
6:33 am
that is the trucks and heart and meat of the investigations like this. but again, a police-involved the shooting at about 2:09 this morning. adult male shot, taken to the hospital. we have yet to learn what actually brought police to the scene initially. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. today ddot is starting a new phase of the third treat do3rd project. crews will install heavy beams and shore up the tunnel decking. it requires detours on i-395, new york avenue pd tand surroun streets. construction happens 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and will last for seven months. also happening today, you will hear how snow removal is going no n. montgomery county. council president set to talk about efforts throughout the area at 11:00 this morning. she's also going to talk about the potential impact of the hear land state budget on the county.
6:34 am
the snowcatio thi ochlsnowc. montgomery county hasn't been back to class since the snow started falling. we asked why it took so long for the schools to reopen. >> with 202 schools, 27 facilities, and 1200 buses to dig out of 3 feet of snow or more, it's been a challenge. >> according to their website, if schools are closed five days, the school year will be extended by one day to june 20. there has been no official announcement on a possible good tension the extension yet. ridiculous, that's the word people using for all the days they took off. prince william superintendent says schools were closed too long according to the "washington post." prince william students had the whole week off and hers also staying home today because of a
6:35 am
teacher workday. the school sdlidistrict spokesm says they want to make sure students and staff were all safe. surprise of a lifetime for a prince william county teacher recovering from a coma. she got the front row seat to watch david cassidy. we first told you about kelly back in june. shortly after a car accident put her in a coma, her husband played and sang david cassidy songs by cassidy got wind of the story and arranged to meet them after the show last night. >> the sorry was so touching and moving. and what you between for her was incredible. >> that help the the world to me what he did. that was wonderful. >> so powell teaches students with special needs at centreville high school. she is hoping to make a full
6:36 am
recovery and she wants to get back to teaching as soon as poll. really cool. >> yeah, have what a great story. the fact that david cassidy would did that for her. >> says a lot about stars who hear things like this and make that personal suggestion. learning more about what happened on the rails. the information we expect to get in the coming hours that may shed new light on that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. and on a strong winter storm causing serious problems along the west coast. the damage we're seeing out there this morning. and right now, big new problem here 95 north, details problem here 95 north, details on what's happening coming
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winter weather may be to blame for a 29 vehicle crash. look at the scene here. more than two dozen are cars and four tractor trailers collided last night near the california/new mexico border. no serious injuries, but farther south a deadly incident in san diego. high winds knocked down a tree that fell across four lanes crushing a small sedan and the driver. national wealth service said wind gusts topped 115 miles per hour outside of san diego. and check out this video. that is a surfer right there. a major wipeout. that's in hawaii. you can see the surfer falls right off the board. essentially gets swallowed by that wave. we're told the guy is okay. has a broken board. and he describes the experience like being swallowed by a giant sea monster. >> i think surfing is so cool. it seems just so hard to learn.
6:41 am
>> i think it's really cool from the inside watching. >> that's on my bucket list, learning how to surf. good luck with that, right? wav big. >> i'm with you. >> outside this morning, what to wear. leave the surfboards at home, but take the light jacket and umbrella. it's dry this morning and mild. temperatures this morning are about 20 degrees above an average morning temperature. we're in the mid to upper 40s now. so it is a mild but cloudy and dry start. it will be raining on your way home. take your umbrella with you. temperatures on the mild side, in the mid to upper 50s. 7 day forecast in ten. chopper over to a new problem inner loop at little river turnpike, just getting for to the scene. a crash in the middle of roadway. 95 north at prince william parkway, it's cheleared out jusa tad, but a decent backup.
6:42 am
university at powder mill, a water main break. that has some lanes getting by each direction there on university boulevard. travel times, 270, top of the beltway looking good. nothing bad. totally typical for this time of day. 66 and 95 also okay. 95 north a tad slow. a deadly night around our region after two separate stabs lea leaves into people dead. we'll shoe you what happened. and the countdown to iowa is in the final stretch as voters prepare to caucus tonight. for those of us voting in
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we're watching a big problem in montgomery county where crews are trying to get university open after water main break. >> and grab the umbrella, everybody. it's not raining right now, but you'll be the smartest kid in school coming home later today. rain moving in just after lunchtime and be raining on the way home. 95 northbound at prince william parkway, earlier crash in the center of the road. sounds like it's off to the
6:46 am
right now. blue line delays to largo. and malfunction at franconia spring field. take a look at this video. wssc crews are working to fix a prison water main in silver spring on university boulevard between piney branch road and carroll avenue. let's go to molette green who is live on the scene with more on the repair effort this morning. any progress? >> reporter: we just found out that an old section of pipe now cut out as the radio he pairs continue here at the scene. and a big heads up. lots going on this morning. you've got traffic flowing one eastbound lane open two westbound lanes open and of course people walking to school and to bus stops. want to show you a picture we just got of the broken 12 inch main. there it is. but the crews are having to dig a lot deeper, even putting in a trempg for safety reasons as
6:47 am
they check for other possible trouble spots down there. and as we come back out live here to the work zone, there is a big -- there is a truck covering the trench. that trench will keep the workers safe if a wall of dirt should give way. water customers, good news, not impacted by all of this. largely this is a traffic issue between piney branch and carroll avenue that could last into the afternoon hours. we'll have to continue to watch this situation as it unfolds. but progress being made, but still an area you should avoid if at all possible. back to you. 6:47. developing right now in leesburg, the first homicide of the year there. police say it involves two stepbrothers. it happened right across from the police station. officers say a woman ran into the lobby saying a man had been stabbed. he died at the hospital.
6:48 am
police say the two stepbrothers had been fighting. the victim's name is not the released. and in the district, a stabbing at club bar code. d.c. police say two men were stabbed in that area early this morning. one of them died. i will stand for you, i will fight for you through this campaign. and in the white house, i will work by heart out for you. >> monday night could be an historic night. >> i'd like to win iowa. i'm doing really well with the evangelicals. >> we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination and we will win the general election. >> presidential hopefuls working up to the late minute to win iowa. you caucuses begin around 7:00 tonight. they're the first real indicator of how americans actually feel about who is running for
6:49 am
president. aaron gilchrist is covering the caucuses and what they will mean for you live from des moines. why is this such a big deal? >> it really is a big deal. so many of them will actually commit time to go to the gatherings that the candidates are having and studying everything they need to know before they caucus and hear more from their friends and neighbors and commit to the process of casting a vote for a nominee. and ild te'll tell you that it bit involved. i'll walk you through what you can expect to happen tonight. on the republican side, it's a fairly simple process. there is a secret ballot that they will cast for each candidate in that case. the caucus then awards delegates based on the percentage of the vote that each candidate receives. it's worth noting that the democratic process is a little bit more involved. this will actually involve
6:50 am
people getting up in a room and then getting into groups. >> all the folks in theaeir precinct will form preference groups. and then subpoenas tas soon as preference groups are formed, we do what is called viability. >> so as you sort of see what happens, supporters will slclusr together and each candidate needs a 15% support in order for that candidate to be viable and then you can try to convince people to move from one group that is not viable into another group. it's a bit involved. and we expect the republican process in most precincts could take about an hour and we expect to be a little longer in some of the democratic precincts because there are more steps involved there. that's the latest from here. we'll be following the caucuses
6:51 am
throughout the day and up late tonight doing the same. for now back to you. and we've talked about how important voter turnout is tonight. you heard that from aaron. right now there a snow storm headed to iowa. it could affect the results we see. analysts say if young first time voters stay home, it may affects the campaigns of bust aernie sa and donald trump the most. the "today" show will be live in iowa and begins in just a few minute i really hope that snowstorm doesn't hit aaron. he's spent so much time covering the blizzard. >> and meanwhile closer to home, chuck, waking up to milder temperatures. >> yeah, we're on the warm side. the storm bringing the snow to aaron and the folks out this iowa today, that is bringing us two chances for rain. one today and then that storm gets here wednesday and could have heavy rain. early this morning, though, no
6:52 am
rain drops landing on your heads right now, but later today they sure will be. it's about six hours away. but we're at least dry on your way out the door this morning. temperatures are already in the mid and upper 40s. so no more than a light to medium weight jacket at most. future weather, skies going from partly to mostly cloudy very quickly this morning. by thonoontime, chances for rai. 2, 3:00, the rain really settled into the metro area. so the ride home likely to be a whole lot slower than the ride in. and pockets of moderate rain through southern maryland between 5:00 and 7:00. but in the metro area, rain most likely between about 1:00 or 2:00 on the front end and 7:00, 8:00 on the back end. we're in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees already. so it is a mild day for sure. so for today, mostly cloudy, rain showers moving on in as we get into the afternoon.
6:53 am
highs today mid to upper 50s. tomorrow good day to get the storm drains cleaned out you because there are chance for heavy rain wednesday. mild temperatures and moderate to heavy pockets of rain on wednesday. heaviest rain likely to come in just about the time you will head for lunch hour. so heavy rain and mild temperatures could cause flooding concerns wednesday afternoon. we'll keep a close eye on that for you. but then cool, sunny and dry weather returns starting on thursday in it on your weekend. so we still have the problem hanging around in silver spring. reminder only have some lanes of university boulevard open near powder mill road. so if you want to avoid that area, might be a good idea. you can take new hampshire or flower. because it will be a bit slow as the morning commute progresses here. inbound 29 at bull run host office road, delays building. earlier crash slowed things down quite a bit. when you take a big look at the beltway, overall volume looking very typical right now.
6:54 am
no major issues. southbound 270 passing 370, have a little bit of a slow down there. and something happening on shady grove road. blue line delays to largo,conia springfield is the reason. and investigators have been on clay terrace piecing together a police-involved shooting. >> and we know officers have several roads blocked off in that area. that's where we find derrick ward live with that new information. >> reporter: yeah, we're in the 300 block of clay terrace northeast. and we have new information now. we understand that the person who was shot has now died. and this happened at about ten before 3:00 this morning. 2:09 police were called to the 3500 block of clay terrace -- clay street, rather, in northeast for a report of a police-involved shooting. we understand that the victim was an adult male. the officer involved was also a
6:55 am
male. the scene remains closed here. you will run into street closures around the area of dicks, clay and cloud as police continue their investigation. but again now, this is a fatal incident, police-involved shooting. the person shot has died at an area hospital. we're live in northeast. derrick ward, news 4. today the ntsb is planning to reveal new information about its investigation into the deadly train derailment. an amtrak train hit a curve in philadelphia at horn 1more than miles an hour last may. eight people died. a final report is still likely months away. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. the cdc reportedly expected to declare an end to the e. coli outbreak at chipotle. investigators still haven't pinpointed the cause of the
6:56 am
contamination. the chain is planning an ad and social media campaign to try to woo back some customers. 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out. ddot is starting a new phase of the third street tunnel project. there will be detours on 395 and new york receive. construction will happen between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the 18-year-old virginia tech student accused of kidnapping and murdering 13-year-oldicole lovell will be arraigned. police arrested david eisenhauer, natalie keepers also facing charges in this case. two men stabbed on l street in northwest washington overnight. one of them died. the other still in the hospital right now. and right now wssc crews are work to go going to repair a w main break on university boulevard in silver spring. grab your umbrella. you'll need it after lunchtime today. but it will be mild.
6:57 am
well into t the 50s. ground hog day is tomorrow. >> and chopper 4 over the problem this rockville shade diddy grove road. a little slow. and remember the water main break will stick around for the next couple of hours at least. some lanes on university still shut down near powder mill. >> all right. a big day out of iowa. aaron gilchrist continuing to follow that. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. we hope you have a great day. we want spring.
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good morning. iowa votes. after months of controversy and clashes. >> the truth is, ted, you've been willing to do anything to get votes. >> surprises and surges. >> at least pick a winner this time, okay? i'm going to win. i'm going to win. >> the first contest of this election is finally here. the candidates barn storming the state with their final pitches. >> stick with the experience. stick with the ideas that will actually work for our country. >> this incredible journey of the past hasn't been dull. it's been many things, but it ain't dull. >> and it's anyone's race. the polls, tight. the stakes, high. as iowans get set to make their choices, we've come to the


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