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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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with you shortly, but first we want to send things over to chuck bell. it looks like flooding could be a problem eventually. >> yeah, tomorrow is going to be a very interesting weather day around here. very warm. in the 60s tomorrow with heavy rain. so that will cause big snow melt issues. so tomorrow will be a weather alert day temperatu. today you clear out the storm rains and get ready for the heavy rain. tomorrows this morning in the 30s to near 40. a little fog around early this morning. thickest in the shenandoah valley. later on, we'll get just enough sunshine, won't have any fog issues. but as of now, only a half heil advi mile visibility in frederick, maryland. so temperatures in the 30s with fog around. cloudy and dry. rain moves in first thing tomorrow. so right now overall looking pretty good actually. 66 and 95, no major issues there.
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we do still have though the one situation 95 southbound at backlick road with some lanes blocked. that will probably get out of the way in the next couple of minutes. in montgomery county, silver spring, bonifant street at georgia avenue, again we had the water main break. going to be making repairs on the one on university later today. so we'll talk about that more throughout the morning. i will keep fighting for you. i will always work to achieve the america that i will in. >> looks like we'll have about half of the iowa delegates. >> a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> iowa, we love you. we thank you. you're special. >> big changes in the political
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landscape this morning thanks to iowa. hillary clinton barely beat bernie sanders. the results coming in overnight, clinton's campaign saying it believes she won because there is no way for sanders to pull ahead in delegates. >> ted cruz beat donald trump by four points. marco rubio wasn't far behind. he trails trump by just one point. our aaron gilchrist is here with us now live from des moines. let's talk a little bit more about the results. so close down to the wire. i hear they were flipping coins in some caucuses. >> you know what, it was a wild night at some of the caucus sites around the state. 99 different counties. the democratic caucuses went well into the morning before we actually had some final answers from the iowa democratic party. and already every is looking forward to new hampshire. almost all the candidates are getting ready for town halls and rallies in new hampshire. but this is the official
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tabulation center for both parties. we mentioned this was extremely close between the democratic candidates. clinton earned just five more state delegate equivalents, that's what they use here, five more than bernie sanders. ahead of the results, both candidate s were cautious to sa anything definitive about the numbers. >> state after state after state, this is a national campaign. look, we're looking forward to winning. we want to win. we worked hard to win. >> i followed their campaign very closeclosely. i understand what they're appeal to go and i intend to stand against it. >> now, some say a close race is better news for hillary clinton than for bernie sanders. "new york times" argues that's what is tail tailor made for sanders strength. less turn to the republicans. ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio also close in delegates. many people say this really is a
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three man race going into next week's vote in new hampshire. immediately after, a noticeable change in tone from the frontrunner. >> i'm just honored. i'm really honored. i want to congratulate ted and all of the incredible candidates. >> a huge turnout helped cruz secure the win. trump's campaign said more voters would be good for the front runner, but in the end evangelical voters made a strong showing instead. rubio tweeted a thank you overnight, but nothing from donald trump. >> that is interesting. and aaron, we knew it was bound to happen. two campaigns are over this morning. only 1% supported martin o'malley. >> yeah, governor o'malley made a big effort here. he had more stops across the state of iowa than the other democratic candidates and still he ended his campaign as you mentioned. 1% among iowa voters for former
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maryland governor martin o'malley. as we look at some of the numbers, he thanks his supporters saying that he fought hard and succeeded in giving american people a choice here. >> it's hard to get over that threshold here. and i know that those numbers don't reflect all of the hard work that you did. but we have driven this debate. >> so martin o'malley, mike huckabee also ended his campaign. rick santorum says he's chances getting the nomination, so we have yet to hear his final move. >> some pretty interesting exit poll results. what you can tell us about that? >> yeah, we went through some of those overnight for you. and not surprisingly young voters really turned out for bernie sanders. women went for hillary clinton. we'll show you some of the other results that we got here from the exit poll. a little more interesting who voters think can handle health care for example. we talked about how big of an
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issue this is for voters. exit polls show 91% of voters thought hillary clinton would be best suited for that particular task. to the big republican issues here, voters split saying each of the top performing candidates would be best to handle different platforms here on immigration, voters wanted donald trump. marco rubio was their choice to handle the economy. when it came to terrorism, voters went with ted cruz. so at this point, we know that from these exit poll, ted cruz's supporters say they believe he's most likely to win the nomination before the cop vep conventions come this summer. >> aaron gilchrist live in des moines for us. thank you. a father demanding answers this morning to find out why his 13-year-old girl was abducted and murdered. virginia tech students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers made their first court appearances yet. both are charged in connection to the death of nicole lovell.
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>> it will be terrible. i'm not prepared for it. i'm not. how can any father be prepared for it. >> eisenhauer faces kidnapping and first-degree murder charges. arrest warns showi eisenhauer says i believe the truth can set me free. the warrants also show no firearms were used p. it is now 5:07. this morning the d.c. council will take up the issue of whether to maintain a ban on so-called pot clubs. mayor muriel bowser also wants the authority to shut down a business if people are smoking pot inside. she's concerned the district has no way to regulate the club. current law bans smoking anywhere outside of private homes. today the d.c. council will also vote on a new crime bill. the near act aims to combat the spike in crime. it was proposed by the judiciary
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chair smama chairman. the fear near act requires to examine the best policing practices nationwide. let's give you a live look outside right now where it is pretty rear out early. but you might see some fog in certain parts of the area. chuck will let us know where you might need the low beams. >> and come take a look at the scene. neighbors thin silver spring ar
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police say a man robbed five different stores this d.c.s than a month. do you recognize this man? we're getting our first look at new surveillance video this morning. the video shows the man be robbing a dunkin donuts store in dupont circle in early january. he hit one business in northeast
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twice. he also hit three stores on sunday all within minutes of each other. a reston man charged with attacking a flight crew and fellow passenger heads to court tomorrow. 36-year-old joseph sharky is accused of assaulting a person and when fly attendants interviewed, he fought them and ride to open an exit door. this happened on a jetblue flight to jacksonville, florida. now time to check weather and traffic on the 1s. let's start with chuck bell. it's still warm yesterday and still snow on the ground. >> yesterday made it up into the low 60s. it will be back in the 60s again tomorrow. so some mild weather here ahead of what will be a big change in the weather coming in later tomorrow. right now, though, thickest fog northern maryland, panhandle of western virginia. we'll rise to they'near 50 this
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morning. we'll talk more about the heavy rain coming tomorrow. right now 395 southbound there at the seminary road, still have the construction in the roadway. left lane getting by the work zone until 8:00 a.m. this morning. 95 south backlick road, left side of the roadway still blocked this morning. big look at the routes in and out of town, don't have any major concerns. bonifant street at georgia avenue, the water main break likely throughout the morning. and as we mentioned, crews are on the scene of that matter main break and megan mcgrath will have an update. and a two hour delay for some students this morning. molette green will join us
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a two hour delay for loudoun county public schools. this just announced because of the icy sidewalks and parking lots in some areas. you should know that administrative offices are opening on time. but be aware of the modified bus stops and scheduled. go to the county's website, the school website, for a list of all of those changes. 5:17. a water main break in silver spring could impact your commute once again this morning. >> crews are working to repair a pipe on bonifant street. this is about three miles away from the water main break that created headaches yesterday. meg megan mcgrath is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a couple of hours before crews come out and start to work on this particular break here on bonnie fapt street. if you take a look behind me, you can see the wssc crews are
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monitoring the situation. this is the top of bonifant just prior to the intersection with georgia avenue. you can see the crack in the pavement and some of the debris on the roadway. this is the same area where we had a water main break just a few days ago on sunday. they fixed that and now today another problem in the same general area. this is the season to water main breaks. fluctuations in temperatures to the good for those pipes. the expansion and contraction makes those pipes more susceptible to breaks. this video is from rush hour yesterday on university boulevard where we had a much larger water main break that really snarled traffic during rush hour. all those lanes thankfully open for this morning's rush hour, but we are see some lane closures on university later. sometime after 9:00 as they do some of the repaving work. but soo not impact rush hour this morning. morning georgia avenue here at
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bonifant is a-okay. back to you. >> the country's largest police union is reporting a security breach. the fraternal order of police says hackers broke into the union system, copied information and posted it online. the 325,000 members could potentially be affected. it's believed the attack came from oversea. the fop president posted this message. xwl >> this data includes contract, other documents as well as member information. most of the information was available on public websites. however the member information was not. >> you can no longer access the union's website at least for now. an investigation is under way. deadline midnight tonight for d.c. residents to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. deadline was extended because of the blid arrested. now, people who are not exempt and go without health coverage for more than three consecutive months have to pay a penalty on
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their tax returns. maryland extended its deadline to friday. today president obama will pete with paul ryan. this is the first meeting since ryan took his new position as speaker of the house. they're expected to hash out the president's 2017 budget requests and other legislative interesting for the president's last year in office. developing now, japan is the latest country to issue a travel warning to pregnant women about the risk for the zika virus. the health minister just announced plans to raise awareness after three confirmed cases of zika virus patients who returned from overseas. just yesterday, world health organization declared the outbreak of the mosquito-born illness in brazil and elsewhere in the americas an international emergency. today pennsylvania's most famous groundhog will predict
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how long winter will last. punxsutawney phil will emerge from his hole and if he sees his shadow, we will have six more weeks of winter. >> we haven't had six weeks of winter yet. >> they all came at once. actual prediction will be revealed just before 7:30 this morning. since 1887, phil has predicted early spring just 17 times. so the odds are against us anyway. still hoping for string. closer to home, potomac phil will make his fifth annual appearance at the dupont circle founta fountain. expect live accordion music, poll came danka
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expect live accordion music, poll came dank dancers. what is easier, predicting spring or winter or political? >> i don't know. that's up in the air. but my question, which large squirrel really is the authoritative voice? because newport news predicted early spring and then potomac phil six more weeks of winter. so who is it? >> also one down outside of atlanta where i grew up bull are a guard lee. you can't make it up. my guess is six more weeks of winter.guard lee. you can't make it up. my guess is six more weeks of winter. temperatures are chilly this morning, but not cold by early february standards. mid to upper 20s northern maryland and mid and upper 30s around town. future weather forecast, big changes coming our way. it will be cool dawn da withtod. clouds and sunshine. here is 2:00 a.m. tomorrow
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morning, skies already pmostly cloudy by then. . first raindrops tomorrow right around this time. not a big rain threat for the morning commute, but here is moon time and a good wash of heavy rain between about noon and 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. could even have a rumble or two of thunder out of this as p temperatures tomorrow will be in the low to mid 60s. so it will be real warm. rainfall amount, anywhere between maybe 3/4 of an inch in the shenandoah valley to maybe an inch around town. and with the deep snow pack, prepare ahead by rearing your storm drains today. there will be localized flooding concerns because of the combination of rain and snow health. there is the storm now, it's bringing snow to iowa and parts of nebraska and kansas today. the main storm track, though, will stay well to our north. so we'll stay on the warm side of it, aka the rain side.
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but nonetheless tomorrow will be a weather alert day around here. stormy weather very bli zi aree mild. and then more typical february weather to finish out the week. maybe a little rain/snow chance can go up nndayext mo melissa mollett thousanow with k on traffic. one good thing has just cleared. # 95 south at backlick, that has cleared out of the way. taking a trip up 95 north, quantico to the beltway, we're on time here 19 minutes right now so you don't have any worries there headed northbound. remember though to keep an ear out for our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. big look at the beltway, everything rolling along just fine there. and 270 here northbound, southbound here okay. old hundred road looking good.
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new it developments about the jail break in california. prosecutors say they don't plan to charge a woman who was being held in connection to that case. the woman worked at the jail. investigators said she gave an inmate a goiogle earth map. prosecutors say they is not enough evidence to charge the woman with anything. all the inmates are back in police custody. in seattle, police arrested three people in connection to a deadly shooting at a homeless encampment. two people died in that shooting last week. police say it started with a drug deal dispute. they arrested three teenagers including one who was 13 years old. it's not clear what the teens were charged with. this week people living in ferguson, missouri will get a say in a federal police overhaul agreement. the u.s. department of justice started looking into the local police department after the deadly shooting of michael brown. if residents and city council
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approve of the settlement, it will likely avoid a civil rights lawsuit against ferguson. the changes to the department would include reshaping how officers search and arrest. virginia governor is fighting back against criticism of the gun law deal he struck with gop leaders. activists say the governor is giving up too much ground to gun rights groups. governor mcauliffe says he's happy with the log. >> this is the most significant gun rights legislation restriction in 23 years. these are my two bells. they approving both of my bills. last year they went down in flames. >> one mother who was lobbying for years for gun regulation after her daughter survived the master at virginia tech says the governor gave up too much. ddot wants to hear from neighbors on how to make roads in the district safer. it is holding a public workshop at trinity washington university
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from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight heating fheat meeting focuses onwards 1 to 5. ddot is working on a study part of a two year plan. cruz, clinton and the caucuses. this morning a winner on both sides in iowa. so whyre they already focusing their sights on another state? aaron gilchrist will join us there today hoides moines. and not in maine, a change in mental health.
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gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. we have a winner. just into the newsroom this morning, we're learning which democrat is claiming victory in the iowa caucuses. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. aaron gilchrist will join us with more of his coverage from iowa this morning. but first, let's check in with chuck bell. not a bad day at all today. a little bit of patchy fog first thing this morning. they canne e thickest, frederick, maryland. so be on the lookout. thickest in the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. that won't last long. later this afternoon, partly sun any sky, temperatures today will not be bad at all. so watch out for the fog this morning. rain moves in late late tonight into early tomorrow. heavy rain and snow melt tomorrow will make tomorrow a
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weather alert day. could have flooding concerns. download our nbc washington app so you'll be weather ready. so 30s this morning, up they're 50 today. a nice quiet day ahead of warm and rain tomorrow. >> it's nice and mild. a little bit of a relief. brand new problem here 95 -- near 95, northbound 123 between 95 and old bridge road, you can see a little bit of a slowdown here. that is the left rain getting by. a brand new crash just popped up. 395 south at seminary, again, left lane getting by the work zone until 8:00 a.m. and bonifant street at georgia avenue this stiin silver spring have the water main break. crews will be out there this morning. travel times in 10 minutes. it is a different raes afo r
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the iowa caucuses. ted cruz beat out his republican competitors and since print hillary clinton squeaked out a win against bernie sanders. aaron gilchrist is live in des moines. >> good morning. there were expectations that a big turnout would favor bernie sanders. there was a big turnout, but it did not favor the senator from vermont. results from an hour ago, extensi essentially a 50/50 split percentage-wise, but hillary clinton did come out slightly ahead from the count. her campaign saying it believes she won outright no way for sanders to pull ahead in the delegate count. ted cruz took iowa for the republicans beating donald trump by four points. marco rubio trailed trump by
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just one point here in iowa. now everybody is looking ahead to the new hampshire primaries. most all the candidates are already in new hampshire preparing for events tonight. and exceptional essentially her they say there is a three man race at this point. want to show you new video that just came into the newsroom. this is video of marco rubio arriving in new hampshire just a few minutes ago. he will host a rally there tonight. ted cruz, donald trump, they will multiple appearances planned. and chuck todd says new hampshire is a must win for donald trump. democratic candidates also on the east coast right now for rallies they will have throughout the day. bernie sanders arrived in new hampshire just about 30 minutes ago. we're working to turn around a quick interview thbs nnbc news able to get with bernie sanders. >> and you went to a caucus last night. what was that like?
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>> it really was an interesting event. we have primaries, you go into the booth and you vote and you're done. but these are big community leaders. one location was hosting both democratic and republican caucuses. an overflow room, they kicked everybody out who wasn't there to vote. and then another room, people were actually tapping up yelling across the room, very passion that the about their positions for their particular candidate. something we don't get to see back at home. it was very interesting to watch. i tweeted some pictures. you can look for that on twitter #nbcaaron. >> we'll check in with you in just a bit. thank you very much. we have new details this morning in what went wrong with maryland's response to the baltimore riots. the new report says that inexperience and confusion played a big part. maryland emergency management agency issued the report. it says employees at the operations center received so little information from officials that they relied on
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television coverage for information. the report also says national emergency response guidelines were ignored. flori college of william and mary says a student with zika virus opposes no health risk to others. it is virginia's second confirmed case of zika. >> we are aware of this, we are monitoring it. but our conversations with our own health and wellness team as well as the cdc show that there is no health risk here on campus or in the community. >> the world health organization has named the mosquito-born virus an international public health emergency. it could cause birth defects, but the rilink has not been proven. a d.c. firefighter is facing serious charges of child pornography. prosecutors say earl walker received and possessed child porn between 2011 and 2012. they say it happened at his home
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in pennsylvania. the charges come wheith a 30 ye maximum sentence. he's current wily on paid administrative leave. a grandmother using her tragedy to push for mental health reform. a 3-year-old was found dead, his mother pushed him on a swing for it nearly two days. the boy died from hypothermia and dehydration. the boy's grandmother is now urging maryland state lawmakers to pass a law to make it easier for parents or close relatives to take roll over adults suffering from mental illness. and supreme court allowed a redrawn congressional map to be used for the upcoming elections. the high court denied a request for the republicans to block it. the new map moves more than 100 million voters into a different district. republicans will also ask the high court to reverse a decision
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that says lawmaker illegally passed too many black voters in to the third congress at district. and a new audit released by the campaign finance office shows that gray's campaign committee was not in substantial compliance. thousands of dollars in contributions and payments went unreported. the committee could now face some fines. this is a separate issue from the federal probe involving a shadow campaign. gray was never charged in that case. pope francis once again doing something no other pope had ever done before. act in a film. he will play himself in a movie so that might not be too hard. "beyond the sun" starts this year. the religious picture is an adventure movie based on the gospel. pope francis asked the filmmakers to make to teach children about jesus and his message. >> and what is so great, i was reading up about this and the producers say all the proceeds
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from the film will go to at risk children charities. >> he's in keeping with his mission. well tarks, take a look at . nothing should rain out recess today, but tomorrow may be a different story. chuck bell will have details. and it's been a week since we started digging out from blizzard 2016, so when will things start to get back to to normal like the mail? and a warning for all you wegmans shoppers. a scam making the rounds on
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a warning before you watch this video. a daycare director in florida is now facing kichild abuse charge. police in clermont, florida say she appeared to beat the boy with a stuffed animal. a co-worker sent the video to police. officers arrested the director and they say the boy was not hurt. an offer for a $200 wegmans coupon that is making the rounds on facebook is a scam. it's not the real deal. an employee found the post and reported it to the company. grocery chain says it is work to go have the post removed from facebook. so don't click on it. 5:41. time for weather and traffic on
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the 1s. a little fog to deal with this morning. it's a chilly start. mostly in the low to mid-30s. we'll be up near 50 for a high today with peeks of sunshine. what should the kiddos need? probably the medium weight coat and a hat. chances for heavy rain and maybe flooding issues coming our way tomorrow. more about that in ten minutes. for now, new trouble on the roads. >> new problem this prince george's county. northbound 202 at marlboro pike, a vehicle into the woods. and then again northbound 123 between 95 and old bridge road, we have the left lane getting by. crash and slowdowns there. 270 germantown to the beltway, you're fine. top of the beltway 95 to 270 rolling along just fine as well as 66 into town, 95 also looking
5:43 am
good. we're on pothole patrol this morning. chances are you've seen them all over the place. we are working for you to get them fixed. and a lot of you parents out there might like this, why some virginia students might start the school year before labor dwa.
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we're getting reaction what bernie sanders has to say about hillary clinton squeaking out a win. chuck bell, watch out for thick fog this morning for our friends and maybes in frederick county, virginia. visibility is low, so use your low beams and lower your speeds. we have aware main break on
5:47 am
bonifant street avenue. more details on this here's one out here. the big question is where do potholes come from. well, take a look at some video. actually, it becomes an issue when you have freezing temperature. water freezes and expands. and then when the water goes away, you have avoid. you add traffic on top of it and
5:48 am
you have potholes. d.c. begins its pothole pa lipa in the spring, but ddot want you to go ahead and report them. you can call the mayor's call s center at 311. you can also go on line at you can go to ddot d.c. and #potholepalooza on twitter. but we will be seeing more of these coming and you want to report them as soon as you can. derrick ward, news 4. 5:48 now. despite dodging potholes and huge piles of snow after the blizzard, it seems trash pickup and mail deliveries are getting back to normal. they are moving through the backlog.
5:49 am
usps says service is almost at normal levels. ra trash service is back on schedule in the district but that's not the case for other areas.montgomery county, parts the county have different arrangements, so it's not a one size fits all. >> if your traffic is in an alley that a truck can't get through, call 311. and you may face fines if you haven't cleared your sidewalks yesterday. more than 300 tickets for $100 each for sidewalks not shoveled. and you could be ticketed a second or even third time. it adds up. d.c. night club is shut down as a mother pleads to find her son's killer. robinson powell was stabbed just before midnight on sunday at barcode in northwest. he was out celebrating ahead of
5:50 am
starting a new job. >> these people need to be found inside the club. >> well, virginia transportation secretary wants to limit where the state can put new tolls without approval of law makers. that's another story. the measure from the aubrey lane would stop the executive branch from imposing tolls without approval except in certain cases. a panel did not take any action yesterday. the measure will not impact the tolling plan for 66 in northern virginia. it's 5:50. today the network for public education is ranking your state's school. and the grades may surprise you. virginia and d.c. got ds. maryland, you got cs. no state nationwide got higher than a c as a matter of fact.
5:51 am
we will hear more at the national press club. more students in virginia could be heading back to school before labor day this summer. a measure would allow local boards to set their own calen r calendar. the bill now moves on to the senate. it is now 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's check thin with storm tea 4's chuck bell. >> cooler today than it was yesterday this morning by five or seven degrees. i can see setting moon, so grounds should be clear enough for the groundhog to see their shadows which means six more weeks of winter. but i don't often listen on rodents. tonight cool and quiet.
5:52 am
tomorrow will be a very different story. for now 27 frederick, maryland. 30 winchester, 4 culpeper, 37 in washington. so a chilly start this morning. areas of fog northern maryland, shenandoah valley. i tweeted out the visibilities. and for lunchtime today, some clearing. temperatures mid-40s. clouds coming back in later this afternoon. temperatures up near 50 across the area for today. tomorrow, look how much warmer tomorrow. upper 50s to low and mid-60s. could be within a couple of degrees of record high temperatures tomorrow. tom's record is only 66 degrees. so we'll be close. today cool and dry. tonight clouds move in. tomorrow rain likely as early as before sunrise. heaviest rain tomorrow likely between about noon and 4:00. and there could be a rumble or two of thunder, as well. and very breezy. south winds tomorrow will combine with the mild air to help melt down the snow payou'r race for the democratic site.
5:53 am
historic the democratic party called it, hillary clinton barely beating bernie sanders. the final numbers came in just about two hours ago. on the democratic side, you see exceptionally a 50/50 split, but hillary clinton did come out slightly ahead as far as the state delegate equivalents. republican side, ted cruz took iowa for the republicans beating donald trump by four percentage points here. marco rubio really not far behind in this case. he fratrails trump by just one point. we'll have much more from here on the ground in des moines as well as we managed to hear from bernie sanders as he got off the plane in new hampshire this morning. we'll have that for you in a second. right now we are looking at 6:00 and we're dealing with another water main break unfortunately. this one in montgomery


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