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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-6:55am EST

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race for the democratic site. historic the democratic party called it, hillary clinton barely beating bernie sanders. the final numbers came in just about two hours ago. on the democratic side, you see exceptionally a 50/50 split, but hillary clinton did come out slightly ahead as far as the state delegate equivalents. republican side, ted cruz took iowa for the republicans beating donald trump by four percentage points here. marco rubio really not far behind in this case. he fratrails trump by just one point. we'll have much more from here on the ground in des moines as well as we managed to hear from bernie sanders as he got off the plane in new hampshire this morning. we'll have that for you in a second. right now we are looking at 6:00 and we're dealing with another water main break unfortunately. this one in montgomery county.
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wssc has dealt with two water main breaks in silver spring so far this week alone. the latest broken pipe has part of bonnifant street shut down. >> good morning. we're taking another live look at this picture here. you can see it's kind of a mess there on bonifant street at georgia avenue. it is a very small section of roadway. so you can pretty easily make your way around it. no doubt when crews get there at #: 8:00 this morning, some good work ahead of them. southbound 3rd street tunnel, ramp to westbound freeway, disabled vehicle. you can see the beltway and all the main routes in and out of town looking quite good. an issue northbound 202 at marlboro pike, a car into the woods. and rafftravel times coming up. outside this morning, a
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little patchy fog across northern maryland and for our friends and neighbors in the shenandoah valley. temperatures this morning cooler than yesterday. we're starting off in the mid-30s for most. 36 now this rockville. 38 at reagan national. what it expect today? a little fog around early this morning. later today, a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures up here 50. next 24 hours look like this. a dry start this morning. temperatures mid-30s. by 7:00 tonight, skies will be mostly cloudy. temperatures mid-40s. and by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow
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decision. turnout here was high and that's what some of the candidates had hoped for. this is where the parties have been doing the math. you can see this is the map that shows the winners in each of the 99 counties here in iowa. hillary clinton the heavy favorite going in to the caucuses as we mentioned, but her win was really -- you look at the numbers, it's really hike crow skopic almost the win over bernie sanders. both candidates confident this morning. bernie sanders just got off the plane in new hampshire. listen to what he had to say in the dark as he was stepping off the plane. >> it's been a long haul. we will win states all over this
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country. prie please didn't ask me after eefr state. you could win some states, you can lose some state, but i think we have shown the american people that we -- >> different piece of sound there. bernie sanders still on the plane obviously. but hillary clinton also said last night that she's relieved and she thanked iowans for all their work and for caucusing for her last night. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will host rallies in new hampshire today. they both landed there as have several of the republican candidates, as well. so it's on to new hampshire and the primary next week. >> speaking of new hampshire, republicans are there today. senator ted cruz fresh off a big win for him. >> it was absolutely. and we talked about the numbers, turnout being significant here. if it was significant, that would bode well for donald trump. but the reality was that particularly in ted cruz's case,
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evangelicals showed up in big numbers and he was able to come out on top here with donald trump and marco rubio following right behind him. so he's on to new hampshire with a little bit of momentum going there. >> and we know at least one campaign is over this morning. 1% of iowa voters picked martin o'malley. >> right. martin o'malley had campaigned here in iowa more than any of the other democratic candidates. but last night his showing was such that he was ready to end his campaign, to end his efforts to become president. he had been saying hold strong. that was his message in his last minute campaigning here, but obviously last night he saw essentially the writing on the wall and decided to end his campaign. same goes for mike huckabee on the republican side. >> all right. aaron gilchrist live in des moines for us. thank you. and just to reiterate what aaron was talking about, hits on both sides of the aisle are bowing out of the presidential rate after the caucuses. martin o'malley says he success
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he sa suspended the campaign and thankd suppothank supporters. and mike huckabee also ended his campaign. rick santorum is reassessing his chances. we have a lot more to talk about from iowa. coming up, we'll show you what caucusgoers in iowa are saying. right now we're in the middle of a water main break season. wssc has dealt with two water main breaks in silver spring already this week. the latest broken pipe is part of bonifant street shut down right before georgia avenue. megan mcglacgrath is live with . i can't believe there is another one so soon. >> reporter: well, you can see behind me here the hole that has been left behind when this water main broke. it was a 10 inch pipe that broke overnight. and it will require some work here to get this fixed. they will start doing that work around 8:00 morning.
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right now they're just sort of monitoring the situation. this is bonifant street just before georgia area and there was a break in the same area on sunday. so this is the second problem here on bonifant. fortunately we're not seeing any impact to georgia avenue. but when we see fluk chuations in temperatures like we've had over the last several days, we had a blizzard and then we had 50 degree temperatures, that's not good for water mains. it causes that expansion and contraction of the pipes. makes them susceptible to breaks. take a look to what we had yesterday. also on silver spring but university boulevard, a much larger water main break that really caused problems during rush hour, that break closing down lanes, it took hours to make the repair and it really snarled traffic. we've gotten an update, all of the lanes on university boulevard have reopened for the rush hour.
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however, stiometime after 9:00 a.m. this morning, they will close down two eastbound lanes on university to do some repaving work. back to you all. so we'll be looking at that in a couple of minutes and also a brand new problem on the beltway. take story also coming up. marijuana use is in the spotlight again. the potential ban thin play tod. and fears
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good morning. 6:11 on a tuesday morning. it's ground hog day, everybody. we'll see what the rodent
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predictions are in a little bit. right now visibility our main concern. pockets of fog from manassas and frederick, maryland. so thickest fog northern maryland, shenandoah valley. we'll have breaks of sunshine coming our way. for your commute, areas of fog, 30s on your way out the door this morning. highs in the upper 40s to they're 50 today. "7-day forecast" and talking about tomorrow's flooding threat in ten minutes. so right now a brand new problem here, this is chopper 4 over this issue here in rockville. right now this is eastbound report of a pedestrian struck. trying to get more information on that problem. inner loop at van dorn, a crash not seeming to slow things. taking a look at travel times, okay on 270 and top of the beltway. 66 headed in is fine and so is 95 north bound.
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6:12. today the d.c. council will take up the issue of whether to maintain a ban on so-called pot clubs. mayor muriel bowser wants the authority to shut down a business if people are smoking pot inside. chief concern, the district noose way to regulate them. current law bans smoking anywhere outside of private homes. today the d.c. council will also vote on a new crime bill. the near act aims to combat spike in crime. this is a different crime bill than the one mayor muriel bowser proposed this august. the near act would establish a program to keep criminals from reoffending and will examine the best policing practices nationwide. another data breach this morning. what hackers are were able to access from the largest police
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union in the country. >
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following breaking news out of rockville. chopper 4 over the scene of a pedestrian accident. take a look there at these live pictures. you are looking at 600 east fwch gooty drive right in front of a men's shelter. we're trying to get information on the person struck. melissa mollett also following the traffic impacts of all of this in the rockville area. well, it is a different race after the iowa caucuses. take a look at the front page of the des moin"des moines regist." ted cruz beat out his republican competitor and since print time, hillary clinton squeaked out a win over bernie sanders. tough headlines for donald trump out of new york.
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"daily news" saying dead clown walking. and the new york "post" on the right, saying crucified. we mentioned how important this could be for certain campaigns. well, the numbers are out this morning. and they show iowans came out in historically high numbers. this this despite the threat of a snowstorm. republicans counted more than 180,000 caucusgoers topping the record by as many as 60,000 people. democratic numbers were high, but likely won't top the 2008 numbers. 6:18. we went new the exit polls overnight to see how iowans feel about the candidates. not surprisingly younger vote respe ers went for bernie sanders and women went for hillary clinton. 91% of voters thought clinton would be best suited for health
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care. to the big republican issues, voters were split saying each of the top performing kcandidates would be best. on immigration, trump. marco rubio for the economy and when it came to terrorism and national security, voters went with ted cruz. we also have the results from a poll about what you think about the caucuses. we asked you how important you think they will be in the presidential race. here are the results. 10% of you say the winning candidates will be the eventual nomine nominees. 54% said it would force some to drop out and that's already happened. the and 36 said the other state primaries are equally important. police need your help to catch a man who be robbed four stores. this is new surveillance video that shows the man robbing a dunkin donuts in dupont circle in early january. police say that he also hit one business in northeast twice. he also hit three stores on
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sunday, all within minutes of each other. if you have any information, police would like to hear from you. a new report suggests maryland had its handsful trying to deal with the wabaltimore riots. the report says inexperience and confusion played a big part and they relied on television coverage for information. the report also says national emergency response guidelines were ignored. maryland emergency management agency issued the report. new developments about the zika virus. japan is the latest country to issue a warning for people got to raffle to any countries where zika has been found. the world health organization declared zika an international emergency yesterday because of how easily it can spread through mosquitos and the birth defects it can cause. several countries are working to stop the spread of the disease. researchers are working to create a vaccine, as well. and there are very concerned parents of students at the
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college of william and mary. school officials say a student has the zika virus. it was contracted while traveling in central america. it is virginia's second confirmed case of zika. >> we are aware of this, we are monitoring it. but our conversations with our own health and wellness team as well as the cdc show that there is no health risk here on campus or in the community. >> w.h.o. has named the virus an international public health emergency. the link to birth tdefects has not yet been proven. virginia will use a new congressional map. the gop request was denied to block using it. it mos more than 1 million voters in to a different district. in march, republicans will ask the high court to reverse a decision that says lawmaker illegally packed too many black
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voters into the third congressional district. two connecticut police officers are receiving praise for helping a family in need. the officers in norwich took a call about an emotionally it distraught mother yesterday about not being able to afford a birthday cake to her daughter. two officers came up with a solution and decided to buy the girl's cake with their own money. how wonderful is that. just another example of officers going above and beyond the call of duty. >> cake is everything. let's be real. forget the presents. but that is really, really sweet. turning our attention now to the weather, we want to talk not only about what is happening today and oefrtd course of the week, but also the weekend. >> i think you will like today all right. if you really like the mild weather, we made it into the low 60s yesterday, we'll be in the 60s again tomorrow.
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snow pack will be eaten up and heavy possibilities of flooding concerns. main concern for early this morning, most of the metro area above freezing. gaithersburg and manassas below freezing. 31 at dulles. so there are one or two spots where it could be cold enough to have a little ice on some of the roads. main impact, though, on your weather and plans for today, nothing big this morning. a little fog. maybe a slippery spot or two. afternoon, all is quiet. by evening, showers arriving late this evening. probably not until after 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. so take wioday will be a nice d. temperatures in the chilly 30s this morning. we will have breaks of sunshine today. temperatures will reach into the upper 40s to near 50. 53 in fredericksburg, but only 46 in faith.
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only will gaithersburg. top, a heavy rain possibility and flooding. we'll get maybe half an inch to an inch or more of rain. but another inch or more of rain trapped in the snow pack and it will be melting very fast tomorr tomorrow. upper 50s to low and mid-60s for highs tomorrow. so a big fast snow melt with the heavy rain could cause flooding concerns. we'll be hear to keep you posted. so what can you do ahead of that? get all the debris and snow cleared out of the drains. quieter weather settles in for the weekend. next monday could have a little rain snow threat there. all the latest now with melissa mollett. so a couple of new problems. goshen road at center way, crash. county called in to salt the roads. complaints of ice p. and another complaint of ice, this vehicle off the roadway into the snow bank. we'll get more information on
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that here in just a minute. ener loop at van dorn, crash on the right shoulder. but not slowing anything. still looking green there. 5 southbound just after the beltway, still have a disabled truck in the right lane. blue, orange and silver line delays in both directions because of a switch problem outside of mcpherson square. 6:25 right now. today president obama will meet with wisconsin lawmaker paul ryan. it is the first meeting between the two since ryan took his new position as speaker of the house back in october. they are expected to hash out the president's 2017 budget requests and other legislative interests for obama's last year in office. if you live in the district, you have until midnight tonight to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the deadline was extended because of the blizzard. people not exempt and go without health coverage for more than
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three consecutive months will pay a penalty on their tax return. maryland extended its deadline to friday. if you spotted a $200 coupon for wegmans on facebook, don't get excited, it's not real. wegmans says the post is a scam. an employee found the post yesterday and reported it to the company. the grocery chain says it's working to have the post removed from facebook. snow may be melting, but we're seeing more of these around town. a look, big potholes popping up everywhere. the work being done now to help get those fixed and how you can report a trouble spot. and new information this morning about our nation's public schools. the grades our area schools are getting and where they come up short. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. chuck bell has the four things to know as you leave for work.
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dramatic overnight developments in the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders just barely.
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looking ahead, clinton's campaign says it's confident sanders cannot earn enough delegates to pull ahead. about an hour ago, an upbeat invigorated sanders just arriving in new hampshire. >> a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great thanation. >> sanders last by just five state delegates. sanders with 695, clinton with 750. >> and now to the republicans, evangelical voters came out strong and helped senator ted cruz to a win over his competitors. >> a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> both donald trump and senator marco rubio came up close behind cruz. it's exceptionally a three man race headed into next week's primary in new hampshire.except
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race headed into next week's primary in new hampshire. loudoun county schools are starting late today. >> still dealing with the after effects of blizzard. they are on a two hour delay. now we'll check in with chuck bell tracking more wet weather on the way. >> yes, tomorrow will be a tearily high impact weather day around here, a lot of wind around tomorrow, a lot of rain and very mild temperatures will melt down our snow pack quickly. this morning the main issue is just patchy areas of fog first thing. not pea soup fog outside early this morning, but just enough. temperature thousand 31, so there could be a few icy patches on some of the i'd stre'f of th. we should all be in the mid-40s by noon. clouds will come back this later this afternoon. so what do you need to know is this watch out for the fog this morning. rain moving in tonight. heavy rain and snow melt should
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cause flooding concerns for tomorrow. so tomorrow will be a weather alert day. brand new problem here, take a look at this chopper 4 has been flying around looking for a couple different issues in the gaithersburg area. this one we had the wrong location. this is mid county highway at o goshen road. they slid off into the road bank. inner loop at van dorn, a crash reported on the right shoulder. blue, orange, silver line delays because of a switch problem. hard not to miss on your way to work. the blizzard left behind some major potholes. what's the fastest way to get them fixed in your area? derrick ward is live to show us. >> reporter: well, indeed rear right here at wisconsin and p.
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take a look, two potholes and maybe the beginning of the third. it will be a few months before d.c. starts its program called potholepalooza. they started this i think back in 2009. and since then, they have filled more than 36,000 potholes. and want to get an early start. if you see one of these, you can call the mayor's call center at 311 or you can do that online, go to or do it on twitter, #potholepalooza. of course you can also go to our website and search potholes and the ways that you can report them for each reernlg on. they can run from maybe the minor ones that don't really bother you to those that can knock your suspension or your front end alignment off. and of course we will see more of those as we have other
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freezes and thaws this winter when they really will take a serious assault on the spring. we're live in northwest. derrick ward, news 4. are you still digging out of your sidewalks in prince george's county? get out that shovel. because you may still face a fine. the county issued more than 300 tickets last week for sidewalks that weren't shoveled. those tickets are $100 each. officials say if there is still snow on the ground, offenders could be ticketed a second or even third time. police are not saying how two virginia tech students charged with abducting and killing a 13-year-old girl knew the victim. david eisenhauer and nat keepers are charged in the death of nicole lovell. arrest warrants show no firearms were used. a reston man will appear in
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a florida court tomorrow after authorities say he attacked a passenger and flight attendant as. prosecutors say joseph sharkey put a passenger in a headlock and fought with two flight attendants and tried to open up the exit door. the man was restrained on board the flight. it was a jetblue flight from reagan to jacksonville. the personal information of thousands of police officers nationwide is at risk. the fraternal order of police is the country's largest police union. it says there was a security breach of its computer system and some tiles wefiles were pos online. it could affect more than 300,000 members. the union president says most of the information stolen was available on public websites but the member information was not. virginia's transportation secretary wants to limit where the state can put new tolls. this per from aubrey lane would
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stop the executive branch from imposing tolls without lawmakers' approval except in certain cases. general assembly would not have a say this tolls on roads when a hugh la new lane has been added. the per will not impact the tolling plan for 66 in northern virginia. loudoun county public schools could soon have all day kindergarten. the administration says this would cost roughly $16.5 million. that includes hiring enough teachers, support staff and materials. more than 5,000 kindergarten age students are expected to enroll in the fall. the. more of your kids in virginia could be heading back to school before labor day this summer. the republican controlled house voted to approve the measure yesterday that would allow local boards to set their own calendars. this could mean starting class before the september holiday. the bill now moves to the
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senate. new report is out overnight and it is putting our public schools to the test. the grades they are receiving and where they're coming up short. dloo and brand new closure here in gaithersburg. we're talking about a pretty main road here. we'll take a look at this and tell you what is going on. plus we're watching the candidates this morning as they put iowa in the rearview mirror and focus on the new hampshire primary. a live coverage from iowa ahead.
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new this morning, grades may surprise you. they're based on high stakes testing, teacher resistance to privatization and how taxpayer hone is used. virginia and d.c. both get ds. maryland and west virginia get cs. no state nationwide got higher than a c. we will hear more about these test scores later today.
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell tracking this weather pattern for us. a little warm-up on the way, chuck? >> relatively mild today. temperatures up near 50. but we have a few pockets down below freezing this morning. a lot of snow melting during the day yesterday, so there could be some icy sidewalks and side streets here. so be careful for that. what to wear today, put the kid t widow in the medium coat. mostly in the mid-30s this morning. a couple areas of fog. coming home today, temperatures up near 50 degrees. see you thu tyou in ten minutes. >> icy conditions reported. vdot says loudoun county parkway road conditions very icy right now. same situation in montgomery county. take a look, chopper 4 over a full road closure here because
6:42 am
of a crash and icy conditions. this is watkinsville road. blue, orange and silver line delays. germantown to the beltway, a little behind. taking you 20 minutes. top of the beltway typically slow from 95 over to 270. 66 and 95, both looking pretty good.problems on roads as crews work to repair another water main break. we're live at the scene. and i'm aaron gilchrist live in des moines. the impact the caucuses will have and what the candidates are doing to
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right now we're watching the presidential picture after a his tore rig night he historic night here in iowa. hillary clinton and ted cruz are your winners, but we have a better idea of who will be their big challengers as they move into new hampshire. first weather and traffic. i'm chuck bell. some areas down below freezing this morning. watch out for ice on side streets and sidewalks this morning especially upper montgomery county out towards
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prince william and parts of western fairfax. we're seeing the effects of that ice right now. chopper 4 over this problem watkinsville road. we're shut down here because of the icy conditions. another problem being reported there along loudoun county parkway. we'll have details on all of this coming up. >> we will win some state respestates, we will lose some states. >> bernie sanders speaking earlier this morning. his plane just landing in new hampshire for a full day of campaigning. he's coming off a close loss to hillary clinton. take a look, clinton barely beat bernie sanders in a historically close race. earlier clinton's campaign said it believed she won since there was no way to sanders to pull ahead in delegates. and ted cruz took iowa for the republicans beating donald trump by four points. marco rubio wasn't far behind,
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he trails trump by just one point. >> those are the numbers. so now let's get some perspective on the caucuses. >> our aaron gilchrist is live in des moines. and you've had a busy night. >> good morning. you're right. it's been a long night. especially for the number crunchers here and with our nbc news political team, as well. looking at this race, hillary clinton barely beating bernie sanders as you mentioned. just a few state dell gegate equivalents separate the two of them. martin o'malley out of the race. chuck todd has some perspective this morning. >> wow, iowa is now out of the way and, boy, did it deliver the close races that we expected. ted cruz ended up on top proving that organization mattered more than celebrity here in iowa. he got the big win. it was a must win for him. now we go to thp in that, now
6:48 am
that's new hampshire, a must win for donald trump. the other big story is marco rubio, the close third-place finish could mean the so-called establishment wing of the party will now coalesce around rubio. can he make a run at trump in new hampshire and see if he can turn a three-way race in to a two way one with ted cruz. the democratic side, hillary clinton did not get the monkey off her back and get the outright win that she needed. this now puts pressure on her to close the gap in new hampshire and start finding some states that she can win in perhaps in nevada and south carolina. >> as far as hillary clinton and bernie sanders go, we can tell that you they are both this iowa -- i'm sorry, in new hampshire as we speak landing early this morning there. they already have a schedule filled with events for their time there. and then the democratic hits now just two of them will take part in a debate. an msnbc debate happening later in the week on thursday night i
6:49 am
believe. the primary in new hampshire is next tuesday. back in it ramping up for the primary on tuesday. as we said, this was a very close race. democratic party here releasing a statement on the results and they said, quote, we saw an historically close democratic caucus that featured one of our strongest turnouts ever and the results tonight are the closest in iowa democratic caucus history. so a big night here. we knew turnout would be key for some of the candidates here and obviously last night history made at the least on the democratic side. >> and you actually went to a caucus last night. that must have been interesting for you. >> it was really interesting to watch. we went to one of the sites hosting both democratic and help cau republican caucuses. nonvoters were kicked out because they needed more space. and there was a lot of back270
6:50 am
at middlebrook road, a crash just happened here in the middle of the roadway. so that no doubt will really slow folks headed south bound. goshen road at centerway, again a crash there, county called in to salt the road. also vdot telling us icy conditions along loudoun county parkway. 75 at green valley road, overturned car there. 270 at montrose, no major problems there. south of that issue at middlebrook. the blue, orange, silver line delays remain. right now a water main break in silver spring has created quite a mess. this is the second water main break since the weekend began. right now a big hole is right in the middle of bonifant street just before georgia avenue. and that is where megan mcgrath is right now to show us the damage. >> reporter: you can see that hole behind me


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