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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. i am enraged that another baby lost a life here in our community. >> that is the state's attorney in prince george's county where we are following breaking news. a woman and toddler are dead. i'm barbara harrison. a look at what police are saying about who did this. at the live desk with bill cosby's latest efforts to get his sexual assault charges dismissed. dry today. we've got some melting going on, but we've got some rain going on for tomorrow. combined with that melting, some flood threats. we'll talk about that coming up. the weather causing some problems on the roads as well. a look at where we had ice as a
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problem leading to this school bus accident. we begin with breaking news with derrick ward. >> reporter: i'm in ft. washington, 13090 block of palmer road at pinewood hill condominium complex. it's a series of town houses here. there's an investigation under way after a double homicide here on this property. take a look appear police are focusing a lot of their attention on that blue vehicle you see, that chevrolet and the corner house there where the officer is standing in the door. it was about 7:00 this morning when police were called here, sounds of gunshot. when they got here, they found an adult woman, on the ground, unresponsive at the time. she was pronounced dead at the scene. in the car they found a 2-year-old child. the child was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. police also believe that child
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was shot. not a lot being released to the public but a lot of emotion and bringing this crime to conclusion. as we hear first from the police chief and then the state's attorney. >> the notion that someone would be bold enough to take the life of a child, take the life of a young woman, and think there would not be consequences, simply unacceptable in prince george's county. i want the public to be assured that the entire command staff of the prince george's police department has been here the entire morning and actively pursuing viable investigative leads. >> we're looking forward to holding accountable the individual who did this. we are absolutely -- this is the worst day any of us can imagine. we are absolutely and profoundly grief stricken and enraged. we don't have all the details yet. >> reporter: and aside from the entire command staff from the
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prince george's county police department, they've also been out here with the canine unit searching the property. they're also asking the public, anyone who may have seen something around 7:00 to contact them. they definitely want to bridge this to a conclusion. again, two people dead, apparently shot. a mother and a 2-year-old child. we have no information yet. we're live in washington, derrick ward, news4. an icy morning is causing problems on the roads ahead of a weather aler day tomorrow. if you didn't catch it a moment ago, take a look again at the school bus in rockville. it appears it skidded off the road and then got stuck wheel-deep in a snow embankment. that was on ohrbeck road. chopper 4 flew to loudoun roadway where they had to shut down the road for an ice-related crash there. megan mcgrath will have more. let's check in with lauren,
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who's been watching the falling temperatures. you wouldn't think we would have any ice with the warming temperatures. >> we had temperatures that fell below the freezing mark this morning. good news is, we're all about that freezing mark right now. in fact, temperatures coming up through the 40s. 45 in d.c. 47 in fredericksburg. the cool spot being in fredericksburg, as it's been the last couple of days but everyone coming up to around that 50-degree mark. we also had fog this morning. we've seen sunshine today. we'll see more clouds as we head into the evening. even more clouds around tomorrow, plus rain. the national weather service went ahead and put us in a flood watch area north for tomorrow. we'll get a good dosing of rain. we'll let you know how much and time it all out for you in a few minutes. we're staying on top of a developing story at this hour. a hearing right now inside a pennsylvania court over whether sexual assault charges of bill
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cosby will stick. this is video of the actor/comedian arriving an hour and a half ago with the help of a cane and aid. cosby claimed he had an agreement shielding him from facing criminal charges in exchange for his testimony in a civil case. the district attorney who says he struck that deal is expected to testify. now, the state's current d.a. contends there is no record of such a deal. in the 2005 deposition, cosby admits to using drugs for sex with actresses and models. the 78-year-old now faces felony sex assault charges following public release of his testimony. we'll let you know if the result is what -- what the result is in court. >> thank you. now to decision 2016 hillary clinton and ted cruz are the ones to beat next week in new hampshire. the races are still very close. among republicans there's only a five-point split between the top
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senator cruz with 28% and donald trump with 24%. and marco rubio with a close 23% in iowa. this morning we're hearing a confident cruz and a different tone from trump. >> a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all those across this nation. >> i'm just honored. i'm really honored. and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. >> among democrats, a microscopic win for clinton over bernie sanders. she took part of a percentage point more. both candidates rounding to get about 50% of the support in iowa. both candidates are in new hampshire today and they'll be at a -- clinton is at her get out the vote rally, gearing foup ar a debate in two days on msnbc. at least two candidates will not continue their campaigns into new hampshire. governor martin o'malley earned just 1% of iowa's support last night.
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he thanked his supporters and suspended his campaign last night. republican mike huckabee also ended his campaign. rick santorum says he's reassessing his chances of getting the party's nomination. and right now wsse crews are working to repair a water main break for the second time in silver spring. take a look at this mess on bonifant street. crews fixed it yesterday and overnight it broke again. there's a significant hole in the middle of the road. about three miles away, crews are repaving university boulevard because of a water main break there. two eastbound lanes closed right now. yesterday it took hours for repair crews to fix that 88-year-old pipe. that repaving work will continue through friday. we're expecting an update shortly on the two virginia tech students accused of abducting and killing a 13-year-old killer. david eisnhauer faces
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first-degree murder in the death of nicole lovell. blacksburg police say they have evidence showing he knew lovell but haven't released any more details. after the break, david beckham, the hero, and phil's weather predictions. stay with us.
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we are following the stories lighting up social media. the trial of the century about to hit your tv screen. cuba gooding will play o.j. simpson in"the people versus o.j. simpson," in ten open soeds. you can catch it tonight on fx at 10:00. we spotted this on could david beckham become any cooler? the former england soccer player stopped to help an elderly man
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who was being treated by a paramedic on the side of the road in london. beckham took a cup of tea to the man who had fallen and kept warm by the paramedic after he had fallen. the #buyitlikebeckham is making the rounds. and uber, this is so sweet. it is offering a puppy-sharing service but only for one day. according to our news partner wtop, tomorrow d.c. will be among several cities working with animal planet to deliver puppies. playing with a little pooch will cost you bz 30 for a 15-minute window. if you can't bear to part with the little puppies, they are up for adoption. last year more than 70 puppies were adopted in cities across the u.s. get this, all of the canines involved in last year's event in the washington area, they found forever homes. we're back in 60 seconds.
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there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast! >> well, it's official. punxsutawney phil emerged from his hole and predicted an early spring. per the rules, since phil didn't see his shadow, spring will come early this year. since 1887 punxsutawney phil has predicted more winter, 102 times, and early spring just 17 times. aren't we lucky? 18 now. that's what we can expect, lauryn. what do you say? >> i think i'm ready for one more snowstorm, believe it or not, then we can go on to spring. we still have to get through february. we've even had snow in march, as we know all too well the last couple of marchs here in d.c. no snow today, just sunk vp sunshine. increasing clouds. don't expect we'll have those problems on late last night.
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megan will tell you more about that. most temperatures staying above freezing in the overnight. we're watching rain. not today. we're just seeing those clouds rolling into the area. bit time you wake up tomorrow morning, that rain will be here. plan early for your morning commute and then continue to watch it for your evening communicate adds we could get anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to 2 inches of rain. then it will get out of here after the evening commute tomorrow. with the snowpack and melt, we'll have flooding around the region. we have flood watching out. the rest of the seven-day coming up. >> thanks, lauryn. if you were excited when you spotted a $200 cow upon for wegmans on facebook, it's not real. they say it's a scam. an employee found it yesterday and reported it to the company. the grocery chain says they're working to have that post removed from facebook. a critical new report out this morning on the makers of takata air bags. the new information next from the live desk.
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new troubles for takata air bags. we just learned the company has no way to detect quality problems once its products are installed in cars and trucks. a panel of experts led by former u.s. transportation secretary samuel skinner, also faulted takata for letting products move through the design process
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without unresolved problems. the company's faulty air bags are blamed for 11 deaths and nearly 140 injuries. >> thanks. well, right now some of you are dealing with another refreeze from overnight. it caused slick conditions in some spots this morning. even though the blizzard hit us ten days ago. in fact, the roads caused loudoun county to delay school again. at harper park in leesburg, is it warming up enough so that's starting to melt out there, the ice? >> reporter: yeah, and that's part of the problem we've seen here. it's above freezing right now, but that was not the case overnight. we had below freezing temperatures, so big piles of snow like this one here during the daytime, they melted. overnight they refroze, creating treacherous conditions, prompting schools to open two hours late in loudoun county. icy streets in loudoun county caused another round of problems this morning.
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this six-car crash closedthe southbound lanes of the loudoun county parkway. some neighborhood streets and parking lots were slick, too. >> the entire parking lot where i live was completely covered with ice and just terrible conditions for children trying to get to the bus stop today. >> reporter: first it was the blizzard and all that snow. now the swings in temperature are creating problems, too. the snow melts by day and refreezes at night. loudoun county schools opened two hours late again today because of slippery conditions. >> i think it's necessary. i think you can't put a price on safety. teachers, students, everyone needs to be safe. >> reporter: some bus stops had to be moved to temporary locations due to conditions. with the delay, students once again want to class with a little more sleep than usual. >> it's been great. i love it.
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>> reporter: warming temperatures are coming so people will have to worry about the big melt instead of the refreeze. in leesburg, megan mcgrath, news4. >> those warm temperatures and that rain really headed our way. lauryn, what can we expect? >> we can expect heavy rain all throughout the day. we're shaving that snowpack down. we have snow drifts a little higher but we'll see flooding throughout the region. perhaps we can get melting today. we have a lot of sunshine out there right now contributing to the melting, along with some warming temperatures. we'll be right around 50 degrees today. as far as your travel impacts go, you're looking good this afternoon and evening. again, some wet roadways. as you go through your tuesday morning, we'll go ahead and give that a relt. not a green and relt. a relt because we are going to have a chance for a lot of rain. through the day tomorrow, we're expecting some high winds.
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definitely some heavy rain. definitely flooding. we have flooding out north of d.c. we'll time that rain coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, lauryn. right now the d.c. council is considering whether to maintain a ban on those so-called pot clubs. mayor bowser also wants the authorities to shut down a business if people are smoking pot there. she's concerned the district has no way to regulate them. current laws ban smoking anywhere other than private homes. today the d.c. council will also vote on a new crime bill, the near act. it ames at come batting d.c.'s spike in crime. it was proposed by chairman mcduffy. this is a different crime bill than the one mayor bowser had proposed back in august. the near act establishes a program to keep criminals from getting into trouble again by enrolling them in life-planning programs. it also requires npd to examine the best policing practices nationwide. police need your help to catch a man who robbed five
11:21 am
different stores in d.c. in less than a month. they just released this surveillance video. the video shows a man robbing a dunken doughnut store in early january. he hit one business in northeast twice. hit three stores in sunday, all within minutes of each other. if you have any information, police do want to hear from you. after the break, a great surprise from two police officers in connecticut. don't forget, you can catch ""news 4 midday" qutd "from your smartphone or tablet. open the
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a little 4-month-old puppy gave his rescuers quite a challenge. the pup named valentine got trapped in a sewage plant treatment vault in southern california. a woman heard wimping coming from underground.
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a firefighter had to be lowered down to get the puppy out. he's doing well and will be up for adoption in a few days, if his owner doesn't come forward first. >> i have a feeling he won't have a problem being faced. listen to how two connecticut police officers went above and beyond to help a family in need. the officers got a call about an emotionally distraught mother. the mother was distraught about not being able to afford a birthday came for their daughter. the officers decided to buy a cake with their own money. another example of these guys going above and beyond. love to see something like that. >> absolutely. how do you plan for the worst at a zoo? >> the unusual drill that will make you smile after the break. neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan.
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we'll see the clouds move in and rain as well. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll have rain. we'll be dry today with temperature nearing 50s and then temperatures will fall into the 40s overnight. not to that freezing mark. i don't expect to have widespread problems we did sports drinks, you know, help athletes recover from intense training or competition, but how much should you really be drinking? danielle barber breaks it down for us. >> reporter: if you're feeling
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fatigued, sore or worn out after your exercise, what you're drink may be to blame. >> we're losing sweats. we need to replenish those electric row lights. >> reporter: when your workout lasts less than aan hour, registered dietitian says water will suffice. >> helps prevent dehydration so it can stay focused on your event. >> reporter: staying hydrated is key to helping your body recover properly. >> a good indicator of hydration status to make sure you're well hydrated is that your urine is more pale, lemonade color rather than apple juice. >> reporter: sometimes water won't cut it? >> i encourage people to have sports drink for anything intense or an hour or more exercise. >> reporter: replenishing your body doesn't stop there. >> protein bar, giving you protein but we wan to make sure you're getting carbs, too, that
11:27 am
a sports drink can provide. >> reporter: if you're still feeling sluggish, she says consider changing your eating patterns leading up to your workout. >> pretty cool. if you want to prepare for a zoo escape, and don't we all, all you need is one zebra, or in this case someone suited up in a zebra costume, to practice for an emergency. every year the zoo in tokyo rounds up more than 100 staff, police, firefighters to practice. you can see the zebra gently knocked over by a zookeeper and is eventually sedated. animals, including monkeys and elephants, have escaped so there's a real reason to practice rounding them up. >> we've seen zebras in california. remember last year? a couple zebras. when they get going, they don't stop. >> they're going. coming up, we'll get you caught up on our two big stories of the day. breaking news out of ft. washington, a mother and child washington, a mother and child
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back to our breaking news now and what prince george's county officials are calling the worst day they could imagine. a mother and her 2-year-old child both shot to death in ft. washington. let's go back to derrick ward live at the townhouse development where this all unfolded. what can you tell us? >> reporter: indeed. we are in the 1300 block of palmer road at ft. washington. this is the pinewood hill development. you see the townhouses there. you see that car with the door
11:31 am
open. that has been the focus of the investigation here. prince george's county police says they look into this double homicide, a mother and a child. a 2-year-old child. neighbors called police at 37:00 this morning, reporting the sound of gunfire. when they got here they found an adult woman, unresponsive, pronounced dead at the scene. the child was found in the car. both had been shot. child was taken to the hospital and died at the hospital. we understand that 2-year-old is a little girl. we don't have her name. now, the entire command staff of prince george's police department has been on the scene, at least was on the scene earlier. still a kadri cadre of detectiv uniform officers. they used canine and canvassing, talking to numbers. they're also expressing their disgust as we hear from the prince george's county state's attorney. >> to some extent, we're at a
11:32 am
loss of words this morning. we're absolutely grief-stricken. i am enraged that another baby lost a life here in our community. once the person who committed this crime is apprehended, we will spare no resource in holding that individual accountab accountable, bringing that person to justice and really sending a signal. this is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized community that a child should be killed in this way. >> reporter: now, the interim chief police was also on the scene. he says police are pursuing viable leads. that is all he is saying at this point. they are still asking for the public's help. if anyone saw anything in this general area, anything suspicious or untoward, they're asking you call prince george's county police. a sad day, a tragic day and a difficult day for law enforcement and law apparatus
11:33 am
here in prince george's county. we're live in ft. washington. derrick ward, back to you. right now, decision 2016 moves to new hampshire. >> now in new hampshire. >> bernie sanders arrived early this morning from iowa and gave a quick speech from the bed of this pickup truck. marco rubio also arrived overnight. you can see him here walking with his family earlier this morning. rubio finished behind both ted cruz and donald trump, but not too far. evangelical voters in iowa came out big to give cruz the win. the result even tighter among democrats. hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders by less than a half of a percentage point. well, just like iowa, the first primary of the year, new hampshire, could actually have a pretty big impact, of course, on this presidential race. take a look right here. was weaker than expected results. iowa is pretty much a must-win for both hillary clinton and
11:34 am
trump. they're also probably looking ahead after new hampshire. also, nevada, the caucuses there and south carolina's primaries take place on february 20th, 23rd, 27th, depending on if you're voting democratic or republican. the big one comes in, super tuesday, march 1st, four weeks from today. four states and samoa holding ka caucuses, including maryland. d.c. republicans caucus next month. democrats in the district, of course, have the last primary on the calendar in june. later more about voter turnout. it could be just as important in new hampshire as it was in iowa. numbers out this morning show iowans came out in historically high numbers, despite the threat of a snowstorm. republicans counted more than 180,000 caucusgoers. that actually tops their 2012 attendance record by as much as 60,000 people.
11:35 am
democratic numbers were high but likely will not top the 240,000 who showed up in 2008 to choose between barack obama, jon edwards and hillary clinton. we went through the exit polls overnight to see how iowans felt about the can days. not surprisingly younger votes voters went for bernie sanders and women for hillary clinton. more interesting, who voters think can handle health care. exit polls show 91% of voters thought clinton would be better suited for that task. on immigration, republicans wanted donald trump. marco rubio was their choice to handle economy. when it came to terrorism and national security, voters went for ted cruz. aaron gilchrist has been in des moines for the past couple of days. >> reporter: it was an interesting event. we have primaries in virginia and maryland and d.c. and go into a booth, you vote, you're done. here they're different. it's a big community meeting.
11:36 am
we went to a republican and democratic caucus. we went into an overflow room. they kicked everybody out who wasn't there to vote. we went into another room where people were actually standing up, yelling across the room, very passionate about their positions for their particular candidates. something we don't get to see back home. it was very interesting to watch. i tweeted some pictures. you can look for that on twitter @nbcaaron. >> be sure to download our nbc washington app it will help you keep up with results fast. well, not looking too bad here. i know iowa got some snow yesterday. thank goodness we're not talking about snow, but we're talking about a good amount of rain through our area. not today. we'll be dry today. just getting more melting, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. this system doesn't look that impressive that's crawling across the midwest. snow in the northern plains, coming down through a cold front in chicago and down through the gulf coast. it eleventh a move this way. a surge of warm air coming our way.
11:37 am
so, a lot of rain will fall anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to an inch. some isolated areas could be 1 1/2 inches, maybe 2 inches. we still have the equivalent of about, i would say, an 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches of water in the snow that has already melted. the snow that melts, water equivalent, 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches, combined with the water we'll get tomorrow, we have flood watches up. a flood warning up for ka paka capen. >> thanks lauryn. as the roads start to clear from the blizzard, we're seeing potholes. they can cause major problems to your car. if you want to report potholes, in d.c. call 311 or twee tweet @ddotdc. that's ddot -- let's do it again. ddotdc using #potholepalooza.
11:38 am
in maryland you can call 311 or fill out a form online. in virginia you can call vdot or fill out a form online. we have a look at how health we have a look at how health experts are trying to (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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give us a plan. developing story involving a zika virus. a french manufacturer is releasing a vaccine. it comes one day after the virus was declared a global emergency. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: there is no vaccine, no treatment, no cure. with health experts convinced, the zika virus may be convinced to a big case of microcephaly in brazil, babies born with deformed heads and brains. the world health organization is declaring a emergency. >> we need coordinated
11:40 am
international response to make sure we get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: in brazil alone, more than 4,000 babies have been born with microcephaly. we met a new mother with her 1-day-baby. >> what do you hope for your baby boy? >> i'm waiting. waiting to see how he develops. >> reporter: for most people, researchers continue to insist the zika virus carries little to no risk. at most, mild flu-like symptoms that pass quickly. but if a mosquito carrying the zika virus, the unborn child can be at great risk. the cdc added four more locations to its territories women should avoid if they're pregnant or looking to become pregnant. pregnant women who have already traveled to zika hot zones should be closely monitored. >> i would suggest to have an open conversation with an o.b. i'm pregnant now. what do we need to do to monitor the baby's progress?
11:41 am
>> reporter: while a vaccine could be years away, one company it on the ground in northern brazil, taking the battle directly to the mosquitos that spread zika, releasing genetically modified mosquitos. >> the offspring fail to develop. >> reporter: the company claims an 80% success rate. a small victory in a fast-spreading public health emergency. >> that was tom kos specostello reporting. pope francis will be in "beyond the sun," it's designed to teach children about jesus and his message. the filmmakers say pope francis asked them to make the movie and he plans to play himself. no doubt lots of interest in that one. >> absolutely. i'm sure. flooding concerns. >> after the break, lauryn will be back with the latest on tomorrow's rain.
11:42 am
11:43 am
temperatures today are on the rise. we'll rice through the 40s around the 50 degrees. we have plenty of sun but clouds will increase later on. we will stay above freezing during the overnight. as you make your trip around, just know, it's going to be a little on the wet side as we get the melting occurring this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow morning we'll have the rain by the time you wake up. dry tonight but then just about 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. morsteadier rain comes along. a push of warm air. 60s tomorrow. could challenge some records or be a few degrees shy. we'll see the rain continue through the evening. not until about 7:00. we'll dry out through thursday. but flooding concerns with the snow melt out there. we'll show you where are that concern is and give you the next seven days. smithsonian gave a date for new museum open. we've been watching that one go
11:44 am
up. president obama will lead the dedication with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. once it opens, the museum will have 11 xiblts that trace the history of slavery, civil rights movement and segregation. that is going to be a busy spot. >> really interesting museum. i've heard of some of the things they've collected from people throughout the south. people have them in their closets -- >> basements, attics. a live report from pennsylvania. >> where the fight is on to get charges against bill cosby dismissed. we'll tell you about that.
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
you'll want to watch out on the roads right now. we're looking at pretty icy conditions after another refreeze last night. it caused a pileup in loudoun county and rockville and may have caused a bus to skid completely off the road. lauryn? >> the good news is the temperatures have come up above freezing. it doesn't look like we're going to fall below freezing during the overnight. tapping out around 50 degrees today. yeah, we'll have melting and wet roads. as you make your commute home. clouds moving in as we get into the evening. we do have flood watches beginning tomorrow afternoon through thursday afternoon for the areas you see here. mainly the counties that touch the mason dixon line. melting snow and heavy rain causing those flooding conditions. we'll continue to watch that as
11:48 am
a storm team 4 weather alert day. we'll have heavy rain and also flooding, even storms in southern maryland. temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s tomorrow. then 40s and sunny skies through the weekend. >> thank you. bill cosby back in court today in pennsylvania, his attorneys are trying to get a judge to toss out a decade old felony sex assault case against him. we'll go to nbc's chris pallone, live in norristown with details on the argument. >> reporter: yeah, barbara, this hearing has been under way for a little more than two hours now. cosby's attorneys basically arguing that three sexual assault charges against him should be thrown out. cosby arrived at the courthouse before 9:30 having a tan suit. he did have a cane with him, but he was whisked quickly into the courthouse. he did not say anything as he went in today. at issue here is an agreement. cosby's attorneys say that ten years ago the district attorney
11:49 am
here promised cosby he would not be criminally prosecuted for sexual assault if he testified in a civil trial. cosby did do that and now the attorney must decide if that agreement is valid. cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault stemming from a 2004 encount irwith a former temple university basketball employee. she contends that in 2004 cosby drugged her and sexually assaulted her. cosby says that that contact was consensual. now, montgomery county's new district attorney brought new charges after the transcripts from the 2004 proceedinging were finally unsealed and he's trying to use some of cosby's testimony against him. in a deposition, among other things, cosby said that he did provide her with some pills and some wine. she argues that she had no ability to consent to any sexual activity after she took those
11:50 am
pills and drank that wine but cosby says that activity was consensual. the judge will have to decide whether this agreement, which was apparently never written down or put into any formal agreement. whether it was valid or not. and if it is, whether the trial against cosby can move forward. live in norristown, pennsylvania, chris pollone, back to you. new today, secretary of state john kerry is representing the u.s. at a meeting of the international coalition to fight isis. 23 countries are gathered in rome to talk about ways to prevent the terror network from gaining a stronghold in libya. the country remains chaotic four years after the outster of moammar gadhafi. new today, the fbi is trying out a way to find robert
11:51 am
levinson, the american not releaseded in prisoner swap with iran last month. the fbi says it launched a facebook page in farsi to get tips on where he might be be. levinson is a former fbi agent. he disappeared in iran nine years ago and there's now a $5 million reward for information about what happened to him. iranian leaders say they do not know where he is. virginia's governor is fighting back against criticism of the gun law deal he struck with gop leaders. gun control activists are not happy with the recent plan. they say the governor is giving up too much ground to gun rights groups. governor spoke exclusively with jewelry kerry. he says he's happy with the progress. >> this is the most significant gun rights legislation restriction in 23 years. these are my two bells. they are approving both of my bills. last year they went down in flames. >> one mother, who has lobbied for years for gun regulation after her daughter survived the
11:52 am
massacre at virginia tech says the governor gave up too much. coming up, big business for groundhog
11:53 am
here are some of the stories trending right now. we spotted this story on tmz. it's been 23 years since bill murray filmed "groundhog day," that inn he stayed on in is still thriving today. punk thanh a the owners say it sold out weeks ago to celebrate groundhog day, despite the fact the prices went up 15% for the occasion. well, it seems you can pretty much use one of those face-thinning apps for anything, the filters. according to, some checked it out on money. the filter that has no name was tried out on american, singaporean and croatian money.
11:54 am
there are some interesting kreeg creations. the queen of england wouldn't be happy. it seems there truly is an app or filter for everything these days. back to you. >> that's one i haven't seen. >> that's a little different. new products getting great reviews from consumers. >> stay with us.
11:55 am
better homes and gardens is out with the best new products for 2016. these items are consumer-tested and approved. >> the "today" show showcased some of them. >> greek yogurt. this is something different. >> an innovation. chobani has cooked steel cut oatmeal as well as other grains mixed right into the yogurt. it's fruit, yogurt, grains. keeps people full. >> good, hearty snack. let's talk about bargain shopper. >> i've got my shopping cart.
11:56 am
best anti-aging. >> olay total effects, seven benefits in one package, not greasy. >> i just bought that yogurt for my son. it's actually good. >> it's in the grocery store already. >> i thought it would fill him up. >> the face cream? >> i've used it before. i don't know. i'll have to get it again. >> has a full list of the products if you're interested. let's take a final look at the weather now. lauryn? >> well, you know what, we've got temperatures right around 50 degrees for daytime highs today. dry tonight. watch when that rain moves in early tomorrow morning. it will stick with us all through the day. flood watches going throughout the day, up to the mason/dixon line. warm temperatures, low to mid-60s but back with sunshine through the weekend. that's it for "news4 midday." we're back on this afternoon first at 4:00. >> when you can get news and weather any time with the nbc
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