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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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more about her death and the people accused of killing her. >> storm team 4 tracking the next storm to bring travel delays to our area and even the potential of river flooding. how much rain we're expecting and where the flooding could occur. we begin with a horrible crime in fort washington. a mother and child found murdered this morning in her townhouse parking lot. >> we learned that the mom was a school teacher in prince george's county this is tracee wilkins live in fort washington with a look at where the investigation goes from here? >> neshante davis touched a lot of lives, she is the mother who was shot and killed in front of her home, her 2-year-old daughter, chloe, just beginning life and for folks here at bradberry elementary, they're dealing with losing a beloved co-worker and friend. 26-year-old neshante davis and her 2-year-old daughter, chloe nicole davis-green was found shot and killed this morning in front of their fort washington home. police are investigating to find
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a suspect and a motive in this case. davis was a first-year second grade teacher here at bradberry elementary in capital heights. today counselors were available for students and staff. for some parents, the concern quickly changed to trying to explain the senseless act of violence, to their own children. >> he really learned a lot from her and got a lot from her. so i'm just waiting to get him now, i have no idea how he's responded. knowing that she won't be back now and he'll have a new teacher. >> parents are having to have a very complicated conversation with their young children. now, although she was a first-year teacher here, she had been working here as a teacher aide for years. there have a lot of parents who knew this woman and found her to be an exceptional educator, she just graduated from beowie stat university. prince george's county police are looking for a motive in this case and also a suspect. we'll have the latest on in
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coming up. reporting live in capital heights, news4. a former district attorney says comedian bill cosby cannot be tried for sex crimes in pennsylvania. prosecutor bruce castro declined to bring charges against cosby a decade ago and today he testified that that decision bars his successors from ever prosecuting could bey. that argument is part of cosby's attempt to get the charges against him thrown out. he was arrested in december, charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a former employee at temple university. we'll take you to today's developments in ten minutes. turning to storm team 4 and our changing weather conditions. going to have us in weather alert mode tomorrow. >> dj, it's hard to believe that rain would be a concern in february. >> and it's not just of course the rain that's coming into the area. it's the snow melt and how much liquid equivalent is locked up in the snow that's still sitting on the ground.
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somewhere between one and two inches, especially north and west of d.c. where we do expect to see some of the more problematic areas. so we'll be on air throughout the day. giving you updates. make sure you tune in and download the news4 washington app. fog, rain, wind and even thunder with the storm system at times and the risk of weather flooding. here's the storm now, you can see areas of iowa up to the north and midwest. there's the storm coming in, early morning hours. temperatures this evening drop to the mid 40s, it's a dry evening for us. a chance to prepare, maybe do some of the errands if you don't want to do them with the heavy rain. we'll show you the areas most at risk of seeing flooding coming up. >> thanks. between the rain and the melting snow, officials are trying to get ready for potential flooding. even water rescue teams are gearing up, including one in
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fairfax county. chris is at the fire station in great falls. >> well the swift water rescue team here is always ready, because great falls park and the potomac is so close. but today they are taking extra precautions as vj said because of the mild temperatures, i'm not wearing a coat. there's the snow melt. possibility of rain could cause trouble tomorrow. fairfax county swift water rescuers are getting ready for flooding. they checked their equipment, ran the engines on the boats and drove around low-lying roads through the area looking for trouble spots if rain and melting snow create flooding. >> most likely going to be getting some flooding with the amount of snow they got the days before and the temperatures going to melt and there's no place to go. so water is going to rise. >> ahead, some of the other areas in our region that could experience flooding, how
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washington harbor is preparing for the possibility of a rising potomac river. that's ahead on news4 at 5:00. pat, back to you. >> there are other concerns, snow concerns in the district. news4's mark segraves continues our coverage from the northwest. >> here we're on connecticut vaef, across from the university of the district of columbia. one of the many snow emergency routes, where cars were ticketed and towed during the five days the snow emergency was in effect. we've been crunching the numbers. here's what we found, despite the fact that more than 100 roads across the city are designated as snow emergency routes, the vast majority of the tickets and tows issued on the first day were here in upper northwest. we can also tell you where those cars came from. coming up at 5:00, we break down the numbers for you and you'll hear from local leaders who were upset at the way the mayor instituted the snow regulations. back to you. >> thanks so much. no matter what the weather
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brings, the nbc washington app can keep you ahead. can you make weather your start screen. first at 4:00, we're hearing from the mother of the 13-year-old girl found dead over the weekend. she says her daughter was often bullied at school and she had health problems. but she enjoyed many of the little things in life like drinking mountain dew. tammy weeks took part at a news conference in blacksburg. we learned that her daughter, nicole lovell was stabbed to death, the same day she disappeared on wednesday. two virginia tech students are accused of abducted and killing her. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> david eisenhower faces kidnapping and first-degree murder charges in lovell's
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death. natalie keepers is charged with helping him dispose of the girl's body. blacksburg police say they have evidence showing eisenhower new lovell. >> there's a new countdown kicking off decision 2016, new hampshire's primary is just a week away. hillary clinton is there declaring victory in the iowa caucus, even if it was an historically razor-thin win. her only remaining democratic opponent, senator bernie sanders who she apparently beat by less than .3%. sanders' campaign says it may demand a recount. on the republican side, senator ted cruz is touting a more definitive victory in iowa, up three points ahead of donald trump and four ahead of senator marco rubio. trump followed his second-place finish with relatively long 15 hours of silence on social media then he tweeted out that it's nice. despite previous assertion that second place would be terrible. we'll go live in new hampshire
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with the direction a lot of campaigns may be taking. a first heard the story about a former white house employee in big trouble what happened when she went to court today for using her white house job to steal thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. and alarming new development about the zika virus, the new case in the states that wasn't transmitted directly from mosquitos.
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n and now, here's storm team 4 forecast. >> it was a beautiful day today.
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we had plenty of sunshine and warming temperatures into the 50s. that's pretty much where we are right now. 51 degrees in d.c. 52 in manassas, what a nice day, get out and do whatever you need to do today. because as we head into tomorrow we're going to see some rain. rain as early as about 6:00, 7:00 a.m. just showers, but it's going to pick up as we get into the afternoon. it's going to be warm. low to mid 60s for daytime highs tomorrow. so heavy rain continuing through much of the day. and the big change will be early in the afternoon. but this is where our flood watch is. areas to the north, we still have the cape and opecin creek and river getting the flood warnings because they were ice-jammed we have the storm watch for melting snow and heavy rain. veronica will have how much we're going to see, coming up. new developments today in efforts to fight the zika virus. health officials in dallas now say a patient there has caught the virus through sexual contact. the person in dallas had contact
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with someone who travelled to a country that's dealing with the zika right now. until now doctors weren't sure if that was possible. today the world health organization said it is setting up a global response unit. it will pull in experts from around the world, to come up with an action plan. well the agency says its number one priority is drawing up good guidelines that teach pregnant women how to protect themselves from the mosquito bites. the virus is linked to birth defects, primarily in brazil. >> we need mass community engagement here, mobilization of women's groups, of ante natal groups and to do a lot to control the vector. >> in brazil, the rio olympic committee says it is worried about zika. but says it has not yet seen any evidence of people canceling travel plans to attend the olympic games in august. >> we posted a video on our nbc washington app explaining how the zika virus spreads. learn more and share this with
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your friends, search zika. >> it sounds like they may have to update that video as well. you know it ultimately this could have your kid spending more time in the classroom. why they plan to extend the classroom time in one part of our area. out of control, a school bus suddenly finds itself skidding
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to the developing story we brought you at the top of the hour. bill cosby is in court fighting to have sexual assault charges against him dropped. much of his argument hinges on the testimony of a former d.a. who refused to file charges a decade ago. we're live in montgomery county, pennsylvania with, the latest on the case. >> pat, the hearing continues at this hour. it was the comedian and entertainer bill cosby who drew hundreds of reporters from around the world here to this small courthouse in pennsylvania. but it was the testimony of the former district attorney, bruce caster, that everyone was waiting to hear. despite clutching a cane, 78-year-old bill cosby moved swiftly into a montgomery county courthouse ahead of a pivotal hearing in his sexual assault case. he faces trial for 2004
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allegation against andrea. the key witness tuesday, former district attorney bruce caster who had previously indicated there wan as agreement that cosby would never be criminally prosecuted. on the stand castor clarified there was never a formal agreement with cosby. whether castor made what he characterized as a legally binding decision that cosby would never be prosecuted. castor said doubts about constand's credibility made it clear to him that a case against cosby was unwinnable. >> at the time i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate. but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> cosby testified in the civil suit against him that case settled in 2006. the transcripts of cosby's testimony were released last year. montgomery county's new district attorney used cosby's admissions from that case to file criminal charges against him in december. among other things, cosby admitted giving constand wine and pills to help her relax.
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a judge must decide whether cosby's own words can be used against him. it appears that this hearing will continue tomorrow. the judge says he plans to rule fairly quickly. he says he believes he can rule as soon as the hearing is over. live in montgomery county, pennsylvania, i'm chris pollone, news4. take a look around your street next street you drive down, you still see the mounds of snow everywhere. >> with more rain coming, veronica, what kind of rush hours are we looking at tomorrow? >> i think we're going to see some real travel delays. not for the morning rush, but the afternoon rush. we're in storm center 4 keeping you ahead of the storm for tomorrow. take a look. here's what we're thinking on travel delays. for early tomorrow morning. this is the morning rush, really think we'll have minimal delays, around our area, yes there's going to be some fog as the morning unfolds. the latter part of it and early afternoon. we move from minimal to more moderate conditions. especially with the fog that will be out there.
4:19 pm
for the afternoon rush, more moderate travel delays. yes, there will be some traffic getting backed up tomorrow afternoon. not having to worry about the icy conditions for tomorrow morning. these are the early-morning temperatures, everywhere above freezing. frederick, so at the bus stop, around areas of the beltway inside d.c., 36, showers and fog and then stormy conditions. but look at how high the temperature is going to be for tomorrow. that's near record warmth. the record for tomorrow is 65 degrees. so it's rain and a lot of wind, too. coming through. with this system during the mid part of the day. there are the showers scattered early part of the day. by noon, 1:00, that's the time period you need to keep an eye on. watch the line of yellow, moderate to heavy rain and even the chance for some thunderstorms, as lauren will have in a few minutes, the areas most at risk. frederick down towards fredericksburg again more moderate to heavy rain. 4:00, 5:00. after 5:00, 6:00, the bigger batch heads out and we'll start clearing out.
4:20 pm
a lot of snow still left on the ground. north and west of d.c., we're expecting a half to as much as an inch of rain throughout our area. and that means the potential for some river flooding. the snow pack north and west, these are the areas of most concern in yellow. leesburg, montgomery county, frederick county. the potomac at edward's ferry, where we could see the potential for river flooding. and the high winds, gusts around 30 to maybe even 40 miles per hour. as we top out again in the low to mid 60s. very warm day coming up tomorrow. then our temperatures as we move forward, 53 degrees on thursday, i think that high temperature will come early in the day. 40s for the end of the week. but we're not done with winter. the other thing we've got coming up in detail for you, is when we could have a little bit of snow back in our area. lauren has that, too, a little later this hour. well it's become as much a part of the super bowl as the game itself -- today advertisers are rushing out sneak peeks to their new game day commercials. ten spots are on youtube.
4:21 pm
everything from beers to cars and electronics. the ads cost up to $5 million for a 30-second spot. so advertisers are looking to expand beyond the game and make their investments pay off. news4's carol maloney is live in california for the big game. carol? >> hey, chris, yeah, we're downtown san francisco. and the stars of the show here, the super bowl and the quarterbacks of course. and they couldn't be more different. you have peyton manning, 39 years old, the oldest qb to take his team to super bowl and you have cam newton on the other hand for the panthers, he was nine years old when peyton entered the league. he just exudes youthful exuberance. they both seem to be members of the mutual admiration society and certainly appreciate each other. >> there's a lot things that peyton has done, is doing and i wish that i could mimic. but i can't do it like peyton can. only can he do it.
4:22 pm
i try to translate all the things i learned from him or have saw him do, but you know other quarterbacks in this league and i try to apply it to my own. >> what he's done, in his short time being in an nfl quarterback, he is, he's been awesome. and it's the best word i can think of. his passion, his hiss enthusiasm for the game. think it's great. i think it's good for football. >> as far as peyton retiring, that's the big story line here. he said this could be it. more to come, though right now he's just concentrating on the game. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we sit down with joe theismann, the living legend from the redskins, his thoughts about the match-up and any regrets he has from the past. we'll share them with you coming up in a little bit. >> all right, carol. well it's a story you saw first on news4. a white house floi emplemployee
4:23 pm
trouble for cheating the system out of thousands of taxpayers. what happened when she went from the white house to the courthouse. and a man with a gun tries to hold up a convenience store. what he didn't expect is the clerk having the skills to turn the tables. and now that the iowa caucuses are in the books, we want to know who you think now has the most momentum? >> and a survey, during the break call or text the number on your screen to vote or sound
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blizzard is long past, but there's still some scary moments on the roads across our area as we continue to recover from that massive storm. this morning a school bus slid off an icy road and into a guardrail in rockville there were two students on the bus at the time. it halved on avery road near norbeck road, they were heading to rockville high school. the bus was damaged, but no one was hurt. folks who run loudoun county schools are trying to figure out how to offer universal full-day kindergarten. the school administration recently vealed it would cost roughly $16.5 million. and that's just to hire enough teachers, support staff and to buy materials for students this fall. that figure does not take into account buying the classroom space needed. right now loudoun county is the
4:27 pm
only district in northern virginia that does not offer universal full-day kindergarten. maybe the warmer weather we're enjoying today is more than just a trend. >> there is no shadow to be cast. and an early spring is my forecast! >> in case you missed it, punxsutawney phil emerged from his hole and did not see his shadow. predicting an early spring. over the previous 129 years, he predicted a longer winter 102 times. >> we're counting on him, aren't we? >> i hope so. for a lot of people, news of an early spring can't come soon enough. the intense winter weather that's beating down on the heart of the country. >> and storm team 4 has plenty to talk about this afternoon.
4:28 pm
tomorrow another weather alert day. how rain and snow and some unusual temperatures are raising concerns about flooding. we'll
4:29 pm
4:30 pm
i'm at the live desk of with new video of a car that slammed into a garage in the norbeck area. police say the blue car lost control, slammed into a car sitting in the driveway, pushing it into the garage of that home.
4:31 pm
police believe the driver had a medical emergency just before this crash. and he had to be take ton a local hospital. our photographer says there were a lot of kids walking around from school around the time of the crash, but no one was injured. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. well the iowa caucuses are now just a memory. an upset for republicans and a down-to--the-wire finish for democrats. and democrats have moved on to new hampshire. >> steve handelsman is live in new hampshire with a look at what's ahead. >> good evening if manchester, here in new hampshire, ted cruz can campaign as a winner. which he is. marco rubio rising as the gop establishment candidate and donald trump has to campaign as well, not a winner. a different for him. on the democratic side, hillary clinton apparently beat bernie sanders, but not by much in iowa. >> she rush dodd new hampshire,
4:32 pm
hillary clinton trying to put the best light on last night. when a few coin tosses in iowa decided who got the final democratic delegates, it was that close. but clinton did not lose iowa like she did in 2008. >> and new hampshire is going to have to decide who could go toe to toe with the republicans to make sure they don't wreck us again. >> 350 supporters out before dawn hailed bernie sanders as a winner. >> i just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. >> sanders has an 18-point lead in new hampshire polls with the primary a week away. clinton is looking ahead four weeks to south carolina where she has a 30-point lead in democratic polls. republican ted cruz, the only candidate to notch a convincing win last night, came to new hampshire. >> the men and women of iowa sent notice across this country
4:33 pm
that this election is not going to be decided by the media. >> but marco rubio is in new hampshire with more mainstream gop backing after his strong third-place in iowa. with donald trump as he heads to new hampshire and a characteristic tweet about iowa, second place, nice, and trump leads in south carolina primary voting. >> the campaigning caucus is next tuesday. republican on saturday debate. live if manchester, steve handelsman, news4. >> great insight, steve. we've collected some cool photos from the iowa caucuses. all you got to do is open up the nbc washington app and search caucus scenes. the blizzard that threatened to interrupt the voting last night hit iowa. the worst of the storm rolled in this morning. it's expected to produce up to a foot of snow before it's all over and this is a look at
4:34 pm
conditions in des moines. where high winds and snow made it tough to get around. blizzard and winter storm warnings are in effect for much of the northern part of the state through tomorrow morning. well, they did have some snow in iowa and they may even have some snow in new hampshire. by the time the voting goes on. there on tuesday, maybe a little snow/rain mix for us on monday. but no snow tomorrow as temperatures rise into the 60s, we starting to see the cloud cover roll into the area. temperatures made it to about 50 degrees. here's the storm affecting us, you can see the dry slotting went on through there. this is all the system that's headed our way. all along a cold front that will eventually sweep through tomorrow afternoon. and bring us a good amount of rainfall, with the snow pack, creating some flooding conditions, could have some heavy rain, breezy winds out there and even some thunderstorms, where we think the thunderstorms will be from charlottesville up through
4:35 pm
southern maryland. by tomorrow afternoon. so we'll keep an eye on that. and we'll keep an eye on the winds and flooding for tomorrow as well. thanks, lauren. right now crews are still making repairs on a broken water main so expect delays if you're driving through downtown silver spring. look at the hole the break left near georgia avenue. wssc fixed it on monday, but it cracked again today. the pipe is 90 years old. wssc said it had to fix nearly 400 water main breaks last month, not unusual given the extreme weather changes we've seen this year. a vote in the d.c. council today could put the district a step closer to letting people smoke marijuana out in the open. the council approved the creation of a task force to study how the city might allow people to use pot in designated clubs and other public spaces. right now it's only legal to grow and smoke limited amounts of marijuana for home use. task force is to report back in four months. to a story now that you saw
4:36 pm
first on news4 -- a former white house staff supervisor is facing some hard time. former director of white house switchboard operations andrea turk pleaded guilty to a federal charge of theft from the government that happened today. turk oversaw 15 employees between 2009-2013. she in court today admitted doctoring the time sheets of one of those workers. she admitted funneling unearned bogus overtime pay to the workers and she admitted taking half of the money in return either in cash or by wire transfer. prosecutors say they will recommend less than six months in prison for turk when she is sentenced in april. she did not speak to news4 after leaving the courthouse. it's been almost a week and a half since the big blizzard. how people in one part of our region felt about delaying school today. even though there's no new snow. >> computer cord danger. first at 4:00, the serious concerns about this cord and why it could pose a hazard to
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
is temperatures will drop not all that much tonight. we're going to start to see the warmer air come in our area. so no icy patches to worry about. if you're going out, it's going to be dry, temperatures well above freezing. so no road issues if you will be going out. but early tomorrow morning there could be fog. here's the 5:00 a.m. you can see the areas around 0.1. that's dense fog and all the
4:40 pm
areas where you're seeing the white until up to about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and the wind will start to pick up as the rain starts to pick up for early tomorrow morning. 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., light rain. but heavy rain in the forecast. not going to end until about 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. here's the system that we're tracking. same system that's bringing snow to areas of the midwest. so for us, morning fog, moderate to heavy rain, a few thunderstorms and the high winds, but lauren has more on again the chance of snow and a colder pattern that comes back into our forecast. >> thanks, vj. if you own a microsoft surface pro, take a look at the power cord that came with it microsoft is recalling more than two million of them sold before last march. they received 56 reports of the cords overheating and starting a fire. five people say they've been electrocuted by the cord. for years we've watched it
4:41 pm
take shape along the national mall. now we know there will be a big opening for the smithsonian's long-awaited museum of african-american museum of history and culture. president obama will lead a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony. the smithsonian broke ground on the museum in 2012. you can find more details about the exhibits and collections in the nbc washington app. search african-american history. this is a traffic stop that's -- maybe like, unlike anything you've ever seen before. >> i thought you had, is there an emergency? >> no, everything is fine. >> why a police officer was surprised to learn why a woman chased him for miles. all in an effort to get him to pull over, the whole thing is on video. you know the saying -- crime doesn't pay? why one proposed law right here in our area could put money in the hands of convicted criminals. this is news4 at 4:00.
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students in loudoun county are wrapping audiotape short day. schools opened two hours late due do concerns about the weather. even though it's been a week since we had snow. news4's megan mcgrath shouse us why the delay for many was still necessary. >> icy streets in loudoun county caused another round of problems this morning. this six-car crash closed the southbound lanes of loudoun
4:45 pm
county parkway. some neighborhood streets and parking lots were slick, too. >> the entire parking lot where i live was completely covered with ice and just terrible conditions for children trying to get to the bus stop today. >> first it was the blizzard. and all that snow. now the swings in temperatures are creating problems, too. the snow melts by day and refreezes at night. loudoun county schools opened two hours late again today. because of slippery conditions. >> i think it's necessary. i think you can't put a price on safety. as teachers, students, everyone needs to be safe. >> some bus stops had to be moved to temporary locations, due do conditions. with the delay students once again went to class with a little more sleep than usual. >> it's been great. i love it. >> in leesburg, megan mcgrath, news4. now your storm team 4 forecast.
4:46 pm
>> well we've still got some sunshine out there not looking too bad, but the clouds are moving in quickly. that's going to set us up for tomorrow. what we're going to see, lots of rain headed our way, let's go to the map, show you what's going on. we'll start this. because nothing happening get out there and get whatever you need to get done today. because tomorrow you're probably $ñ to want to go outside. and for the kids at home, there's probably not going to be any delays tomorrow considering temperatures are going to rise and we won't fall below freezing tonight. but rain will move in before the morning commute and stick with us for the morning commute. stick with us through the early morning. it will be spotty at first, but then the heavy rain moves in during the afternoon. and again we could even have some thunderstorms out there. pretty much from a line charlottesville up through fredericksburg and coming through southern maryland is where we'll see some possible thunderstorms. but again, anywhere from about a half an inch up to maybe a little over an inch will fall through tomorrow. plus with the snow melt we'll see some flooding out here. everything out of here after the evening commute.
4:47 pm
and we'll keep some of the clouds around as well so for your driving impact we're looking at fog and rain in the morning. temperatures are going to be in the mid 40s. we're going to take the temperatures up into the low to mid 60s. by the late afternoon. so from 8:00 to 10:00, spotty light rain coming through for the morning commute. plan ahead and plan ahead for what you want to wear. definitely going to want to grab the rain jacket, umbrella and boots. it is going to be a warm rain. feel more like a spring rain out there. than a february rain so maybe a light rain jacket in store. the rain is going to be very heavy. so a big umbrella. you're going to want do grab, not one of the small ones, a big one, if you're out and about during the afternoon and into the evening. if you want to get the car washed, i would do it on thursday, because with the rain tomorrow we're going to be dry through the weekend. you've got thursday, friday and saturday to get that done. temperatures tomorrow, low to mid 60s as the warm surge of air moves in the frontal system moves through.
4:48 pm
starting before the morning commute, ending after the evening commute. we've got clouds on thursday. by friday, saturday and sunday, this is why i said get the car washed. temperatures are going to be in the 40s, then maybe a mix late on monday into tuesday. looking minimal impact right now. of course we'll continue to watch it. guys? >> thanks, lauren. out in san diego, a pair of teenagers found themselves in a dangerous situation after the rain turned a creek into a raging river. they told rescuers they tried driving through it for fun and were swept away by the strong current. realize now it was a really dumb thing to do. >> i tried to shake everyone's hands on the way out. honestly we would not have gotten out. the water was going so fast and they didn't d it will best way possible. they kept us under control and brought the raft over to us and pulled us out it was nice and easy for them. they saved us. >> the teenagers sat on the roof of their car until the rafts came by, they caught the whole
4:49 pm
thing on their cell phones. now live to capitol hill, where gop lawmakers have tried and failed again to repeal the president's health care law. the house and senate passed a measure last month that would have gutted the affordable care act and stripped federal funding from planned parenthood. today the house is planning to override the veto but didn't have anywhere close to the two-thirds majority to do so. speaker paul ryan said it was sending a signal during the election year. a new plan to keep criminals from becoming repeat offenders in the district. the city council approved a plan to pay residents a stipend if they avoid committing more crimes. under the bill the city would identify up to 200 people who might be at risk of committing or becoming victims of violent crime. and they would get paid if they take part in therapy. and other programs that could help them stay out of trouble. a new report out today is critical of how the state of maryland handled the riots in baltimore last summer. maryland's emergency management
4:50 pm
agency found the state's response was hampered by inexperience of some emergency management staff. it found the emergency operation center was at times, relying on inaccurate information from media coverage. because of a lack of communication between officials. the report was released to the "baltimore sun." a new poll out today shows virginians support the governor's vision for the commonwealth by more than a 2-1 margin, residents approve the job that terry mcauliffe is doing. and believe the state is on the right track. it found the majority of virginians support the governor's proposals on ethics reform, medicaid expansion and gun safety. you can find a link to this poll on our nbc washington app. officials in washington are giving us a new look at terror plots targeting new york city, new york city police commissioner bill bratton testified before congress and said four major plots have targeted his city in the past two years. he was on capitol hill for a
4:51 pm
senate homeland security committee hearing. he praised the investment of more than $1.5 billion to help stop attacks in recent years. >> new york remains the number one terrorist target in the country if not the world and if there were to be a successful attack there, it its impact would be very significant for the nation and the world. >> bratton says there's no specific threat to the city from isis militants. surveillance video from a florida convenience store captures the moment a gas station clerk fights off a man trying to rob the store. it turns out the clerk is a military veteran who did many tours in iraq. he told police he saw a chance to disarm the suspect and he said he went for it. he managed to grab the gun and he chased the guy out of the store. it turns out that gun was fake. we're working several
4:52 pm
developing stories in the news room. including a startling discovery about an air bag company that's already in hot water. why it may have no way of knowing if cars have a safety risk that's proven to be deadly. and it could one day be another way to beat the congested streets of washington. but this afternoon, new questions about a proposed gondola that would carry you right over the river. i'm megan fitzgerald in montgomery county, a woman's vehicle was stolen right outside her silver spring apartment complex two months ago. the vehicle is still missing, but she said it's nearby because she keeps on getting parking tickets. on december 4th, terry says her vehicle was stolen from her georgia avenue parking space. she filed a police report but since then has received seven tickets for running red lights and parking violations, all of them are within miles of where
4:53 pm
she lives. >> the third street tunnel, on 295. right around here. >> coming up at 5:00, the mistake she made that's taking a toll on her personal safety and credit. one woman takes the law into her own hands and it's all caught on camera first at 4:00, why she sped through busy streets in an effort to track down a police officer and every second of it is on video.
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this morning a couple got out of their house just in time. minutes before it burst into flames. the owner crashed into the upstate new york home's gas meter which caused it to leak. when he heard the hissing he ran inside to grab his wife. they called 911 from a neighbor's house, while they were in the neighbor's house, the house exploded, blowing the roof right off and setting the neighbor's house on fire. well you could definitely call this a story of turning the tables. a driver in miami was so concerned with the way a police officer was driving, she pulled him over. >> yeah. erica glover reports from our sister station in miami. >> there's an officer in front of me that i've been following since miller. which is 56th street when he got on to the palmetto. >> when claudio castillo hit the road sunday afternoon she decided to take the law into her own hands. and pressed record. >> not only is he endangering
4:57 pm
traffic. but he's really abusing the uniform. >> it took her about 20 minutes to catch up with the miami-dade police officer. who castillo claims flew past her driving in and out of lanes with no emergency lights on. >> i had gone 80 and i was still eating his dust. >> after flashing her lights and honking the horn. she catches the officer's attention. >> i was finally able to pull him over. let's see what happened here. the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation, i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping onto the palmetto. >> okay. >> you were pushing 90 miles per hour. >> i thought you had an emergency. is everything fine? >> everything is fine. it's you're speeding. >> i apologize, i'll be sure to slow down then. >> miami-dade director juan perez released a statement in response saying the miami-dade police department will have his immediate command staff investigate the matter. once the officer and citizen are identified. the appropriate course of action will be taken at that point.
4:58 pm
we asked castillo if she's concerned she'll receive a ticket or citation for her speed behind the wheel. >> i'm more worried actually about the possible retaliation of me standing up to a police officer. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. now at 5:00, someone killed a mother and her toddler. police may be on the heels of this killer who is on the run. >> and i'm meteorologist veronica johnson. a big rain storm coming in tomorrow. where we could have some flooding and travel issues. and tonight, we're hearing about the first case of the zika fires that was transmitted through sexual contact. hello, i'm jim hanley and this is news4 at 5:00. right now, we begin with the murder of a beloved prince george's county teacher and her young daughter. someone shot and killed neshante
4:59 pm
davis and her 2-year-old daughter chloe nicole davis-green. this happened in fort washington, before 7:00 a.m. this morning. we have team coverage on what we're learning about the search for the killer. but we begin with our bureau chief, tracee wilkins, live at the school where davis worked in capital heights. tracee? >> what became very clear as we investigated this early this morning, family who knew this woman, said she was loved there. very angry about the fact that whoever killed this woman and her daughter, gave no care about her life. but even didn't care about the lives of all of the children who were impacted by her loss. the children she taught here. >> it really hurt me because the school called this morning. >> at bradberry elementary in capital heights, the feeling is shock after second-grade teacher davis days and her 2-year-old daughter, chloe, are both found shot to death outside their fort washington home. school officials say davis was on her way to work when it
5:00 pm
happened. >> she is gone. just -- so brutally. so brutally. >> davis was a first-year second grade teacher at bradberry who worked inside the school for many years. as a teacher's aide. she was a parent and student favorite. >> hee xi was always a nice teacher, nice individual she always looked out for the little children out here and make sure everything was fine. she was lovable to the children. >> all a's and b's in her class, where at another school he was at, he was really struggling. miss davis was awesome. she really, really helped him to improve a lot. >> she clinged to those kids like those are hers. i mean -- >> back at the scene of this morning's double murder in fort washington. >> it's devastating. who could have done it? >> davis's life-long pastor and family and friends rushed to her home to offer comfort to family who looked on in


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