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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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next big hurdle. we begin with a story that koenl be described as awful. a shooting, a double murder that happened this morning in fort washington, maryland. >> tonight that crust that many of us built over time as protection against the all too often reported demonstrations of human depravity. that crust has been shattered to wonder how could anyone for any reason shoot and kill a 2-year-old baby girl. and then shoot and kill the child's mother? we have team coverage on this, we begin with pat collins at the scene now. pat? >> jim, what could possibly bring someone to shoot and kill a little 2-year-old girl? it's a vile case of murder, a case that has veteran cops here shaking their heads in sorrow. >> my prayer goes out to the family of the victims of this crime that frankly shocks the conscience. >> someone pointed a gun at
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2-year-old chloe nicole davis-green, and shot and killed her as she sat in the back of her mom's car. also murdered, chloe's mom, 26-year-old neshante davis. shot at close range. her body found lying next to her blue chevrolet. it happened around 7:00 this morning. miss davis, a school teacher, was on her way to work. she was going to drop off her child at day care. police converged on the scene looking for clues and evidence. but there weren't just cops there, state's attorney angela brooks was there as well and made this pledge. >> once the person who has committed this crime is apprehended we'll spare no resource in holding that individual accountable and bringing that person to justice and sending the message, this is unacceptable in any civilized community that a child should be killed in this way. >> according to court records, late last year, neshante davis was in court in a paternity and
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child support case involving the father of her little girl. it's unclear as to whether that had anything to do with what happened here today. now police say they have some viable leads in this case, but so far, so far no arrests. jim, back to you. >> thanks, pat. neshante davis taught second grade at bradbury heights elementary school in capital heights, maryland. students in her class are still struggling. trying to understand what happened. bureau chief tracee wilkins is in capital heights now where parents are preparing to have a pretty tough conversation with their children. tracie? >> a very tough conversation that no parents want to have. her 2-year-old chloe was known in the school because she would come with her mom. her mother was a respected teacher. and she is going to be missed by the people here. >> she clings to those kids like those are hers. i mean that --
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>> when parents heard that their kids' second grade teacher was murdered, it was hard for them to comprehend. >> it's shocking. it's still shocking. >> and now they're trying to figure out how to help their children handle the news. >> i just don't know how to grasp and tell my daughter or -- i don't know. i really can't tell you. >> this morning as she prepared to leave for work, 26-year-old neshante davis was found shot to death outside her fort washington town home. her 2-year-old daughter, chloe davis-green was shot inside her mom's car. she was rushed to the hospital where she also died. >> do see anybody lose their life is disturbing. to murder a mother and her child? that's very disturbing. she was a very nice young lady. >> today a bradbury heights elementary where davis worked, counselors were available. this is davis' first year as a teacher. she worked as a teacher's aide for years, she was a parent and student favorite. >> i'm waiting to get him now.
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i have no idea how he's responded. knowing that she won't be back now and he'll have a new teacher. >> she talks about her all the time. all the time. her daughter, christmas, programs, we've attended. miss davis was an excellent teacher. >> davis is a recent graduate of bowie state university. we're told that teaching was her dream job. reporting live enter capitol heights, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you. again, today's homicide was or has not been classified as domestic related. but it is raising concerns about a growing trend in prince george's county. in 2015, there were 77 homicides in the county. 15 of those homicides were classified as domestic. so far, this year, police are calling two of the nine homicides so far domestic in nature. on to politics now, on the democratic side, you can call
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iowa a tie, but hillary clinton calls it a victory. and so does bernie sanders. when the caucus votes were counted last night, the split was 50/50. today the iowa democratic party released final figures that showed that clinton won by four state delegate equivalents, the estimated number of state convention delegates the candidate would get based on precincts caucus results. already the candidates have moved on to new hampshire. and that's where we find steve handelsman tonight. hi, steve. >> hi, doreen. good evening from manchester. on the republican side in new hampshire, ted cruz can campaign as a winner because he is. marco rubio now rising as the gop establishment favorite. donald trump, who talk as lot about being a winner, can't make that claim politically after last night. on the democratic side, hillary clinton apparently beat bernie sanders, but barely. she rushed to new hampshire, hillary clinton trying to put the best light on last night.
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when a few coin tosses in iowa decided who got the final democratic delegates, it was that close. but clinton did not lose iowa like she did in '08. >> new hampshire is going to have to decide who can go toe to toe with the republicans, to make sure they don't wreck us again. >> 350 supporters out before dawn hail bernie sanders as a winner as he came home to new england. >> i just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. >> sanders has an 18-point lead in new hampshire polls with the primary a week away. clinton is looking ahead four weeks to south carolina where she has a 30-point lead in democratic polls. republican ted cruz, the only candidate to notch a convincing win came to new hampshire. >> men and women of iowa sent notice across this country. that this election is not going to be decided by the media.
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>> but marco rubio is in new hampshire, with more mainstream gop backing after his strong third-place in iowa. from donald trump as he heads to new hampshire, an uncharacteristic tweet about iowa, second place. nice. and trump still leads in new hampshire and south carolina republican polling. looking ahead, democrats debate here in this state on thursday night. republicans saturday night. the primary vote is next tuesday. and doreen, furious campaigning from now till next tuesday. back to you. >> thank you. so why was the democratic race in iowa so close? and what does it mean down the road for hillary clinton and for bernie sanders? we just posted a link to an nbc news analysis of the race in our nbc washington app. search clinton and sanders. former maryland governor martin o'malley was always the underdog in the democratic race,
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he had about $1 million of campaign cash in the bank. while bernie sanders and hillary clinton had more than $30 million each. soon after the iowa numbers were tall idea last night, he suspended his campaign. a look at the campaign controversy in the democratic race. to replace congressman chris van holland in maryland's eighth congressional district. the controversy centers on the campaign of montgomery county businessman david trone. he only entered the race last week. he confirmed to news4 tonight that two of his campaign workers posed as volunteers, at the campaigns of kathleen matthews and jamie rasken. trone said he call eed both candidates to apologize and within the hour he released a statement that reads in part after investigating the incident, i terminated those two employees and their supervisor effectively immediately. maryland kongman elijah cummings has served in the house of representatives for 20 years,
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that's where he intends to say. the democrat from baltimore announced he's not going to seek the senate seat being vacated by barbara mikulski. he said he can make a bigger contribution by continuing his work in congress. we turn to weather now, dry right now, but there's some change coming. a flood watch is already been issued for wednesday and thursday. veronica keeping track of the timing of all of this. veronica. >> i am, that system that you were just looking at there will bring several weather hazards to our area. same one that's bringing snow to areas of the midwest. for us it's about the moderate, the heavy rain that we're going to get and the possibility of some river flooding. so travel for sure will be impacted tomorrow. and because of it all, it's weather alert day for storm team 4. we'll be on air giving you updates on wtop and of course also online. so make sure you download the nbc washington app. the fog in the morning, rain that could be heavy and wind
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with even a few thunderstorms that could come through. river flooding a possibility for tomorrow. especially these areas under a flood watch starting wednesday afternoon. northern maryland, up through areas of pennsylvania, frederick county, washington county. there's the system headed this way. i'll take you hour by hour to show you the heaviest rain coming through and we'll have more on what rivers and streams could see flooding tomorrow. as she just noted. that mix of rain, leftover mountains of snow and warm temperatures tomorrow could lead to potential flooding. and tonight people are making preparations for all of that. chris gordon is in fairfax county fire and rescue station in great falls right now. chris? >> well jim, water rescuers tonight are issuing a warning -- they want you to avoid standing water in roadways, if there is flooding tomorrow. >> fairfax county swift water rescuers here at the great falls fire station today are getting ready for flooding.
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they checked their equipment, ran the engines on the boats and drove around low-lying roadways through the area looking for trouble spots if rain and melting snow create flooding. >> most likely we'll be getting flooding with the amount of snow we got days before and the temperatures is going to melt and there's no place to go. so water is going to rise. >> montgomery county maryland is monitoring whether forecasts that predict up to an inch of rain. melting snow may result in an additional inch. county highway crews are clearing the 60,000 storm drain inlets along roadways. in old town stand yarks the waterfront may be one of the first places to flood. people here have come do expect the flooding. >> i would say the water going up to union street. and maybe a little beyond. so these businesses are all affected. this italian restaurant and market built its main floor three steps higher than the street to avoid rising waters, if there is flooding, they are
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prepared. >> we have these nifty standbags that deflate when they dry and reinflate as soon as they get wet with the gel inside. >> when will you put them down. >> as soon as we start to see the water coming. >> some people are hoping that the flooding won't be so bad. they say a lot of the snow has already melted. you can see the grass. but the ground is saturated. it's soggy. so if we have a heavy rain there may be no place for the water to run off. except the roads. the creek and the potomac river. that's the latest live in great falls, doreen, back to you. >> thank you. a young girl killed on the same day she vanished from her home. tonight the victim's mother is talking about her fighting spirit as police reveal disturbing new details in her murder. a former district attorney testified in the bill cosby case today. we'll tell you why he did not press charges when a victim came forward. even though he says he believes something inappropriate happened. plus a new development as u.s. health officials confirm
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the first case of the zika virus transmitted through s
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geico has sent me to old town, alexandria to ask folks some questions about the area. let's go.
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what common snack was first grown right here in virginia? grapes? peanuts! peanuts! fresh roasted peanuts! (man laughs) peanuts! did that surprise you? that was very surprising! you know what else might surprise you? geico is the number one auto insurer in the d.c. metropolitan area. call or click today to see how much you could save with geico. police are looking through more than 400 leads in the murder of a 13-year-old girl from virginia this afternoon, investigators revealed that nicole lovell, that's the girl's name, was stabbed to death last wednesday. the same day she climbed out of
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her bedroom window in her home in blacksburg, virginia. two students at virginia tech have been charged in her murder. lovell's mother was very emotional today. she talked about her daughter. >> she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, dreamed of being on "american idol." nicole was very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> david eisenhower has been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. police now say a woman named natalie keepers will be charged with accessory before the fact. in addition to helping to dispose of the body. detectives have not revealed a motive. and they're not saying how the two college students knew the victim. bill cosby just left a pennsylvania courtroom. he's fighting to have the sex
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assault charge against him dropped and much of his argument hinges on the testimony of a former district attorney who refused to file charges against him. more than a decade ago. nbc news chris pollone has the latest. >> 78-year-old bill cosby moved into the montgomery county courthouse ahead of a hearing in his sexual assault case. he faces trial for a 2004 incident with former temple university employee, andrea constand. she claims cosby drugged and assaulted her. cosby says the interaction was consensual. the key witness tuesday? former district attorney bruce castor. who had previously indicated there was an agreement that cosby would never be criminally prosecuted. on the stand, castor clarified that there was never a formal agreement with cosby. rather, castor made what he characterized as a legally binding decision that cosby would never be prosecuted. castor said doubts about constand's credibility made it clear to him a case against cosby was unwinnable. >> at the time i remember
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thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate. but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> cosby testified in constand's civil suit against him that case settled in 2006. the transcripts of cosby's testimony were released last year. montgomery county's new district attorney used cosby's admissions from that case to file criminal charges against him in december. among other things, cosby admitted giving constand wine and pills to help her relax. now a judge must decide whether cosby's own words can be used against him. it appears we could have a fairly quick decision on this matter. the judge said today he plans to rule as soon as this hearing ends. in montgomery county, pennsylvania, chris pollone, nbc news. well a story first seen here on news4. a former white house supervisor has admitted that she broke the law and stole from the government. tonight, she is facing prison time. our scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team broke the story and
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scott is in the news room with a look at what the woman admitted today in court. scott? >> her name is andrea turk. she supervised 15 people when she was director the white house switchboard operations in 2009-2013. among her duties, amoving her workers time sheets. she admitted doctoring some of those time sheets, funneling bogus overtime pay to one of her employees and having the employee hand over to her thousands of dollars. andrea turk declined to talk to us while entering and departing d.c. federal court to enter her guilty plea today. but in the court turk admitted she stole from the government. didn't name the employee whose time sheet she acknowledged manipulating, we know it happened between 2012-2013. court records reviewed, show that the feds were tipped by case of the white house office of general counsel. it said in turk's case we took appropriate personnel action, including terminating the
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employee. prosecutors tell the judge they'll recommend she serve less than six months. can you read scott's earlier coverage of this case in the investigation section of our nbc washington app. new developments tonight with the zika virus. health officials in dallas county, texas have now confirmed a case of the zika virus acquired through sexual contact. they say the patient had contact with an infected individual who had gotten back from a country where the virus is present. there are still no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitos in the dallas area or anywhere else in the united states. talk about adding insult to injury. a local woman who has been hit with a whole bunch of parking tickets after somebody stole her car. i'm julie carey in chantilly, virginia, a pet store
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raided won the first round in court. where are the puppies seized and why hasn't dreamy puppy reopened? answers ahead. d.c. city leaders promise to target businesses that didn't clear their snow-covered sidewalks. with red tape and a lot of paperwork could be the reason so few tickets wer
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fog everywhere tomorrow.
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it's a good morning to get an early start out the door. it's probably not going to burn off or move out of our area until around 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. when the wind starts to pick up. there will be some minimal to moderate delays early tomorrow morning. as far as travel goes on area roads. then moderate for tomorrow afternoon. delays really start to pick up. between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00, maybe even 6:00 or 7:00. down across southern maryland as the front comes through. look at the temperatures that we're forecasting for tomorrow. 58 degrees, mount arie, 64 down south. in alexandria. 64, too, college park. that's some warm air over us, we're forecasting a record warm afternoon for tomorrow and for the overnight, high low temperatures. so we could be setting our own records. what you'll notice, the next big change is when we go from regular showers scattered about light for early tomorrow morning to more of the moderate to heavy rain. after 1:00 tomorrow. you see the temperatures
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continue to rise tomorrow afternoon, low 60s around 4:00, 5:00. they'll remain quite warm with the rain coming through. and there's also the possibility of some thunder. here's a look at 9:00 a.m. 1:00, you can see the yellow showing up. even patches of orange as we advance forward tomorrow afternoon. that line right on top of us. moderate to heavy rain. and the areas that we're looking at picking up about a half to an inch is north. so some thunderstorms all possible with the morning fog. several hazards that we're going to have to deal with tomorrow. chance of storms down through here. northern neck, southern maryland. we could get the higher winds between 1:00 and 5:00 tomorrow. as far as severe weather goes, the biggest concern is that of seeing the heavy rain and river flooding across the area. in your four-day forecast, nasty one for tomorrow. we're in the 50s for thursday, with temperatures really topping out in the early part of the day and then falling off. we'll have more on the colder air that's set to move in next week. yet next week, it's a pattern
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change with not just rain, but also snow back in the forecast. thanks, veronica. coming up, a local pet store raided, shut down and now several months later, puppies are being sold. but they're doing it from a different location. a woman's vehicle was stolen from her silver spring parking space over two months ago. but she says the suspect is nearby because she keeps getting parking tickets. coming up, the mistake she made is taking a toll on her safety and credit. it's not just texting behind the wheel, why reading or typing a message on your phone could soon get some local drivers in
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if somebody steals your car, it's frustrating but for a woman in silver spring it turned into something -- parton me, it chokes me up. so much more. >> that car was stolen two months ago, now the woman is getting parking and speeding tickets in the mail. as news4 found out, that's the least of her problems. >> for the last two months, carrie gal her has been without a car. someone stole it from the parking lot of her silver spring apartment complex in december and ever since, she's been dealing with major headache. >> pretty much every week since then i've gotten at least one to two tickets in the mail.
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>> she says parking tickets and red light violations are a hassle to deal with but it's the least of her worries. because her laptop was inside her vehicle. >> it's not only just my car is gone, but also my my whole personal life that was on that computer. >> personal information that she says allowed the suspect to compromise her credit. >> all i can do is call my insurance. do everything that i need to do to cancel things. >> and that's a good idea. according to the federal trade commission, if your social security number is stolen, it's a good idea to consider freezing your credit. it makes it harder for criminals to open accounts in your name. if your credit cards are stolen. contact your bank and creditors to cancel your cards. the ftc also says be sure to review bank transactions regularly. and check your credit report. >> he obviously has pictures. >> it's a hassle, but folks like gallagher can tell you it's worth it. reporting in silver spring, megan fitzgerald, news4.
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more charges have been filed against a former fairfax county teacher. michael sweeney is now facing a list of charges including producing and possessing child pornography. and soliciting a minor. the investigation started last september when he was caught with a 16-year-old girl in his car. sweeney was a teacher at walt whitman middle school in alexandria at the time. he has been fired. the so-called tebow bill is moving forward now in the virginia general assembly. both chambers have now approved it. the tebow bill allows home-schooled students to participate in public school sports. it's named for former nfl and florida gator quarterback tim tebow. who was home schooled and allowed to play for his local high school. a similar measure passed last year, but governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it. he said it created a double standard for student athletes. a vote in the d.c. council today could put the district one step closer to allowing people to smoke marijuana in public. the council approved the
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creation of a task force. that group will study how the city might allow people to use pot in designated clubs and other public spaces. right now, it is legal only to grow and smoke limited amounts of marijuana for home use. the task force will report back in four months. local religious leaders are putting pressure on gun manufacturers and distributors to help prevent gun violence. the group called rally, the group rallied outside the realco gun shop in district heights, they're concerned about the number of guns sold by the company that are later used in crimes. the group is calling on local and federal officials to push manufacturers to take more responsibility. new information tonight about a pet store that was recently raided. the puppies were seized in november, dreamy puppy, still hasn't reopened that chantilly store. but the company is back in business. as bureau chief julie carey
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learned, a court battle over the pups continues. >> the doors of dreamy puppy have been locked since november when fairfax county animal control officers executed a search warrant and seized 46 puppies. these students who visited in the past came by today, hoping for some puppy therapy. >> it was just such a great stress-relieving place. really surprising to hear all this. >> on the store's door, this sign reporting that dreamy puppies owner won the first round in court and plans to reopen here soon. in early january, a fairfax county judge ruled that all but four of the puppies should be returned to the pet store. but prosecutors appealed. the next hearing is set for march. beth belongs to an organization that stages weekend protests outside pet stores. dreamy puppy once a target. she's glad at least four puppies won't be return and hopes for a different outcome for the rest. >> four of the puppies were ordered not to be returned. they were in such bad shape from mandatory sidewalk clearing
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by the mayor, businesses were told to comply. d.c. ra sent a team of 25 inspectors to review hundreds of properties across the district. then they sent their findings to another agency. the department of public works. which then decides if $150 fine should be issued. 88 businesses were found in possible violation. ultimately, 14 businesses were issued fines. >> i can't imagine anything more inefficient and probably in the end ineffective, to have this complicated bureaucratic scheme dcra inspects, they make a referral and maybe make a citation. the snow will have gone by then. >> despite the fact that more than 100 roads across the city are designated as snow emergency routes, data provided by the mayor's office for the first day of the storm show the vast majority of the cars towed were in upper northwest neighborhoods. 194 cars were towed in northwest that t ♪
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