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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tomorrow. ponding on area roads. we've already seen that today, and, of course, fog, it's going to be thick i think for several more hours up until midnight to 1:00 a.m. here are the flood warnings because of the streams, rivers all rising, even some of the creeks. carroll county, frederick, monocacy, down towards goose creek. be especially cautious tonight driving around. use caution and don't drive into any roads covered in water. we still have a little ways to go in areas along and east of i-95. woodbridge is wet around route 1. same 495, 395 as well. wet weather still moving through around areas of the beltway and slowing traffic down. again, your fog improving, lifting after midnight, but we've got more to talk about for the rest of the workweek as we see more changes take place this week. kind of from the spring showers to something else we're going to have to deal with. guys?
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why? because you didn't have to shoot her. or my grand bear. >> a mother's reaction after learning about the arrest in the murder of her daughter and her 2-year-old granddaughter. just an hour ago, we got our first look at the suspect in this crime. police say he is the father of the toddler. we have team coverage for you, and we are waiting for a news conference from prince george's county police. let's begin with pat collins live at police headquarters with the latest on this. pat? >> reporter: wendy, they got him and he's on his way to jail. he's the lone suspect in a horrific double murder in prince george's county, and sources say tonight he confessed. hey, man, tell me, why did you kill your daughter? you got anything to say? do you got anything to say at all? >> was this about child support, sir? >> reporter: why did you kill that little girl?
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25-year-old daron boswell-johnson charged in connection with the murder of his 2-year-old daughter. his own daughter. charged in connection in the murder of the little girl's mother, 26-year-old neshante davis and her 2-year-old chloe. shot at close range in front of their ft. washington house yesterday morning. johnson was picked up by police yesterday, questioned, and officially charged today. last december johnson was ordered to pay $600 a month child support for the little girl. now, in a few moments we expect the police chief and the prosecutor to hold a news conference here to give us more details about the case, more details about the arrest, and when that happens, we'll bring it to you. jim, back to you. >> pat, thank you. tonight neshante's mother is relieved police made that arrest today, but she's still asking why this ha to happen. prince george's county brother
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chief tracee wilkins continues our coverage in ft. washington. >> reporter: yesterday in the parking lot of this town hopefully complex, carolyn turner lost her daughter and her granddaughter. when i told her they had made an arrest and charged someone, there was relief. >> did they catch them? >> yes, ma'am. he's in custody. they have charged him. carolyn turner had mixed emotions when we told her. her granddaughter's father is the lead suspect in the double murders of her granddaughter and her daughter. >> he didn't have to do it. he could have just left her alone. >> reporter: police believe 25-year-old dareon boswell-johnson shot and killed the mother of his daughter knee shan day davis and their 2-year-old daughter clowely in front of the mother's ft. washington home yesterday. was this a shock to you to hear it was this young man who police think are responsible? >> yeah. >> reporter: today neshante's mother is remembering her grand
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baby who was just learning to talk. >> mama, come here, give kiss. she'd hug me and -- >> reporter: she was a happy 2-year-old, a happy baby. >> oh, yes, yes. >> reporter: she didn't know chloe's father well. neshante was private and didn't talk much about him. it appears he weasn't a major part of their lives. but if she ever gets to meet him -- >> i just want to see his face to say why. >> reporter: neshante comes from a large family. she had three other sisters. last night the entire family, they were in church praying for guidance to help them through this tragedy. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we hear from the family's pastor. he will talk about how this has touched the entire church community. reporting live in ft. washington, i'm tracee wilkins. >> and tracee, domestic related crimes in prince george's county have been such a recent focus of
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police and prosecutors there for a while. >> reporter: absolutely. because there were so many of them last year, and they played a major role in the number of homicides that the county saw. we've already seen the first one that happened earlier this year, and now this one. so two so far. the prince george's county police are investigating and dealing with it. the state's attorney will be speaking at the press conference that the police are holding because she has made this her mission, to prosecute people who are involved in these kinds of domestic killings to the fullest extent of the law. >> we'll check back with you shortly. thanks so much. an unusual twist in an assault case that's in northern virginia. police say the man they arrested hired an uber to take him to the scene of the crime. steve casper was arrested in arlington this past weekend. police say he took the uber to an ex-girlfriend's home and after asking the car's driver to wait for him, police say he let himself into her house and then attacked her new boyfriend. casper is charged with assault and battery.
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candid words this evening from d.c. schools chancellor chi ya henderson about an attack inside a metro station by a group of teenagers. the six students from wilson high in northwest were in court today. police tell us the group rushed a man getting off a train last week here at the gallery place station and beat and kicked him to the ground. they used the same train to escape. today henderson lashed out at those two complain her students are growing increasingly more violent. >> i reject this motion that wild bands of roving students are attacking people on the metro. there are incidents on the metro this year just like there were incidents last year and other years, and just like this year, just like last year, kids have been riding the metro to and from school. >> the teenagers, five boys and one girl between the ages of 16 and 17, are all charged with assault. we have some breaking political news here in the
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district. tomorrow former d.c. mayor v vincent gray plans to announce he's ready to run for office again. tom sherwood is here with this news. >> reporter: we have been expecting this for months and now gray hasok made a decision. there's no question vince gray loved being mayor in city politics and was popular, but gray was defeated for re-election in 2014 by muriel bowser in part because of the long-running federal probe into the jeffrey thompson shadow campaign scandal that helped elect gray mayor in 2010. prosecutors in december ended that probe without charging gray. now gray will be on the wamu kojo nnamdi show to revive his career. he will announce a candidacy for the board. he has been eyeing the at large seat held by vincent orange and his old ward 7 seat.
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sources tell news4 alexander's ward 7 seat is gray's choice. >> i have my eye on ward 7. i'm continuing to do the work so, you know, i'm going to continue to do the things that i do no matter who runs, whether it be vince gray or not. >> reporter: a professional poll paid for by gray supporters last month showed gray popular in his home ward 7 leading alexander 48% to 32%. at-large democrat orange has kept an eye over his shoulder for a possible gray challenge. the same poll showed gray leading orange 49% to 26%. >> i have a clear path to victory on june 14th. that's the only thing i'm foc focused on. i don't see him or anyone that's not registered in that path. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, mayor muriel bowser isn't anxious to see gray back on the council. >> well, might he eventually run for mayor again? >> there is a lot of talk about gray if he's successful in this race in the council at ward 7 he
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may run for mayor again in a couple years. both orange and alexander are very strong bowser supporters. you can expect her political operation to support them as much as possible but gray is getting back in tomorrow. >> things could get interesting. all right. tom, thanks so much. >> that's why we're here. >> that's right. to cover it. a developing story right now, a judge is deciding that bill cosby will face sex assault charges in a decade-old case. nbc's chris pollone is covering this case for us. chris? >> reporter: and, jim, this legal hearing was expected to last just one day. it has now lasted two days, and it's still going on in the montgomery county courthouse here behind me. it shows you just how important this small legal issue is to both sides in the cosby case prosecution. now, bill cosby entered court as he did yesterday around 9:30 this morning. he was greeted by dozens of supporters and well wishers who
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cheered him and chanted for him. he waved to the crowd as he went into the courthouse today. we haven't seen him since he entered the courthouse this morning. now, at issue in this case is whether a pledge made ten years ago by the district attorney here not to prosecute cosby criminally for an incident that happened in 2004, whether that pledge still holds up today even with a new district attorney. now, obviously, the prosecution, the new district attorney, kevin steele here in montgomery county, says that he is not bound by any agreement, that it was never written down and the previous district attorney's decision does not bind him to that, and that's why he has filed charges against bill clinton for sexual assault for an incident that happened in 2004. cosby's defense, of course, vehemently disagrees with that. they say once the agreement was made by the district attorney, that no charges would be filed in that incident more than a decade ago, that's when they agreed to testify in a civil
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trial. cosby testified to a lot of things. the transcripts were released last year and there was a lot of self-incriminating information that" that testimony. so what is decided here today could likely guide the future of whether cosby will actually go to trial on these charges. live in montgomery county, pennsylvania, i'm chris pollone. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, chris. the storm team closely watching the radar and the possible flooding from all of in rain and our melting snow. you can always watch live radar on our nbc washington app. commuter controversy, service cuts, and fare hikes being talked about. i'm adam tuss live in woodbridge. i will tell you if you're being impacted coming up. plus, as parts of florida declare a health emergency today, how concerned are you about the zika virus? it's a question that we've been asking today on social media, but your answer, it may change after some new infor
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. the cdc just added two more countries to a travel alert for the zika virus. jamaica and tonga. this comes after florida declared a health emergency in four counties where people from
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the state contracted zika after traveling to one of those countries. miami-dade county is on that list. we've also learned the woman in ji who tested positive for the virus lives about 130 miles west of here just outside harrisonburg. she was infected during a visit to guatemala. these new headlines come as one person in texas gets the zika virus through sexual contact, something the doctors are calling a game changer. kevin coakley from our sister station has the reaction. >> here is the batch. >> reporter: the zika virus is normally transmitted by mosquitos like these which can be found living here in north texas, but now a new emerging risk. >> once it starts to be spread by other means, that's a game-changer. >> reporter: dallas county reports two confirmed cases of zika virus, both patients now recovered, neither pregnant. one a person who traveled here from venezuela with the virus. the other a dallas county
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resident who did not travel but had unprotected sex with the first. >> this may be an isolated case. it may be a rare transmission case which i imagine that it is, but the fact that it's occurring is setting off some alarm bells. >> reporter: nbc 5 first reported on the possibility last week researchers citing evidence that the zika virus can spread through sexual contact. for now the dallas county case is one of only a few worldwide. >> and that's a wake-up call that if you travel to latin american countries, make sure, two things, you don't get mosquito bites, but also take personal protection in terms of sexual encounters. >> reporter: dallas county immediately set out mosquito traps like these in the patient's undisclosed neighborhood but did not find any mosquitos capable of spreading the virus further. >> if we have a lot of people infected with zika because they're imported cases or sexually acquired cases, if you will, that may trigger the mosquitos to get infected with the virus and start that transmission cycle, and once
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that occurs, it's almost impossible to get the virus out of the population. a bus service that tens of thousands of you depend on may be making cuts, even raising your fares. the omni ride and metro direct bus lines in northern virginia, they're talking about the changes because of a big budget shortfall. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live at the horner road commuter lot in woodbridge to talk about what happens next. >> reporter: that's right, jim. 15 to 30 cents more for a ride. services to places like capitol hill reduced service on friday. all of that could be a pock possibility if a $10 million shortfall can't be fixed. talk about cuts with these bus riders not sitting well. >> i really don't see how or why they would cut anything based on the amount of people that ride the bus in the morning. >> reporter: gregory is an
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omnibus rider and says people want and need this service and they're already paying a lot for it. >> it doesn't make sense. they just recently hiked up the fare i would say a couple months ago. >> reporter: fare increases did take effect last year but now a nearly $10 million budget shortfall has popped up because of something that wasn't predicted, lower gas prices. >> as gas prices have precipitously declined, so has tax revenues. >> reporter: frank is the chairman of the potomac transportation commission which operates this bus service. he says bottom line, if you're paying less for gas, then less revenue and tax dollars is coming in to operate these buses. that's where the shortfall lies. >> about 3 or 4 cents per gallon but as gas prices have come down, the revenues have come down. >> reporter: public hearings are being scheduled to talk about the cuts and behind the scenes local leaders are being urged to find funding so in cuts or fare increases are needed. we broke the news to dan moon
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who just got off the bus. he said he will find another way like jumping in the free car pool slug lines. >> slug is pretty easy. >> reporter: for some service changes may leave them with no other choice. we put a link to all the proposed service changes on the nbc washington app. you just have to search prince william buses, and about the whole slugging controversy, if the bus service gets cut, then sluggers say that their ride will get tougher. i'll explain at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> talking slugs on a slushy day. adam, thanks so much. folks, we are just about four or five days away now from super bowl 50. a dream come true for every player to take the field. >> and just a few weeks ago one player from our area wasn't even in the league. carol maloney joins us from outside the stadium with her story. but first, carol, we're going to put you on hold for a second. we're going to head to prince george's county where the police are holding a press conference about the murder of this mother and 2-year-old.
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>> -- of the 6500 block of pennsylvania avenue in forestville. prince george's county police officers arrested him yesterday in neighboring montgomery county, maryland. at this point we believe that the father had gone to confront manass miss davis at her home about child support issues. we are going to elaborate on the problem with domestic violence and what we are doing together to try our best to prevent future tragedies like this. chief? >> thank you, julie. i want to begin by again expressing my sympathies to the family of neshante and chloe and while this resolves it, this is not a happy circumstance. this is a callus and
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cold-hearted crime. i want to thank the state's attorney for being there side by side with me from the beginning. >> we have to go to break out of this. >> who haven't slept since yesterday in order to bring resolution to this and -- >> we're going to go to break. can you hear me? i have been talking to you on two? >> we will come to you and we will explain it to you. at the end of this process, we found that this is another tragic case of domestic violence. a father killing a child. as the father of a daughter, it's incomprehensible to me. it's cold. it's callous, and these circumstances do not lend us to celebrate. yes, we've made an apprehension, we've closed the case. i can assure the public that this isn't a random crime, but i'm asking and so will the state's attorney to enlist your support around these issues of domestic violence because coming and talking about the death of another child, it's unacceptable, and i have spoken
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to faith leaders, community leaders, know that the county executive and the county council have reached out to me in the last 24 hours expressing their grief and wanting to know what can be done. and, again, i have to thank the men and women standing behind you because they are the ones who brought this to resolution for this community, but, again, i'm asking for your support as we work on these difficult issues and the goal is not to have these conversations, not to lose another child. with that i will turn it over to miss alsobrooks. >> good evening, i too want to start by offering my deepest sympathies to the davis family and to say to them that i think i speak for this entire community when i say we continue to be grief stricken, angry, and just so sad about the events of the last 24 hours or so. i, too, want to thank the men and women of this department. i have to tell you they are
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absolutely phenomenal, and it is no exaggeration when we say they have not slept at all since this occurred to this moment. many of them have the same -- the same men and women i saw on the scene yesterday didn't go home to their families last night. instead, they wanted to make sure neshante and chloe's family had some relief today in knowing that the person who committed these acts had been apprehended, and so i want to thank them so much on behalf of this community for the work they continue to do in each of these cases. as the chief has said, i want to thank him and i also want to thank joseph ruddy, the chief of our homicide unit who is here and who also from the very first hour of this event to now has worked around the clock to make sure that this case was investigated and we're beginning to prepare our case to be prosecuted, so i want to thank him as well, but then also to echo the sentiments of the chief who i want to thank for his leadership, for being out there yesterday. we both have young daughters, and so i can tell you that this
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case was not -- none of these cases, in fact, are just numbers. these are all people to us. we are both parents, and so it struck us in a way that is hard to describe how painful it was for both of us as well, but as he's indicated, we are committed to not just responding, which we find that we do in these cases. this case i assure you we will continue to investigate. we will be prepared to present the strongest case possible to make sure that we bring mr. johnson to justice, that we are able to bring some peace to this family. we assure you that we will do that, but even after that is done, it won't be enough unless we ensure that there is never, ever another chloe davis-green and never, ever another neshante. that is our ultimate goal as we are tired of talking about babies dying in our community and we are really committed to continuing the work that we started even before this happened, working with the faith
5:25 pm
community. these cases can't be resolved here at the police station. they can't be resolved at the courthouse. we have said it over and over again, and we mean it. these are issues that have to be resolved in our families, in this community, and we are really committed to working to make sure that we do everything possible to ensure that our families don't continue to experience the kind of violence that we have seen. four of our cases so far this year have been domestic in nature. far too many, and so we're going to continue to work to make sure that we never, ever have another baby killed in the way that chloe was killed. thank you. >> any questions? [ inaudible question ] >> in the early morning hours yesterday we believed we had strong suspect information. we were able to quickly piece that together and develop a suspect that we eventually took
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into custody, and then through a series of interviews developed the case from there, and i'm apologizing in advance. that's as much detail as i can give you right now. as we are transitioning from a closed police investigation to the beginning of a prosecution. >> and that is the prince george's county police talking about the arrest today of the man who they believe killed his girlfriend and his 2-year-old daughter yesterday or two days ago in prince george's county. we are coming right back on this weather alert day, folks. the fog is making it very tough for drivers out there already adding to the problems with the rain. v.j. will have your full forecast right after the break so please stay with us.
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traffic is being impacted by the weather this evening. even though the bulk of the heavy rain has moved east of the area, we still have some wet weather out there and a whole lot of fog. we're seeing a stream of light around 495, northern areas, maryland 190 as well through fm couns fairfax county and montgomery county. the bulk of the rain moving east but let's look, a closer inspection if we can switch over to max two. you can see rain still around.
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we have reports of some roads closed. closer inspection, we'll go right down just northeast. 18 to 24 water over allder school road. some of the streams and rivers coming out of their banks. we'll continue to see this for not just the overnight but early tomorrow morning. brookville road is closed in both directions there in montgomery county. showers right now over that area. so nothing too heavy right now but those water levels will continue to come up and will stay high through thursday, maybe even the early part of friday. here is the back edge of the rain. gaithersburg to quantico, east of i-95 is where most of the rain is right now. most of this rain will be out of here by 9:00 but still some lingering showers for the hours up until midnight or so. so i think more minimal impacts between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. across the area, across the greater part of the area.
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i'm also seeing the visibility start to improve. leesburg now, the winds are starting to pick up. still close to zero visibility in frederick, maryland, where the monocacy possibly coming out of its banks in some areas. your impacts to roads overnight, improving. roads will be wet so use caution. early tomorrow morning, breezy with those roads drying off in most sections. the rainfall, of course, the highest, leesburg towards charlottesville just west of us. the next big change early tomorrow morning. rain moves out and we'll see cooler temperatures around the area. at the bus stop, 53 degrees when the kids get out of school tomorrow. a little breezy. kids will need their jackets from the 50s the temperatures will be much colder pattern coming our way for next week. tomorrow the weather is going to have a low impact on our day with some sunshine coming our way. then, of course, the big game this weekend, high temperature of 50 degrees. there's your 2:00 temperature at 49. by the time you head home, 45 with cool conditions.
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we've got a lot more, not just our weekend weather, but also some bigger changes with more winter-type weather coming back the early part of next week. we'll have that a little later in news4 at 5:00. >> thanks, v.j. not that it's a competition but i think we're giving san fran a run for its money in the fog department. >> let's check behind us. let's head out to the bay area and back to carol maloney who will tell us about one particular person who wasn't in the league a week ago. carol? >> reporter: this is an amazing story. robert mcclain, he personifies the mantra of working hard and never giving up. the pride of patuxent football. he was unemployed until just a month ago. >> rob mcclain. >> 2005 and set for tar dom. setting national records and
5:33 pm
facing out a solid future. >> my art teachers always had a talent for art and i believe that if i worked real hard at it, i can probably -- if i don't make it in football, i will do something in the art world. >> ront was a fierce competitor. he was on the edge from his emotions and his focus and i thought -- i think that that kind of permeated the entire team. >> reporter: the start of a career only he could draw up. on to uconn, then years with atlanta, then online art gallery, a practice squad pickup with new england until they released him. >> each workout, having a good workout and then not getting picked up. i'm like, what's happening. >> things were about to maybe we should go a different path. he calls me at the school and says, coach, i'm on the way to carolina. i said for what? he's like i got signed by the panthers. >> reporter: two games into his carolina career, a payoff to perseverance.
5:34 pm
an interception worth more than a change of possession. >> this is what the hard work is for, getting that ball and being prepared for it. i remember coach telling me, you're here for a reason. i'm thankful how things worked out. >> reporter: mcclain and his panthers teammates will be on the prowl for any peyton manning miscues this sunday. coming up at 6:00, we're going to share the messages that the super bowl player and his high school coach have for each other. guys, back to you. >> carol, thanks so much. maryland governor larry hogan delivered his second state of the state today. in the speech hogan laid out his top priorities for the year and as chris gordon reports now, montgomery and prince george's county leaders say more money needs to be sent their way. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: governor hogan declared in his state of the state address that he feels
5:35 pm
funding for education is one of the successes of his first year in office. >> we increased spending to historic record high levels adding a total increased investment of $830 million more. >> reporter: but montgomery and prince george's county leaders say hogan held back tens of millions of dollars that lawmakers approved last year for school districts where it costs more to educate pupils. >> and that for us is $20 million in education funding that the governor left out of last year's budget and he has a $300 million budget surplus. that money is definitely needed for us in prince george's county. same thing with montgomery county. >> reporter: the governor says he is putting a priority on transportation spending. >> we're investing an unprecedented $2 billion into shovel-ready infrastructure projects. >> montgomery county had the top priority in terms of 270,
5:36 pm
alleviating congestion. the watkins mill interchange is ready to go and we hope we're going to get it funded and start breaking ground. >> reporter: republican leaders say the governor's message is optimistic. >> i think marylanders should be really pleased with the work the governor is doing, despite what some partisans are saying, he's making great investments and all the priorities of the state. >> reporter: how governor hogan brought both republicans and democrats to their feet at one point in his state of the state address today, that's ahead on news4 at 6:00. that's the latest from annapo s annapolis. back to you. >> thank you, chris. friends and family gathered to say good-bye to the 13-year-old girl who was killed in virginia. >> meanwhile, one of those virginia tech students charged in her stabbing death will stay behind bars. our pat lawson muse is here with the latest on this story. >> lawyers fortunately keepers withdrew their request for a bond hearing after prosecutors upped the charges against her. they had charged her with disposing of nicole lovell's
5:37 pm
body. now they say she was involved before the girl was killed. nicole lovell, known to loved ones as coley had survived a lot. a rare liver tumor and lymphoma and she beat the odds against a serious respiratory infection at age 5. >> coley had a passion for pa a pand pand pandas, music, dancing, "american idol." >> reporter: her mother fought back tears as she spoke about her daughter. >> a very preliminary determination of the cause of death is stabbing. >> reporter: authorities now say they believe lovell was killed on the same day she climbed out of her bedroom window after reportedly showing friends text messages from an 18-year-old man she was planning to meet. those texts were on a messaging app called kik which police say has been used by sexual predators. the investigation quickly zeroed in on 18-year-old david eisenhauer, a track star and
5:38 pm
engineering student at virginia tech, now charged with nicole's abduction and murder. 19-year-old natalie keepers, who also attends virginia tech, was originally charged with helping eisenhauer after lovell's death. authorities now say she was in on it and faces a new charge. >> an accessory before the fact to the first-degree murder of nicole lovell. >> reporter: neither eisenhauer nor keepers has entered a plea but according to the arrest documents, eisenhauer told police, quote, i believe the truth can set me free. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life. yeah, i can't do that part. >> there will be a wake tonight in blacksburg. lovell's funeral will take place tomorrow and there will be a vigil at virginia tech next monday. the next court appearance is
5:39 pm
march 28th. >> thank you, pat. the school year in the district is about to get longer district is about to get longer for
5:40 pm
(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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you've met him before as a wednesday's child. his name is james, also known as jimmy. >> we first met jimmy in december of 2014, but he's still waiting and hoping a family will come forward to adopt him. barbara harrison takes us back to the riding center where we caught up with him.
5:42 pm
>> there it is. lift me up. exciting? i'm excited, too. >> reporter: georgia bay, program director inform falls church, welcomed james who happens to love horses. >> would you like to come meet our horses. >> yes. >> and this is niles. >> niles. high, buddy. >> reporter: the first horse james saw was niles and it was love at first sight. >> would you like to brush niles? >> james has been in foster care since he was 3, and he's 14. >> reporter: james enjoyed grooming niles and georgia explained it's a way to make friends with a horse. >> it's a way of making friends with niles. >> reporter: james said this looks like a great home for horses. >> the horses can get some freedom and they're not locked up all day. >> that's important, isn't it? >> yeah. they need their exercise. >> reporter: he says he loves the outdoors himself and actually enjoys playing just about every sport. >> soccer, basketball, hockey,
5:43 pm
biking, hiking. >> reporter: those two know james say he needs a family to help him realize his potential and to be motivated to succeed in all he does. he was certainly motivated to learn how to ride niles. how does it feel? >> it feels great. >> reporter: james wants the love of a permanent family. >> it takes a forever family, not just a staff of people who are paid to care for him. >> reporter: she says james needs a home. he says he hopes that home has pets. >> i think i'll take niles as my own pet if i could. >> reporter: james says if not niles, a cat or a dog will do. >> are you ready? >> reporter: barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> jimmy looks right at home on niles, doesn't he? >> sure he does. >> if you have room no your home and your heart for james or another child, call our special adaptioption hotline 1 had been-
5:44 pm
1-88-to-adopt me. >> right now i'm tracking areas of rain pulling out of the district but still flooding concerns and some fog. that's why it's a weather alert day. i'll have the latest on what you can expect the rest of your evening and tomorrow coming up. and we're not the only ones dealing with this mess. take a look at where the conditions have gone from bad to worse. a witness tells me that a pit bull attacked a secret service agent who is supposed to be on detail with hillary clinton. he was walking his dog. suddenly a dog came from across the street, a witness says, and started attacking him and his dog. i'll tell you more about it
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5:47 pm
the same system hitting our region created some wild weather across parts of our country's midsection. this is a large tornado that touched down in western alabama damaging some homes, but no reports of any serious injuries, and southeast of this area in mississippi, strong storms left behind a path of destruction damaging homes, uprooting trees. in south dakota they're seeing blizzard conditions right now. a state highway patrol dashcam captured this video of this suv spinning out on an icy interstate. police had to close down part of the highway because of dangerous and sometimes impossible travel conditions. well, it's not any fun here, not quite that bad, but what's on the radar now, amelia. >> that's exactly what's on the radar, rain moving out of here.
5:48 pm
but as the rain pushes out we're tracking areas of fog and road closures across the area. first some video of some fog along the potomac this evening. there you see it and we're going to continue to track some areas of thick fog overnight tonight, some patchy fog around tomorrow morning, some road closures for you. brookville road, parts of that road closed in montgomery county and about 18 to 24 inches of water from co-tock tan creek over parts of allder school road in loudoun county. you can see on storm team4 radar, tracking the rain pushing to the east of i-95. as we continue throughout the next hour or so, this drying trend will continue. as we take it down to street level, you can see most of the beltway now is drying out from all of the rain. some heavy rain down in parts of southern maryland, but for the most part the focus will now be on the lingering -- the residual of the rain falling and how much flooding we get. flood warnings for small streams
5:49 pm
in red rick county in maryland as well as virginia. parts of loudoun county, also some flooding reported in parts of the minute knock si and potomac, seneca, and goose creek as well. flood watch continues through early tomorrow morning. the biggest concerns we're seeing are creeks and streams leaving their banks and that's leading to mainly minor flooding but even some moderate flooding in areas. also some water ponding on roadways that will continue to lead to some hydroplaning concerns through the evening hours and, of course, continuing to track fog jor night tonight. fog will start to lift around 1:00 a.m. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. 52 degrees in washington, and tomorrow the weather will have a low impact on your day. we'll have some sunshine. it will be breezy at times, and it will be cool. i think you will need the fleece or a jacket but you won't need the warmest winter coat. at the bus stop, 46 degrees. kids are getting home at school not too bad, it's refreshing
5:50 pm
outside, 52 degrees. they could even play outdoors with dry conditions in the forecast tomorrow. temperatures right now, again, coming in in the 50s across the area, and as we continue to look to the weekend, dry conditions are in the forecast for the weekend. so we're talking about partly sunny skies on saturday as well as sunday, and veronica will have a check of the next seven days coming up on news4 at 6:00, wendy. three separate dog attacks in the past few weeks. that's what some neighbors in ward 4 have been dealing with. >> among the victims, a secret service agent. today news4's shomari stone talked with him about the experience that still has him shaken. >> reporter: good evening. a witness tells me this was a horrific attack at newton place and warder street in northwest d.c. across the street from this elementary school. a witness tells me that this secret service agent is fortunate to be alive. >> i'm still having both nightmares. >> reporter: ross jo rger has
5:51 pm
severe bite wounds on his right hand. he was not on duty. >> coming back here, been reliving the whole thing. i still go through the whole event. >> reporter: according to this d.c. police report, yerger was washing his dog on a leash. a woman was walking her pit bull across the street and it allegedly overpowered her and attacked yerger's dog, moby. >> after i stuck my hand down its throat, i punched it for a good three or four minutes in the head and it was like i was scratching its ears. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. it didn't faze it. >> reporter: neighbors helped fight the pit bull off. animal control won't comment. i tried to talk to the pit bull's owner. no one was home. agent yerger is at his home recovering. he was supposed to be on duty
5:52 pm
with hillary clinton this week. he keeps reliving what happened and questions if he could have done more to protect moby. what do you hope for regarding this incident that you experienced? >> for myself, to be able to finally sleep and feel a little better about myself. >> reporter: and this evening animal control officers tell me this investigation could take up to a week. now, coming up at :6:00, you wil hear from an eyewitness and you will hear what she says was used to get the pit ball off the secret service agent. i'm shomari stone, news4. the school year is about to get a bit longer for thousands of district students. muriel bowser announced a change that will keep kids in school through mid-july to improve learning. mark segraves found out what youngsters think about this idea. >> more instructional time, more extracurricular time, more enrichment time. >> reporter: that's how d.c. schools chancellor kaya
5:53 pm
henderson described the benefits of adding more days to the school year for the selected elementary and middle schools. starting in the upcoming school years classes will begin in early august and the school year won't end until mid-july. instead of 180 days in class, it will be 200 days of classroom time for students. ten schools, mostly in ward 7 and 8, were chosen for this program. >> when i first heard it, i was like, oh, no. i'm going to be at school learning while they're still at home. >> i think it's going to be good. it will help our grades because some people might need it and it will help us. >> reporter: students will have shorter winter and summer breaks but they will get an added week off in october and there are two weeks calls inner session when coming to school is voluntary. >> but it's really time to focus on interventions and support for our most struggling students. one of the interesting i think tidbits is 96% of the kids are
5:54 pm
coming to intercession. >> as to extending for all schools. >> it will not be extended to all schools. >> no high schools were on the list. the cost is about $5 million a year. the washington teachers union said it's open to the extended year but has called on the chancellor to give teachers the support they need to make the longer school year productive. to see a list of all the schools impacted, go to the nbc washington app and search longer school year. mark segraves, news4. the serial podcast that had everyone asking did he really do it. now a maryland man may get his second chance to prove he didn't kill his girlfriend as he says. it may all come down ♪
5:56 pm
you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
5:57 pm
the man whose murder conviction became the focus of the popular serial podcast is making a new case tonight for his freedom. >> today the start of a three-day hearing in baltimore to determine whether adnan syed deserves a new trial. >> reporter: now a 35-year-old man, annan syed arrived at court in shackles. 16 years after being sentenced to life for the murder of his former girlfriend hae min lee. two were students at woodlawn high school in baltimore. >> people don't understand, he's still that 17-year-old that they took away. so even though he might look like a man but still inside he's still that 17-year-old.
5:58 pm
his life stopped once they took him away. >> reporter: through the work of sarah koenig and the hugely popular podcast "serial" many people developed opinions but only a judge's truly matters now. in opening arguments, syed's current attorney said the wheels came off the bus for trial attorney christina gutierrez who he said became unable to manage cases when she was representing the teenager in his murder trial. gutierrez was ultimately disbarred for other issues before she died from long-term health problems. syed's current attorney said her failure to call alibi witness asia mcclain showed her business was coming unwound. >> how can any criminal defense attorney make the case that not contacting an alibi witness who was with you at the time the state says a murder was occurred? you cannot have anything more infective than that.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: infective counsel and questionable cell phone records are the main arguments for a new trial but the deputy attorney general of maryland said mr. syed was convicted because he did it and the state proved it. saying syed's motive was possessiveness and citing forensic evidence linking him to a vehicle that contained her body as well as the burial site in lincoln park where the victim's body was found. right now at 6:00, some challenges for drivers during the evening rush. minor flooding reported in loudoun andmo montgomery counti. some drivers having a tough time navigating these conditions. there are reports of some spinouts but no major accidents tonight. this is video from i-395 a few hours ago. it's not just the rain drivers have to worry about. thick fog is also settling in.
6:00 pm
>> skrer rveronica is in the st center looking at all of these. >> it's going to be a while before we start to see the fog lift everywhere across the area. that fog could hang on until midnight, maybe even 1:00 a.m. in the morning, but we'll get a check on radar, talk about some of the roads that have been closed because of the heavy rain, some of the streams and creeks coming out of the banks. we zoom into loudoun county. there's purcellville. one of the roads that had been closed was allder school road. brookville road in both directions, we'll check on that update. look at the back edge of the rain, buoy bowie to waldorf. even ap ap lis is still wet. just some showers out there right now, but still foggy lake tonight. we'll talk about what you can expect early tomorrow morning for the morning rush and then some more big changes coming down the pipe over the next s


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