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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:57pm EST

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in. >> skrer ronveronica is in the storm center looking at all of these. >> it's going to be a while before we start to see the fog lift everywhere across the area. that fog could hang on until midnight, maybe even 1:00 a.m. in the morning but we'll get a check on radar talk about some of the roads that have been closed because of the heavy rain, some of the streams and creeks coming out of the banks. we zoom into loudoun county. there's purcellville. one of the roads that had been closed was allder school road. brookville road in both directions, we'll check on that update. look at the back edge of the rain buoy bowie to waldorf. even ap ap lis is still wet. just some showers out there right now but still foggy lake tonight. we'll talk about what you can expect early tomorrow morning for the morning rush and then some more big changes coming down the pipe over the next seven days.
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thaf coming up. >> thanks, veronica. to check that storm as it moves away, we invite you to download the nbc washington app. we'll also send you breaking weather alerts as they come in. our other top story tonight, an arrest in the double murder that shocked the community to its core. a maryland man is now in custody accused of shooting and killing his little girl and the mother of his child. we have team coverage of the arrest and reaction from the victim's family. we begin with pat collins at police headquarters where investigators just wrapped up a news conference. pat? >> reporter: doreen, he confessed. he told police he didn't want to pay child support so he shot and killed his 2-year-old daughter and the mother of his child. >> i want to begin by again, expressing my sympathies to the families of neshante and chloe and while this resolves it this is not a happy circumstance.
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this is a callous and cold-hearted crime. >> reporter: tell me, why did you kill your daughter? do you got anything to say? 25-year-old daron boswell-johnson charged in connection with the murder of his own daughter, a 2-year-old girl. charged in connection with the murder of the little girl's mother 26-year-old neshante davis and her 2-year-old chloe shot at close range in front of their house in fort washington yesterday morning. johnson was picked up questioned by police, and officially charged today. according to court documents last december, johnson was ordered to pay $600 a month child support for the little girl. >> we will continue to investigate. we will be prepared to present the strongest case possible to make sure that we bring also johnson to justice and that we are able to bring some peace to
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this family. >> reporter: suspect daron johnson in jail tonight awaiting further court action in this double murder case. jim, back to you. >> thanks pat. tonight people close to neshante davis and her little girl chloe, are asking the same question, why did this happen? our bureau chief tracee wilkins, talked to the victims' family and a pastor today. tracee is in fort washington is more. >> reporter: that murder happened here in this parking lot. the mother and daughter shot and killed and as pat just said prince george's county police believe they have their man. we talked with the pastor who helped to raise one of the victims in this case. we talked with the mother and grandmother of both victims, and the questions that we had from both of them was why. >> my heart is heavy. she was like a lawyer to me. >> reporter: neshante davis grew up in bishop pitt's church.
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>> i never met the father, but a man can sink so low and not take his responsibility. he'd rather wipe out the family totally. i think it's devastating. >> reporter: police say 25-year-old daron bozwell johnson shot them both in parking lot of neshante's fort washington home tuesday morning. nefs custody a short time later. >> why would you do such a thing, to wipe out two innocent lives and a little baby that can hardly talk, 2 years old, and you just pump her with lead. what were you thinking? >> reporter: was this a shock to you, that it was this young man who police think was responsible? >> yeah. >> reporter: today neshante's mother is remembering her grand baby who was just learning to talk. mama. come here. give kissy. she'd hug me and, oh -- >> reporter: she was a happy 2-year-old? >> e, yes yes.
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>> reporter: she didn't know chloe's father well. she said neshante was private and didn't talk much about him. if she ever gets to meet him -- >> why? because you didn't have to shoot her. or my grand baby. >> reporter: neshante was a teach teacher. they're expected to honor her tomorrow. we are told family members are working on funeral arrangements. we hope to have more information on that shortly. reporting live in fort washington, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you tracee. so much for speculation that donald trump is trying to be more humble. he admitted that skipping the final gop debate may have cost him a win in iowa and he delivered a gracious concession speech on monday after his second-place finish there, but trump changed his tone today on twitter. he accused ted cruz of stealing the iowaelection. steve handelsman is following the race from new hampshire.
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>> reporter: hi, doreen. here at the nine lions tavern in deerfield, you got to love these quintessential new hampshire joints. a lot of these voters are aware of the latest blowup between trump and cruz. it goes back to the odd rules of the iowa caucuses where people interact before they vote. carson has already apologized for some of his people in iowa telling people that ben carson was dropping out when he wasn't so those voters would vote for cruz. trump today was demanding a redo prompting carson to complain about what he called a trumper-tantrum. here is more on cruz today. the iowa republican winner is campaigning now in a state where democrat bernie sanders is so popular, ted cruz is joking they agree about washington. >> gosh, ted, you sound like bernie saying it is all big money and lobbyists and corruption. that's right. >> reporter: cruz wants less
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government, sanders more. in pittsfield marco rubio touted his strong third in iowa. >> i know that if i'm the republican nominee, we're going reporter: many here agree. >> i think he has a good chance to beat hillary. >> reporter: and that's important to you. >> it's very important to me. >> i think he reminds me of a young kennedy, which i think is good. >> reporter: in washington rand paul quit the race. rick santorum canceled his events. donald trump charged ted cruz didn't win iowa he stole it. telling iowans, trump charged, that ben carson had quit when he husband. democrat bernie sanders who now will get secret service protection claimed today he'd be a winner in november. >> bernie sanders against republican candidates we are doing very, very well. we beat mr. trump by a whole lot, a lot more than hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton trailing sanders in polls here said she will still fight. >> i just could not ever skip new hampshire. >> reporter: in fact clinton is bringing in staffers from new york to beef up her effort.
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tonight on the tv here at this tavern and across the state will be a candidates' forum for democrats. clinton and sanders making their pitch to new hampshire voters. live from deerfield steve handelsman news4. jim? >> thanks, steve. president obama paid his first visit to a mosque in the u.s. today. he went to the islamic society of baltimore and he called on americans to speak out against bigotry. the muslim-american community has been warning that harassment is on the rise as public concern grows about isis and other extremists. >> you've seen too often people conflating the horrific acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith and, of course recently we've heard inexcuseable political rhetoric against muslim-americans. that's not who we are. >> the president visited mosques
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overseas but not in the u.s. the issue is politically sensitive because the president has fought erroneous and wrong claims for years that he is a muslim born in kenya. in fact, he is a christian born in hawaii. former d.c. mayor vincent gray has been out of office for more than a year now, but tomorrow he plans to launch a comeback to get back into politics. tom sherwood has reaction from the mayor to all of this. tom? >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser was out promoting education today. she defeated former mayor vincent gray in 2014. now gray will mount a political comeback running for the d.c. council in the june 14th primary. gray is to announce his decision on the wamu kojo nnamdi show at noon. gray considered challenging vincent orange but sources say he will oppose yvette alexander. here is mayor bowser responding
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to news4's mark segraves. >> i have told you before that i'm happy to tell anybody that vincent orange has been a great partner with us so has yvette alexander, and i don't really have any other council. >> that means you will endorse both -- >> i just told you what it means. it means that they've been great partners. >> reporter: with his deep knowledge of the city government, gray could be a tough adversary for bowser on the council. gray was not charged last month when prosecutors ended a five-year probe. alexander told news4 she's confident of re-election. >> i have my eye on ward 7. i'm continuing to do the work i'm going to continue to do the things that i do no matter who runs, whether it be vince gray or not. >> reporter: as you saw mayor bowser didn't flatly endorse yvette alexander today, but you can bet that the bowser team will be strongly backing her for the june 14th primary. it will be a little easier than
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me saying it. >> that's all right. you're hanging in there, tom. running for office means raising money. would that be a problem for vince gray? >> i don't think so. vince gray is very well liked. a lot of people liked his time as mayor. he knows enough people to raise enough money in a council level race. it will be very interesting. he held that seat the ward 7 seat, before he got elected chairman. >> and a whole lot easier to run for ward 7 than to run citywide. >> if he ran at large it would be a big issue and one of the issues would be white voters. his own team thinks he would get few white voters. he's very popular in ward 7. this is a tough race for yvette alexander. >> thank you, tom. breaking news in what has been a pivotal day in the criminal case against bill cosby. just moments ago a judge said the sex assault case against him can move forward despite claims from defense lawyers who said cosby had an immunity deal. we have a reporter outside the courthouse and we'll have a live report right after the break. also tonight, terror in
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midair. a man sucked out of a plane after an explosion. tell what you we're learning what happened moments before the dramatic scene. witnesses tell me a pit bull attacked a secret service agent and his dog. i'm shomari stone and i will tell you more about it
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there is blaekreaking news in the criminal case against bill
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cosby. a judge has just decide the the sex assault case can move forward. chris pollone joins us from the courthouse in pennsylvania. >> reporter: this breaking just within the last 15 minutes after a second full day of arguments and testimony. the judge took a short amount of time to make his decision finally coming out to the courtroom and saying that he believes that there was no formal binding agreement that would preclude the prosecution of bill cosby in this sexual assault case. now, cosby's attorneys had argued for two days now that back in 2005 the district attorney here in montgomery county, pennsylvania, essentially promised that he would never bring charges in a written press release when he decided not to pursue the case back then. of course, the new prosecutor who was recently elected here in the area, once he heard transcripts -- once he saw transcripts of what cosby admitted in a deposition on a
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civil case ten years ago related to this same incident that took place in 2004 in which cosby admitted things that he had in the past purchased quaaludes to give to women that he wanted to have sex with, that he gave this woman, the alleged victim in this case, andrea constand wine and pills. once that new district attorney saw that information that was unsealed by a court last year, he decided to move forward with charges and the judge agreed with the prosecution's case that there was nothing preventing them from bringing a case against bill cosby. so this criminal prosecution moves forward against cosby. as we speak right now, the judge is hearing more arguments and taking more testimony on a second matter which is cosby's defense team claims that that district attorney, kevin steele is prejudiced and should be removed from prosecuting the case. so the judge said if the case moves forward, he would hear those arguments. that's what's going on right now. we expect that to continue late into the night.
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the headline from this certainly is that the case against bill cosby is not thrown out. it will continue. we'll send it back to you, jim. >> chris pollone, thanks. there are new developments now in the apparent explosion aboard a plane in somalia. british news agency reuters is reporting that u.s. government sources say investigators are increasingly convinced that the blast was caused by a bomb. and they believe the militant group al shabaab may have been behind the attack. but senior defense and military officials tell nbc news they have not seen any evidence yet that ties al shabaab to the incident. there has been no claim of responsibility. nbc's keir simmons has the latest. >> reporter: an eerie calm as a commercial airliner makes an emergency descent oxygen masks flapping in the wind and visible from inside the cabin, a hole in the side of the aircraft. and this cell phone footage,
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stunned passengers are lucky to be alive, while witnesses claim a man on fire was sucked out at 14,000 feet. there was a terrible explosion, the pilot said, according to a newspaper. i think it was a bomb. the airbus 321 is operated by daallo airline. it's not confirmed the cause of the explosion but from the outside black soot can be seen around the ripped open fuselage. it had taken off from somalia where al qaeda-linked insurgents are waging war. just lost year a suspected isis bomb blew apart another a-320 jet in egypt. the explosives hidden in a soda can. this time officials say one passenger was killed and two were injured. the body of a 55-year-old man discovered on the ground thought to have fallen from the air. while most of the relieved passengers walked off the plane. after a terrifying ordeal one saying i think we were all in
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shock. back to you. >> keir simmons, thank you. the most decorated officer in the history of the army's 82nd airborne division is 99 years old and there's an effort under way to award him with the medal of honor. retired lieutenant colonel james magellus met with paul ryan. he received the silver star for his heroics in the battle of the bulge in world war ii but his fellow soldiers believe he should have received the military's highest honor. >> the medal is a reaffirmation of what you did in the eyes of your buddies. you're with these guys who fought with you and they're writing letters on your behalf. >> reporter: colonel megellas is from texas. his medals include the distinguished service cross, two silver stars and two purple hearts. maryland's governor larry hogan took a bipartisan tone in his annual state of the state address today but democrats called it a feel-good speech that lacked details.
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chris gordon is in annapolis now with the three biggest issues that the governor hopes to tackle this year. >> sir, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> reporter: in his state of the state address, maryland's governor hogan set forth his priorities, straightening out the state's finances, making maryland business-friendly, and cutting taxes. >> which will improve the lives of those who need it most. working families retirees, and small business owners. [ applause ] >> reporter: hogan says he had a challenging year. he spoke of the riots in baltimore and his fight against cancer. >> this past year has been one of many milestones. for me none more extraordinary than when i had the honor of being blessed by pope francis on behalf of cancer patients around the world. [ applause ] >> reporter: hogan called for bipartisan cooperation between
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his party, the gop, and the large democratic majority. >> the issues that weren't addressed include transportation in montgomery county a hospital in prince george's the problem in baltimore city. >> reporter: republican leaders say governor hogan is addressing all of the state's priorities. >> better control in the way our government functions. not just increased money for education but make it so that money works and gets to the classrooms. he's accomplished a lot over the last year and i'm very excited about where we're going in the future. >> reporter: last year senate president mike miller was combative after republican governor hogan's first state of the state address. today i asked
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this is a storm team4 weather alert. >> most of the rain out of here, but traffic still being impacted across our area especially 495, northwest side and around the 270 ,zsplit. we're seeing a stream of lights there, and south right down from areas of 495 toward cabin john mcarthur boulevard on south. a lot of red showing up now for traffic here during the evening hours. same thing down to the south around 395 and maryland 414 all because, well, this rain we've had across the area today. so as we check on the impacts here between 7:00 and 9:00 i think becoming more minimal as we move forward but we had a lot of rain and that really backed up travel on area roads. there is the bulk of the rain east making it's way towards maryland eastern shore. dry conditions in loudoun county and leesburg. we've seen flooding around allder school road. also in montgomery county we've
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seen flooding north and west of the poolesville area. brooklyn road, both directions the road there was closed for a while. around waldorf some showers and around calvert beach. for late tonight we have to deal with the fog until that really makes its way out of here midnight to around 1:00 a.m. in the morning. look at the rainfall totals from today. as we were forecasting, close to an inch. leesburg close to that. three-quarters of an inch in gaithersburg and culpepper and it's areas north and west where there was so much snow on the ground. some of the creeks, some of the streams, even some of the rivers now starting to come out of their banks. carroll county, frederick county also under a flood warning. these go through thursday and we could still see rises on those rivers and streams through early friday. same thing around loudoun county there for goose creek. these are some of the water areas that we're going to be monitoring very closely, and if you live near some of them for tonight, if you have to go out
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late or early tomorrow morning, use caution. never drive through any flooded roads. 56 our temperature. we're going to go up by around 9:00, 10:00 and then temperatures start falling. that midnight hour, the front moves through our area. so the visibilities will start to improve. we'll get that fog out of here. late tonight, certainly early tomorrow morning for the kids at the bus stop i think our conditions will be pretty nice. breezy the high tomorrow 53 degrees. not bad. some areas maybe even 54 55 around stafford and fredericksburg. 47 degrees frederick maryland. the weather tomorrow will have a low impact on our day. we get a little sunshine in here as well. so nice as we wrap things up for the end of the workweek. there are the rising temperatures. in a few minutes i'll be back with your seven-day forecast as we get ready to go through even more changes. the weekend, we'll have our super bowl forecast and a little bit of wintry weather coming our way for next week. >> thanks, veronica.
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a secret service agent attacked by a pit bull. what he says -- why he says the situation could have been even worse given where it happened. >> he was the focus of a wildly popular podcast. now a convicted killer in maryland is heading back to court and asking for a second chance at freedom. some very popular bus service could be cut here in northern virginia, and that's got a whole other group of commuters concerned.
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no.
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[mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. horrific pit bull attack that happened in front of her house three days ago.
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>> lady that had the dog, she just let him go. >> reporter: she had no control? >> no none. >> i'm still having both nightmares. >> reporter: the pit bull attack secret service agent ross yerger. he was not on duty. >> been reliving the whole thing. i still go through the whole event. >> reporter: according to this d.c. police report agent yerger was walking his dog on a leash on wader street in northwest d.c. a woman was walking her pit bull across the street. it allegedly overpowered her and attacked yerger dog, moby. ye rger tried to defend him. >> after i stuck my hand down its throat i punched it for a good three or four minutes in the head and it was like i was scratching its ears. >> reporter: a witness tells me the pit ball was so vicious a neighbor grabbed this shovel right here and hit it in order to stop it from are remembering a 13-year-old girl who was murdered.
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a wake is being held for nicole lovell. her funeral will be tomorrow. she was the teenager stabbed to dwet a death a week ago today. two students at virginia tech have been charged in her murder. investigators have not said how those two knew the girl who was a seventh grader, but a family friend says lovell told people that she had an 18-year-old boyfriend, and she met him on an app called kik. >> the kik app is a popular one with teenagers but police say it's increasingly becoming a place for child predators to hang out as well. new at 6:00 tonight meagan fitzgerald has more on what you can be doing to protect your children if they use that app. >> reporter: montgomery county police say the risk surrounding many of these social media apps are growing. in the last year they've had several cases of people for now i'm going to send it over to my dabbing zebra pants
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wearing colleague carol maloney who is out in san francisco. carol, what's going on out in san fran? >> reporter: yeah i had to watch a youtube video tutorial to learn how to do that. thanks a lot. super bowl dreams about to come true for the players and also for the coaches that helped get them here. robert mcclain of the carolina panthers, he has an amazing story of perseverance. we featured him in 2005 when he was a member of the patuxent high school panthers. he was a star player for them. he then went on to uconn and then the nfl for four seasons, but he was out of a job just a few months ago. picked up by the best team in football the carolina panthers, and he just jumped right in and fit right in. just days from the game, his high school coach sent him a message of encouragement which we shared with him on media day. >> hey robert, we're all pulling for you, praying for you every night,


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