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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-6:54am EST

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sloppy start. had a lot of thick fog earlier this morning. that's becoming less and less of an issue, but what is not going down are the flood warnings for creeks and streams. winchester out towards leesburg, water ways impacted, monocacy, potomac, acce seneca and goose . rivers likely to crest late today or early tomorrow. raindrops charles county along the northern neck moves southbound. rain over now in the metro area and rain will stay out of the picture here for northern maryland and panel handhandle o virginia. temperatures will trend down ward during the day. i'll let you know how much of an impact the weather will have on your plans during the day coming up here is melissa mollett.
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95 south, a little bit of the fog still hanging around. i was asking chuck where we would still see it. and he said check 95 south of fredericksburg, and you can still sort of see it there. also have the fog, the flooding as well. manassas piper lane there at observation road, all lanes blocked and no access to the broad run vre station off of piper lane. that again is because of the high standing water. same thing in barnesville, barnesville road at peach tree road with the lanes blocked because of flooding. crash right now northbound d.c. 295, the ramp there. a crash in the left lane. developing right now, police are investigating a quadruple shooting in the district. molette green is on the scene in southeast now with the very latest. >> reporter: yeah, d.c. police all over the scene here. check it out here. there is a wide area where they are walking around searching for evidence here.
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we are at 16th and butler streets here in the anacostia area. check out the evidence markers. irene zoom in. those are showing beer cans spotted all around strewn about in the street here. four people were shot last night, two juvenile, one is girl. all are expected to survive. but again this all happened last night in front of these apartments here. we're, wou working to find out motive and suspect information, but police tell me they will be here on the scene for quite some time. i'm counting four police cars here on the scene. investigators walking around looking for evidence on try to track down why this happened and who did this. four people shot, two of them juveniles, all expected to be
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okay. that's the latest live from an made cost i can't. a person is dead after being hit by a minivan on piscataway road. the driver is cooperating. investigators believe the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk. fire pouring out of a northwest washington building. this happened on m street northwest last night. you can see the flame just shooting out of the window there. no word on what sparked the fire. a d.c. firefighter was taken to the hospital after getting hurt. but is expected to be okay. it will be a very tough day for the family of 13-year-old nicole lovell. she will be laid to rest this afternoon in blacksburg. investigators say she was stabbed to death and they're charging virginia tech student david eisenhauer with her murder. fellow student natalie keepers is also charged with helping eisenhauer dump the body. keepers is also being charged
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withing being an access re beo the crime. a family wants to know why a father shot and killed his own daughter. police arrested 25-year-old daron boswell-johnson for the murder of neshante davis and their 2-year-old daughter chloe. court documents show that he confessed to waiting outside the town home and shot davis and their 2-year-old daughter several times. >> didn't have to do it. he could have just left her alone. >> two innocent lives and the little baby that can hardly talk, two years old. and you pump her with lead. >> court documents say that p boswell-johnson was upset that davis refused to drop a petition that would have required him to pay $600 a month in child support. he's expected to be held without bond. 6:05 now. possibly the are harshest
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exchange yet between tok and donald trump. cruz says trump is in his words completely losing it and throwing a trumper tantrum. this after trump tweeted the iowa caucus results were tainted and says he's considering asking for a recount. republican candidates will debate in new hampshire on saturday night. and now to the democrats and their debate. coming up in just a few hour, the attacks are getting tougher between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. in a cnn sponsored town hall last night, 9 vermont senator challenged clinton's stance as a progressive and clinton says sanders isn't the gatekeeper. polls show sanders with a huge lead going into the new hampshire primary. and you can watch tonight's msnbc debate at 9:00. "meet the press" chuck todd and rachel h
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rachel had dou rachel maddow will moderate. electronic screens for voting can't show all the candidates names on the same screen. electionsed ed administrator sa will put candidates with names farther down the alphabet as a disadvantage. she wants to use paper ballots instead. taking drastic measures. the emergency steps in place in florida right now in an effort to so that the spread of the seay zika virus. >> and coming up, travel times. and your collapse to openha piece of hi
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you may not be able to get a jump-start on filing your taxes today. the irs says a hardware failure hit several of its computer systems yesterday and it could affect how soon you receive your refund. you cannot submit your for fors untu forms sun and running. you can bid on a piece of unique university of maryland memorabilia. seat, lockers and signs are being auctioned off. the school is transforming the arena into an athletics com plepg plex. you can bid on the items february 12. >> many games there. >> should you get something. a pair of seats i think start at $400. >> never mind. a little out of my price range. maybe could you pick up a lint
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ball or something from the floor. >> $10. >> much better. thank you. coming up on 11 after the hour this morning. >> only a buck for a big foam finger, though. >> there you go. >> a lot of clouds outside this morning. the weather impacting your day, the fog early this morning. we'll get back to green light here shortly for that. flooding, still the red light on especially low lying areas. a lot of the lower creeks and streams are at bank or slightly above. a chance for a light snow tonight into parts of southern maryland. right november temperatures no in the 40s and 50s. so wet roads this morning and maybe a few light rain showers this morning. melissa mollett now first 4 traffic. if this manassas, piper lane at observation road, again, all lanes blocked right there.
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no access to vre station off of piper lane. 295 north bound the ramp to the 11th street bridge, a crash there in the left lane. starting to see some slowdowns there. travel time, 66 inbound looks good. 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway, no problems. 270 south is okay. and again top of the beltway 95 over to 270, no worries. i'm looking at chopper here, they should be there in a couple of minutes. live for you there back in a few. some body aches and really weird rash. >> opening up about her experience with the zika virus. what a woman is saying about it and the precautions she's now taking. also ahead, keeping your kids active. the steps being taken in virginia to make sure they are getting some exercise while at school.
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welcome back at 6:16. florida officials will regroup today to figure out how they can
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respond better to the sezika virus. there is a health emergency in four counties after mine cases were found. officials believe the illness was contracted by people traveling to affected countries. and a virginia other is tmother state's first known case. and david culver travelled to harrisonburg to bring us her story. heather baker travelled to yacht hal mal guatemala four times for mission work. and the mother of three came down with strange symptoms and went to get it checked out. last week doctors told her she had contracted the zika virus. >> began with just a swollen lymph node which definitely tipped me off that something was coming. and then progressed to some body aches and a really weird rash
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and joint pain. >> baker is urging other mothers to be or mothers to cancel travel plans for now. she says she will continue her mission work once she recovers. today you can be part of one of the larm he largest annual prayer gatherings of the nation. president obama will address the gathering and paul ryan will speak, as well. organizers expect about 3200 people from more than 140 countries to attend. a civil rights activist has thrown his name into the hat to become baltimore's next mayor. teray mckesson says he's still developing a cam apaign platfor but will have for internal audits from schools to be made public. on d.c. politics now where former mayor vincent gray will announce a run for d.c. council.
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sources tell news 4 that gray will run against yvette alexander in ward 7. alexander says she'll be ready. >> i'm continuing to do the work, so i'm going to continue to do the things that i do know matter who runs. >> prosecutors ended a five year probe of gray's scandal/plagued run in 2010. gray was never charged. we now know the sex assault case against bill cosby is moving forward. the judge ruled that a promise from a former district attorney was not the legally binding and doesn't bar prosecutors from pursuing charges against cosby. cosby's lawyers can appeal that ruling but have not said if they will. they will be back in court next month. an upper marlboro woman was
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arrested and charged with first-degree murder. she's accused of killing gilbert hall. police say the shooting appears to be drug related. virginia is considering using the electric chair for inmates on death row. according to the fredericksburg freelance star, state officials say they don't have lethal injection drugs to use in an execution next month. ricky gray is scheduled for excuse on march 16. the paper says if drugs are not found by then, the state may try to use the electric chair instead. news 4 your health, johnson and johnson teaming up with a biotech company to test a possible cure for diabetes. therapy involves implanting a small capsule under the skin that is made from embryonic stem cells that turn in to inside lynn producing cells. keeping your kitchen may help you lose weight. researchers at cornell university asked one group of
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women to wait in a cluttered kitchen while others in clean and organized kitchen. the messy kitchen group ate twice as many cookies in just ten minutes. >> when they mean clean kitchen, put all the chips and doritos out. >> i thought you meant like i had to wash the dishes. >> that, too. >> you never have to wash paper plates. >> whatever works. required exercise could soon be coming to your school in virginia. a bill requiring at the least 20 minutes of exercise every day passed an initial vote in the house of delegates. the bill focuses on students in elementary school. it does not require schools to log how the requirement is being met. some lawmakers in the house of delegates say the law intrudes too far into the work of teachers. a final vote on a measure is scheduled for today. how about a happy birthday for facebook. 12 years old today and the website is celebrating by
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creating video company lanllage of its uses. it's private unless you choose to share it. >> i shared mine, check out aaron's facebook page. >> and eun yang's. chuck bell, do you have a facebook page? >> i do, it's true. i always put my -- we are as socially as we possibly could be outside today. and it looks like today is one of those transitional days. a lot of clouds around this morning. and a little bit of fog still remaining especially south of town near fredericksburg and northern neck. the view from the tower camera looking northbound this to bethesda and chevy chase, not all that much fog left in the mote troh. but when i drove to work this
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morning about 2 bei:30, it was thick. only 45 in frederick, maryland, 53 at national airport. dense fog advisory has been canceled, but still thick fog in fredericksburg and stafford. so you could still see thick fog along the northern neck. and we're keeping a close eye out on flood warnings for creeks and streams. so if you have any low water crossings on your way to work or school, monocacy, senecseneca, creek. with time today, drier colder air settles in, so temperatures are as warm now as they will be all day long. back down to the upper 40s by 4:00. and overnight tonight, put this up here because by early tomorrow morning, most of the northern and western suburbs out to the virginia, west virginia line will be below freezing. a lot of moisture on the roads could still have ice problems tomorrow morning. and there could be a little late snow late tonight down in to
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southern maryland. here is the plumb of moisture off the extra have a and north careolina capes. it may graze southern st. mary's county. so maybe a wet snowflake by early tomorrow morning. here is future weather. a little bit of a rain chance after 4:00 today and overnight. and again by early tomorrow morning, that might just end with a little coating of snow. not likely, just a possibility. and that's a southern maryland issue. next four days, 50s today, a chance for light snow tomorrow and then sunny this weekend. another wintry weather coming our way next week. melissa mollett now. chopper 4 did get to the vre stafgs and it looks like paper lane has reopened. so no more problem with flooding there. do have an issue still barnesville, again talking about barnesville road at peach tree road, all lanes blocked there because of flooding.
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out are loop before georgia avenue, report of a crash. not seeing anything here but sounds like we have a problem outer loop just before georgia avenue. southbound bw parkparkway at 50 crash. >> reporter:ed there. 295, the ramp authority bupd to t northbound, get by on the right. and 301 at hawthorne road, a crash blocking the left side of the roadway. 6:24 now. another powerful bio pic making its way to the big screen. the movie "race" chronicles the story of jesse owens. cast and crew along with the daughter and granddaughter of jesse owens were there. stefan james plays owens.
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even more so than the athlete he was, fastest man on the planet, this super human sort of individual was the man he was. the father he was, the husband he was, the humanitarian he was. >> "race" opens february 19. and you think about his place in history and it took this long to get this sort of a movie done. interesting to see. >> i want to see it absolutely. well, today montgomery county leaders will hear an update about thousand of refugees there. the montgomery county council will hear from several groups that work to settle refugees. they say more than 2,000 moved to montgomery county between 2010 and 2014. most were from iraq and burma. and remember this video? a group people beating up a man at the gallery place met rotation last week. the attack was caught on surveillance video. thousa
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now we know six d.c. public school students have been charged with assault. police say the students who have been charged attend wilson high school in northwest washington. members of the maryland general assembly are criticizing the state's response to last month's blizzard. dozens of lawmakers wrote the transportation secretary about the conditions this mondin mont county. particularly, they pointed out the problems that linkered on connecticut avenue, rockville pike and arrive road. they said they were worried about economic concerns and your safety. a weather alert day for you as you get ready for work. we're watching for potential flooding in several low lying areas this morning after a day of heavy rain. you may encounter some fog out there, too. chuck bell has four things to know before you leave the house. secret service agent off the job after a vicious dog attack in northwest washington. what it took people nearby it on
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do to get the animal off. >> plus we're learning new information about that incident mid flight, socki i
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we're tracking potential flooding for you. this map shows the greatest risks. we've also heard several reports about closures. >> and you may encounter are some fog out there. chuck bell has the four things to know before you leave your house. good morning. >> welcome to thursday, every. inching our way every closer to the weekend. had super thick fog earlier this morning, that is becoming less and less of a concern. looking through capital wheel, you can see the planes going up the river. so visibilities improving around town and even down along the northern neck. so what do you need to know? fog lifting out. keep an eye out for high water in some of the local low spots. tracking a small chance for some
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flurries in southern maryland tonight and then all eyes on the weekend, things looking quieter. so the next 24 hours, temperatures near 50 this morning with the fog moving out. clouds linger. could have light rain southern maryland by 7:00 tonight and that could end with a couple of flurries by early tomorrow morning. biggest issue tomorrow morning might be black ice for areas north and west of town. school day forecast in ten minutes. now new hits on 66. 66 inbound at sudley road, chopper 4 over the scene. you can see the volume into town. barnesville road at peach tree road, remember all lanes blocked there because of the flooding in montgomery county. outer loop at colesville road, that's really a better location for the crash near georgia. so seeing significant slowdowns because of that accident. top of the beltway when you take
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a big look at things, the routes in and out of town not so bad. 295 inbound, a little slow there. and 395 inbound slow, as well. erika. police have two men in custody, one of whom believed to have spent time in an isaiis training camp. raids in berlin early this morning part of a hunt for four suspected algerian jihadists. special police forces confiscated commuters, phones and documents in the raids. back to you. 6:32. today a man charged in two home invasions and sex assault on capitol hill heads to court. antoine pitt will appear in the district. police say he entered an apartment building in southeast in october and sexually assaulted a woman. pitt is also accused in a second home invasion in the same month in northeast. he was arrested for the attacks while on probation for armed robbery that happened back in 2013. a montgomery county couple
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will now face child abuse charges. zip ties, plastic wrap and a belt the couple used to abuse their 7-year-old son. craig and nicole williams were arrested in december. according to court documents, the boy was frequently restrained with the zip ties. their attorney says i don't believe police looked as deeply as they could or should have into the back story of this case. he also says right now what is out there for public consumption is no where near the full story. this is a crazy story. a northwest washington neighborhood shocked by its third dog attack in recent weeks, this time a secret service agent supposed to be protecting hillary clinton this week is instead recovering from a pit bull attack. he was off duty walking his own dog when he says a woman across the street lost control of her pit bull and it charged.
6:34 am
he was trying to defend his open dog. >> after i stuck my hand down its throat, i then punched it for a good three or four minutes in the head. and it was like i was scratching its ears. >> neighbors say someone had to grab a snow shovel and hit the pit bull to stop the attack. animal control is not commenting on this weekend's incident. who will serve as the next school superintendent in montgomery county? the board of education there holding a special he meeting in rockville to talk about that position. the state superintendent of schools has to approve any appointment. this meeting comes about a year aft after joshua starr resigned. and proposed butt service cuts and fare hikes in prince william county. the transportation commission says that it is losing revenue because of falling gas prices. it says it's proposing hiking fares by an average of 5% and eliminating at least nine routes. some commuters fear it will
6:35 am
create longer wait times for those slug lines and more road congestion. giant panda cub bei bei is growing up fast and now eating solids. nice milestone for him. >> that hand is gone. >> he's only eating bamboo. the zookeeper tell us he also likes sweet potato. with a name that means precious treasure, he's not only melting our hearts, he's also helping scientists. >> are they active, sleeping. so they're looking into individual behaviors and also looking at how they interact. >> so cute. the snow day video nearly broke the internet. 55 million views. and his baby boy already has fans falling in love. the moment he was born, we were in love. how could you not be? >> he's a cutie. cute kid. >> i'm worried about bao bao's
6:36 am
well-being, though. >> we'll start something on twitter to see if we can get a family outing. >> i can bring the picnic baskets. it's 6:36. want to tell you about a potential problem for the primaries in maryland. why the state may have to ditch the electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots. also ahead, protecting your children when they use social media. the role it played in a young virginia girl's murder and why it should serve as a warning to you. and right now, chopper 4 headed to the problem top of the beltway.
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new governments on the apparent explosion on an airplane in so malia. a blast blew a hole in the cabin. witnesses say a man was sucked out of the hole.
6:40 am
officials say one person died. they're working to find out sxha exactly what caused all this. they found no criminal related evidence. high security for this weekend's big game. even though officials in san francisco say there is no credible threat to super bowl 50, they're urging everyone attends to report any success pish shus activity. officials say preparations include a command center, housing federal state and local law enforcement. the broncos take on the panthers sunday. should be a great game. good morning. when i got to work this morning, you couldn't even see the parking lot from our tower camera. now the fog has lifted and visibility has improved dramatically. still a few lingering light rain showers across southern st. mary's and southern calvert county. wider view shows that this is a dry day for the metro area
6:41 am
points north and west. big range in temperatures. 60s in southern maryland, mid-40s across northern maryland. so bus stop, watch out for patchy fog still lingering. a cool and cloudy day today. 7 day broadcast in ten minutes. right now chopper headed to the top of the beltway trying to find the crash we were talking about on the outer loop. they may have just found some sort of problem. eastbound toll road ramp to the outer loop express lanes, new crash in the left lane right now. barnesville road at peach tree, one of the roads where we have all lanes blocked because of the rising water. and taking a look 66 into town hooking okay. 95 north, 30 minutes not bad there. 270 south is okay. to whi top of the beltway, we are jammed. going to take you 37 minutes. a live look at the police
6:42 am
investigation under way in southeast washington after gunshots leave four people hurt. what we're learning about that attack. also ahead, no breaks for the candidates as they try to land their party's nominations. what we can expect as hillary what we can expect as hillary clinton and bernie sander i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) 6:45 on a thursday morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. thick fog was a problem
6:45 am
overnight. that rob is mov problem is movi still a chance for more rain coming our way. chopper 4 over pretty big delays because of a crash. and eastbound toll road ramp to the outer loop express lanes, a crash there slowing things, as well. details and more coming up. it is now 6:45. police are investigating a quadruple shooting near 16th and butler streets. molette green is on the scene with details. >> reporter: officers have been here all night, this is an active police investigation. they have shut down this portion for their work that is ongoing to find evidence and clues. we are at 16th and butler as you said. you can see the crime tape. officers using their flashlights, evidence markers show beer cans strewn in the street. what we can tell you is that
6:46 am
four people were shot, two of them juveniles, one of them a girl. all expected to survive the injuries. and we are near some apartments here. and so people are coming and going. we got an interesting look at one officer's act of kindness, a mother who had to get through here couldn't go through with her car. the officer actually helped her carrying one of her kids while she carried the other. so that was a little bit of a bright spot coming out of what has been a violent night. this shooting happened just before 9:00 p.m. last night. working to get more information on just what led up to that and of course information on suspects in this case. 6:46. just days after the iowa caucuses and hours after a cnn town hall, democrats gearing up for a debate tonight. you can watch it live on our nbc washington app.
6:47 am
chuck todd is moderating the debate. >> and he joins us live there durham, new hampshire. so bernie sanders has a pretty significant lead in the polls. so why does he seem to be ramping up the attacks? >> well, i think this is less about new hampshire and more about trying to send a national message to democrats. the two of them are fighting obviously over the definition of progressive, who could get things done in washington. hillary clinton trying to say, hey, he's just a wild eyed liberal that doesn't realize that his ideas, he has no chance of getting them through. sanders trying to say, hey, you know what, this incrementalism, that won't change washington, the system is corrupted. so the divide between the two of them really is on tactics, on style. and i think what has been interesting is that maybe it explains why the electorate is
6:48 am
divided by age. older voters perhaps a little more experienced watching how washington works, how we know washington works, liking the practicing ma pragmatism of hillary clinton. but the problem with practicing th pragmatism, it's not most exciting campaign message and sanders trying to take advantage of some momentum he has. >> let's talk about the republicans. they have a debate this weekend. the primary is a must win for donald trump? >> 100%. donald trump has been the national frontrunner. he's had a large lead. he had a lead in the polls in iowa. it didn't hold. you can explain that away because it's a more conservative electorate, more religious based. so the evangelical candidate won. this is the third cycle in a row where the evangelical git wcand won this iowa. but if trump blows his lead in new hampshire, a place that should be showers.
6:49 am
really only charles, calvert and st. mary's county likely to see much in the way of rain. washington northbound should remain dry. as we get towards 8:00 tonight, maybe a little chance for some showers southern prince george's county and southern anne arundel county. moisture south and east of i-95. temperatures this morning, it is still 61 it in st. mary's county. only 46 in leesburg. plan on your day then, fog lifting. clouds remaining and risk of showers late this afternoon and overnight tonight. and just enough cold air coming in by tomorrow morning, could get a tenth to a quarter of an inch of snow southern maryland, lower parts of the eastern shore. no accumulating snow in the metro. but again, with temperatures below freezing, any snow that melts today may cause black ice early tomorrow morning. so falling temperatures today, cool and cloudy to start tomorrow out. weekend looks great. monday night into tuesday, another


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