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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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st. mary's, down through richmond county down south and over to maryland's eastern shore. that's where most of the snow is going to start accumulating. between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m., moderate impacts with travel. it gets better. by 9:00 a.m., noontime, minimal impacts on the area. a quick-hitting system coming up from the south. you can see the moisture there. it's going to be running right up to the north and ooetion aeaf the coast by early to midmorning. most of the roads will be fine but there could be isolated slick spots. most of the accumulation will be on grassy areas. i will be back with a map that shows what your neighborhood will see. a dozen shots rang out in a d.c. neighborhood flying in every direction, wounding four people and right now police are still looking for the person who pulled the trigger. this all unfolded along butler street in southeast in the anacostia area and news4's pat collins is there. he talked with a woman who nearly got hit. he's live at the scene.
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pat? >> wendy, imagine, you're sitting at home, on your sofa, working on your computer and all of a sudden a bullet goes whizzing over your head. here now the story of the near miss on butler street. bullets into cars, bullets into homes, bullets into people. witnesses say they heard more than 30 shots here. two went into louenne lindsey's home. one of the bollets ca lbullets r son's crib and into that wall. it came through the living room wall, through the lampshade, hit the shelf, and ricocheted to the shelf down there. all the while she was here working on her computer. what was it like? >> it was scary. when i heard the first shot, i actually thought maybe two kids were playing with fireworks, but
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then i heard two more shots and i heard the glass shatter. i got down on the floor. >> reporter: it happened around 9:00 last night. a car pulled up, a man got out, and the shooting began. four people wounded. they're expected to survive. on the scene today, commander parker. she's most upset by what happened here. >> it's reckless and irresponsible. >> reporter: commander parker has detectives working the case. she says she's hopeful for a quick arrest. >> we do have quite a few detectives that are working on it. we received quite a few leads, so they've jumped on all of them so far and we're hoping that one at least pans out to get us the closure we need. >> reporter: now, coming up at 6:00, we're going to talk to a woman who was in bed when a bullet went through a brick wall into her room. it forced her to enact her emergency shooting plan. more about that coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you.
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dismay and disappointment from his own family. today the man who police tell us admitted to murdering his 2-year-old daughter and her mother was ordered held without bond. and outrage over this case is building online. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live outside the courthouse in prince george's county with the latest. tracee? >> reporter: the best way to describe all of this is emotional. emotional online, emotional inside of that courthouse, and outside as well. outside the prince george's county courthouse -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it was one more example of the tension and anger surrounding the murders of neshante davis and her 2-year-old baby girl chloe. >> there's a lot of pain around this case. >> reporter: daron boswell-johnson had his first court appearance after
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confessing he shot and killed his 2-year-old daughter and the mother of his child. his family was expected to speak in his defense but some expressed disappointment in him. one of his six brothers say, i knew shante. she was a nice woman. their relationship was cordial even though they weren't together. i feel story for the family and hope they could forgive us as a whole family. he paused and bowed his head and then said, you messed up. that same anger and disappointment was played out on facebook where some comments were so explosive the page was taken down by facebook. one person wrote, he deserves that seat and the worst hell possible. someone else called him a coward. on that same page johnson had numerous pictures of his son and daughter from a previous relationship where he described being a proud father. there was no mention of little chloe. she's the second child to lose her life in a domestic homicide in prince george's county this year. >> 40% of our cases so far this year have been domestic.
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we have ten homicides and four of them are domestic. >> reporter: now, at the top of that you saw one of johnson's brothers having an argument with a woman outside of this courthouse based on something she said about his brother on instagram. coming up on news4 at 6:00, the state's attorney's office has been receiving a number of phone calls from the public. the state's attorney tells us it's something she's never seen before. >> we are following new developments involving the zika virus. health officials have confirmed three cases in the city including one from last year and two from 2016. one of the patients from this year is a pregnant woman. all three cases involved someone who travelled to central or south america. still ahead, doreen gentzler will join us to talk about what's being done here and abroad to try and combat this rise of infections. right now crews are trying to figure out what's behind the sheen that popped up this week along the potomac river. investigators tell us they've identified a petroleum-based
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substance in an area around grably point. there have been sightings of the sheen stretching from the district to nearly eight miles south of alexandria. the coast guard and others have been checking waterfront locations but so far haven't found any potential source. former d.c. mayor vincent gray did what was expected today. announcing he will try to revive his political career with a run for the d.c. council. news4's tom sherwood reporting. >>. >> reporter: on wamu road today may gror gray ended months of speculation about his political plans. >> kojo, i made a decision i am going to run for the ward 7 seat. >> reporter: the democratic primary is june 14th. gray will file official papers in the next few day approximates. >> i'm glad you're back in politics. >> reporter: he's challenging
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yvette alexander. she succeeded him in that council seat. she told news4 yesterday she's prepared to run against anyone. >> i have my eye on ward 7. i'm continuing to do the work so, you know, i'm going to continue to do the things that i do no matter who runs. >> reporter: for gray it's an attempt to put behind him the five-year federal probe into his 2010 campaign for mayor. the probe ended in december with no charges against gray. gray sought to dismiss it with humor today when asked if he had learned anything from the probe? >> yeah. i've learned that the u.s. attorney's office -- no, i don't know that i have learned anything that would apply to this. >> reporter: now, coming up at 6:00, is this just gray getting ready to run for mayor again in 2018? and also at 6:00, we'll have some reaction from people who live in ward 7 about gray getting back into politics. >> okay. it will be interesting. thanks, tom. a developing story in charles county tonight. police on the scene of a shooting involving a sheriff's
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deputy. this happened this afternoon in the area of post office road here at st. charles parkway in waldorf. police tell us the officer noticed a man standing in that intersection. he was carrying a gun. there was a chase and that officer fired shooting the man in the leg and rear end. police say the man is expected to be okay. police believe a driver hitting the wrong pedal led to a car crashing into a townhouse in montgomery county today. chopper4 up over the scene earlier this afternoon on harlequin terrace in the burtonsville area. we're told no one was seriously hurt and damage appears to be minor. a number of disturbing new details released in court today as prosecutors lay out their case against one of the suspects in that abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl in virginia. chris lawrence is here now with more on what we've learned. chris? >> it was really tough, tough day for nicole lovell's family because they had to go straight from the courthouse to the funeral service for the
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13-year-old girl. family members, friends, even some members of the community are saying good-bye to her today. lovell's body was found in north carolina this weekend, days after she had gone missing from her home in blacksburg, virginia. police say lovell had been stabbed, and tonight we're learning more about what role natalie keepers is accused of playing in her death. keepers is 19 years old and during a bail hearing earlier, prosecutor mary pettit said she was involved from the very beginning. that she and co-defendant david eisenhauer drew up a sophisticated plan that started with them buying a shovel and finding a location to kill the girl. pettits had says keepers was, quote, excited to be part of something special and secret with eeisenhauer. it was revealed keepers cut herself to relieve some emotional pain. they call it being a cutter, and that she started doing it as early as eighth grade. she was taking some medication for anxiety and seeing a counselor on the virginia tech campus. keepers was ordered held without
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bond today but she and eisenhauer are due back in court in march. chris, thank you. a naked man grabs a student walking to the bus stop. what happened to the suspect that attacked in a northern virginia neighborhood. inside metro's new security operation center. it's amazing how much they can actually see and what they're monitoring. i'm adam tuss. i'll give you an inside look coming up. what an impression his coach has left on him. coming up, vernon davis on the bumpy road to his second super bowl. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie.
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metro police still looking for the victims and bnwitnesseso a morning rush hour fight at the gallery place/chinatown station. one witness is metro. they caught the entire thing on surveillance cameras. their message tonight, you're being watched. transportation reporter adam tuss takes us inside metro's brand new security operations command center which displays a dizzying array of electronic
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eyes. it's something you will see only on news4. >> reporter: on platforms, outside metro buildings, in parking lots, even in elevators. metro's watching from this facility in hyattsville. >> you can clearly see you're going to get caught on camera somewhere. >> reporter: all 91 rail stations wired. some could have as many as 100 cameras. metro said if it isn't now the most wired system in the country, then it's right at the top of the list. >> it's a message for the bad guys. guess what? we watch you, we got you, and we're going to get you if you do anything on our system. >> reporter: incidents like this fight at gallery place where six teenagers and an adult passenger exchanged punches captured right here. and this allows transit police officers to respond faster. >> that crime occurred within 20 seconds. they boarded the train. we know what train they're on. we have officers up the line prepared to stop that train, give the physical description of what they look like, pull them
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off the train, bring them back, identify them right there on the spot. so the technology speaks for itself. >> reporter: check out how much metro can actually see at one given time. we have union station, a couple of views, metro center, and at largo, a suspect being talked to for indecent exposure. the call came into this side of the facility, the police communications center where tips are taken. right afterwards the suspect caught. buses have plenty of cameras as well but officers in the field are connecting wirelessly to the bus to monitor. metro admits not all crimes will be stopped and ultimately police on the ground are a big stsh. >> is it safe to say any police force though would welcome more officers? >> i'm sure any police chief in the united states would say they would love to have more officers. >> reporter: for now this new facility doing a lot of the heavy lifting. coming up at 6:00, the possibility of riders being
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banned from the system if they commit a crime. adam tuss, news4. a new poll just released on the democratic race for president. the poll by nbc news/"wall street journal" finds bernie sanders with a 20-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. 58% to 38%. the poll was conducted just after clinton's narrow win in the iowa caucuses monday. the numbers are essentially unchanged from last week. the new poll comes just before tonight's debate between the two candidates. it's their first one-on-one encounter. nbc news andrea mitchell and kasie hunt tell us what each needs to do to come out on top. >> reporter: i'm andrea mitchell, and in tonight's debate, hillary clinton needs to try and appeal to younger voters. her campaign manager acknowledged that after the results in iowa showed bernie sanders won 70% of those voters. now,created a new problem after an offhanded
5:17 pm
remark about why she offered $675,000 saying that's what they offered. we'll see how it plays out tonight on the debate stage. >> reporter: i'm kasie hunt. tonight bernie sanders is likely going to have to answer questions about why he doesn't think hillary clinton is a progressive, and he'll also have to address concerned about his own plans, whether or not they're realistic, practical, whether they could get through congress. >> and you can see chuck todd and msnbc host rachel maddow moderate the democratic debate tonight at 9:00 on msnbc. your kids in virginia may get more time in gym class and recess under a new bill approved by the house of delegates. the law would apply to kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. it requires the children get at least an average of 20 minutes of physical activity a day. the senate has already approved its own version of the bill. critics say it puts an unfair imposition on teachers and
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school districts. a big crackdown on counterfeit sporting goods. today officials with the u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement announced the seizure of nearly 450,000 counterfeit items. estimated to be worth $39 million. the items include fake jerseys, hats, even cell phone accessories. there have also been 41 arrests and 35 convictions. this crackdown called operation team player began at the end of last year's super bowl. and speaking of team players, carol maloney live at the super bowl. >> and while, yes, there is no "i" in carol, she's talking about our local standout, vernon davis, whose evolution into a team player has helped bring him to his second super bowl, carol. >> reporter: yeah. vernon davis' road to the super bowl has taken some very strange turns but the maryland alum insists that he's not on the world stage this sunday if not
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for that difficult journey which started in washington, d.c. >> i remember because it was a work ethic. he always worked hard. gave 100%. he only knew one way to play and that was giving 100%. >> reporter: that drive pushed vernon through dunnbar, on to maryland, and through the pros where suddenly it all veered offcourse. benched and berated. >> i told him he would do a better job for us right now taking a shower and coming back and watching the game than going out on the field. simple as that. >> i'd rather play with ten guys. >> and just get penalized all the way until we got to do something else. >> it's all about the team. >> i happened to run into coach for first time and i walked up to him and i said coach single tear, i'm vernon davis' high school coach. he said, oh, no. i said that's a good thing. you really brought him back to earth. >> i learned to put my teammates
5:20 pm
before myself and just lifting guys up. >> reporter: a turning point for the tight end led to an all-pro season and a trip to super bowl xlvii, but another change of course. traded to the broncos just a few months ago. >> he hasn't found his niche yet, but they have a couple of weeks to maybe plan for that. i'm just hoping that he canake some type of contribution. whatever he needs to do to get that ring, you know, it's going to say super bowl champ. it's not going to say vernon davis champ. >> i may not ever get back here again. you have to be thankful. embrace it, be thankful, don'tg. >> you're representing the dmv. >> he lives only 12 minutes away from levi's stadium. but the dvm will always be his home. definitely someone you want to root for. coming up on news4 at 6:00, mark, a super bowl champion. a three-time super bowl champion on the best super bowl team of
5:21 pm
all time, the '91 redskins. you want to hear that. >> thanks, carol. looks pretty good in the bay area but right here who is ready for some more snow? some of you may get it in the morning depending where you live. the full forecast is next. plus the weather is helping to create potholes have you hit some? i hit four or five today. they're getting bigger on our roads and what's the costly fix? we'll have that answer. and the new year is here and news4 is helping with you a financial reboot. we have everything you need to know to keep your money in your pocket and keep your budget in
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and now, your storm team4 forecast. >> we'll be in weather alert mode starting late tonight. doug kammerer and myself will be here at 11:00 to get you through. good time to download the nbc washington app. look at what we're expecting for the friday morning rush. some moderate impacts to our area because of the weather. morning rain and snow mixed, so that is going to be impacting travel probably slow on area roads. breezy and cold for the remainder of the day. we'll take a look at the windchill temperatures in a moment. you can see the system right now producing a few light showers around areas of southern maryland and down through the northern neck. all that moisture moving out of the south. an area of low pressure, the storm system over the piedmont of north carolina. we will see a change around here as rain continues to move in.
5:25 pm
the change between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. from rain to rain and snow mix. your temperatures generally in the mid to upper 30s across the area. but 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., rain and snow mixed. check out the temperatures from frederick, leesburg, into manassas, and around gaithersburg, very close to freezing. there will be possibly even some snow as far best as here as that system makes its way up the coast, but something that you need to know about. here is midnight. the green showing the rain. the pink, that's the mix conditions of rain and snow. there's your change as we talked about, could make it as far west as fed rick, leesburg, warrenton. with the temperatures pretty low, maybe some isolated slick spots. for the most part just accumulation on grassy surfaces. you're really going to notice it 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m. in the morning. by the latter part of the morning rush, it starts moving away. here is where most of the snow will be, cambridge, leonardtown,
5:26 pm
montro montrose. dusting to an inch. in the areas in pink, mixture of rain and snow. that's your i-95 corridor up toward baltimore. woodbridge, manassas. and then one inch or less back to the west. mainly on grassy surfaces but here is where there could be more isolated slick spots. northern montgomery county, northern loudoun county and western howard county and a cold one as the wind picks up. 32 to 35 degrees. 34 to 39 degrees by the afternoon hours. so first thing tomorrow morning, you will need everything from the coat, the gloves, the hat, and even the umbrella for the rain showers that will be coming through. we've got a better weekend under way. 45 to 50 degrees, but winter is not done with us. we've got another system set to move in early part of next week. amelia has more on that because it could be bringing a mixture of not just rain and snow, but some more snow, just snow, to the area. we'll have that in a few minutes. >> winter.
5:27 pm
come on. >> thanks, v.j. >> you bet. now at 5:00, we've been telling you about the new cases of the zika virus in d.c., but we're also seeing a rise in reported cases all over the country. find out where straight ahead. and a new leader emerges from for montgomery county schools. we'll tell you about the familiar face that could change your child's future in education. and a student attacked by a naked man on the street. find out who intervened just in time. you're watching news4 at 5:00. you're watching news4 at 5:00. we've got a live report ri
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right now at 5:30, tension filled and awkward. >> do you think you have done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> his 5,000% hike on a life-saving drug sparked outrage. i'm julie carey in woodbridge where parents are on edge after a naked man attacks a teenager headed to that bus stop, and now they've learned the man is one of their neighbors. and rebooting your resolutions. >> let's be real. it is rocket science. >> reporter: four ways to keep the financial goals you set at the beginning of the year. so parents in the woodbridge neighborhood unnerved after a naked man attacks a 16-year-old girl as she walks to the bus stop. >> yeah. that attack happened yesterday along charter court and our
5:31 pm
northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live with reaction from the victim's parents and neighbors there. >> reporter: the 16-year-old's parents didn't want to be interviewed on camera but they say their daughter is doing as well as can be expected after such a traumatic incident. they were already away at work when it happened. they tell me that they'd always taught their daughter if she was attacked, to run, fight, bite, and scream. yesterday morning she did exactly that and the neighbors came running. 6:15 wednesday morning on charter court, it was still dark as the 16-year-old girl made her way to the school bus stop when she saw a naked man coming her way. she turned to run home. he tackled her. >> i just heard screaming, a woman screaming, and i just immediately the first thing i did was call 911. >> reporter: this girl says her friend witnessed the attack from the bus stop. >> she was just saying this girl
5:32 pm
was running down the street saying help me, help me, and following her was this naked man chasing after her and he just jumped and tackled her. >> reporter: police say a neighbor walking his dog tried to help and also got pulled to the ground. at least two other men rushed outside but the attacker kept the teen in his grips until police arrived. today police identified the man as 37-year-old musab mohammed el-sheikh. he's now undergoing a mental health evaluation. the school district alerted neighbors with robocalls and letters home. >> robo called and told us what the incident was, that there was a naked man that attacked a girl but he was in custody. >> reporter: but today neighbors learned el-sheikh lived in their midst. he recently moved into this home just a block from the bus stop. a man who confirmed he's el-sheikh's father deklained to answer questions. neighbors say they will be watching this case to see if and
5:33 pm
when the suspect returns to his home. >> i'm a little upset. i'm a little worried about it. i'm going to keep track of this. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago i talked to that man who was out walking his dog yesterday morning and was initially himself knocked to the ground before he tried to pull the suspect off the teenage girl. all new at 6:00, his story about what happened. back to you now, jim, in the studio. >> julie carey, thank you. a montgomery county man who admitted to hitting his female roommate in the head with a hammer will spend the next six years in prison. a judge sentenced timothy oliver yesterday for the 2014 attack in rockville. prosecutors say oliver attacked the woman after his dog was accidentally hit by a car while in the woman's care. she suffered a skull fracture and hearing loss as a result. new tonight, we just learned the name of a man who was killed as he tried to cross the street in prince george's county. a minivan hit him as he tried to cross piscataway road in clinton
5:34 pm
last night. he was not in a crosswalk at the time and the driver did stay on the scene. investigators are still looking into what led to this, but there was a lot of fog, as you know, in our area around the time that this happened. in just about an hour, the montgomery county school board will name a new leader, it's dr. jack smith. he is the interim state school superintendent. chris gordon is live for us at the board of education in rockville where the announcement will happen. chris? >> reporter: well, dr. jack smith for years was the superintendent of calvert county in southern maryland. people are quick to point out it's a smaller county than montgomery county and parents here can be demanding. so the stakes for the new superintendent here are extremely high. former school superintendent dr. joshua star resigned a year ago when it became clear he wouldn't be offered a new contract. the school board began a nationwide search. last may it named dr. andrew hul
5:35 pm
m houlihan as their preferred candidate but he with drew. dr. jack smith is currently serving as maryland's interim state superintendent. >> i have questions. i have a very kind of brief view of his biography and experience and a brief overview of calvert county schools, and i'm wondering what the fit is for montgomery county school system. >> reporter: this online petition is entitled prevent dr. jack smith in becoming maryland state superintendent. it's from and says it has more than 1,100 signatures. dr. smith was formerly calvert county's school superintendent. a reporter from the calvert recorder con doesn'ted a three-month investigation into dr. smith's compensation package. >> extra leave and increasing
5:36 pm
salaries regardless of the fact that the school system was kind of in a downward spiral as far as salaries and pay raises and step increases and stuff like that. >> reporter: now, despite that, dr. smith has a lot of support here in montgomery county. ahead we will hear how his experience as acting secretary of education may help montgomery county get more school funding from the state. that's coming up on news4 at 6:00. that's the latest from rockville. wendy, back to you. >> chris gordon, thanks. well, a lot of people think he's a jerk and today he didn't handle -- or improve his image. more on that controversial drug ceo who raised prices. today he raised some eyebrows on capitol hill. and a maryland murderer thrust back into the spotlight because of a podcast. now a key witness
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
it's not funny, mr. shkreli. people are dying and they're getting sicker and sicker. >> lawmakers up on capitol hill not happy with embattled pharma executive martin shkreli. >> his antics today during a hearing on drug prices did nothing to help his reputation as the most hated man in
5:40 pm
america. cameras caught him twiddling his thumbs, smirking, rolling his eyes as he sat before the house oversight and government reform committee. lawmakers tried to question the former drug executive on why he started selling life-threatening -- drugs for life-threatening diseases for $750 per pill. >> do you think you have done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> shkreli pled the fifth, was eventually dismissed. he then went on twitter, called committee members imbeciles. he's facing separate criminal charges of security fraud in connection with another drug company that he owned. he denies those charges. and this just in, the national weather service has extend the winter weather advisory to include washington, arlington, alexandria, prince
5:41 pm
arlington, alexandria, prince george's county, arn i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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you like being picture perfect. ♪ you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. a developing story tonight. newly confirmed cases of zika in d.c. tonight we are learning more about how health officials here in the u.s. and abroad are
5:44 pm
responding to this virus. >> and news4's doreen gentzler is here now with the latest on this expanding public health emergency. this is just getting worse and worse. >> and it does seem like the story is developing pretty rapidly. we are hear being more cases. tonight the number of cases in our region has expanded with health officials confirming three cases in the district. among those patients, one is a pregnant woman. all three cases involve individuals who traveled to south and central america and then came here. the virus is more widespread in the south. late this afternoon health officials in central texas confirmed their first case. and in florida governor rick scott has declared a health emergency for five counties. that state has at least a dozen confirmed cases. the governor has requested 5,000 testing kits from the centers for disease control. with no vaccine available, no cure for zika, brazil, which has seen widespread cases s now focusing on trying to kill the
5:45 pm
mosquitos that carry the virus. along with spraying for mosquitos, they're also experimenting with larva devouring fish and also genetically modified insects that would reduce the mosquito population. but one of the issues, these mosquitos can lay eggs in stagnant water in an amount as small as a bottle cap. if you were with us for news4 at 11:00 last night, you met heather baker, one of the first diagnosed with zika in virginia. tonight at :6:00, we report wit how she's trying to battle to get healthy. zika has been linked to birth defects in south america, a significant number of them in brazil, but the majority of people only suffer mild symptoms for up to a week we're told. i know a lot of people have questions about this zika virus and how rapidly it's moving. i want to tell you that the centers for disease control on
5:46 pm
their website has a whole lot of information available. the latest information about the symptoms, the treatment, and possible prevention. that's cdc .gov. >> they're concerned also because the olympics are down in brazil. >> indeed. >> this august. we didn't see any of that in rio when we were there last week because they say it's in the northeastern part of the country, but mosquitos fly. >> and certainly people in rio are going to have to respond to the growing concern about this worldwide. >> yeah. all right. >> doreen, thanks so much. meanwhile, we have another problem falling from the sky. >> chris lawrence at the live desk where we just got word from prince george's county, scheduled day off for students will now be a makeup day from all that snow. next friday, the 12th, was supposed to be a professional development day for teachers. now it's going to be a regular school day for all students and staff. the county used six snow days during the storm and only had
5:47 pm
four built into the schedule. so this makeup day will keep students from having to go to school much later into the summer. back to you. >> amelia joins us now and the models are looking dicier and dicier for tomorrow morning. is there a concern for school delays or cancellations? >> i think there's a high likelihood we will get some delays into the newsroom, maybe some closures but definitely delay. it looks like this stuff will come to an end around 9:00 but we always get new information. v.j. continues to update the newscast on news4 at 11:00 -- or at 6:00 and doug and veronica will be in tonight at 11:00 with the latest. but from the national weather service, they have extended that winter weather advisory to include arlington, alexandria, the district, as well as charles county, prince george's, anne arundel counties as well. it will run through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. our forecast hasn't changed. we've been saying the same thing all evening long. rain showers moving westward into the area overnight tonight. snow showers start to mix in
5:48 pm
around 2:00, 3:00 a.m., and then we'll track rain and snow showers tomorrow morning. potentially even some areas of some moderate snow at times reducing visibilities. tomorrow morning because of the timing of the rain and snow showers, it will be a weather alert day. here is the latest on storm fami family 4 radar. showers in the southern parts of maryland and the northern neck and the eastern shore. it will be this system that starts to pull back to the west during the evening hours. stopping it at in addition nimi is rain in the metro area. we will continue to track rain and snow showers until about 9:00 a.m. after that those will push back out of the area and winds will increase. because of the morning rain and snow showers and the breezy and cold conditions tomorrow, the weather having a moderate impact on your day. hearing a lot of folks on twitter and facebook saying they're seeing crews pretreating the roads. accumulation though will mainly stick to grassy areas. i think for the most part roads
5:49 pm
should be okay, especially in washington with temperatures just above freezing. but certainly we're going to keep an eye out for some isolated slick spots tomorrow morning. here is the snow forecast. adusti a dusting to three inches. little or no accumulation for the rest of us, maybe around an inch or less with highs tomorrow in the low to mid-40s, but when you factor in the winds, it will feel like temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s. we look forward to a nice quiet weekend. 50 on sunday ander to sto er ta system for monday and tuesday. >> lots going on. amelia, thanks. well, they are common in winter when you're driving and now they are everywhere after all that snow. hundreds of potholes in d.c., maryland, and virginia. >> they are everywhere. crews are working to patch them up. if you run over one, the cost, it can be steep. news4's meagan fitzgerald live for us in bethesda to show you the big problems popping up just about on every road.
5:50 pm
meagan? >> reporter: a lot of drivers have been racking up a bill into the thousands of dollars rolling over potholes like the one behind us on massachusetts avenue. mechanics say not only are they keeping busy, but they say biggbi bigger potholes means a higher bill. if you have been driving on roads around the dmv, chances are it feels like these things are everywhere. >> i know there's lots of potholes. >> reporter: and they're hard to avoid. >> swerving, which is dangerous. my husband had a flat tire the other morning when we came out. i'm sure that was because he didn't avoid. >> reporter: and that usually lands drivers here. >> kind of like this one back here. just had a minor bend in it. >> reporter: mike cunningham is the owner of bethesda import specialists. he says so far this week he's fixed five cars with pothole damage and there's more customers in line. >> we had one customer that actually hit the same pothole with both sides of the wheel. he got two wheels and two tires. >> reporter: which means that customer had to fork over more
5:51 pm
than $1,000. but this year the maryland state highway administration says potholes are getting bigger, so mechanics say that means more damage to cars. >> a lot of times when you have pothole damage, depending how big the hot pole, what it can do is bend the subframe in the car. >> reporter: in the meantime, while crews are out patching them up, many drivers say they will do their best to spare their cars and their wallets. >> i mean, you really sometimes can't avoid them because you can't change lanes that quickly so i think you just have to kind of go slowly. >> reporter: agencies like vdot and ddot say if you see a pothole, they want you to report it right away and they will do their best to get out there and patch it up. you can find a list of all those numbers on our website,, or download the nbc washington app and search potholes. back to you. >> thanks, meagan. february, how are you doing with your new year's resolutions? if you slipped, don't worry. >> who hasn't slipped? today we're giving you a
5:52 pm
resolution reboot and consumer reporter susan hogan is here to help you pay off debt and save you some money. >> reporter: there's no question putting your financial life in order can be daunting. >> let's be real. it is rocket science in this day and age. there's so much to know. >> reporter: we visited michelle singletary, "washington post" columnist and author. she practices what she preaches. we were there while she and her husband worked on their own financial plan. >> i think you start by gathering all the financial documents. look and see what you have. >> reporter: let's start with the answer to a common question. what documents do you need to keep and what can you get rid of? don't be afraid to purge. >> most of the documents that you'll need are online anyway. so you don't need to keep a lot of things. >> reporter: she says keep w-2 forms that show your income and withheld taxes as well as 1099 forms that show other types of income throughout the year. >> because it's a little harder
5:53 pm
to get those documents. >> reporter: step two, create a net worth statement. >> a net worth statement is what you own and what you owe. that's the big picture. it has all your assets. on the other side of that is everything you owe. >> reporter: once you list both, subtract what you owe from what you own. >> then it's right there in your face, right? if your numbers are in the red, meaning you owe a lot of money, you're going to look at your budget i think a different way. >> reporter: and that's step number three. create a bucket. singletary says think of your budget like a gps. >> what happens when you take a wrong turn? it says recalculating. >> reporter: prioritize your budget with what's most important to you. >> you can't have the coffee and the car and the vacation and this and that, but if the coffee and getting your hair done every week, that's your peace, i want you to keep it in your budget at some point. align your values with your money. >> reporter: and finally, number four for your financial reboot, sign up to receive free financial blogs and online
5:54 pm
magazines. for example, the national foundation for credit counling offers free blogs to keep your financial life in check. >> if you're serious about getting your fm life in order, then you have to feed your financial life with some really good information on a regular basis. >> so true. now, you can find singletary's net worth statement and more ways to get your financial future back on track. just go to our nbc washington app and search financial reboot. this is the live deck. we have breaking news in the music world. it's sad, sad news, indeed. earth, wind, and fire has died at the age of 74. maurice white was diagnosed with parkinson's in 1992. he had to stop touring with the band in '94. they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2000. maurice was inducted into the songwriters hall of fame six years ago. maurice white, he's the guy --
5:55 pm
they penned hits from "shining star" to "september." he is going to be missed. maurice white dead at the age of 74.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a big day in the trial of a man whose murder conviction became the focus of that popular podcast "serial." >> today the parents of the victim showed up to watch the alibi witness for at nan syed
5:58 pm
testify for a second straight day. wbal's lisa robinson has more. >> reporter: family members of the victim were front and center. none of them wanted to speak about what they saw and heard in court but they listened closely as the trial entered day two. he arrived to court in shackles and handcuffs. he had a slight smile on his face when he entered the courtroom and saw familiar faces. his attorneys, family members, and friends. the state continued its cross-examination of star witness asia mcclain, now known as asia chapman. the attorney for the state spent most of the morning on when chapman wrote alibi letters to annan syed in jail. they were written a few days after his arrest. the maryland deputy attorney general drove home the question of when she wrote those letters asking if they were written months after syed's arrest and if he had put her up to it. she insisted consistently no. university of maryland law professor doug colbert represented syed right after he
5:59 pm
was arrested and came to watch today. >> asia mcclain has been a credible witness throughout her testimony, and she hasn't wavered from her alibi defense. i think she's been a very strong witness for adnan syed. >> reporter: the hearing is garnering worldwide attention after the case was played out on a hugely popular podcast called "serial." amber followed every aspect of the case and is a member of the muslim community syed comes from. she too thought mcclain was good. >> she comes off as very genuine. it doesn't seem like she has a hidden agenda. she's not trying to be schemy. she's just trying to answer the questions as they're coming to her. >> and this man, phillip buttermeier was a land surveyor for the city called in to work on the case back in 1999. he also testified as a witness back then. he came to see how things turn out this time. >> i thought they convicted the wrong guy. that's my opinion because i didn't see any body.
6:00 pm
i just don't think he did it. now at 6:00, drama inside and outside the courtroom as a murder suspect faced a judge and his family. tell you what we're learning about the days leading up to the death of a mother and a child. plus, the fight for new hampshire as new poll numbers show a shift on the democratic side. some of you could wake up to snow showers tomorrow morning. might have an impact on your commute as well as you head out to work or school. >> most of our region already under a winter weather advisory at this hour. let's get right to veronica johnson in storm center 4. here we go again, veronica. >> again. it's a relatively small storm though, this one, but it will have i think moderate impacts on the area, especially the morning commute. the winter weather advisory that was first up for only st. mary's and calvert county is expanded to the north and west to include charles county, areas of


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