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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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much. melissa mollett has a great traffic picture for you in a second to show you some of the slushiness on the roads. the heaviest of the rain and snow now is confined to southern calvert and st. mary's county. there is a winter weather advisory that includes d.c., arlington, prince george's county, st. mary's and the th n northern neck. snow amounts, only a light coating around the metro. calvert county schools called off because they could have a quick 2 inches of snow. later today, turning blustery and breezy, but temperatures in the 40s. all the snowflakes this morning will be nothing but a memory later on this afternoon. melissa mollett now with a look at the traffic camera. slushy mess here down south in st. mary's, we're talking about california, maryland. the roadways just a little nasty
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at 235 and 237 again there in california. so that is one weather issue. another one loudoun county, we're getting several reports of flooding here this morning. a lot of different reports on some smaller roadways here this morning. georgewn pike at river bend road, all lanes still blocked. a crash there with a fuel spill. again sending a crew that way to see what is going on there. and as we widen out just a little bit, all of this gray and white, that is all radar showing something falling from the sky. more coming up in ten minutes. we have breaking news this morning, police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in prince george's county this morning. megan mcgrath is in temple hills with the latest. >> reporter: you can see behind me that police are still on the scene. we're at the south point apartments here in prince george's county. this is right on southern avenue, the dividing line between prince george's county and the district. now, about 12:30 last night,
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that's when police got the 911 call. they got here to the scene. once here, they discovered a man suffering there gunshot wounds. he was transported, taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. not a lot of information this morning, but one thing police are saying is that they do not believe that this is a random act of violence. they believe that there is some sort of a connection between the victim and the person who shot him. so still and ongoing investigation. no word of arrests. so obviously they are looking for any witnesses, thib with any information about the person or persons responsible for this deadly shooting. but police still on the scene and they do have the sidewalk area leading up to the apartment complex cordoned off. back to you. new to the live desk, an update on the julian assange case after a u.n. panel determined the wikileaks founder's detention in london was arbitrary. that same panel is saying
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assange should be freed and compensated. he's been hold up for the past three years in that embassy trying to escape extradition to sweden on allegations of sexual assault. something that he denies. eun. if you have something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. >> a caustic clash on the stage in new hampshire where bernie sanders and hillary clinton met for the final democratic debate before the new hampshire primary. both candidates hammered familiar themes, but this time there were a bit more combative. sanders attacked clinton's connections to wall street calling her part of an establishment that is destroying america. clinton fired back pointing to her record and saying she know what is it takes to get things done. >> every step along the way, i
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have stood up and sfout and hfo have the scars to prove it. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not raising money from wall street or special interests. >> sanders and clintons say they have the same goals for america, but very different ways of getting to them. >> what we've got to do as democrats is to be united, to actually solve these problems. and what i believe is that i have a better track record and a better opportunity to actually get that job done. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests and the campaign contributors. when we do that, we can in fact transform america. >> a new poll out yesterday puts sanders 20 points ahead of clinton in new hampshire. that essentially is unchanged from the poll conducted before the iowa caucuses. we'll talk about winners and losers of last night's debate
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plus the buzz on social media with tracie potts at 5:30. and tomorrow republican presidential hopefuls will debate in new hampshire. the candidates stayed notably quiet on social media during last night's democratic showdown. the latest polls give donald trump a nearly 20 point lead. marco rubio is now ahead of ted cruz. our nbc washington app is your best source for political coverage when we're not on the air. you can find clips of last night's most important moments, plus analysis from our nbc news team. be sure to download the app if you haven't already. developing this morning, we're waiting to hear back from the prince george's county fire department about this fire in riverdale. you can see the smoke coming from this house on auburn avenue. it's not clear how much damage it did. we're also working to find out if anyone was hurt. 5:05. one person is in critical condition, four injured after a crash in prince george's county. happened last night on route 301
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near central avenue in bowie. we're work to find out what caused the track terror traraile car to collide. today the man convicted of killing chandra levy is heading back to court. his lawyers say a witness deliberately misled jurors during the original trial. the new trial set to begin in march. levy disappeared in 2001 but her body was not discovered in rock creek park for another year. head to the nbc washington app later today for an update on that murder case. maryland's largest school district thousand hnow has a ne. dr. jack smith was unanimously voted in as superintendent of montgomery county public schools last might. his contract won't be official until july, and he says he's ready to spend the next five months learning about the school district. >> i will come here to join meetings, i'll listen, to talk to members of the staff and community of the board. and just get to know everything
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i can possibly get to know about montgomery county public schools. >> now, smith had been serving as the interim hear land state superintendent for the last six months. and online petition signed by over 1,000 people urged governor hogan not to give smith the position permanently. some believed he was making too much during his previous position in calvert county. fairfax county schools have taken another step toward a huge budget increase next year. the school board voted 9 gsh-3 approve garza's budget last night. it includes raises for all employees and a plan to lower class sizes in elementary schoo schools. garza still has to convince the board of county supervisors that the increase is needed after years of cuts. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. let's take a live look outside. an ominous look out there. we are see something school closures and delays this
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morning. >> st. mary's county public schools are operating on a two hour delay while calvert county schools are closed. the rain and snow could make for a messy commute this morning. chuck bell will let us know whether you could see some slippery roads out t
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two new york city police officers have been shot and the suspect turned the gun on himself. this happened in the bronx. the two were patrolling a public housing complex when a man shot one officer in the stomach and the other in the face. the suspect then ran away and shot himself. new york mayor de blasio says both officers are in good condition. d.c. police arrest a young man accused of calling in threats to four schools. the washington post reports he's charged with seven count of false reports. no hazardous materials were found. we're talking about some
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frozen stuff out there. good. >> and i'm done with the snow stuff. >> get it out of here. >> you dare to say that on me on national weather persons day? >> is it really? >> i can't make everything up. >> we love you, chuck. >> don't leave yourself open for interpretation. >> what to expect here this morning, accumulation mainly on the grassy areas. most of the roads are just fine. any slick spots should be in southern maryland. just kind of slushy. there it is on storm team 4 radar. most of the heavy wet snow is this southern calvert and st. mary's county. so 35 this morning with rain and snow shower, but 40 and breezy and dry and sunny later on today. still have closure georgetown pike at river bend road. all lanes blocked because of a crash with a fuel spill. spoke with police and they were
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saying it was a car versus a plow. so trying to get everything cleared out of the way. again down south here in st. mary's county, california, maryland, 235 and 237, you can see the slushy mess there on the roadways. that's really where we're seeing the issues here this morning down in the southern parts of town. inbound, a disabled truck in the right lane. zika virus hits the district. what we're learning about the victims including one who is expecting. and you might want to give yourself extra time to get to work this morning. rain and snoin spots. the latest on that as well as a look at the weekend coming up. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest.
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it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. you see all take white stuff? that's snow. >> and it's falling. and we learned anne arundel
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county schools are now on a two hour delay. that just in. >> molette green is on route 5 if waldorf this morning. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we've got a little rain/snow mix out here. cameras are showing the wet pavement now. it could a little tricky as the morning rush rolls along. of course we're in the southern maryland area and we're hearing about some school delays and closings. calvert county schools closed. but we're still in the charles county area headed south looking for more snow out here. excited about that. i know eun said she's not -- she's kind of over this. we're head south. we see the snow out there. but folks, take it easy on the roadways because it could be
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tricky as the morning rush rolls along and traffic picks up this morning. that's the late st live from th 4 x 4. our switchboard has received more calls saying how enraged they are and concerned they are. >> tensions are rising this response to the murder of a teacher and her 2-year-old daughter in prince george's county. daron boswell-johnson is facing murder charges accused of killing his own daughter and her mother. he was in court yesterday and outside of the courthouse a woman yelled at his brother during his hearing prosecutors talked about the case. >> it's shocking to hear that any person is capable of executing a defenseless 2-year-old girl. that shocks the conscience. facebook had to take down boswell-johnson's page because of comments on it were so extreme. later today colleagues, students and parents who knew
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and loved a second grade teacher will have an opportunity to pay tribute to her and her 2-year-old daughter. it will happen at brad bury elementary where she taught as a second grade teacher. although this was her first year there, she served as a teacher's aide for years. there are generations of students who knew her very well and are mourning her loss. again, that will happen at the bradbery heights elementary at 5:30 p.m. i'm tracee wilkins. take a look at these men. fairfax county police want them off the streets after a vicious attack and robbery at a jewelry store in spring field on monday morning. police say one of the men grabbed a store employee at knifepoint while the second man loaded up with the jewelry. the store employee is okay after being taken to the hospital. in news 4 your health, new research shows the booster dose of the whooping cough vaccine only gives a short window of protection. the booster is recommended at 11
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or 12 years old, but a study shows that the booster doesn't give adequate protection against the illness. in fact researchers say the vaccine is only effective for about a year and provides very little immunity after two or three years. good morning. coming up on 5:21 on a friday morning. friday, he said. yes, indeed. weather alert mode for you because we have raindrops and snowflakes especially down into southern maryland this morning. . told you this would happen yesterday and sure enough we've gone from conversation about to it being a little bit of a nuannew answer nuisance noticing. all the latest closure and delays are on our app. a winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning in the purple shaded counties. it's in latmaryland now. temperatures are all above
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freezing. even in st. mary's county where it's snowing the hardest right now, still above freezing. so that will make treating this on the roads much easier. but the roads are a little slushy. so calvert county cools are closed and st. mary's on a two hour delay for now. route 301 basically south and east of there, in the far southern maryland, that's where most of the snow is. back end of the moisture is moveding in to parts of central virginia. so this will be a fast moving event. in and out of here in no time today. we'll be back to spine later on this afternoon. maybe a coating to up to an inch of snow, that's really about it around the southeast side of the metro. maybe two slushy inches in st. mary's county. rest of the day, clearing out and temperatures into the 40s later today. and saturday, sunday look great. monday night into tuesday, another chance of a winter storm there. we'll be keeping a close eye on that one. it could be more significant than the one we're getting now. how significant is it on the front lawns?
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let's go to amelia segal outside. >> happy national weather person's day. just a few flurries and sprinkles. so light i don't even need the umbrella. but what i am noticing, there is a bit of a breeze and winds will continue to pick up. the snow is not really sticking to the ground here in the metro area. it's all about the timing lining up with the morning rush. and as i'm walking outside, wet surfaces out here and temperatures still well above freezing on the weather deck. but the temperature of 39. you see the breeze blowing my hair. so you'll still want to bundle up. and a slow down for folks mainly in southern maryland. that's right. amelia and i found this camera for you a while ago. slushy spots in california, maryland in st. mary's county. you can see the little annoying mess on the ground. doesn't seem to be slowing things down too much right now.
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inbound 4 suitland parkway, a disabled truck in the right lane. all lanes blocked at georgetown pike at river bend road because of a fuel spill. they are trying to clean that up. not sure how long it will take. another weather related road issue, loudoun county several reports of flooding. nothing major as far as any closures right now. we'll take a look at 66 coming up. a developing story on the south side of chicago where the bodies of five adults and a child were found at a home yesterday afternoon. we learned this morning the people may have been stabbed. police said they went by the house after somebody called to say their co-worker, a man, had not shown up to work for a couple of days. in that check police say the bodies were found all withdraw made. no word yet if they were all related. police have said there is no
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threat to the community. back to you. it is now 5:24. the zika virus is now in the district. d.c.'s department of health confirms there are three cases of the virus this morning. all of them involve people who contracted zika while traveling abroad, two to south america, the other to central america. one of the three patients was pregnant at the time. the virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites and is linked to severe birth defects. department of health is reminding residents that they are not at risk saying, quote, it is important for residents to remember that there is no immediate threat to their health and well-being if they have not the traveled to the known affected areas. the chair of the world health organization emergency committee says that the spread of the zika virus is concerning. >> we know very little and that's what is concerning. that's the emergency. we know there might be a relationship, but we don't understand it. >> he's talking about the virus's possible link to a
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disease that can cause birth defects. health officials say a vaccine is a long way away. it is 5:25 on this friday morning. eun, everyone's favorite panda really getting camera time. >> my little guy. >> the national zoo tweeted out this video yesterday. they posted it with the caption look who is stepping outside. #bei bei ventured into the yard for the first time. >> they are so super cute. >> #we save species. a lot of hashtags for this panda. >> and not that he needs anymore attention. just post the video and it goes viral right away. he got stuck in the tree for just a minute there. >> all good. >> i could watch bei bei all day. so super cute. >> how old is bei bei now? >> i don't know. like six months maybe?
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welcome back. spla st. mary's county, you can see there is snow falling. chuck bell says is this a nuisance kind of snow, but it might cause some problems on your commute. >> raining snowflakes. that's actually what it looks like because the road temperature is actually too warm for anything to stick. not like that nightmare that we had a week or so ago. >> and i was in that mess. >> so really it is falling out there, but the road crews were pre-treating and it does not look like it is making that much of an edimpact. >> and he's not making it up, he is a scientist. and especially because came is your national weather person's day. thank you chuck bell, a me i can't amelia segal. >> and let's send it over to the weather person of the day. >> national weather person's
5:30 am
day. >> but you're a meteorologist. >> we can't fix everything. we'll take national weather person's day with a smile and say thank you very much. four things you need to know. what a difference compared to the little pre-blizzard snow. the rain/snow mix through about 8:00, 9:00 this morning. road temperatures are above freezing. we'll be breezy and sunny later on today. a nice quiet weekend. keeping a close eye on next mop night into tuesday. that could be a shovelable snow. temperatures all above freezing right now even though radar is showing snowflakes in southern maryland. this will be a relatively low impact event. moderate impacts down to minimal impacts after about 6:006:00, 7 this morning. once the sun comes up, it will all go away very quickly. >> a distant memory. just found another camera for you will queen anne's county to
5:31 am
show you as we've been talking about we're seeing it stick to the grassy ground areas. but remember the bridges, overpasses are the first thing to freeze there. 66 west of ox road, no problem into town. 270 at montrose, no issue there. be maybe just a little bit of moisture there on the roadway. i'll see you back here in ten minutes with some travel times. they are not holding back anymore. bernie sanders and hillary clinton attacked each other in their last debate before the new hampshire primary. but minutes after this jab from sander, he tweeted on our first days, we're 100 times better than any republicans. and tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. so we are four days away from the new hampshire primary. and hillary clinton had to come out strong. >> reporter: exactly. and they even had a handshake on that one in terms of being better than the republicans. but there wasn't much that they were shaking hands on in this debate about that hillary
5:32 am
clinton went into this determined to prove that she was a true progressive. take a look at what she tweeted right at the end of the debate. and i am a progressive. i get things done. #i'm with her. bernie sanders has been going after her saying at times she calls herself a moderate, at times she calls herself a progressive, nothing wrong with either, but she cannot be both. hillary clinton says that's not what people want to hear about, people want to hear more about what they will do for the country. things like free college and free health care that she says bernie sanders can't pay for. >> and let's talk a little bit about the claims in last night's debate. clinton hit sanders on his health care proposal and gun control voting record. >> reporter: she did. she said that he had voted five times against the brady bill that would have cracked down on happened g handguns in america and in fact that is true, saying that he felt that the 7 day waiting
5:33 am
period they were proposaling was a bit of a government overreach. she also talked about his health care plan. he wants free health care for everyone. he says other countries do it, why can't the u.s. do it. but hillary clinton says the numbers here just aren't adding up. the tax that he wants to impose on wall street and other taxes won't add up to pay for that. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. looking ahead to the virginia primary on march 1, you will not have to sign a loyalty pledge to vote republican on super tuesday. the state board of elections accepted the gop request to drop the requirement yesterday. tough story now. several hundred i'm showed up to remember nicole lovell in blacksburg, virginia yesterday. that's the 13-year-old who was stabbed and her body dumped along a highway in north carolina on saturday. prosecutors say virginia tech students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers plotted to kill lovell. ke keepers was denied bail
5:34 am
yesterday. some of your kids had to shelter in place in a school because of a police officer shooting a man. you're looking at video from chopper 4 over the scene in waldorf credyesterday. an officer said the man was standing in the intersection and looked suspicious. when the officer approached him, the man ran off. the officer saw the man had a gun and shot him. the man is expected to survive. no karnls fcharges for a po officer who shot and killed a man in a metro tunnel after the suspect charged at him with a large branch. this was last march at the potomac avenue station. the investigation found the officer could not back a away from the suspect without risking a fall on to the electric fridy tied rail below. this morning we can give you access to the most sensitive buildings. the transit agency allowed our
5:35 am
cameras inside their new security operations command center in roprince george's county. metro says their camera network allows transit police officers to respond to incidents faster. >> we know what train they're on, we have officers up the line prepared to stop that train, give the physical description, pull them off the train, bring them back, identify them right there on the spot. >> metro's new general manager says that the hyattsville command center serves as a message to the bad guys that police are watching. hank sewinski will take on the job permanently. mcgaw now serves as public safety director. happening today, the monthly job numbers are coming out. these include the unemployment rate average hourly earnings and payrolls. u.s. job markets strengthened at the top of 2015 posting its
5:36 am
second best year of job gains since 1999. and there are two local chefs fighting for the coveted title of "top chef." we sat down with chef marjorie meek-bradley to talk with what it takes. >> when you think about too much of like the gimmicks and the games of it, you forget that people are sitting there eating your food. >> meek-bradley's new restaurant smoked&stacked -- sounds like barbecue. >> it's pastrami. >> next week we'll hear from the other hollocal chef. for the third morning in a row, we're under a storm team 4 weather alert. that white is snow falling. and that is the 4 x 4. molette green is tracking the
5:37 am
conditions. we're starting to see a little bit of it stick out there toward the east. chuck will keep tabs on that as well as what the kids need to face at the bus stop. that's coming up at 5:41. and reassigned. two firefighters who misdiagnosed a patient.
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dramatic video of a man being rescued off the side of a mountaineer tacoma, washington. you can see the crews balancing on the side of a helicopter to get him. this happened yesterday. authorities say the 41-year-old man is homeless and was planning to set up camp on the side of the mountain. despite days without fad and food and water, he's okay. two firefighters resigned after missing a gun shot wound on a parngtd patient. saturday night they were called to a shooting scene, did not find a gun shot on one patient, but believed that the other was high on pcp. the hospital staff found the gunshot wound later. we're finding snow falling throughout our region. >> chuck bell here to tell us what we can expect for the rest of the day. is it nuisance, conversational? >> around the metro area, just conversational snow. but in southern maryland, just
5:41 am
enough of a nuisance to have delays and closures. have your nbc washington app fired up and going for you here this morning. do have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. basically for the western shore of the bay down to the northern neck of virginia and so you were maryland. current temperatures are all above freezing, so most is not sticking except where it's coming down just hard enough st. mary's and calvert county. so raining snow flakes at the bus stop this morning. dry and breezy back into the sunshine by the time the kids are coming home with temperatures climbing back up into the low and mid-40s. a look at the 7 day in ten minutes. melissa mollett checking in on the 4 x 4. you can see molette green is in there for us. she's in hollywood, maryland. the grassy areas are see something snow and just on the roadways, just kind of some of that moisture there.
5:42 am
50 at 301, same situation. the median is snow covered. georgetown pike at river bend road, lanes blocked because of a krau crash with a fuel spill. 270, top of the beltway, 95 to 270, rolling along just fine. 66 and 95 from quantico to the beltway on time, as well. listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car to see in it if your route is a little snowy this morning. it is a controversial gun deal and it's moving ahead in the commonwealth. we'll tell you why despite outrage from some. and attackeded a abducted by a naked man. the bizarre incident we're learning about that happened to a student in prince william county. and the road looks pretty slick. snow is coming down in st. mary's county this morning. a two hour delay there for schools. and we have cancellation, as well. be sure to check the bottom of your screen as well as the nbc washington app for the latest.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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i'm chuck bell tracking some rain drops and snowflakes which will slow down parts of the friday morning commute. check of the radar and seven day forecast just five minutes from now. and bowie 50 at 301, middle of the roadway, do have a little bit of snow sticking to that median grassy area. roads mostly just wet and still have this closure georgetown pike at river bend road that one supposed to be opening up here in just a little bit. we have breaking news right now out of prince george's county. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. megan mcgrath is in temple hills with the latest. >> reporter: just within the last 15 applicants or s s minu
5:47 am
so, police have cleared the scene. is this right on the line between prince george's county and the district. and take a look at this video, you can see the activity that occurred here overnight as police continue their search for a killer. now, awround 12:30, that's when the 911 call came in, police came here to the apartment complex and they discovered a man who had been shot. he was taken to the hospital later pronounced dead. not a lot of information is being released, but what police are saying is that they to not believe this is a random act of violence. they believe there is a connection between the victim who died and the person who pulled the trigger. the search for that gunman continues. police are looking for anyone who has information, anyone who may have seen something, heard something. you are asked to call investigators. megan mcgrath, news 4. it is now 5:48. today the man convicted of killing washington intern chandra levy is heading back to court. today's hearing is part of the
5:48 am
retrial. his lawyers say a witness deliberately misled jurors during the original trial. the new trial set to begin in march. levy disappeared in 2001 but her body was not discovered in rock creek park for another year. head to the nbc washington app later today for an update on that murder case. developing right now, environmental officials say led levels in the water of flint, michigan are beginning to decrease. last are week more than two dozen homes that were tested had levels exceeded the amount treated by the filter, but officials are working diligently to solve the water crisis. 18 pennsylvania cities are reporting higher levels of lead in kids. while the water source is the actual problem this flint, it's likely that other sources are the main concern in pennsylvania. the health department is starting its open tewn tesin te
5:49 am
week and they're recommending filtered water for folks affected in that area. > . >> reporter: tonight we uncover a lemon law loophole that could end up costing you thousands of dollars specially if you have a used car. now, many of you are calling us after buying a used car that broke down days or week after driving it off the lot. most states have a lemon law designed to protect you, but when it comes to used cars, we've discovered a big difference in how the law protects those who buy new and those who buy used. now, we'll hear from a maryland team ager who unfortunately found out the hard way. we have all of this coming up for you on news 4 starting at 5:00. many of are you planning to intend more money on your loved one this valentine's day. according to the national retail federation, americans will spend nearly $150 this year.
5:50 am
>> that's crazy. >> caroline deserves ten times that much. >> she does. >> that's nearly $5 more than last year and that increase may bring a record high valentine spending of about $20 billion. what an industry for kind of a made up holiday. it seems about 50% of are you planning to buy your loved ones candy. >> i do love my wife very much. >> uh-oh, here we go. digging out. >> valentine's day, john, it doesn't sit particularly well where me. >> we're going out to dinner. a lot of us have our sunday night plans. super bowl. >> of course. maybe some hot wings. super bowl 50, jay gray is live in northern california where the broncos and the panthers and fans are getting ready to battle it out. lucky you on assignment. >> reporter: yeah, not a bad gig. good to talk to you morning. it is officially super bowl
5:51 am
weekend here in the bay area. early friday morning, but never too early to start the big party for the big game. fans pouring into the area. they have been over the last several days. more than a million expected to be here when it's all said and done. and most of those headed to the region without a ticket to the big game. the going price for a ticket right now from brokers, $5,000. and they say that's going to climb as we get closer to kickoff. in fact many believe by the time it's all said and done, this could be the most expensive ticket in sprl huper bowl histo. kind of a supply and demand issue here. as the prices go up, compared to what it cost 50 years ago for super bowl i, face value for a ticket then, 10 bucks. i think i could handle that. five grand is a little much. >> a little bit too much. yeah. enjoy yourself out there, my friend. have a good one. well, our very own carol
5:52 am
maloney is in santa claire to cover the game. she's having a if tie aing a go there. >> going to be a great game. let's check in with chuck bell now to find out what kind of day we'll have here. we got snowflakes and raindrops to be dealt with here early this morning. biggest problems will be down into parts of southern maryland. so what to expect, accumulations mainly limited to the grass. roads in and around up to, no problem. there are isolated slick and slushy spots down into southern maryland. temperatures, we're all above freezing. that's the most important thing you need to know. we're above freezing this morning. so even though it's snowing, road chemicals very, very effective. heaviest snow, though, southern calvert and st. mary's county, it is coming down fast enough where we are getting slushy accumulations. a live picture from the storm team 4 x 4 coming up with melis melissa's traffic report.
5:53 am
here is the back end of the rain snow mix in south central virginia. so this will come to an end fairly quickly. so slushy areas mainly south and east of the metro area. road road temperatures are above freezing. by 9:00 a.m., last of the snowflakes in southern maryland and eastern shore. by noontime, we should be clearing out. by later on this friday afternoon, it will turn quite breezy, that will blow the clouds out of here. temperatures ta s today generalw 40s. mid-40s central virginia. so a pretty decent friday. and your saturday looks good, too. po partly sunny. super bowl sunday, 52 degrees. tracking another chance for rain an maybe accumulating snow monday night into tuesday of next week. here's melissa with traffic. >> and here is the storm team 4 x 4. molette green there for us. driving through california, maryland. so you can see the flakes coming
5:54 am
down, the roads are pretty much just wet about th. we do have slushy spots here and there. grassy areas are covered with the snow. 50 at 01, hard to see again, wet roads. and on the median covered with snow. so grassy spots could be seeing some of that. georgetown pike at river bend road, lanes blocked still with the fuel spill for us. suitland parkway, a disabled truck. and duke street, a new problem there blocks some lanes. controversial deal on gun control laws is moving forward. the agreement expands background checks in virginia and reserves the law allowing to you conceal and carry a gun. activists rallied outside the state capitol building yesterday. it has the support of some democrats and virginia governor mcauliffe. however, attorney general mark herring says he's against the deal. after years of waiting, rape victims in virginia could
5:55 am
finally see justice. that's because the state plans to clear out a backlog of rape evidence kits. there are more than 2,000 untested kits in the state. some dating back to 1988. the state has finalized a contract with a lab in northern virginia to test the kits. virginia received a $1.4 million grant that will help with the cost. the first kits come from fairfax county and virginia beach. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. president obama will propose a $10 a barrel charge. and the rev nvenue will be isn'n road projects and research. critics say it could result in higher gas prices for consumer p. the white house majority whip says it won't pass the republican controlled house. i'm landon dowdy.
5:56 am
>> i see youri iejersey. a naked man who attacked a teen is one of their own neighbors. the bizarre scene happened on charter court. a 16-year-old girl was approached by a man and when she tried to get away, the man ran after her and tackled her. neighbors rushed to help and call police. the 37-year-old lives just a block away from the bus stop and was arrested. >> got blou eplowed got into by crazy naked man. tried to get him to go away. >> police say he's now facing charges of abduction, indecent exposure and assault and battery. he's also going through a mental evaluation. the lab testing a a petroleum based substance found in the potomac near reagan national airport. the sheen that some of you may have noticed being contained with floating barriers. but officials don't know where it came from. gravelly point park is closed until crews acan clean it up.
5:57 am
it is a weather alert day as we deal with another case of winter weather. take a live look right now at storm team 4 by 4. crews are driving around checking the road conditions for you. and we're watching what we can expect during your commute. - there are times when it's nice that things go up, and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. in 2016, the average home's power bill from novec will go down by an estimated $15 a month, making down a very good direction for power bills.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a system is pushing through bring something snow with it. >> and crews are tracking the conditions inthat you'll be dealing with. >> first let's check in with chuck bell. another winter weather advisory across the area until 10:00. current temperatures are all above freezing. 39 here in washington. so it's just cold enough aloft it support snowflakes getting down to the ground. but with the ground temperatures above freezing, not having much success sticking except for where it's coming down just hard
6:00 am
enough to pile it up a little bit. so no more than a coating around up to. southern prince george's county and charles county, maybe up to an inch. st. mary's, up to maybe as much as 2 inches. raining snow this morning. turning breezy and dry this afternoon. you'll get sunshine back, but it will be a blustery day. and you will like the puig ewee. that's coming up. and we're working for you on the roads this morning. know let greene is o molette green is out in the 4 x 4. how is the commute looking? >> reporter: we have snow on the roads. let's take a look outside. joe and i have made it to st. mary's county. look at the snow on the roads. it's sticking a little bit out here. so a tricky ride for those of you who have t


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