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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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enough to pile it up a little bit. so no more than a coating around up to. southern prince george's county and charles county, maybe up to an inch. st. mary's, up to maybe as much as 2 inches. raining snow this morning. turning breezy and dry this afternoon. you'll get sunshine back, but it will be a blustery day. and you will like the puig ewee. that's coming up. and we're working for you on the roads this morning. know let greene is o molette green is out in the 4 x 4. how is the commute looking? >> reporter: we have snow on the roads. let's take a look outside. joe and i have made it to st. mary's county. look at the snow on the roads. it's sticking a little bit out here. so a tricky ride for those of you who have to get out in this
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this morning. i can tell you that on the side roads, there is some accumulation. maybe close to an inch or so. they have treated the roads. so not too bad. but still this is a commute you have to really pay attention to. safety is the word as you get out and about in this where it's really coming down. good snow showers right now we're seeing. and tricky for those of who you don't have the right kind of vig to get out in this. live in st. mary's county in california, maryland, back to you in the studio and melissa mollett first 4 traffic. you can see there really is coming down. take a look here in bowie, difficult to see it falling. you can see in the grassy area at 50 and 301, the accumulation there. sort of a dusting. 270 at father hurley boulevard, no worries here.
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big look at the beltway overall looking pretty good. georgetown pike at river bend road, still shut down because of a fuel spill. 95 north, 23 miles per hour he had willed li headed through woodbridge. and school closings and delays coming in. calvert county schools are closed today. st. mary's county public schools are opening two hours rate. so are anne arundel public schools. we have all the delays running at the bottom of the screen and of course you can also find them on our nbc washington app. more than 300 vdot trucks were out treating roads ahead of the wintry mix. you should still be careful out there. watch for icy spots throughout the day. and be sure to keep it right here on news 4 for all the updates on your forecast, morning commute and any other school delays that keep coming in. this morning we're following a developing story about a house
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fire in riverdale. take a look. you can see that the smoke cme out of the house on auburn avenue. right now it's not clear how the fire started or how much damage it did to the home. police are trying to figure out what caused a crash between a tractor trailer and a car in prince george's county. one person is in critical condition. three others are injured. it happened last night on route 301 near central avenue. all lanes of 301 are now back open. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. the latest nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll shows donald trump holding the lead in new hampshire 30% of likely republican primary followers are behind trump. marco rubio gaining ground with 17%. ted cruz just behind him at 15%. john kasich with 10%. jeb bush at 9%. and chris christie at 4%.
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the new hampshire primary is tuesday. what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests and the campaign contributors. when we do that, we can in fact transform america. >> what we have to do as democrats is to be united to actually solve these problems. >> second clinton does represent the establishment. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. and let's talk about the issues. no more holding bhack. confrontations and accusations in the final democratic debate before the new hampshire primaries. hillary clinton fashion
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passionately defended herself against claims that she's in the a true progressive. >> if you have something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. >> both admitted having similar goals, but tried to differentiate themselves over how they would accomplish them. and take a look at these number numbe numbers. sanders 20 points ahead of clinton in new hampshire. sanders also leads clinton among independents 69% to 26%. and you want to stay with us to hear from "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. he will be joining us live with his insight at 6:45. right now a couple of problems on the roadways because of this moisture, the show coming down. live picture in st. mary's
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county. other issues aptrav traveand trs coming up. and what we're learning about the pick to be montgomery county school's next superintendent. and plus hitting close to home. three cases of the zika virus now confirmed in d.c. what the d.c. department of health
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old man winter just hanging on. >> how long will it last? didn't the ground hog see his shadow? >> that's what i was thinking. this morning amelia segal is live for us on the weather deck. >> and just light flurries or sprinkles on out here. there the breeze is making it feel pretty chilly and just wet
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roads. temperatures well above freezing. p it t right now it's 38 degrees. but this morning slushy areas especially in so you were maryland and over on the eastern shore. but for most of us, road temperatures continue to stay above freezing. so great news there. rain and snow showers end before noon. i think they will start to pull out of the area by 9:00 a.m. at the latest. and walking to work today, bundle up. temperatures in the 30s and coming home, we'll say 40 but when you factor in the blustery wind, it will feel like temperatures are still in the 30s. melissa, you're still tracking some problem areas. >> that's right. queen anne's county, 50 at 404, this one looking pretty good as far as snow goes here. you can see it looks like it's not much sticking to the roads here. same thing looking at a camera in bowie. but again seeing it there on the sides of the roadways.
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georgetown pike at river bend, still blocked there. leesburg pike is the alternate. 270 south on time. top of the beltway looks good. 66 into town, 95 north bound, can't complain. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. maryland's largest school district now has a new leader. dr. jack smith was unanimously voted in as superintendent of montgomery county public schools last night. his contract won't be official until july, so he says he'll spend the next five months learning about the school district. your kids spent a lot of time as home as we dealt with the blizzard. and how we know when some of them will have to make up all of that time they missed. and it promises to protect from us whooping cough, but a new study says that booster may not be as effective as you thought.
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it is a weather alert day for you on this friday at 6:15 asr sare seeing sleet and snow out there. our storm team 4 x 4 is in calvert county and chuck bell is tracking the changes in store for you this weekend. it is thousanow 6:15 and th virus is in the district. department of health confirms three cases all involve people who contracted zika while traveling abroad. two to south america, the other to central america. one of the three patients was pregnant at the time. the virus is linked to severe birth defects. department of health reminds residents that there is no immediate threat to their health and well-being if they have not traveled to the known affected areas. despite an outbreak of zika virus in brazil, officials say
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there are no plans to cancel the summer olympic games. today marks just six months until the games in rio. the country's sports minister says the topic is for the in discussion. health officials are investigating whether there is a link between zika infections in pregnant women and a rare birth defect. an upda dano date now on thr and 2-year-old daughter killed. suspect darren boswez wel daron boswell-johnson was in court yesterday and was held without bond. today tracee wilkins will be at the school where neshante davis worked where she will be remembering her. >> and i'm at prince george's county where later today colleagues, students and parents who knew and loved a second grade teacher will have an opportunity to pay tribute to her and her 2-year-old daughter, both killed in ft. washington
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earlier this week. according to prince george's county police, it was the father of the 2-year-old who did the shooting. now he is behind bars and those who know and love this woman want to pay tribute to her and her young daughter. it's going to happen at capitol heights. she serve as a teacher's aid for years before her first year as a teacher. so there are generations of students who knew her well and are mourning her loss. again, that will happen at capitol heights at bradbery heights elementary this evening. i'm tracee wilkins. 6:17. if you recognize these men, police in fairfax county want to hear from you. police want the men off the streets after a vicious attack and robbery at a jewelry store in spring field on monday morning. take a look. police say one of the men grabbed a tostore employee at knifepoint while the second man
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loaded up with jewelry. no charges for a police officer who shot and killed a man inside the metro tunnel. the officer opened fire only after the suspect charged at him with a large branch. the investigation found that the officer couldn't back away from the suspect without risking a fall on to the electrified third rail below. a bill clarifying which restroom transgender students should use is moving through. opponents said rans gendtransge should use it of their choice. new research shows the booster dose of the whooping cough vaccine only gives a short window of protection. the booster is recommended at 11 or 12 years old, but a study of recent outbreaks in california shows the booster doesn't give
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adequate protection and is only effective for about a year and provides very little imhmune it after two or three years. if you 00 ssee a lot of peo wearing red, it's not because of valentine's day. the american heart association has declared today national wear red day. it is a nationwide effort to raise women's awareness of their own heart health. the american heart association encourages women to schedule a well woman visit with the doctor to discuss individual heart disease risk. it is the number one killer for women and a lot of women don't realize that. >> anything you can do it increase the awareness is a good thing. >> so wear your red. >> i called out chuck. and here comes chuck. because we're wearing red and he's not. but it's red behind him, well alert. >> i have a red cup, that has to
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account for something. we have red banners under me. the whole weather office has been turned red because of a weather alert day. here are our graphics for you. winter weather advisory posted. morning commute impacts primarily wet slushy road. conversational around the metro area, but again, southern maryland, calvert county schools are closed. st. mary's on a delay. have our app ready to go. moderate delays here the next couple of hours, but after 9:00, mip hminimal to no delays at al. winter weather advisory includes southern maryland and eastern shore. traveling over the bay bridge, there will be more accumulating snow the closer you get to the ocean. temperatures around town, though, it's 39 at national airport, 37 manassas, 38 warrington.
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down in st. mary's, 34. all dry in the shenandoah valley. heavier steadier wet snow is really confined to just southern most maryland. so keep that in mind. the back he said of the moisture moving into central virginia. this will be in and out of here very quickly. so here is your planner for the day. rain/snow mix mid-30s at 7:00 a.m. already we should start to see sunshine as early as about noon. a lot of clearing later this afternoon. it will be very blustery. winds out of the northwest will blow the moisture out. but it will be chilly. winds in the 20 to 25-mile-per-hour range. so be ready for that. future weather the snow pulling out of southern maryland just after 9:00 this morning. we're sitting pretty for the weekend. here is the next four days. today rain/snow mix early. tomorrow clouds and sunshine. 47. sunday looks like a good day, mostly sunny and 52 degrees. as we get into early next week,
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it will probably start as rain on monday afternoon late, change into a mix and edgily could be a little rain/snow problem as we get into the early parts of tuesday morning. so that's the day we're watching for. monday night into tuesday could be an beingaccumulating amount snow. it will have to be watched, but probably several inches the way things look now. but of course there is a long way between now and then. see you in ten minutes with another check of the radar. we're driving right now live picture storm team 4 x 4 through calvert county this morning. so you can see some of that snow coming toward the wind shield there. the roads are wet. and we gave some accumulation on the sides of the roadways. in bowie, 50 at 301, same thing here. grassy areas covered by snow, roadways are wet. if it looks wet, it might be
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slick. river bend road still all lanes blocked. crash with a fuel spill. your alternate, take leesburg pike instead. brand new crash top of the beltway outer loop at new hampshire avenue. the truck right now is blocking the center lane. you can see a little bet of a slowdown coming down off of 29, as well. parts of the entire thing. through line delays to largo town center. and inbound 4 at suitland parkway, disabled truck there in the right lane. 95 north going about 23 miles per hour just in the northbound lanes through woodbridge. developing this morning, two new york city police officers have been shot and the suspect turned the gun on himself. this happened in the bronx. according to the nypd, the two were patrolling a public housing complex when the man shot one officer in the stomach and other in the face. the suspect then ran away and shot himself. new york mayor de blasio says both officers are in good condition.
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dramatic video of a man being rescued off the side of a mountaineer tacoma. you can see the crews balancing on the side of a helicopter. this happened yesterday. authorities say the 41-year-old man is homeless and was planning to set up camp on the side of the mountains. despite days without food and water, he is okay. right now a lab is testing a petroleum based substance found in the potomac. the sheen that some of you may have noticed is being contained with floating barrier. but officials don't know where it came from. gravelly point park is closed until crews can clean it all up. morning we can give you rare access to metro. after reports about a spike in crime, the transit agency allowed our cameras inside their new security operations command center in prince george's county. truly is the nervous system for transit police. metro says their camera network is allowing police officers to respond faster. >> we know what train they're
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on, we have officers up the line prepared to stop that train. give the physical description of what they look like, pull them off the train, bring them back, identify them right there on the spot. >> metro's new general manager says that the hyattsville command center serves as a message to the bad guys that, yep, metro is watching. time is 6:25. we are in a weather alert day and that means need a little bit of extra time to get to work this morning. check it out outside right there. a little bit of sleet, snow mixing. some wet pavement. it may be sticking. the 4 x 4 is out in st. mary's county. chuck bell tracking who will get the worst of this with your four things to know coming up. and also ahead, gearing up for the critical last debate. what republicans are doing today as the new poll shows where they stand in the race for the white house. plus a homicide investigation this morning after a man is shot to death in an apartment complex overnight in temple hills. we're live he scene.
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any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. in 2016, the average home's power bill from novec will go down by an estimated $15 a month, making down a very good direction for power bills. a weather alert day this
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morning as we deal with a taste of winter weather. crews are in the middle of the snow as they drive around the area checking on conditions for you. we're working on what you can expect during your commute and when all this snow will move out of our area. and your children's schools are starting late where the snow is falling. calvert county schools are closed. st. mary's and anne arundel opening two hours late. >> and you can check the glas on the app. page about and king george on a two hour delay, as well. all the delays and closings running at the bottom of your screen. you can see the system behind us right now. i would like to push this snow just out of the way. >> i know. >> keep going out to sea. depends on where you live if it's snowing or not. >> chuck bell has four things to know about the forecast. friday morning finally here and a weather weary washington is ready to be done with the spoke. fortunately this particular
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event is not going to be a hard hitter. we did have the rain/snow mix through about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. breezy sunshine coming our way this afternoon. a nice quiet weekend. watching tuesday very carefully for what could be a much more significant snow threat. right now, storm team 4 radar heaviest of snow southern half of calvert county down through the whole length of st. mary's now. so leonard down down to hollywood, all getting hit with the heavy wet snow. already ended across the southern send shen shenandoah valley. temperatures are way above freezing. we're in the upper 30s downtown. 34 now naval area station. so your forecast, around up to, no more than a light coating. southern prince george's county, many up to it a slushy inch. southern calvert and st. mary's, could get a slushy 2 inches. and gone this won't last long. by the time you're coming home from work and school today, now
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buildi nothing but sshine and temperatures this in the 40s. 4 x 4 in calvert county. a lot of the roadways are wet and in the grassy areas, a little bit of accumulation. outer loop at new hampshire area, truck blocking the center lane causing some delays. georgetown pike at river bend road, all lanes blocked, a crash with a fuel spill. and alternate is leesburg pike instead. blue line delays, largo town center. because of a malfunction at king street. breaking news this morning, prince george's county, police trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. megan megan mcgrath has the latest. >> reporter: investigators wrapped up their investigation here on the scene about an hour ago.
6:32 am
and they are still however looking for the person responsible for this murder. it was right around 12:30 last night when a 911 call came into police. they were called here to the south point apartments right on the line with prince george's county and the district. right on southern avenue. when they arrived, they found a man who had been shot, he was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. not a lot of information available at this point. however, police will say that they do not believe that this was a random act of violence. they believe that there was some sort of a connection between the victim and the person or persons who pulled the trigger here. the search for the killer ongoing and police are asking anyone with information, if you saw or heard anything last night, you are canned to call prince george's county police. back to you all. today the man convicted of killing chandra levy is headed back to court. today's hearing is part of the retrial.
6:33 am
his lawyers say a witness deliberately misled jurors during his original trial. the new trial set to begin in march. l levy disappeared in 2001, but was not discovered in rock creek park for the another year. we're now just a few days away from the new hampshire primary and ted cruz has another reason to worry. a new poll out this morning puts marco rubio in second place behind donald trump. hallie jackson joins us from durham, new hampshire. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, looking at this new poll that just came out showing marco rubio has leapfrogged ted cruz for the second place position with 17% of the votes. ted cruz with 15% and then folks like john kasich and jeb bush after that. this poll was taken after the iowa caucuses, so this does seem to confirm that marco rubio is having a bit of a moment.
6:34 am
he's been surging here in new hampshire. and when you head to his event, you can tell they are pack aed. last night he had some 450 plus people at one of his events. he feels more energized. all of this as we get close are not just to tomorrow night's debate, but to the primaries on february 9. it's exiting to be on the campaign trail and to see how it's going with these candidates and how they're trying to make a differ widid difference with the voters. >> some people are unhappy that carly fiorina won't on the stage this weekend. >> reporter: right. but the criteria for the debate on saturday night is exceptionally excludeing carly fiorina. she's not happy about it. some of her competitors are even saying carly should be on that debate stage. like ted cruz giving her some backup. and mitt romney saying she should be allowed on stage. but it looks like she won't be joining the rest of her virals on saturday night. so we'll see it that changes the
6:35 am
next 24 to 48 hours. probably won't, though. only woman in the republican field can clexcluded from the d about that. >> hallie jackson live for us. thank you. look for her live report on the "today" show. every step along the way, i have stood up and fought and have the scars to prove it. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. who is not raising money from wall street or special interests. >> familiar themes, but much more combative exchanges between the democratic candidate for president as you just heard there. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will be with us at 6:45 for more on last night's debate and what it means for the new hampshire primary. there is a change that will affect how you vote. maryland state board of elections says all early voting sites will use paper ballots instead of touch screen machines. we told you there was a concern there not all of the candidate
6:36 am
names would show up on the screen. the "washington post" says the decision to use paper ballots is unanimous. in virginia, looking ahead to the primary on march 1, you will not the have to sign a loyalty pledge to vote republican on super tuesday. the state board of elections accepted the gop request to drop that requirement yesterday. some schools in the area are having to catch up after that big blizzard. prince george's county board of education approved a revision of the school calendar yesterday. friday february 16 will now be a regular school day. the day was previously scheduled as a professional development day for teachers. the county needs to make up for six canceled school days because of all the snow we had. the current school calendar only has four bad weather makeup days built in. right now some real messes on the roads all across the area. also have a metro delay. details coming up. and a messy crash in prince george's county leaves four people hurt. what caused the accident that
6:37 am
had lanes on 301 closed for hours. also ahead, the mistake that has two emts with d.c. fire and ems off the job this morning.
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so it is a weather alert day and you can see why. >> the wintry mix caused some slow up tdowns across the area. >> and the makeup day in prince george's county because of the snow is february 12. we said the 16th. it's actually february 12 kids have school. amelia segal is on the weather deck with a check on conditions. is it still snowing? >> reporter: some grapparoppolr falling. smaller than hail. and in addition to that seeing snowflakes mixing this. but temperatures above freezing. so it is melting instantlinstan.
6:41 am
at the bus stop, rain/snow flakes. dismissal, dry and the sun will be out, but it will be breezy. so it will continue to feel cold throughout the day. duck will be talking about a better chance of wintry weather next week, but for now, we'll send to melissa. st. mary's county, you see a slushy yucky mess here. and of course we have the snow here on different parts of the area as far as when you're looking at grassy areas and stuff like that. blue line delays, malfunction at king street. suitland parkway at alabama avenue, disabled vehicle. as far as travel times, 270 south looks good. 95 to 270, a couple minutes behind. typically slow there.
6:42 am
95 north quantico to the beltway, looking good. two d.c. emt firefighters are no longer caring for patients after they missed a gunshot wound on a patient. according to the "washington post," the two were reassigned. on saturday night, they were called to a shooting scene. they located a gunshot on one patient, but believed the other was high on pcp. the hospital staff found the gunshot wound. that incident is now under investigation. secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> today you've got hedge fund billionaires, aligned with karl rove, running ads against me to try to get democrats to vote for you. i know this game. i'm going to stop this game. >> oh, yeah, no holding back. the issues that had both hillary clinton and bernie sanders so fired up in their latest debate. and we're track conditions outside on this weather alert day. you're looking it at the roads in southern maryland. the conditions you can expect where you live.
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give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. we're dealing with another dose of winter weather as we see some snow out there. here is a live look. the system's impact really depends on where you live. >> it's one of the stories that we're working on to get you up to the minute the meainute you' up. chuck, amelia was talking about
6:46 am
grapple. did i say it right? >> it's grauple. we're tracking raindrops and snowflakes. quite a bit out on the eastern shore. but metro, just conversational snowflakes. but a better chance for snow monday and tuesday. and we still have a problem georgetown pike at river bend road, crash with a fuel spill. take leesburg pike instead. we'll talk about some metro delays and the roads that are slushy coming up. we have team coverage on this weather alert day. molette green is out in the storm team 4 x 4. molette, where are you? >> reporter: oh, man, i tell you, it's looking better for the folks who are driving in town. we're just south of cheneyville, maryland. take a look outside and you can
6:47 am
see light snow falling on the roads there. we have seen a mixture of all of it. rain, sleet, snow as we've gone through parts of southern maryland this morning. but a better looking drive for folks who are commuting in right now. you still have to take it easy on the roadways because of the areas can have some slick spots. some people not heeding the warnings and taking it as slow as they could question. but we're still monitoring the roadways here in the 4 x 4. back to you. new fire on the campaign trail. confrontations and accusations in the final democratic debate before the new hampshire primary. chuck todd was one of the moderator and joining us live from new hampshire. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: i got the same weather if sounds like. >> yeah, unlucky. what jumped out at you last night is this. >> reporter: i think the intensity of it all.
6:48 am
i'll be honest, i had suspicion that they were ready to engage. they had certainly been engaging each other from afar. but they didn't waste anytime last night. rachel and i joked at one point i think we would could have just done one word and just thrown it out there and said wall street and then they would have gone at it. so the intensity and i think they both know the next three weeks will determine the trajectory of this democratic primary. how close is it going to be? is this something that is a two state if a mom nonor is it something more. and i think you can tell the clinton campaign decided to get aggressive because i think they're a bit nervous. >> and what should we expect from the republicans, chuck? >> well, this is -- will i think you'll see again almost sort of the same honestly train wreck that we've seen before. you'll have some candidates determined to just go after marco rubio. you'll have the collective pile-on that seems to take place
6:49 am
when it has to do with all thing ted cruz right now. and then there is the wild card of donald trump who is admitting exceptionally essentially saying he made a mistake skipping the last debate. but it will be all over the happen because you'll have so many candidates desperation mood, think jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie. they will be the real wild cards here. >> and we should probably expect to see more candidates dropping out after that. chuck todd live for from us ft. smith, new hampshire. and be sure to watch chuck on the "today" show to talk about all the primaries and candidates. you'll also find analysis from the entire nbc news team on the nbc washington app. your best source for political coverage when we're not on the air. it is 6:49. we're waiting to hear back from the prince george's county fire department about this fire in riverdale. firefighters worked there on a house on ashburn avenue.
6:50 am
it's not rear how the fire started or how much damage it did to the home. we're also working to find out if anyone was hurt there. one person is in critical condition and three others injured after a crash in prince george's county. it happened last night on route 301 near central area in bowie. we're work to find out what caused a tractor trailer and car to crash. all lanes are back open. 6:50 on this friday morning and we're dealing with a little frozen precip. and we want to say happy weather -- >> national weather person's day. >> and you learn something new every day. grapple. the word of the day. we'll need it after all the snow. >> yes, indeed. friday morning commute, what should you be expecting on your way out the door this morning? a mix of raindrops and snow flakes. raindrops around most of the metro area, but more in the way of snow accumulating on the
6:51 am
grassy areas in southern maryland. there could be isolated slick. sos. no more than a light coating and conversational flakes around the metro. could get as much of an inch on the grassy surfaces southern prince george's county, northern calvert and charles county. southern calvert and st. mary's, slushy coating of up to maybe 2 inches could be expected. winter weather advisory posted for the western shore of the bay down into southern maryland. the back end of the snow is not far away. but it's still snowing pretty good down here from calvert beach to st. george island. more significant snow on the eastern shore. here is the back end of the precipitation already moving in to central virginia. it's racing in our direction. p so this is going to be in and out of here very quickly. future weather will show that in a second. right now, though, here is the reason it's not sticking to the roads. everybody even where it's snowing hard, everyone is above freezing and we will stay that way the rest of the day. temperatures will be near 40 by noon. 43 by 4:00 this afternoon.
6:52 am
but very breezy. have your warm coat, everybody. it will be blustery and chilly day. by 9:00 a.m., the weather pulling out and back to sunshine after that. tomorrow and sunday both no problems. monday, tuesday, this is the next thing that we will have to watch. probably starting as rain late in the day on monday. but may be mixing with and changing over toaccumulating sn on tuesday. that could be a significant shovelable amount of snow. we'll be tracking it. over to melissa now. >> could it just not happen maybe? bowie, 50 at 301, again roads are wet, but only because the temperature is above freezing. you can see the grassy area, a common thing to see this morning. 4 x 4 with molette green driving
6:53 am
through calvert county. wet roads and a dusting on the grassy spots. 29 south before the beltway, we have a crash in the lanes of outer loop. a slowdown there. adding to that is the outer loop at new hampshire with a truck blocking the center lane. 295 south, a crash reported at benning road. prince george's county overall looking pretty typical. inbound suitland parkway at alabama avenue, a disabled vehicle. 66 and 95, no major problems. again, right here on our traffic maps, we have all the radar for you showing you where it could be a little precipitation. take spot right now 95 north bound and southbound there in virginia. georgetown pike at river bend road finally open this morning. tonight we uncover a lemon law loophole that could end up costing you thousands of dollars especially if you have a used car. many of you are calling us after buying a used car that broke down days or weeks after driving
6:54 am
it it off the lot. most states have a lemon law designed to protect you, but when it comes to used cars, we've discovered a big difference in how the law protects those who buy new and those who buy used. we'll hear from a maryland teen who unfortunately found out the hard way. we have all of this coming up for you on news 4 starting at 5:00. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. president obama will propose a $10 per barrel charge on oil companies as part of his final budget request next week. the government would use the new revenue for fund clean transportation projects. critics say it could result in higher gas prices for consumers. white house majority whip says the proposal won't pass the republican controlled. i'm landon dowdy. she's ready for the super
6:55 am
bowl. montgomery county schools has a brand new leader. dr. jack smith was voted in as superintendent last night. his contract won't be official until july, so he says he's ready to spend the next five months learning about the school strict. fairfax county schools taking another step toward a huge budget increase for next year. the school board voted 9-3 to approve garza's $2.6 billion budget. it includes raises for all employees and a plan to lower class size in elementary schools. garza still has to convince the county board of supervisors. we have breaking news this morning out of prince george's county. police trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. megan mcgrath is live in temple hills with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the search for a killer is on following a murder that happened overnight. right around 12:30, shots rang
6:56 am
out here at the south point apartments on southern avenue. when police arrived, they found a man who had been shot, he later died at the hospital. police say they do not believe this is a random act of violence, that there is a connection between the victim and the shoot thor. but at this point, no arrests have been made. your time is 6:56. here are the four things to know this friday morning. today a vigil to remember neshante davis and her daughter chloe, shot and killed earlier this week. the girl's father has been charged with their murders. new poll out this morning puts marco rubio in second ahead of tomorrow's gop debate. donald trump maintaining his lead. ted cruz is in third place. a new intensity after last night's democratic debate. polls show bernie sanders with a double digit lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. the primary there is tuesday. be careful out there on the roads this morning. crews were able to retreat some of the roads before the wintry mix. but there could be some icy
6:57 am
spots. luckily temperatures are all above freezing, so we are getting snowflakes, but they are not causing big troubles on the roads. quiet for the weekend and then we'll watch and see what happens mo monday, tuesday. >> 50 at 301, roads are wet again because temperatures are high enough just wet roadways. and a little bit of a dusting on the grass. >> so not too bad this morning. could have been worse. >> you said shovab shovelable. >> that's
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. winter blast. a swift and severe storm bringing snow, ice and rain from d.c. all the way to maine. schools closed. flights grounded. roads a mess for commuters. rubio rising. our new poll shows marco rubio in second place behind donald trump in new hampshire. what caused hillary clinton to lash out at bernie sanders at last night's debate? >> enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it directly. and golden game. super bowl 50 two days away. the security, unprecedented. the anticipation, reaching a fever pitch. the stars of the halftime show trying to get in the it


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