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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the vigil at a prince george's county elementary school. >> an entire school community and a second grade class gathered to remember a teacher shot and killed this week. dorothy spencer was there front and center for the ceremony. >> right here at her school, for many, it was hard to celebrate with so many tears and so much heartbreak.
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>> the second grade class sings a song lean on me as they celebrate her life. >> your life was taken, but all have been blessed to know you. >> the elementary schoolteacher and her two-year-old daughter were gunned down earlier this week. >> it's really sad because i feel every time a person gets shot, i feel it. it really hits home. it has to stop. >> the vigil was attended by her family, her friends, her school community and strangers heartbroken by her death. >> how can somebody shoot a child? man, i feel so sorry for the family. >> the child's father allegedly admitted to killing them following a dispute over child support.
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>> reporter: rickyheinz's daughter was killed under similar circumstances. >> i'm kind of waiting here by myself. >> davis' sister spoke about domestic violence and the need to get help if you're being abused. >> in honor of ms. shontae, let's not allow something like this to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: their funeral has been set for next saturday, february 13th right here in prince george's county. reporting live from capital heights, dorothy spencer, news 4. >> right now, thousands of people are mobilized in taiwan, trying to save the victims of a massive earthquake. take a look at some of the latest pictures. one residential high-rise in the city collapsed and tilted completely on its side. rescue crews were able to get in there and save a baby from that
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building. so far, they pull hundreds out of the rubble. what's still not clear is how many are trapped inside. they accounted for other buildings but not this 17 story high-rise. witnesses are describing violent shaking lasting up to a minute. right now, well over a hundred thousand people are still without power. at the live desk, chris lauren. >> turning to our weather now, we are counting down to another big chance for snow. it's coming our way. >> doug is tracking that and the weekend forecast that will impact your sunday plan. >> hey, guys, right now, on the cold side, that's august we've got. we've got temperatures in the low 20s. it will be a cold overnight temperature. look out there right now at the numbers across at 35, d.c. 25.
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again, waking up tomorrow morning for the headlines, a chilly morning. a great weekend in store, though. then, yes, tracking our next snow. a storm system that originates up towards canada. and then, shifts its energy off the coast. how much snow are we going to see? still, with this one, still a lot of uncertainty. accumulation looking likely now. we are tracking this not too far away. >> thank you, doug. we'll see you then. >> new tonight, d.c. police are looking for six young women, possibly high school age who robbed and beat up a college student on her way to class. it happened last night near trinity university in northeast d.c. tonight, news 4's jackie benson explained what else the attackers had in common. >> despite the fact that michigan avenue runs along the
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university, the victim was walking along, illuminated only by her cell phone. she would have been in a vulnerable position. police say the trinity student was walking along michigan avenue northeast, near the school, about 6:30 last night. when she was confronted and surrounded by six young women who beat her and stole her iphone. she later told investigators all of the girls were wearing khaki pants like those in a school uniform. >> it's just, like, it's not surprising to me. >> thousands of college students live in the area. some use taxis or uber to avoid walking from metro late at night. >> i would it's a security measure that i try to adopt is actually just being aware of my surroundings. in a campus wide e-mail, trinity officials say they are working to identify what schools the girls came from.
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in northeast washington, jackie benson, news 4. >> twin brothers are in jail tonight and charged with murder. the 18-year-olds were arrested today. investigators believe they were behind a deadly shooting on wednesday. that's when 19-year-old maurice sinclare was found dead inside an apartment. >> lots of you are getting the word out on facebook to help a virginia girl get her college tuition money back. lily furafino made a stop at dunken donuts. when they left, her mom, maria, left her purse behind and in it, $10,000 in tuition money. another customer was caught on camera swiping that purse. now, lily says she wants the thief to know how hard her parents worked for all of that money. >> i'd like you to know that she took it from a family from a mom and dad who worked, like, hard
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labor. i hope i get to see her and ask her why. >> you can get a closer look at the video and photos of the woman who took the purse on our app. just search stolen tuition. >> tonight, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused an oily sheen on the potomac river. crews have recovered dozens of ducks and geese. the sheen now stretches for at leastle e 8 miles up and down the potomac river. acknowledged a transformer station had a mineral oil spill a few days ago. but the u.s. coast guard says they have not linked the two incidents. officials say the oily substance had no impact on drinking waterer in the area. >> d.c. charter school was forced to evacuate this afternoon after several students reported some kind of allergic reaction here at the william dohr school, it's on the 700
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block of edgewood street. there were no reports of any hospitalizations. we're still working to find out what caused that reaction. >> prince george's county executive baker tonight is slamming maryland governor's plan to fund the counsel tip's troubled hospital system. today, hogan announced he is setting aside $15 million for the next fiscal year. but baker calls it smoke and mirrors. he says governor hogan is still width holding $15 million in funding for this fiscal year. >> tonight, we're learning more about that massive crane collapse in new york city. the mayor said earlier a man was killed inside his car. but, now, investigators say 38-year-old david wigs was simply walking on the street. a 73-year-old man was also injured. the crane just passed inspection yesterday. it collapsed as workers were lowering it to a more security position because of strong winds.
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it's expected to take several days to clean up. >> with another g.o.p. debate coming tomorrow, republican presidential hopefuls are taking aim at a new rising candidate in new hampshire, that's marc marco rubio. a new poll puts rubio isn second place. snow kept trump from getting to the state today. he tweeted that his 90-year-old mother was tickled to get out and campaign. meanwhile, iowa caucus winner ted krooiz is taking more from ben carson who told iowa voters that carson was going to drop out. on the democratic side, bernie sabders campaign is showing some momentum after last night's debate. he has a 20 point lead over hillary in new hampshire and also leads among women in the state. clinton is trying to bridge a generation gap working hard to win over young voters. >> next at 11:00, counting down
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to rio. now, six months until the olympics, brazil faces a big test for its handling of the zika virus. >> now, a local lawmaker wants to stop making it a crime to use small amounts of heroin. >> we're well into a weekend of super spending. a look at the billions about to change hands for beer, food and those superbowl bets.
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or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. mark your calendars, six months from today, you'll see the start of the rio olympics. some of the tops of the world including michael phelps are hoping to defend their gold medals. news 4's wendy reger will be there for it all. next week, she'll bring you special stories as we count down to the summer games, she got to check in on olympic park and some other great locations. don't miss it, it all starts on monday. brazil is the epicenter of the rapidly-spreading vie russ. world war i wand world war ii were the only times that the olympics have been cancelled.
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and rio officials say the 2016 games will go on. but the zikaus is expected to affect anoerell-known tradition. is weekend's carnival. while rio has not been hard hit yet, health officials are worried the virus could spread. >> growing evidence now that the zika virus could be passed through sexual contact. the cdc is issuing new guidance to pregnant women and their partners. health officials say men who have traveled to the region should abstain and consider taking the same precautions even if the partner is not pregnant. the cdc is also looking into will the virus can be pazed through saliva. >> is it impossible? i don't know.
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>> we've talked a lot about the nationwide opiate epidemic. one lawmaker thinks he can help. decriminalizing small amounts of all of the drugs including heroin and cocaine. baltimore democrat ic is a physician and says it will provide an option for addicts to shoot up freely and seek treatment. >> san francisco has been hosting the party all week, but the grand finale is now less than 48 hours away. >> oh, don't you know it. we're talking about wings to
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electronics, superbowl sunday even beats out some holidays when it comes to spending. pizza hut says it's the busiest delivery day of the year. dominos expects an 80% increase in sales on sunday. beer has also been flying off the shelves at a rate of 50 million cases over the past two weeks. i think i did a little bit on my part here. retailers say nearly 9 million new tvs will be sold meeting up to the big day. >> are you going to spend more on wings or gambling. squl >> i'm a wing man. take a look outside right now, guys.
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it is a very nice night, but a very cool night across our region. a lot better, though, because the winds have died just a bit. down to about 7 miles per hour. 35 degrees, currently, and most areas are now into the upper 20s. so, yeah, a cold saturday morning. all-in-all, we're looking pretty good across the region. kn no snow, no rain to talk about. we did have a storm system that moved off the coast. notice what's coming in just off to the west here? we do have some clouds moving in. and those clouds will stick with us tomorrow. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds with us during the day tomorrow. not expecting much, but we will see those sun and clouds mixed. the biggest snow they've seen so far this season. for us, we've had a couple chances over the next couple of days. tomorrow morning, 22. 30 in washington. so, yeah, starting off on a cold noet. we're going to go fairly quickly here. 40 degrees by 11, 45 right
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around the average high for this time of year. it's actually a pretty nice february afternoon. great weekend to do some skiing. a lot of snow received here. 70 inches of snow so far this season. so we're looking good, as well. good weekend for skiing. and then mother nature may give us some snow of our own coming up next week. 45 on saturday, 48 on sunday, 43 on monday. we start to look at our storm system moving in on monday. that's with the cloud cover. and then most likely see some rain develop late on monday. that moves into tuesday. we get the colder air in here, the upper level system moves in. right now, a 60% chance of mix or snow. this is something we're going to be watching very, very closely. the models, not really in agreement on this one. but that's why we're going with a snow mix. right now, several inches
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looking likely across the area. so much of the computer models obviously give it a lot more. that's why some locations could pick up some significant snow. but we've got a lot to look at here. some moderate impact and it could become a weather alert day on tuesday. they will have the latest for you and then i'll be here sunday night after the superbowl. all right. and then we move into some really cold air. chance of snow continues on wednesday. 30 degrees for a high on wednesday. most areas in the upper 20s on thursday chlts by thursday, i will be finishing the rest of the week. >> you won't want to look at another wing for a while after sunday night. >> well, bore the big game sunday, there's a big announcement coming from the nfl tomorrow.
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>> i'll be on my knees. i'll be crying. >> one of the original hogs, ll of fame hopeful, joe jacoby. >> sports next. but, first, here's jimmy fallon. ♪
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studios tonight, we're less than 48 hours from the biggest night in football. >> everybody's talking about superbowl 50. but, before the game, tomorrow could be a big night for an all-time redskins great. >> absolutely. i don't have to tell you. redskins haven't been to superbowl in 24 years. but the last time they were there, joe jacoby was a big reason why. tonight, one of the founding members may get the call for the hall of fame. >> the call to the hall. >> i'll be on my knees. i'll be crying. i'll be thanking god, thanking and praying for him and to --
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i'll be bad. i know it. it's just a lot has went into it. and all of these people. and, to me, it's more about them. because they're the ones in the battle. we finally figured out how to get into the room, you know. and we've been trying to go in the back door. we're just going through the front door. >> well, i know i belong in my mind and my heart. but that's 46 guys who will start slowly tomorrow morning around 6:30 here. we've been told to expect some kind of answer sometime tomorrow afternoon. they told us to be in our room around 2:15, 2:30. but it's probably going to be 3:00, 3:30. >> joe became a grand pop for
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the first time. in san francisco, carol maloney,news 4 sports. >> let's get to the wizard. whitman back on the side lyme. back in the starting line-up. taking on the 76ers. and showing off early. red crossover right there. game-high 22 points. the wizards, 13 at the break. john wahl between the pass legs. finishing 21-13 with the polish machine. all week, john wahl. going along with 18 points, 13 rebounds. that's a triple double. they are in charlotte tomorrow night, 106-94.
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all right, to college park hosting number 17 michigan. >> terps up 15. the other star in the game, she had 41 points last time out. 30 tonight. that's the most points ever by a maryland women's player in back-to-back games. terps win their ninth straight. guys, i'll send it back to you. but take it easy on doug. it's, like, national weather cast day. cast day. >> yeah, that's right.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- rebel wilson, jack huston, musical guest


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