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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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its water source. new details around the future of the trump international hotel. our news partners at wtop confirm it will open in september. that is more than two years after the $200 million renovation of the old post office pavilion on pennsylvania avenue began. the hotel will include 263 rooms and one of the largest paul rooms in the district. get ready for what could be a slippery and slushy commute. look at that snow falling right now. if you're away from your tv, it a look, this is a scene in germantown, maryland. depending on where you are this morning, you could see snow on the roads, other places you're dealing with some rain. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. and the weather is an important hing this morning. >> chuck bell here with what we need to know to get the morning started. >> another day filled with
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possibility of accumulating snow, but not much in the way of a reality of it just yet. minor accumulations will be likely for montgomery county, loudoun county, northern fairfax and points north. but temperatures everywhere are just above the freezing mark. so we're not having too much trouble on the roads. snow coming down fast enough could get a little slushy, though. bitter cold still to come this weekend. windchills could be running 10 to 20 below zero as we get towards saturday and sunday. so more about that coming up. morning commute impacts, just mostly a nuisance around here. snow accumulations might be 2 to 4 inches across the far north, but again, temperatures you can see here 32 in gaithersburg and frederick, 37 washington, 36 in manassas. so winter weather advisories posted until midnight tonight. we'll be dealing with the rain and slush all day. so taking another live look right now at storm team 4 x 4 out the front, i'm going to switch that for you, we'll come back to it in a minute, we do have again the roadways here
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still covered a bit if they have not been treated. so that is something to really remember here this morning. going to go back to that picture just to show you here for a second. all right. there is tom. we'll talk to him in just a minute. metrorail and metrobus, reminder that we are scheduled to be on time for both today. metrobus had to switch that yesterday, but again, they're saying that they will be on schedule and on time on a normal schedule here this morning. marc, full service today. so is vre. our team coverage continues in more than montgomery county. >> tom kierein is live in the 4 x 4. what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, i'm here with irene johnson and we're in northern montgomery county, germantown just off of 118. and there is a slushy accumulation on the roads around northern montgomery county and the sidewalks, as well. just a couple minutes ago, i stepped out to shoot a video and almost slipped and fell on a sidewalk all covered with snow right now.
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so any untreated surface is getting snow covered this morning. as the snow has been coming down now for about two, three hours or so. it's enough to pile up even though the road temperatures for the most part are above freezing, but it's been coming down hard enough that it is actually sticking. and it will be around here slushy, very slippery kind of vaseline like consistency to the snow. so watch your footing and watch your driving and take it easy as you head out on this tuesday morning. i'm angie fwhgoff with this just in. new video of a tragic train crash in germany. this is what is going on after two trains collided. this is in the southern part of the country. four people are dead, hundreds more hurt. and investigators and rescue crews flooding the scene. one of the trains we're told flew off the track, many of the cars are still overturned. we are still working to get any
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information on what could have caused the trains to collide. 5:04. voters are already coming in in the nation's first primary. the traditional midnight balloting in tiny dicksville notch gave the new hampshire lead to bernie sanders with four votes, kasich with three and two for donald trump. the 12 residents have the deposit tin distinction of correctly predicting the republican nominee in every location since 1968. now that we've seen some of the first results come in, let's take a look at where the dwits stan candidates. for bernie sanders, he's projected to come out on top with a doububouble digit win ov hillary clinton. as for the former secretary of state, a win in new hampshire is highly unlikely for her. the campaign would consider a small loss a good result. now to the republicans, donald trump needs a win tonight after
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his iowa loss. right now he is leading by an average of 16 points. behind trump is marco rubio. now, after finishing strong in iowa, he is looking to narrow the race from three candidates to two for those frontrunners. now, ted cruz is also hoping to do well here in new hampshire. he is hoping for a number two finish tonight. he needs new hampshire to show voters that he can win in a nonevangelical state. >> those standings could all change when a new nbc news survey monkey poll comes out later this morning. you can check in with us for the results of that poll. as of last night, nearly 20% of new hampshire voters had not decided who to vote for. donald trump spent his last campaign day before the primary pushing people to get to the polls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders tried to sway voters. >> to ask your support to join with us in making that political
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revolution. thank you all. >> i will get up every day and do all that i can to make a real difference for you, your families and our country. >> the weather may make it a little difficult to get to the polls today as many -- or as much as 6 inches of snow on the ground right now in that area. arguably not enough to keep new hampshire residents from getting out to vote. in prince george's county, horrifying allegations of child pornography recorded at an elementary school. police say there have been ten victims all between 9 and 13 years old. and they're currently looking for more. 22-year-old tee deonte carraway been charged with that he's a volunteer aide. he also worked with a community chiropractor that reversed at the municipal center and was involved in activities at the aquatic center across the street. court documents say he recorded
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the videos during school hours in the restrooms. >> people always say i can't believe something like this happened, but these things always happen. there is always somebody who you would not expect to be. >> the case was discovered last thursday when the uncle of a 9-year-old saw a nude picture on his nephew's phone. that nude picture was shared on an app called kik where users can join anonymously. what you should know about that app coming up at 5:15. 5:07. today we'll find out how mayor muriel bowser will close the troubled d.c. homeless shelter. smaller short term shelters are expected to replace it. the mayor defended her plan in an exclusive interview with mark s s seagraves. folks who use a commuter lot may be in for changes. officials are considering bus cuts and higher fares. derrick ward now live at the
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commuter lot in dale city ahead of that public hearing. >> reporter: good morning. we're not getting snow here, but there is something else, there is change in the air when it com to commuters. coming from woodbridge to places like the district. this is all about gasoline prices. when the gasoline prices go down, it means less revenue from the gas tax and that means systems like the potomac rappahannock transportation commission buss are suffering. they say they have a $9.2 million deficit because of the declining revenues so that means they will have to ckucut bus ros and raise some fares. and also eliminate some routes. and folks are a bit worried. >> let the buses run more frequently. if you're going to raise the prices, at least give us better service. there is no problem paying, just give us better service.
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>> reporter: and today at 1:00 p.m., at the manassas city hall, there will be a hearing on this. it's the first of several hearings where commuters can weigh in and get details about the plans. there is also a meeting scheduled for tomorrow here at the prtc center, actually two, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. and another a week from now in manassas. we live in woodbridge. derrick ward, news 4. so we showed you maryland. thousand come take a look at the scene in northern virginia. see all the snow coming down in leesburg. >> speaking of leesburg, we just learned from loudoun county that the schools there will be closed today. schools are closed in loudoun county. the offices will open on time. also we just learned that montgomery county and an a run tell county in maryland, schools will be on a two hour delay today. that is in addition to prince william county on a two hour delay. all this information, we're staying on top of it for you today. how you can expect the weather to look, how it will impact your
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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good morning once again, even. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. weather alert mode again for you today because of the mix of rain and snow that we're dealing with. school clay delays and closure running across the bottom of your screen. expect nothing but a combination of rain and snow today. heaviest right now is along 270 corridor this northern montgomery county, but also snowing pretty good through leesburg and most of loudoun county. so keep that in mind. snow accumulations today could be 2 to 4 inches in the norther. right now tom kierein is in the storm team 4 x 4 for us this morning. he will be driving around all over the place.
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so right now, is he on 27 headed into tdamascus. untreated roads, problems. treated roads, not so bad. 29 southbound after new hampshire avenue, a disabled vehicle there. almost every main route has something falling on to the roadway at this point this morning. if you're just tuning in, come take a look at the snow coming down in montgomery county. >> montgomery county schools are opening two hours late. and we've been see something closings, too. loudoun county closed, anne arundel on a two hour delay and same with prince william county. kathleen matthews: too many nights,
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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welcome back. take a look at radar. we have snow falling throughout our region. we're seeing snow in leesburg,
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virginia right now. loudoun county schools are closed. let's check in with molette green live. what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, eun. good morning. we're on market street and we have fnice fluffy snow. much drier than what we saw when we talked to you about 40 minutes ago or so. i had a chance to speak to leesburg police as you look out at the street and the cars. and they told me as they were ending their shift, there has been no problem out here. but now is the time that many folks are starting to get out and about. and headed out. and driving a bit too fast i would say as we stand here along market street and watch the folks go by. so the kids are out of school. we just heard that and told you that five minutes ago and that is great news. as we see what this snow day, how this forms away the area. quickly before i throw it back to you, i don't know what the
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kids will do today. but i'm trying to have some fun here, too. and i have a setup here, it's like a winter wonderland. i want to make like a decorative tree. so if you're out and about, come bring me some ornaments to make my tree nice and pretty in this winter wonderland. i'm live in leesburg. back to you. >> i thought you were going bring back germantown g ichlgiga second. >> reporter: she's stuck. >> i got you. thanks. we'll check in with you in a bit. 5:19. and right now d.c.'s snow team is fully deployed preparing for the storm. more than 200 trucks pre-treated the roads with salt and sand. the federal government is open this morning but opm says employees do have the option for unscheduled telework and unscheduled leave today. you need to know what your particular agency's policies are around that. also, an update for you on metro bus service this morning. buses will operate on a normal
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schedule. metro decided to suspend the moderate snow plan early this morning and the maryland transited a hin strags will still suspend its mobility service for people with disabilities until noon today. today's storm is preventing the montgomery county council from learning more about the blizzard of 2016. that big snowstorm we just had. the department of transportation was set to report to the council about montgomery county's blizzard response today. montgomery county's blizzard response has received mixed reviews. county leaders decided to postpone the briefing until march. virginia could play a big role in decision 2016. we're learning that hillary clinton plans to open her first campaign office this week in northern virginia. this is video of a rally she held this past fall in alexandria. her campaign headquarters opens tomorrow in the kings town area. grand opening set for 7:00 p.m. now, if you are a bernie sanders supporter, there is a watch party for you tonight in northwest washington. d.c. for bernie sanders is
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hosting the event on mount pleasant street at 7:00. the group wants to watch results come in from new hampshire and organize local volunteers ahead of super tuesday. it is 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s on this weather alert day. we're seeing snow falling throughout our region right now. >> very latest is the heaviest snow loudoun county and montgomery county. you're the big winners or losers depending how you look at it early this morning. roads are doing just fine so far. they have had a lot of time to put some chemical down, roads have been wet and above freezing. temperature now 32 frederick, 32 gaithersburg. those are the only pockets of freezing temperatures. everyone else is in the mid-30s now. even with the snowflakes coming down. winter weather advisory does include northern fauquier county, out towards winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown, fred rig, matt rick, montgomery and problem all included. most of the accumulating snow opportunities will be north and winter storm of the city.
5:22 am
and even there where you maximize the snow, still only probably 2 to 4 inches. trending towards lower and lower amounts of snow from washington southbound. still could get an inch to maybe as much as two on the grassy areas on the south side of the metro, but again 2 to 4 inches north and west. so leesburg to gaithersburg to frederick, you have the best chance. here is the snow now. frederick, gaithersburg, poolesville, clarksburg, all getting the snow early this morning. widen the view out and there is nothing coming down in fredericksburg or the northern neck. that may change with time as this area of low pressure starting to lift off to the north. but plenty more moisture where that came from. so as you plan out your day today, what you see is what you get. pretty much all day long temperatures are barely going to budge at all. future weather through the remainder of the morning, here is 11:00 this morning. still the swirl of rain and snow chances around here. so very unsettled weather. by 4:30 this afternoon, a little rain coming into the northern neck, fredericksburg, southern maryland. after the sun goes down, temperatures will trend down
5:23 am
just enough where that could also turn into a rain/snow mix. colder air settles in late tonight into tomorrow. so you'll notice the real change there with noticeably colder weather coming our way for tomorrow. breezy with flurries around and your "7-day forecast" is a bone chilling one into the weekend. 30s today and tomorrow. that will feel warm by comparison. we may not get above freezing between thursday morning and monday afternoon. we have a long stretch of bitter cold coming our way. more about the impacts on the weekend coming up. for now it is traffic time. melissa mollett how is the commute? >> just hearing in my ear fauquier county another school system on two hour delay. that just came in. taking a look now at the storm team 4 x 4, tom kierein driving around for us this morning. in damascus right now, this is the tee mass cuss high school parking lot. take a look, they are taking it slow. snow covered areas that are not treated all over the place.
5:24 am
if the main road is treated, you're not having a rob. you're just seeing the wet roadways. so going to be something a lot of folks are dealing with this morning. fwe again, that parking lot not looking so hot. southbound 29, disabled vig. as far as metro, marc, vre, everything on schedule, on time right now this morning. this just in, kenya could pull out of the rio olympics because of concern over the zika virus. this according to the head of the country's olympic committee. they added he won't take the risk of going if the virus becomes an epidemic. brazilian officials continue to say there is no risk. if kenya does pull out, the impact would be big because they
5:25 am
topped the middle count last time. it is now 5:25. a few minutes ago, we talked about the growing dangers of anonymous social media apps such as kik and yik yak. police say they are popular among child predators and you need to be aware if your kids are using these apps. >> it's more than just monitoring their cellphone and monitoring what apps they download. you have to have that courageous conversation, you have to sit down with them and have a one-on-one talk with them and find out what is going on in their livs, who is talking to. >> our nbc washington app is a good source for parents. you can see the parent guide to the app kik. download the app and search kik. a recent investigation by the news 4 iteam revealed a spike in the number of child which whiexploitation he is hav. there has been a 60% surge in
5:26 am
one year. and a 55% increase in maryland, as well. that is according to state police. maryland investigators say new technology and messaging services are making it easier for predators to exchange images. 5:26 now. happening today, the montgomery county board of education set to meet this morning at 8:30. the public portion of that meeting set for 10:00 a.m. there are a lot of things on the agenda including next year's fiscal rear eyear end spending. and researchers at american university will release the results of the five year study on the impact of the healthy schools act. it was ro introduced in 010 and since then both the board and the school district have worked to fight the trends. the increased -- they increased student access to healthy meals providing physical and health classes and requiring physical activity during the school day. new rules in the nfl about
5:27 am
who is allowed at the scouting combine this month. athletes convicted of weapons offenses, domestic violence or sexual assault will not be allowed to attend. that's according to "usa today." the report also says prospects who refuse a background check will also be turned away. the denver broncos are celebrating their super bowl victory with a parade today. you're looking at video of them arriving back in denver after they beat the panthers this past sunday. the last time denver won the super bowl was in 1999. and some 400,000 fans came out to celebrate. we now know what it is, but where did it come from? the latest on the sheen covering part of the potomac river. and another look outside at the snow coming down in loudoun county. you can see it light tlrgs but it is coming down. a reminder, schools there in loudoun are closed for today. we have several schools seeing delays this morning, as well. we'll let you know if your kid will go to sleep in on this weather alert day next.
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to old town, alexandria
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to ask folks some questions about the area. let's go. what common snack was first grown right here in virginia? grapes? peanuts! peanuts! fresh roasted peanuts! (man laughs) peanuts! did that surprise you? that was very surprising! you know what else might surprise you? geico is the number one auto insurer in the d.c. metropolitan area. call or click today to see how much you could save with geico. we have several school closings and delays to pass along. we begin in loudoun county where schools are closed today a. also in virginia, schools in prince william county and fauquier county are opening two hours late. in maryland, montgomery county and anne arundel county schools are on a two hour delay. and the federal government is open. but you do have the option for unscheduled leave or telework.
5:31 am
we are constantly updating it in the nbc washington app. it's 5:0 abo30. of course this is a weather alert day. want to get you up to speed. >> let's check in with chuck bell. apparently about an inch on the ground in northern montgomery county all right. already. >> yes, a slippery inch already on the ground. and rain and snow to deal with all the way through the day today. the winter weather advisory goes until midnight tonight and even tomorrow, still flurry filled it looks like if tomorrow. no accumulations on your wednesday. but then the real cold settles in as we head towards the weekend. so from washington southbound to the northern neck, just conversational. a little bit nor ofmore of a nu for loudoun and montgomery county. snow all over the north and west sides of the metro area.
5:32 am
more rain down across parts of southern prince george's county down into southern maryland. so we're keeping a close eye on that. temperature though as you can see, highs today generally above freezing. 35 in gaithersburg, leesburg, 38 in downtown washington. coming up, i've updated my school cancellation and delay odds. >> kids say, yes, sleep a little longer. 4 x 4 in the parking lot. again, untreated areas look like this. about an inch of snow here. tom kierein saying it is slick like vaseline this morning. so be really careful then you head out. 270 at old hundred road, state police saying they don't have anything reported, but again, treated roads like 270 here, you can see really not a big problem. it is just quite wret. tom kierein driving around all over montgomery county.
5:33 am
what are you seeing? >> reporter: it is really slick like you said, melissa. i stepped out to shoot a video and i almost fell down. there is about almost an inch here of this very wet snow that has stuck to untreated surfaces here in northern montgomery county and it is all snow covered here in the parking lot at damascus high school. any untreated surface has almost an inch. again, extremely slippery snow. so not only difficult driving, very difficult walking. and when you step out on your front accepts our your sidewalk, watch out. you really need to watch your footing this morning. it's slip and fall couldn't of snow. it's been coming down here for about three hours or so. hard enough for it to stick. even though pavement temperatures are above freezing, it has been snowing hard enough for it to stick. and you can see here at damascus high school, everything is snow covered and including the sidewalks, anything untreated area, it will be treacherous for much of the rest of the morning.
5:34 am
and it will continue to come to down has chuck has been mentioning. the blacksburg community gathered to remember nicole lovell. ♪ the 13-year-old girl missing for a few days before her body was discovered in a field. two virginia tech students have pla been arrested in connection with her death. vigil organizers say they hope honoring her memory can make young women aware of predatory danger. security has been increased at the start of a retrial that began in prince george's county on monday. brian mayhew is charged this the death of his uncle who was set to testify against him in a 2011 double murder. mayhew was accused of ordering two men to kill his uncle while he was in jail. the case ended the last time in a hung jury. the retrial is expected to last for two weeks. developing this morning, crews are doing what they can to
5:35 am
clean an oily substance that is covering geese and duck after some kind spill in the potomac river. one goose has died. test results show the substance contains fuel oil. state and local agencies are working to learn where that came from. the oily substance can be seen on the water just north of reagan national airport. we're learning more are about an apparent gas explosion in prince william county. it happened thin woodbridge yesterday. two volunteer firefighters were inside the home at the time. now those firefighters and the family they took to safety are demanding answers about how it happened. >> what is frustrating is that they told my parents and me while i was there that it was fine that we were in the house. >> a washington gas spokesman says until their investigation is complete, he cannot comment on what might have caused the explosion or about what the family was told about the gas odor. 5:36 just about now. in one alexandria neighborhood,
5:36 am
mail started to go missing. and federal investigators uncovered that a u.s. postal worker had dumped it. they say he trashed the mail behind an alexandria apartment building a couple months ago. court records say the employee was criticized for slow performance and he didn't want to fall behind schedule. he's suspected of dumping promotional mail which was later pulled from the trash. he could face six months in prison. if you're looking for a romantic spot for valentine's day, how about alexandria. amazon says it is the most romantic city in the country. criteria include purchases per capita of, get this, romance novels and relationship books, romantic comedies, and downloads of romantic music. >> how about that. >> and aaron, alexandria topped the annual list in 2010 and again in 2011. you might just want to visit alexandria any old day. just sounds like a lovely place to go p. >> it is a beautiful place.
5:37 am
but this list makes it sound like that's where the try hards go. find some books, do your homework. gosh darn it, you'll find love. >> love everywhere. 5:37. if you're just waking up, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. here is why. snow is hitting some of the areas in our region this morning while some of you are just seeing rain. this is the scene right now in northern montgomery county. pretty good clip there with the snow. chuck bell will have the latest on all that as well as
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
a maryland man was arrested on sunday, a woman says justin brown lift herself left ripping figure are when she tried to break up a fight. brown now faces assault and disorderly conduct charges. he was released after posting a $35,000 bond. a caribbean cruise ship turned into a terror on the seas when 30-foot waves started toss the ship around with hurricane force winds. scared passengers captured the storm on their phones. thankfully no one was hurt here. the ship now heads back to port in new jersey. it's not the clear why the ship sailed into that storm even after the national weather
5:41 am
service issued storm warnings. it is thousanow 5:41. we're seeing now starting to accumulate in some places. >> outside on our weather deck, we're getting snow there. snow all the way up 270 into parts of frederick county, leesburg along route 15. so biggest impacts are the northern and western sides of the viewing area here. nothing coming out of the sky for charles county down into stafford this morning. so really depends on where you live. temperatures are generally above freezing just about everywhere. we're in the mid-30s downtown. so bus stop weather then for you this morning, rain and snow showers, we have delays and closures running across the bottom of your screen. we also have them on our washington app. so have that downloaded and ready to go. in the 30s today and for tomorrow. the weekend looks bitter cold. more about that with your "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. new problems on 95. brand new problem maryland
5:42 am
95 southbound just as you're approaching the beltway. and we're starting to see some backups because of that crash. so a brand new crash there. taking a look now at other areas, 270 at clarksburg road, northbound, southbound not wad because it was pre-treated. not retreated, big issues. taking a look at travel times right now, 270 from germantown to the beltway, no problem. top of the beltway 95 to 270, going to take you ten minutes like it should. 66 inbound and 95 north bound also rolling along just fine. again, a picture there of where tom kierein is in damascus coming up. we've been talking about maryland and virginia. look at this, now we're starting to see the snow come down right here in d.c. >> here we go. a live look at the flakes on the storm team 4 weather deck. chuck bell monitoring what lies ahead for today as well as next week.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
storm team 4 weather alert day here. >> the snow has really started to come down quickly in the last few minutes now. uh-oh. >> this is in our parking lot right here this northwest. >> let's check in with chuck bell. >> that's right, raindrops and snowflakes here if in northwest. almost all snow, though, across parts of northern fairfax, loudoun, montgomery, up into frederick county, maryland. all big fat snowflakes coming down this morning. starting to stick to the roads, as well. got our crews everywhere. we'll bring you the latest coming up. and take a look at this, damascus safeway parking lot, tom kierein there right now. snow covered cars and parking lots. if they have not been treated, they are slick. 95 near the beltway, slowing things down. it is 5:46. first primary in decision 2016 happens today. bernie sanders, donald trump
5:47 am
leading their respective parties going into this morning's vote. tracie potts is in manchester, new hampshire for us. and tracie, there are a lot of republicans hoping for a second police finish place finish. >> reporter: we could be here late while they figure out not who won the republican primary, donald trump has a big double digit lead going in, but while they figure out who is the number two. because there a lot of candidates sort of bunched up in the polls right after him. ted cruz and marco rubio, but also john kasich, jeb bush and maybe even chris christie. so it could take a while to crunch all of the numbers. on the other side, for the democrats, bernie sanders goes into this with a double digit lead. but can hillary clinton turn out to be the comeback kid again. remember 2008, she wasn't supposed to win here. she ended upbeating barack obama who ended up going on to be president of course, but she won new hampshire that time when she was not expected to. could she do that depend, can
5:48 am
she close this double digit gap and lose by single digits and cause that a win. the second of state here says they're looking at more than half a million people turning out to vote. that would be a record. >> tracie potts for us in manchester. new details surrounding the future of the trump international hotel in northwest washington. our news partners wtop confirm it will open in september. that's more than two years after the $200 million renovation of the old post office pavilion on pennsylvania avenue began. the hotel will include 263 rooms and one of the largest ball roo rooms in the district. president obama will release his budget proposal today for the 2017 fiscal year. it is his final budget proposal as he prepares to leave office. the proposal includes an oil tax, that tax may not have much of a chance among congressional republicans. however, new money for cancer research, opioid abuse prevention and military projects
5:49 am
h may get more support. this morning we're learning the wife of a dead isis leader -- learning more about this person. she's now charged in the death of an american citizen kayla w mueller. the 25-year-old was charged in her role in the conspiracy. she admitted that they belonged to the members of the terrorist organization. the family of a young woman missing for five days says she is troubled and could be it in danger. rose dethorough's family says she's bipolar and has a his tore of drug use. they describe that she had a bipolar episode. the 23-year-old was captured on the hotel surveillance video
5:50 am
walking down a back staircase around 4:00 in the morning. her sister says she's worried. >> it's extremely out of character for her to go this long without contacting a family member. >> ditoro has green highlights in her hair and tattoo across her finger that says hold fast. she does not have a car phone or i.d. with her. if you see her, please call prince william county police. and as bad weather continues to move in to the area, concerns are growing about a miss inning germantown woman with alzheimer's disease. nancy has been missing since last wednesday. chop e chopper 4 was over a search. and family members say she does not her medication. snow continues to fall. >> we just found out that frederick county schools in hear la maryland are on on two hour
5:51 am
delay. this is live of the snow in leesburg. chuck bell has the latest. yes indeed, delays and cancellations are starting to mount. and we may have to deal with it again tomorrow on into thursday. so what to expect through the day today, a combination of rain and snow. several inches of accumulating snow north and west of downtown d.c. and that's the reason it is a emanuweather alert day today. right now temperatures are generally above freezing around the metro area. but there are opportunities for slick roads today from leesburg into montgomery county up towards frederick and haguers up to town. most of the slick spots with north of route 50. southern maryland, lower impacts for sure because of more rain drops. winter weather advisory posted for the northern half of the news 4 nation today. that advisory goes until
5:52 am
midnight tonight. total accumulation, 0 to 2 inches sought of route 50, but 2 to 4 inches mainly on the grass, but it is coming down fast enough where the roads are starting to get slushed up a bit. so just be real care out there today. storm team radar shows the moderate to heavy snow from mount everett to frederick. but again, here is route 50 and almost all the snowflakes are on the north side of it. southern maryland, those are just raindrops. but it will be mixing into snow at times as we go through the remainder of the day. so school forecast, 08% chance of delays an cancellations today. another 60% chance of that again tomorrow and a 30% chance going into thursday. here is your day today. rain and snow off and on throughout the day. temperatures today only in the mid-30s. here is the snow chances around during late morning hours. by early this afternoon, maybe allege lull in the action before it refires up mostly as rain, but then after sundown changing
5:53 am
back over to a rain/snow mix. so a whole lot of ugliness in the thebs countnext couple days. we'll turn breezy and colder thursday. friday looks cold and bone chilling around here over the weekend. coming up a, i'll let you know how low chills will be by sunday more than. take a look at this right now. we have some snow coming down in damascus. storm team 4 x 4 right now in a parking lot. and again if roads, parking lots are not treated, they look just like this here this morning. about an inch of snow coming down in damascus. well have to work the windshield wipers this morning. tom kierein saying it is as slick as vaseline in spots. route 1 after fairfax county parkway, a crash being reported. 95 south near the beltway, also another accident. allow extra time. you will need it. more live pictures coming up. it is now 5:53.
5:54 am
montgomery college students are fighting plans to close two of the child care centers. the college has announced it will shut down its takoma park and rockville centers. some students say they're angry because those centers are offered as a discount and it makes it affordable for some students to go to school. germantown location say it will remain open, but students say it's inconvenience with their class schedules. >> it was not are something that considered the student. >> tuition was way under market. and that's part of the reason it's lost a lot of money over the years. >> montgomery college officials say they won't reverse the decision, but plan to work with families to find them new daycare locations. happening today, there is a chance to sound off about possible changes for some very popular bus routes in prince william county. derrick ward is at a commuter lot in dale city this morning
5:55 am
with more on what could happen to some of the routes. >> reporter: well, indeed they could be cut back or it could cost you more to ride them. and why is that? it's all because of the falling gasoline prices. when gasoline prices go down, so does the rev new from tenue fro tax. and these buses rely on that gas tax. the system relies on that gas tax revenue. and a lot of people rely on the system just to get around. but they say they are suffering a $9.2 million deficit. so they will have to cut some routes and raise some fares. the onmni ride is at peril. a lot of people say they indeed need it. >> i ride to falls church every morning by the bus here. and cuts that they're talking
5:56 am
about will just be really detrimental here to the locals who don't have transportation for themselves. >> reporter: today at 7:00 p.m., you can sound off in manassas. the manassas city hall, there will be a public meeting on these proposed changes. coming tomorrow, there will be two meeting here at the prtc center in woodbridge. one at 1:00 p.m. and another at 7:00. and then a week from today, another in manassas at the town hall. so you can sound off and see what is in store in this area. we're live in woodbridge. derrick ward, new s. aimdowdy. the nfl wants to have a package for the gains. but they want to tie it to sponsorship. at&t and yahoo! are interested in bidding on thursday night
5:57 am
football. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. several families headed to our area to talk about the water crisis in flint, michigan at the national press club. they're causing on the epa to meet with them and do more about the lead in the water in flint. as well as a radioactive landfill in a suburb of st. louis. a storm team 4 weather alert gay f day for you as we start it see the snow picking up. here is a live look from the storm team 4 x 4. snow on the ground. he's driving through northern montgomery county right now. we're watching the trouble spots on the roads and when you'll see the worst of the weather where you live with storm team coverage next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a weather alert day as we start to see snow falling heavily around parts of our region. this is a live look outside of our studios. that snow is already triggering school delays and at least one closure. our crews are spread out throughout the region tracking what it's like where you live. >> but we kick it off with chuck bell. >> good morning. winter weather advisory has been issued for basically the
6:00 am
northern half of the news 4 nation today. it does include northern fauquier county, prince george's county, anne arundel, montgomery, loudoun. not included are the district, arlington or fairfax. but there are still snowflakes to be found. snowfall amounts today nts wowo terribly impressive, it 2 to 4 inches north and west of town. we're trending toward less snow as opposed to more. so there is good news in that part. but minor accumulations likely on the north side of the city. temperatures just above freezing this morning and throughout the course of the day. bitter cold still to come this weekend. windchills by this weekend saturday morning, windchills will be down ins to the teens. but by the time you get toward sunday morning, air temperatures between 2 and 9 above. windchills running minus 10 or colder. so bitter cold coming our way this weekend. more about that coming up in a bit. for thousand out the door conditions this morning cuffed up in rain drops and


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