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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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northern half of the news 4 nation today. it does include northern fauquier county, prince george's county, anne arundel, montgomery, loudoun. not included are the district, arlington or fairfax. but there are still snowflakes to be found. snowfall amounts today nts wowo terribly impressive, it 2 to 4 inches north and west of town. we're trending toward less snow as opposed to more. so there is good news in that part. but minor accumulations likely on the north side of the city. temperatures just above freezing this morning and throughout the course of the day. bitter cold still to come this weekend. windchills by this weekend saturday morning, windchills will be down ins to the teens. but by the time you get toward sunday morning, air temperatures between 2 and 9 above. windchills running minus 10 or colder. so bitter cold coming our way this weekend. more about that coming up in a bit. for thousand out the door conditions this morning cuffed up in rain drops and snowflakes
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here north of town. dry warrington down to frederickburg, but a chance for light snow coming in later today. today's highs in the 30s. ghuter impacts in 10 minutes. and take a look at this, storm team 4 x 4 headed out of dea me damascus on 124. if roads are not treated, they are slick and nasty. dangerous like vaseline is what tom kierein told me earlier. route 1 after fairfax county parkway, a crash there. doesn't seem to be slowing things too badly right now. this is slow, though, southbound 95 in maryland approaching the beltway, we did have a crash and we did do have some backups headed south bond. y bound. big look at the beltway and other main routes in and out of up to, ov town, overall pretty good. and with the wintry weather, the federal government is making a bit of a change today. federal agencies are open, but if you work for one, you can
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take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework today. we have all changes and delays at the bottom of your screen right now. if you live in loudoun county, schools are closed there today. also in virginia prince william county and fauquier county schools are on a two hour delay. in maryland, montgomery county and frederick county schools are both opening two hours late. same goes for howard and anne arundel county schools. we have crews in the field tracking the snow falling in your neighborhood this morning. we continue our team coverage with molette green live in leesburg. what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, we're seeing snow coming down pretty good. and police are pulling people over who are driving too fast in this. we just saw a leesburg officer do that moments ago in the parking lot next to us. i want to get a bigger picture of what things are like out here with vdot. steve shannon joins us now.
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and you've been out, you have your crews out. what are you seeing around the town of leesburg and the larger area? >> good morning. obviously snow is coming down. the good thing is the road temperatures are above freezing. so we're seeing wet pavement. up on the mountain as we call it on routeberryville, we've had to plow some up there. but again the roads so far are clear. >> we are seeing people driving way too fast. there is not a lot of traffic. the kids are not going out to school today. but folks are really speeding. >> and as the temperatures drop today, there could be some black ice out and around. so i wish drivers would just heed the warnings, slow down. >> and you're glad that this is not what we saw weeks ago. we're not expecting a major, major event. but still enough to cause some tricky conditions. >> it is. but we take this just as serious as we do snow mazilla as we
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called it a couple weeks ago. >> reporter: steve, thank you. i want to into tuesday you to leesburg larry, that's what we're calling her compliments of my producer michelle who wanted credit and naming rights. we do have a couple of deck races. we have an ornament here and a poor little holder for your gift card for dunkin donuts, but no gift card inside. leesburg, where are you? come help me it decorate leesburg larry. back to you. >> that is desperate. >> reporter: i'm desperate. >> four after the hour now. metro bus will operate on a normal schedule today, however d.c. circulator bus is modifiyig its schedule. union station goreorgetown rout
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thelt not operate above m street. all other routes will operate normally. the snow is falling in montgomery county and plows are out laying down salt. officials say this was a tricky storm to prepare for since it began as rain. montgomery county schools are on a two hour delay today because of the weather. make sure you have our nbc washington app before you leave for work this morning. our breaking news alerts will keep you informed as this wintry weather develops. plus we'll keep you up-to-date on school delays and closings. voters are already coming in in the nation's first primary. the traditional midnight balloting in tiny dixville gave the new hampshire lead to democrat bernie sanders with four votes, republican john k s kasich with three, and two for donald trump. according to npr, the town with its 12 residents has the distinction of correctly predicting the eventual republican nominee in every election since 1968. now that we've seen some of the first results come in, let's take a look at where the
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candidates stand right now. for the democrats, bernie sanders is in the lead right now. he is projected to come out with a double digit win over hillary clinton. as for the former secretary of state, a win in new hampshire is highly unlikely, but the campaign would consider a small loss to sander as good result, as well. now to the republicans. donald trump still with a big lead here. he needs a win tonight after his iowa loss. he is leading by an average of 16 points. behind trump is marco rubio. after finishing strong in iowa, he is looking to narrow the race from three candidates to two. those are for the frontrunners. now we have ted cruz also hoping for good results in new hampshire. he wants a number two finish tonight. looking ahead to super tuesday, virginia could play a huge role in decision 2016. we're learning that hillary clinton plans to open her first
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campaign office this week in nothern virginia. her headquarters are open for him in the kings town area. grand opening starts at 7:00 p.m. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will be with us from new hampshire at 6:45 this morning and he'll have more on what to watch for as voters head to the polls. death toll is rising after this terrible train accident in germany. you're looking at fresh footage after two trains collided killing eight people. more than 100 others were hurt after one of the trains flew off the tracks and cars overturned. investigation dwaors and rescue are on the scene. the rain company it release a statement saying that they were shocked by the accident and we just got word that all survivors have been accounted for. more of the developing story as we get it. it is now 6:08.
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happening today, we will find out which neighborhoods will get short term homeless shelters in the district. mayor muriel bowser is announcing her plans to create the smaller family shelters and close d.c. general. eight locations are expected to be chosen around the city. ahead of today's announcement, the mayor defended her plan in an exclusive interview with news 4's mark segraves. all hear from her on news 4 midday at 11:00. we're watching the snow on this weather alert day as we start to see more snow flakes around the d.c. area. you're looking live in leesburg right now. a mix of snow and rain that chuck has been telling us about. he's tracking what you can expect as you leave for work. and we'll show you more snow on the roadways here in the storm team 4 x 4. and is that snow he causing slowdowns. and fears over the zika virus casting a shadow over the upcoming olympics. what the u.s. olympic committee is saying about a report it could have athletes skipping
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snow is falling across frederick county maryland, fairfax. we're seeing snowflakes here in the northwest. more in the way of raindrops southern maryland. so rain and snow, temperatures generalenly just above the freezing mark this morning. roads are very well treated an not in too bad of shape skrus y just yet. that may change. 4 x 4 showing you a perfect picture of untreated roads here this morning. very slick and nasty. this is the damascus area, they are headed in to gaithersburg town near 124 into town.
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95 southbound here as you're approaching the beltway, we are slow. an earlier crash still causing some problems. 395 north at glebe, right shoulder blocked with an accident. route one after fairfax county parkway still slow there because of a crash. top of the beltway 95 to 270, typical. 66 and 95 overall okay. storm team 4 x 4 also tracking road conditions right now moving through northern montgomery county. tom kierein has what to expect when you get behind the wheel. some school delays already rolling in, meaning more problems for dri problems for dri problems f
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- there are times when it's nice that things go up, and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. in 2016, the average home's power bill from novec will go down by an estimated $15 a month, making down a very good direction for power bills.
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we're tracking the snow across our region. you can see the white is the snow there. of course the rain/snow line,
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the blue and sort of pinkish colors and greens, things are getting mixed up right here around the district. let's get to tom kierein now live in the storm team 4 x 4 tracking conditions on the roads in montgomery county. tom. >> reporter: right now here in northern montgomery county, any untreated surface is very slippery. we got about an inch of this wet very slippery type snow. it covers all the sidewalks, side streets. any untreated surface. we're in a neighborhood right now that is right this just north of laytonsville, maryland. right off of 124. and you can see it is all snow covered here. this has not been plowed or treated. all the sidewalks are snow covered, as well. about an inch of snow on the ground up here. snow continues to come town. flakes not quite as bill g as t were, but it is it look like it will be with us throughout the morning commute. so fender-benders and slick on
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the roads here in northern montgomery county. >> let's head farther north. parts of new england wrestling with a brutal storm. you can sea the rough sure of breaking on the shore. winds expecting to gust over 60 miles per hour. new england may get 4 to 8 inches by late today or tomorrow. 6:18 now. this next story is just so upsetting. a horrific case of child pornography coming out of prince george's county where at least ten children have been identified as victims. and police say there could be more victims. 22-year-old deonte carraway is charged with making 40 pornographic videos involving children between the ages of 9 and 13. carraway is a volunteer aid at an elementary school in glenarden. court documents say he made several of those videos in the restrooms of the school. he also worked with a community choir that rehearsed at the municipal center and was involved in activities at the aquatic center across the
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street. >> people always say i can't believe something like this happened in my neighborhood, but they always happen. there is always somebody who you would not expect to be. >> police started working the case last week after the uncle of a 9-year-old saw a nude picture on his nephew's phone. a recent investigation by the news 4 iteam revealed a spike in the number of child exploitation investigations in the d.c. area. federal and state police records show a 60% surge in child pornography investigations in northern virginia in just one year. and a 55% increase in maryland, as well p. that's according to state police. maryland investigators say new technology and messaging services are making it easier for predators to exchange images. kenya could pull out of the rio olympics because of concerns over the zika virus. the country's olympics committee saying this morning that they won't risk it if zika becomes an
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epidemic. brazilian officials say athletes and spectators are not at risk with the exception of pregnant women. the united states olympic committee is denying a report that it advised athletes to skip the olympics. roit respect cited the head will of u.s. fencing saying last month the they told athletes not to go to brazil if they were worried about zika. the committee says that is not true. instead it is telling athletes to protect themselves against mosquitos which will be less common during the olympics because it will be winter in brazil. the committee also says it's closely monitoring the latest recommendations from the cdc. and the cdc has raised its response level to the outbreak, the emergency operations center now at the highest level of response the cdc has. the response includes developing die n diagnostic tests, and surveys cases of the virus in the u.s. president obama has approved a $2 billion assistance plan to fight the disease.
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the zika virus causes severe birth tee effecdefects. there are several cases identified in our area, all among people who travel abroad. this small machine, the robot behind this complicated back surgery, could cut recovery time in half. >> open incision is about 3 to 6 months. with this approach, it's 1 to 3. >> reporter: this doctor operates at reston hospital center. >> they were doing minimal invasive approach which is bein tick system which allows. [ robotic system which allows more precision, less radiation and faster. >> reporter: and dr. lim is using this robot to do it. the only one of its kind in the area. >> the robot is actually this device right here, this is the part that attaches to the
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patient. once the coordinates are given, this robot moves in all directions. this part right here is the guidance arm itself. so once this part which is robot is set and positioned, we place this guidance arm on top of the robot. and put the screws in. it is a weather alert day. just czech to hecking to see if are anymore closings or delays. the list seems to have steadied. >> and all because of the weather we're having. let's check in with chuck bell. an ugly mix of rain and snow. temperatures are just above freezing. we're on facebook live this morning. so if you're a fan of news 4 today, come and join the conversation live. storm team 4 radar, yes, indeed, snowflakes now from frederick, maryland along 340 out towards lee leesburg, montgomery and howard
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counties. in the district, snowflakes coming down. mostly just rain once you get south of about joint base andrews. and then town into charles and st. mary's and calvert county. now, it won't stay necessarily only rain there today. there will be an opportunity for snow there, as well. road impacts today will be greatest north of the city. temperatures on the road, pavement temperatures, are above freezing. so that is helping. and they have already laid down a good a chemical. so temperatures hovering above the freezing marks, cold enough aloft to make the snowflakes and get them to the ground. but this is a very tricky forecast because so much of it simply mets on contact. so planning out your day today, not much of a change really from morning to noon to night. combinations of rain and snow, periods of rain and snow all day long. by 11:00 a.m., snow continuing ear in the district. should be a little break in the action by late morning early afternoon, but by 4:30, 5:00, a chance for more rain coming in. once the sun goes down after
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5:30, that could change back over to a rain/snow mix for the late the night hours tonight. so the winter weather advisory goes until midnight tonight. and then tomorrow, still mostly cloudy with a risk of a passing flurry or two coming up for tomorrow. "7-day forecast" is a cold one. in fact today and tomorrow, likely to be some of the warmest days we'll see out of the next seven. breeze zif and cold into the weekend. valentine's day, you better find someone to snuggle up next to. down near zero by valentine's day. tom is in the play tonsville area and you can see the snow coming down. for roads like this one that have been treated, it is not sticking there. just slick. if the road has not been treated, your neighborhood could be pretty nasty this morning. they were seeing about an inch an hour ago in the damascus area. be big look at the beltway, main
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routes in and out of town, all of the gray and white is radar showing snow or some sort of mix falling. and again, on those side roads, we have seeing the accumulation. route 1 ramp to 95 north, that ramp is blocked southbound 1. the right lane blocked. southbound 95 at the beltway, still slow coming down south. i'll see you at 6:31 with more live pictures. the deny remembver broncos celebrating with a parade today. this is video of them arriving back in denver after they beat the panthers on sunday. the last time denver won the super bowl was in 1999 and some 400,000 fans came out to celebrate. interesting to see how many people come out this time. it looks like most of you decided to pick up the nachos and put your phone for the super bowl. facebook activity dropped 25% compared to last year's game. twitter posts were down 49%. the most tweeted part of the
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game of course wasn't the game. 162,000 tweets went out in the minutes following the halftime show which of course featured cold play, beyonce and blue kru mars. >> we know people are commenting on every play and everything that happens. >> maybe they were paying attention. >> i didn't do as much tweeting this year. i paid more attention. and at empty more food. new this morning, a new report says public schools have grown increasingly segregated by race and income. schools are more racially s segregated now than they were in the 1970s. researchers found 91 school districts nationwide are now using magnet schools, weighted lotteries and changes in school zoning to create more wabalance schools. a lot of you being told to find a new way to work as computer bus routes are put on the chopping block. how you can weigh in on the proposed cuts.
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and we're preparing for you the conditions outside as the snow really starts to pick up. here is a live look outside in leesburg. our crews are seeing heavy snow around the region. storm team 4 meteorologist has
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we're watching wrrapidly changing conditions outside. the snow has really picked up in the last two hours district. the good news is that a lot of this is not sticking to the roads. >> which you cchuck bell is her four things to know as you head out the door. yes indeed, another weather alert day impactful weather slowing things down, delays, cancellations running across your screen. our nbc washington app is loaded up with the latest information. today will be an ugly mix of rain and snow. not just for this morning, this will continue through the day.
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winter weather advisory posted until midnight tonight. and even tomorrow, won't be much improved. flurry filled wednesday coming our way and then into the deep, deep freeze this weekend. storm team 4 radar for you this morning, look at all the snow from the maryland, pennsylvania line down through leesburg, all of montgomery county now covered up in the snowflakes. not much south of planmanassas toward fredericksburg yet, but that may fill in. snow amounts today generally 2 to 4 inch range in the purple shaded counties. there is the winter weather advisory and again snowfall amounts today generally speaking in the 2 to 4 inch range. here is melissa mollett right now. >> i appeared out of nowhere. >> tom kierein has been out in the 4 bri 4 ox 4 this morning a treatment makes a big difference. >> side streets are nasty right now. tom right now is on 124 headed out of laytonsville through
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gaithersburg. you can see a main road and the snow falling down the wind shield here and being wiped away with the wipers. you'll need the wipers here this morning when he was on some back roads, it was nasty. we had about an inch or inch and a half in the damascus area this morning. 395 north at glebe, still have the right shoulder blocked with the crash. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. a heads up with this winter weather. federal agencies areopen for business today. however, if you're a federal employee, you can take unscheduled tele wwork or unscheduled leave. and loudoun county schools are closed today. also if virginia, prince william county and fauquier county schools are on a two hour delay. in maryland, montgomery county and frederick county schools are opening two hours late, as well. >> so are howard and anne arundel schools.
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the blizzard of 2016 forced most of the schools in our area to close and use a good chunk of their snow days. alexandria public schools losing two teacher workdays to get back on track. fauquier county are sliding their exams by a week in march because of the lost days. prince william county and arlington county have missed most days so far, seven, but they have enough built in that makeup days are not required yet. montgomery county students have smis ed missed six days. they have four built in. all others will be added on to the end of the school year. happening today, you have a chance to sound off about some big changes coming to bus routes in prince william county. derrick ward is live at the commuter lot in dale city this morning with more on this public hearing about these big changes. railroad >> reporter: these changes are big and could very well be coming, but you have have a chance today and coming days to sound off about them.
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you see these buses, they're a familiar sight through our area. these are buses with the potomac and rappahannock transportation commit. the prtc. but they are running a $9.2 million deficit. and why is that? they say because revenue from gas taxes is down because gas prices are lower. so they're look at cutting routes and raising fares. some folks are saying that is not a good thing. i'd be willing to pay more to ride because there is not much in the way of metro down this way and folks say this is a great way to get into town. this evening at 1:00 p.m. at manassas town center, you will have a chance to weigh in at a public meeting and this is the first of a series of meetings for riders to put their two cents in. derrick ward, news 4. crews are trying to clean up an oily substance after a spill
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this the potomac river. one goose died from the contamination. test results show the substance contains fuel oil. state and local agencies are working to learn where it came from. the oily substance can be seen on the water just north of reagan national airport. the family of a 23-year-old woman missing for five days says in a she's troubled and could be in danger. rose ditoro's family says she's bipolar and his a history of drug use she was caught on surveillance camera leaving a hotel broke 4:00 in the morning and ditoro has green highlights and a hold fast tattoo across her fingers. if you see her, you're asked to call prince william county police. just in, a new national poll numbers on the primary day. our nbc news survey monkey weekly election tracking poll
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reveals voters still think trump will win the gop mnomination on top with 35% support. this is 15 points ahead of the guy he finished second to in iowa, ted cruz. in third place, marco rubio who has seen an increase despite the recent rough showing at the debate. he's at 17%. on the dchlic side, hillary clinton still holds a double digit national lead. this is over bernie sanders. most democratic voters believe that she will get the nomination. however, clinton is projected to lose in new hampshire today. 6:36. as soon as this fall, you will be able to book a room at the trump international hotel if you want in northwest washington. this is video of renovations going on. the hotel will include 263 rooms and one of the largest ball rooms in the district. wtop say the september opening will happen more than two years after the $200 million renovation of the old post
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office pavilion on pennsylvania avenue began. so you get on the train and you go through what is the largest urban forest in the world. and you go up for 15 minutes and you get to christ the redeemer looking out over rio de janeiro from its highest peak. it is spectacular. but it's not rust about sight seeing. the story of that stat the chew, this icon over rio, is so incredible. i learned all kinds of secret little things about it that i will tell you tonight on news 4 at 5:00. good morning. back to reality here in the washington area this morning. road impacts could be somewhat severe across the northern half of our viewing area this morning. so if you're driving to work in fairfax, loudoun, montgomery, frederick counties, roads could
6:38 am
be very slippery. check of the school day forecast coming up. we're also following a developing story right now in germany after two trains collided. what we're learning about the search for surviv
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good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. heaviest snow right now along 270 just north of the frederick/montgomery county line. they're going north into t town frederick. and loudoun and northern half of fairfax counties as well as northwest washington, so this will be impactful. bus stop forecast, rain and snow showers not much change during the course of the day. what you see is what you get all day long. some amounts could add up to a couple of inches. and there is even more chances for delays and cancellations going into tomorrow and even into thursday, as well. a bone chilling "7-day forecast"
6:42 am
in ten minutes. taking a look at the storm team 4 x 4, just chatting with tom once again, he says they are on 270 headed to 370. the snow has stopped. it is just rain there and the roads are wet. taking a big look at the beltway, again, all of this radar here, white and gray means snow. the pink color is kind of a mix and then the green showing you where it's raining on your roads here this morning. taking a look at travel times, normal times 270 south. top of the beltway a little slower than normal. 66 inbound and 95 northbound looking quite good. right now the storm team 4 x 4 is also tracking road conditions right now. here is a live look. the storm team 4 x 4 is moving through northern montgomery county where we see a bunch of snow. it looks like items st's stoppe falling. tom kierein has what to expect when you get behind the wheel. plus we take you live to new hampshire where chuck todd joins
6:43 am
us with a look at what you should be watching for at the new hampshire pri
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kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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welcome back. right now we're preparing you for the conditions outside on this rapidly changing weather alert day. that is snow falling in our area. this is in northwest washington right outside of our studio. the snow already triggering some
6:46 am
school delays and at least one school closing. >> our crews are spread out across the region tracking what it's like where you live. let's check off coverage with chuck bell. good morning. snowing pretty hard now on the north side of downtown washington. up into the 270 corridor. there you can see the heaviest of the snow now in frederick county, maryland and loudoun county, virginia. this rain/snow combination will be with us all day long today. complete check of a bone chilling "7-day forecast" and crushingly cold we can end in five minutes. so right now top of the beltway is the slowest spot. we have a live picture there again main routes like this that have been treated, they are just wet. neighborhood roads especially northern montgomery county where the storm team 4 x 4 was earlier, definitely seeing some accumulation and very slick roadways there. it's 6:46. we have crews tracking the snow in your neighborhoods and we continue with molette green in
6:47 am
leesburg. how is it looking now? >> reporter: good morning. it's snowing really hard. big fluffy flakes. slapping you in the face as you stand out here. we're along market street where things are a little bit busier. some people have to get out in this snow today. i know the schools are closed, but a lot of people have to go to work and make their way out. the roads are wet. the snow not sticking. that's because of the temperature of the pavement as chuck has been telling us. and of course they have been treating the roads. i want to introduce you to carolina lucci. she got out of her bed to come decorate our tree, leesburg larry. why did you do that? >> i just wanted to let you know liesburg was here supporting you and we're behind you. >> reporter: and let me tell you what carolina -- let's show you what she brought. come on over here. you brought me some decorations. a heart, a gift card because she's a restaurant owner.
6:48 am
her restaurant opens at the 11:00 a.m. mama lu chlt ci. so leesburg larry is get something love this morning from the wonderful folks in the town of leesburg. back to you. >> we knew that our wonderful viewers would deliver. thank you. metrobus will operate on a normal schedule today. d.c. circulator bus is modifying its service, though. the national mall route is suspected take because of accessibility of stops. on the union station to georgetown route, they won't operate above m street. all others will run as normal. we need to make sure you have our washington app. our breaking news will keep you informed on this weather alert day as new weather develops and could that you up-to-date on all the school closes and delays. all eyes on new hampshire and decision 2016. results already coming in in the nation's first primary. overnight the town of dixville notch gave wins to bernie
6:49 am
sanders and john kasich. it is famous for being pretty decent at predicting the gop nominee we've been told. widely split republican party may make it harder to see a clear winner among the republicans. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd is joining us now from new hampshire with more on what to watch. chuck, we know this new nbc poll shows donald trump with shrinking support nationwide going into this primary. >> reporter: that's right. and i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the voting has begun. he didn't win the first one. so i think you see more republican voters nationally showing this idea that they may be shopping. but let's take a step back and realize that tonight the two things we think we're sure of is that donald trump and bernie sanders are on their way to victories. they may be the winners of the new hampshire primary on the democratic and republican sides of the aisle. and that's in itself a remarkable outcome when you
6:50 am
think about where we were six months ago. and i think it says a lot about the state of the electorate this year, the anger truly out there. when the country is angry, new hampshire is the first one to tell us and the results that would give us sanders and trump tells us that. but the other thing we're watching, who could come this second on the republican side. because whoever that person is -- >> sounds like we lost chuck there. obviously we'll have more from him on the "today" show from new hampshire as they roll into this primary day and we'll see what the results show us later. the clinton campaign is already looking ahead to super tuesday. that is the day 14 states conduct elections including virginia. tomorrow hillary clinton's team will open a campaign office in the kingstown area of fairfax county. a kickoff event planned for 7:00 tomorrow night. today savannah guthrie will report live from new hampshire.
6:51 am
this morning she will sit down with john kasich as he true he woo voters. you will hear it right here in just a few minutes after "news 4 today". i'm mark segraves. later this morning, mayor muriel bowser will announce the eight locations where she will put new family homeless shelters. the mayor has pledged to close d.c. general the largest family shelter within two years. news 4 has already spoken to mayor ybow sru swser and we'll where the locations will go and you'll hear from the mayor as she defends the plan that she knows will meet much criticism from neighbors concerned when having homeless shelters in their community. 6:51. team coverage of this weather alert day as the snow picks up just in time for the morning
6:52 am
commute. i tom kierein live on the roads for us. >> but we begin with chuck bell. tom saying the roads are slick. >> and they're going there bad to worse over the next couple of hours because the snow intensity has remained at a pretty good clip. heaviest remains in frederick county, maryland. and also the northern half of loudoun county, virginia. out towards the shenandoah valley, as well. moderate snow in martinsburg, west virginia. up towards hagerstown. this is where the heaviest of the snow is for now. accumulations are averaging 2 to 3 inches already. and we could pick up another inch maybe another two in some spots. closer into the city, there is the beltway right there, snowing on the north side. rain/snow mix on the south side of the beltway. and that will be the trend for the remainder of the day. hit and miss generally more snow north and more rain south. but everyone will get the combination at least at some point during the day. winter weather advisory which goes until midnight tonight, so another 18 hours from now.
6:53 am
all these purple shaded counties here could get a couple of inches of snow on the ground. temperatures, though, are above freezing. we're 34 in gaithersburg, 34 in frederick, maryland. so even with the snow coming down, roads have been treated, so chemicals and warm pavement is keeping this more of a grassy situation than a pavement problem. snow total forecast then could get 2 to 4 inches of snow starting really as close in as about southern montgomery county. all the way up to the pennsylvania line. the lower amounts, but could still get a slushy inch or two even south sides of the metro today. so more vfrconversational to th south. more of a nuisance washington northbound. so rain and snow in various combinations through the day. temperatures hovering mid to upper 30s during the day today. here is future weather. by 9:00, show showers wrapping around, maybe allege break in the action at lunchtime. but then more rain by 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. that may change over to a rain/snow mix or maybe even to
6:54 am
mostly snow after dark as temperatures continue to drop. then for tomorrow, still plenty of clouds and flurries around. temperatures in the 30s. but the real cold arrives tomorrow night into thursday. thursday's high in the 20s. friday's highs barely near freezing. and bitter cold this weekend. sunday starting out with temperatures down near zero and windchills running 10 to 20 below zero sunday morning. tell coverage as we track the snow across the region including on the roads. now let's get to tom kierein live in the storm team 4 x 4. >> reporter: here in the 4 x 4, we've been seeing quite a bit of snow in northern montgomery county. about an inch and a half has fallen there. sticking to many side streets, sidewalks and parking lots. any untreated surface very slippery this morning. right now we are on 270 southbound coming up to the split and the main roads including 270 and all the main roads are mainly just wet.
6:55 am
there may be just a little bit of slushiness on some of main roads leading right up to 270. but 270 itself just wet. but the traffic is crawling along here. only doing awround 20, 25 my miles an hour. a rain and snow mix right here as we approach the beltway right off 270. >> not bad there on 270 top of the beltway at colesville road, a little slow. but again, just wet in that area. 66 east of 123, inbound/outbound, just wet there. 301, all lanes blocked on the virginia side. a crash there. silver hill road at brooks drive, wires down and lanes are blocked there. that is causing some problems on buses. metrobus delays because of the downed wires. blue line, we have delays to largo here this morning. as far as marc and vre, they say they are full service and no major issues today. big developments in the last hour on that tragic train crash
6:56 am
in germany. first, the death toll rises to nine. still hundreds are hurt, many are in the hospitals. and officials just wrapped a news conference and made a desperate plea for blood donations. two trains collided in the southern part of the country causing one to fly off the tracks. all survivors have been pulled from the train, but it could be quite some time before we find out what caused the two trains to run into each other. it is 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out. there is a public meeting this manassas at 1:00 p.m. as officials look to cut routes and increase fares on the omni ride bus line. olympics in rio less than six months away and now the zika virus has kenya threatening to pull its athletes out. organizers say the virus is only a threat to pregnant women. the nation's first primary begins minutes from now in new hampshire. bernie sanders and donald trump are slated to win. download the nbc washington app to be among the first to see the results. snow is falling around our area this morning. here is a live look in leesburg.
6:57 am
crews have treated the main roads, but you're still being asked to drive slowly this morning. it is slick out there. >> and if you were hoping for an early spring, put your help on hold. rain/snow mix today. super cold this weekend. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
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good morning. high stakes. new hampshire votes today. trump and sanders, way ahead in the polls. will the state voters have a surprise up their sleeves tonight? with passions high at a rally, a trump supporter uses a vulgar term to describe ted cruz, and trump repeats it into the microphone. >> terrible. meanwhile, bill clinton taking the gloves off with bernie sanders and sounding like he wishes he could go at it harder. >> when i'm on a stage like this, i wish i could say what i really think. >> former


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