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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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facing some big changes over the next few hours. the storm team 4, 4 x 4 is monitoring the roads, the wet streets and sidewalks could soon be coated in ice. we're turning our focus from snow and rain to freezing an we have live team coverage. >> starting with chief meteorologist doug cameron. are we done with the snow and rain? >> yeah, i think we are we're dealing with snowshowers and rain showers across portions of the metro. but for the most part, we're done and any accumulating snow is definitely done. storm team 4 radar we're tracking the snowshower activity in fairfax county, prince william county and rain towards prince george's and charles county area. and still snow around carroll county, frederick county, back towards washington county that will continue for the next hour. here's the last six hours, notice where all the snow was, north and west of i-95. we talked about this area yesterday being the bull's eye,
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montgomery county, howard county. it's now getting out of here. this is a very big system and a lot of cold air behind it. atlanta picking up snow today. they've even got snow down toward the south. for us, the snow may be out of here, but the colder air is moving in temperatures right now, 31 in hagerstown, 34 in frederick, 34 in gaitsberg. whe gaithersburg. we'll talk about that and the brutally cold air that's moving in we're talking about the coldest air by far of the season. our forecast in just a few. well some of you had to whip out the shovels again today in parts of northern virginia. but the snowplows are getting a reprieve. >> bureau chief julie carey has been to fairfax and loudoun county and made it out to clark county and joins us live with a look at conditions in leesburg, what's it like out there? >> well it's easy enough to see what's been left behind from
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this morning's snow. here's the dirty old icy crusty stuff. and on top. a thin layer of fresh, new snow. but here is the good news. look out on route 7 there. that pavement drying now as the winds kicked up and that's going to be really helpful tonight as the temperatures start to drop. let's roll the clock back. take a look at conditions, earlier this morning, most of the snow started to stack up on the grass and cling to the tree ace cross loudoun county this is what it looked like late morning on route 7 in purcellville. temperatures hovering just above freezing, the roads stayed mostly wet. but not enough to create dangerous driving conditions. loudoun county schools did play it safe. they closed for the day. and while fairfax county schools stayed open. they have canceled this evening's activities. again. temperatures expected to drop and there are worries about ice possibly forming. we saw plenty of plows today as
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we traveled around, they had already gotten there. gotten the salt down and most of them were on stand-by, idling along the roadways, we didn't see any that needed to put their plows down. not everybody unhappy to see yet another snowfall. and i'm not just talking about the kids who got the day off school. and also what v-dot's plans are for the evening. efforts to pretreat roads in montgomery county paid off. route 355 in gaithersburg. snow is sticking to the grass, but not to the roads. traffic was moving along just fine. the wet snow that fell today helped loosen up the rounds of snow left by the blizzard. so front loaders were able to clear out a lot of the old stuff as well. we'll have a live report from montgomery county in our next half hour. as we start to worry about ice, the nbc washington app will help us stay one step ahead.
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we'll send you alerts about traffic troubles, school closings or delays. the first of the name primary wraps up and polls close shortly in new hampshire. a look at the town of bedford. not easy to predict which candidate will come out on top there are 870,000 registered voters in the state. but 44% of them are undeclared and could choose a democrat or republican. a lot of voters have told us they planned on making a last-minute decision so the candidates are out there making their last-minute appeals. >> hillary clinton has to overcome a double-digit deficit if she's going to beat bernie sanders and the same for the republicans hoping to pull ahead of donald trump. in the next half hour we'll talk about what it means moving forward. there's a new proposal for families in the district who need a place to stay. mayor muriel bowser announced her plans to replace the troubled general hospital.
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mark segraves is in the northwest to explain. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she plans on opening up family homeless facilities in all eight wards of the district. that's her long-term plan to close the d.c. general facility, which she says is no longer fit for families to live in while the majority of d.c. council members say they support the mayor's plan, one council member said he did oppose one location. kenya mcduffy who represents ward 5 in the northeast says he doesn't want a shelter going in this location. he points out that this neighborhood already had too many warehouses nightclubs, strip joints, as well as other homeless shelters that are already here. he wants the mayor to reconsider this location. he says he does support her plan, just not this one location. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear from council member mcduffy and mayor bowser, as well as neighbors who will be impacted by this plan. in the district.
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mark segraves, news4. > breaking news just in to the live desk. keeping an eye as a school bus has run off the road in montgomery county and crashed in the front yard of a home. a live picture from our traffic camera at randolph road and connecticut avenue. randolph is shut down as crews work to get that bus off the yard there. you can see it at the top of the screen. firefighters tell us the one person on the bus was the driver. and that driver is now being evaluated. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you updates particularly on traffic as they come in to news4, at the live desk, i'm jim hanley. the world health organization decided not to issue any specific travel recommendations surrounding the zika virus. instead it says you should consult your doctor for advice. especially in you're pregnant. zika is most prevalent in latin america countries.
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doreen gentzler just sat down with nih director dr. anthony fauci and will join us the next half hour. this isn't fiction, it's a secret weapon that helped police in northern virginia bring a missing girl home. the whole thing caught on camera. >> the storm team 4 by 4 is out on the roads right now in some of the hardest-hit areas from today's snowfall. now the focus shifts from the snow falling to icy spots waiting for you when you leave your house tomorrow.
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there's a little bit of rain and a few flakes left flying across the area. the last of it heading through areas of fairfax and d.c. earlier today we were able to measure a little bit of the snow up to the north. 3.5 inches in gaithersburg. 2.8 around frederick and winchester picking up two. that before the melting, while we have low impacts on area roads, we'll have more moderate impacts as we get into the overnight. it all has to do with the refreezing. temperatures below freezing. at 6:00 p.m. we stay in the pocket below freezing. not just until 6:00 a.m. 27 degrees inside of the beltway. d.c. metro area. above freezing, by 10:00 a.m. right now we're looking at delays across the area and slushy conditions by 11:00 a.m. and wet roads, at about lunchtime tomorrow. the wind picks up and gets cold, more on that coming up. the mayor flint, michigan
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says the city is going to restore safe drinking water one house at a time. one child at a time. kac karen weaver announced a $55 million plan to remove and replace lead pipes as quickly as possible. crews will start with households most at risk, households with children. the work could last about a year. new video coming in first at 4:00. a girl is home safe thanks to technology and the fairfax county police department. check out this video, police chopper used thermal imaging to locate her after she disappeared in the falls church area. police in the chopper were able to direct officers on the ground to the area around crosswoods drive. paramedics took her to the hospital and she's going to be okay. >> parents are outraged over who was allowed to work in their kids' school. the reaction from nervous parents after a teacher's aide was arrested for producing child porn on school grounds.
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and how the investigation is expanding. sorry, wrong number. why the frenzy over free chipotle burritos really bothered and caused big problems for innocent man in maryland.
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right now, storm team 4 radar shows the snow and rain showers starting to move out of the area. but keep your salt and sand handy. because winter is far from over.
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make sure you have the downloaded news4 washington app. frederick county, northern parts of maryland received the most snow today. in just a couple minutes, doug's going to join us on the next big dose of winter weather coming our way and why it could cause delays for you in the morning. i'm megan mcgrath in prince george's coin. an impromptu meeting was held with concerned parents in si sylvania woods elementary school. after an teachers aide was arrested. parents were first notified yesterday afternoon that 22-year-old deonte carroway was charged with making pornographic videos inside the school. according to court documents he was directing kids as young as nine to perform sex acts on each other and alone. investigators found 40 videos of
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young children being filmed inside the school. they also say carroway was a youth choir director at the glen arden center and around kids at the theresa banks aquatic center. it's unclear if children at either of those locations were abused. coming up, a parent who said she knew calloway and said he volunteered in her young son's classroom. convicted felons will be able to vote while they're on parole or probation in maryland. the state senate took objection overriding a veto of a bill that gives felons more voting rights. it means thousands of maryland felons will be eligible to cast ballots in the april primary. well chipotle's free burrito promotion is over. but the texts just keep on coming in. and right in the middle of all this mix-up, a man from montgomery county. yesterday we told you about
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chipotle offering a free burrito because they closed their restaurants for safety meeting. you had to text the word "raincheck" to 888-222. a lot of people mixed up the number and the rain-check text went to hank levine. the bethesda lawyer has received 300 messages. he tried to tell some folks they had the wrong number and called chipotle about the mix-up, but the texts won't stop, and it's not only annoying, it's draining his phone. >> if you can believe it right now, doug, we understand we've got sunshine and we've got snow at the same time. >> we've got it at the same time. that's what happens with these showers that make their way on through. and we have one little shower coming right across our region. let's get outside the studios in the northwest. you can see flakes flying around the area. no, there's the tower cam instead. you can see the flakes flying and you see the sun around the washington monument.
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just a quick snowshower around the d.c. metro area. south and east. falling in the form of rain. the see the sun, the shower up to the north and west here. 39 degrees, winds out of the northwest at about 9 miles per hour. temperatures on the mild side. generally, we're well below average for today. but mild with the fact we've got the sun, the snow out there. we're not dealing with a lot of snow on the roadways, we did not have that issue. we talked about it last night that roads would not be a problem with the storm. 34 degrees in frederick right now. this is the area, frederick and gaithersburg, you can see here's the storm team 4 x 4 moving through frederick county toward frederick and the numbers are lower here. temperatures 34, 31 in hagerstown, still dealing with some snow out there. watch out in those areas, that's where i think we could see the biggest potential for some refreeze overnight tonight. not much going on. that's what's happening up
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towards frederick. a little snowshower there. snowshowers around the district. look how small this snowshower is in northwest. right there. that's it. that's the one coming right over our studios right now. some rain showers down around clinton, and andrews and upper marlboro and 301. this is all part of the much bigger system here. an area of low pressure a deep trough, taking the cold air down to the south. look at atlanta, some accumulating snow in atlanta during the day today. you don't see that very often. that's how much cold air is here. now future weather showing our storm system moving out of here by 6:00, 7:00, by 10:00, no problems. then everybody cools well below freezing. watch this. a couple of snowshowers, around 1:30 a.m. here we are around 4:00 in the morning. some quick snowshowers. now these would actually accumulate. it will be cold enough. so you can wake up to another little dusting out there in your area early tomorrow morning. by 8:00, it's all out of here
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and temperatures tomorrow on the cold side. not expecting much in the way of anything else tomorrow. other than the cold. temperatures tomorrow morning, 29 in gaithersburg. even 32 in d.c. we'll see areas of refreeze as we head out tomorrow. your four-day forecast. 39 on your wednesday. 30 for a high on thursday. wind chills all day in the teens, thursday, one cold day. 34 on friday. it gets even colder on saturday. highs only around 25. wind chills in the single digits and lower teens by late in the day. veronica will have more on how cold things get for the weekend. coming up in a bit. thanks, doug. if you didn't get out and exercise this morning. maybe tomorrow will be a better day. why some say today'sed day most people give up on their new year's goals. what you can do to give your resolution a reboot. and some local schools are planning to close their doors for a day a few weeks from now. and it won't be because of the weather. a few minutes ago. we told you about efforts to
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stop the spread of the zika virus. we want to know if you think the government is doing enough. >> it's our nbc flash survey. call or text the number on your screen or vote on over at the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages.
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right now big concerns about
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our roads and sidewalks tonight and tomorrow morning. the snowshowers and rain are just about gone, but the wild winter weather is just getting started. in the next seven days, things are going to be pretty interesting. doug and veronica will have an update and we'll have updates throughout the evening here on news4. if you've already given up your new year's resolution or given up on it, to exercise move, you're not alone. >> gyms say the attendance starts to peak right before february 9th and drops off after that. >> we have ways to help your resolution reboot. >> since january 1st, the number of people making good on their new year's resolutions to exercise has soared but it's all downhill from here. >> i by the end of february we're back to the normal people here at the gym.
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>> records from gold's gym suggests after february 9th check-ins at the gym drop dramatically. other gyms see similar so-called fitness clips as people fall back into their old routines. let's face it, working out can be tough on the body. >> the muscle soreness, the next day, the lactic acid settles in and i walk funny. >> personal trainers say clients may become frustrated when they don't see their hard work reflected in the mirror. >> if you're not getting results you figure just forget it. it's not working. >> the experts say consistency and patience pay off. also set realistic goals. >> a lot of people want to start out at the top. i tell people start out where your body will allow you to start out. >> if you started out the year doing workouts that aren't working out, switch to another form of physical activity. >> another tip, find a friend who will exercise with you, hold you accountable or give you a fighting chance.
4:26 pm
era edwards, nbc news. >> habits are hard to break, good ones and bad ones. >> the easy thing is to start easy. start with a tiny resolution. >> well that's exactly what they say, start small, work your way up. >> a little bit at a time. we have a lot more about how to restart your new year's resolutions and keep your health and finance goals, financial goals on track. >> go to the nbc washington app and search resolution reboot. today's the day after months of campaigning and speeches and attacks and debates, it all comes down to this. why the first primary in this election season could be really tough to predict. >> you can see some of the changes here on storm team 4 radar. snow, rain moving off. but some new concern for tonight and tomorrow, more on the weather alert first at 4:00. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive...
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now at 4:30, we're tracking big changes with storm team 4. >> the rain and snowshowers we saw earlier today, now they're giving way to a new concern. >> meteorologist veronica johnson has your forecast from the storm center. so vj, are we ready for this? >> yes, we're ready. because we've been telling but it all day long. refreeze that we're going to see during overnight period, and first thing early tomorrow morning. wlet me show you the radar. storm team 4 radar. with showers making their way out of the area. as well as the flakes up to the north, our temperatures are 39 degrees in d.c.
4:30 pm
frederick at 34, hagerstown, 31. here's where i think the icy spots will start setting up at 6:00, 70, 270, areas out there toward baltimore. along even areas of i-29. by the time we get to 8:00, we'll see the freezing line drop south. it will get close to i-66. areas around marshall and even reston and further south by the time we get to 9:00. by 11:00 p.m. this evening it's a long and west of i-95. the icy patches on the secondary roads, the bridges, the overpasses. we stay there through 6:00 a.m. in the morning, until 8:00 a.m. in the morning. finally the line starts to lift north so there may be some two-hour delays tomorrow morning. by 9:00, by 11:00 a.m., i think we're fine across the area with wet roads and slushy conditions, out the door tomorrow morning it will be cold and windy. you're going to need the coat, the glove, the hat. we've got more on your temperatures forward from here. i put up on my facebook page, the difference between nothing on the ground in alexandria, and stuff like this
4:31 pm
in maryland. you may see the icy conditions tonight in parts of montgomery county. there was a huge range in the amount of snowfall with some neighbors having to shovel, like these folks. while others saw next to nothing. news4's chris gordon is out checking conditions in jermantown. hey, chris. >> we're standing along 355, pat and chris, and the roadway is in great condition. it's wet. this is traffic heading north toward clarksburg, a lot of them commuters coming out of the district. just a couple of hours ago, snow was flying in this area when schools let out. >> today's snow caused montgomery county schools to open two hours late. that created a hardship on some families. >> i almost slipped on the way to the bus stop. and my mom had to go to work. she had to stay longer because of the snow. so it's pretty bad. >> by the time clarksburg high school let out at 2:30 this
4:32 pm
afternoon, some parents were frustrated. >> i think it was ridiculous, they should have canceled snow today, there was way too much problems with traffic and you know, it's still snowing out right now. >> the northern part of montgomery county, got more snou snow than areas to the south. >> i think we had about six inches. >> you shovelled? >> yeah. >> a lot of people in our viewing area didn't see enough to shovel. >> well i raised my garage doors, there it all was. my wife goes, you don't leave until that driveway is completed. >> i think we've all heard that kind of message, he said he actually used his snowblower and he thought he had between five and six inches. ahead, a news4 at 5:00, how people up-county are coping. back to you in the studio. >> all right, chris, it looks like a winter wonderland out there. before you go to bed, make sure you have your nbc washington app and allow us to send your breaking news alerts. that way you'll know about
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school closings and delays, as well as traffic and weather alerts before they come in. >> right now, the first presidential primary of the nation is playing out in new hampshire. republicans, democrats and the state's large contingent of independent voters having their say. steve handelsman is live in manchester. what are we a few hours away from the polls closing? >> 7:00 easternth and of course as they are in maryland, district in virginia, you're in line, still get to vote. so a lot of places, it could be 10 of 8:00 they tell me. this is nbc election headquarters in manchester. so much is at stake in new hampshire. you're looking at an election site in hudson, new hampshire. down near the mass line. so much at stake in this state in both political parties, both suffering wars between their establishments and insurgent ci that the voter turnout is on track to set a record. you can see the big turnout in
4:34 pm
ward 3 in manchester. some new hampshirites made up their minds today who to vote for. >> i totally decided once i heard ted cruz speak himself. that's who i voted for. >> i believe in what bernie stands for and i felt that i need to go with my beliefs. >> donald trump. he is a business man. he tells it like it is. >> in new hampshire i feel very good. >> trump could score his first-ever election win. after repeating a vulgarity last night. he promised that kind of thing stops if he keeps winning. >> if you get to be president, or just before you get to be president, the ann attitude would change very much. >> chris christie. >> marco rubio. john kasich. ted cruz, and jeb bush hope to be trump's runner-up today. >> i'm the only guy standing up to the guy. >> hey, lou. >> democrat hillary clinton is hoping to get within single digits today of bernie sanders. >> we're going to keep working, literally until the last vote is
4:35 pm
cast. >> sanders was confident enough to relax. >> usually i like to take nice quiet walks, apparently not today. >> if the vermont socialist senator wins big, he'll rock the democratic establishment. >> soon after the polls close here, we will know you will know the relative strength going forward of democratic front-runner hillary clinton. and know who now becomes the chief challenger to republican front-runner, donald trump. live from manchester, steve handelsman, news4, back to you. >> well, mark your calendars, there will soon be changes in the calendar for spotsylvania county schools. the school board is closing schools march 1st for virginia's primary election. the day will now be a student holiday. to make up the class time. two and a half days on march 11 and april 22 will now be full days. turn-out for virginia's tuesday voting, super tuesday vote
4:36 pm
something expected to be heavier than first thought. >> it's up to a judge to determine whether the convicted murderer who was the focus of the serial podcast should get a new trial. during closing arguments today. adnan sayd's lawyer told the judge that the cell phone data was misleading and that the prosecutors did not contact a key witness and prosecutors say the cell phone data was correct and sayd is serving a life sentence for the death of his girlfriend. >> the good weather news is that there's no more snow expected. the bad news is that our winter weather worries are far from over. the big concern tonight, as well as what will have everybody as what will have everybody
4:37 pm
you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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. and we're taking a look at storm team 4 radar right now. for the most part this is all out of here. a couple of light shower activity, some showers down towards southern prince george's county, to the south around fredericksburg. in the form of light rain showers. to the north it's snowshowers, to the north of frederick. our storm team 4 x 4 around the they aremont area, look at the snow on the sides of the roads, upwards of three to six inches of snow, one of the areas we said would be one of the bull's eyes.
4:40 pm
and it definitely was with this system. storm team 4 x 4 making its way down 15 and back towards the leesburg area. temperatures around 36, that's going to be an issue tonight. the refreeze that we're going to be seeing. that's tonight's headlines, refreeze overnight. delays possible tomorrow morning and then, it just gets brutally cold. wind chills below zero, for the first time this season, the coldest air of the season in time for valentine's day. veronica has more on that. i'll let her be the bearer of bad news. >> thanks, doug, if you need a break from the subfreezing temperatures, look no further than new orleans. thousands of people are in the streets celebrating the last day of mardi gras. >> the celebration this year is the biggest since hurricane katrina. visitors from all over the world are celebrating time-honored traditions and mixing in a few of their own. >> push-ups, occasionally late
4:41 pm
oern at night they'll lick bourbon street. i don't get that one, either. >> that's what mardi gras is all about. people having fun, dressing up. going out, having a good time. >> the security and surveillance are unprecedented. there are 1100 officers on the streets. the fbi says visitors should sun they're being videotaped wherever they go. >> this afternoon a student from the cathedral school is holding the coveted golden skillet. 10-year-old will holt who won the annual pancake race at the national cathedral. staff, clergy, students and darth vader competing in races while flipping pancakes. other traditions celebrate shrove tuesday, a last day of excess before the fasting and religious obligations. obviously a lot of people will be going to church tomorrow morning for ash wednesday as well. so -- >> and then some of us are suddenly craving pancakes. >> there we go. thousands of people thought
4:42 pm
it would be the vacation of a lifetime. >> instead their ship captain said it was one of the worst days of his career. first at 4:00, the strong reaction and tough questions about why the ship set sail in treacherous waters. and efforts to stop zika in the washington area. what we've learned about when medical researchers could do something to stop it from spreading.
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4:45 pm
right now, a live look at street in thurmont, maryland, from the storm team 4 x 4 on the roads where it snowed. a lot of us got bad weather like this. you can see a car has spun out. down here on a snowy slippery road. that storm dropped several inches of snow for some of us. a lot of us just got rain today. we're in weather alert mode because of a new concern that could cause some problems heading into tom morning. >> meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm center to tell us about it. >> there could be icy patches, quite a few of them setting up. especially the areas that had the snow today. even though you saw the melting take place, a lot of the melting will be refreezing the icy conditions on area roads for early tomorrow morning, montgomery, loudoun county up into frederick county. the thurmont area to the north
4:46 pm
in frederick county, maryland wooxt he could see a lingering drop or flake for another hour. notice our temperatures, inside the beltway they'll drop to 36 degrees by 7:00, hold there until about 8:00. outside of there, north and west after 6:00 we're already looking at temperatures freezing and dropping. most of the roads here for the evening rush are going to be slushy. 37 temperature. by tomorrow morning, your temperatures around 32 to 33 degrees. here's a look at storm team 4 radar. there's the last of it as mentioned, moving on out of here, a little bit in the way of rain showers south of bowie and annapolis, gaithersburg and montgomery county and up north of frederick in maryland. your school forecast, i think for tomorrow, there's a 40% chance that we'll see some delays across the area. a very slight chance of any delays on thursday, kids back to
4:47 pm
school. same for friday. i doubt we'll see any delays on friday. the focus will be on the cold for the end of the week. and the weekend, early part of next week, monday morning. tomorrow morning, 31 degrees in leesburg. 32 around college park. areas of ellicott city, column beyarks maryland. 29 starting out tomorrow morning. your icy patches up here to the north and areas of northern maryland. >> your skycast for tomorrow, we'll start out with cloud cover across the area, we'll get some breaks, a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow afternoon. going up to a high in the mid 30s. a few locations, d.c. on south could hit a high temperature around 38 degrees. 32 by 8:00. so back to the refreeze again. just not to the extent that we're going to be dealing with early tomorrow morning. your high for tomorrow, areas south, 42 around fredericksburg, 38, 39 around la plata. there's the chance late tomorrow
4:48 pm
into early thursday morning, maybe we get a little flurry or two. coming through the area. the weather tomorrow, though, having a low to moderate impact on our area. we'll watch for icy patches. it is going to be breezy and cold for tomorrow. the next change comes in saturday morning. as the temperatures really start falling off. look at sunday early. the temperature early. 9:00 on sunday. your wind chills, some five to ten degrees below zero sunday morning. we'll talk a lot more about what's waiting on the other side of the front. the extreme cold coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> that inch or so we got today, a couple of inches was nothing compared to what they got up in new england. folks there dealing with the effects of a major snowstorm. hundreds of schools and classes were closed and interstate 91 was extremely icy. saw a lot of trouble and they're expecting more snow on wednesday. right now, there are new concerns about zika. today indiana reported its first case of the virus.
4:49 pm
president obama asked congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to fight the virus. here and abroad. and an official in charge of kenya's olympic team says it's too early to talk about not going to the games in rio. he was responding to an earlier report that kenya's athletes were threatening to pull out because of zika. >> a lot of people concerned today, doreen gentzler talked to the top disease specialists at the national institute of health. nobody is going to know better than him what's going on. >> and the story seems to be moving rapidly. dr. tony fauci is the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. he's been out in front on fighting aids and ebola and west nile virus, along with many others. he says he's very glad the president is moving so quickly to put resources into fighting the zika virus. dr. fauci says he believes we will see some outbreaks of zika virus here in the u.s., especially along the gulf coast. >> the thing we have to keep our
4:50 pm
eye out on is what's called locally transmitted cases, someone who comes back as been infected and a mosquito bites that person and then bites someone else and you get local transmission. i would not be surprised if we saw limited local transmission of zika. particularly along the gulf coast. florida, texas, what have you. the reason i say that is that we have an experience with dengue and historically we've seen a situation where there's been a mini outbreak, one in florida in the keys and dade county and one in texas. and the reason it didn't explode into a big outbreak is because the health authorities aggressively did mosquito control work. >> dr. fauci didn't speculate on a possible timeline on when that could happen in the u.s. but given how quickly this thing
4:51 pm
has traveled, brazil, mexico, the caribbean, central america, i would think that we're talking about this summer possibly. fauci says he's not expecting a widespread outbreak in this country like what they've seen in brazil because authorities here are mobilizing so quickly. and because of the experience we've already had in controlling similar kinds of limited outbreaks here. the only tool is mosquito control and that is far from perfect. developing a vaccine for zika virus is key. that's nih's role in all of this dr. fauci shared some information about how quickly he thinks that can happen. he thinks it's possible to develop a vaccine in a year and a half. more details on that coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> that's a long time after all of these americans are going to go to rio and be in brazil and come back home. >> there are so many concerns on so many levels, the economic impacts this could have. how it's affecting interpersonal
4:52 pm
relationships, you tell a woman that she needs to delay getting pregnant for a couple of years? that's pretty unprecedented stuff there. >> that vaccine can't come soon enough. yes, indeed. we asked if you thought the government is doing enough to stop the spread of zika. >> here's what we have seen so far, 70% of you say no the government is not doing enough. one out of every three of you are saying yeah they're doing all that they can. remember to keep voting on the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages. doreen touched on this, new details tonight on president obama's new budget proposal and why it's facing an uphill battle in congress. president's budget calls for spending a record $4.1 trillion on several initiatives. including immigration, health care, tax reform and growing threats from isis. >> the budget that we're releasing today reflects my
4:53 pm
priorities. and the priorities that i believe will help advance security and prosperity in america for many years to come. >> the plan is already getting heavy criticism from the republican-controlled congress. house speaker paul ryan blasted it as a progressive manual for what's wrong with the federal government. and said his government is working on an alternative. back on dry land, not without some tough questions, why did a cruise ship captain set sail despite warnings by fosters of hurricane-force winds? and a look at storm team 4 radar. they're keeping a close eye on a system that gave us some snow and rain and everything in between today. now a new problem heading our way. keep it here on this weather alert day.
4:54 pm
4:56 pm
we are approaching the 5:00 hour and we're in weather alert mode this afternoon. >> some of us saw rain, others snow. but it's no longer a big concern. but the streets and sidewalks could be slippery tonight and heading into tomorrow morning. >> doug and veronica are working on the forecast and will bring it to you in minutes. well thousands of cruise ship passengers are back on dry land, and breathing a sigh of relief today. after royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" ran into some nasty weather off the coast of north carolina. >> huge waves, hurricane-force winds forced the ship to turn around. some are praising the crews for
4:57 pm
successfully navigating the rough waters, but some are questioning why the ship was out there in the first place. >> flying furniture. ceilings collapsing. shattered glass. waves as high as 30 feet and hurricane-force winds. more than 150 miles per hour. all of it part of the harrowing journey that more than 6,000 passengers and crew won't soon forget. the captain telling passengers -- >> yesterday turned out to be probably one of my worst days at sea. >> and passengers not arguing with that. >> being what we were seeing outside of our window, these 30-foot waves. you know, we're tilting at 30 degrees, it's insane. >> i was hanging on. because you would roll out of bed if you didn't hang on. >> i realized it was really serious when i was sitting on the chair at the bar and the four legs came up and i was on two and i fell off the chair. >> despite their fear most
4:58 pm
passengers say the captain did a great job of keeping them informed and they're happy to be alive. >> you know it was terrifying last night. truly terrifying. >> i'm just really happy that everyone is safe and there were minimal injuries. and thankfully no casualties. >> but others are angry that they were put in danger at all. since there was a storm in the forecast. >> i think there's the question of why are we in this to begin with. >> royal caribbean's response to that was quote the weather the ship experience was greater than forecasted. while the weather was unpleasant, the ship remained seaworthy at all times and the cruise line promises to make it up to passengers by giving everyone a full refund, plus 50% off on a future cruise, some may not be inclined to take advantage of that deal. >> whether or not we go on a cruise again, i'm not sure about. we've got a weather alert folks. cold temperatures are blowing in right now, we are preparing for
4:59 pm
you, what could be an icy commute in the morning. >> storm team 4 first told you about it. some of would you get snow. some would get rain and a few wet flakes, it came down to where you live and it's what comes behind this that's going to be the real concern. >> the snow is pretty much out of our region for now, doug. >> but this winter weather is about to deliver another bitter blow to us, doug. >> the that comes in the form of temperatures over the next couple of days. the rain and snow, yes, is out of the region at least most of the region right now. storm team 4 radar, you can see the snow up towards the border. just to the north of martinsburg and frederick and thurmont. and it's pinwheeling back down across parts of the region. most of us will stay on the dry side. around fredericksburg, rain and snowshowers. this is the last six hours. snts where the rain-snow line was, gee right around i-95.
5:00 pm
as it always is. to the north and west that's where we saw accumulating snowfall. montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county. upwards of three to five inches of of snow. this was leesburg this morning. the person who sent me this said this is all gone now. here's jermantown, a little bit earlier. this is more elevation in mount airy, they saw upwards of four to five inches. for us, it's the refreeze, give yourself extra time on the roads. delays will be possible early tomorrow morning and it gets brutally cold. we're talking wind chills, below zero in my forecast. the wintry mix did lead to snow closures. we continue our team coverage now with chris gordon and julie carey. >> i'm julie carey in leesburg, virginia, it turns out there was need for more shoveling today. about two inches of fesh snow


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