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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> the i-team sat down with the family of one victim the big piece of advice for anyone concerned for a loved one at risk. >> stay with us now, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: is this a storm team 4 weather alert. all right. get ready for what could be a slippery, slick commute. we're looking live at the roads in rockville this morning. and tom kierein has been in the storm team 4x4 telling us about conditions. we're here to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> it's 5 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. >> let's start things off with chuck bell off in the storm team 4 weather center. >> good morning, aaron, and eun. it's a cold day. snow flurries headed over the bay and over the eastern shore. but as they came through the metro two or three hours ago, it
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did leave a fresh coating of white. even when i came out of my garage in downtown washington, a coating of snow there. here in the next 24 hours we're looking at icy spots. black ice is probably the main threat to watch for early this morning. temperatures mid to upper 20s. by 7:00 tonight, temperatures still below freezing. plenty of clouds around. we have another round of flurries during the mid to late afternoon hours. should be dry by 7:00 tonight. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, temperatures in the teens and 20s. here comes the cold, everybody. it's going to be a bone-chilling weekend. a complete check of the seven-day forecast at 5:21. mears melissa mollet. how are the roads? >> we'll hear from tom kierein on his way to darnestown this morning. roads looking pretty good right there. no major problems. so, a main route, you can see, has been treated, no major issues. you might have a little bit of snow on your roads.
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perhaps the driveway here this morning in your neighborhood. take a look at the beltway into and out of town. you can see you don't have any problem right now. the precipitation, all of this radar, this gray and white, that is snow that appears to be moving offscreen. 66 and 95, you don't have any problems there. everything rolling just fine. remember downtown, north capitol at m street northwest blocked and shut down until further notice. we'll have a live look at 66 comes up, aaron. it's 5:02. we have them out across the area keeping an eye across the road. >> tom kierein is live in koeg cou montgomery county. tom, how are things look? >> reporter: right now, we're on darnestown road, in montgomery county. it's dry here. even though we got that dusting, darnestown road, grays town, that section west of 270, most
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of the main arteries have been well treated and they've dried out overnight from that dusting of snow. but the sidewalks and side streets, we have been seeing those totally snow covered. and we're going to be heading to some of those here coming up in the next few minutes. right now, the main roads, no problem in montgomery county. they are wet to even dry in some locations like it is right where we are, right now. that dusting of light snow came through a couple hours ago, it ended. and in its wake, behind that, temperatures have dropped back down into the upper 20s. we're at 28 degrees here in the storm team 4x4. so the basemepavement temperatu below freezing. what looks wet is likely ice this morning. and that is snow covered from that dusting of light snow overnight. it's going to stay frozen for the next few hours. above freezing here until about 9:00 this morning. watch your footing on your
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sidewalks this morning. watch your side street as well. especially if you live in a hilly neighborhood. coming down a hill. coming to a stop. you may have problems. so go slowly and take it easy on this wednesday morning as subfreezing temperatures are with us here for the next few hours. back to you. thanks, tom. angie goff here at the live desk where we're watching where the weather is impacting government and schools this morning. opm saying that the federal government is operating as usual this morning. we did just learn that frederick county schools in maryland, they are going to be opening about two hours late. nals maryland, washington county schools are on a two of ho hour delay, aaron. >> angie, thank you. remember, you can track the weather in your neighborhood on the nbc washington app, as well as school closings and delays on the roads. a developing story this morning, we're working to learn how a plow driver is doing after being hit by a car in damascus.
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chopper 4 was over the scene on ridge road and hoffman road. the driver was seriously hurt. no word if icy roads played a role in that crash. new hampshire has spoken in decision 2016. you take a look at the front page of "the union leader," sanders, trump, take new hampshire. senator bernie sanders won by more than 20 points to claim the second largest win in the history of the granite state's primary. now, we went through the numbers for you overnight. bernie sanders took about 60% of the vote. and earned 13 delegates in new hampshire at the same time. hillary clinton took a little more than 38% of the vote. nine delegates. and we switch now to the republican side. taking a look at the blowout win for donald trump. he took 35% of vote and ten delegates in new hampshire. ohio governor kasich earned 10%
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of the vote. ted cruz took 12% of the vote that earned him two delegates. jeb bush rallied to nearly tie senator cruz, earning a little more than 11% and two delegates as well. and senator marco rubio of florida, he himself called last night disappointing. he took about 10% of the vote. not enough to earn a single delegate. today, it's on to south carolina, though. most candidates are already there. tonight, donald trump hosting a rally near clemson university. bernie sanders will be in new york where it's anticipated he'll get an endorsement around noon today. political analysts say one thing is for sure, both sanders and trump have clear messages and they are not deviating from the plan. >> people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment to the economic establishment. >> we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> now, analysts project bernie
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sanders will wake up with a boost from donors after his big win last night. with a still wide republican field, though. they say gop donors may hold back before forking out big bucks. it's also not clear whether any candidate will continue on in the race for the republican nomination. will last night's momentum be enough to carry some campaigns forward? nbc's tracie potts joins us with that part of the story. 5:07, news4 has learned that governor terry mcauliffe will enter a compromise deal about i 66. another lane will be added to 66 eastbound inside the beltway. that compromise coming between the governor and the gop. many republican leaders and some democrats do not like the idea of adding tolls to the route without adding extra lanes. this is just one part of the deal. we're expected to learn more at a news conference in richmond. let's give you another look outside at the roads this morning from the storm team 4x4.
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depending on where you are, you could see snow, you could see ice. you could see both. >> this is why. come and look at the current temperatures around the region this morning. a lot of places below freezing. this is storm team 4 radar that white stuff. here are the temperatures, tah-dah. we have snow and snow melt. it could be a white knuckle drive into work with freezing temperatures.
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new developments about the zika virus. china how has its first confirmed case of the disease. chinese health officials say a man who visited venezuela came back with zika last week. he's now recovering. those officials say the chance of zika spreading in china is very low. mosquitos which spread the disease aren't active right there. looking at weather and traffic on the 1s on this
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weather alert day. >> let's check in with chuck bell. what's going on? >> still got this round of flurries. it's coated the metro area with a fresh coating of snow. it's on the western side of the chesapeake bay from the eastern shore. from deal, chesapeake beach, calvert beach, leonardtown and hollywood, all have a fresh coating they're dealing with. the road impacts, we'll call it moderate. the real issue is side streets and unstreeted surfaces. with snow flurries later today, should be a relative low impact event. commuter forecast, start off with temperatures in upper 20s. peeks of sunshine. and temperatures generally speaking in mid to upper 30s. i'll see you with the seven-day forecast and a cold valentine's day weekend in ten minute. here's my morning valentine,
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melissa. >> oh, good morning. the side streets might be a little nasty this morning. beltway at st. barnabas -- that is not st. barnabas. that is 66 there. here comes the correct headline. you there go. overall, don't have any major issues right now. we'll keep you update, of course. if that changes we have pictures of 95 coming up. roads are slippery. crews have seen that. we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein in just a minute to see wh
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00. i'm angie goff. a shooting incident at reston hospital. it happened around 1:30 in the
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morning. this is now the town center parkway. details very limited right now. news4's erica gon dazales is hed to the scene. if you're just turning on your tv, we want to let you know that it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. >> we just found out that calvert county schools are a two-hour delay. meteorologist chuck bell and melissa mollet will let you know what you need to know. >> first, let's check in with molette green in what she's seeing in prince george's county. good morning. >> reporter: we're at a busy point at powder mill and sheri hill road. mostly dry pavement. right right here high point high school. i'm standing on the sidewalk here. nothing to worry about for the kids who are making they're way out to the bus stop.
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or those who are just going to walk up the road here to the school. we made our way all the way up riggs road. and things look pretty good. pretty dry. no trouble spots, that we saw at all. we know we had light snowfall here in the county, so when you come out, you're going to see a covering on your car. you're going to have to use the defroster and the heat. but that's pretty much all you're dealing with here in this county. this is what we're seeing here. i have seen a couple trucks out, going around with the plows out. but, of course, not necessary at all. and there is salt on the roads and chemical treatment, of course, just in case some of these -- in case you encounter some wet spots that could get icy because it is really cold this morning. that is the latest live from prince george's county in the
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beltsville area. tom kierein has picked up the storm team coverage in montgomery county. how is it looking? >> we're tracking this area of snow that came through with the nbc washington app. you can see the storm team 4 radar showing that snow is well east of montgomery county where we are right now in darnestown. this is an neighborhood off of darnestown road. that looks like snow on the road -- that's not snow. that's salt. it has been heavily salted up here. many of the neighborhoods that did get that coating of snow, now looking like there's more salt than snow on the roads up here. so, montgomery county and the state highway department have done a good job of pretreating the roads and they needed to do that because the road temperatures are below freezing this morning. unlike yesterday when everything was just wet, it is subfreezing. it's only at 28 degrees. so any untreated surface has a very light coating of snow on it. it's going to stay that way for another couple of hours.
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it's going to stay below freezing until 9:00 this morning. tom, thank you. let's get another look at the temperatures. you see the low numbers, below freezing in a lot of places. but we have you covered to get you ready for the day ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will have a closer look at where you live. as well as the bitter cold weekend shaping up with weather and traffic on the 1s. >> right now, a bombshell letter in the district, the medical director of d.c. fire ems stepped down, dr. jullette saussy has been on the job for a while and stepped down. saussy said there is a toxic culture in the district that is causing people to die nelessly. on a one-on-one with our jackie bensen. dr. saussy said there's a lack of cooperation when it comes to
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improve the service. she specifically cites training. >> like being prohibited from measuring the right things is a red flag early on. being able to assess where we are from response so i could guide the training appropriately, that was a red flag. >> dr. saussy also told news4 the fire and ems operations should be separate departments. she believes one person cannot effectively do both jobs of an emt and firefighter. following the resignation laid, d.c. mayor muriel bowser said, quote, the mayor is committed to reforming fire and ems and put in a fire chief and team to do that. and we are committed to improving patient outcomes and delivering the change that residents expect and deserve." the latest on that developing story, a deadly earthquake with 100 people still trapped in a collapsed building in taiwan. the death toll in the quake is
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now 44. most of those people died when a 17-story high-rise toppled. three of the building developers are now facing charges of negligence, as prosecutors say the buildings were poorly constructed. the big chill is on as we roll into this weather alert day. let's check in with chuck bell. >> that's right. normally, i would agree with you, aaron, this is the big chill. but this is the little chill ahead of the big freeze that's coming our way as we head into the weekend. probably going to be the coldest weekend of entire winter season. but you're right. it's certainly colder outside than yesterday. the 24-hour temperature change. on average 5 to almost 10 degrees colder than we were the same time yesterday. snowflakes out here in southern is anne arundel county from annapolis. light snow in calvert county on a two-hour delay. all of the latest school closings and delays on your scene. you can have it on your nbc
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washington app. the next patch of snow back here in western west virginia, that's racing in our direction. that ripple in the atmosphere arrives here in the middle of the afternoon. it will bring with it another chance of snow flurries. temperatures this morning, upper 20s to near 30 degrees right now. planning out the relevant of your day. that's clearly not the right numbers. we won't be anywhere near 50 degrees today. i'll tell you what, clouds when you go out the door early this morning. breaking out into sunshine. late up until lunchtime. a fair amount of sun in mid to upper 30s. future weather, 3:45, a little pocket of what looks to be rain on the display here. it's probably going to come down mostly in the form of snow flurries. i don't think those snow flurries will turn into drops as they reach the ground. there's another round coming our way between 3:00 and 7:00. snowfall amounts will be incredibly light about 0.1 inch or so.
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basically like a repeat performance of last night. 29 for the high today. friday is when the real cold air starts to settle in as we head into the weekend. by saturday and sunday, real cold. sunday morning, valentine's morning, windchills 5 to 10 below zero when you start out. and recover to only single numbers. here's melissa mollet. a brand-new report a problem. we knew about the jackknifed trailer there. we just learned it's closing it down. we've been tweeting about that this morning as well. a big look at the main routes around town. you see that showing some roads with an issue off to the right side of the green. 95 at powder hill road. 301 at branch satisfactory looking pretty good there. you can see a little bit of snow on the sides of the roadways. 395 southbound at seminary, still have the two left lanes getting by, a work zone, until
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8:00 a.m. aaron. it's 5:25, and this is video you don't get to see very often. a lake rescue through the eyes of night vision technology. this happened in fairfax county last week. police were called to find a missing girl. fairfax county police send up a helicopter and they pulled that girl from the icy waters of lake barcroft in falls church. we got a chance to talk to the officers manning the aircraft and undertaking this incredible search. they showed off the incredible camera used in the rescue. this is technology that helped save the life of a 17-year-old girl. >> she was in the water up to her shoulders. all we could see was like this. it didn't necessarily look like a person but it was a heat source that was unusual for the area. >> the girl is expected to be okay. health officials from d.c., maryland will meet to discuss the zika virus. that virus was recently declared
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an international public health emergency. officials will discuss how to prevent a full outbreak in our area. representatives of the cdc will also be at today's meeting in northeast washington. investigators on the scene right now of a military plane crash in indonesia. it nosedived into a house. two people on board died and a woman in that house is in the hospital in critical condition. that's the latest from the live desk. we're working right now on the storm team 4 weather alert day. there's a live look at the capitol. so far, opm is up and running as usual. and a big thank you is in order today. virginia declared today crossing guard appreciation day. david fort, you see there has manned the post at waynewood
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a weather alert day for you on this wednesday, as you get ready to head outside. cold temperatures and snow flurries making for slick conditions out on the roadway now. our crews are watching the conditions out there to help you prepare for your morning commute. >> let's beginning with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein checking conditions on the road ron the storm team 4x4, tom. >> we're near northern
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montgomery county, near poolesville now. most of the main roads have been well treated. this is the view out of the front of the storm team 4x4. most of the roads in northern montgomery county are just wet in patchy areas -- there we go. we had a problem getting the shot for you. you can see there's still a little wetness on the roads here. most of the roads have been well salted and treated. so, as a result, many of them are dry. this area that we're coming into right now may look like sort of snowy. in fact, that is dry pavement, which is great news for most of the area. the untreated surfaces that we've been seeing here, some of the side streets and sidewalks just got a very light dusting of snow. that was about two or three hours ago, it's slowing down. but it did stay in place because the temperatures are just in the upper 20s right now. so, it's going to stay in place. whatever is on your front steps and your sidewalks, it's going
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to be there. it's sweepable, though. you can get a broom and just sweep it off. it's a very dry kind of fluffy-type snow. continuing north here in montgomery county. back to you. >> thanks, tom. here at home, 5:31 on your wednesday morning. here are the 4 things that you need to know about the weather. a day filled with flurries. round number one came through early this morning. we're still dealing with it on the western shore of the bay. a cold north wind is setting up shop. we're headed into the deep freeze this weekend. sub-zero windchills are coming our way as early as tomorrow. especially through the weekend. here's the last of this early morning snow that hit over its area over the bay. good riddance to it. bus stop forecast, temperatures in the 20s early this morning. in mid to upper 30s later on today. but, again, a pretty good chance of another round of flurries coming in just as the kids are getting out of school this afternoon. is that will linger into the
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evening commute as well. just like this first one, not going to be a lot of snow. and the roads with temperatures above freezing, just like yesterday, it won't be a big issue. >> and it gives a tad bit of hope. >> eastbound closed at kent narrows bridge, traffic is being diverted. beltway at colesville road, looking good, main roads have been treated and really are not bad as tom's been telling us. 270, northbound, southbound, normal volume for 5:30. taking a look at 95, quantico to the beltway, 19 minutes. exactly as it should. i'll be back with travel times. more school delays coming into the newsroom. spotsylvania county schools and calvert county schools will open two hours late today. >> frederick county schools in maryland and washington county schools are also on a two-hour delay. check the nbc washington app for the full list. we'll update you as the morning
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goes on. a yuge voter turnout! and i say yuge! we won. >> we are going to start winning again. and we're going to win so much, you're going to be so happy. >> it's not weather you get knocked down that matters it's whether you get back up. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. >> let me tell you, there's so much going to happen, if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> a blowout win in the new hampshire primaries on the republican side. for donald trump. that's where we begin now, he took 35% of the votes and ten delegates in new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich earned about 16% of the votes and three delegates. senator ted cuss took nearly 12% of new hampshire voters earning two delegates. jeb bush rallied to nearly tie
5:34 am
cruz learning 11%. two delegates. senator marco rubio calling last night a disappointment. hoe took about 10% of the votes not enough to earn a single delegate. bernie sanders taking 60% of the vote earning 13 delegates. hillary clinton took a little more than 38%, that means nine delegates for her. those are the numbers. let's talk about the impact they could have in the future of this election. nbc's tracie potts is in manchester. tracie, john kasich, bernie sanders, they seemed to have momentum this morning. big night for kasich? >> and they have money too. we already saw sanders putting the word out to his donors about awhether or not lack of results are going to spark more donations. the $27 donations that he often talks about cutting into his campaign. yuge for kasich, as he likes to say. also to keep his campaign going
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but tools give him momentum going into south carolina which is a very different landscape, a different set of demographics as kasich tries to keep going down south what he did in new hampshire. >> all right, tracie potts, in manchester, new hampshire for us with analysis on last night's primary results and what's happening as we move forward. thanks, tracie. a fluke at the front page of one of the papers in new ampshire. the headline on "union leader" sanders, trump, take new hampshire. donald trump outperformed expectations and bernie sanders claimed the second largest win in the history of the granite state primary. the clinton campaign is expected to make changes following last night's disappointing loss. clinton campaign is expected to bring on former obama re-election deputy campaign manager jen 0 male dillon to retool messaging and strategy.
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we'll keep an eye out on that today and let you know if that pans out. i'm angie goff at the live desk. we have a developing situation in the far east. japan now saying that it will impose new sanctions on north korea to protest the recent rocket launch. and south korea will stop all work at a joint industrial park in north korea. this is in a border city in north korea. it's considered the last major cooperation project between the two countries. sunday, north korea launched a long-range rocket. the u.n. security council condemned this. it said it brings the country one step closer to being a nuclear threat. chuck. >> thanks, angie. what i'll see in a few more minutes, i'll give you what to expect as you go through the remainder of wednesday and when to expect it. also, i'll not only give you the seven-day forecast but also i'll update what i think the chances are of more school delays and cancellations tomorrow and
5:37 am
friday. see you in a few minutes. our storm team 4x4 watching for slick spots on the roads. tom kierein what he's seeing. and prepare for a sticker shock. how you may get a much bigger water bill. crossing guard appreciation day, holly wood has been a guard in prince george's county for nine years. she's also looking
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good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, coming up on 5:41, more wednesday morning. one round of flurries has gone through. not going to be another large amount of accumulation, just a coatinging. it will be breezy and cold. temperatures at the bus stop in the 20s. school forecast, a few delays in the district this morning. available on the screen and available on the app. there's a small chance of a delay or two tomorrow. not really a delay chance getting into friday. there goes the last of this morning's show off to the western bay for now. planning out your day, breezy and cold, temperatures in the upper 30s.
5:41 am
that's why the afternoon flurries should not be all that impactful. impactful cold for valentine's day. eastbound 50, again, we're shut down at kent narrows bridge. traffic is being diverted around this cleanup and they're kind of deicing that area after the accident is now actually out of the way. 270 south after buckkys pike. and top of the beltway on 95, over to 270 rolling along nicely on the outer loop. 66 inbound, 95 north, also no problem. remember our friends on wtop 105 fm when you hop in the car. an airline is saying too much alcohol is one of the reasons an airlines diverted its flight. a passenger was drunk and began verbally6'mññ abusing. one passenger shot video as the man was taken off the plane. the passengers, you hear them
5:42 am
clapping. paying more than they were supposed to. the mistake that may have cost you more than it should have to ride metro. we're also tracking potential slick spots on this weather alert day. molette green is out in kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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welcome back. we're keeping you informed on this weather alert day as we're dealing with snow flurries and falling temperatures. >> what we're seeing, but first, your weather and traffic. >> that's right, temperatures well below freezing this morning. we even have windchills in the teens or low 20s. this isn't the first or last time you're going to see the windchill map. wait until you see how cold this weekend. >> we're seeing slowdowns, 270 after buckkystown pike.
5:46 am
if it's been treated, it is not bad. coming up on 14 before the hour, the storm team 4x4 is out on the roads this morning as we deal with the falling temperatures and the snow flurries. meteorologist tom kierein continues the team coverage with what he's finding this morning. hey, tom. >> reporter: out in montgomery county now, this is near barnesville. the rural area of north montgomery county. the live view of the storm team 4x4. the pavement is dry here as well. after the snow flurries and snow showers overnight. the county has done an excellent job of salting and treating these roads in the rural areas of north montgomery county. as a result, they're mostly dry. a few wet passes and some of the side roads, some untreated surfaces may have a light dusting on some of the sidewalks and some of the side roads here in north montgomery county.
5:47 am
otherwise, most of the roads are great. we see some sparkles of salt on the road. not frost. it is salted and well treated here in upper montgomery county. so that's great news as we recover from the snow we had yesterday in the overnight dusting. however, temperatures are below freezing. here in the storm team 4x4, we're at 27 degrees now. and the pavement temperatures are below freezing as well. so anything that looks wet is going to be some patchy ice here in montgomery county this morning. back to you. >> tom, once again, loudoun county hardest hit from the latest snow. in far fax, clark county have seen a lot of residents out in loudoun trying to clear the snow before the mercury dropped. >> you need to get the snow off. >> how are you feeling about another snow? >> done. done for the year. >> that's what we're all saying
5:48 am
now. much of the treatment is initially to put out the solt on the roads. then it was watched away by rain. overnight to reapply the chemicals in spots that could ice up again. >> we're also working to get you and your home ready for the frigid cold temperatures this weekend. make sure you feel all the air leaks in your crawl spaces. during those super cold night, keep a small trickle on both hot and cold water running from your faucet. this will help keep the pipes from bursting. outside the home if you haven't already done so, disconnect any hoses from outside spigots. if you do experience any problems, you want to call a licensed plumber, if you live in an apartment like i do, the windows are just not good. it's cold. that's a reality. lots of blankets. you might have a higher than normal water bill. you can blame the blizzard of
5:49 am
2016. they were saying wssc not able to read meters. it will include an extra ten days. you still need to pay the bill, the utility will do an actual reading during the next psych to try to even things out. you will still have to pay a fee for a concealed handgun permit in prince george's county on a bid to wipe out that. george steele made that proposal last month. he told activists he didn't think gun owners should have to pay a fee to exercise their second amendment rights but after a meeting last night, the board meeting failed 4-4 vote. right now, detectives are looking for the man in this sketch. take a look. they say he's one of two men who nearly attacked a teenage girl in loudoun county. the girl was walk home from school when one of the men grabbed her backpack.
5:50 am
he ran away. this happened near terrace. if you have any information call the loudoun county sheriff's office. the latest target for liquid gold thieves. this video shows thieves stuffing their bags with laundry detemperaturent they took gain and tide. known as liquid gold. the store has safety locks on this liquid gold. now, it's a mystery what caused an oil spill in the potomac river. more than a week later, sources are looking to find out what the source of that spill is. all right. now, it's just about 5:51, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we've been talking about conditions on the weather alert day. >> chuck is trying to prepare us for the cold that we have and
5:51 am
even the colder cold that's coming. >> i know how you guys love the cold. you're going to have to spend the weekend under your electric blanket. probably the coldest of the entire winter season. late to early this morning it was snowing when i got up about 1 room 30. a light coating around the roads. untreated surfaces, be on the lookout. even with another snow chance coming our way this afternoon, should not have a big impact on the roads for the ride home. temperatures as of now mostly in the up her 20s. 28 in gaithersburg. these numbers are on average 5 to 10 degrees colder than yesterday morning. so you'll notice that change on your way out the door this morning. this afternoon will be about the same temperatures as yesterday, but the colder air is getting ready to settle in. here's that overnight snow flurry that's heading out on the
5:52 am
bay to the eastern shore. good riddance to it. south of annapolis, towards deal, farther south in far southern calvert and far southern st. mary's county. the next batch across western west virginia, this is due in here mid to late afternoon. temperatures will recover a bit. this is probably going to be the warmest of the next five or six days. highs today, mid to upper 30s. we'll see sunshine late morning and afternoon before the next round of flurry chances comes in. here's future weather by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, this blossoming of rain showers and snow flurry chances comes in late afternoon. not really going to generate much in the way of accumulating snow. only about 0.1 inch or less. for tomorrow, here's future weather, 5:15 tomorrow morning. still partly to mostly cloudy.t.
5:53 am
the real thing you'll notice is how much colder it's going to get. highs tomorrow, mid to upper 20s. 10 degrees colder than today. that's the leadi ing edge of th arctic air for the weekend. 29 for the high tomorrow. into the teens by friday morning. sunday morning, temperatures in the single digits with windchills running 5 to 10 degrees colder than average. be ready for arctic air. we'll see you with a breakdown in the next 24 hours. >> storm team 4x4 working hard for us. barnesville, just talking to tom kierein, texting back and forth this morning, he says really just dry roads in that area. if they've been treated, some of them just in general are dry. you don't have to worry about it. you can see, of course, the snow on the sides of the roadways.
5:54 am
270 southbound after buckkeys and eastbound kent narrows bridge, and traffic diverted. north street before c street, left lane blocked because of road work. east of 66 at gainesville, no problems there. more of you are walking or using the bus instead of the metro rail. a new report from december showed it marked the fifth consecutive month of the low rail ridership. it's impacting every time period and station. it's costing metro tens of millions of dollars. according to reports, ridership numbers are lowest they've been since 2004. it cannot be blamed on one particular event. a new report says some of you are being overcharged by metro. the transit agency says a fix should be in place right now. according to "the washington post," riders are receiving peak
5:55 am
fares during offpeak times. metro said a glitch caused the problem. it told "the washington post" it's extending a grace period when the peaks there switch so you won't be overcharged. that fix should be in by this morning. a growing risk for local firefighters and probably your neighbors. i-team found a rising number of local fires are fueled by so-called hoarding or people storing too much clutter in their home. nearly a dozen of them could be deadly in the area. tonight, prince george's firefighters take us inside their special training to show us why hoarding is so dangerous when they're trying to combat the fires. >> every time you try to move something out of the way to get the next foot forward, something else falls down on top of you. >> the i-team also sits down with the family of one victim who explains a big piece of advice for anybody concerned about a loved one at risk. that's tonight at news4 at 5:00.
5:56 am
good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. daimler calling vehicles because they have affected thakata air bags. including the mercedes-benz, it's precautionary and no injuries have been reported. that's the cnbc report. i'm landen dowdy. christians here in the district and across the world are marking ash wednesday. ash wednesday markings the start of lent, a season of fasting and prayer. cardinal donald wuerl will offer a special service at rhode island and west. at 12:10 this afternoon. in virginia, alfred street baptist church is offering ashes to go at your car. that happens between 6:00 and 7:00 this morning.
5:57 am
and again noon to 1:00, parishioners can receive ashes in their car. d.c. mayor muriel bowser will attend a ribbon cutting for a homeless shelter for women. the patricia handy place is on fifth street. that site recently renovated to provide emergency housing for 200 women. this is part of the mayor's plan to end homelessness in d.c. drones got more room to fly around the area. the faa has trumped the no fly done to from a 30-mile radius from reagan national to a 15-mile radius. drones under 55 pounds can now fly in clear conditions. 14 aircraft clubs in our area can resume their hobby flying. we're keeping you informed on this weather alert day as we deal with some snow flurries and falling temperatures. here's a live look by the storm team 4 x 4, watching slick
5:58 am
spots. what you can expect. but your latest weather
5:59 am
>> announcer: this is a storm team 4 weather alert. we have breaking news out of virginia. police are on the scene of a shooting incident at westin hospital. >> news4's erika gonzalez just
6:00 am
arrived at the scene, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning, we're at westin hospital center we just finished talking to officials on the scene. around 1:30 this morning, a 53-year-old man showed up here with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his upper body. he went to a hospital entrance that was locked and proceeded to fire a round into one of the glass doors to get into the hospital to get medical attention. now, once inside, hospital personnel were able to get to him. we're told that another shot was fired. security was able to get him under control and were able to render aid to him before he was stabilized and transferred to an e.r. unit. again, this happened around 1:30 this morning. we're told here the good news is that know hospital staff, nobody was injured. again, is this apparently all started as a self-inflicted gunshot wound. and a couple of other shots were


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