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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, dangerous conditions on area roads. >> the snow is over, but all those plows, streets and shoveled sidewalks are now coated in ice. at least one deadly crash in virginia tonight. one of hundreds today across
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conditions all over our area, and even more changes coming your way tomorrow. >> news4 begins now with storm team 4. >> good evening, everybody, i'm jim handly. it is not done with us yet, folks. snow, ice, thunderstorms all coming from one system. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the ice is what is causing all the problems right now. it got so bad tonight that metrobuss stopped running an hour ago, the conditions too slick, and most riders staying home. we expect it will warm up overnight. but some school districts are taking no chances. schools in alexandria, fairfax county, falls church, and nanne manassas church are all on two hour delay. >> closed fauquier county, fredericksburg, loudoun and prince william county and stafford and spotsylvania also closed. southern maryland got hit the hardest. so calvert,
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mary's county schools will all be closed tomorrow. >> we've got team coverage of the dangerous conditions out there tonight, and what to expect tomorrow morning. we start with storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> we're still dealing with the freezing rain across the area right now. we're going to continue to see that for the next couple of hours. temperatures are still below freezing at this hour. take a look at the radar right now. you can see the areas that we're watching back towards frederick, back towards leesburg, toward warrenton. this is the bulls-eye for the freezing rain as it continues to move on through. but even inside the district, even along i-95, we continue to see areas of freezing rain too. and you see what is happening. it's just continuing to make its way up across our region. notice the rain trying to push in. that's the warmer air trying move in as well. it's currently 57 degrees at virginia beach. and some of the warmer air is trying to move in. for us, we're still below freezing. 30 degrees d.c. 28 in frederick. 30 degrees manassas.
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we are at the freezing mark. temperatures will warm quickly as we move on through the overnight hours. well still have the winter storm warning in effect for areas in pink. all of northern virginia. winter weather advisory for tears in purple. and tomorrow the threat changes from ice to just plain rain. and because of that, we also have a flood watch in effect. so a lot going on. i'll have the complete details for all of this, coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, doug. a stretch of route 7 west of leesburg has been closed tonight after a deadly crash. a car slammed into a backhoe there near the intersection with route 9. loudoun county is part of the weather bulls-eye tonight that could get up to a quarter inch of ice. news4's jackie bensen is there with a look at the conditions right now. jackie? >> reporter: well, doreen, the conditions are not great. a woman is dead, and the images from the scene of this accident tonight are just awful. it happened on the westbound lanes of route 7 just before route 9. the road was plowed at the
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there was a light mist. well were not far from here when this happened. the vehicle, and it appears to be some type of suv slammed into the become of a piece of construction equipment, a backhoe in what virginia state police are describing as the right westbound lane. now obviously, this collision happened with great force, as i said. the driver of the vehicle, we believe it's an suv, was killed. she has not been identified. virginia state police are on the scene, trying to figure out exactly what happened, trying to figure out if weather or visibility played any role in what happened there this evening that resulted as i said in a fatality. live in loudoun county, jackie bensen, news4. >> jackie, thank you. all the pink that we're seeing on tonight's radar is also causing problems in maryland. streets and sidewalks in some places look completely clear. but shomari stone is live in hyattsville
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trying to walk or drive on them. shomari? >> we have driven throughout prince george's county. well started in hyattsville. well also went up to capital heights. we then came across this street in hyattsville. you come down here, and it's black. it's black ice you. would think there wasn't even ice on this street. that's why prince george's county officials are recommending that people slow down and be careful on the roadways. tonight freezing rain falls from the sky. what's it like driving in these conditions? >> slippery. >> reporter: joseph deshields describes driving on some side roads in prince george's county. >> it was slippery and icy. >> reporter: crews vigorously load up more salt to treat freezing roads. tonight they're filling up trucks at the salt dome in capital heights. the rain quickly freezes on roads that have not been treated with salt. it takes longer to freeze on the ones that did get the pretreatment earlier today. >> those interest areas that have been
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>> reporter: prince george's department of public works and transportation managers monitor road conditions on this big screen at their command center. they dispatch these guys to neighborhoods. >> it's a possibility of it freezing. so we have to send our crew out to that neighborhood to make sure they solve it properly. >> reporter: let's not talk about the sidewalks. take a look down here. you can see this is a sidewalk, and there is ice under here. this is what a lot of folks are encountering in their neighborhood tonight. officials tell me home and business owners are required to clear their sidewalks. but even sidewalks cleared of snow can be dangerous. >> the sidewalks are definitely like ridiculous. i've seen a lot of people, you know, trying to walk, sliding off from the sidewalk into the street. >> reporter: back out here live is an example of how icy this street is right here. you can see my foot. prince george's officials are recommending that you give yourself plenty of time tomorrow for your morning commute. live here in hyattsville, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thanks, shomari.
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and this system is far from over, folks. news4 today is starting early tomorrow to keep you up to dayton school delays and closings, road conditions, and everything you need to know before you head out the door. we're on the air starting at 4:00 in the morning. doreen? new at 11:00, police are investigating a murder in prince george's county. a shooting on rochelle avenue near walker mill road and district heights happened just before 5:00 this evening. they found -- police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he later died at the hospital. there is no word yet on a motive. but if you saw anything suspicious, police would like to hear from you. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has instantly transformed the race for the white house. republican candidates saying the senate shouldn't even consider a nominee from president obama. senator ted cruz already has a tv ad on air tonight, warning conservatives of the implications of a liberal-leaning justice. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell echoeh
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should wait for a new candidate. but the white house may be trying to strike a deal. >> to figure out a way we're told to find a consensus nominee. there seem to be some entreaties by the white house to members of the senate to say who could we send up there that would have a chance. >> reporter: today we learned justice scalia had a history of heart trouble. it's believed he died of natural cause. funeral arrangements have still not been announced. for the first time since entering the race for president, jeb bush is calling on his brother to help him earn an edge in south carolina. president george w. bush joined his brother on the campaign trail today in charleston. the 43rd president won the south carolina presidential primary twice and today said jeb bush could not only win the primary, but also the general election in november. >> jeb will listen to the forces of the disenfranchised.
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name-calling. he will stand on principle. he will not waiver in the wind. and he will always do what is right. for america's people. >> donald trump, who leads in the south carolina polls attacked george w. bush today for his actions during and after 9/11. trump also threatened again to sue ted cruz over his canadian birth, claiming cruz can't legally be president. on the democratic side, bernie sanders was in michigan today where he met with families impacted by that water crisis in flint. he said if the local and state governments couldn't protect the community from lead, the federal government should step in. meanwhile, hillary clinton is putting a renewed focus on nevada. it was once considered an easy win for clinton. but after new hampshire, it's sanders who has the momentum there now. democrats in nevada caucus on saturday, the same day as the gop primary in south carolina.
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live desk with new video of the damage done by the storm system that is affecting us tonight. from roofs swept clean off by tornadoes to snow in places where they just aren't prepared, a full look at the damage coming up. we saw hour after hour of snowfall on monday. >> temperatures in the 30s all day courtesy of the snow. tomorrow, looking for temperatures in the 50s. but lots of rain could be very
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it was the start of an emotional week in harford county, maryland. hundreds of people attended the viewing for one of the two
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line of duty last week in abingdon. family, friends and officers paid respect to disrupt patrick nailly. the father of two dedicated 30 years to the sheriff's office. today his boss called daley a warm-hearted genuine guy and called the turnout humbling and heartfelt. >> it's been a hard, hard two days for the men and women in the sheriff's office. we're here. and pat's first viewing service. and already the turnout and the weather we're seeing has been immense. and we're expecting it's going to pick up the rest of the evening and tomorrow. >> visitation continues tomorrow for daily. his funeral will be held on wednesday. a visitation will be held thursday and friday for deputy mark longston. his funeral is set for saturday in bel air. the lincoln memorial will be getting a makeover thanks to a huge gift from philanthropist david ru
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restore marble panels, repair the roof, and create a new 15,000-square-foot educational center below the monument. rubenstein has given more than $43 million to restore national park service property in recent years. the district tonight is looking to a private ambulance company that cut down on delayed responses to 911 calls in less than 30 days, the company amr will begin responding to nonlife threatening calls. mayor muriel bowser says this service will also give d.c. firefighters and paramedics time for much needed training. amr is in the process of hiring emts. pay is about $20 an hour. a big blow for a plan to add more charter schools in virginia. today two republicans broke ranks to defeat a bill in the state senate. it would have allowed the virginia board of education to authorize charter schools. right now that power lies solely with local school districts.
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schools give children in failing districts a chance to succeed. but virginia democrats favor pumping more money into traditional schools that are strapped for cash. here at the live desk, we're getting a look at the damage of southern storm has already caused as a it starts to move into our area. this is some new video of a funnel cloud that blew through florida's panhandle. the weather channel is reporting up to 10 tornadoes may have touch down across several states. in mississippi, the winds tore apart a school in a small town south of jackson. and over in louisiana, an incredibly strong gust ripped the roof off a car wash, sent it flying right into a pizza hut. there were several customers inside and paramedics rushed two workers to the hospital. by the time it hit north carolina, it was a full-on winter mix. and they've been dealing with snow, sleet and freezing rain. you see the road is almost completely coated earlier tonight. and even though it's getting warmer now, police and paramedics have been responding to several accidents.
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so that same storm is going to be hitting us tomorrow? >> yeah. it brought severe weather down towards the south. it's coming through georgia right now. it's going to come right up to us. it's going to take our temperatures from the 30s where they are right now, and move us into the 50s. >> great news. >> by 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning that is good news. i still think the ice is going to hold on tom of the roadways right on through the early rush. please give yourself a lot of extra time. if you can wait to go in tomorrow morning, it is probably a good idea to do so. the airport is just a nasty, nasty night across the area. current temperature at 30 degrees. we still have the rain falling. and of course with temperatures below freezing, it is falling as freezing rain. and also notice that northeasterly component to the wind. any time you see that with a system like that, you get cold air damming. what that means, the cold air just wants to sit across our region, and that's exactly what it's doing. that's why we still have freezing rain in frederick, around the leesburg, down south towards priwi
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and we'll show you where it's the heaviest right now. around urbana, over towards damascus, clarksburg right along 270. and back down 15 towards leesburg, around the luckett and lovettsville seeing the heavy freezing rain continuing right around those areas. so heads up this evening. watch out you. don't have to be on the roads, don't go. we have more freezing rain to go. now one thing you notice here, notice the rain-snow line. down to the south, trying to move up to the north. and it will continue to move up. but it's going to take its time waiting for this. look at the storm. look at the spin down here. and notice this squall line. that's what has created all the severe weather. and that whole system move ours way. let's take you hour-by-hour now. first off, everybody is still below freezing. notice leesburg now up to 32 degrees. up to 32 degrees in patuxent river. we will be climbing above river the next several hours. freezing rain at 11:00. you know we have that. watch what ha
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starting to see the rain-snow line closer to d.c. by 3:00 a.m., that rain-snow line, or the freezing rain line way back to the west towards winchester and hagerstown still seeing some freezing rain. and by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., we're well above freezing. but watch what comes back in. 7:00 a.m., we've got rain. and that rain gets heavy around 9:00 back towards the west. and here comes in around 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, right on through d.c. maybe even with some thunderstorm activity. i wouldn't be surprised to hear a rumble or two. that's how strong this system. we could even see some strong winds. maybe up to 30 to 40 miles per hour with this system. that moves through. tomorrow afternoon, we finally clear out. so we still got about a good 12-hour period here where we're going to be dealing with a problem. and tomorrow's rain combined with the snow that we saw could have some flood potential. that's why we have flood watch through tomorrow night. take a look at future temperatures. i want to show you this. here is 7:00 a.m.
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still in the 30s to the west. we could still have ice, even with these temperatures. because it's going to take a while for that ice to melt. again, give yourself some extra time, do it. here is my favorite part of the forecast. goodbye tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, better, we're dry. but saturday and sunday, oh, thank goodness. 61 on saturday. 62 degrees coming up on sunday. yeah, finally not just the nice weekend, but no storms on the horizon, at least for the next seven to seven days. >> by tuesday, we're ready to say goodbye winter. >> no, you are. >> hey, we've got another snow stick challenge under way. speaking of winter. it's the president's day edition. >> check them out. this time we asked to see your best patriotic snow pic. pat collins received a big batch today. here is look at a few. the best patriot in the snow gets an official pat collins snow stick. what about those pants. look at that. the winner will be announced tomorrow on ew
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news411:00 tonight, maryland suspends one of their stars. plus extending an impressive streak. first, here is jimmy fallon. >> thank you, doreen and jim and everyone in washington, d.c. "the tonight show" is in los angeles all this week. tonight, will ferrell is here. plus we have christina aguilera, and two chains
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>> cavs looking strong tonight. >> virginia quietly having a very good season. they're shaking up on a lot of people, if you haven't been paying attention to them. we're about three weeks away from the conference tournament starting all across college basketball. you might want to watch out for the virginia cavaliers because that's where a brief pickup against duke, the cavs are hitting their strooid ide at th perfect time. justin anderson in the house tonight. he is now a member of the dallas mavericks uva, hosting nc state. first half, london, a nice little spin move there. better high top fade. he had 19 points. this one was tied at halftime. second half, the steal, goes the other way. oh, anthony gil, with the follow-up blush. starting to run away with this game. less than a minute later, barente,
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brockton. you know he is not going miss that one. a game high 22 points for brockton. 18th straight home winn. elsewhere, maryland going from number two to number six in the rankings. but bigger issues. freshman diamond stones was suspended one game by their team after this incident against wisconsin over the weekend. stone, you see him here pushing brown's head into the hard wood. he did apologize to brown over the weekend. he also apologized to fans and his teammates, saying he let his emotions get the best of him, that he takes full responsibility for his action. the terps will be without stone for thursday's game at minnesota. moving on to hockey now. the capitals haven't lost walk to back game too often this season. so based on that history, everyone is expecting a bounceback game tomorrow night against the kings. expectations for this may be through the roof. but the capitals are thriving off this pressure. >> when you get a win
11:26 pm
get accustomed to wing, and you lose a hockey game, it's really upsetting. it really ripples through the locker room. guys get very upset. >> good teams don't lose. and we just got to make sure that we always bounce back. >> when you a belief you can win every night, it's pretty powerful. you only have to work at it if your work ethic or your execution falls off, then it will start to show. so i think they're good at getting it back on the rails when it starts to slip. so i think that's real important. from the ice to the pitch, alley krieger and the u.s. women's soccer team in the qualifier against puerto rico. it was krieger's washington spirit teammate in the show. mallory pugh, my favorite soccer player. >> any relation, jason? >> no relation. >> the united states is on the board. not even close to being done. usa up 7-nil. you see her putting in her fourth goal of the game. the united states women's national team record
11:27 pm
crystal dunn had. usa, they win by a final score. >> amazing. >> who you've get a hat trick at three. what do you call four? >> get back to us on that. >> okay. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. another huge crowd today in mexico for pope francis. the pontiff met with families at a big stadium in the southern part of the country. all faced different challenges, bining their personal lives with their faith. the pope is
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city and will travel to a province west of the city tomorrow. she has dropped nearly 60 pounds. but tonight a local contestant's journey on "the biggest loser" is over. >> i never thought i could lose this much in my life. i never thought that i could be the person that i've always wanted to be. >> that's erin willette. she is from gaithersburg. she was voted off the show tonight. she made the final six and was just two episodes short of reaching the grand finale show. but she is still a winner. she dropped from 238 pounds to 179 on the show. the live finale of the biggest loser is next monday right here on nbc4. you can see how she has done since going home. >> she looked fantastic. >> she sure does. >> and she can sing too from "the voice." she's got it all. one more update on the icy roads. >> even though temperatures climb into the 40s. maybe by 50, i still expect there to be a lot
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especially the back roads. it will take time for that to develop. but freezing rain for the next couple of hours. and then tomorrow morning it's just plain rain. and that rain will come down really heavy. we're talking the huge umbrella tomorrow. you'll need it. >> it seems we may get more school delays. >> i would assume so, yes. >> "the tonight show"
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