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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it's all about the ice this morning and the dangerous commute. the problem, trying to avoid slipping and sliding. >> it won't be easy to get around. and storm team 4 is tracking heavy rain that has neighbors worried about flooding. >> good morning, everybody. we're off to an early start. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. from the ice to the rain, there is a lot to watch out for today. we want to begin with chuck bell for the latest. and chuck, you're saying the conditions are treacherous at best. >> at best. it is super slippery. winter storm warnings
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fairfax, parts of loudoun county, prince william county, arlington, the district, prince george's county, southern maryland. it is down right treacherous this morning. freezing rain has left an icy glaze on everything. there is heavy rain and big time melting to come, so there is a flood watch, as well. most dangerous time is between now and 9:00 a.m. this morning. storm team 4 radar, these peach colors are pockets of freezing rain and rain coming through most of montgomery county into frederick county, right through leesburg and south to warrington and manassas. culpeper also freezing rain. so all this lifting northbound here, but everything is already coated with just a little glaze of ice here first thing this morning. temperatures are right at or just below the freezing mark right now and that's where we'll stay. most dangerous travel is from about i-95 west to the blue ridge. check out the radar and temperatures through the day in ten
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we're watching the delays and closings around the area. and the federal government just announced employees have a three hour delayed arrival with the option of unscheduled telework or leave. and prince william county, loudoun, spotsylvania are closed. and in virginia, fauquier, page, warren, rappahannock and king george schools are closed. fredericksburg are closed as are manassas if i, manassas park city and alexandria and falls church are on a two hour delay. also delayed this morning, fairfax county schools are opening two hours late, so are washington county schools in maryland, westmoreland and grant county schools. now let's get a check on your roads. we know things are bad out
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>>s that nasty coming in for sure. and if your car is outside, you'll have to start chipping away at the ice. a couple of crashes of course. outer loop at bw, a couple lanes blocked. not slowing thinking because hopefully lots of folks staying off of the roads. tom kierein will be out in the storm team 4 x 4 which means he and i will be texting all day saying where are you, what does it looks like. >> reporter: and you know that when melissa says nasty, you know travel is treacherous. we've live in the storm team 4 x 4. right now just getting off the dulles tollway heading toward great falls. and anything that is untreated is absolutely treacherous. thousand, the dulles tollway and the beltway, we just came of on of there and 66, just
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but as you can see, this is the ramp just getting off the dulles tollway that has not been treated. and it's ice that has been turned into a crunchy sort of mix of ice and whatever else is on the road. there is no salt. it is very slippery and the visibility is terrible, too. so stay with us. a woman is dead after crashing in to a backhoe. this was out in loudoun county. we're working to see if ice was a factor. this is on route 7 at route 9. we're told it was plowed and cleared of snow, but there were icy spots. it's a pretty slippery situation in prince george's county, as well. crews worked late into the evening trying to treat the freezing roads as the rain came down, but those that had already iced over are taking a little
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snow and ice on the side roads and sidewalks wow, a really big problem for a lot of people. >> sidewalks are ridiculous. i've seen a lot of people trying to walk sliding. >> the county snow command center monitored which roads to treat, but homes and business owners are still required to clear your sidewalks. as we're coping with the freezing rain, parts of the south are cleaning up from the same storm system. in the florida panhandle, as many as ten tornadoes may have touchdown up rooting trees and wrecking homes. in mississippi, strong winds caused a school's roof to cave in. >> and snow, rain and sleet in north carolina. the icy streets near greensboro caused a lot of accidents and wipeouts. ice that lingered on a
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and police are investigating a deadly shooting this prince george's county. officers responded to rochelle avenue just before 5:00 yesterday evening. they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he later died at the hospital. no word on a motive. and gearing up for a fight to replace antonin scalia. it's been just three days since his death and ted cruz had a tv ad out warning conservatives that they could lose the important issues to them if ale chosen. and mitch mcconnell is urging to wait for a new president. but pete williams reports the white house may be trying to strike a deal. >> now trying to figure out a way we're told to find a consensus nominee. there seem to be some to say who could we send up there that would have a
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in virginia but no funeral arrangements have been announced. roads and sidewalks are dangerously icy and it will be hard to travel this morning. that's why it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. we're tracking the conditions and what you can expect in your neighborhood.
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4:09. a live
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virginia. with the wet roads, it can be hard to tell where the roads are wet or icy. >> and we're seeing similar conditions across mattryland an the district. you want to take time to walk careful and scrape the ice off your car. pretty much everything is coated. it's beautiful, when i looked out the window, i thought wow. >> and then when i got outside, it was like there was so much ice. i mean everything. signs, sidewalks, grass. even in the city for me. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 "weather center." i thought if it was raining hard enough that would be helpful, but no rain yet. >> not raining hard enough yet. once we get the heavier rain to come in, it will bring the warmer air down to the ground, but the problem is the ground is frozen solid and air complains are at the freezing mark. so we've ended up with a glaze. and watch out, the
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so when you go to grab to homd on to something, you'll find out that it's a near frictionless surface. about a tenth of an inch of glaze ice on the way. heavy rain is on the way. here is a shot in south side virginia. that's about four or five hours from the metro. so things will go from icy and glazed here early this morning to periods of heavy rain between about 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 today. and that will be with bringing temperatures up with it. right now we're all right at the freezing mark around the met row. it's already 46 in st. mary's, though, so that will tell you how much warmer it is. major impact on the roads first thing this morning. "7-day forecast" coming up. for now it's traffic time. it is going to bes thati na the roads
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worst spot definitely will the lesser traveled streets, your neighborhood, your driveway really gross this morning. so 15 at noters station road, all lanes blocked from a crash.l lanes blocked from a crash. and 15 south, a crash there. and 95 at dale boulevard, the sheen on the roadway. likely wet because it's been treated. a lot of slick spots so be careful. the ice making today one of the toughest and most treacherous commutes we've seen in a while. we're tracking when warmer temperatures will start helping melt that ice and why there is reason to be optimistic about what is in store this weekend. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price,
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ment savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. we have team coverage on this weather alert day. we want to get a check on the situation in prince george's county and that's where we find derrick ward. so far what is it looking like out there? >> reporter: well, it's a tale of three surfaces. they say april showers bring may flowers. well, february showers will hopefully bring some melting, but it brought freezing last night. take a look at this surface. this is an unrighted surface and it's slushy. you can drive over there. but try to make a stop and it's a whole different story. looking out the
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did come through spreading chemical on the road. but i'm going to direct your attention to a typical sidewalk. you see that ice, we saw a guy coming out a few minutes ago, he was doing a little shuffle. so that's what you have to do. and add in the fog and you have a recipe for caution. not disaster, caution, because that is the order of the day if you're heading out. this car is encrusted in ice. so allow yourself extra time to get your car out of the ice and get it on the road. we're live in prince george's county, derrick ward, news 4. >> good advice, do a little shuffle. 16 after 4:00. and hundreds of people attended a viewing for one of the two deputies killed in the line of duty last week in harford cou y county. the 52-year-old father of two patrick dailey dedicaed
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his boss called him a warm hearted genuine guy. >> it's been a hard few days for the men and women in the sheriff's office, and the turnout at the viewing service in the weather that we're seeing, we're expecting it will pick up the rest of the evening and tomorrow. >> visitation as the sheriff indicated continues today for dailey. his funeral will be tomorrow. visitation will be held thursday and friday for deputy mark logsdon. his funeral is set for saturday this bellaire, maryland. in an effort to cut down on delayed responses to 911 calls, the district is bringing in a private ambulance company. in less than 30 days, the company amr will service nonlife threatening calls. and the service will give firefighters time for much needed training. amr is in the process of hiring emts. the company pays about $20 an hour. to
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in fairfax county. edward long will present his budget plan at 10:00 this morning. the county faces an $85 million budget shortfall. budget problems are also plaguing schools. fairfax county schools is asking for $113 million from the budget. reforms to the police department are also likely to be a part of this year's budget. the iconic memorial for president lincoln will get a makeover. a philanthropist is giving a gift to restore be marble panels and fix the roof. and the area below the monument will be transformed into a mans sif educational center. in recent years rubinstein has donated more than $43 million to the national park service. state senate bill to add more charter schools in virginia has failed. it would have
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bord of education to chore charter schedules. many republicans say charter schools give children in failing districts a chance to succeed, but virginia democrats favor pumping more money into traditional schools about. should coal ash be released into the quantico creek? the power company wants to release about 215 million gallons into the creek and that creek connects to the potomac river. the coal ash would come from the power plant. critics say it would threat en fish and wildlife. maryland is joining in an appeal of the decision. happening today, maryland lawmakers will consider changes to sprinkler requirements in buildings across the state. a proposed bill would actually weaken the requirement. if the new law is passed, the builder could end up being responsible for installing a
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circumstances. a hearing set for this afternoon in annapolis. 20 minute after 4:00 and the stars were out in hollywood last night for the grammy awards. of course adele got a standing audition despite audio problems. >> cbs says there were technical difficulties that were outside of control. but we do want to move on to the winners. kendrick lamar took home five grammys including best rap album. taylor swift picked up best album of the year. and "uptown funk" featuring bruno mars, they took home the much coveted record of the year. >> we want to be up there so people are dancing to that this song. thank you so much. >> ed shearen took home his first grammy for song of the year with thinking out loud while megan tray nor won
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new artist. and justin bieber got his first, as well. a lot of wonderful tributes, too. lady gaga tribute to david bowie, spectacular. >> did you stay up for the whole thing? >> i watched the highlights. and thank goodness for the twitter. 4:21. the big story this morning obviously what is left from the snow and freezing rain we for the yesterday. >> yeah, first we had the snow and then the ice and now we're bracing for rain which means flooding, right, chuck? >> absolutely right. a lot of ice and snow holding extra water, to when we go above freezing today, it could be quite impactful amounts of rain. ice impact here first thing this morning is high. use extreme caution on your way out the door this morning. by later this it afternoon, nothing to worry about. rain and temperatures in the fifth will eat up all the ice very quickly. but we still officially have a winter storm warning. basically along and to
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of i-95 across northern maryland, eastern west virginia, shenandoah valley. and the winter weather advisory, arrest link to think, areas down into southern maryland where temperatures in st. mary's already are almost 50 frees already in st. mary's. so freezing rain with an icy glaze this morning. heavy rain and rapid melting coming our way. that's the reason the flood watch is up. most dangerous time for the day will be between about now and 9:00 this morning. look at the big plume of moisture down here around raleigh, north carolina. that is all being brought up this our direction. so er have i, heavy rain at times coming our way mid to late morning today. storm team 4 radar, the areas in peach, that is pockets of freezing rain across much of northern maryland, out toward the shenandoah valley. be careful, no freezing rain down left across so you were maryland, temperatures 46 at pax river, almost 50 on the eastern shore. planning out your day the
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morning. heavy rain late morning up to about noon time. rain coming to a quick end, temperatures up into the 50s for a time today and the next four days, noticeably quieter. 50s with the heavy rain today, upper 40s tomorrow, plenty of clouds around and then dry and chilly sunny both thursday and friday and when it's 4:51, i'll show you the "7-day forecast" which includes 60s for the weekend, melissa. >> sounds so good. i'm looking forward. a couple different problems out are loop before bw parkway, several lanes blocked there. not really slow things because of light volume. 15 at noters station road, a crash. 66 east of 123, again, you can see again, it will be slick this spots. we're dealing with some of the worst road conditions we've seen all winter. be careful as you head out. it is
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take time for it to melt. >> we're tracking all the travel conditions for you a kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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watch out for ice. it is going to be a difficult commute for a lot of us today. we've seen cars and people slipping and sliding. it will be rough to do things as temperatures will stay around freezing for a few more hours. >> storm team 4 is tracking conditions across our region and heavy rain that could bring serious flooding concerns. >> 4:26 our time. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. the commute already proving to be pretty tricky out there. we want to get straight to chuck bell. and i wish when we talked about glaze, we were talking with doughnuts. >> mother nature has
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across the area. it is done right dangerous. freezing rain from 270 to frederick along 15 from frederick to leesburg down toward the west sides of manassas. bluemont, panhandle of west virginia, pockets of freezing rain. be real careful. temperatures are just at or below the freezing mark. we're now 32 manassas, 31 here in town, 30 in gaithersburg. but there is warmer air just down it our south. it's pushing 50 degrees in southern maryland. and after 7:00 a.m. this morning, pockets of heavy rain from the metro between 9:00 and lunchtime. we'll time out when the rain leaves and how much rain it leaves behind and the flood threat coming up. and now school closings. >> that's right. a lot of delays and closings continue to come in. if you work for the federal government, agencies are opening on a three hour delay.
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unscheduled telework or leave. back to the schools. prince william county, loudoun, stafford, spotsylvania all closed. >> arlington just announced they will be closed today. in maryland, charles, st. mary's, calvert and alleghany are closed. back in virginia, for you kyrgios, warren, page, rap panic and king george county schools are crowed. fredericksburgs as are manassas city, manassas park city, alexandria and falls church. those are all on a two hour delay. also delayed this morning, fairfax county schools are opening two hours tlat. so are washington county schools in maryland. westmoreland schools in virginia and grant county schools in west virginia. now, you can follow all of the delays and closing at the bottom of screen and in the tnb washington app. melissa, it's messy out there. >> coming inro
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county, my street was awful. the street getting on to 270 was awful. and then 270 wasn't that bad. so top of the beltway right now, colesville road, you can see some sneen on the roadway. beltway, 270, 95, it has been treated, but doesn't mean that we don't have the slick spots. we'll take a bigger look at things in a couple minutes. right now tom kierein is in more than virginia. >> reporter: we have a sheen of ice, we're on brooke road here near great falls and it is completely ice covered. irene johnson at the wheel of the storm team 4 x 4 moving at about 5 miles per hour here because it is like driving on an ice skating rink. all the side streets that we're seeing in fairfax county have not been treated. it looks like it's wet. in fact that is a sheen of ice. watch your footing
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it is really like the worst morning of the winter so far. back to you. >> i agree with you on that, tom. it's 4:30 and we're still below freezing right now in many places. so ice is still a problem on the roads right now. you'll see salt trucks on the highways in maryland. the state highway administration says it is still fully depliing its winter treatment on the roads. in virginia, more than 2800 salt trucks are on the roads now treating them to make sure it's safe for you later this morning. officials in both states asking you to pay attention and drive slowly today. it's shaping up to be a messy long morning rush hour this morning for a lot of folks. they clear the snow emergency routes. city officials are asking you to help your neighbors by clearing sidewalks. and d.c.'s mayor is not enforcing the sidewalk


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