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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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it is a weather alert day on "news4" and you can see why. the weather is picking up across the nation. i'm barbara harrison. >> from wet roads to snow, we've got you covered. "storm team 4" lauryn ricketts is tracking a brand-new flood warning. lauryn? >> what you see, the dark green right here with everybody, that's the flood watch. we've been with that since last night. that goes until 11:00. what we're seeing that's new information is right here, th
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that goes for the district of columbia. this goes to prince george's, anne arundel and up through baltimore. that's until 2:00. the national weather service issued that because of the rain and the snow patches. we see it pounding on the roadways and storm drains are clogged. please, please, please be careful. look at that. a lot with that line of tlan came on through our area. and you can see've about a half an inch here in d.c. so far. and it's just now starting to move out of here. we're going to show you the radar in just a few minutes. but i want to show you tom kierein out in the storm team 4 x 4. are you out there? >> reporter: i'm just about to get there. we're sort of on the edge of the rain t back edge. it's tapered off to a
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we've got the wipers just on delay. we're on 28 in manassas headed on 66. we'll be headed inbound on 66 through fairfax county. everything is just west. what a difference from this morning when we started off with everything ice covered and snow covered, and now that rain has done quite a number on melting all of that ice. there's still some lingering slush in some of the parking lots and on the side streets, but so far tremendous improvement from where we were at dawn. the rain is coming down, the pavement is heated up and we're wet all across most of northern virginia now. the pavement is wet. that's the way it looks here. back to you. >> thanks, tom. you can see the back edge where tom was talking about. here's fairfax county. the back edge coming through our area, and it continues to move through the northeast. st h
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southern maryland. this should all be out of here over the next half hour. we did have freezing rain reports over the last hour. we'll let you know. that's coming up in just a few minutes. i'm angie goff here at the live desk. one of the big things we're dealing with when we have weather like this are the power outages. we've been checking them all morning long. in northern virginia, nearly 2,000 dominion customers don't have power right now. that includes a thousand in fairfax a fairfax. pepco. about 300 bg & and e customers don't have power. keep in mind if you do ever lose power you can get our newscasts and latest information on your digital phon
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live banner which is also available at barbara? >> thank you, angie. we have team coverage on the conditions. the ice is melting but you need to be cautious if you're going outside. "news4's" mollette green is talking to people who have been walking through puddles and ponds. molette, you've seen just about every kind of weather condition the past couple of days, huh? >> reporter: no actual flooding but we see water on the roads. we're going to get you video of that. it's been raining steady and heavy since 6:00 a.m. and all that working to melt and washawwash iow away a bunch of snow. we see people out driving and walking to get a feel for the conditions. now slushy in many spots because
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freezing temperatures. and all of this rain is creating hydropla hydroplaning. >> a little slit on t-- slick oe secondary roads. be careful. >> i've only been twout hours. very icy. if you don't need coffee, don't come out. >> reporter: let me put my foot through this. earlier when we got here around 4:26 when we came on the air, all of this was hard as a rock, frozen so solid. when wi come back and join you, we're going to take you inside a frozen residential neighborhood and tell you about that.
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maryland state police, a good one. the inner loop as we take a live look between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. notice all lanes open after a real nasty pothole backed up traffic for miles. the majority of that pothole is fixed at least temporarily. this is some old video. this is the damage it had caused, the big crater on the ground causing a backup that stretched for three miles. we know at least seven cars got a flat tire from it. not good stuff. follow "first4 traffic" for more on what to avoid on this weather alert day. meagan? >> as the rain was coming down they were working to treat the roads. it's the sidewalks that still seem to be a problem. >> the sidewalks are definitely
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walk, sliding. all from the sidewalk into the street. >> "news4's" derrick ward will be live in about 15 minutes with another look at the conditions in the county and a reminder to download our nbc washington app. it's the best way to get up-to-the-minute information when we're not on air, plus you can see our live radar and track when potentially dangerous weather is headed your way.
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a live picture of the national airport. it looks like we've got melling fog going on all over the place, and that's a good thing. i said national airport. we're working for you, bringing you live reports from across the area. a quick break from weather coverage. a new poll out this morning on how virginians feel about the current candidates for senate. they ask what you think.
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marco rubio was the most favorable candidate. 44% of the people had a favorable view of him compared to 38% unfavorable rate. donald trump was the most unfavorable at 64%. on the democratic side, bernie sanders was more favorable than hillary clinton by 6 points. both had 50% or higher. trump and clinton lead in their respective parties as most likely to get votes. we're talking rain totals and what to expect in your neighborhood in just a fe minutes.w kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks
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ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. while city officials are asking them to cle
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not forcing any requirements. right now there isn't a snow emergency in effect either, so you don't have to worry about parking restrictions. as the snow starts to melt, flooding is becoming a problem. >> they're reminding you to drive slowly this morning with all the extra slush on the roads. there may also be patches of ice out there. we've also gotten word from sligo creek in takoma park has started rising because of all the extra water out there. you can see it. it will make the river levels rise in areas like georgetown, the waterfront there. more on the rising in prince jormg's county coming up but now we turn to "storm team 4" meteorologist lauryn ricketts. >> we've got flood warnings and flood watches out there. we've got a whole mixed bag of stuff mainly for flooding. the winter storm warning has now
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area. frederick county, virginia, and going up i-81 through the pab panhandle of hagerstown. we have flooding issues but it's going to be quiet through the weekend, thank goodness. we head to around 50 today. we went back down, but the sun will come back up and we'll get some of that this afternoon. i'll give you the daytime highs and let you know what the rest of the seven days look like in just a few minutes. >> thank you, lauryn. stay with us. we're going to take a look at prince george's and the live conditions coming up. >> and the latest on how to get around town this afternoon. we're back in a
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i'm live in the storm team 4 x 4 in fairfax county. right now on 66 heading inbound, irene johnson at the wheel. irene, how fast are we doing? >> not very fast. >> rerter: we're doing about 55 miles an hour. so we're doing at speed. you can see the pavement is improving. it's drying out a little bit. we're on the back edgel;vñ of t rain. the heaviest rains we had two or three hours ago, pretty much tapered off and ended in fairfax county and points west. we're getting a nice high five
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that's nice. as we're heading closer getting toward fairfax here on 66, it does look like we're coming into more roadspray. you can tell some of the heavier rain is just ahead. lauryn is going to look at the rain and tell us what's going on. >> oh, yeah. looking at the precipitation moving through our area, you can see it's moving through pretty quickly through the north and east. areas here in d.c. seeing maybe a little bit of lighter rain. coming through loudoun county and down the back edge now through the northern edge and will continue to push to the northeast. then that swath of moisture is finally out of here. we have that winter warming up here three shenandoah valley mainly because of this right here. the temperatures are just below freezing or at the freezing mark. we could have freezing rain mixed in. otherwise this is done for
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holding steady. we're at -- wow. we just dropped down to 42. we did make it down to 51. now we have dropped. i do believe we'll come back up. we may not hit that mark again. a lot of areas are going to stick in the 40s for the daytime high today. then as we go through the next four days, look at that. we are quiet, thank goodness. that forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. lauryn, thanks. look at the conditions in montgomery county where we're seeing high waters in sligo creek. derrick ward is there live. hey, derrick. >> reporter: good afternoon -- or morning, i guess it still is. we're in sligo park. there's a quote posted from thomas frost, from the snow that melted yesterday, the trees now have their bent up buds to darken nature and become
11:18 am
woods. we've got a way to go before darkening or budding woods. take a look at what happens when the snow melts. the creeks are running high. hence the flood warnings later today. just since the time we've been here, we receive the water level rise. nothing threatening yet. again, this is typical of having a lot of snow and being deluged with rain as we have been for the past couple of hours. we've also seen some ponding along the parkway. if you're traveling those areas, low-lying areas, be aware of that. if you're near a creek, watch out because the creek is going to rise. we're live in montgomery county. derrick ward, "news4." back to you. >> you're a poet, derrick. as of right now, reagan national airport has had 40 cancellations today and more than 70 delays. at bwi/marshall,e
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19 flights canceled and 49 delayed. dulles airport has had 25 canceled and more delayed. despite the cold metro services are running as normal but there may be some delays. metro rail is running on a scheduled delay. metrobus is back to schedule. there are service delays on m.a.r.c. trains, but it's running with normal service and vre also has full service today. keep up to date with all the latest newsbreaking alerts. download the app at the app store. a chain reaction has forced a highway to close due to ice. we're talking about an 11-car pileup. police closed a five-mile stretch of the highway while crews work to clean up the debris. we're told no one was seriously hurt. and the storm system is causing all kis
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touched down in the south. there were as many as tell in alabama and the florida panhandle. in louisiana, one ripped off the roof of a car wash and it slammed into a nearby pizza hut. >> my car was shaking and my window busted. like i seen it like coming at me. ooh, it's scary. >> as for the wintry impact in new york, the cold weather is causing pipes to freeze and bust. and in kentucky, the streets were so slick a snow plow slid off the road. so what would you do for a free lunch? this restaurant was asking you to tough it up outside. if you were willing to take a seat outside, the food is free.
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vortex. all the money that would have been taken in is donated. a look at the best
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you're probably thinking about the conditions on the road this morning but transportation officials also want you to be aware of something else. vdot is asking drivers to scrape off their car's snow haul on top of the car. it could slide off while driving. if it happened, it could obstruct someone's view and cause an accident. >> a snow hawk. i never heard it called that before. >> kind of cute but not funny if it happens. pat collins received many entries. here's a look at a few of them. the best patriot in the
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gets an official pat collins snow stick. the winner will be announced later today. you can watch on our nbc washington app. make sure you have it. get everything that storm weather 4 offers you.
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welcome back to "news4" midday on tuesday. you're looking at the radar. >> let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist lauryn ricketts. >> i do believe that sun will come through. i was looking at some observations from the satellite. down through southwestern virginia they're getting a little on the clouds. that's going to translate slowly into our area. so we'll get some sunshine. hopefully we'll warm people up. i've got to tell you the
11:25 am
we hit 50 and went back down the low 40s. we're all over the place in terms of temperatures. the rain is not all over the place, thank goodness. we still have some flood watches up. that's the dark green. the brighter green, that's flood warning. d.c., montgomery county, anne arundel county, going up near baltimore, that goes until 2:00. that's because of the snow melt. we've gotten over a half an inch of rain. near an inch in gaithersburg. that rain will push out of here and then we started to clear out. so this is 4:30 this afternoon. again, that will help bump up the temperature. a little bit over icy spots. we'll go partly cloudy through the day tomorrow but i don't think there's going to be any issues with schools and then we'll get some sunshines s as w
11:26 am
mid 50s on sunday. it's going to be so nice go. ahead and make plans for the weekend. 've got more rain by the time we get to monday. >> feels like spring's coming. check out "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein out and about looking forrouble t
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11:28 am
well, we continue to see
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come up a little bit, but the rain is moving out of our area. that is good news, but flood warnings, that's going to last into the night. we're definitely going have a warmup. we're going to be talk about that coming up. >> all right, lauryn. we have teams following the weather in your neighborhood this morning. flooding is the big concern. also drivers driving through slushy spots. molette green is live watching it all, watching it all morning. good morning, molette. >> reporter: good morning. it finally stopped raining in leesburg after an icy morning gave way to all that rain. just got some video into the newsroom showing the high water touching the bridge along wood burn road. that's the big concern right now with all of the rain that we had. and, of course, the melting of snow and ice. icing conditions overnight, of course, closed schools in loudoun county and it gave road crews time to
11:30 am
crews of all the slush and snow. you're looking at frederick douglass elementary school. many people, you know, just stayed home, delayed their commute and took their time scraping off frozen cars. but those sideways, walkways, they're melting but still very dicey. >> well, the roads weren't too bad. a little slush and things like that. but just mainly the parking lot and the sidewalks, trying to get out and make the deliveries and slipping and sliding. >> reporter: and take a live look now at east market street. clear and wet. but, of course, we're okay the lookout for water and high ponding in other areas creating tricky conditions in leesburg and throughout loudoun county. that's the latest live. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thanks, molette. now "storm team 4" meteorologist lauryn ricketts. >> raining in some
11:31 am
it's going to brighten up later, right? >> yeah. sorry. i was already walking over. we're going to get sunshine later on as we continue really throughout the day. and, you know, we looking at the winds right now. and they're calm. they were a little on the breezy side as we went through the morning. now they're calm. thank goodness. i think we're going have a little bit of a breeze out there today but not too much. let me give you the next 24 hours. what we're looking at for the next 24 hours is drying out. we're seeing that rain moving out of that area. temperatures are nearing 50 degrees today. i think we'll come back up a little bit. we hit 51. then we came back down into the low 40s. we'll start to come back up and as we get some more sunshine. temperatures will fall tonight. there could be a few icy spots. i do have d.c. coming down to about 34 degrees. once you step outside the beltw
11:32 am
shenandoah valley, the temperatures come down. i do believe once we get outside it will be on the colder side and there could be icy spots to deal with. it's going to be nice by tomorrow. low 40s by noon and we'll be in the mid, possibly upper 40s by the time we get into the late afternoon. that rain moving out today. and then as we continue through your thursday and friday, again, friday is going to be on the cooler side. temperatures dip a little bit. really not too bad. we'll get sunshine. for your the next few days we'll have a mix of sun and cloud with sunshine out there and then it's going to be very warm as we get into the weekend. make some plans because it's going to be extremely warm with temperatures in the 60s. and then our next chance of rain is going to be by the time we get to monday and tuesday could add a little bit of snow. it's the best way to get information
11:33 am
forecast live. look for breaking news alert if anything major develops. >> thank you. when the snow starts to melt, flooding becomes an issue. it means the rivers will likely rise. that could mean a problem including along the georgetown waterfront. transportation officials reminding folks to watch out for patches of ice. >> this morning's icy sidewalks are a slushy mess. you'll still want to take your time walking anywhere because there may still be patches of ice that you can't see. many of the sidewalks that didn't get cleared of snow yesterday became sheets of ice overnight. and due to those very icy sidewalks, we're working for you by letting you know about the best de-icers. our consumer team did some digging and here's what they found. if you're in a time crunch, calcium chloride is your best bet. be careful. it can damage grass
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when applied. if you're a pet owner and you're worried about your pet and your gard garden, magnesium chloride and pet chloride will work easier for you. they say these are safe for pets and the environmentally friendly. right here we're talking about the ice and slush left over from our wide-ranging storm. north of us it's pretty heavy snow and sleet coming down. the weather channel's mike slidell has been standing out in this mess for hours. he's been standing out in buffalo new york. what's it like. we can see it's coming down, mike. >> reporter: it is, barbara. better this than freezing rain. i still can't get over it went from 30 to 50 in two hours. will melt the ice. we've had seven inches of snow in seven hours. rochester, get this, 8 inches of snow in five
11:35 am
they've had all this two-inch-per-hour reports. look at this. the mass trolly goes up and down. they've been plowing since sunrise. hard work, huh? yep, yep. but buffalo, by the way, has only had about half of their seasonal average today. up until today, 35.2. that's to today. they should have hand six feet. they've certainly led a charmed life. as you head toward syracuse, it warms up. east of there in washington all the way up the 95 corridor to d.c. and baltimore, it's all going to be rain. back here in buffalo, temperatures tonight in the mid-20s. the average high is 33, and they're going to head back up above average like all of u
11:36 am
toward the weekend. there you go, barbara. just in time for the toss back to you in northwest d.c. there goes the trolley and the white rail. beautiful pictures down here in downtown buffalo. back to you, barbara. >> of course, in buffalo, they know how to deal with this kind of weather. back here at home, we're tracking big swings. let's take a look plus take you back to takoma park later on. h stay wit
11:37 am
i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein. i'm in the storm team 4 x 4. route seven, i'm happy to report. wet pavement in the wake of the rain that's been moving through. that rain really did work its magic here in tysons corner. a lot of the snow haste
11:38 am
away since predawn when we had freezing temperatures and all that ies ice and all that. right now a little bit of road spray here. a little bit of patchy fog as well as we've got to the much warmer temperatures passing over what's left of the snow, giving us soming so. some fog. maybe it's only 200, 300 feet. very low overcast as the back edge of this rain has pushed on through you can tell the sky is brightening, though, and there's the promise of some sun coming out. later today lauryn will have more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. as you see, our "storm team 4" radar showing a lot of rain. we have flood warningsp u
11:39 am
11:40 am
welcome back, everybody. well, the rain is coming to an end, and thank goodness. we still have flooding concerns out there and we'll be watching those. i'll show you where those are. and then we can take a breath. we're going to be quiet tomorrow and all through the weekend and more rain and possibly a little bit of snow as we head into early next week. let's not talk about that right now. let's talk about this rain. rain still goes for winchester and clarke county and coming up i-81 toward hagerstown. that's because some of the temperatures here are a little bit dicey, below freezing. be careful and cautious if you're out in the shenandoah valley, the northern shenandoah valley. there goes the edge of rain. it's moving swiftly coming down through frederick and prince george's county. thank you, stacy, for pointing that out to me. coming down through southern maryland. it's going to be out of here soon.
11:41 am
through very quickly. we still have the flood watches. that's in the dark green. the flood warnings are in the dark green. because of the snow pack, melting and also because of the amount of rain that we got. most areas saw well over an inch -- or half an inch. some areas up to an inch. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon. that's the most important thing. and then partly cloudy during the overnight. there could be icy spotting during the overnight but otherwise we'll go partly cloudy tomorrow. looking good for thursday and friday. all in all, not bad as we continue through the forecast. i do want to point out, it's going to be wed. icy spots not only tonight but tomorrow. we'll get sunshine by tomorrow. guys? >> thank you, lauryn. in loudoun county, investigators are trying to figure out if ice may have caused a deadly crash along a busy roadway.
11:42 am
an suv slammed into the back of a backhoe last night. it happened at an intersection in leesburg. the driver of the vehicle had died. we're told route 7 had been cleared but there were icy patches left over. to a live look at the roads in west virginia. it looks pretty cloudy
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welcome back, everybody. look at these temperatures. all right. so in d.c. early this morning we started in the 30s and then we jumped up to the low 50s. we jumped a good 20 degrees in about two hours. it might have been even less than that when i was looking. still in the southern maryland area, still in the low 50s. you can see it hanging on into the 30s in the shenandoah valley. temperatures will start to come up in a little bit. they'll be in the 50s or 40s. as we get some sunshine. there is light at the end of the tunnel. here's what we're looking at. low to mid-50s through southern maryland and then we've got some low 40s out there, again, by this afternoon. here's the radar right now. you can see that leading edge. that back edge, not the leading edge. the back edge of that rain moving to the north and easement still mis
11:46 am
rain going up toward i-18 and hagerstown. that's it for your the rain. it's swiftly moving out of here. look at these rain totals. we have a little over a half an inch. almost an inch in gaithersburg. 0.6 of an inch here. you can see it will be breezy and we'll get near that 50-degree mark. we want to show you tom on the beltway. tom s there a lot of road spray out there? >> reporter: yeah, there really is. we've been seeing a dramatic improvement though. the rain has pretty much stopped. here in the storm team 4 x 4, we crossed through. the wipers, we have to have on for the road spray. we don't have any more rain falling but there is fog. you can see quite a bit of fog beginning to form as much wr
11:47 am
seeing more and more traffic. this is sort of like a late rush hour because so many things are delayed this morning. a lot of people are out that were delayed getting out earlier, and we saw a lot of traffic on 66 inbound. in fact, it was just crawling from around 123 all the way to the beltway, but now on the beltway, we've got a lot of traffic, but everything is moving at speed as we approach river road. everything improving. that rain and the warmer temperatures have really melted a lot of the snow around here, lauryn? >> i saw that when i went from t.o.p. to nbc today. veronica johnson is here and we're updating the forecast. she'll be on later on at 4:00 and 5:00. i want to show you what's going on. a quiet wednesday, thursday, and friday in the 40s and then we head into the weekend. we fwierpg be in 60s o
11:48 am
we can worry about that as we get through the weekend. it does look like we'll have a mix of rain and snow by tuesday. i know. that's almost a bad word here. enjoy it. maybe a few icy spots as we head into tomorrow night. nothing like this morning. guys? >> thank you. with that nasty weather brings about power outages that some folks are dealing with. we want to give you an update. now more than 2,000 dominion customers don't have power. there are more in loudoun county. potomac edison has as many as 100 customers without power. in jefferson county, west virginia. the bge outages from earlier have pretty much all gone away. our team konk continues with the look in montgomery county where we're seeing the creeks rise, and
11:49 am
concerning standing water on the roadways. we're going to check in with derrick ward live in takoma park. have you got another poem for us, derrick? >> reporter: i've got nothing for ponding water, but i'll take a look when i get home. sometimes it's about catch basins or low lying areas like we are here in sligo creek park. sometimes if you're driving you might see people slow abruptly, but take a look at sligo creek itself. it is running high and fast now because of a combination of rain and runoff. so that's what you're going to have to expect now for quite a while until we're on the other end of all this, but this sort of signals the end of it at least until -- i thought i heard a little bit out of the corner of my ear about snow in the forecast. next week, we'll worry about that over the weekend. right now be cautious on the
11:50 am
if you're around the waterway, it ooh going to be running high and fast. we're live in montgomery county, derrick ward, back to you. >> thank you, derrick. if you don't already have it. now is the perfect time to get the nbc washington app. on the app you'll keep track and we'll be sending out breaking news alerts to keep you updated throughout the day. coming up next, video you'll want to see of the wild weather and the one rcue youes kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
11:51 am
we told you this storm caused severe weather of all kinds. listen to that wind and take a look at one of several tornados that touched down in florida yesterday. that funnel cloud is big and dangerous. it destroyed ten homes there. a woman in her 90s is recovering after a separate tornado strike. it hit
11:52 am
destroyed her home while she was still inside. the woman was knocked unconscious but woke up in time to have rescuers help her free. the crew used a chainsaw in order to get through the debris and rescue her. and another storm system created rain, sleet, and snow conditions near the virginia and north carolina border. in greensboro a string of accidents yesterday. 4 inches of snow fell in virginia. it was quiet and pretty much like a wintero wonderland there. it was a holiday so most folks decided to stay home. an update on the rain with ndm a [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new.
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[agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein. we're in montgomery county coming down river road and a tremendous improvement that we have seen here since this morning. that 3 to 4 inches of snow we saw right here in this part of montgomery county is just about completely gone now. you can see grass all around the neighborhoods here where just last night there were 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. that's what a hard driving rain and temperatures in the 40s will do. just in the past couple of hours the snow has melted. it's caused some ponding of water, but we really have not seen a lot of that in this part of montgomery county as we have just wet pavement in the wake of the rain that did come on through and the rain is no longer falling here. we have just a cloudy sky and actually the overcast looks to be lifting a bit and we have the sky brightening a bit.
11:55 am
bit of sunshine breaking up by later this afternoon and improving news travel-wise for the rest of the day and for the next several days. lauryn has an update on that. >> yes, i do. i have an update on the sunshine. i think that's one word everyone wants to hear. they don't want to hear snow and rain. they want to hear sunshine. i believe we're going to hear that. we're seeing mist, even freezing rain in pockets and going up the panhandle of west virginia. but the bulk of the rain moving off and coming through 695 in baltimore. again, it's lifting to the northeast pretty swiftly at this point. so what we're looking at for the next 24 hours, by noon temperatures moving up. in fact, we'll be possibly in the upper 40s by noon as the rain moves out of here. temperatures are falling tonight. in fact, we'll fall to the upper 20s to the lower to mid-30s depending on the location.
11:56 am
there could be partly cloudy and icy skies. you saw tom's shot out there in the 4 x 4. it's very wet. i've got twitter followers saying there is. icy spots again tomorrnight and possibly tomorrow morning. thursday the temperature drops, nothing we can't deal with. we're back in the mid-40s on friday. but look at this. we're dry all the way through the weekend. look at this. 62 on saturday. make plans for the weekend. 52 on sunday. next chance of rain could be monday or tuesday. could switch to snow. won't talk about that right now. let's concentration on 60s for saturday. looking good, guys. >> derrick already mentioned the snow. i was waiting to see if it popped up on her daryl. >> it's hard not to look forward to that amazing weather.
11:57 am
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