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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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slaggo creek in montgomery county. all that rain and snow looking for a place to go. >> our chief meteorologist will tell us about it in a moment. but first, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is in loudoun county where a lot of drivers have been forced to turn around. >> this is shreeve mill road. this road is flooded, it's a major cut-through road for the dulles greenway, which is a half mile up the road, over to leesburg and other important spots, so it's been a real inconvenience for folks today. this is what happened earlier, v-dot putting up the road closed sign, around noon after we and a plow contractor called them to tell them about the floodwaters we discovered here. here's what it loed
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morning. when our photographer first arrived. the combination of the pouring rain and melting snow caused the creek to surge out of its banks. before v-dot could get here, we saw a succession of cars roll down shrevemill, put put on the brakes and turn around. fortunately, everybody we saw wise enough to do just that. not to make a run across the floodwaters. back live, can you see the floodwaters have receded a little bit from what we saw earlier. but the v-dot workers who came out to put the road closed sign up. tell me this will be closed the rest of the day and they'll have to get out here tomorrow to see what kind of damage there is to the road back there from the rushing waters. now when i join you on news4 at 5:00, i'll take you to some other high-water spots we saw here in loudoun county and in fairfax county. back to the studio. >> it wasn't confined to virginia. a huge pothole he
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has been fixed. but it was slow going this morning through montgomery county on the inner loop. a big pothole opened up between connecticut and georgia and had traffic backed up for three miles. the pothole caused seven cars to get flat tires. >> and the airports are working to get back on track after this morning. 141 flight delays, 51 cancellations at national airport. dulles had 53 delays, 28 cancellations. bwi travelers faced 95 delays, 21 cancellations. the snow and rain are behind us, and now changes will start settling in. >> let's get to the storm center and chief meteorologist doug cameron. what are you looking for tonight and tomorrow? >> i'm looking out my window and there's some sun. so looking pretty good as far as that's concerned. things are starting to calm down. the one issue we have tonight will be the potential for refreeze across the area this is what we saw today, look at the heavy rain coming through, the
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east. very strong thunderstorms move just to our north and east around philadelphia. 50, 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts with that fortunately for us they developed just to our east we all saw the rain. heaviest rain back towards the shenandoah valley. loudoun county, fauquier county. southern maryland. when the front came through, upwards of an inch of rain around leesburg. two inches down towards luray. and southern maryland, also around an inch of rain on top of the snow we saw yesterday. that's what why we've seen flooding issues and that's why we'll see the refreeze tonight. most areas getting below freezing. not anticipating huge issues overnight. but it's something to watch. beautiful weather coming up over the next couple of days and into the weekend. and then we're tracking our next storm. yeah. our next storm. wendy? >> let us enjoy today while we can, all right, doug? >> i'll try.
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you a step ahead of the storm over the last few days, can you track the rain in our interactive radar and can you set weather as your start screen. and we're learning new details about how the supreme court will be honoring justice antonin scalia. the judge's body will lie in repose on friday in the great hall of the supreme court building. you can pay respects from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. there will be a private ceremony at the court before the public viewing. this honor was last given to chief justice william rehnquist in 2005. today scalia's courtroom chair was draped in black to mark his death. part of a court tradition that dates back to the 19th century. the entrance to the courtroom has been draped in black to honor scalia. we're waiting for a news conference from president obama right now. it's expected to happen about 4:30. not clear exactly what the president will address in that. but we will be monitoring the situation and bring you any developments as we get them. presidential candidates are in the middle of another busy
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senator bernie sanders met with faith leaders in columbia, south carolina. the vermont democrat went to a prayer breakfast where he predicted he will surprise people on election day. he'll be heading to atlanta later tonight. hillary clinton has been in new york city meeting with civil rights leaders. she says the country still has work to do to insure equal rights. in her campaign is focused on quote breaking every barrier. >> on the republican side, front-runner donald trump paid a visit to his campaign headquarters in greenville, south carolina. he thanked the volunteers and encouraged them to keep up the good work. a new poll show mrs. trump with a 17-point edge in south carolina with four days to go until the primary. we'll have more on the candidates coming up in the next half hour. > i'm tracee wilkins, in prince george's county's new police chief was just appointed by the county council. hank
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as serving as interim chief for the last few months. a 23-year veteran of the prince george's county police department. he served under chief mcguay as a interim chief. council members expressed their unanimous support for stawinski. coming up on news4 at 5:00 and 6:00, he has already started out with a number of high-profile cases working with the state's attorney. what that has been like for him coming in as chief. and also diversity on the department. why that was a major concern for some of the council members and also police under his command. >> three americans were abducted in baghdad last month. and the state department has confirmed all of them have been freed. iraqi officials say all three have been handed over to the u.s. embassy in baghdad and they're in good health. the kidnappers abducted the american from an apartment in a ngh
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sunni muslims. it's not clear who was behind their abduction. a maryland restaurant is back open after two sheriffs deputies were shot and killed there. it happened a week ago inside a panera bread in beabingdon. other officers shot and killed the suspect before he was able to do any more harm. ambulances can literally make the difference between life and death. first at 4:00, why some say a change at a critical time could be a game-changer and what we're learning how much it's going to cost you. boy, talk about a weather nightmare. some bad storms crush a woman's home and crews have to race against time
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a little breezy with some peeks of sunshine coming our way. a little bit of sunshine, especially south around fauquier county, as high pressure moves in breezy conditions, and then the wind will start to settle. right now the winds are over 20 miles per hour. close to 30. camp springs. but again the winds will settle down late tonight. we're going to see some icy patches setting up by early tomorrow morning. in the upper 40s to low 50s. right into d.c. your driving impact forecast, 42 degrees, nothing to worry about for the evening hours, a few icy patches early tomorrow morning as the temtu
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we'll take a look at the extended forecast. the next storm for us, we're talking about it. thanks, vj. a massive clean-up effort is under way now in parts of florida. the same system that dumped heavy rains on our area also spawned at least two tornadoes in ft. lauderdale. it uprooted trees, overturned trailers and ripped the roofs off several buildings. the winds were so strong in one point they even knocked over that tractor-trailer as it was riding down the highway. all along the florida coast resort workers spent the day gathering up beach chairs that got tossed around. in florida a 90-year-old woman was pulled from her home after it was leveled by a tornado. emergency crews had to use a chainsaw to cut through the debris so they could get to her. then they created a human chain to carry her out to safety. authorities say she was knocked unconscious but awoke when the rescuers arrived. ten homes in that community were damaged by the storm.
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in the nation's capital, we asked, you delivered. >> i know, the sun's out and the snow is all but gone. there was more than three inches here yesterday. it doesn't bother me, i still have the snow stick. i still have the snow pictures, i still have the memories. who's going to win the president's day snow stick challenge? why, the judging begins in a few minutes. stick around.
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first at 4:00, new pictures of a car that lost control and crashed into a building. now this happened in brockville, right on rollins avenue between jefferson street and rockville pike. two people were in the car when it flew across the parking lot and crashed into the atrium. they had to be rushed to the hospital to be checked out. but they were not seriously injured. it was 20 years ago this evening, when a marc train and an amtrak train crashed in silver spring. >> investigators say the marc train missed a warning signal and caused the accident. 11 people were killed. but a lot has changed to improve the safety of rail system since then. our transportation reporter adam tuss will have more on the story coming up on news4 at 6:00. within a matter of weeks. a private ambulance company will start providing medical transpo f
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district. mark segraves broke the story. and sat down with the fire chief to find out how this transfer will affect the emergency response. mark? >> hey, wendy, yeah, the contract has been signed. it's now official. and in as few as four weeks, private ambulances will start transporting patients to emergency rooms across the district. today dca acting fire chief gregory dean says this will be a game-changer. >> for years. the d.c. fire department has been plagued by slow response times and deteriorating vehicles. last week the district signed a four-month deal with amr, one of the nation's largest private ambulances services. amr will provide transport to the hospital for nonlife-threatening calls. dc fire will be the first to respond to any 911 call. but now on the
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officials in charge will wait to see if ambulances can take them to the hospital. it will allow the fleet to get much needed repairs. >> it's also to keep the units in the first response district so they're able to go in, deal with the patient, transfer the patient over to amr, after about ten minutes. and get back into service. it allows us to have more time for training. >> now, the fire chief has the support of the firefighters' union, the mayor and most of the d.c. council on this. this sure to be a hot topic tomorrow when the fire chief goes before the council for his oversight hearing. also on the hearing will be the former medical director of the d.c. fire department who abruptly resigned this week and sent off a blistering resignation letter. chris, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, mark. the thing a lot of folks are wondering where do they get the money? >> who's going to be paying for this? is this just in the budget?
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emergency legislation and emergency funding for this. when this goes into a full-year effect it will cost about $12 million a year for this contract. but now when you call an ambulance, you get a bill that comes to you for your insurance company to recover those costs. that will still be same procedure so while we are putting out $12 million of taxpayer money to pay this, they'll recover a lot of that from insurance payments for the ambulance transports. >> all right, mark segraves, thank you. i got to tell you, looking at mark, the sun -- >> what a difference. >> what a difference 24 hours makes, doug. >> what a difference six hours makes. i mean you know just six hours ago we were talking about extremely heavy rain coming down across the area that has now moved out. and yes, some very nice conditions. yesterday at this time we were dealing with snow. take a look now. the snow is gone out there towards the airport. lot of the snow just gone completely as a result of the rain and the warmer
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of the snow down to the south and back to the west. but inside the district for the most part, looking at sunny skies with most of the snow out of here. 51 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. temperatures have not been this warm in nearly two weeks. you probably knew that already. notice not everybody on the warm side. 54 in fredericksburg. only 42 back towards martinsburg. 46 in leesburg. more snow back towards the west and even down to the south where we picked up six to ten inches during the day yesterday. most of it will continue to melt this evening. that's why we think we could have a refreeze. look at the heavy rain getting out of here. but again it did come down very heavily. first we had the freezing rain overnight last night. then the rain moved in early this morning. the thunderstorms just off to our east and right now, we're dealing with some drying conditions. so good news, nothing on the radar. we're not going to see anything else. the storm system though moving up to the northeast produced some tornadoes down toward south florida, we showed you that
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earlier. another storm system will pass to our south and dissipate. that one we don't have to worry about. but tomorrow morning it will still be a little cold. we'll still e some ice, 28 in gaithersburg. 29 in leesburg. we'll see a refreeze overnight. it's not going to happen that quickly. i'm not too worried about it. but tomorrow morning you may need extra time. enter could be some early delays for the roads. this evening, just wet, use caution. wednesday morning, areas of ice, expect delays on the roadways, maybe even some school delays. two-hour delay would help in some areas. wednesday afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, no problem at all as far as the roads are concerned. that impact forecast tomorrow, on the low side. finally, clouds and sunshine, nice and quiet. and i think we'll be quiet for days. as a matter of fact, not just quiet, but brilliant conditions as we make our way into the weekend. 48 on your wednesday. 39 on thursday. a little cold on thursday. 44 on friday. look at saturday, nice and warm, a high temperature of 63, the
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veronica has more on that. plus in our next storm, next week, we'll talk about it coming up at 4:45. >> well it is february. thanks, doug. it's one recall that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> new information about which cars have a safety feature that can actually do more harm than good. we'll tell you if your car is on that list. >> strong speeches, big awards and some noticeable technical glitches. and some rarely-seen footage of a grammy win another you could say got his start here on news4. but first in the last 24 hours, cold, snow, rain, ice -- sun. we want you to know, want to know what you think. and if you think your school district made the right choice to close or to delay classes today. >> that's our nbc washington flash survey. call or text the number on your screen or head over to our facebook or twitt
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big night for tributes and one troublesome technical glitch. let's start with taylor swift taking on kanye. >> taylor swift -- go! this was probably the best one-up, the best moment of the night last night. so kanye has a song,
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song that he put out called "famous" is about the fact that he made taylor famous way back when he interrupted her on stage and all this other stuff. she answered last night. by saying -- don't let anybody stop your dreams. and what you want to achieve, you will. and it was unbelievable. goosebumps. >> it's been blowing up on social media today. >> adele was a real trouper. but the technical trouble really screwed up what was a hugely anticipated performance. >> why is it the headline? adele can sing. there's no doubt in the world she unfortunately had some problems last night with regard to the beats of the song, matching up with her voice and her mic fell on the piano, it sounded like a guitar and the best tweet of all. she said i'm going out for cheeseburger at in n out burger and that's it. she knows she's great at what she does. if that's the worst
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happens to adele this year, i'm telling you, this is her year. >> somebody used to love california in n out burger cures everything. i got to tell you at times between the tributes to the eagles, lionel ritchie, david bowie, i felt like i was watching the grammys from 1985. >> it reminds some of the younger generation of some unbelievable music. and impact that david bowie had on music. including when you're talking about glenn frey, from the eagles, some of those were really powerful, moving tributes. stevie wonder and pentatonics was one of my personal favorites and earth, wind and fire got the lifetime achievement award. bowie got the lifetime achievement award and earth, wind and fire also won an award. >> one of the big winners was an artist that news4 featured on the "first heard" program. leta
4:27 pm
♪ five years later ♪ working at a firm ♪ abundance of paper ♪ she got a career ♪ she look in the rear ♪ view mirror of a mercedes that she could steer ♪ ♪ >> that's kendrick lamar. kendrick lamar. you get much respect from the dmv this morning. the number one thing everyone was talking about was his performance last night. and -- >> it was electric. >> i'm going to tell you right now -- five grammys? congratulations to kendrick, many respect and well-earned. very good show. leave adele alone. and good for you, taylor swift. you did it right. >> you could tell which team he's on. during the break you can search the grammys on the news4 washington app and see the best and worst dressed and you can get some of the greatest moments of the show as well. well i think we all should go for an in n
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the pat collins snow stick challenge with a patriotic twist. you sent your best president's day snow pics. pat will join us with a look at the best of the best. and veronica and doug tracking some changes in our weather after a rocky couple of days. an update from storm team 4 first at 4:00.
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you can say farewell to the late supreme court justice antonin skalia his body will lie in the great hall at the supreme court friday, from 1:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and there will be a private ceremony at the court before the public viewing. and prince george's county has a new chief of police, hank stawinski taking the post. his father is retired county officer. the rain and note are behind us, but the flooding concerns are very present. we just learned that culpepper county public schools will have a two-hour delayed start tomorrow. in northern virginia, some creeks have risen above their banks on to the local roads. >> it's tough to keep up with all the changes, but let's hit the storm center with meteorologist veronica johnson. vj, what's going on? >> we could see the streams, creeks, rivers all continue to rise. not just for the evening, but also through the day tomorrow. the other thing is as we get into the late evening ho
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check out the temperatures, we will see those temperatures start to drop down into the upper 20s to low 30s. think that's going to be late if you're out walking the dog this evening, a soggy ground. there's plenty of soggy spots, so try to keep it on the sidewalk and wipe their paws when they come in. 41 degrees at 8:00, a partly cloudy sky with winds that will start settling. icy conditions for tomorrow morning, leesburg, 29 to start. 30 la plata. 28 in gaithersburg. in the afternoon hours tomorrow we'll start to warm. out the door tomorrow morning, the kids will need the coat, the warm jacket, the glafoves, hat, umbrella, all of that can stay at home. that music after a snowstorm can only mean one thing -- the return of the snow stick challenge. >> yeah, we got hundreds of entries of people showing off their patriotic side for president's day. >> let's check in with pat ll
4:33 pm
of his snow post right now in the northwest. >> look at this. chris and wendy, there was more than three inches of snow here yesterday. today, nothing. well, it's time to pick a winner. the president's day snow stick challenge. and boy oh boy, washington, did you come through with your red, white and blue. our president's snow day proposition. do something patriotic in the snow. do something patriotic with the snow. the best in snow gets an official pat collins snow stick. we had scores and scores of entries. presidential sculptures in the snow. all kinds of flags in the snow. patriotic people in the snow. patriotic kids in the snow. patriotic pets in the snow. it
4:34 pm
meets president's day. in the snow. who is the best of the best? how do you pick a winner? well, here's how. we assembled a team of award-winning judges. aaron gilchrist, our morning news anchor. susan hogan, our consumer parter and mark segraves, an expert on all things district. looked at the entries. they did their due diligence. they were impressed by what they saw. >> i think people put a lot of effort into a lot of these entries today. >> we're so impressed with the amount of like food coloring or dye to paint the snow. we had no idea that even existed. >> whoa, i got it right side up this time. now coming up at 5:00, the final four. the final four at 5:00. i know that sounds weird, but that's the way we roll here at news4. wendy, back to you. >> we can't wait for that, patrick. >> that's the first snow stick challenge i've ever seen pat do where you're
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of just grass, pat. there's not a flake in sight. >> you know, i have gone through 19 changes of clothes in the last 30 hours, fleece, no fleece, boots, no boots, down, no down. some of this stuff doesn't going to the cleaners, it goes to the sin sin raters. but that's another story. >> thank you, pat. as we mentioned, we've got hundreds of entries for the challenge. you can check them out in our nbc washington app. yet another automaker is adding hundreds of thousands of cars to the takata air bag recall. general motors says this affects 200,000 vehicles. we're talking about the saab 9-3, as well as the saab 9-5. and the gm is recalling saturn astras. at least ten peop
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killed and dozens of others injured from exploding shrapnel. i'm jim hanley at the live desk, we're expecting the president to begin a news conference in california he's wrapping up a two-day conference with southeast asian nations. yesterday they focused primarily on trade and economic ties. but they were also expected to talk about security concerns and tension with china over claims to the south china sea. it's unclear exactly what the president will be speaking about this afternoon or if he'll have an announcement to make. of course we will monitor for this for you and bring you any updates as they come in to news4. at the live desk, i'm jim hanley. back to you. you may have seen or heard ruckablings that the redskins have broken off talks with quarterback kirk cousins. but not so fast. according to a source in ashburn the two sides are still negotiating. espn had reported talks had broken down and there were no further plans for negotiations. but again a source at
4:37 pm
park is telling carol that is not the case. cousins was looking for a significant raise after he led the redskins to the playoffs this past season. well we've seen our share of wicked winter weather. but lots of folks wish they had more snow than what they've seen. we'll tell you where. and a mail carrier noticed something wasn't quite right on his mail route. and it likely saved a life. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy.
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with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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i think the schools did a great job canceling or delays class as little bit earlier today. most of them really needed to do still a ton of ice. even though temperatures were at 50 degrees this morning in d.c., we still had a lot of ice back to the west. that's where we saw the cancellations. there goes our storm system. again it came through here and boy did it give us a wallop with the snow early yesterday. then the ice and the very heavy rain early today. even a little bit in the way of flooding. that system is moving out of here. we've got another one back to the west. i'll widen this out a little bit more. it will drive to our south and get out of our area. the next storm system doesn't come until next week. the jet stream moves to our north so we're nice and mild here through the weekend, even into the 60s, i think. but next week we get another dip in the jet stream. and yup, more cold air and another area of low pressure
4:41 pm
would be next tuesday, wednesday, or thursday, something we're watching, the pattern fits again for potential rain, snow, snowstorm. way too early to tell right now. everybody is asking me on my facebook and twitter pages. thought i would let you know. way too early to tell. we'll continue to keep our eyes on it for you, you know we'll be tracking it. well, twice in one day. a rock slide closed part of i-70 in colorado. the latest slide happened in an area known as glenwood canyon. now some of these rocks hit a tractor-trailer. and right now geologists are trying to figure out why the slides keep happening. and check this out, it's an eagle cam in d.c. it's showing live footage of the first bald eagles to nest in the national arboretum since 1947. >> we recorded video of a 24-hour eagle cam which shows eagles known as mr. president and the first lady. they built their nest in a tree in 02014. they raised their eeglet there laye
4:42 pm
online. thanks to the american eagle foundation. the freeze and thaw has led to a lot of problems with potholes, as the temperatures rise and fall, local streets are about to open up. why experiments think this year will be one for the record books. and the developments that could allow some businesses to turn away customer who is are gay or having an affair.
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right now, first at 4:00, wild weather has been impacting millions of people. there's one part of the country that's been a little bit behind their snow totals, but now, they're sure getting their fair share. >> freezing temperatures during the overnight period, yes, we're going to see more refreeze likely to impact our morning rush to a degree. then some spring-like temperatures, i'll show you when and how warm in a few. and we're keeping an eye on this room in rancho mirage, california, president obama is about to address reporters at the conclusion of a summit with the leaders of ten southeast asian nations. we expect the president will be facing some questions also about the bitter partisan battle over appointing the next supreme court justice. now in the race for president, four days to go until the republican primary in south carolina, a two-tiered contest. trump with a strong lead at the top followed by cruz and then below that, everyone else. just fighting to keep e
4:46 pm
steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the latest. steve? >> donald trump has such a big lead now in south carolina, double ted cruz's numbers in palmetto state polling. trump is looking at the saturday contest at least he hopes as the start of some kind of a streak. >> donald trump in greenville today. at a rally in augusta, trump called up a supporter. >> donald trump, he's the best we got by far. >> he's leading by 18 in south carolina polls. >> let's go get them. >> to survive past saturday's primary, jeb bush needs trump seen as a joke. >> i'll be a commander-in-chief, not a agitator in chief, blowhard in chief. >> in a state with so many active duty and retired military, ted krz promised a bigger u.s. fighting force. >> with greater capacity to take on our adversaries. let me be clear, we will not go picking fights around the
4:47 pm
charging cruz voted against military expansion. >> he's weak on national security. he knows that's a liability for south carolina. >> more than half of south carolina democrats are black. >> we like to be treated fair. >> hillary clinton courted african-american leaders in new york. >> my campaign is about breaking every barrier. >> bernie sanders, with black clergy in south carolina. >> when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying, that the african-american community is suffering even more. >> sanders trails clinton by 21 in a new poll. but those south carolina democrats polls vary widely and experts warn the polling now in nevada where the democrats have a saturday night caucus, those polls are even less reliable. i'm steve handelsman, news4. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> and so many of you reaching out on social media, saying how excited are you
4:48 pm
shine. the last time we had sunshine around here was early part of the day on sunday. but now, finally it's back. and it will be with us until early tomorrow morning. there could be some icy patches as the temperatures tip down to the upper 20s, low 30s across the area. i do think we're going to warm quickly tomorrow. it's looking like a terrific afternoon. bus stop forecast as the kids head home, 46 degrees tomorrow. that's really seasonable for this time of year so terrific conditions coming our way. which of course means that the weather tomorrow is going to have a low impact on our day. some clouds, some sun mixed. but it's going to be a quiet day. no weather system coming our way for tomorrow. your outdoor impact forecast, the temperature hits 40 degrees by 11:00 a.m. we stay into the low to mid 40s through your afternoon hours. so some morning starts cold but it's going to be nice during the afternoon hours. some locations down south around the la plata, waldorf will get up to 47 degrees. stafford, quantico, 48, up to
4:49 pm
gaithersburg and areas around falls church, 45 the high for tomorrow. you asked for it, we've got it. you want some warmer weather? wow, 20-plus degrees by saturday. 63 the high i'm calling it warm and wonderful. the sky partly sunny, we've got the same thing on sunday, just some clouds and sunshine mixed. but with temperatures that warm, low 60s, it will feel a lot like april to early march around here. so we'll be a good time to get outdoors, exercise and go skiing. the evening out, remember last weekend, we had yellow, we had red posted on this. but we've got the green light for everything. a nice day at the ski resorts, a little icy of course. by nighttime. and terrific weather that you will not want to pass up. even if it means getting out to wash your car. over the next couple of days. because our next chance of getting a storm system around here will be the early part of next week. a so we've got dry conditions. 39 the high on thursday, close to 40 degrees, not bad, we chill it down or coolest day coming
4:50 pm
warm and quiet, even on monday some quiet conditions. but it's the tuesday/wednesday time period, colder air moves back into the area. where we could be dealing with a little bit more in the way of some rain and even some snow. we'll have more details on that coming up on news4 at 5:00. snow, ice and rain is the perfect recipe for pot holes, if you've been driving around lately, you know they're out there. today aaa says it expects this year to be a banner year for pot holes. and a record year for vehicle damage, because of them. and this morning, thanks to a pothole there was a crash on the beltway between connecticut and georgia avenues. that involved more than a half dozen vehicles. no serious injuries. but there was some pretty significant damage to some of the cars there. we're still dealing with the aftermath of that mix of ice and rain. but parts of new york are dealing with just plain snow. it fell hard and fast. the weather channel's mike seidel continues o
4:51 pm
>> across western new york, the snow really piled up on tuesday morning. here in buffalo, how about six inches in five hours? not far from here, just to the east in rochester, they picked up seven inches in four hours, three hours in a row. two inches per hour. that's a pretty hefty rate and we're not talking lake-effect. here in buffalo, it's catch-up time. they've had only three feet of snow coming into the storm, versus six feet today. downtown, streets are snow-packed and snow covered. these are the professionals in western new york, they're plowing and blowing and shoveling. other issues, freezing rain from syracuse, new york, not far to our east, enough warm air aloft, you get the ice and not the snow. down through central pennsylvania, state college, harrisburg. note will wrap up here and wind down later on this afternoon and then temperatures for a lot of us, east of the rockies are, on the way up for the rest of the week and the weekend. i'at
4:52 pm
downtown buffalo for nbc news. >> well people who are opposed to adultery and opposed to same-sex marriage would be protected under a bill that is moving through the virginia general assembly. a measure from keeping the state from punishing individuals and businesses that refuse services to same-sex couples, transgender people or someone who has had sex outside of marriage. opponents say the bill opens the door to discrimination. it will hurt virginia's reputation. but the bill's sponsor says opponents of same-sex marriage are constantly under attack. must be protected. this is chris gordon in annapolis, home builders have come here asking maryland lawmakers to repeal a requirement that new construction includes sprinkler systems. they say that it makes new homes too expensive to be affordable. and it's costing construction jo
4:53 pm
have been some massive residential fires in recent years that have killed children and elderly residents. where lives could have been saved with a sprinkler system. >> ahead, the information you need to decide for yourself coming up on news4 at 5:00. it's the delivery one mail carrier never thought he'd have to make. why his close relationships with the people in his community likely saved one man's life. and president obama is holding a news conference in california right now. he just stepped to the podium, these are live pictures, we're going to keep an eye on it and bring you an update from the live desk as we learn more. >> this news4 at 4:00.
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it was pouring down rain, the car was winning and the windows were smashed out. we panicked. >> a woman in roanoke had just started her car, she ran back into her house and heard a crash. she looked outside and found this tree on top of her car. it turns out the ice had brought down tree ace cross the city. including several that fell right on top of people's homes. well you count on your postal carrier to deliver your mail. saving your life? that goes above and beyond the call of duty. but as michael rosenfield reports, when a mailman noticed the mail start piling up outside one man's house, he knew it wasn't right. >> he usually comes out and gets his social security check on th
4:57 pm
>> tom knows his route, when the gentleman in this home wasn't at his door waiting for his social security check last week, the long-time mailman became concerned. >> when two days went by, when i saw it that day, i said something is up. there was a policeman at the end of the street doing radar control. i said something to him. he said we'll check it out. >> minutes later, firefighters were breaking down the door and found the homeowner, 67-year-old richard baker inside. >> was on his living room floor. he expressed to us that he had general body weakness. he stood up, his legs gave out and he kind of just slid down on the floor. >> firefighters aren't sure how long he had been on the floor. think it could have been up to three days. >> if it hadn't been for the mailman what do you think could have happened? >> yoe that anyone would have found him in time. >> he was conscious, but barely. and he thanked me. i said i'm sorry for bringing all of these people around, to break your door down. he thanked me, but didn't look good. >> balazano who has been a mail carrier for 19 years
4:58 pm
>> unfirmofficially, you get cl to people, you see them every day, you're at the same spot. you know every day. and you know you get close. you look out and if something seems strange, it kind of clicked that day that i should do something about it. >> we're still waiting to see how this shakes out. the hospital says baker is in poor condition. but thanks to that alert postal carrier he has a chance. news44 at 5:00, starts now. >> now at 5:00, we're still feeling the impact of the latest dose of winter weather and even though the sun is out, we're not yet out of the woods. plus a new leader emerges tonight. prince george's county has a new police chief to take on one of the most high-profile cases of child pornography. plus her son killed his new wife and then turned the gun on himself. what his mother wants all of us to learn from her tragedy. >> we cannot, we cannot, we cannot
4:59 pm
weather ride we've had across our region in the past 24 hours. we've gone from snow to sleet to ice. then rain. and by the this afternoon, yup, the sun came out to help melt away much of it. but the rapid warm-up means we could see the potential for minor flooding and a refreeze as we move through the evening. one area that was hardest hit, loudoun county. and we are still seeing flooding problems there tonight. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey, joins us live just off the dulles greenway on a road that's been off-limits for most of the day. julie? >> this is the worst flooding we found anywhere. this is shreve mill road, just off the dulles greenway. this has been closed all day. forcing a lot of loudoun county drivers to find a detour. shreve mill road around 10:30 this morning. on the rise,
5:00 pm
its banks, but the rain continued to fall and the snow continued to melt. this was the scene we discovered an hour later. the creek's water had surged on to the road. flooding it. the force of the stream clear to see and hear. this is the v-dot contract crew responsible for clearing this area. they were surprised to see the waters suddenly rise. >> it just broke over the bridge not too long ago. we've been coming through here since 7:00 a.m. yesterday. >> because the road hadn't been closed yet, we watched as one car after another rolled up, only to put on the brakes and turn around. >> normally they have it blocked off. but today they don't. >> we contacted v-dot. so did their contract crew to let them know about the unsafe conditions. it wasn't long before this team showed up. it pulled out their gear and had a barricade sed up. yet another weather transition. snow, to ice, to


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