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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> what can you pay to get your own phone back. >> and new developments tonight in this helicopter crash caught on video in hawaii. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> the system failed and it needs to be fixed. that's the sobering message tonight from the prince george's county school board. >> they're looking at anything that could have been done differently to protect young children from an accused sexual predator who was trusted with those kids. >> good evening. >> clearly, based on what happened, something clicked. >> strong words from board of
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at woods elementary school. that's where deante caraway, a volunteer and former teacher's aide was able to molest and video tape multiple students on school grounds. tonight, 17 victims have been identified so far. >> is it common for volunteers to be alone with children? >> it is -- there are a whole range of activities that volunteers do. i would not express them as common. >> tonight, we learned that the prince george's county school district allows volunteers to be alone with students on school grounds. >>'s not an explicit administrative procedure that says that no volunteers can ever be a loan with the school children. >> in a lawsuit filed against the school district, principal michelle williams is aus
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guardian of a 9-year-old discovered a sexually explicit photo that caraway allegedly sent the child. >> what is the procedure? >> then the principal is legally obligated to report that procedure, to report that to child protective services and to report that to his or her immediate supervisor. >> sources tell news 4 nothing criminal is found in his background check before he started working two years ago. but sources tell us he does have a juvenile sex offense record. school officials tell me the background checks are contracted out to a private company called inquiries incorporated. >> before we could move into a full investigation, we're going to respect what our law enforcement agencies asked us specifically to do is to stay in the background and make sure that we do not interfere with their investigation. >> shomari stone, news 4.
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>> tonight, police are serging for the person who shot and killed two men in the district. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon on 58th street, northeast. one man was found dead inside a home. the other died a short time later at the hospital police do have a description of a person of interest from witnesses. but, so far, no arrests. >> president obama will be among the mourners paying their respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. news 4's jackie benson live with what we can expect tomorrow. jackie? >> jim, preparations are already underway for the thousands expected here tomorrow. the area where the media will broadcast has been sectioned off. electrical cables are being laid down. tomorrow, washington and the supreme court of the united states will -- excuse me. tomorrow and the
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a solemn official farewell. here's what's scheduled to take place. the casket in will arrive. 9:30, there will be a short, private ceremony. and then, at 8:00 p.m., the viewing closes. police officers will receivable as pal bearers. the casket will be placed in the great hall on the lincoln catapult which has been loaned to the court. now, a funeral mass open to friends and family will take place saturday at 11:00 a.m. at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. we've learned that the homily will be delivered by one of the justice's sons who is a priest. >> we are expecting another cold to start to our day tomorrow before we get a t
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we're looking forward to that, though. >> we definitely are. we need the break. we need some warmer weather here. we've seen a lot of cold weather the last couple weeks. take a look at some numbers. down to 21 already in gaithersburg. look at monasis. so a cold night for sure and then a beautiful weekend. we'll talk about just how cold it will be and the newest on our stomp. >> here at the live desk, we're getting some new information about the tourist helicopter that crashed in hawaii. witnesses say they saw smoke coming from the tail right before it went down.
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the u.s.s. arizona memorial. tonight, a man and woman are in stable condition but a 16-year-old boy was under water for over a minute and is still critical. the chopper belongs to a company called genesis aviation. investigators from the federal aviation administration are on their way to the site. jim? >> talks tonight about renaming two local high schools for different reasons. in fair fax county, the school board took a big step for a possible name change. many people want it renamed because stuart was the confederate general. but there's still a long way to go. tonight's forum was whether or not to get public comment on the issue.
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opposing the proposal to rename bballou after marion barry. the mayor and the d.c. council would both have to sign off on a name change. >> new, tonight, when voters hit the polls for the march 1st, presidential primary, their children will get the day off. a school board approved that change tonight. they decided to keep kids home on supertuesday because of the huge voter turnout that's expected and it could impact parking and disrupt the school day. political observers say it's virtually unheard of. a pope directly criticizing a u.s. presidential candidate. trump fired right back. it all started when the pontiff was asked about trump's plan to build a wall between u.s. and mexico. the pope said someo
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thinks about building walls and not building bridges is not a christian. trump says he's a proud christian and called the pope's comments disgracele. >> meanwhile, on the democratic front, clinton and sanders answered questions tonight. sanders defended his record on imkbrags. democratic caucuses were on saturday. as it dpds whether porter has to testify.
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prosecutors still want to use his testimony. porter's attorneys argue that violates his right not to incriminate himself. >> next, at 11:00, what's your cell phone worth to you. >> i gave him 20 and said i'll give you the rest when i come back. >> did you ask for money in return for that phone? >> showing you how your stolen phone could be held for ransom. >> lanes blocked. traffic rerouted. one street actually closing tomorrow so crews can fix those potholes and make next week's commute a little smoother.
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rement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. out of nowhere, this girl runs from behind me, snatching it out of my hand. i'm from out of town. the phone is worthless. i just need it. i'll give you whatever you want. >> how much would you pay to get your own cell phone back? >> it's a question that woman had to ask herself this week when someone stole her smart phone and then offered it wac to her for a price. >> she ended up losing the phone and the cash.
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here's one caught on camera. an orange light at the deanwood station. watch this woman board a train and then almost immediately jump off and bolt. police say they threw rock salt in their face before running off. metro police arrested him for possession of stolen material. >> the victim usually calls us and then we'll coordinate the buyback. a woman responded saying she just bought the phone in a store and wouldn't return it for less than $200.
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>> did you ask for money in return for that phone? >> i did. yes, i did. >> why it's not just stolen phones, but lost phones sometimes being held for ransom. >> twice in recent months, u.s. capital busted people. lost phones are often gone for good. >> we placed phones in three busy places in d.c. and positioned our cameras to record what happened next. 16 minutes behind in dupont circle. >> we texted our own number and the man eventually responded 8 hours later saying he was turning it in. but he never told us where.
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this man found it, looked around briefly and then took it. we never heard back from him. eastern market, our phone sat near the metro. one man walked past it, lifted it and then dropped it back. >>. >> could i come meet you to get it? >> the only good samaritan. >> eleanor spotted this iphone 5. >> right there on the brick road. >> she and irene have spent weeks trying to track down the owner. >> we've lost a few things in
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>> a trouble investigated by the iteam. council members began looking inside the department of control. the county eventually supported a bill. but, tomorrow, county delegates could form a new task force and delay any changes for more than a year. >> we've got a heads up for you tomorrow morning.
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the national park service will close the center lane and keep it closed undill saturday afternoon. working overtime there on saturday and sunday. the project will start later this year to completely overall beach drive. that project will last until 2019. >> it's rough out there. >> the weather is making it even worse. >> are you going to blame me for this, too? >> yes, who else? >> who else lately, right? >> it is the weather's fault, obviously. we get this every single year. out there tonight, another reason. we're going to see a re-freeze once again.
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everyone is below freezing. some really cold air. don't worry, as far as rain or snow is concerned. notice the direction they're moving. notice the direction these clouds are moving. up and over. this is actually original high pressure that's coming into the area. behind it, the mid to upper 80s. >> overnight tonight, 26 in d.c. with many of you down in the upper 20s early tomorrow morning when you wake up.
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tomorrow afternoon, still chilly. not a bad friday. it will be chilly, but not all that bad. and then we get to our storm. as i mentioned, we're going to be nice and warm this weekend. but what happens here is we get an area of low pressure that moves down, forms along the gulf, but where does it go? is it a big storm? does it come up inland. with know we're going to get cold on the backside. bud with this storm, there's so many questions. storm is still likely. so this will bring rain and sn
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early to tell. kids, lots of uncertainty. do your homework if it's due next week. look at the weekend. perfect timing for the warmest we've seen. it does look dry. for the most part, tuesday is the day that there will be more tomorrow morning at 4:00. >> don't worry, by saturday night into sunday, we will have a much better view of the stomp. >> i just want to be able to put away the snow and the snow shovels. >> coming up, the wizards hoet out of the gate tonight. plus, more tough times for the terps. the gophers come up golden. >> sports up next. but, first, here's jimmy fallon.
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tonight, we're going to start with hockey. caps have never lost a season when leading after two seasons. the game goes to overtime. always extra fun when alex
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up going against the division rival. 36th goal of the season. he loves that pass from behind the net. and even studies up at one. not done yet. later in the period, caps on the power play. he puts it in the back of the net. leading, caps up 2-1. islanders tied it. 45 footer, one timer, he scores. capitals win it 3-2. the wizards make it just minutes before today's 3:00 p.m. trade deadline. morris expected to make his debut this weekend.
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first game out of the all-star break. jop wahl, what? behind the back and gets it to go. oh, he makes it look so easy. wizards up four. on the attack again. flick ahead to the nay. watch this to bradley biel. oh, yeah, with authority. and then, clips a bow on this one. another mind the back. 17 points. 11 assists. just beautiful. wizards beat the jazz, 103-89. they could have used him. first half, gophers up 5. he makes it eight knocking down the three. later in the half, perfect passing.
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big time slant. 11 at the break. he is trying to get maryland back in it. a one-point lead. he turns it over and then pretty much seals it. minnesota shocks the sixth-ranked terms. 68-63. snapping a four-game losing streak. you see how the fans react. biggest win for the first big ten win of the year for them.
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