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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now on news4 midday, we're following several developing stories. honoring justice scalia. i'm barbara harrison, the massive turnout to remember the late supreme court justice. and a deadly crash and mess on the beltway. i'm melissa mollet, the massive effort to get this wreck cleaned up and the road back open to traffic. and a deadly crash in prince george's county. i'm erika gonzalez. the new details just in. and warmer air moves in for the weekend. but some rain chances as well. i'll have the latest timing coming up in my updated forecast. news4 midday starts
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hundreds of people are lined up right now to pay last respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. his funeral is tomorrow. molette green is live outside the supreme court building with all the ways people are remembering the late justice scalia. >> barbara, good morning it is the public's turn to now bid farewell. look at the line there formed outside here. those people getting here early to get their chance to go inside the great hall. washington's political back and forth set aside on this day to honor senior associate justice scalia, the longest serving on this current court, lying in repose. the private ceremony with family and his nine children and the other justices and dignitaries including the former law clerk serving as honorary
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ended a short time ago. we are about 30 minutes into this public viewing to visit his casket inside that great hall there. many say this is an important and meaningful day in history no matter your political point of view. >> he is one of the great justices we've had. even though our ideas don't align. >> i think it's very important that even though you may disagree that a man or woman should think and come to their conclusions. i support that. >> even though we met people on both sides of the political aisle, conservatives and liberals here, everyone very respectful of this day. justice scalia will lie in repose here throughout the day. the public viewing closing tonight at 8:00 p.m. scalia died last week at a texas ranch at the age of 79. he leaves a rich conservative legacy of staunch opponent of
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one of his most important opinions coming in 2008 in the district versus heller in a case finding the 2nd amendment protects an individual's right to bear arms. his funeral mass set for tomorrow. president obama not attending. the administration sending vice president joe biden who was a personal friend of justice scalia. back to you. >> thank you. developing now, a deadly crash that brought traffic on the beltway to a standstill is finally clearing. megan mcgrath has more. you have seen it all this morning. it was shut down, now we're back open. this is the outer loop of the beltway, finally, finally traffic is back to speed. this was after hours this morning of just
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standstill gridlock when both sides of the beltway, the inner loop and the outer loop were closed. closed for about 2 1/2 hours because of this tractor trailer accident. take a look at the video here. it was early this morning, just a bit before 5:00, this big rig was traveling down the outer loop of the beltway, lost control and flipped on its side. the cab of the truck separated, got caught up on to the jersey wall and went on to the other side of the beltway. so, you had a debris field that was on both sides of the highway. the inner and the outer loops were both closed. traffic came to an absolute standstill as they cleaned up this mess. there were a number of boxes inside the truck, they scattered all over the highway. it was a real mess. many folks t took them hours to get to work this morning. >> i'm sitting on 495 for over three hours. this is ridiculous. you can't get down. they're
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up, downtown, and bethesda now. you can get off at bethesda and find your way. >> it's unclear what caused the tractor trailer to flip oefrver. the driver did die. this was the only vehicle involved in this accident. no other vehicles in the area. a few witnesses but nobody else involved in the accident. all lanes of both the inner loop and outer loop have reopened. traffic is now back to normal. back to you. breaking news here at the live desk. pulitzer prize winning author harper lee has died at the age of 89. the mayor of her hometown in alabama confirming the news. lee is the author of "go set a watchman" and "to kill a mockingbird" which was released in 1960 and has
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million copies worldwide. lee arguably one of the most important american novelists, gone today at the age of 89. a live look outside from our tower camera. for the most part, overcast skies. we will keep the clouds around to the afternoon hours. that's not helping out temperatures. upper 20s and low 30s. right at freezing in the district. coming in at 32 leesburg. highs today warming to the low 40s. we'll keep today dry. warmer air moves in for the weekend. i'll have more on what you can expect saturday and sunday coming up in a bit. >> thank you.
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>> i'm erika gon
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new at midday a driver loses control of his vehicle and slams into a tree. police tell us the incident is deadly. this happened in bowie around 8:00 this morning. prince george's county police say the driver was on the 10000 block of lake arbor way. this is in a parking lot. he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a tree. little else is known right now about the driver or the events that led up to this deadly crash. back to you. two trials and now a verdict. the new decision in the trial of a prince george's county man charged with kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings.
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as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> welcome back. right now i'm streaming live on my facebook page. you can head there and check that out. people in the live stream mentioning some flurries up in frederick. some very
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movshowers moving through the area. pushing through carroll and baltimore counties. most of us are dry and cloudy, 32 degrees. heading into the afternoon, warming into the upper 30s. some of us warming to the low 30s. we'll be dry this evening as you head out for your friday night. new details this morning in the second trial of a prince george's county man charged with murder. a jury found brian mayhew guilty. the two men mayhey hired were also found guilty. he organized the hit through a series of phone calls from jail. his uncle was shot and killed before mayhew was set to go on trial for double murder. this morning we're learning about possi
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montgomery county council members started looking at problems inside the dlc. that department overseas all alcohol sales in the county. the county eventually supported a bill that would privatize some sales, but today county delicate also vote on an amendment that could replace that bill by forming a new task force. that task force will take a deeper look into the dlc and delay any changes for more than a year. it was a brutal murder of a couple and their young son in northwest washington. what the man accused in their death had to say when he went before a judge to face charges.
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i'm mark seagraves. daron wint, the only person charged in the quadruple murder last year appeared in court and pled not guilt. daron wint was arrested late last year days after the murder of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper. wint is not only charged with those murderers but exportion, kidnapping and arson. prosecutors say he beat and stabbed the family to death and set the young boy on fire while he was still alive. he is facing life in prison with no possibility of parole. wi
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in an orange jumpsuit and shackles. he tripped over the shackles on the way to the courtroom and had to be caught by a marshal. we'll have more of this throughout the day. reporting live, mark seagraves, news 4. new at midday, a deadly car crash. we learned in the last hour a former prince george's county fire lieutenant is the one who died. patrick shaffer crashed into a utility poland tree on harp hill road. he passed away. shaffer retired from the prince george's fire department three years ago. the fire union said words cannot express the immense sadness that many of us are feeling. and we have new developments in a big offensive against isis today. u.s. military overwhefficials s. air strikes hit an isis c
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libya. the city that was targeted has been a transit point for militants and a known base for smugglers. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading their respktive primaries in south carolina, according to a new nbc news "wall street journal" maries poll. trump has a five-point lead. the poll itself has a margin of error of 5 percentage points. virginia residents donated at least $7.2 million to presidential candidates last year. the paper says hillary clinton and jeb bush got the most donations. virginia's primary is in just a couple weeks on march 1st. there is a new controversy over immigration involving pope francis. when asked about donald trump and his plans to build a wall yesterday, his answer, the pope's answer, started a new conversation. >> a person who only thinks about building walls where ever
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bridges is not a christian. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which, as everyone knows, is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> since last night trump reiterated his stance on border control and plans to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. tomorrow nevada will hold its democratic caucuses while south carolina holds its republican primary. let's take a closer look at what's at stake. starting in south carolina, 50 delegates and three superdelegates are up for grabs in the republican race. nearly half of the delegates and all of the superdelegates will go to the overall winner. now, to nevada. 35 delegates are at stake. a key difference here is the delegates are not bound to any candidate until may. the state will also send eight superdelegates to the democratic national convention.
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as we look to your weekend, dry tomorrow but sunday later in the day as early as the mid afternoon hours, some rain showers likely pushing into the area. here we are at 7:00 p.m. notice future weather has rain at that point in parts of frederick, loudoun and fauquier counties. 9:00 p.m., showers across the entire area. the good news, this rain pulls out overnight, so what that means for your monday morning commute, not dealing with any rain showers. now, temperatures this weekend generally around 60 degrees both days. saturday will be the better day. we'll have more sunshine. no rain in the forecast. it will be cooler on monday. coming up in ten minutes, i'll have more on the storm system we're tracking for tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. a lot of people wondering about that. broken down railcars may be an issue for the purple line before it even gets up and running. there's a proposal to use a spanish company to make the cars for the light rail system. that same company once made
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replaced because they broke down too often. the leading bidder to build and operate the purple line came up with the proposal. the 16-mile light rail system would connect montgomery and prince george's counties. right now fairfax county health officials are chatting with people and answering questions about the zika virus. they want northern virginia residents to be aware but not alarmed about the virus. you can chat online with officials until noon today. we posted the chat link in our nbc washington app. pope francis says women threatened by the zika virus could use artificial contraception. this is a big statement since t they are typically opposed to artificial contraception. the zika virus has been linked to a birth defect that can be deadly. tomorrow a woman who
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members of her family will lay them to rest. funeral services for samson and caroline and their grandchildren will take place tomorrow. they all died in a fire on knollbrook drive in chillum a month ago. the mother jumped out of a window and survived. the victims will be buried at ft. lincoln cemetery. the debate is on across the region about whether some schools should change their names. in fairfax county the school board is taking a look at the renaming jeb stewart high school. a petition with thousands of signatures talks for the district to drop the confederate leader's name. parents outraged at how a volunteer accused of sexual abuse was allowed to be alone with students. the new action that the school board is taking so that does not
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happen again. and you can watch news4 midday on the go.
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>> i'm tisha thompson. this is connecticut avenue. right there you can still see where the b & o railroad used to come right through here. it's the capital crescent trail. it's right here at about this spot that is the scene of the oldest unsolved murder in montgomery county. we'll tell you why police are still searching for the killer, and a case that involved bootlegs and the theft of dimes and nickels. well show you why the police think the murder weapon may be in someone's attic. we'll show you what they're looking for tonight on new 4 at 11:00. plenty of clouds in the forecast for the rest of today with high temperatures in the low to mid 40s. feeling chilly out there. notice the normal high is up to 48 degrees this weekend. just in time. temperatures running above normal. really nice tomorrow with a mix of clouds and sun, a high
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it's my pick day of the weekend. more clouds on sunday. i think we'll make it feel cooler. as we move into the afternoon and evening hours, we will be tracking some scattered rain showers. those move out for monday. plenty of clouds around monday. cooler, a high of 53. tuesday and wednesday continuing to track rain, maybe changing over to snow notice, though, for the majority of the event, especially in washington, temperatures are above freezing. more on this storm system in ten minutes. that wasn't a movie. that was real. right now a 16-year-old is in critical condition from that dramatic crash. you can see that helicopter lose altitude, splash down and tip over in that video out of pearl harbor, hawaii. investigators from the ntsb and the faa will be there today. the helicopter was used to give tours. at this point it's not clear why it crashed. the wait is almost over. you can soon be able to take a
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corridor in washington. the troubled d.c. streetcar will run next saturday, february 27th. there will be a grand opening ceremony at 13th and 8th streets. the project has been delayed for years due to safety and equipment problems. right now the ride will be fee. it's a key weekend in the race for the white house. who now is getting a
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good morning, i'm molette green live outside the u.s. supreme court where people from all walks of life, some coming to the nation's capitol just to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia, to wait in line for however long it takes to get inside. we want to show you a look inside the great hall now where justice scalia is lying in repose. his casket draped with the u.s. flag. no letup expected in this public viewing. going all day. we expect to see sometime today president obama and the first lady, michelle obama, to pay their respects as well. the casket of the conservative intellect arrived in the 9:00 a.m. hour. it went up those marble steps of the high court. it's his last time here at the supreme court. it was a solemn moment. he leaves behind a rich legacy as the longest serving on
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court and people here tell me that's why they're here, to honor his service no matter their politics. >> very historic moment. something i wanted to be a part of and experience myself. we work down the street but we took time off to pay our respects. >> it is appropriate and feels good to be here to see this pomp and circumstance, the ceremony around it. it feels right. >> back live here, you can see the line of people outside here waiting for their chance to go inside and pay their respects. it's been very peaceful, very calm. no disruptions from folks who had a different political point of view here. many tell me that they wanted to come and see this moment in washington. the viewing closes tonight at 8:00 p.m. the funeral will take place tomorrow in northeast washin.
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to attend. the administration says vice president joe biden will represent the white house. vice president joe biden said to be a close friend of justice scalia. that's the latest live from the u.s. supreme court. molette green, news 4. back to you. >> new this hour, nbc news learned of the passing of pulitzer prize winning author, harper lee. the 89-year-old novelist is most famous for "to kill a mockingbird." a huge loss for the literary world. random house tweeting today we lost a beautiful writer. r.i.p., harper lee. numerous tweets and facebook posts of condolences pouring out. harper lee was 89 years old. we have a storm system tuesday into wednesday. warmer air in the days ahead. this weekend we're talking about 60s. monday, 50s.
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snow, that really doesn't help it stick on the ground with temperatures too warm at the surface. for those of you not wanting snow. good news there. tuesday into wednesday, it looks like a high likelihood that we'll have something falling from the sky during that time period. wh what it continues to look like is a rain event, potentially transitioning over to snow. i'll have updates right here on midday. >> thanks. we have new information on a major data breach. the personal information of more than 4100 people is at risk according to university of mary caught. an employee's laptop with access to that information was stolen in january. that information includes names, addresses, social security numbers. the university says it has no indication that any of it has been misused, but is offering a year of free credit monitoring for everyone affected.
11:34 am
on the trial for freddie gray. it could be months before anyone of the six police officers charged could be back in court. the maryland court of appeals is trying to decide whether william parter will have to testify. porter's case ended in mistrial. guilty, that's the verdict for a former government employee accused of stealing free lunches for her children. monette mundy took the free lunches between 2010 and 2015. she used to ab member of the prince george's county board of education. the u.s. government accountability office said an audit on monday caught the discrepity. should people terminally ill be allowed to end their life with the help of a
11:35 am
it's a tough question that maryland lawmaker also take up today in annapolis. that hearing is set to talk about a bill that would allow mentally capable patients with less than six months to live to get prescription drugs to help end their life. changes have been made to the measure after it stalled last year. looking live at the capital right now, capitol hill area. a spot you'll want to avoid this weekend. starting this afternoon, streets around the capitol will close for the national governor's conference. governors will discuss healthcare, strategies to combat drug overdoses before meeting with president obama on monday. the conference and street closures end monday night. two key states will add their votes to the 2016 race for the white house tomorrow. nevada will hold democratic caucuses and south carolina will hold its republican primary. for more on the shakeup in the polls and the unexpected influence of pope francis, here's tracie potts. >> reporter: in this morning's
11:36 am
maris poll, african-americans are helping hillary clinton maintain a 28 point lead over bernie sanders, but they are tied in nevada. with 24 hours go before nevada's caucus, both are going after the large latino electorate. >> my immigration policy is to unite families, not divide families. >> i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said enough of this prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: trump still leading in south carolina, but now only by five points in this morning's new poll. at a candidate forum, trump backed off criticizing pope francis. the pope called him unchristian for wanting to build a wall with mexico. >> i think he was very much misinterpreted and also given false information. >> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> ted cruz and marco rubio are courting the south carolina conservatives. >> south carolina historically, its role has been to step up and assur t
11:37 am
and the next president of the united states is a real and proven person. >> i appreciate one of those hoagies you've been talking about. >> while his numbers are not in top tier, john kasich is making voters feel good. as democrats and republicans go after their next election prize tomorrow. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. some major track work on metro could impact your commute next week. in 60 seconds, the changes you
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we know this won't make you happy to hear, but major track work on metro could impact your ride home next week. after 8:00 p.m.,
11:39 am
single tracking. a plane to require your children to be more active in school is moving forward. bills in the virginia house of delegates would require 20 minutes of exercise a day for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.edák.
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here is your weekend outlook if you're planning on hitting the sloepes. the weather is looking good except sunday afternoon. showers could be coming in. if you want to
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saturday night is the better night. spring cleaning, you can have the windows open for a bit of time. dining out, tonight and tomorrow night looking good. temperatures now in the low to mid 30s. 32 in washington, and 34 right now in college park. >> now to a problem on our roads. one we bet you've been noticing and feeling. there's a new plan to try to patch them today. add to this morning's rush hour this stretch of independence hour that crosses the tidal basin will close for pothole repair it will be blocked through saturday afternoon. these potholes on beach drive in northwest should not be a problem much longer either. crews will be working overtime tomorrow and sunday to patch up those holes. we want you to tweet us at 4potholefix if you notice a bad pothole on your way to work or
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you can use 4potholefix. details on a crash on the
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good.
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[mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. an update to a story we have been following all morning long. we just learned the identity of the man that was killed in a crash on the beltway this morning.
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47-year-old dennis frampton was driving a tractor trailer when he hit a concrete barrier and overturned. there was diesel fuel all over the beltway as a result. at one point in time, melissa mollet and megan meg gracgrath all over this story this morning. there was traffic backed up for hours. again, learning the identity of the victim. 47-year-old dennis frampton in that early morning beltway crash. back to you. >> thank you. if you own a drone, today is your last chance to register it. more than 300,000 of you have hit the federal aviation administration's website to do that, it will cost you 5 bucks to register. if you don't, you might face a hefty fine. birds and planes have lots of company in the skies these days. with the popularity of
11:46 am
aircraft rising, drone owners need to get squared away with the faa. this is a way for the faa to keep tabs on drone owners. anyone with a drone over a half pound has to register. >> reporter: users pay $5 for a three-year registration and are presented with safety guidelines. >> we want to raise public awareness. hobbyists may not be aware what the rules are. >> reporter: the faa has an app called before you fly, which shows the flying rules wherever you are. even small drones can cause potential problems, so the faa hopes education will reduce collisions with other aircraft, property damage and injury. if you're fldrying a drone, you have to be mindful of the people around you. >> reporter: even if you're flying drones f
11:47 am
>> there could be a criminal fine of up to $250,000, including imprisonment. >> reporter: it's a big responsibility, but one that offers sky high reward. along with the weight parameters, the registration is for drones purchased before december 21st last year. if you got one after that date, maybe for christmas, you're supposed to have registered before that drone takes to the air for the first time. so you're already late. a school is closed now because someone used isis in a threat against the school. according to the "washington post," the hargraves military academy increased campus security. police and the fbi are investigating facebook messages that the school received. the threat mentioned isis and activities happening this weekend. let's check on our weather. >> i want to walk you through the rain
11:48 am
later in the day. as we head into the evening hours, i think that's when we will be tracking rain showers, impacting the area. here we are at 7:00, loudoun, fauquier counties. by 9:00 p.m. in the district. arlington, alexandria, southern maryland as well. overnight the showers move out of the area. so some good news for that monday morning commute. looking dry. i'll have another look at the next seven days in ten minutes. it's a lot cleaner on the international space station right now. nasa posted a video this morning showing astronauts releasing 1.5 tons of trash into space. the capsule formerly held supplies like food and clothes for the station it will reenter earth's atmosphere tomorrow where it will then all burn away. a possible end to an awkward divorce requirement some lawmakers call ridiculous. right now people often have to swear in court that they have not spent the night with their
11:49 am
a witness to back up their claim if they want to get a divorce. a new bill in maryland would put an end to those requirements. the capital gazette reports that the measure drew little opposition last week in the house of delegates. the texas boy known as the affluenza teen heads back to court today. the court will decide if the case against ethan couch should be transferred to the adult court system. he used his affluenza defense in a drunken driving accident that killed four people. his attorney, scott brown, says he doesn't plan on fighting transferring the case to adult court. the punishment could be greater if it stays in juvenile court. you have good reason to get your tax returns filed sooner rather than later. more and more people have become the victims of
11:50 am
and other identity theft. millions of people are at risk. >> i get an e-mail from my accountant that says this is very strange, i cannot submit your return. >> tonight at 5:00, susan hogan shows you how tax fraud impacts millions of taxpayers and how you can prevent it. anyone who is trying to use the metro app to find a train or figure out how long they'll have to wait, you know there are some issues with it. metro's gm says fixing them will be a priority. metro needs to be more proactive about reaching out to engineers and developers who are working on cutting edge technology. at a hearing on thursday he acknowledged the agency needs to send more accurate data to app users. apple gets new support in a major case involving privacy on your phone.
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>> i'm eun yang, we're following the stories you're clicking on. i hope you're not eating right now, you might lose your appetite. wait until you see what almost became part of dinner at a church youth function. that's a snake. a woman says she was opening up a can of green beans for the children when she saw the snake head inside. now she's worried about where the rest of it is. she already contacted the manufacturers. weston family said it stop production and is pulling green bean cans off of store shelves. we spotted this story on if you were thinking about buying the aston martin driven by james bond, it's too late. the dream ride sold at auction in london for 3$3.4 million. can you imagine that? it was made specifically for use in the 2015 bond film. it was one of 20 items from the
11:53 am
for doctors without borders. facebook and twitter boldly are standing with apple against the fbi. the fbi asked the court to force apple to create a new version of its operating system that would disable the privacy of the pass code lock on the phone. tech experts took to twitter to stand against the fed. twitter and square ceo jack dorsey tweeted we stand with tim cook and apple and thank him for his learship. de kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks
11:54 am
n assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. we have new information here to the live desk. a source close to the investigation that has rocked prince george's county and its schools has told news 4 that deonte carraway, the teacher aide at one of the schools there, would hand outs to sd
11:55 am
phones to students and then collect them at the end of the day. this is new information into the desk here at news 4. deonte carraway would give cell phones to the students at the beginning of the day, collect them at the end of the day. this is somebody that's been -- or 17 students have come forward with allegations of child pornography, sexual abuse. this all taking place in prince george's county. a story that rocked so many individuals. we have a full story on that on if you are feeling tired when you get out of bed, you're not alone. a new study from the cdc says a lot of us are skimping on sleep and it could have negative implications for our health. 35% of americans get less than 7 hours of sleep a night per average that is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease
11:56 am
there were lots of people who rejoiced when the all-day breakfast came out with mcdonald's restaurants. will the chain's new item be a hit? this is the new chicken mcgriddle. it's the pancake bun with a chicken sandwich stuffed in between. a bit of a twist from the classic chicken and waffles. for now you can only find the sandwich in central ohio. >> that sounds delicious right about now. today for the rest of the afternoon temperatures will warm into the low to mid 40s. right now low to mid 30s. spectacular saturday. okay sunday with some rain later in the day. especially during the evening. all right. >> thanks. that is it for news 4 midday. thank you very much for joining us. we're back on air this afternoon at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. have a great day.
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it will be nice and warm.
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