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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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♪ amazing grace ♪ >> more than 24 hours after the first shots fired, people gathered to pray. >> help us to show your light when the world is so dark. >> police identified the gunman as 45-year-old jason dalton. police say the shootings began saturday just before
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apartment complex. >> saw the cars driving around. so i looked out here and there's a one way out there. >> the mother of three now in serious condition. the shooting spree continued for nearly four hours. in all, six people were killed, including sandra smith and his father, richard. shot shopping for a new consider. they had spent the evening at a play. seven hours after the first shots were fired, police apprehended jason dalton without ins dent. >> we do have a handgun that's consistent with the evidence at the crime scenes. there's other evidence in the car, as well. >> and i kind of jokingly said to the driver, you're not the shooter, are you?
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response. >> investigators don't know what happened but admit what they don't know is why. >> we don't know anything about a motive right you will nowment right now, our common denominator in this is him. >>. >> among the victims was a 14-year-old girl who was taken to the hospital and then rushed to surgery: we're going to have the latest developments on this story tomorrow morning on news 4 today. i-270 is back open tonight after a car hit a pedestrian. a ambulance took the pedestrian to the hospital. montgomery county fire officials say the injuries are extremely serious and it's not clear why that person was on the highway in the first place.
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neighborhood on edge tonight as police search for the man who sexually assaulted the woman in an apartment. this happened on early saturday morning. fairfax county police say the man broke into the woman's apartment, woke her up and then sexually assaulted her. he threatened her before running off. police are working with the victim to come up with a composite sketch of who this person may be. >> new tonight, mayor bowser called d.c.'s homeless system broken and unsustainable. she unvailed a plan to fix the system, but not everybody is thrilled with where these shelters are going to be. news 4's darcy spencer is live in the north east where there will be a meeting tomorrow. >> the mayor knew when she announced this plan that there would be some community opposition.
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but, tonight, some ward 5 residents are hoping she'll change her mind. >> these are children. and i just don't feel it's okay to place them in an industrial land. >> it's not the right place for a shelter. that it would be better for homeless residents to be in a neighborhood. not in an industrial area near a strip club. >> we have paid special attention to see how each of these fit into neighborhoods.
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other shelters in the neighborhood, including a homeless shelter for men. michael thomas lives there and agrees that moving residents doesn't make sense. >> you've got to get dumpsters here. and then you look and you take a deep breath. the best are rodents and rat that is you see running around here. some community groups are going to host an emergency meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30 here at new cannon baptist church. reporting live, darcy spencer, news 4. >> here's the latest on storm team 4 radar.
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you can still see an impressive back splash around winchester. now, this could kind of nick washington. that's going to set us up for a dry monday. but cooler temples tomorrow. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s. by 10:00 a.m., temperatures still in the low 40s. again, it's dry tomorrow, but plen plenty. >> he told police the men rifled through pockets, took his wallet and then ran off to an awaiting
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>> sunday services with a carbon monoxide leak at the refreshing spring church. fire fighters found high levels of carbon monoxide inside the church. six people, including two children, had to go to the hospital. another 12 showed up at a nearby emergency room. >> you may have noticed some delays on metro's redline earlier today. reports of an arcing insulator on the tracks. there was never any smoke, but they did have to shut down for
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morking. a $70 million increase for spending in public schools. they did not get as much money as they wanted for economic development. and they also refused to expand medicaid. he believes a bipart sarn agreement can be reached. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting tonight. donald trump. srs
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needs to start wrapping up delegates to compete with clinton. el chapo's wife breaks her silence. why she says the notorious drug kingpin is not a monster! news 4 is back in havana as we bring you exclusive coverage to the delegation officials from d.c., maryland and virginia. our coverage continues right here on news 4. >> the surprise news. >> no time for a pit stop. sports final is the big finish to your sunday. none bigger than in daytona where hours of racing come down to a fraction of a second. the will to win pushes george washington gymnasts into the national spotlight.
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round table. sports final appears on this very screen rig
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a historic trip to cuba for leaders from d.c. working visit at the relationship between the u.s. and cuba strengthens. new tonight, d
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what they hope to accomplish on this trip. >> we welcome you to havana cuba as we cover what is a historic trip with delegations from d.c., maryland and virginia, including many members from the greater washington hispanic chamber of commerce. this is called an exploratory mission by the delegation. and we can tell you, there is a lot to explore, a lot to take in here in cuba. >> they arrived in havana late saturday with some local businessers. >> you got here okay? >> yes, it was fantastic. we're excited to see cuba. >> its's beautiful. >> what was that moment like?
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americans have brn here before. are you kidding? and now we're here. it's amazing. >> from the airport, they headed right into havana. taking in the incredible sites. the new construction desperately needed. from the outside, you might say it looks familiar. inside, a massive restoration appears in the works. >> busy istinerary already for the delegation. i want to show you some images of where it started today. it is a beautiful, incredible geography. stunning visuals. it's something that is very special to one member of t
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a lot more to come when our coverage continues. news 4 is the very latest from havana cuba. >> david's reports on the local delegation in cuba continues. his live reports start on news 4 at 5:00. for more information on what local leaders are on the island. you can open on the nbc washington app. >> president obama said his march 21st tribute to cuba will promote american interests in values and promote more freedom for the cuban people. the president said he'll talk with cuban leaders who talk about making it easier for cubans to access the internet and start their own businesses. >> new tonight for the first time, we are hearing from the wife of el chapo.
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>> exclusive interview with the 6-year-old former beauty queen. mother of twin girls talks about the husband and father. not the monster she said people see him as. in fact, she says she has no proof gusman is a drug trafficker. why she says she's not the at least bit jealous of them. the woman who helped broke her. >> now, let's look at the video that's taking off on social media. we all recently learned that mr. obama can serve to term. >> it's okay. we've got to vote for another president. >> i'm not ready. >> huh? >> i'm not ready for a new one.
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she says. the video has more than two million views and is the most-read story on our app. president obama also commented on facebook. she told the little girl to dry her tears. he's not going anywhere and after he leaves the white house, he'll be a citizen just like her. if you ever wanted to be in the audience for saturday night, we want to let you in on an exclusive sweep stakes that we're starting on news 4 tomorrow. w567 for a secret word that we'll be providing at news 4 today at 6:00 a.m. you can enter that word on nbc for your chance to win a train ride to new york, accommodations, tickets to snl and a thousand dollars spending cash. the winner will be selected randomly. all of the correct entries on. >> and, now, your first 4 team
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>> and as we look to tomorrow's weather, dry conditions in the forecast. but not the case for both days. so, still, a ways away from something to keep your eyes on. high tomorrow around 50 dlarg. we're at 48 degrees in washington. 43 in gaithersburg and 46 in le
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you can download our nbc washington app. here's your hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., tracking a mix of clouds and sun. it's chilly. a temperature of 42. cold in the suburbs. mid to upper 20s there. by lunchtime, mid to upper 40s. pretty normal tempature for this time of year. still dry temperature around 51. 7:00 p.m., you want to go for a late-day jog or walking the dog after work. you'll need that warmer jacket at that point. showers move back into the area, tuesday morning. future weather forecast around the i-81 corridor.
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in the forecast. but we continue to track rain for your tuesday evening. south and future weather here wednesday morning. well, it's still more showers in the forecast. we continue to track rain at times on wednesday and later in the day on wednesday, notice these brighter colors. those are some heavier areas of rain moving through the area. now, on tuesday, high temperature of 46 degrees. that commute, especially the evening commute on tuesday, like we're dealing with wet roads. out door exercise, you need the rain gear and it's chilly on tuesday. it brings us for the kids potentially indoors. wednesday, it's the warmest day out of the workweek. and, again, we're tracking the potential for some wintry mix and some heavy rain later in the day on wednesday. a chance of some lingering rain, maybe some snow showers on thursday. that 43 feels like 20s and 30s and then chilly next weekend. highs only at 40.
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your perspective on his life in comedy. >> i understand why. an amazing record. five emmys, three golden globes, two american comedy awards. >> he really is an amazing director. >> i'm not talking about me. >> one of those directed episodes of will and grace. still ahead, terms
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do not lose two in a row. despite being top ranked in the team, it may have been the back-to-back conference losses, one of which came to a really good team in minnesota. a bit of a slump. all is well in college park. trying to get some redemption from their january loss. second half, they're down. catching maryland sleeping there. under three minutes to play.
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off the mark there. mds m. maryland, your final score, 86-82. gw they shot the lights out today. later on, crushed lasalle 90-50. pick this up in the second half. coming out with the steal and the patriots. down 8. it's a six-point game. nice drive.
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>> traveled to rutgers in maryland. they went on a 20-8 run. large part to walker. knocks down the three. up 13 at halftime. on to the third with more. finished with 22 points as maryland defeats rutgers, 73-58. we go from the court to nascar. good luck there. final, matt kenzeth in the lead. making a move inside. these two bump a little. running tight with martin junior. here they come to the finish running side-by-side. it's hamlin by a nose. in daytona 500
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gets his first daytona 500 victory.
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keep the umbrella and the rain boots by the door all week. >> yeah, for the most part. you won't need them tomorrow, but a high likelihood tuesday
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>> right now, on "sports final," daytona delight. 500 miles comes down to 4 inches. >> most people can never get the place you're at in life. and i've got two. >> we want to get back to being us and who we are. >> and we've got 91 reasons to watch round table. >> ryan kerrigan on curt's contract. his off season education and in-season celebration. >> i'm ryan kerrigan. sports final starts now. >> welcome in to sports final, everyone.


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