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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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stobl. two missing children and a mother accused of abduction and neglect. what we're finding out as a montgomery county woman faces a judge. rain and wind on the way. i've got the timing coming up. michigan mass shooting and the people who claim they hired the gunman as a driver hours before he was arrested. news4 midday starts right now. developing out of springville, massachusetts right now, where hotel staff are doing their best to
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where bill cosby's wife is talking for the first time under oath, camille cosby answering questions today about what she knew, this after her husband was indicted in december on sex crime charges. these are likely questions tied to the allegations against the comedian by seven women who claim that he sexually assaulted them decades ago. nbc news now report that go she could be in that conference room for up to seven hours today. stay with news4 for more on this developing story. good morning, i'm molett, green in beltsville. shattered windows. firefighters working to find a cause here. we want to show you some pictures of the flames at the height of this blaze here at the beltsville agricultural research center.
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we're just off hatter mill road. when firefighters got here, this is what they saw. they had to collapse some of it so it didn't fall down on top of firefighters when they went in there. it did not spread to other buildings on this expanse of property. >> there should be, from what i was told, three buildings that are directly affected which should affect their heat and ability to heat water. their electric is going to be compromised as well because pepco was out here and shut off the water to these facilities. >> reporter: prince george's investigators working with the federal investigators to try to pinpoint exactly what happened here to cause the boiler plant to just go up in flames. that is the latest live from beltsville, mol terkstte green,. after a springlike weekend, we have a monday
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there is the bridge basquing in some sunshine. we have a few wispy, high clouds streaking across the blue now. looking from northwest washington, there is friendship heights in the distance. temperatures right now are climbing into the upper 40s, reagan national at 47. mid- hi mid-40s around the bay. a nice day is under way. we'll have these temperatures continuing to climb by mid-afternoon. we ought to be making it into the low 50s. that's going to be around 2:00. by 6:00 p.m. upper 40s. by 10:00 tonight, back to the mid-40s with increasing clouds. rain and wind on the way. that's coming up in a few minutes. right now the supreme court is hearing its first cases since justice antonin scalia's death. the court is now evenly split idealogically among the eight justices. as a sign of mourning respect, black
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courtroom as well as justice scalia's seat. president obama says he plans to nominate a replacement. it's ohio governor's first stop in virginia today. this afternoon the presidential hopeful will hold a town hall. that will be near the university of maryland in charlottesville. the suspect in a 7-hour deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan is heading to court this afternoon. police believe jason dalton killed six people at three separate locations on saturday. uber confirms this morning dalton did work as one of their drivers. he apparently took several fares before he was arrested. an entire family says they rode with him, and a man actually asked dalton if he was the shooter. >> i kind of jokingly said to the driver, you're not the
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and he gave me some sort of a no response. >> two others were hurt in the shooting spree. both are still in critical condition. right now the president is meeting with the national governors association at the white house. the vice president is also at the meeting this morning. last night president obama hosted the governors for a dinner and said congress could learn a thing or two about working together with local lawmakers. >> find a way to fight like heck, oftentimes voting along party lines. we were able to shake hands after a disagreement, and every so often i actually got some work done that benefited the people of the state. >> the president went on to say americans don't think in terms of red and blue or left or right, they just want to know their elected officials are working for them in a productive and honest way. how would like to live in the white house in 60 seconds? the
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. a brawl breaks out in florida over cheesy garlic knots. apparently a waitress brought a woman her order with cheese, but she didn't want that, so she took the food back in what the woman called a disrespectful manner. that's when two men came in and threw the cash register on the counter. they also threw food which you're not supposed to do. everybody is out of jail this morning but they're charged with burglary and criminal mischief. next, this instagram photo, that rapper in some pretty hot water
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after filing for bankruptcy. the judge wants him to explain why he posted these pictures if he is indeed broke. the rapper, whose real name is curtis jackson, filed for bankruptcy back in july claiming that expensive lawsuits had dlid -- dried up that multi-million-dollar fortune, however he keeps posting pictures like you see there. $6 million will buy you a white house replica. it's located outside houston. it was built back in the 1920s for ross sterling. it's smaller than the real thing, about 25,000 square feet. the real white house is 55,000 square feet, but it can be yours if the price is right. back to you. >> still a lot of money. our area has some of the busiest national parks in the country. in 60 seconds, a
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good morning. temperatures in the upper 40s. don't have any rain, don't have any storm around, don't have any snow locally. there are some showers and some downpours there across the southland down to the gulf coast. this whole system is on a track to come up our way during the day tomorrow. we'll have the leading edge of rain beginning to move in. this is as of 5:00 a.m. the hour by hour timing showing that by 6:30 a.m. it could be getting closer to our suburbs. by 9:00 a.m., more rain. rain here all the way into the afternoon hours and then it begins to taper off by 4:00 or 5:00, just a few random showers. another rain coming in, looks like heavier, on
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strong winds. we'll look at that in a few minutes. new today, if you have ever visited a national park in our region, you may have topped the list of the most visited national parks in america. get this, as they celebrate, the blue ridge parkway came in fifth. lincoln memorial came in fourth, g.w. memorial parkway at number three, veterans memorial at two. take a look at that store front there completely destroyed. the car drove into this liquor store in gaithersburg shortly before 1:00 this morning. the driver then drove away. they now have one person in custody in connection with this crash. two missing children, and police believe a montgomery county mother is responsible. what we're now finding
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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welcome back. today the trial begins in a mother for her child's death. a psychologist found that the mother was not criminally responsible for her son's death. he was found in a swing
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he suffered from hypothermia. we're seeing the first cleanups following a deadly cyclone. it slammed the fiji islands this weekend. this morning we learned that 18 people died. the storm was the biggest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. you can see how strong winds took out trees and power lines and destroyed thousands of houses there. electricity and clean water are among the major issues for people living there right now. strap on your running shoes, get a run in. maybe bike ride on the toll path. a terrific day under way. temperatures now are hovering in the mid-40s. we'll be at 50 by 1:00. hovering for two or three hours in the low 50s, then by 6:00 p.m. back to the upper 40s. we'll have increasing clouds and a dry day. then it's tomorrow we'll have that rain moving in, in the area of green, maybe
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rain. to the south and east of 95, could get up to a quarter inch of rain through the day tomorrow. we're likely to get heavier downpours with thunder and lightning as well as strong winds to follow on tuesday. and our weekend, that's coming up next. to the live desk with this developing story out of arlington where three people were arrested for attacking their uber driver. the incident happened last night in the 500 block of south washington boulevard. according to police, the driver was hit with a beer bottle and the window of his car was smashed in. lance ingram, jeffrey rowe, all of them from woodbridge. two of them charged with assault, the other with destruction of property. all three are being held without bond. >> i heard a loud boom, a big explosion, and the bus went on fire, smoke probably 30 feet in the air. >> passengers recount the dramatic moment a fire broke out on a megabus
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to minneapolis. this morning they're crediting the driver for getting all 40 passengers off safely sunday afternoon. fire investigators are working now to find out what started the fire. we're working to find out whether someone is intentionally killing bald eagles in caroline county, maryland. since saturday, officials found 13 of the birds dead. the u.s. fish and wildlife service is investigating. the baltimore sun is reporting the investigation started when a man found four dead bald eagles on a farm saturday afternoon. a couple avalanches rock a mountain in british columbia this weekend, killing at least one snowmobiler and injuring more than a dozen others. authorities say one avalanche happened on sunday on esplanade mountain. the day before another slide killed a 30-year-old man when it hit four riders in another area. texas is getting ahead of the zika virus by opening the first lab in the country to check patients with that virus. a texas health department opened a lab in dallas.
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results back in 24 hours. before, results took two to three weeks because samples had to be sent all the way to the centers for disease control in atlanta. this lab can test 10 to 15 samples every day. there could be a third state that gives convicted felons the right to vote, a bill that would add new hampshire to the ranks of vermont and maine now under consideration. right now convicted felons in the granite state can only vote once they're released. in maryland the law goes into effect march 10 to give thousands of released felons voting rights despite governor larry hogan's veto. air travel can be stressful, especially for people with a fear of flying. well, the airport in minneapolis wants to calm down those fearful flyers and the ones that are simply stressed out with a pooch. over the last year, the airport has used an animal ambassador program. dedicated dogs and their handlers travel around the airport to calm people down. the airport has about 20 pets working in this
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there are new security concerns about russia's surveillance program. why u.s. leaders are worried foreign intelligence rules may be easily broken. and a reminder that you can watch news4 on the go any time. just download the nbc washington app and
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there could be some changes in voting in virginia depending on a case in federal court in richmond right now. they require voters to present a photo i.d. before casting their ballot. voters say that's unconstitutional, saying it represses voter rights. officials say it prevents voter fraud. they have so many witnesses ready to testify that they'll need more than a week to make their case against the state board of elections. a reason to hit the town on a monday night. stars from house of cards will walk the red carpet just outside the portrait gallery in
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a screening of the season 4 premier begins tonight. kevin spacey will be there. the netflix series will be able to viewers on march 4. hollywood is under fire right now. a brand new report showed tv and film failed on every level to include diversity. students at usc examined several shows in 2014. they found female characters represent less than 40% of speaking roles in tv shows and even less in film. minority characters make up 28% of speaking rolls. 2% of roles were lgbt. you may have concerns for your family's privacy this morning, and that's because russia is planning to fly a high-profile surveillance plane over the united states. 30 different countries can fly
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the deal was presented as a way to stop strategic action, however, they're worried they will break the rules and collect intelligence on american in stra structu -- infrastructure and activity. why some
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we'll take this in february. right now the temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s in the midwest, and in the mountains it's in the 40s. inland away from the waters, right now mid and upper 40s. with the sunshine and just a few clouds coming in, we'll peak in the low 50s about 2:00 this afternoon. tomorrow some light rain in the morning, maybe some briefly moderate showers midday, all of it ending by late afternoon, highs in the
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then on wednesday, could get some heavy downpours, maybe even some thunderstorms coming through. temperatures in the mid-50s and could get over an inch of rain on wednesday. then it ends with some strong gusty winds that will develop on thursday and continue into friday. high 50s, thursday, and friday the 40s. looking good on saturday and sunday with some sunshine back. a group of neighbors in ward 5 want to change the proposed location for a new homeless shelter. it's because they're worried that it's unsafe for the mothers and children who will be living there. this is the site. take a look at it. it's a vacant building that is surrounded by barbed wire on 25th place in northeast washington. the site is right next to a busy rail line. some neighbors there don't think it's a good place for families. >> your young families, these are single parents, these are children, and i
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thaits ok that it's okay to place them in the middle of industrial land. >> neighborhood association leaders will meet with council leader kenyon duffy to talk about this. six people including two children went to the hospital after faulty hvac system caused a carbon monoxide leak at the refreshing spring church of god in riverdale park. another 12 people ended up at a nearby emergency room. everyone is expected to be okay. lawyers are preparing to question a woman at the center of a debunked rolling stone article about a gang rape at uva. a federal judge ordered the woman, identified only as jackie, to be deposed in april. it's part of a civil lawsuit filed by a uva dean against several people, including the writer of the article and the magazine as well. the article said jackie was ra
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fraternity initiation, but the magazine retracted that piece after police found no evidence to support the allegations. on october 11, the trial date has been set, and we'll see what happens. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this just in. russia is on board with a plan for a cease fire with russia in syria. this is according to the ap. it would apparently start on saturday. officials saying both sides agreed on terms and conditions, but that this truce would exclude a tax on isis as well as groups affiliated with al qaeda. a public announcement will come as soon as president obama speaks with russian president vladimir putin by phone. presidential candidates are turning their attention to some of the biggest
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the gun that was used at bushmaster, an
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dangerous to be sold to the public. a judge will hear this afternoon about this case. dozens of birds covered in oil. how many geese
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d phone for a price we've never offered before:jus. and there isn't even an annual contract. just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. new developments in the safety of millions of cars on the road right now. u.s. regulators are investigating whether or not to recall as many as 90
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that would more than quadruple the problem in the united states. they are randoming exploding and linked to nine deaths. the virginia budget has plans for taxpayer dollars. neither includes medicaid expansion, but both the house and the senate plan to set aside more money for state employees and public schools. neither proposal gave the governor as much money as he wanted for economic developments. you could be one of those getting a big check from the government once you file your taxes. the average tax return last year was close to $3,000, and it's on pace to match or go above that this year. the deadline is april 15. everyone has a different plan to spend that money they receive. advisers told nbc news you should consider putting it towards retirement or
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some debt. a bit of a roadblock this morning. take a look at this huge boulder blocking one of the lanes on a highway in west virginia. neighbors said they heard a loud boom. one of their houses even shook during yesterday's rock slide. no one was hurt. there are a few homes nearby but the slide did not cause any significant damage. the state's division of highways has had crews out clearing debris since yesterday afternoon's slide. officials are blaming snowmelt and rain. safety concerns at a ski resort in west virginia. today investigators are working to find out why a ski lift failed at the timberline resort in davis this past weekend. 29 people fell off the lift and more than 100 were stranded in midair. no one was seriously hurt, but many were stuck up there for hours. the lift is now closed indefinitely. storm team 4 four-day forecast. temperatures in the
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clouding up tonight, and tomorrow very early in the morning, upper 30s. rain moves through the metro area about 9:00 in the morning. might get up to a quarter of an inch of rain, tomorrow's highs mid-40s. maybe some thundershowers coming through on wednesday. highs mid-50s. that ends on wednesday night. gusty winds. cooler. friday clears out for saturday and sunday. this morning a brand-new startup is meant to make it easier to get insurance on line. it's called stride health and includes a broker to help people get the right plans. they work for places like uber and etsy, and they turn to stride health. >> we make sure you can keep using the doctors you love and you want to keep.
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than $15 million from investors, including the mayo clinic. stride health says it makes money by taking a commission from insurances on the plans it selds. "el chapo" guzman's wife described him despite the accusations he killed thousands of people while he's running the nation's largest drug cartel as a loving family man. she said she never saw him act violently and she's worried about his health in jail. "el chapo" was captured last month after breaking out of prison for a second time. right now he's in the process of being extradited to the united states. am krrk mrpeople claim amc hard for older people to go to the movies. the lawsuit claims amc staff
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are deaf. the school board wants to get an 8 cent increase in those taxes. the extra money would cover teacher raises and 47 new positions, 24 which would help students with special needs. the county administrator says he recommends spending that plan and increases funding for schools, but it lowers property taxes for residents, he says. the supervisor will consider both plans tomorrow night. a sign of recovery involving that fuel spill in the potomac river. in less than 15 minutes, animal rescuers will release several geese back into the wild. they were covered with oil after an oil spill several weeks ago. they will set several geese free today in alexandria at noon. it's been 13 years in the making, and this fall the
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culture will finally open. with unprecedented access, i was allowed inside the smithsonian's off-site high security special collections center. they're sorting thousands of artifacts that will help tell the stories of the african-american experience. 34,000 historical items will make their way through this building before finding a permanent home inside the brand new museum. highlights include a tape recorder used by malcolm x and a practice glove worn and signed by mohammad ali. tonight on news4, i'll tell how the smithsonian is getting ready for their big museum opening happening in september. check out a brand new art display along the potomac. crews set up this huge light display. next weekend it will be joined by a giant luminescent rabbit. that should be interesting.
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yard park for the next two weeks. pretty cool. how an energetic 106-year-old stole the spotlight kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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. the washington monument is going to be closed until further notice, according to the national parks service. an electric box shut down the monument. crews damaged that box on friday. it has been closed recently because of various elevator problems. you might have heard gas is less than $2. prices are what they were when president obama was selected. in d.c., an average gallon of gas is 1.94. in maryland, 1.72. in virginia, it's 1.55
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average. in west virginia, an average gallon of gas is $1.74. hpv infections are down. there was a 60% drop in infection among teen girls. with women in their 20s, that drop was around 34%. researchers looked at the infection rates before and after the vaccine came out back in 2006, but experts still say most teens are not getting all of the doses needed
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she is not slowing down. 106 years old and full of life, a d.c. woman visited the white house and stole the spotlight from the president and first lady. >> virginia mclauren is her name. she showed up with her dancing shoes on. virginia mclauren isro
11:55 am
visiting the white house. she was invited to take part in black citizen month there. >> and i'm here to celebrate black history. >> she's certainly been a part of black history for 106 years. this video is lighting up facebook. it was posted less than 24 hours ago and has 24 million views so far. >> she said it was a lifelong dream to visit the white house. so happy for ms. mclauren. she's lovely. and the mascots doing the electric slide. this was for a charity event called mascots for a cure. where are our mascots? they must be in there somewhere. they were raising money to fight childhood cancer. they broke the world record for the largest gathering of mascots in one
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>> fantastic. let's take a look on the our forecast now, tom. what's it looking like out there? >> i can't wait to see the baseball mascots out. do they go to spring training, too? i think they do. right now i have a view from our national harbor scam. there's a milky overcast that will be with us through the afternoon. temperatures in the noon hour approaching 50 degrees. shenandoah valley, out in the mountains, panhandle of west virginia, central part of the bay through north virginia, upper 40s as we approach the noon hour. great day to get out and get some exercise. we'll be hovering in the low 50s between 2:00 and 4:00, then by 6:00, back into the light 40s. heavy downpours in the afternoon. thank you for joining us today. we're back on the air this afternoon first
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and look forward to having you with us in
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