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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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three men are in custody and we're learning more about the attack against an uber driver here in our area. >> the driver says it got out of control when he tried to get his passengers to stop drinking beer. >> news4's pat collins joins us live in arlington with details about this case. pat? >> reporter: it was supposed to be a simple uber ride from pollard street in arlington to d.c. but for three men there was a little side trip, a side trip to the arlington county jail. he's an uber driver. we call him george. we're not using his real name or showing his face, but we are going to show you his injuries. he had a beer bottle thrown at his head. he was hit by fists in the face. and the side window of his car smashed to smithereens. george says this is what happened saturday night when he tried to get some passengers to stop drinkin
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car. police arrested three men in connection with the case, 26-year-old justin norcoff charged with malicious wounding and assault by mob. 25-year-old lance ingram charged with assault by mob and 26-year-old jeffrey rau charged with destruction of property. >> we take this very seriously. number one, they shouldn't have been consuming alcohol in the car, so he was in the right to ask them to refrain from doing so but to violently attack him is absolutely inappropriate. >> reporter: now, coming up at 5:00, i will take you step by step to tell you how this whole thing came about. and we're going to hear from george, the uber driver. i'll see you at 5:00. pat, back to you. now we turn to storm team4 and the big changes that are quickly coming our way. >> yeah, doug, what do you think, is today sort of the best day in the foreseeable future? >> maybe for at
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have rain that's going to be moving in. today very nice. temperatures above ample across the area. some snipe asunshine today. nice weather here with now starting to see the clouds moving in. no rain in the mid-atlantic right now but just down to the south we are tracking this area of rain. some of it very heavy down towards portions of southeast, alabama, mississippi, right towards the atlanta area. this is just round one. this is going to come through during the early morning hours tomorrow. could even start as some snow in parts of the area, not in d.c., but well to the north and west. we'll talk about that in a couple minutes, who has the best chance to see it start off as snow. rain moving in for sure. some could be moderate tomorrow but the heaviest rain moves into wednesday and into wednesday night. could see thunderstorms wednesday night. that's why wednesday will be a weather alert day at nbc 4. veronica will highlight the threat for you as we make our waro
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days. >> thanks, doug. right now police are looking for the man who broke into a woman's home in alexandria, woke her up, and raped her. it happened saturday morning near route 1 and buckman road. police released more information about the man they're looking for. >> reporter: this is darcy spencer in the alexandria area of fairfax county where police are expected to return to this neighborhood today following a sexual assault from over the weekend. they're going to be handing out flyers with this composite sketch showing a man who sexually attacked a woman here. it happened about 2:00 in the morning on blankenship street on saturday. the victim apparently in her 50s woke up to find a man inside her apartment, and he sexually attacked her. fairfax county police want to hear from anyone who may recognize the person in that sketch. coming up on news4 at 5:00, you'll hear reaction from neighbors here in this community. in alexandria, darcy spencer, news4.
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i don't view this as anything other than selecting the best person who knows how to bring us together, solve problems, has the experience to get the job done to get america lifted again. >> republican voters caucus tomorrow in nevada, but one candidate is already looking ahead to virginia and next week's super tuesday vote. ohio governor john kasich's first stop was at a town hall at george mason university. from there he moved on to sha s charlottesville and richmond. he raised a few eyebrows when he talked about women coming out of their kitchens to support him during another campaign 30 years ago. a woman in the audience told kasich she'll support him but she said she won't be coming out of the kippen. brian moore will have more in the next half hour. bill cosby's wife camille has stood by her husband during this sex assault controversy. today she's being questioned about it
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mrs. cosby is being deposed in a defamation lawsuit in massachusetts. it was filed by seven women who claim the comedian sexually assaulted them decades ago. the deposition is taking place under heavy security in a hotel conference room in springfield. it's believed to be the first deposition mrs. cosby has given since dozens of women came forward with similar allegations against her husband. no word yet on when the washington monument will open again due to a lingering problem with the elevator. a contractor was fixing an unrelated issue on friday and accidentally damaged the elevator's control box. the u.s. park service had to close the monument, and today officials said they're not sure when it will reopen. when it does, we'll send you a breaking news alert from the nbc washington app. since may the monument has been closed at least eight times because of problems with that elevator. >> repor w
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today arguably the busiest itinerary for the delegation representing d.c., maryland, and virginia. they're here in havana and they met with several cuban officials. the meeting focused on exploring possible business opportunities between the d.c. greater washington area and here in cuba. mayor muriel bowser, we heard from her a short time ago, she spoke to the delegation and to the cuban officials about what that future might look like. >> we know that business and our people-to-people relationships will become easier when transportation is easier, when cuba can make the necessary investments in infrastructure, and when policies on both sides from both of our countries can change. >> reporter: and we're here at the national hotel here in cuba. a short time ago we also spoke with montgomery county executive ike leggett. we asked him about the possible
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montgomery county in particular, and cuba. why does it matter to the residents back in the d.c. area? you're going to hear what he has to say plus virginia secretary of commerce and trade maurice jones. we chat with him in what is a very special and personal place for him here in cuba. you're going to see that ahead on news4 at 5:00. that's the very latest from havana, cuba, i'm david culver, news4. your car may just have been added to a growing recall list. first at 4, why a recall that was already enormous has grown even more. consumer reporter susan hogan will join us with what you need to know. plus an emotional first day back at work for the supreme court justices. how they paid tribute to the late ju
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> our sunshine slipping away today but really not a bad day. temperatures have been in the 50s today, low 50s many neighborhoods, and it's the book ends of this week, today and friday, that will be fairly nice. check it out. our temperature by 6:00 still down into the upper 40s, and then we drop to the mid-40s by 8:00. i think we're dry until after midnight. it's after midnight around 3:00 to 5:00 a.m. that we make that change with rain on the way. your temperatures aren't going to be dropping down to around freezing everywhere so just rain for area roads by early tomorrow morning. there's 5:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., your temperature 40 to 41 degrees across the area. all from a system developing very far down to the
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low pressure. one there off the coast of south carolina, another that will make its way right through areas of alabama and georgia to bring us rain and thunderstorms for midweek. doug has more on that coming up in few minutes. >> thanks, v.j. the uber driver accused of terrorizing a michigan community has been charged with six counts of murder, two counts of assault with intent to murder. police say jason dalton killed six people and injured two others on saturday at three different areas in kalamazoo county. they're still trying to figure out why he did it. chris pollone will join us with that part of the story in the next half hour. we will miss him beyond measure. the words of supreme court justice -- chief just john robe roberts. members of the court were back on the bench for first time since his death. there were two cases on the docket. one involving preferential treatment given to veterans seeking va contracts. the other
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evidence should be thrown out because of the way it's discovered. next week the justices will hear one of the most anticipated cases of this term. it's a challenge to the regulation of abortion clinics in texas. if there's a 4-4 tie vote on either of these cases, the lower court's decision would be upheld. first at 4, it has been a moment more than a century in the making. the video of a meeting right here in washington that's become one of our biggest stories of the day on the nbc washington facebook page. first a car safety feature that could do more harm than good. and we're learning that millions more cars could
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we are still waiting to get word on the cause of that massive fire at the beltville agricultural research center off route one. it started around 7:00 this morning in a boiler plant. chopper video and photos of the scene showed flames shooting through the roof at the time. prince george's county's fire chief tweeted that the roof had collapsed. about 40 firefighters from prince george's and montgomery countys battled the plablaze. no one has hurt. james comey is defending the government's request to hack into syed farouq's cell phone. a few months he
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killed 14 people in san bernardino. he says they owe it to the victims and their families to conduct the best investigation. apple's ceo tim cook e-mailed employees telling them the fbi's request goes beyond a single phone and could affect millions of law-abiding apple customers. the company has until friday to file their opposition. ten of millions of more defective air bags could be recalled. >> susan hogan has been working this story. i feel, susan, like this is week after week after week. >> absolutely. news4 as you know first reporting more recalls would be imminent but that number we're hearing today would nearly quadruple the number of inflaters recalled so far. today reuters reports that number could be as many as 90 million additional recalls. and as many as 120 million takata air bags in the u.s. contain the same volatile chemical used in air bags already recalled. this could mean car owners could
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recalled cars get fixed. >> even before all these announcements back in the fall, the national highway traffic safety administration was saying that the completion of the recalls could take until 2019. this is only going to add to that wait and it's going to ache a long time before all these replacement parts are available. >> now, we reached out to takata and it told news it is cooperating fully with regulators and customers and continues to take aggressive action to advance vehicle safety, including through ongoing testing efforts, replacement kit production, and raising consumer awareness of recalled vehicles. there is no time table when additional recalls will be announced. we'll stay on top of this for you, guys, as we have been doing all along. >> thanks for keeping track of this. let's find out when the rain is going to move in on us. >> it looks like the rain most likely going to move in right during that early rush. so that's something that we're going to be watching early
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once again seeing that rain coming up from the south. nothing around our area right now. as a matter of fact, some very nice conditions across the area. take a look outside. you notice some sunshine, a few clouds, but all in all a very nice monday and a great start to the workweek after what was not a bad weekend. saturday much better than sunday. yesterday, of course, we did have some of that rain but not bad today. 52 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the southeast at 3 miles an hour. 50 in fredericksburg. so everybody around the 50 degree mark. upper 40s out to the west and out towards the bay but all in all temperatures at or above average for a change. that's some good news. storm team4 radar is clear. we're not going to see anything tonight. what we are watching though is just down to the south. you can start to see some showers down towards the carolinas. the clouds trying to inch their way our way, but look farther to the south. here is the storm system. this is storm number one making its way in across the area tomorrow. this is the weaker of the two storms. bigger storm will be wednesday night into early thursday morning.
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coming in. first off tomorrow morning at 6:00 asm, notice the rain making it's way up from south to north. up around frederick, hagerstown, westminster, could start out at snow. we're not too worried about the roadways but the area of concern for tomorrow morning, again some morning snowflakes, maybe winchester, extreme northern loudoun county but the roads should be just wet. we're not going to see much in the way of problems out there, but that's where it would be. by around noon tomorrow, everybody is just plain rain and we are seeing that rain coming down at a fairly steady clip. i don't expect anything too heavy but keep the umbrella handy. 5:00 it's just shower activity around here and there. we won't see rain all day tomorrow but it will be heaviest in the morning. on wednesday it will be heaviest at night but we will see some showers. here is wednesday morning around 7:00 a.m. notice the rain coming in here. around noon, just some scattered showers around, but then during the afternoon we see some heavier rain, maybe even a couple res
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i'm not anticipating anything strong or severe, but we are going to be seeing the potential there for maybe a rumble of thunder, maybe some heavy winds associated with this line that comes through late wednesday night into early thursday morning but all in all not too bad. overnight low temperatures into the 30s. that's why up to the nofert we could see some issues but once again by 8:00, 9:00 we see everything change over to rain. wednesday will be a weather alert day here at nbc 4. a high of 58 with the rain and the chance of thunderstorms late in the day. 56 on your thursday and then friday cooling, a little bit on the cooler said, temperatures around 42 degrees but this time just dealing with rain. >> doug sort of laid it out for us. weather wooipz it's been a great day to celebrate the nation's first president. today is george washington's actual birthday. hundreds of people gathered at his mt. vernon estate. a couple hours ago they shared a big cake in honor of the
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anniversary of washington's birth. they also got to mingle with some historical re-enactors. usually they charge you to visit the estate, but today admission and that birthday cake were both free. tailylor swift to the rescu. why she just donated a huge chunk of change and not to charity. what would you do if you were driving by and saw this. the scary situation on a busy highway and the one thing inside this burning car that was untouched by flames.
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this is scott macfarlane at the live desk. we just learned u.s. senator claire mccaskill has breast cancer. the senator from missouri revealed that news on her tumbre page. the prognosis is good and she will be in st. louis for the next three weeks receiving treatment. she's a democrat in her second term in the u.s. senate. chris? >> thanks, scott. there was some dramatic moments on a highway in tennessee as strangers risked their lives to pull a man from a burning vehicle. >> this is an amazing story. the driver had just been side swiped. his vehicle ran off the road, hate pole, and burst into flames. several other drivers ran toward the burning car and managed to save him just moments before fire engulfed it. >> we got to get this man out of this car. >> a gallon of water. i went back to try to
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maybe it wouldn't burn him as bad or keep him as moist as he could possibly be. >> the only thing left intact in that burned out vehicle was a bible. a site so moving it inspired the witnesses and the police to pray. >> wow. >> pretty amazing. >> just that shot of them together. wow. one pop star is giving another a quarter of a million dollars in legal help. so why is she getting slammed for it? taylor swift donated $250,000 to kesha who is fighting to get out of her contract with hit producer dr. lou. swift says she gave her the money as a show of support after kesha claimed dr. lou sexually assaulted her. he deny it is and says she's just making it up to get out of her contract. a court ruled against kesha on friday but singer demi lava
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criticized swicht saying she could speak out more on the issue. >> just keep moving. >> she is still got the moves. virginia mclawyer rurin said shr thought she would get a chance to be in the white house. she made that trip yesterday as part of the black history month. the 106-year-old danced her way across the room with high energy to meet the first couple. >> wow. >> the video has gotten nearly 40 million views on the white house facebook page and shaee's got a lot of fans. >> you should really check it out. we had a little bit of audio there we couldn't get to, but to see the obamas there with her and to hear what she says about making this visit, i mean, you can understand at that age she never thought she would live that long to be there. >> historic on a lot of levels there
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now at 4:30, fairfax county police hope someone recogn
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they believe he broke into a woman's home in mt. vernon and sexually assaulted her over the weekend. detectives are there right now handing out flyers. it was back to work for the supreme court two days after burying justice antonin scalia. john roberts opened the day by saying we will miss him beyond measure. a live look at the washington monument right now. the park service closed the monument because a lingering problem persists with the elevator. it's not yet clear when the monument will reopen. some breaking news on the republican presidential race. texas senator ted cruz just asked his campaign spokesman to resign because he sent out a video that falsely accused rival marco rubio of insulting the bible. communications director rick tyler had gone on facebook and other social media to apologize and said he didn't check the accuracy of that posting before he passed it on. well, tonight as of now, he is off the cruz campaign. in the meantime, the republican cda
4:31 pm
getting ready for the nevada caucuses tomorrow. >> yeah, that's right. it's rapidly becoming a three-man race. news4's brian moore is live on capitol hill. brian, it looks like the candidates are pulling out all the stops here. >> chris and pat, right now they have to. the game is not over but in a matter of weeks, donald trump could be dominating the board. >> we're just going one after another. donald trump is hoping a third straight win tomorrow night in nevada will give him insurmountable momentum next week as the gop primary race goes nationwide. >> reporter: marco rubio narrowly edged out ted cruz for send place. it's a fight that's now getting even more personal. >> every single day something comes out of cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> reporter: as rubio questions cruz's honesty, cruz questions rubio's ability to win. >> i would point out even in florida, his home state, he's polling ii
4:32 pm
tuesday, could prove deb sice sif with nearly 600 sell gadelep for grabs. john kasich is being forced to clarify this statement. >> we have men womany women who their kitchens to go door to door all the way back when things were different. >> reporter: and things will be different with super tuesday looming as a potential game-changer in the gop race. and with jeb bush now out of that race, cruz and rubio are working hard to win over his supporters. if not, endorsement from the candidate himself. pat, back to you. >> brian mooar, thank you. we want to know who you think has the most momentum. it's our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. call or text the number on your screen. you can also vote on the nbc washington facebook page. voters in our
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already formed some strong opinions about the democratic candidates. a new poll suggests hillary clinton has a strong lead over bernie sanders in virginia. this poll was conducted before the nevada caucus and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points. the virginia primary is on super tuesday, march 1st. on the other hand, west virginia voters don't vote until may 10th. there voters favor sanders over clinton with 14% undecided. that was also conducted last week. virginia's voter i.d. trial is under way at the federal court in richmond. democrats say the law requiring voters to show i.d. at the polls is unconstitutional. republicans say it's protection against election fraud. the trial is expected to last a week. more than 30 states have some
4:34 pm
lawsuits are pending in several of them. after a dry start to the workweek, we're going to be dealing with some rain moving into the area during the overnight period. really it's after midnight. let's talk about the school forecast. at the bus stop early tomorrow morning, yes, it's going to be wet. in fact, i think most of our rain for tomorrow is going to come in the early part of the day ununtp until lunchtime. you're going to need a nice warm j jacket. rain puddles when the kids are getting home. 44 degrees the temperature. but it will be a chilly day. the weather tomorrow having a low to moderate impact on our area. actually a moderate impact. nothing too heavy. that will come on wednesday. so our rain chances this week will just continue to rise. for tomorrow put it at a 90% chance. by the time we get to wednesday, it's 100% chance of rain and
4:35 pm
wednesday with again dry conditions at the end of the workweek. a lot of rain for the next two days. doug will have a look at how much your neighborhood will see. >> thanks, v.j. more than $62. that's about how much you're going to have to pay to get a free drink under starbucks new rewards program. instead of getting a single star, they will give you stars based on how much you spend. you will get two stars for every dollar, but the way it adds up, it will take more than 60 bucks to get one free coffee. starbucks says customers who only buy a single coffee or small sandwich will have to spend more but the company claims most people will earn more free items this way. tonight nbc 4 begins a special preview of the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. >> barbara harrison was given an exclusive look at some of the things that will make this museum so special. >> it is going to be a special place and an exciting time for all those involveit
4:36 pm
works for over a decade now. the building is ready. you may have seen it out there. and the countdown to the september opening is under way but we were able to have a special visit with some of the folks who have been working tirelessly to put this incredible collection together, and aid chance to talk to some of the curators and collection managers and to learn about the mission of this new museum. >> we want to tell the story of the african-american experience and the american experience through the lens of african-americans. we want it to be a shared story, an american experience so that people from all walks of life from all over the globe can learn about the struggle of democracy, simple rights, and even just everyday life. >> so be sure to stick around for news4 at 5:00 to see the first of some of the artifact that is really do give you a real taste of black history in america. it's really exciting. >> we've all been watching it come up from the ground. it's going to be great to get inside antu
4:37 pm
it. >> and we'll give you a real taste of what it's going to be like to get inside for three days now, today, tomorrow, and wednesday. of course, we have things on our nbc washington app as well. >> thanks, barbara. >> looking forward to it, barbara. thank you. a beauty queen who happens to be married to a drug kingpin. now the wife of mexican drug lord el chapo is talking about the man she first met when she was just a teenager. and metro track work is not confined to the weekend. why there may be more cars on the road this evening and why metro just tweaked some of its original plans for tonight
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right now tracking the rain around our region. nothing in our region currently, but we're going to be seeing that rain over the next 12 hours move on in across the area. all you have to do is just go down to the south towards the carolinas along i-95, seeing some of that rain. some of the heavier rain back down towards portions of the southeast. this is just wave number one making its way through here during the day tomorrow. as it does, we will see some rain tomorrow, about a quarter inch, maybe up to a half inch tomorrow, about you between now and wednesday with that next storm that comes in, and that one is going to be the bigger one, we could get one to two inches of rain inside the i-95 corridor, maybe two
4:41 pm
more back towards the shenandoah valley, up to i-81. veronica will have much more on the seven-day forecast for you coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. for those of us who can't get through the day without a cup of joe this is good news for your health. another potential benefit of drinking coffee. it may reduce cirrhosis of the liver. a british study found one cup reduces the risk by 22%, two cups, 43%. four cups reduced the risk by a whopping 65%, but here is the caveat. experts say they don't know which compounds in the coffee actually help protect the liver. >> who needs an excuse. we've got it. new lab tests show flint's water supply has lower levels of lead now, but when it will be safe to drink is still up in the air. michigan governor rick snyder toured a new emergency
4:42 pm
today where people are tracking all aspects of the water crisis. he told a reporter that 89% of water samples show improvement, but many issues remain. the mayor of flint meanwhile said she's ready to start replacing lead pipes throughout the city. today a university of michigan research team estimated the city has more than 8,000 lead service lines. a scathing new report that could pose a health risk for a lot of people. what the government just said about the flooring that could be in your house. plus, some airline passengers from our area got off the ground but quickly had to turn around. now investigators know why.
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4:45 pm
get ready for a couple of wet days. storm team4 tracking a whole lot of rain headed this way. what day will be a weather alert day? i'll tell you coming up. people around the world have been wondering what she would say. one of the world's most wanted fugitive is back behind bars, but his wife is speaking publicly for the first time. back to that killing spree involving an uber driver in michigan. it happened saturday night. today the suspect made his first court appearance. prosecutors say they think they know what happened, but they're still trying to figure out why. nbc's chris pollone has more on
4:46 pm
>> reporter: 45-year-old jason dalton, a husband and father of two and an uber driver, now charged with six counts of murder plus two counts of assault with intent to murder along with weapons charges. >> the defendant did murder mary lou nye. >> reporter: daltop remained in jail as a judge arraigned him over closed circuit video. prosecutors in kalamazoo, michigan, say dalton conducted that killing spree over six hours on saturday night all while continuing to give rides to unsuspecting passengers but as of now they still don't know why it happened and what, if anything, ties the victims together. >> this was not just a momentary lapse. this was not just a crime. there was nothing that provoked this. there is videotapes of these incidences. he walked up on these people and he shot them. >> reporter: in all eight people were shot in three separate locations. a woman at an apartment complex. a father and son at a car dealership. and five people in a restaurant parking lot. among the dead there,
4:47 pm
mother and aunt, best friends who were killed after doing to a play. >> i don't know how i'm going to explain it to my son. doesn't get to see his grandmother ever again. >> reporter: people in the community still stunned over the seemingly random killings have come together to pray for the victims. >> six people, people of all ages, all walks of life, innocent, minding their own business were so violently taken from us. >> reporter: uber says dalton passed a background check. police say he has no prior criminal record. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. a heads up for metro riders, there's going to be track work tonight and tomorrow on the orange, blue, and silver lines. starting around 10:00 tonight orange and blue line trains will single track between mcpherson square and federal center. there would be about a 25-minute delay in both directions. and after 10:00 tonight, silver line trains will only run between the boston and
4:48 pm
storm team4 keeping a close eye on the radar. of course, it's dry right now. we had a day with some early sunshine and now we've seen the clouds move in more and more, but not a bad day at all. one of the best days, in fact, out of the workweek as you will see in just a moment. storm team4 radar scanning the area. dry here but look, there's the storm system down to the south with a whole lot of moisture that's been gathering around one of the areas of low pressure. atlanta, wet. around jackson and mississippi, a lot of wet weather and that's all streaming this way. now, early tomorrow morning the rain moves in. our temperatures up here, frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg, right at 34 degrees. when the moisture comes over us, it's mainly rain. could be a few wet snowflakes mixing in. i think it's just conversational considering how mild the temperatures have been in the 50s. if you're going to be hitting the road, maybe getting om exercising in, temperatures go up into the 40s throughout the
4:49 pm
we hit a high tomorrow of 45 degrees. really a chilly day all in all. you will need a nice warm rain coat on and the umbrella for moderate rain pockets that could come through. our best chance of seeing the moderate rain will be in the easter erly part of the day. in the afternoon, not too bad. at 4:00, some scattered showers still around the area. we're fairly quiet, and then another wave of rain. remember, that area of low pressure i showed you down south around mississippi, around alabama, that's what's starts to overspread the area on wednesday. that's when we'll get not only the moderate rain but the heavy rain and the gusty winds. stormy conditions for wednesday afternoon. there's 3:00. look at that. yellow and orange, that's some of those thunderstorms that will be coming into the area around 3:00. there's a snapshot. 6:00 p.m. on wednesday, very stormy conditions. warrenton, fredericksburg, charlottesville. to could lead to rad
4:50 pm
delays across the why ararea. finally the system is out of here wednesday. maybe a lingering shower left for thursday morning. thursday there will be quite a bit of wind that comes in with the system. stormy conditions for the latter part of the day on wednesday. there is 5:00. your temperature 53 to 52 at 8:00. the other thing we have to watch out for along with travel is the possibility of some flooding with rivers and streams all coming up. at the end of the week we're back to dry conditions, the high 42. beautiful weekend coming our way. we've got more, pat, chris, coming up on the extended forecast as to what we can expect as we look forward past the weekend. >> all right. >> sounds like we should prepare for a rough evening commute on wednesday. >> exactly. that really is going to be the high impact day. a weather alert day for storm team4, so we'll be on the air doing a lot of updates. >> all right. guess it's too early to call these spring rains, huh? thanks, veronica.
4:51 pm
airport this morning after the pilots suspected a bird strike. the southwest flight returned safely to the gate. it was headed to rhode island. there were 135 passengers and 5 crew members on board. the passengers were moved to a different aircraft. developing this afternoon, the cdc is drastically increasing the likelihood that people exposed to certain types of lumber liquidators flooring can get cancer. the cdc estimated up to 9 out of 100,000 people exposed to formaldehyde could get cancer. that's been tripled to 30 out of 100,000. they're testing more products and offering free air quality test kits. just go to our nbc washington app and search lumber liquidators. verizon just made a big deal and said its customers will reap the benefits. they bought the business of xo communications h
4:52 pm
herndon. the deal is worth nearly $2 billion. xo communications owns and operates networks that allow internet access and cloud computing for customers. we are working several develops stories in our newsroom right now. they had to be taken away from their habitat as a mysterious fuel leaked into the potomac, but now some local wildlife get a second chance. i'm tom sherwood in b leesburg. the presidential campaign comes to loudoun county next week. i'll have the story coming up. i'm adam tuss along i-66 in arlington. how would you like to pay $5, $6, $7, $8, $9 a day for the pleasure of sitting in traffic on i-66? now we know 66 is going to be widened and tols are going to be
4:53 pm
beltway, more details are coming into focus like the possibility of paying $9 one way during rush hour for sitting in 66. coming up on news4 at 5:00, i'll tell you much more about the plans, what we found out, and how are they going to widen the road when there's really not much space there? back to you. >> thank you, adam. she's married to one of the most well-known fugitives in the world. now she's telling her side of the story for the very first time. what the wife of mexican drug lord el chapo is revealing about their marriage. and storm team4 has a busy few days ahead of them. we're tracking changes heading our way.
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stores are heeding the recommendation to stop selling hover boards. toys "r" us is no longer selling the razor hover tracks. the store says it wants to ensure the safety of its merchandise. last week the consumer products safety commission said hover boards aren't safe and they shouldn't be sold until manufacturers can guarantee their safety. the beauty queen wife of el chapo is breaking her silence in an exclusive interview with telemundo. >> emma aispuro and louisiana chappow have two kids together, boat both of them born in california and she's describing why she loves one of the world's most notorious
4:57 pm
>> reporter: defending her husband publicly for the first time, emma says her husband is in danger in mexico's maximum security prison because he made a fool of authorities during his latest escape. the 26-year-old says she met joaquin "el chapo" guzman at a village dance when she was a teenager and married him when she was 18. she doesn't see him as a murderous drug lord. >> she was born in san francisco. her twin daughters with the drug lord also born in california at a hospital in antelope valley. she says throughout their marriage much of their time spent together came during vi t visits to prison. her most recent visit only lasting 15 minutes. as for the leaked text messages between el chapo and the woman
4:58 pm
penn, she said they did not make her jealous, only taking issue with this video in which he admitted to trafficking drugs since the age of 15. >> it's possible authorities could bring el chapo to southern california to face some of those drug charges. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. now at 5:00, protecting children in prince george's after one of the worst cases of child porn in that county. find out what's being done now so it doesn't happen again. and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger and this is a story you will only see on news. plus battleground virginia. i'm jim handly. the commonwealth is shaping up to be one of the key states that could pave the way to the white house. >> reporter: news4 welcoming you back to havana, cuba. our exclusive coverage of the
4:59 pm
and virginia. their trip here to the island nation. a busy itinerary meeting with cuban officials. right now fairfax county police are canvassing an alexandria neighborhood. ja they' >> they're handing out flyers and looking for a man they say broke into a woman os house over the weekend and sexually assaulted her. tonight we're learning it's possible the victim may have known the suspect. news4's darcy spencer is live for us in alexandria with new developments tonight. darcy? >> reporter: jim, that's right. fairfax county police are still here in this apartment complex at this hour handing out flyers just like this one showing that composite sketch, looking for the guy who did this sexual assault. as you said, just within the last hour, we learned that she may have, in fact, known her attacker. she may have been acquainted with him. let's show you some video of the canvass that's taking place here by fairfax county police going door to door again with
5:00 pm
they're looking for. police say he broke into this woman's apartment between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning on saturday here on blankenship street. police say she found him in her apartment when she woke up. he sexually assaulted her and then left. now, police say she may have seen this man before, ant tonig and tonight women in the neighborhood are scared. do you believe she was targeted. >> we have nothing to believe she was targeted for a specific reason. >> reporter: but she may have known the guy? >> it's quite possible. >> reporter: it sounds like you're very scared now. >> yes, i'm scared. i come home at night. i'm afraid because i'm a woman, and it's not easy because you have two kids and i don't have no man in the house. if something happen, can i take it back and can anybody save my kids' life? that's scary. >> reporter: and you can definitely feel for that woman. she says she's ready to move out of this neighborhood. we did ask about the victim, how is she doing? we're told that she was


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