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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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description on those suspects and broadcast that out to responding officers in the field. >> metro police were also able to get video and pictures of the suspects, and send those images to police officers in the field. which led directly to the suspects being caught so quickly. two suspects fled the scene on foot, and they were caught a short time later walking across the south capitol street bridge. >> able to share the video real-time was helpful. >> the victim was shot in the upper back and cass conscious and breathing when he was rushed to the hospital. the shooting happened as the green line train was stopped at the anacostia metro station and passengers were boarding. the pictures you're seeing on your screen was just released by metro transit police. these are two more individuals who police are calling persons of interest. who they would like to talk to. they say if you recognize these two individuals, please call police. as for the suspects in custody as you said one is 19, the other is 15 years old. they're both
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their first appearance before a judge sometime tomorrow morning. now again police are still looking for the weapon in this case. as far as we know they tell us they have not recovered that gun. wendy, back to you. >> mark segraves, thanks. today's shooting just adds to metro's troubles. >> it's the latest high-profile violent attack in the transit agency in recent weeks. our transportation reporter adam tuss spoke with the metro transit police chief today about safety concerns. adam, what did you learn? >> well jim, transit police say they hear riders' concerns about safety and they are going to respond. one of the changes that will be coming, the police chief tells me there will be a greater focused effort on the trains themselves. no one, not one of metro staff can remember the last time a shooting happened on a train. but there have been a number of attacks on trains recently. and transit police say they will be adjusting. any exra
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physically on trains? >> we already look at our process, better to be on a mezzanine, a platform, a train, we're starting to see a shift on the crime in the trains. >> riders shaken by what happened. this is chris's home metro station. he says he does feel safe overall on metro. >> as long as i keep to myself. i don't bother anybody. i feel pretty good. >> others like bianca jackson say they're uneasy. >> you can get your phone snatched, your purse snatched. i people are loud. i watch the news every morning. >> kevin donohue is the deputy mayor for public safety in the district. >> it shows when metro transit police and mpd work together with the investments in technology this we've made, we can apprehend suspects quickly. >> for now riders hoping for a calm ride home tonight. now there is another tactic that
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to start increasing their presence in the system. i'll tell but it at 6:00. now to our other big story tonight. storm team 4 watching a huge weather system that's causing damage across the south. it will be here soon. check this out in houston where a school bus flipped on its side no children were on board. and the driver wasn't hurt. the same system is suspected of spawning tornadoes in parts of the southeast. >> it was dreary here all day. tomorrow the ugly weather system moves into our area. >> doug, we already have a flood watch on what will be a weather alert day, right? >> the weather alert day in effect during the day tomorrow for the potential for strong to severe storms. you mentioned the dreary conditions. look at the temperatures, we've seen the rain all day. the drizzle and temperatures only in the 30s and 40s. 37 right now in gaithersburg. 43 in d.c. 37 in martinsburg so it's been a really nasty tuesday across the region. storm team 4 radar notck
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but the drizzle is very tough for the radar to pick up. that's what we're seeing, the light rain and drizzle continues across the region. here's the storm that we're watching. look how strong this storm is a lot of severe weather including tornadoes currently on the ground. in louisiana, mississippi, the whole threat is going to make its way east and by this time tomorrow we're going to be talking weather alert. not just showers early tomorrow, but the heavy rain and storms develop, possible severe weather coming in across the region, even an isolated tornado can't be ruled out. we'll show you who has the best chance for strongest storms coming up. the case is expanding against the former teacher's aide who is accused of producing child pornography at a school in prince george's county. authorities have filed federal charges against deonte carraway. and according to the prosecutors, carraway has confessed. our bureau chief tracee wilkins has the new developments in the federal complaint. >> all of our child exploitation cases are horrible. this case
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disturbing. >> today federal prosecutors outlined the case they have so far against former prince george's county school aide and volunteer, deonte carraway. some of the offenses occurred while he worked inside judge sylvania woods elementary school in glenarden. he's facing eight federal counts of creating child pornography. >> if the defendant were convicted just on the eight federal charges filed today, he would face a minimum of 120 years or effectively a life sentence in federal prison. >> during an interview with the fbi, carraway reportedly waived his rights and confessed, explaining how he used the app kick, to compile the videos he created. according to his affidavit he said okay, it's time i told the truth. yes, i have videos and yes, you will find some on my orange phone. basically the same ones, how i get the videos is the kids would send them in the chat. i would hide them. but i really do care for the children. i know it was wrong. i'm
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i'm no child of god for doing this. >> in some instances, the children allegedly are having sex with the defendant. in other cases, the children allegedly are having sex with each other. prompted by or encouraged by the defendant. >> u.s. prosecutors say according to victim testimony, carraway used his authority to threaten some of the victims. >> the defendant allegedly took a child out of a classroom, to a dressing room in the building. and instructed the child to take off his clothes. according to the allegations in the complaint the child resisted, didn't want to do it at which point the defendant threatened him, if he didn't comply, the defendant would report him to the principal or the police. >> carraway has also been indicted by the prince george's county state's attorney's office, he is facing six charges related to one victim who they have already filed an indictment for. now coming up on news4 at 6:00, if you are a parent who doesn't know about these apps and who is
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giving their children some privacy, when they are online, are you not going to want to miss what the fbi has to say to you coming up in my report. reporting live in greenbelt. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you. >> the abuse scandal could bring big changes to the prince george's county school system. there's a student safety task force in place, charlene dukes, the presidentv& y much prince george's community college will lead the task force, for officials to get an independent look at policies. the task force will examine the role of volunteers. one issue is whether volunteers should be able to be alone with students. the recommendations for changes will be presentsed in april. and despite the inevitable hurdles that he's facing, president obama is once again making a push to finally close the detention center at guantanamo bay. republican lawmakers blasting part of that proposal to bring some detainees here to the united states. news4's chris lawrence is here with details
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>> the politics is going to be very tough. he said keeping the prison open is quote contrary to our values and undermines our standing in the world. there used to be 800 detainees at guantanamo, today fewer than 100. and the president's proposal would involve transferring between 30 and 60 of them to facilities here in the united states. there are about 13 possible locations where the plan doesn't specify a preferred site. mr. obama's plan would accelerate the review process to determine whether a detainee still poses a threat and if not whether they could be transferred. the president said closing the prison would save millions of dollars a year. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history. the defense department estimates this plan compared to keeping guantanamo open would lower costs by up to $85 million a year. >> given the stakes involved for our security, this plan deserve
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even in an election year. >> one of the main battles is going to be with congress, which has repeatedly passed legislation banning any effort to bring detainees here to the united states. in fact republican leaders in both chambers have already criticized this plan. and some of the presidential candidates as well. including senator ted cruz, who says he would actually add more detainees to guantanamo. jim? >> chris lawrence, thank you. well cubans have some strong thoughts on the future of guantanamo bay. and what should be done with it news4's david culver is in ralph na this week. the only local tv reporter with a delegation visiting havana. he joins us live with reaction to the president's plan. big news there today, david? >> it sure is jim. we were live this morning on news4 today, we were doing a live interview. shortly after, the white house put out the announcement that the president was going to be unveiling his plan for guantanamo. immediately i can tell you that the news started to spreade
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what exactly was going to take place. it was interesting to me in havana, how important and significant guantanamo bay is. when you think about it geographically, even though it's several hundred miles from where we are here in havana. it's very personal for a lot. cubans in that they the u.s. has occupied that for so long. and i was speaking with one former cuban diplomat who said when it comes to the demands the cuban government has with these new relations, first it's to bring down the embargo. they say second, it's guantanamo bay. that tells you how highly it's placed in their minds. despite what the president said today, the former cuban diplomat i spoke with said he doesn't really believe lawmakers will act on it. >> we appreciate what he has done. up until now. and we think it has been more, he has taken a lot of courage. but at the same time there's several things that have, still have to be done. cuba cannot exp
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americans can not travel to cuba. so many issues. >> as we mentioned, we are here with the delegation from d.c., maryland and virginia. they are here obviously on the exploratory mission as the news came down as we were traveling here with them. we're going to bring you more coming up on news4 at 5:00, 5:30 in particular, about what the delegation has planned from here. we can tell you mayor muriel bowser is on a plane headed back to you in d.c. we'll bring you up to speed as to what's going on with the mission here in cuba. but for now, back to you. >> very good timing, lots going on. david culver, our man in havana. a campus wide alert at the university of maryland college park, students warmed about an armed robbery that occurred inside a dorm. learn how the gunman may have gained access to a secured building. he is or should i say was,
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the girl's basketball coach here at the highlands school in warrenton. now he's facing some serious sex charges. that story coming up. today ryan zimmerman spoke to the media for the first time since his name was linked to performance-enhancing drugs. we'll have the story for
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a local basketball coach something held without bond on charges he had a sexual relationship with an underaged girl. >> police tell us the victim is a basketball player at the school where he worked. news4's pat collins joins us live in warrenton, with details on this case. pat? >> jim, this is how police tell it -- he's 43. she's 16. he's a basketball coach. she's a basketball player. and now he's facing some felony sex charges. this is the prestigious highland school in warrenton, virginia. it goes from pre-k to grades 12. the student/teacher ratio, about 11-1. the cost of a year of high school, about $27,000. for two years, george logan has been a part-time employee of the school. hired t
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basketball team. tonight coach logan has been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with one of the students here. a 16-year-old teenaged girl. it was the school that brought the case to the police. and it was yesterday that the prince william police raided logan's home in manassas. >> i thought we lived in a pretty good neighborhood. >> that's a neighbor who saw the cops raid the place. >> there are a lot of cops here. they told me to get back in my car there were people yelling inside. basically our whole area was filled with cop cars. >> at his home police say logan had sexual encounters with the teenaged girl. police say he was sexting with her as well. >> do you know how long it's been going on? >> we believe it began in january of this year. and it's been continuing since then. >> now coming up at 6:00, we're going to have
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parents, a note from the school. and some words of warning from the cops. i'll see you at 6:00. now back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. following his narrow defeat in nevada. bernie sanders is back here on the east coast today, courting voters in virginia. sanders spoke to a crowd of about 5,000 here at rally in norfolk. he barely mentioned his rival, hillary clinton and told some in the crowd to stop booing when they heard her name. current polls show clinton with a double-digit lead in the commonwealth. just over a week from the primary. well after saturday we'll only be done with contests in four states. but we're already seeing leaders take shape when it comes to delegate counts. democrats, both are far from the 2400 needed to clinch the nomination. but hillary clinton has the edge over bernie sanders. especially when you factor in superdelega superdelegate who can support either candidate. donald trump's sweeping win in south carolina has given him the edge in thepu
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ted cruz is second with marco rubio behind him. john kasich, ben carson have five and three delegates respectively. for the gop it's all about nevada tonight where 30 delegates are at play. and saturday, it will be the democrats' turn in south carolina. clinton is heavily favored in that state. we have got super tuesday coming up with more than 1,000 democratic delegates and nearly 600 republican ones up for grabs. that blue state, that's those are the democratic, that's the democratic contest. and the red is the gop. and the yellow have both, and that includes the old virginia. >> despite recent attacks from maryland delegates, governor larry hogan is more popular than ever with voters. about 63% of marylanders approve of his performance. up 5% since october. 86% of republicans
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of democrats believe the republican governor is doing a good job. there are twice as many registered democrats as republicans in maryland. the poll was conducted by gaucher college in baltimore. following new developments in the zika outbreak tonight. more patients in the u.s. have contracted the virus without traveling to affected zones. plus the family of a d.c. man who died after an ambulance left the scene of the emergency, will not file a lawsuit. the family explained why they are holding off for now. and the shooting spree of the accused uber driver. we just learned where he went before the attacks that may prove he planned the shootings. we're coming right back.
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the forecast, the nasty one over the next 24-30 hours across our region. a very dreary day today. a very cool day. a nasty day today, too. take a look outside. this picture kind of says it all. this is exactly what we've been dealing with today. the drizzle, fog, cool temperatures. yeah, just nasty for sure. look at the current temperature, only 43 degrees, winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour. so wind chills are in the 30s.
5:23 pm
umbrellas, the rain boots and the coats today. look at the temperatures to north and west. only in the 30s, 37 frederick, 36 martinsburg. our friends in pennsylvania, franklin and fulton county, under a freezing rain advisory. temperatures in the valleys are near freezing. we won't see temperatures fall much at all overnight tonight. as a matter of fact tomorrow morning they're going to rise, and they're going to rise fairly quickly during the afternoon tomorrow. right now you see the shower activity. it's light in nature. the radar has a very hard time picking up the drizzle on the radar. we have a lot of that. there goes the first wave of moisture, the one that gave us a lot of rain, upwards of a half-inch of rain. now we're going to get a lull. it will be drizzle and light rain. we'll get in on the action again. look at the action occurring down here towards dallas. down towards new orleans. severe weather multiple tornados have been reported today. that's lot of damage i'm seeing out there on twitter. right now a lot of damage coming through parts of louisiana. parts of mississippi
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only going to translate east as we move through the next 24 hours and eventually it will move our way. and we have a chance for some severe weather, too. future weather timing it out, tomorrow just the shower activity early. here's 9:00 a.m. most areas getting back in on the shower activity. most everything before say 1:00, 2:00, should be fairly light. you can see the light to moderate showers. stet steddy rain around 11:00. 1:00, we're seeing areas of rain. this is when the warm air starts to move in and then watch what happens around 4:00. we get some enhancement here, yellow, oranges, reds. that's going to be the chance for some severe weather during the afternoon into the evening hours tomorrow. and that's something we're going to watch closely. here at news4, that's why tomorrow's weather alert day. today notice the area in red here. this is a very big risk as far as severe weather is concerned across our region. for us we don't have any reds here, we the yellow up into southern maryland, down around fredericksbur
5:25 pm
thunderstorms. the green marginal risk. fast-moving rain and thunderstorms, the biggest threats from those will be wind and rain. high winds and flooding potential is there. we have a flood watch in effect. but also tornado risk. it's low, but it's a lot higher than it normally is with storms like this. especially this time of year so that's something we'll be watching for, too. there's the weather alert day, thursday, 51, falling temperatures and wind during the day thursday and a cold friday. high temperature 39, wind chills in the 20s all day. so a little bit of a roller coaster the next few days. >> certainly sounds like it. thank you, doug. if a boxing glove could talk. this one would have a lot to say. one of the many artifacts that will be at the african-american history museum and barbara harrison has the story of the confident and cocky cassius clay. plus nationwide protests today just getting under way at apple stores and here at the fbi headquarters. why
5:26 pm
debate over the government's battle to unlock the cell phone of a terrorist. and armed robbery at this university of maryland residence hall. how the robbers got in and threatened students with a gun. the story ahead.
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just into the live desk, justice antonin scalia's doctor just released a letter that lays
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likely contributed to his death. the letter says scalia suffered from coronary artery disease. obesity and diabetes among other things. a texas prosecutor says that long list of health problems made an autopsy unnecessary and helped him determine that justice scalia's death was not suspicious. scalia died earlier this month at a ranch in texas. he was 79 years old. >> you're watching news4 at 5:00. it is supposed to be a place where college students can feel safe. >> but university of maryland is issuing new warnings this evening about dorm security after an armed robbery. news4's chris gordon is on the campus this evening speaking with students there. hey, chris. >> well good evening, you'll hear from the students in just a few moments, we're at the university of maryland, police headquarters on baltimore avenue to show you how close this brazen armed robbery was when it took place sunday night. righ
5:30 pm
montgomery hall. two robbers armed with a gun broke in sunday night, robbing six students right there. >> a campus-wide email today is informing university of maryland students about the armed robbery that happened here inside montgomery hall. >> really scary situation, just that you think you can be in a really safe place like a dorm. >> it happened sunday night at about 8:15. a student answered a knock at the door of his suite. the male voice asked if the student knows somebody. campus police say the man then forced his way in, drew a gun and demanded any valuable property. >> at that point a second individual came in behind him. and then they subsequently ordered the residents to the ground, took whatever property that they were able to get and then fled the area. >> six students in the dorm suite were robbed. no one was hurt. this student also lives in montgomery hall. >> i didn't expect it to be the type of thing that would happen on this campus. this is aet
5:31 pm
i'm quite concerned about it. because if they can come into that dorm, that means they can come in any dorm. >> students tell us, they entered their residence halls by swiping their security-coated i.d. cards, but often others follow them in. it's called tailgating. >> tailgating is is obviously something that is frowned upon, by people do it all the time, anyway. just to be nice. i guess now we have to be more careful about that. >> ahead, how the victims of this armed robbery, how the six students may have helped the gunman get away. that's the latest live at the university of maryland college park campus. wendy and jim, back to you. >> thank you. a michigan gun store owner says he got goosebumps when he learned about the suspect in saturday's kalamazoo shooting spree. that's because he says that suspect was in his store just hours before the first shots were fired. police are looking at these surveillance images now that
5:32 pm
inside the store. the owner says he bought a jacket like this one. with a gun pocket. but did not buy a gun. dalton is charged with six counts of murder, police are still looking for a motive. okay. and right now, people are coming out across the country to protest against the fbi. and some of them are saying they're going to protest in front of the apple store in new york city. demonstrators are supporting apple, which will not help the investigators break into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the fight between apple and the fbi has become a hot debate and we've been asking you whether you think the government should be able to break into those smartphones. here's a look at the results of a poll we have going on right now. so far most of you say yes, they should. as long as they have a warrant. you can continue to weigh in on the nbc washington facebook page. so we're now turning to nbc chief justice correspondent pete williams who
5:33 pm
this to us when it first came out. most of the tech world in fact all of the tech world is supporting apple on this. bill gates has some nuanced support for the fbi on this. he says investigators are going after something very specific that it isn't just black and white. do these arguments have some merit. >> well what gates basically is pushing back a little bit. he was asked about this he didn't volunteer it. he was asked about it in interviews. what he says is he agrees with the fbi that this is sort of a good for one ticket only thing. tim cook from app headline said look if we have to do this this time. that in essence creates a master key that could unlock any iphone in the world and if it fell into the wrong hands that would be a very bad thing what gates says is no that doesn't seem to be the case. this seems to be more case by case. the fact is he's kind of breaking ranks with the silicon valley executives, because they've all been unified behind apple. gates who no longer
5:34 pm
microsoft because microsoft is still in apple's corner, says as you say it's a little more nuanced but he's leaning a little more towards the fbi than many of the other people in silicon valley. >> the families of the victims of those shootings, they obviously are leaning, are in the fbi's camp. does that -- >> not all of them. some of them. >> does that have any -- any value for the fbi? >> well, the fbi is very happy to have them of course in that position. because it's saying in part it's doing this on their behalf. but the, their lawyer, they've hired a lawyer. some of the family members, victims and they'll be filing a friend of court brief probably later next month. when this finally gets another hearing in court. >> and how much longer is this going to play out do we think? >> well it just depends it could well go all the way to the supreme court. it could well be, it could well be a year. it seems quite clear that the fbi is not going to get into this phone any time soon. apple believes there is an
5:35 pm
it shouldn't have to do this. that the government doesn't have the legal authority and it would break its promise with customers to protect privacy. the fbi says it's got a court order there shunts be any place that's beyond the reach6x of a legitimate court order. >> pete williams, thanks so much. you bet. making its way to vieira, florida, for spring training. >> ryan zimmerman talking for the first time about allegations he used performance-enhancing drugs. >> jason pugh was there while zimmerman addressed reporters, jason? >> wendy and jim, when you think about some of the more recognizable and influential athletes in our area at this time, ryan zimmerman's name has to be near the top of that list. that's why so many people were shocked when his name was associated with performance-enhancing drugs. well today here in vieira, florida, he came out and strongly denied
5:36 pm
>> it's one of those things where you don't have an answer, you don't know why or how this happened. and then you turn from like being shocked to being angry. >> for the last 11 years, ryan zimmerman has been one of the biggest names in the nationals organization. this past off-season after being linked to performance-enhancing drugs by the al jazeera network, the first baseman is now trying to clear his name. >> i've never done any of that, i've never even thought of doing any of that. it's -- but yeah, it's -- a tough spot. you know you, you do everything the right way. you know, you work. you think something like this will never happen. and then for some reason it does. >> all we can do support him. you know, and just -- everything ends. it seems like an eternity in the end, but he'll get through it. he'll be stronger and better because of it. >> zimmer man has filed a
5:37 pm
defamation suit against al jazeera, this is far from over. >> i think it's my responsibility, not only to clear my name. but if i do this and you know whether i win or lose on the defamation suit, even if it gets to a trial, i sort of felt a responsibility because i am able to fight it. that maybe it stops this from happening to one person after me. then it's worth it. >> now ryan zimmerman did say in that press conference, he doesn't know how long the process will be. he says the case could get thrown out before it ever goes to court. or it could go to court after the baseball season either way he is gearing up for a long battle with this. wendy, jim, back to you. >> jason, thanks so much. if the elections were held today in the district, the city would not be ready. why there's now a fight over preparations for the d.c. primary. >> but first, sexual transmission of the zika virus appear
5:38 pm
doctors first thought. and the cases here in the u.s. are expanding. you're watching news4 at 5:0
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here at the live desk, following breaking news in the alexandria area, fairfax county, where police have just launched a homicide investigation. before 3:00, a man was found
5:41 pm
ins the skyline apartment complex on seminary road. a security guard found a man lying in a hallway. it looks as if someone shot him. news4's megan fitzgerald is on the way to the scene to get more information and will have a live report coming up at 6:00. man who prosecutors say ordered a hit on his uncle from behind bars will die. a judge sentenced brian mayhue to life without the possibility of parole. prosecutors say mayhew had two men kill his uncle. developing tonight, the cdc is investigating more than a dozen new cases of zika that may have been contracted through sexual contact. in all 14 cases, of men. visiting areas with zika outbreaks, they may have infected their female partners
5:42 pm
those cases the women are pregnant and their infections have been confirmed. transmissions of the virus through sex had been considered rare. >> the family of a d.c. man who died after an ambulance mix-up say they may not be able to sue the district. why an open-and-shut case would be an uphill legal battle. why investors say tonight bald eagles found on the eastern shore may have been poisoned. >> weather today, 40s today, mild 60s tomorrow. yes, 60s, we're tracking the potential for severe storms. we'll show kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave.
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as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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what a day today. but nothing compared to what we're going to see tomorrow. >> nothing like we're going to see tomorrow. it's been a while since we had severe thunderstorm warnings. think there's the potential for that tomorrow during this time. so get ready, plan accordingly. make sure you download the nbc washington app. make sure you watch at 11:00 for changes and then of course, chuck bell will be up early tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. first the flood watch that starts early tomorrow morning and runs until 1:00 a.m. thursday. look at that. all the green that you're seeing there, that is the flood watch. and it covers most of our area. as far as rainfall amounts, we picked up a half-inch today could get another one to two inches tomorrow. showers for the early part of the y.
5:46 pm
we'll see the temperatures quickly rise. so big change in how it feels outside. and it's going to have the kind of feel with all the moisture in the air you just know something is about ready to happen. for the morning commute, yes, it will be slow because of the showers. and the fog. but again nothing like the afternoon or evening commute. we've got red on the board all the way through. exercising i would stay inside or try to do it during the early part of the day. and then the chance for the severe thunderstorms during the afternoon hours. the big change you'll notice is when the winds start to pick up. that's our first chance of seeing the severe thunderstorms move in that's afternoon and around 2:00 tomorrow. we'll be around 55, maybe 60 degrees, because there's some indication there could be some locations around the area maybe that hit a high of 66 or even 67 degrees. rainfall amounts, into pax river, annapolis, easton, cambridge area. one to two coming in. on top of the rain we've already gotten that
5:47 pm
so streams, creeks, all could be out of their banks during the latter part of the day tomorrow. >> here's a look at the day planner. you can see the rain, thunderstorms coming through our area. temperatures again, rising up until the weather front comes through. even at 8:00 tomorrow evening. 62 degrees your temperature and still going up. until the weather front moves through. when it does, temperatures will start coming down on thursday. so the worst weather for us tomorrow is between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. heavy rain, high winds coming through the area, that's the reason why it's a weather alert day throughout the entire day tomorrow. here's a look at the four-day forecast. 62 the high on wednesday, 51 and potentially falling throughout the day on thursday, we're partly sunny, windy, with wind chills on thursday in the 30s and then 40s and wind chills in the 20s on friday. because it's still going to be windy. so we've got the cold weather to deal with for the end of the week. ed weekend getting a little better. it will be mild and terrific on
5:48 pm
but again weather alert day for tomorrow, doug has more coming up on news4 at 6:00. the family of a d.c. man who died after first responders arrived at the scene, but did not go inside the home, will not file a lawsuit for now. albert jackson had a heart attack on january 3rd. crews left after they saw police helping someone else near the scene. and thought they weren't needed. his relatives say d.c. law would make it difficult for them to successfully sue. the law includes the principle that no one is entitled to a 911 response. but the family does want the department of justice to investigate the deaths, due to 911 delays in d.c. >> i mean people can make mistakes, but nothing like this you know. nobody makes a mistake like this. >> the family also plans to start an online petition to change the
5:49 pm
d.c.'s fire and ems chief is changing procedures, first responders must now give dispatchers the address of their location to confirm they are at the right place. >> more than a dozen bald eagles found dead on maryland's eastern shore may have been poisoned. a man discovered the birds yesterday on a federalsburg farm. maryland police say it's unlikely the birds were intentionally shot or could have eaten poisoned rodents or been killed by a chemical sprayed in the area. it's illegal to kill bald eagles, a $10,000 reward is being offered for information in this case. one of d.c.'s most iconic landmarks is now back open, the washington monument began taking visitors again today. it had been closed since friday for repairs, after a contractor damaged the elevator's control box. the park service says the problem is now fixed. this evg,
5:50 pm
our look at washington soon-to-open, african-american museum of history and culture. we see how great american stories will be told through simple artifacts. >> one piece that will tell the story of one of america's greatest athletes, a boxer known for having a lot to say. but as barbara shows us tonight, this story comes from something his glove literally said. >> in 1954, 22-year-old boxer cassius clay had left his home in kentucky to train at the fifth street gym in miami, where his big fight against the reigning king of the ring, sonny liston. with the smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture opens, one of the most famed artifacts will be about muhammed
5:51 pm
>> we have several pieces where he trained. >> insides one of the giant processing rooms for the thousands of items being readied for the exhibition, collections chief rene anderson shows off a prized piece from the prize fighter. >> this is practice glove from cassius clay. it is signed. and he has always been a confident person. >> i'm young, i'm handsome, i'm fast, i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat. >> cassius clay was young, handsome and in those days, he was known as the louisville lip. for what was seen as his cocky, some would call arrogant confidence. >> it says from cassius clay, january 1964. next heavyweight champion of the world. he felt pretty confident. >> he was confident. he's claiming what was to come. >> well he wrote on that glove proved to be prophetic. a month later against all the odds makers, cassius clay
5:52 pm
the heavyweight champion of the world. he punched his way through famous fights with joe frazier, george forman. entertaining with his jb jabs, prancing footwork and a personality filled with poetic wit, like his famous float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. his controversial conversion to islam changing his name to muhammed and refusal to fight in vietnam on religious grounds. shut down his career for a few years. temporarily taking away his titles. he was down, but not out. and in standing firm for his principles on racial justice and religious freedom, he won the respect of many. he made a comeback in the ring, regaining his lost titles and he remains today, the only man who has three times been crowned heavyweight champion of the world.
5:53 pm
muhammed ali earned his place in history books as one of america's greatest athletes. earning the praise of presidents and people around the world. while books tell his story. the museum hopes to do more. >> i think people get excited when they can see artifacts directly and indirectly associated with him as a person and the context and experience that he has. >> a small glove, that tells a very big story. >> of course there will be more to learn about the life of muhammed ali at the museum after it opens on september 24th. tomorrow on news4 at 6:00, i'm going to show you an artifact that was resurrected to help tell one of the many stories about music and musicians in america. we'll show you how the "soul train" sign was brought back to life by a local artist. that story part of a larger exhibition showcasing
5:54 pm
black american culture. >> what a fantastic look back. >> it's wonderful to see all the old film and teachers. >> amazing. >> remember? >> i remember when he was cassius clay. >> tomorrow's is good because i think it will turn you on to a lot of music. whether it's gospel, whatever. the black history museum is going to cover it. >> wonderful. >> it opens in september. >> the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> we know what you're saying. primary problems -- angry people concerned raise about the troubled d.c. elections office. and why things may not be ready in time for to you cast your
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the 75 million dollar lawsuit between sports reporter erin andrews and a nashville hotel is now in court. michael barrett was already convicted for altering a peephole and recording a video of andrews, andrews is suing the nashville marriott for negligence and invasion of privacy. her lawyers say the hotel should never have given barrett a room next to hers. hotel lawyers say barrett figured out andrews' hotel room on his ohm. the primary election hearing coming up. >> new concerns that the district's troubled elections board will not be ready. >> news4's tom sherwood has
5:58 pm
report. >> d.c. elections officials at the council today. where long-time elections board critic dorothy brazil says she fears the board will have another slow night counting votes for the june 14th city primary and presidential balloting. >> nothing seems to change. i'm here today, to say that things are far worse at the board of elections than i have ever seen them. >> the three-member board has two vacancies. the court is requesting the legality of key decisions, office is behind in getting new voter equipment and training workers. there's no permanent executive director. >> i can share my own frustration that we aren't seeing the sort of progress that we should see. >> but judiciary chairman kenyan mcduffie gave a mild-mannered response, brizill criticized him. >> perhaps because you're a lawyer or trying to be a nice guy, you're not using stronger language. but i will.
5:59 pm
went on. i have information on the table and your staff did not even come and get it. >> i did not interrupt you, ms. brizill. >> and mcduffy tried to engage brizill further, she walked out. after she lecht, the elections board announced it expected to get new voting equipment next week and will start training workers. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. now at 6:00, gunfire on the green line, a man shot inside a metro train and carried out on a stretcher. >> minutes later, two arrests, but the investigation is far from over. >> tonight we have team coverage of the crime that may be a first in the transit agency's history. >> share the video real-time, the snapshot of the two suspects was very helpful today, obviously. >> and the reaction from nervous riders as police search for more suspects. >> i watch the news every morning,i not really safe. li
6:00 pm
security hours after that shooting. but the situation continues to unfold tonight. >> tonight, our reporters are gathering new leads. here's what we know so far. the shooting happened inside a train that was stopped at the anacostia station. the victim later rushed to a hospital. mark segraves broke the story on twitter and joins us now from the station with the latest. mark? >> here on news4 as you said, news4 was first on the scene here at the anacostia metro station after the shooting took place. and my colleague adam tuss was the only reporter on the south capitol bridge when the two suspects were arrested. it was here on the south capital street bridge where the d.c. police spotted the two suspects, a 19-year-old and a 15-year-old. both males, both now under arrest. >> metro transit police in their security operations center were able to bring up cameras and see suspects leaving the train. they were able to get a clothing description on those suspects. >> the victim was shot in his


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