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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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those teen years approaching too quickly for my kids. >> they're coming. stay with us. "news4 today" continues, it's 5:00 a.m. we love nevada, we love nevada. thank you. >> we can't just elect someone that's angry. we have to elect someone that will make a difference. >> we are one step closer to turning the operation on the failures of the obama/clinton disaster. >> make america great again. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. one of the big stories we're followed this morning, donald trump's landslide victory in nevada. >> we'll get you up to speed on that in just a minute, but first a storm team 4 weather alert. look at all the rain headed our way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell keeping an eye on this. chuck. >> ha
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morning. cold rain to get you out the door. temperatures in the 40s with light rain. strong storms to finish up the day. severe weather possibilities run from 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. there's just enough rain on top of yesterday's, there say flood threat as well. keep a careful look on the sky. have your storm team 4 app fired up, or your nbc washington app fired up. predawn storms. that's the energy lifting our way. that first wave of energy could be in here around noon or 2:00. the next 24 hours, 30s to near 40s with cold rain this morning. 60s by late this afternoon and evening. heavy rain and thunder possible. wet and windy in the 40s by tomorrow morning. tom's got the impact on your news and travel in ten minutes. breaking news4 traffic. breaking news. we have a jackknifed tractor trailer. onle
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on the outer loop at georgia avenue. on the inner loop, we have reports of multiple vehicles damaged box of the debris into the inner loop lanes because of this crash. we also have a fuel spill. something that's going to last through the morning commute. it's going to be a while. we have molette green on the way. and we'll have more coming up from her and the rest of the problems around town, in a few minutes. trump, trump, trump trump, trump, trump! >> another win for donald trump this time in nevada. trump took about 46% of the vote followed by senators marco rubio and ted cruz. rubio earned 23%. cruz right behind it, 22%. ohio governor john kasich lost the nevada caucus by about 3% and ben carson, 5%. people in virginia and a dozen
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for the nomination. trump will carry the momentum to virginia beach this afternoon. >> we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> nbc's tracie potts is in washington this morning. tracie, good morning to you. donald trump racking up delegates, he's likely to get even more on super tuesday. >> yeah, it's really a numbers game. they're trying to get to the magic number, 1237. that's how many delegates are needed to win the republican nomination. so far, relative few have been awarded. donald trump is way out there with 79 delegates, but he's got a long way to go. most of the delegates awarded. in fact, more than half needed for this nomination are coming in in a week on super tuesday. some states award those delegates proportionately, meaning they break them up with voters in that state. others are winner take all.
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states are ohio and florida. and they come a couple weeks after super tuesday. there are others that have a bit of a mix, they award delegates at conventions. bottom line, they're all trying to get to that magic number, right now, donald trump is ahead. >> for sure. what about the other candidates. what can we expect the next few days, marco rubio with ted cruz neck and neck right now. >> yes, ted cruz hoping that he can get many of those 150 delegates awarded on tuesday. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. 5:04. we turn to the fight for the democratic nomination. former president bill clinton will be in raleigh. four days ahead of the south carolina primaries and race is dominating the conversation on the campaign trail. >> we have serious challenges. and i think it's important for people, and particularly for white people to be honest about
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experiences may not equip us to understand what a lost our african-american fellow citizens go through every single day. >> and senator bernie sanders took a swing at the republican front-runner donald trump saying he was behind a, quote, racist effort to delegitimize president obama. sanders went further criticizing the entire presidential field. >> i have known secretary clinton for 25 years. i respect her and i like her. you know, in the midst of the campaign crazy things happen. but that's the truth. i like her and i respect. it's not a personal fight or stuff like that. we're not republicans, after all. >> sanders will hold a rally in kansas city this afternoon. he is substantially behind clinton in the latest south carolina polls. last night, clinton maintained that she's working for every vote and not taking a single state for granted. two teens are charged with shooting a man whilei
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19-year-old andre brody and a 16-year-old will be in court. police say the 16-year-old was the shooter and they want him tried as an adult. the person shot inside the train at the anacostia station is out of the hospital this morning. police say it will be identified as authorities look at the video. authorities say this is the first time they can remember that a shooting happened on a train. erika gonzalez lab live with what to expect on metro safety. ahead, the virus what has so many people worried will be the subject of a congressional hearing. committees from both the house and senate will see whether the cdc is doing everything possible to stop the spread of the zika virus. the director from the cdc will testify at those hearings about the agency response in the u.s. and abroad. as part of the effort to fight zika, the cdc
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trinidad and tobago and the marshall islands as part of the no travel list. and also 14 case information the u.s. among the 14 cases, two pregnant women whose infections have been confirmed. until now there have been only been two confirmed cases of sexual transmission zika in the u.s. storm alert day. you should be okay, but. you're headed out this afternoon, things can get tricky. chuck bell is back with your commuter forecast. that storm system is blamed for several deaths. now this morning, we're learning about several confirmed tornadoes. and breaking news on the top of the beltway just a mess. outer loop at
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom e
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in northwest. we've got a steady drizzle. i've got the umbrella going today you'll need it as you head out the door. take a look at storm team 4 radar. we've got drizzle from the north. fairfax county, loudoun, prince william. this drizzle moving into montgomery and more on the way. for the morning commute, you'll have the wipers going, you'll have wet roads. maybe a little ice way out farther to the north and west. temperatures in upper 30s. big change this afternoon, could be battling thunderstorms, we'll be in the low 60s. melissa has breaking news on the roads. >> breaks news, tom. top of the beltway. take a look. outer loop at georgia avenue. we have three lanes blocked, jackknifed tractor trailer with a fuel spill there. some of the debris from the crash went into the innerloop lane. it's open but
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parkway that crash causing a 1 1/2 mile backup. beltway mostly dry. all of the green, of course, a little moisture going. we'll take a look at 270 and talk more about this problem top of the beltway coming up. keeping you safe on a metro train. what we're learning they have planned. good news,
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ngress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittlthis as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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breaking news, top of the beltway, outer loop at georgia avenue very slow this morning. a jackknifed tractor trailer, a fuel spill and debris has three lanes blocked. we're going to explain why this issal affecting some in the innerloop coming up. we're also tracking the heavy rain heading our way on the storm team 4 weather day. if you
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can see that rain is moving in. we'll take a look sat that, as well as your weekend forecast in a few minutes. 5:16, it's the first time metro officials remember a shooting happened on board a train. now there's a push to increase safety. news4's erika gonzalez is live inside the l'enfant plaza station. >> reporter: yesterday at the anacostia station shots fired. hard to imagine for a lot of folks. scary at that. you're boarding a metro train and you hearsay gunshot. a man shot in the back. metro police have put together surveillance video and description of the suspects. as a result, two teenagers were arrested. today, the teens will be arraigned, charged with assault and attempt to kill. the motive unknown. metro police say things have got
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obvious than ever. >> we always want to be more visible. you know, sometimes, it's a dark environment. we want to change our appearance a little bit, spruce it up. >> reporter: and we learned that the victim was treated at the hospital and later released, as you mentied earlier. the first time metro says it can remember anything like this happening on a train. live outside the l'enfant plaza, metro station, i'm erika gonzalez, news4. developing now, three people missing and three others dead from tornadoes and wiped out entire neighborhoods down south. look at this devastation. this is a trailer park in southeast louisiana. cars are overturned. rescue crews say they'll keep searching debris in hopes of finding anyone alive. those deadly storms now heading east. take a look
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the wind howling. sheets of rain pouring down. this is in a hotel in the panhandle. drivers are being told to stay off the road if possible until the weather passes. today in connecticut, arguments over the murder conviction of michael skakel. skakel was first convicted of the murder in 2002. he was zbragranted a new trial freed on bail after a lower court ruled that the prosecution failed to present a key witness. if you jump around and get out of your seat, researchers took a look at second and third graders who exercised while they learned math and language. those kids did better on tests. the better test scores
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about four extra months of learning. you got to get up and move. buyer beware, if seems if you buy food that is labeled natural that may not be the case. with millions of people trying to eat healthier meal, consumer rights advocates are calling for changes in how food is labeled. right now, there are no standards in place. so natural means whatever the seller wants it to mean. 62% of shoppers look for the word "natural" thinking it's a safer healthier option. >> that's why we think the "natural" label is so incredibly misleading. it may people to think that that food may meet that attribute, when in fact it does not. >> a petition for the fda and usda to ban those natural labels. the fda is now asking for public comment. it's 5:19, the local impact we're about to feel from decision 2016
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today, donald trump takes his momentum to voters in virginia beach. former president bill clinton will be in north virginia. he'll be there 3:00 this afternoon. rival democrat bernie sanders visited norfolk. and another virginia school district that plans on closing for super tuesday. we'll take a look at that in just a minute. but first, chuck bell on this weather alert day. chuck. >> thanks, aaron. be ready for a very busy day, everybody. have your washington app downloaded and ready to go. drizzle and cold. there say freezing rain advisory from frederick, maryland, down to west virginia. it's technically above freezing. we're watching that early this morning. chances for springlike severe weather coming our way between
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and evening. after a soaker of a day yesterday, more rain coming today. locally over an inch of rain possible today. flooding concerns are also up. weather will really impact your plans from now to noon. light rain, maybe some pockets of ice north and west of the city. no ice in town. noon to 7:00. chances for heavy rain and thunderstorms with primarily a damaging wind threat. from 7:00 until midnight, rain ending but wind increasing and some very blustery days coming ahead after today. right now, it's only 36 in hagerstown. 42, washington. 41 in fredericksburg. be forewarned for trouble today. after 11:00, cold rain, a surge of air brings temperatures in the 60s today. between 3:00 and 7:00, storms in southern maryland between 3:00 and 8:00. highed today, 30s for
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up into the 60s for later on today. a quick check of the forecast. thunder showers likely. maybe a passing shower tomorrow. dry weather into the weekend but staying very breezy. thursday, friday, into friday night. saturday sunday look good and dry but on the chilly side. breaking news on the roads, here's melissa mollet with the latest. >> breaking news. take a look at this, molette green just sent us this at georgia avenue. take a look. now let's look at my map and see really what we're dealing with. again on the outerloop, still very slow. we have three lanes blocked there. and debris in those innerloop lanes have caused problems there. a fuel spill top of the beltway. going to be some time before cleared out of the way. southbound, bw parkway, and then northbound branch avenue, a re
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light. 270 at falls road, again, nice and light this morning. this is what you're dealing with. back here in ten minutes. you have to understand how former mayor gray feels, though. >> d.c.'s new u.s. attorney responding to questions about former mayor vincent gray's long running investigation. channing phillips decided not to bring charges against gray. in the first one-on-one with phillips, this was the first decision about that. phillips took office, one of his first move was to close the case against former mayor gray. for years prosecutors tried to prosecutor that gray knew about a slush fund to help get him elected. 12 people pleaded guilty from charges stemming from that investigation. >> we have cases pending from that. hopefully, going through that we'll have a better understanding as to why the decision was made. beyond that, i
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comment. >> the key with the innocence that case, a millionaire admitted he set up a campaign fund. phillips said he could not comment on whether more charges could be filed against thompson. we are learning what could have caused antonin scalia's death. he suffered from coronary artery disease and sleep apnea. a breathing apparatus was found next to the bed but wasn't hooked up or turned on. the attorney from the county that scalia died justices made an autopsy not necessary. the scalia was found dead at a ranch near texas. decision 2016 affecting thousands of students and their parents. loudoun county will be closed in order to anticipate the higher
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primary. students in fairfax, spotsylvania county will also not have school on super tuesday. the arlington county board is voting unanimously -- last night, rather, unanimously voted to keep the rate unchanged the 2015 tax rate. a half cent reduction was turned down. and the board also will advertise public hearing. and proposed fees for ambulance transportation fees. another shocking case of a school employee in the area crossing the line with the student. now facing charges for having a sexual relationship with a teen. let's show you another look at storm team 4 radar. you can see all of that green headed in our direction. done expect just rain.
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breaking news still going on here, top of the beltways. take a look, this is molette green driving there. just a short time ago, is this outer loop at georgia avenue. you can see the delays there. this is because of a jackknifed tractor trailer. take a look at my map. outer loop at georgia slow. innerloop is open but still slow as well. three lanes blocked we have debris into those outer loop lanes that damaged a couple of cars.
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we have delays because of that earlier crash in brandywine, northbound with that malfunctioning traffic lighting causing a bit of an issue. overall, we're actually looking quite good. top of the beltway, a spot to avoid. i'll toss to chuck bell, we see rain coming in spots and we're talking a lot about this weather alert day. >> absolutely. really going to mess up later on today with rain. tom kierein said it's drizzling as hard as it possible can. so a weather alert day for you today. pockets of iciness, northern most maryland, panhandle of west virginia. not a big impact with that but we're watching it closely. strong storms this afternoon and turning quite windy tonight and into the next couple of day. there's the freezing rain. trimmed back to only include western maryland and parts of the west virginia. temperatures are above freezing everywhere. that's the reason why. but flood watches
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through 11:00 tonight. be ready for a very busy weather day. thunderstorms likely rolling through the metro between 2:00 and 7:00 tonight. we'll talk about the intensity of the winds coming up in a few minutes. back to the news. we're learning more details in a disturbing case of child sex abuse and pornography. former school aide deonte carraway now faces several charges for producing child pornography and abusing students. the suspect used a popular app for producing the videos. we have learned more about the charges filed against deonte carraway, both on the federal level and prince george's county. the feds told us that carraway waved his rights after being brought in for questioning. and that he admitted to making the video and how he was able to meet up.
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he's facing eight federal charges. prince george's county, he's been indictedbusing one child there and now facing six charges. the prince george's county district attorney is planning on building more cases. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. melissa has been telling us about this accident on the outer loop of the beltway. news4's molette green is there with the latest. molette. >> reporter: aaron, good morning, yeah, let me just step out of the way and show you the accident scene down where you can see the tractor trailer into the guard rail here. right beside me is the bumper of the tractor trailer here off to the shoulder. melissa has been talking about the traffic getting by. three lanes here on the outer loop. and you can see the
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jersey wall, the barrier, over there, where debris from this crash went over into the innerloop and caused several cars, many cars on that side to be impacted. and they had to pull over on to the shoulder. we're here just before the exit to georgia avenue, at the scene here. this investigation and cleanup is going to take some time. this is a mess here on the outerloop of the beltway. let me step out and let you see just what's going on here, as work crews and state highway is here on the scene, that is, to try to work on this terrible accident. we can tell you that one person is injured in this accident. taken to the hospital. no word yet on the extent of the injuries or who that person was. we're working to get you more details as we stay on top of this developing story here at the top of the beltway. back to you. >> molette, we'll check
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with you. it's 5:32, a basketball coach from the highland cool, george logan coached athletes. place say logan started sexting with a 16-year-old student at that school back in january. she eventually went back to his home in manassas where he had sexual contact with her. police are warning parents to keep a close eye on what your kids are doing. >> you never know what your child may be going through that she's not or he's not telling you about. >> the school sent a letter to parent saying they're keeping the students' well-being at the front of their efforts. logan was arrested yesterday and no longer a coach at that school. a prince george's sheriff deputy accused of hitting his wife. he threatened his wife with his service gun and hit her on the back with it.
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the report says it happened last week in charles county. batina posted bond. students are being warned to watch out as to ho they let into their dorm rooms. university police said a gunman forced had its way into the room when a student answered the door. that man was followed by a second. six students were robbed but they didn't report the incident for 24 hours. it happened sunday evening at montgomery hall. and police are investigating an indecent exposure report that happened in the men's restroom inside the library. a man exposed himself there and that man ran away when the victim shouted. right now, there's no suspect. safety concerns this morning after a gas leak blew up a basement in prince williams county. it happened in the woodbridge area. utility crews and firefighters were outside of a house, checking the gas line, when the explosion occurred. no one was
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washington gas is expected to replace 800 gas lines in the area. the process could take a year and a half. today, remembering an american hero, colonel fred cherry died last week. the family is holding his funeral today. cherry was the first african-american officer to become a prisoner of war in vietnam. he was shot down by enemy fire and held for seven years. his son talks about is how hard it was waiting for his father to return. >> he'd be gone, week after week, but he always came back. this time, he doesn't come back. >> colonel cherry was 83 years old. he will be buried in arlington national cemetery. another rocket launch today, spacex launching a satellite from cape canaveral then is flying an experimental
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however, they say today's launch is more complicated so engineers don't think the landing will be a success which then of course begs the question, why try. it's expensive. >> it sure is. >> if it's going to get broken up. >> yeah. maybe they're listening now. if you don't have it already, today might be a good day to get the nbc washington app. >> it's going to come in handy because it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. tom kierein is back with whether heavy rain will be a factor at the bus stop this morning. and breaking news -- top of the beltway still quite slow. outerloop at georgia
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welcome back. 5:39 in that in cuba, one of the cat t castros is dead today. ramon castro. he did not go into politics, instead he was a life long rancher and farmer. he did work as an visor to the country's minister of agriculture. right now, out on the storm team 4 weather deck, we've got a drizzle that's drilling down. you do need your umbrella, as we start off this wet wednesday morning. there is a chill in the air. take a lookat
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radar. it's showing this drizzle that's coming on through. and it's coming down even harder where you see the areas in the darker blue that's coming right into montgomery county. northern loudoun county moving north. there are waves of light rain and even steady drizzle that's going to be continuing to advance to the north sweeping through the metro area over the next hour. at the bus stop, you have your umbrella with you, it will be upper 30s, chilly rain. this afternoon, strong storms moving in, temperatures in the low 60s by late afternoon. we've got problems this morning for the commute. melissa has breaking news. >> breaking news at the top of the beltway. take a live look right now. u outerloop at georgia satisfactory is where the problem is. outerloop at georgia really slow. one lane blocked and on the inner loop, they just shut down another right lane. the inner loop will shut down completely soon as they try to
5:41 am
to 15 minutes. allow extra time if you're headed out on the innerloop. top of the beltway, 95 to 1270 no problems. 286 to beltway, no issues. it's a problem that impacted a lot of people it's even blamed for deaths. this morning, we know the cause for the takata air bag explosion. and they say first responders are the blame for their
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breaking news, top of the beltway, outer loop here at georgia avenue. again, we have one right lane blocked there. one right lane blocked also on it's inner loop of the beltway. tractor trailer crash. word has it they're going to be shutting down the inner loop for about 15 minutes c
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i'm chuck bell, weather alert day, cold and drizzle today could lead to strong thunderstorms this afternoon with damaging winds and even flooding possibility as well. check of the radar, the seven-day in just five minutes. it was the first time metro officials remember a shooting happening on board a train. now there's a push to increase safety. erika gonzalez live at l'enfant plaza. >> reporter: yes, we are live outside of the l'enfant plaza station, the green line, yesterday, at the anacostia station, shots fired. a really scarile thought for a lot of people. hard to imagine you're boarding a metro train and you hear a gunshot. a man shot in the back, rushed to the hospital. metro transit police were quick to get out surveillance video, a description of the suspect. as a result, two teenagers were arrested. today, those teens will be charged with assault and intent to kill. the motive
5:46 am
metro transit police say things have got to change and their presence has to be more obvious than ever. >> we always want to be more visible. you know, sometimes, dark environment, the station is not like we like. we want to change our appearance a little bit, spruce it up. >> reporter: we learned the victim was taken to the hospital, treated and later released. as you mentioned metro saying this is the first time it can recall something like this ever happening. outside of the l'enfant metro station, i'm erika gonzalez, news4. we've been talking a lot about the primary coming up but there's new focus on d.c.'s primary. they're concerned the district's election board won't be ready. there are multiple vacancies on the board right now. the court is questioning the legality of the decisions. the office is behind in getting new voting equipment and
5:47 am
there's no permanent director. >> nothing has changed. things are worse at the board of elections than i've ever seen them. >> i'm also seeing my own frustration that we're not seeing progress in something that's important to the district. >> the district elections board says it's expected new voting equipment to come in next week. it will start training workers soon after that. d.c.'s primary election set for june 14th. ahead with problems in polling in caucuses in nevada. leaders in a polygamist secretary in utah will face debt fraud and money laundering charges. associated with warren jeffs. jeffs is now serving a life sentence for sexually assaults a 12 and 15-year-old girl. the fbi arrested two other people including two of jeffs' brothers on these fraud and laundering charges. some of those arrest ld face a judge later on today. this morning, there's a fight betw
5:48 am
people they elected to represent them. earlier this month, the city council rejected that deal saying it would bankrupt ferguson. federal prosecutors sued the city after council spoke on the pirn. at a meeting last night, residents questioned whether the deal would really cause bankruptcy. new this morning, three "f"s for the president on his drone policy. on how transparent and accountable when the administration was. releasing information to the public, developing oversight measures and preparing reports on how legal the strikes are. the administration responded. a senior official said, quote, this administration is committed to being as open and transparent as possible when it comes to our counterterrorism operation. 5:48. and the e-cigarette market is booming in the u.s. right now.
5:49 am
and experts are asking and opponents say they are less harmful than regular cigarettes. one doctor refers to the unregulated electronic cigarette as the large unknown black box. and using them could make you more susceptible to infections or even cancer. >> depending on the concentration, you add, it's having a definite impact on the lung epithelials. >> experts say using e-cigarettes as an effort to give up smokes is not a good idea because there are too many unknowns. ch. it is time for a check of your forecast now on this storm team 4 weather alert day. chuck bell is telling us what we can expect. stormy weather, right? >> you betcha, eun. a whole lot of colder weather to get you out the door and then springlike when yre
5:50 am
on today. a very impactful weather day on the horizon. what to expect then for today. just light rain and drizzle outside. it's the cold damp drizzle that makes you so mad. storm chances rolling in after 3:00, 4:00, some of them could be strong, potentially severe. the best risk for severe weather will be across southern maryland, the northern neck, south of d.c. from fredericksburg to richmond. an enhanced risk there. everybody has a chance for severe thunderstorms. hard to believe we're talking temperatures with mid and upper 30s to 40s out the door this morning. flood watches are also posted. had about half to three quarters inch of rain yesterday. potentially another three quarters inch to an inch of rain today. planning the day out, light rain near 40 this more than. steady rains near 50 by lunchtime. possibility for strong thunderstorms between 3:00 or 4:0th
5:51 am
7:00 or 8:00 tonight. with temperatures in the 60s. so very mild air racing in our direction. first thing this morning, mist and drizzle and light rain from gaithersburg to quantico and everybody is wet from yesterday's rain. the area of thunderstorms near north of the raleigh area is lifting northbound. that's only about six hours from here. that put it in here just before noon today. on the future weather. here comes the rain. 11:00 a.m., that's that rumble of thunder in raleigh right now. here's 4:00 this afternoon, frederick to leesburg to warrington to charlottesville, that comes in at 4:00 and 6:00 tonight. be ready. have the nbc washington app fired up and ready to go. 50s today with thunderstorms. 50s tomorrow, it will be a dry day, albeit
5:52 am
a cold start to the weekend saturday. but milder by sunday afternoon. we'll take a look at how high the wind lbs. with the camera on the scene, we have one right lane blocked outer loop at georgia. one rating lane blocked on the inner loop at georgia as well. take a look at these backups, outer loop crotchi loop approac coatesville road as well. if you can avoid that, do that. the innerloop is shutting down for debris cleanup. a jackknifed tractor trailer with a fuel spill as well. 193, out of the way. and northbound branch a traffic light malfunctioned. 66 no major problems on 270. aaron. it's 5:52, the family of a d.c. man who died after a failed
5:53 am
answers. the family of albert jackson wants the department of justice to investigate deaths through to 911 delays. jackson had a heart attack on january 3rd. first responders went to the right location but they left before they actually helped jackson. they thought they were no longer needed when they saw police working on someone else at the scene. d.c.'s fire chief called it an honest mistake. >> people can make a mistake, nothing like this. nobody makes a mistake like this. you know, they just ignored everything to me. >> jackson's family says it will not file a lawsuit against the city for now because of a law that says no one is entitled to a 911 response. they plan to start an online petition to have that law changed. an explanation this morning for the deadly takata air bag explosion that forever changed nearly 150 families. an independent testing coalition found multiple factors in the ex
5:54 am
and high humidity. researchers found those factors caused some bags to inflate with too much force and hurl shrapnel at drivers and passengers. the explosions are responsible for killing at least ten people and hurting 139 others nationwide. there's been a lot of talk lately about your phone's privacy and now we're learning how apple plans to fight the government in court. they want to ask congress as to whether to break into a suspected terrorist phone, according to the associated press. now, the fbi wants apple to help them access the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. a lot of leaders in the tech world have said they are on apple's side. >> i don't think requiring back door inscription is either going to be an effective way to increase security. or is really the right thing to do. for just the direction that the world is going. >> that was founder, facebook, founder, mark
5:55 am
bill gates who founded microsoft came down on the fbi's side here. he said there are times when companies should help the government and that the issue is not black and white. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. you may buy a suit on amazon but would you buy a suit made by amazon. the retailer has seven fashion brands on 1800 new products. and men, women's accessories to children's clothing. a men's suit goes for about 300 bucks. amazon is not publicly promoting the venture just yet. that's the cnbc business report. i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. it's 5:55, students, friends, family gathered to remember a 17-year-old boy who was shot and killed on saturday in kalamazoo, michigan. mourners gathered on a field at tyler smith high school there. tyler played on the soccer team. he was set to graduate this year. hundreds of paper
5:56 am
released in memory of the young student. jason dalton is being charged on six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. have you ever wondered about the risks that your teen is aching. cog to "the washington post," researcher has 100 teenage boyce play card games. some together, some alone. those who played together took bigger risks, but they also played better than their peers who played alone. it looks like the wait is almost over. this weekend, you should be able to ride a street car along the h street corridor on the district. you see file here of practice runs that's been going on it seems like forever. the first street car set to pick up riders on h street about 10:00 saturday morning. the street car ride will be free for at least the first six months that they're transporting pas
5:57 am
help people get accustomed to using it. the system will not run on sundays, though. that day will be a day of rest. a day for maintenance. an absolute mess here at the top of the beltway, involving a jackknifed tractor trailer here. just before georgia avenue. we're going to tell you what state highway is planning to do in just minutes. to impact both the outer and inner loop.
5:58 am
5:59 am
that breaking news on the beltway. a tractor trailer accident blamed for problems on the inner loop also. we'll take you live to the scene with what happened in just a minute. but first, a weather alert day as we brace for potential severe weather. we could see strong thunderstorms, damaging winds even flooding. >> this is the first system that has come across the south with wind with extensive damage and claiming at least three lives. storm team meteorologist chuck bell is preparing you for conditions ahead. he's here now with how the next 24 hours will play out. it's going to be rough, chuck? >> yes,
6:00 am
south it will be a an impactful weather day. there are rain showers out there for now. this is not what has me concerned, it's later on today is when i have the concern. a cold rain gets you out the door this morning. strong storms to finish up the afternoon. and a risk of flooding behind the storms. the winds could really be very strong. out of the southeast here for the daylight hours today. higher gusts with thunderstorms this afternoon. but by tonight into tomorrow and friday, winds go west-northwest, 25 to 35 miles per hour sustained. be forewarned for trouble today. anytime after an lunchtime today, especially in the metro, 3:00, 4:00, this afternoon. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, in parts of southern maryland. back to you, guys. we'll be updating through the course of the show. at 6:00 a.m., a crash on the top of the beltway could have a major impact on your commute. >> molette green is live at the crash site in silver spring now with more. molette. >> reporter: aaron, take a


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