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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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storm team4 radar has been tracking strong storms all afternoon. they have already caused some big problems in other parts of the country. we begin over in the storm center. that's where doug and v.j. are standing by with team coverage. where is this storm right now? >> well, right now, guys, we're seeing some very strong storms moving through the d.c. metro area but this is just strong storms. the severe weather comes a little bit later on with a strong line. we have a tornado watch in effect until 11:00 tonight. this is a storm that really does mean business. >> it could last as late as 8:00 or 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. part of the same system that produced the severe weather through the deep south. doug? >> yeah. take a look at what we're dealing with right now. here is the strong storms that we're watching. these did have some possible tornadoes south of fredericksburg but now the rotation has weakened. heavy rain falling around fairfax county, d.c., prince george's county, up toward montgomery county, down towards portions of prince william
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you can see this line making its way our way. very strong thunderstorms especially where you see the pinks. these are all moving towards our region. because of that, we are under that tornado watch. you can see it affects everybody to the east of the blue ridge. this is where we have some warmer air that's moved in. it's now 65 in d.c. still only in the 40s back towards dulles, but even there we do expect to see some severe weather. notice the tornado warnings towards our south and west. a couple tornado warnings with that line. all of these moving in. the crunch time i think for our region will be between 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, maybe 8:00. so between 5:00 and 8:00 is when we expect to see the worst. >> and, of course, what to do so important. between now and the next several hours, strong severe thunderstorms, not just damaging winds, they could lead to a handful of power outages but also isolated tornadoes and that's what's so important in knowing what to do. in your home, building, make sure you get to the basement,
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you don't have a basement. make sure you do not open any windows. mobile home, you want to get out, get to the lowest floor of a nearby sturdy building if you can. if a tornado warning is issued and you know someone that is in their car and nearby, near that potential tornado, give them a call, let them know what to do, and never seek shelter under a bridge or overpass. so important. we'll be providing that throughout the next couple of hours. >> and this is going to be a very fast-moving event, so you're going to see things like rain making its way across the area and then you will get a severe storm rolling through. stay with storm team4. we'll continue to keep you pops posted. we're going to keep you ahead of the storm. a dangerous situation unfolding for the next couple hours. here is an example of how strong the storm system can be. more than 70 homes and apartments were damaged from a tornado in pensacola, florida. three people there suffered minor injuries. and right now investigators are trying to figure out if rai
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on the beltway. one person was hit when a truck slammed into a injury say wall near georgia avenue. it september debris flying into oncoming traffic just before the morning rush. it's times like these when breaking weather alerts on the nbc washington app could keep you safe from some of the severe weather. you can download it on your snart phone right now. new details about the former's teacher's aide charged with sexually abusing students and producing child pornography on cool grounds. there are now six civil lawsuits against deonte carraway and the principal of the elementary school where he worked. tracee wilkins has just talked to the attorney lahandling thes lawsuits. what did they find in their investigation? >> we keep getting more information. yesterday we heard from the feds. before that we were hearing from the state's attorney. now we're finding out a lot more about the civil suits that have been filed so far. as you said, there are now six civil suits filed against 22-year-old
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more are expected to be filed before theant of the week. 17 victims have been identified so far. today we sat down with attorney timothy maloney and he's the attorney behind these suits, and he shared some of what his investigators have found as they continue to mr. their case against carraway. the prince george's county school board says carraway was left with little to no supervision when he worked at the school. >> deonte carraway had the run of the school. he could pull kids out of classrooms, pull them out of the library. he ran what was called the walking home club where he would have access to various homes in the community. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 5:00, we hear more about what they have found in their own investigation of what carraway was able to do at this school. this is something that the school board is also reviewing policies on volunteers and what they're able to do and access once inside t
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we'll have more details coming up at 5:00. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. right now going to show you some live pictures from the durant art center in alexandria. they are gathering there waiting for former president bill clinton to appear at a campaign rally for his wife, hillary clinton. virginia is one of several states holding a nominating contest next tuesday, super tuesday. virginia will be one of the biggest swing states in the general election in november. news4's tom sherwood is working the story and his full report is coming up on news4 at 6:00. the gop front-runner was in virginia today fresh off his landslide win in the nevada caucuses last night. donald trump spoke at regent university in virginia beach. he joined religious leader pat robertson for a forum. trump has been aggressively courting christian conservatives, and he's done very well with that voting group in the last several primaries and caucuses.
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>> reporter: as the delegation from d.c., maryland, and virginia wraps up its final day here in havana, most of them headed back either later tonight or tomorrow to the d.c./washington area, we look ahead to what is the next big visit, that is the visit by u.s. president barack obama, the first time a u.s. president has come to cuba in nearly nine decades. a lot of anticipation here. you're going to hear ahead on news4 at 5:00 from an american student. her family is cuban-american. they have not been back sips they left cuba in the '80s. however she's on a study abroad exchange. she brings a unique take on what it's like to be a cuban immigrant and to be back here for the first time. a lot of emotion, no question. you're going to hear some of her story plus how cubans are preparing for the president's visit. a lot to get to when we see you on news4
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>> thanks, david. some potentially new and interesting developments this afternoon. we're going to tell you who the president is considering to fill that vacancy on the u.s. supreme court and why it may be not who some people expected. and it's a weather alert day. a tornado watch in effect right now for the washington area. we're tracking the severe weather with continuing coverage all afternoon. keep it right here on news4.
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we have some powerful thunderstorms making their way through parts of our area. the tornado warnings in red. the tornado watch pretty much covers all of our viewing area, but you can see there around the northern neck, the red you're seeing as well as just south of charlottesville, this is associated with another line that's going to be moving our way and into our area over the next couple of minutes to maybe two to three hours that we're going to be tracking. as a matter of fact, take a look at the radar. you can see around the beltway, we're wet, down just to the south. moderate to heavy rain towards owings, mason beach. then the secondary line i mentioned to you, this is the one that could bring the damaging winds, maybe isolated tornadoes also to the area. already some reports down around areas just south and east of ch
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so, again, the possibility of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes over the next couple of hours. guys? thanks, v.j. tonight you can weigh in on how arlington county handled last month's blizzard. county officials are holding a forum at key elementary school and you're invited to share your concerns starting at 7:00. some of have you already responded to an online survey. more than half of those who did are satisfied or neutral about the county's response to the storm. late developments in the search for a new supreme court justice. nbc news is reporting that president obama is vetting nevada governor brian sandoval, a republican. sandoval is a former district court judge who stepped down from the bench to run for governor in 2009. the president says the court's credibility could be diminished if senate republicans refuse to hold a hearing on his nominee, and the president reacted to comments by vice president joe biden that nominees shouldn't be confirmed before an election. biden said that back in
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judiciary committee. obama says those comments don't apply to the current situation. the government just ordered one company with products in just about everybody's home to pay up. first at 4, the shocking claims and how this company is responding to our consumer team. love, laughter, sadness, the new emoji that is are completely shaking up the way we use social media. and we've had our first warning of the day across our area. a severe thunderstorm warning, the line back to the west we're watching. look at this storm right here towards st. mary's county, northern calvert county rather, calvert county and anne arundel county, right now seeing this storm. this storm making its way toward the north fairly quickly. up towards annapolis. this tornado warning goes into
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we could be in for a long night. first at 4, the potential for strong storms is already here. a tornado watch is in effect until 11:00, so keep your phone handy. we'll be sending you breaking news alerts on the nbc washington app. >> doug and veronica are tracking this together on this weather alert day. we'll get an update for new abo -- you in about 90 seconds. it's a household name at the center of a major lawsuit and one in particular will cost this company. >> a woman's
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lunged to johnson & johnson's talcum powder. >> susan, what happened in this case? >> well, that's right. this week a jury found johnson & johnson liable for fraud, intelligence, and conspiracy. the lawsuit claimed 59-year-old jacqueline fox of alabama suffered from ovarian cancer after years of using the company's talc-based baby powder and shower to shower. now, news4 spoke with the family attorney this afternoon. he tells us johnson & johnson failed for decades to the warn consumer its talc-based products could cause cancer. >> also a wake-up call for johnson & johnson. they have intentionally, willfully withheld this information from their customers. >> there are hundreds of lawsuits that claim similar
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allegations. however this one was first one where a jury actually awarded money to a victim. johnson & johnson tells us the recent verdict goes against decades of sound science proving the safety of talc as a cosmetic ingredient and while we sympathize with the family of the plaintiff, we strongly disagree with the outcome. now, we have a lot more information for you about this case, including court documents. just go to our nbc washington app and search johnson & johnson. back to you. thank you, susan. got to go to the storm center. doug, we understand there is a new severe thunderstorm warning out. >> it's kor calvert and anne arundel county really right along the chesapeake bay where we're seeing this. this is going to be a dangerous situation as we move through the rest of the night. we have a line of storms that's going to move through over the next couple hours and it already has a lot of severe weather with it. let's take a look and show you the radar right now. coming through our region, notice the very heavy rain.
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county, down towards fairfax county, along 97 here around baltimore, annapolis. this is the severe storm right now right on the border of northern calvert county and southern portions of anne arundel county. it's moving -- right along the bay here. heads up if you live along the bay. you will see that up around the annapolis area in about the next half hour moving across the chesapeake bay bridge. a severe thunderstorm warning there. the main area is back to the west. we have heavy rain around frederick and leesburg. not a lot of lightning here. that means we won't see a whole lot of wind with this, although it could get rather windy. the real danger is this line right here. look at this line. look at all the lightning associated with this. look at all the red associated with this. this is all moving towards the east. already around the winchester area. you may see some strong winds here. down to the south. now, i do expect over the next half hour once these move to the east of the blue ridge, then we're going to really see this enhancement of these storms.
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again, here is the blue ridge. here is east of the blue ridge, and look at these storms firing up just to the east. tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings associated with that. once we get to the piedmont, that's when i expect the strongest storms. this tornado watch is in effect until 11:00 tonight. we don't expect storms that late but we do expect the worst to be between 5:00 and 8:00 tonight. that's what we'll continue to watch. want to show you a closer view here. you notice this storm just south of charlotteille. that's a tornado warning. the orange is a severe thunderstorm warning. that's the line moving up. everybody else under that tornado watch, it does not include areas west of the blue ridge. east of the blue ridge, because of the temperature difference. 65 d.c. dulles and leesburg still in the 40s. where we have the warmer air we have the chance for strong storms. high winds, 50 to 60 miles an hour fairly
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tornadoes are possible as we move on throughout the rest of the day. so that tornado risk between low and medium. that's a high risk for our area. we really do expect to see one or two tornadoes in our region. high winds definitely going to see that, flash flooding could be a big impact here too. that's what we'll continue to see. now, next couple days things really begin to calm. 53 tomorrow with windy conditions. chilly on friday. windchill only in the 30s all day long and right now looking at a much nicer weekend. as we continue to mention, we're watching the storms for you. any new alerts, watches, or warnings we have them for you right here from the storm center. >> thanks so much. well, now you can like us or love us on facebook. facebook is out with five new emojis today. they are love, humor, anger, wow, and sad. you get them by holding down the like button on mobile devices or hovering over it on a desktop. i have been playing with this all day on my phoneth
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some of my friends. but the thing that gets me is with the anger. okay, if i hit the anger, am i saying i share your disgust with whatever topic that you're railing about or am i saying i really hate your post? >> i guess it could be whatever you want it to be. >> i put that question out -- >> and you can always explain it in words. >> words, what? hit me up on facebook because i'd love to know what people think about this too. >> and facebook's new feature is the subject of our nbc washington flash survey today. >> how do you feel about the new facebook reaction buttons? call or text the number on your screen or you can head over to the nbc washington facebook page to vote. how would you like it if the government told what you you can and can't eat? a controversial proposal that could keep some popular meals off the menus for millions. and breaking down the zika virus. dr. jackie joins to us answer some of the biggest questions about this quickly spreading virus. also a weather
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this afternoon the storm team4 x 4 is live on i-95 right near the stafford exit and it will be showing you what it's like as severe weather rolls through our area. we'll keep you updated on news4 and send you breaking weather
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nbc washington app. with the cdc now investigating 14 cases of zika that may be tied to sexual conduct, people have more questions than ever about the virus. in news4 your health, how to know if you have it and if you're pregnant or plan to get pregnant, how to protect your baby. dr. jackie is here today to talk about it. most people who have zika may not know they have it, so how do you know? what are the symptoms? >> well, first of all, it's rare. only 1 out of 5 people actually will manifest any symptoms, and they're really pretty mild. rash, fever, joint and muscle aches, pink eye. the symptoms usually go away in about a week. >> what about these cases of babies born with mick microceph and adults. >> these are associations, meaning we can't say for sure it's zhuo to the zika but it seems to be associated with it. microcephaly is when the baby is born with very sll
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at some point in the pregnancy and guyon bar ray is an immune response from the virus and you get paralyzed. this is a treatable disease in most cases. >> and what's the deal with testing for zika? >> well, you can get testing but we usually only do it in those specific cases when you're looking for the association to the disease. >> in most of the countries dealing with it now the virus is being spread by mosquitos. we know that. here in the u.s. there are real concerns about sexual transmission. what is a pregnant woman to do or a woman who is thinking about getting pregnant? >> well, a pregnant woman, first of all, has to be very careful because we don't know when in pregnancy it does affect the baby. she should stay away from all zika infected areas. this is not the time to be going to rio for sure. be aswear of your sexual partners and where they have been if they've been exposed to zika, and if you have been exposed, please go see your doctor. for people planning a pregnancy, it's basically the same advice.
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pregnancies are unplanned. so you shouldn't be visiting a zika area. you would want to know who your partners are and if they've been infected, and you need to be careful about that. >> and if they've been traveling. >> yeah. >> and how long is the incubation period? >> the incubation period itself is somewhere from 2 to 12 days. people usually get sick between day 3 and 7. the sexually transmitted version know, we're not really very sure of how long that is. what we know is it may stay in your system for weeks at a time, so it's really recommended that you avoid all sexual contact for at least a month if the man or the woman has been to an affected area. >> when you get back to the u.s., first thing you need to do? >> first thing you need to do, if you're concerned because you're thinking you're going to get it from a mosquito, that's very rare. it hasn't been documented in the united states. we don't have those kind of mosquitos particularly in this area. but if you're
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place you need to be careful about it, don't make babies for at least a month after possibly being exposed, and if you were infected from being there a few months or a year ago, you don't have to worry about that now. you are immune to the virus. it does pass out of your system. it's really if you are thinking of becoming protect egnant or certainly if you are pregnant now. >> thank you, dr. jackie. this goes beyond paying tribute to a potential law that could save lives. first at 4, how a local police officer's legacy is going to live on. a and it's a very busy afternoon in the storm center. doug and v.j. are tracking potentially strong storms on a wlp alert day.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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now at 4:30, we are in weather alert mode on this wednesday. >> the earlier rainstorm is nothing compared to what's on the way, and the winds are about to pick up in a big way. storm team4 says there could even be a tornado. >> let's get right over to veronica johnson in the storm center. >> that, of course, is a dangerous situation for this area as we continue to track two distinct !.pareas. you can see one around columbia, baltimore, and moving east and northeastward and another ready to move in. the tornado watch continues up to 11:00 p.m. for the entire viewing area or at least much of
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the severe thunderstorm warning, the one that was up until 4:45, that now down as that storm cluster is headed northeast away from annapolis, maryland. meanwhile, that secondary line off to the west, look at this. it extends from hagerstown to winchester to charlottesville. that's what's eastbound. between 5:30 and 6:30 it should be coming through the d.c. metro area. damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, even hail and heavy rain with a chance of flooding all possible over the next couple of hours, and with those high winds there's a chance for a handful of power outages. we'll have a lot more as we track this hour by hour in just a few minutes. and we have breaking news in virginia just to show you how dangerous these storms can be. we just learned two people are dead from what could be a tornado that touched down an hour ago just southeast of richmond. re
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damage. this is in waverly, virginia. the mayor doesn't have details about the total number of others injured. you can see cars are flipped, buildings torn apart. storm team4 is monitoring this system as it comes over the mountain and comes through our area. we'll have updates for you. we will be here for you throughout the night. thanks, wendy. this afternoon a passionate plea by maryland's law enforcement leaders, asking lawmakers to expand the laws surrounding ignition interlock requirements in vehicles to help stop drunk driving. >> reporter: this is chris gordon in annapolis with noah's law is being introduced for the first time. it's named for montgomery county police officer noah leotta who was killed after he was hit along rockville pike by a driver whose blood alcohol level reportedly measured nearly three times the legal limit. >> this isbo
quote quote
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hundreds, thousands of people that have been killed on maryland highways over the years because of our weak drunk driving laws and weak drunk driving penalties. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, we'll hear from some local police officers who were hit by drunk drivers and suffered tragic injuries. why they feel noah's law will save lives. that's coming up on news4 at 5: 5:00. back to you. everything from soda and cookies to lobster and steak could be off the table for families who use food stamps if a lawmaker in new york has their way. troy johnson is here with our today's "talk around town." patty ritchie introduced a bill that prohibits people from using these food stamps on so-called luxury items. >> listeners are in disbelief. they are things like lobster and steak. they're tel
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these kinds of foods? they feel like it's some kind of punitive move. why would you be punished for things that would be on the dinner table? but a lot of people say it speaks to a bigger issue of the perception of who received benefits. the s.n.a.p. program helps more than 45 million americans feed their families, children, elderly included, that need good, healthy melals and nearly 40% of those people that use the program are white. 25% are black. now, people say that there's been a perception that most recipients are black for years. one person reflecting all the way back to president reagan vilifying a woman in the '70s, a black woman, for taking advantage of the system as if no one else did. he just kind of focused in on african-americans. lots of people need help, the bottom line what people are telling me. let them get the foods they need to feed their families. >> some people have
4:36 pm
associate theed word welfare with black or minority people. troy, president obama, first lady michelle obama has been pushing healthy eating as a big focus of their agenda. why would they be opposed to having people eat healthier? >> that has people dumbfounded. you know, when you think about the fact that there are -- there's an opportunity to get people good food, good nutritional food and we live in a first world country where there are folks that quite naturally there's food rotting on docks in america. we know this and it could be feeding families that really need it. i talked to tamber ray stevenson. a nutritionist, and she says let's help these folks and not punish them for no reason. >> as a past s.n.a.p. educator i caught low-income families how to prepare healthy
4:37 pm
luxury food. salmon offers a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and is more affordable than years past. the real issue is about nutrition justice, creating more quality nutritious options and education to make better decisions. >> she says keep in mind anybody could need a helping hand. >> you can't use food stamps right now for clearly unhealthy things like alcohol -- >> and people who receive them already know that. >> thank you, troy. >> absolutely. pat? he was a prisoner of war held for seven years in vietnam but he was much more than that to his family. now, they are sharing their memories of this local hero. and this now first at 4 severe weather, there's now a seve severe thunderstorm warning for
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and tracking that line of severe storms right now across our region. just down to the south and west of d.c. nothing in the d.c. area now. it is this line we told you would be the severe line and that's what's starting to happen. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning warning in spotsylvania county. you can see the red to the south of culpeper. you can actually see theve
4:41 pm
spotsylvania, even southern portions of culpeper county. this is until 5:15. but notice south of this we have a tornado warning. this same system being moving our way over the next few hours. please -- really over the next hour or so. another strong storm to the north of annapolis along the bay bridge moving in through the bay and then more likely. you can see this line of storms really moving very quickly across our region. it will be in the d.c. metro area 5:30 to around 6:30. the potential is there for tornadoes. we'll continue to keep you posted. any new warnings and we'll be right back on the air with you. >> thanks, doug. a local family is mourning the loss of a vietnam war hero for the second time. colonel fred cherry was the first african-american officer to become a prisoner of war. >> he spent seven years in captivity. only on news4, shomari stone talks to colonel cherry's family about his incredible life one week after his death. >> empty in some
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>> reporter: fred cherry, jr. and his family are heart broken over the death of his father. >> i'm going to miss him terribly. >> reporter: 87-year-old fred cherry, sr. died a week ago and his funeral is tomorrow. colonel cherry was an air force fighter pilot, seven-year prisoner of war shot down by enemy fire in vietnam in 1965. fred cherry, jr. was just 10 years old. you didn't see him for seven years. what was going through your mind? >> a lot. just one day you have him and the next day poof. >> reporter: colonel cherry was beat and tortured, at times kept in isolation. he refused to give up information about the u.s. military. he and other p.o.w.s were eventually released. he received two purple hearts, so many awards he couldn't fit them all on his wall of honor. debra thompson was his significant other for 23 years. >> his favorite saying was do
4:43 pm
have to worry about one thing. >> my dad loved to enjoy himself, enjoy other people. >> reporter: fred cherry was also loved in the silver spring community. this is his favorite restaurant. come here to the bar and you will see this tribute to him. he would actually sit here and ten years ago he was the first customer. >> there wasn't a day that would pass he didn't have a smile on his face. >> reporter: an american hero who honored the military, his family, and community. >> this is the second time in my life i've lost him. >> reporter: and this time he won't come back. >> this time he won't come back. >> reporter: gone but never forgotten. in silver spring, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> wow, a true hero. >> incredible story. >> yeah. some severe weather is coming in fast this afternoon. >> that's right. we're tracking it here on storm team4 radar. and the next few hours could bring us heavy rain, some strong winds, and even a risk of tornadoes.
4:44 pm
the road in stafford county right now. team coverage continues on news4 and on the nbc washington app.
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this is a storm team4 weather alert. >> the storms moving into our area have already caused big problems throughout the country. >> rain, wind, even a chance for
4:47 pm
tornadoes. let's get right to verronica fo the very latest on where the storms are. >> we're seeing some of the damage to our south in areas like waverly and appomattox. we're watching another line moving quickly towards us again. that line with some very heavy rain and high winds. so in just a few minutes if you're heading out, i would wait, certainly if you're close to this line, because it will lead to blinding conditions on area roads. in fact, there's also some tornado warnings just south of charlottesville right now. severe thunderstorm warning stays up for areas around cull per cull -- culpeper and spotsylvania county. we have one batch of rain that right now is leaving areas of baltimore. the secondary line off to the west we're keeping a very close eye on because between about 5:30 and 6:30 it will be coming through the d.c. metro area. there it is, winchester, down toward warrenton. you see the little signatures, the things that are turning? that's where there is the possibility of some
4:48 pm
winds and/or tornadic signatures showing up on radar where there could be some spin with these storms and especially just south and west of fredericksburg right now. down toward fork union. there's the severe thunderstorm warning i mentioned. that goes to 5:15. just south and west of there tornado warnings continue. we may see a tornado warning issued for areas like stafford and spotsylvania county that will be coming up perhaps shortly. so stay tuned. severe weather risk for today, the main threat is that of seeing some damaging winds. it's also possible a very high threat for today. seeing isolated tornadoes and with the cold air aloft racing into the area, possibility of some hail. we've already gotten reports just down to the south around the carolinas of that with the same system. a lot of rain in a short period of time. we've gotten reports of three-quarters of an inch of rain already with some of the heaviest of rain just off to the west around little washington.
4:49 pm
6:00 this evening still stormy. still stormy in some areas east of i-95 by 8:00. by 10:00 the storms will be ending. the rain will be ending and by midnight it all pushes out. our temperatures in the mid to upper 50s then. so make sure you know what to do. again, get to the lowest level of your home if a tornado warning is issued for your yare. a lot of damage earlier today in southeastern virginia was around mobile home parks. if you're in that area, around a mobile home park, if you live in one, make sure you head to a sturdy building, the nearest sturdy building that you can get to. we're expecting some very high winds, the possibility of even a handful of power outages from this storm system. as we take a quick look at our storm team4 seven-day forecast, better conditions starting this weekend, but the end of this week will end cold. again, the very latest, a handful of severe thunderstorm warnings with that tornado watch that stays up to 11:00 p.m. we'll be back on should any new warnings be issued.
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question. no flip-flopping on this one. >> oh, boy. >> deep dish or thin crust? >> well, probably at this point in my life thin crust. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton shared her pizza crust preference on "the steve harvey show" this afternoon. she also talked about how becoming a grandmother has sharpened her focus on children's issues. >> i agree with her on thin c s crust. donald trump followed up his big win by heading to virginia. >> he has three straight victories and big leads in several of the super tuesday states. so momentum is on trump's side. >> steve handelsman has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump embraced today by evangelical icon pat rober
4:51 pm
took the evangelical vote last night in his landslide win in nevada and sent a message to his cuban-american rivals ted cruz and marco rubio. >> 46% with the hispanics. 46%. number one with hispanics. >> reporter: rubio claims today he can still win. >> if it came down to donald trump, i'd beat him -- >> sorry, we're interrupting that. we have a new tornado warning. this includes the area around fredericksburg. i want to zoom into this region. this is the same area that we've been watching this line of storms that's making its way to the north and east right now. you can see this very strong storm around orange county making its way in through spotsylvania county in through stafford county. it includes the area around fredericksburg and extreme southeast culpeper county. let's take the radar off. you can see here is the warning box. again a tornado warning. this is until 5:15, is that right? >> until 5:15. >> this is orange county right
4:52 pm
here. extreme southeast portions of culpeper county as well as extreme southern poshtions of fauquier county and southern portions of stafford. this line has had a history of producing tornadoes. we'll continue to watch this very, very closely. if you look at the line now, let's put the skits on there, v.j., and see if there's some rotation. yep, there's that rotation that the radar is picking up on. this is kind of far away from our radar site but you can see a little bit of a hook down in this area. that's where the tornado would be and it's moving up toward the north and east. right around the remington area at 5:25. burr hill around the 5:08 hour. i want -- take that off again. let's take right at the box. let's move the box right along their box from the national weather service to see where it's going to be. you see the city of fredericksburg around 95. 95 coming in towards part of that. so that's an area of concern. here we go, around logan at 5:11. brock road
4:53 pm
and granite springs around 4:58. granite springs in through portions of spotsylvania county right over the border here, but this is the line -- that's widen out again. this is the same line that we've really been watching for the last couple hours making its way off to the north and east. look at all of the lightning up around the warrenton area but notice right here we're getting that little bit of a bow here, and you can see the difference. the line comes down and then moves back towards the best and that's where we have these tornadoes, and there's not just one tornado warning with this line. let's go a little bit farther down to the south. you notice to the west of beaver dam down here, we have two tornado warnings, really three or four tornado warnings with this line, and on this track you can see these tornado warnings. look how many there are down this line. around fredericksburg, just down to our south. another one south and west of richmond. another. this is the line that's going to continue to move through our region, through around 5:30, 6:30, 7:00. we do think by around 7:00, 8:00 this whole line will be out
4:54 pm
storms, and this is what we're talking about a little bit earlier on the show coming just to the east of the blue ridge. once it moves into the warmer air, i expect this whole area to kind of intensify. new severe thunderstorm warning has also been issued. let's show you where that is too. this is loudoun county, this is montgomery county, frederick county, washington county and jefferson skcounty. we have a lot going on now and this is the way it will be for the next couple hours. i want you to keep it here to storm team4. we'll keep you posted. this severe thunderstorm warning. do we have a time on that? that's until 5:30. verronica johnson, lauren ricketts is here. this storm coming through frederick, coming through leesburg, coming through gaithersburg over the next hour again until 5:30 is where this is. here is the timing on
4:55 pm
loudoun county in. brunswick at 5:11. gaithersburg at about 6:04. a lot of lightning with this. let's put the skits on there see if we see any rotation out of this. we haven't seen much rotation and we didn't expect it from the northern part of the storm. the reason is because of the cooler air, but we do have some rotation here. you can see some early rotation down toward the south, but this is the storm right here making its way up. let's go back down to the tornado warning. you see it there for culpeper county, fauquier, orange, spotsylvania and stafford counties until 5:15. it's an area we'll continue to watch very, very closely. severe thunderstorm warnings, i expect many of those to be issued as we move through the rest of the evening. tornado warnings, they will be a little bit less frequent but let's go down to the south again and show that tornado warning, veronica. this one towards portions of southern fauquier county -- >> i have left the skits on too. the skits a
4:56 pm
this little skit you're seeing, that's an early indicator -- there's an early indicator that there is a tornado that is coming up right in this area just -- zoom in just a little tighter. just west of spotsylvania. that's what's going to be tracking right into the area where the tornado warning has been issued. again, that tornado warning goes until 5:15, so you're seeing it here with this storm system that is just to the west of spotsylvania, just to the west of fredericksburg. let me pull off the radar again to show you exactly what we're looking at. it's this whole zone in red. so it extends -- let me get a little tighter on the radar. right around stubbs, granite springs area. if you live in this area, just around and west of 208. margo. brook road, flat run, you're in the tornado warning right now that goes until 5:15.
4:57 pm
a tornado warning issued as we're seeing some indication now based on radar with this very intense storm system that has already produced a number of tornadoes and damage down to the south of it. i'll put the radar back on for you. you can see right there, this little indicator, there's the possibility that we're seeing some spin occurring with it right there as it tracks off to the north and east. so that's what we're keeping an eye on. we have several minutes to go as the storm system advances northeastward. a tornado warning for dwrareas culpeper, fauquier, spotsylvania until 5:15. one of the things we've been telling you is the tornado warnings, they started early part of today in the carolinas. all part of this very powerful storm system that has been making its way through the country. it produced severe weather yesterday and you can see just how big it is as i go ahead and loop this.
4:58 pm
the back end, severe storms often to the east and just out ahead of it. doug, i think we've got maybe another two hours at least to go before this line clears the area, but we're going to see more of these little tornadoes spinning up out of this line as it makes its way through. i will stop the radar here and track it out to the east. coming through the d.c. metro area from now until 5:30, and it probably will be about another 2 1/2, maybe 3 hours before it's out over the bay. >> and i want to show you the other one too. there's another warning. we have a tornado warning for this storm down here. this is the eastern shore around salisbury but it goes to show you -- let's take the radar off real quick. i want to see where that warning was. did it pop up? did you see where that one is? >> that one is east. do we have another one that just popped up? yes, we did. >> that's just south of that one right here. here is the new box that now includes all of
4:59 pm
county. we have two tornado warnings with this system. now, it could be that the tornado has just shifted down to the south or it could be that we are dealing with two distinct circulation patterns. want to watch out for this storm here and then the other one down to the south. we've got one here and we've got another here. you can see both of them. you can see both of those circulations right here making their way in. we have the one that includes orange county as well as southern culpeper, fauquier and stafford. the other one includes most of spotsylvania county. if you're in the city of fredericksburg, if you're in the city of fredericksburg, if you're in spotsylvania county, you want to make sure you're in the lowest level of your home right now. this again, guys, a very dangerous situation. we've already seen the damage. we've already seen these tornadoes come down. so if you live in these areas -- let's zoom in on the boxes. zoom in on these towns. if you're in spotsylvania, if you're in chancellor, around fredericksburg, get in the lowest level of your home. that's where we're going to be watch
5:00 pm
your home. hopefully you have a television down there or at least a noaa weather radio so you can listen to what's going to be happening here. around the 208, around brokenburg, mount pleasant, lewist lewiston, this is the area of concern with this second one. this warning, let me step out of the way, this warning, we've one at 5:15, another one that goes until 5:45. so one at 5:15, one at 5:45 as we make our way on through here. let's go to the north just a little bit, show you this northern area. zoom in on this region. we're talking about areas like berea, hartwood. if you live in these areas, lowest level of your home. if you have a basement, lowest level of the bakes away from windows. if you don't have a basement, it's okay but get into a closet. a closet a great place. a bathroom without a window also a very good place to go as these tornadoes continue to kick up and move through the rest of the region. right around bellevue. go up a little


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