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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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calvert county. this line, this severe thunderstorm warning, try to get the latest, 8:00? >> until 8:00. >> until 6:45. >> yeah, yeah. you're right. >> the 8:00 is for the flash flood warning that's out there for parts of the area too. we'll continue to see that. knotts how much of the area is under a severe thunderstorm warning. if you're south of this line, that's where we expect to see the tornado warnings come back up if they do, in fact, come back up, but right now this is a severe weather threat. this is more of a straight-line wind event, talking 50 to 60 miles per hour. a lot of people have asked me is this similar to the derecho? the answer to that is no. i don't think we will see 80-mile-an-hour winds. we saw 86-mile-an-hour winds in reston during the derecho. it's not the same kind of
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winds. we have power outages in parts of st. mary's and calvert county from the first storm that came through. that was a storm right in there that moved way up to the north but now we're watching this line, this bow echo coming in here and that's what we're continuing to watch. so heads up in this area. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:45 tonight. let's drive on down to the south, veronica, show you where the potential for the tornado warnings are, and look what's happening here. this one right here. this one right here looks very dangerous. this is coming in towards caroline county. this is spotsylvania county where we have the flash flood warning but this storm in carolina line county, this is one we will watch very, very closely because eventually it will move towards king george county and then over across the river and towards southern maryland, and i expect that to occur within the next half an hour to an hour. if you live in those areas, be ready to take cover. hopefully you're watching us, you're sitting by your house looking at what's going on because look at the tornado war
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caroline county and does not include king george just yet or cumberland county but it will again as this moves on up. we have the severe thunderstorm warnings to the north, the areas down to the south. let's put the radar back on, zoom right on in towards the beltway and show you what's happened. do we have any more cameras that you have been getting me across the area? let's go outside again. i want to show how this is changing. we saw the change earlier from the rain and the dark clouds coming in to the wind and the very heavy rain. now what do we have outside? it looks like it's just starting to move away from us and you can see not as strong as the winds are concerned but dealing with heavy rain, a lot of lightning around the area. we expect this here in northwest to last another 15 to 20 minutes and we'll continue to watch that. we have another warning that has popped up. trying to figure out exactly where that one is. maybe another flood warning. we have a flood warning in fekd for frederick
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carol ro carroll county, maryland. >> while we take a look at that, let's switch over to max one just for a second because we talked about what was happening up around 270, father hurley boulevard where there was a bit of clearing taking place. let's switch over to the other computer for just a second because a lot of you have been sending in some great photos. take a look at this one. this is of a rainbow out in loudoun county. yes, in loudoun county just before the sun set there. gary memory sending this one into us. i'm sure a lot of you, as this line he can tended from northern maryland all the way down to the south, southern maryland, down into areas of virginia, probably a lot of rainbows seen today across the area. and, of course, now we're getting reports of not just some wind damage here i
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hail but also reports of some scattered power outages as well down to our south around areas of southern maryland with the first line that came through. >> and flooding too. and we just heard that pinging there, and that pinging tells us there's a warning. that warning was a flood warning. the flood warning for the district for southeastern montgomery county, central fairfax county, southeastern prince william county, stafford county, the city of false church, city of alexandria, arlington county and the city of fairfax. a flood warning that's in effect, up to one inch of rain is occurring in a short amount of time. i want to take you to shomari stone. shomari, do you got us? >> reporter: yeah, i'm here, doug. we're on 234, dumfries
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at times it will be calm and then it starts to pick up. as you can see right now on the roadway. we're coming down 95 south and came across some accidents on our way. worth mentioning that people need to slow down and be careful out here. if you come right over here, i'm now joined by a driver. his name is jimmy. tell me what it was like driving in these conditions. >> well, we were sitting still. the traffic kind of opened up but you couldn't drive because you couldn't see. so everybody has got their flashers on, lightning, dark. it's hard to drive. >> reporter: i want to tell you to be careful out there. we were actually in dumfries. we drove to this gas station to get cover and the wind was just really picking up at sometimes. we're going to post something on twitter for you guys. @shomaristone and you can see 234. all of a sudden the wind picks up and there are gusts blinding your eyes and i'm sure a lot of the drivers out here really
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compromised as they're trying to get home, picking up kids from daycare, getting off from work, trying to get home and it's worth mentioning people really need to slow down and be careful. back to you, doug. >> thanks, shomari. glad shomari has that storm team4 coat with that hood today. once again here is that line of thunderstorms coming through. you see the severe thunderstorm warnings. we're getting a lot of flood warnings, too. we've seen so much rain in the last one to two hours. one to two inches in a very short amount of time. we're seeing flash flood warning and also flood warnings. that latest one right along i-95 for prince william county, stafford county, most of fairfax county and in towards portion of southern maryland we're seeing that too. so we're seeing those flood warnings until 10:00 tonight. even when this moves out, we will still have the potential for flooded roadways. turn around, don't drown. we say it all the
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case. i want to show you something else that's going on. we had the line earlier. see the reds here? notice what's going on down to the south. this is much wider of a picture here. that's actually some good news, and i say good news because it means that we're starting to lose that bow echo just a little bit. it's up towards howard county in towards eastern portions of prince george's -- i'm sorry, eastern portions of montgomery county in through the district. it will come through prince george's county but look down to the south. we don't have a whole lot of the line left. this is starting to get a little bit less linear and that's some good news but down to the south we do have more of those storms along the line that are singular storms. we've got one south of fredericksburg, another one south of richmond. richmond under a tornado warnings right now too and those are the storm we'll be watching coming in towards southern maryland over the next one to two hours. we'll continue to track this storm as we move through. but the danger is there. what could be happening, and
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while, we saw the line coming through and it was right along i-95. well, now we're seeing reds develop around prince charles. that may be what's happening. we're going to see exactly what happens with these. it that does occur, the line essentially will make a jump off to the east. we see that sometimes around the mountains. we saw it with the derecho when it came across the mountains and then jumped to the east. this one trying to do maybe the same thing, jumping across the river to prince george's county. incredibly heavy rainfall. that line extends from central pennsylvania all the way down to central north carolina. simply amazing to see a line like this as we continue on that track. look at this. from around state college all the way down towards raleigh. you notice all the severe thunderstorm warnings and the tornado warnings. you also notice the snow back to the west. this is a storm system that you just do not see very often in the month of february. anre
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cold air on the back side, warm air on the front side, and we've seen the potential for those tornadoes today too. veronica, if you want to take it over for minute. >> one of the things you had mentioned for 20 or 30 minutes the storms will be coming into your area and it will lost for 30 to 45 minutes before it makes its way east. we could see the storms reform and then jump to the east, but right now on its current track take a look here. this is the 5:00 hour. they were around hagerstown, down towards warrenton. that was an hour ago. now they're right on top of d.c. by 7:00 they should be just east of baltimore, east of annapolis, and east of leonardtown at least the main part of the line. the exception to that would be down to your south right around areas of southern maryland, around 301, waldorf, colonial beach. that's where the storms could hang on just a little longer i think up until maybe as
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8:00 or so. we're going to be watching this very carefully. let me put the skits back on or actually the shear here, the shear we look at where we can see where some of the highest winds are with these storms. i'll take the radar off as well just for a second so we can take a closer examination of where some of the strongest winds are. now coming right through d.c. now. there you're seeing some of the purple winds there, probably now around 30 miles per hour to upwards 40 miles per hour at the very least. let me take a second here and click on this and see what that is. that's around 20-mile-per-hour winds there, so not overly strong. certainly not what we were seeing earlier with the line. so some indication perhaps that it's weakening along this part of the line, but still showing signs of hanging tough just south of d.c. just around indian head area, north indian head estates, you have some high wizarnds coming u
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winds there just south of indian head over 60 miles per hour headed eastbound to 484, areas like ripley and eventually bennsville in the next couple minutes. i will take that off. you can see still some very, very heavy rain occurring throughout the area. you're looking at national wre looking at right now. earlier there were reports that the air traffic had been put to a halt and all the major airports around the area. so when things are back up, we'll let you know as soon as possible. let me just widen out here on the radar so you can see from baltimore all the way down through d.c., this line that's making its way eastward right through the entire area. we've got, folks, about another hour to maybe hour and a half if you're east of i-
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rain now coming through howard county, baltimore county, up around eldersburg, route 32, west friendship areaunning along i-70, into the columbia area around 108. extending all the way down toward maryland 216, just to the west of 29 right now. some very, very heavy rain. we've been talking about it for the last couple hours here just how traffic has been impacted where shomari stone was out interviewing some folks. they had to pull over off to the side, just raining way too heavy where they were having trouble seeing and very low visibility, but right now some very heavy rain around the colesville area, white oak, down 29. around powdered mill estates heading eastbound toward you and around the chillum area. so still those severe thunderstorm warnin
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for a few more minutes at the very least but i do think that there is the possibility that we still could down south see at the very least too some more thunderstorm warnings issued. down 301 into colonial beach. >> and you see those possible tornado warnings are too. i have two things to ask about. first off beverly, our director, if you're back there, if you're still directing, i want to look at wider view there. a little wider. i want to see the whole line again. just show you where these severe thunderstorm warnings. they go from our area all the way towards central pennsylvania. that's wheith the line and the tornado warnings start to the south and go down towards raleigh. an incredibly intense line. a live picture from the national harbor camera. a lot of lightning. there's the woodrow wilson bridge. there's a nice lightning strike. we'll continue to see lightning
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we have reports of downed wires right now in silver spring. we have reports of street flooding in downtown d.c. remember, turn around, don't drown. make sure the places that are going to be more susceptible are going to be a lot of those underpasses we have in parts of our area, especially down towards southeast around anacostia where we have some of those. down around the chevrolet area. i know of one around tuxedo, maryland, that always gets flooded. stay right there. look at the line right here. you see the line and then you notice individual cells developing. these individual cells are going to be the ones with the tornadoes and they have the tornado warnings. there's a brand new tornado warnings that was just issued right where veronica just circled that. let's take the ray cdar off. that's a brand new tornado warnings around the richmond area and then you have these two different storms and look where they're going. just follow them across. you're going to get towards king george county, towards
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northumberland county and across the river to southern maryland. we'll see more tornado warnings as we move through the next hour or so in those areas. so heads up along 301. heads up along -- into st. mary's county. let's go back to the north. they've just taken the severe thunderstorm warning down in d.c. you can see that severe thunderstorm warning is gone. in the place we have the flood warning for d.c., for southern montgomery county, fairfax county, prince william county, stafford county. the severe thunderstorm warning continues for prince george's county, anne arundel, howard coun county, montgomery county. chris lawrence is live at the live desk. >> you and v.j. have been keeping us up to date and we've been trying to give you an idea of the scope of damage being done in sussex county. we just learned that the death toll in the town of waverly, virginia, has risen to three. spokesman for the virginia department of game and inland fishery says these three people were all killed in
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today. right now they are trying to i.d. these folks. we know three people have been killed in louisiana and mississippi when tornadoes touched down there. dozens of others have been injured. right now the national weather service has issued a tornado warning for an area in southeastern virginia and a lot of the radar is indicating a twister in waverly. there's been a significant debris and high waters on those roads and we're told right now a lot of the roads leading in and out of that town are impassable. doug? >> yeah, definitely a tornado there. i saw some of the video down there earlier. we do have video of a very big tornado, looked like an ef-2, ef-3 in that region earlier. anywhere you see the red is where you will see the potential for the heaviest winds. notice it comes down towards the beltway and then kind of stops and gets very spotty. but lock at
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towards carroll county, howard county. a continuous line of red. that's where you will have the strongest wind. if you're around laurel, expect heavy winds. around bowie. but now it's very spotty and when it's spotty you will not get the down flow of the wind coming through the region. down to the south starting to see another line developing and this is what i was talking about. we may see this line transfer over so watch out around waldorf, and then you get towards fredericksburg. already seen one line. another line coming through. nothing severe but just down to the south you start to notice bigger cells. you got another one here around the bowling grown area, another one down 301. these are the tornadic super cells move to the north and will be in portions of the northern neck and up towards portions of st. mary's county soon. this is the national cathedral. look at the rain. this is from the tower cam
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northwest d.c. taking a look at the rain coming down, the lightning coming down. let's put the lightning on see where it is. i bet it's more scaered now than it was earlier. and that's exactly right. we've got one area down here. we've got another area down here, but you don't see that line that we saw earlier. that means a little bit less as far as the wind is concerned. we have another warning. let's see what that one is. just to take a look at it. it's another severe thunderstorm warning and that includes king george county. that's for that tornado warned storm. charles county and northern st. mary's county including mechanicsville, laplata, king george, colonial beach area, dahlgren, right along 301. there is now a severe thunderstorm warning for king george county, charles, as well as northern portions of st. mary's county. we'll be watching that one very closely too. just getting a time on that. that goes until i believe 7:00 toni
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that that also includes -- says it includes parts of stafford county but i believe that's from the other warning. veronica is timing that out for us. you see that around the wide water area. dahlgren around the 6:36 hour. st. charles at 6:50 and waldorf at 6:51. this is a tornado-warned storm earlier. now has a severe thunderstorm warning associated with it. so that means maybe that the circulation is down a little bit. let's put the kiskids on that. it might be a little farther down to the south around port royal. it would be right in through here if we had something to show you. we have a little bit of rotation. see if there is some rotation there. you can see it down to the south. you notice you don't see it here now. that's why it's only a severe thunderstorm warning. this is the only one. down around richmond, that now has the tornado warning. now has a little rotation associated with it too. what we're looking at here is
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think from a tornado aspect as it continues to move up. you can see the white house there also seeing the rain. look at the flag on top of the white house. you got the wind coming down there too. but now most of southern maryland, every single county in southern maryland under a severe thunderstorm warning and this sl 7:00. this one also until 7:00 here too. not a lot of shear going on. that's what we'll continue to see as we move through the region. heaviest lightning to the north of baltimore. in our area it's now just scattered. the line has died out a little bit. that's very good news for us. we still have the severe thunderstorm warnings up east of i-95 and we'll continue to watch those as we move to the south. fredericksburg also still under the gun from this. this line making its way in towards king george county and in towards charles ocounty comig up fairly soon. we had reports of hail, reports of trees down too. this is hail in woodbridge area. hail is coming down there pretty good. about pesi
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thank you, colton, for sending it in. more hail in woodbridge. the biggest haim i saw was penny-sized hail. that's good news. thank you for sending this in. constant lightning strikes around the area. more hail around mclean. you notice that's just small hail and that's what we're seeing. no reports of any really big hail. very good news there as well. we've had some trees down in fairfax county. we've had power outages in the springfield area. also three-quarter inch hail around montgomery county. there it is right there. let's go ahead and show some of the hail markers. we have wind reports in the north. so there it is 3/4 inch. dime to nickel-sized hail
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american university. this was right here at our station. i didn't hear any hail coming down but close to an inch. dime to nickel-sized hail. hail around falls church coming in around 3/4 of an inch and that is severe hail. that's when we talk about severe hail. that's nickel-sized hail coming down. germantown reporting a 62-mile-an-hour wind gust. we saw this earlier around father hurley boulevard. this is probably the trees down in fairfax county just to the west over towards the herndon area. this is chantilly. again trees down in chantilly. that was around 5:45 with wind damage too. but we're not seeing any wind damage. this is right when the line started to die as it moved into the d.c. metro area, started to take shape again. more trees down. you can see over towards annapolis, this is -- what road is that? that's 50. that's 50 at 70, rowe boulevard. you
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they're thl goiactually going t more of that rain. these are funnel clouds reported. if stafford county. we do not have any reports, any reports of tornadoes in our region. this is some really good news here. only a couple of wind reports that we've seen here. mostly hail reports. all of these are going to be dime and nickel-size hail reports we've seen. that's very good news here too. the only wind reports out of gaithersburg. so far it looks like weaver dodgidon we're dodging a little bit of a bullet. now it's starting to form again off to the east. notice how now it's a continuous area of red through prince george's county. heads up prince george's and anne arundel, you may get back down into the wind. almost done. if you live in virginia and you're watching, you're almost done, almost out of theds
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has it been improving for you where you are? >> reporter: well, doug, you predicted this accurately. it is improving. right now it is dying down but those gusts were just sweeping through this area on dumfries road in virginia. we drove 95 south down here, saw a couple accidents, and right now it has died down, but it was really hard for people who were driving in this weather out here. a lot of folks are telling us that, you know, they saw lightning at times. there was hail. we did not see any funnel clouds, however, and that is a good thing. you can actually hear the thunder right now. reports of thunderstorms all over the area. wanted to come back out live here. i have this gentleman, his name is bob ross. bob, come over here for a second. live television on news4, number one station. what's going through your mind as you were driving in this weather? >> the only thing that bothers is people driving with four-way
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flashers, right lane, left lane. other than that, it's normal terrible weather. >> reporter: terrible out there? >> it's bad. >> reporter: what advice would you give people? >> drive or don't drive but turn off your four-way flashers. >> reporter: i want to thank you for joining us. that was bob ross. he just got off work on his way home. i'm not going to toss back to veronica. talk to you later. >> thanks a lot, shomari. just a big mess across the area for the evening rush. we're tracking that line. we have at least another hour to hour and a half or so to go up until 7:30, 8:00. let's take a look at the -- where the line is right now. we're seeing the flood warnings come in. that's in frederick, maryland, extending to the south around d.c. also more flood warnings to stafford. a report of a creek up out of its banks because of the heavy rain. didn't last long. about 45 minutes to an hour those storms coming through but that's all it took and we've even got again
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warnings around d.c. metro. around charlottesville a report of inch size hail and a 70-mile-per-hour wind gust reported in germantown, maryland. so also coming in reports of some spotty power outages across the area. so we'll track that line now. you can see here all the yellow, that's where there's still severe thunderstorm warnings that will continue until 6:45 -- until 7:00 now this evening from baltimore all the way down toward waldorf now. that's where the last severe thunderstorm warning was issued. northern areas of charles county, also calvert county, anne arundel county. we continue with the severe thunderstorm warning. right here is the biggest cluster of heavy weather around columbia, howard county, approaching and moving through baltimore, approaching bowie and annapolis. east of bethesda so you are starting to see your weather quiet down. it's calming do
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moving away from 270 right now. still some heavy weather. prince george's county, look at that, bowie, landover hills, your wind probably coming up too. we're still getting reports of high wind out there, but not quits a high as it was earlier. some indication too the fact that we're not seeing quite as much lightning across the area shth tharea, that the storm is starting to wane a little bit. traffic flowing around father hurley boulevard. so that's right there now east of -- just west of where we're seeing the storms as they're moving eastward. not quite as fast as they were moving easterly your but still again putting out some pretty good wind. still the chance for some hail. you guys have been great in sending in video to us on social media of hail reports with this storm system and the very heavy rain. down to the south, still one area around fredericksburg too -- put the skits back on.
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some of the high wind and the rotation. not quite as much down here. i think now for the northern neck, west um bberland, king george. all part of the same complex that really we've been talking about for quite some time. the severe weather we showed you yesterday out of areas of the deep south around alabama, mississippi, louisiana, this is all part of the same storm system. when things quieted down even more this evening, we'll, of course, be talking about some of the areas that flooded out. we'll be talking about chilly air moving in at the end of this week but we'll also be showing you images of snow across the midwest with this same storm system. we had a big temperature range across the area today where we had areas that warmed into the low and mid-60s. we had areas up to the north that -- lauren is handing me a piece of paper and nor
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temperatures today in the low 40s. look at this. these are the temperatures across the area. 55 in frederick earlier in the 40s. 60s down south and there were some spots down through southern maryland, down around fredericksburg and stafford that topped out around 65 degrees for a high temperature today. so there was a big difference and where we had the cooler air or at least the lower temperatures, those storms not quite as violent as what we were seeing down around fredericksburg and quantico area and down around richmond, virginia, and through the carolinas today. north laurel, a report of hail around route 216 just off i-95. let's zoom in a little tighter now around areas of prince george's county, around bowie, down through areas of d.c. and waldorf because that's where the heavy weather is. we' we'll take a look at some of the rainfall rates. i bet you they're still up over an inch per hour
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that's good but still not the kind of weather where you want to be on area roads. if you're in this area and you need to leave to get somewhere, just wait until these storms pass, wait another 30 minutes if you're around laurel, if you're around bowie. rainfall rates at over 2 inches per hour now east of the d.c. area. you folks, you're probably still seeing the wind start to come up in areas of western charles county there down around fredericksburg, not quite as much lightning either. 6:30 point right now and about 7:30, 8:00 all of these storms should be just east around annapolis and calvert beach area, but still getting some very heavy weather east of d.c. where there's probably even some ponding on area roads. those areas that you know of in and around your neighborhood that floods out. mary
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if you can zoom into the area. that's one of the spots we just showed where you the rainfall rates were one and two inches per hour. not as much traffic. a lot of folks probably heeded our warning and stayed off the road or waited to head out. there's route 50. that's eastbound toward bowie, towards 301. eventually annapolis and areas like i-97 and moving right over 495 in the next couple of minutes. so flooding across the area, some high wind, power outages, hail. you name it, it's been a very stormy afternoon. again, all part of the same system that produced the severe weather down through the south, and we're getting it right now but we're just left with about another hour and a half to two hours. severe thunderstorm warnings, of course, remain. within the green, those flood warnings right down to the south. do we have some more cameras, guys, we can show across
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area? okay. we're trying to get a camera up right now, but some of the worst weather again right here, folks. just east now of i-95 moving toward bowie, moving toward annapolis. there we go. i-270. father hurley boulevard right now. just to the north. you can see some of the clearing that's taking place to the north and west. the other thing about the storm system we haven't talked about much is while it is going to be moving out, the worst of it by 7:30, 8:00, behind the system our wind will really start to pick up and you will notice that in a big way tomorrow. the winds will pick up, jim, doreen, the wind are going to pick up and it will be much cooler to cold by the end of the workweek. >> thank you, veronica, and you too, doug. it has been a wild and stormy day in this area. you guys have done yeoman work and we appreciate keeping on track of this storm. right now at
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tornado warnings have been lifted as doug and veronica pointed out, but the threat of severe weather is not over yet. heavy rain, damaging winds still a factor. and that, of course, is leading to some significant delays during this evening commute. >> and this storm system is being blamed far at least three deaths in virginia in the town of waverly where there is also a report of a funnel cloud earlier. that town is southeast of richmond. police also say at least five structures within that town of you can see some of the damage in this area where a witness says he saw the storm pick up a vehicle. the storm system that's making its way through our region right now left a path of destruction across parts of the south. take a look at this video from pensacola, florida. an apparent tornado left a two-mile path of debris through that city destroying homes and vehicles. >> in fact, doreen, at least seven tornadoes
6:34 pm
one of them tore through an rv park. mobile homes there were ripped to shreds. two people, in fact, were killed. more than 30 others were injured in southern louisiana neighborhood there. one man died in mississippi after a tornado tore up his home. the sprawling storm also dropped hail in texas. hail as big as golf balls in some places. people in many areas are dealing with blinding rain as the strongest cells of the storm move through. we're going to go back now to doug and veronica with the conditions, the latest on what's happening in our area right now. guys? >> and the latest is this is pushing off to the east. as i was talking about earlier, we saw the line coming through and then kind of die off. now that line is redeveloping over towards baltimore, app arundel county, portions of prince george's county. farther to the south still more severe weather to come down towards portions of southern maryland, down aroun
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northern neck. the heaviest rain right through prince george's county. it's really coming down hard right around bowie. over towards krofton in anne arundel county. up 50 and around the beltway, especially in and around the beltway, you cross over, right before you cross over, you hit n national harbor, that's where meg meagan fitzgerald is. >> reporter: we're near the national harbor where the rain is really starting to pick up within the last 30 minutes or so. you can see the wind is just whipping through the air right now and you can see right now you're looking over the potomac, cars are still making their way on the roadway but we can also start to see that flooding is starting to become an issue even around here. so, of course, it's always encouraged for folks to take it slow and not to drive through high waters. you can see it's starting to get very dangerous out here. it's very advisable for folks to stay indoors as the rain
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you mix that with the wind and it's very hard to see, especially if you're outside walking. so, again, important to stay indoors and just stay off the roadways if possible. reporting here at the national harbor, meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> thanks, meagan for that. that's that heavy rain continuing around national harbor. we'll do a zoom here down along 495. 495 this time of night always a mess. take a look. right around where it hits 5 and over towards upper marlboro. we're seeing very heavy rain in through here. we're going to continue -- let's zoom in and show you the roadway that is are affected. looking at 5 could camp springs, temple hills, beach road. temple hills road, over to suitland all seeing that extremely heavy rainfall. severe thunderstorm warning continues to be in effect until 7:00. notice as we move back to the west, we're seeing lighter rain. we still have theoo
6:37 pm
and when i want to show you what's happening again down to the south. notice this area, i'm going to zoom into this area as well because i really want to show you what's happening. look at this monster. this is a monster storm. now, the fortunate thing for us, we have seen a couple tornado-warned storms move our way and then quickly lose some strength. we have not seen tornado warnings around the d.c. metro area. this is the one we will watch to see if this one can continue. this would come through parts of the northern neck, come through parts of southern maryland. please be on the lookout. we have seen rotation out of these. see if i can do that one more time. because we are seeing that intensifying line now right around bowie, right around college park here and now look at the warnings here. the warnings are the areas you see in dark yellow. you can see those warnings with that line. the tornado warnings just down to the south. the flash flood warnings in the
6:38 pm
we'll continue to see those warnings right through the rest of the evening hours. what was that, guys? going to go to chris lawrence? chris lawrence at the live desk with more. >> you and v.j. have been telling us what's going on in terms of this storm moving through. you saw it for yourself in meagan fitzgerald's hit. now some breaking news into the live desk. montgomery county rescue teams are trying to conduct a water rescue on east west highway near sundale road. this is on the western end of silver spring not far from the maryland/d.c. border. apparently some vehicles are trap 234d extremely high water. the people inside are stranded and the montgomery county official its are trying to get there. also down in franconia springfield we're getting reports of flooding at the metro garage. that's the blue line stop. officials are telling us cars are able to get through but the water height is right at the curb or higher. so police have started to open the gateso
6:39 pm
out freely but there are officers, maintenance people responding. again flooding at the franconia springfield metro garage and a water rescue going on right now in silver spring. back to you guys. >> and right now guys, taking a look. a new severe thunderstorm warning coming up. i'm going to take off the radar and put up this new severe thunderstorm warning warning. this is actually down for, i believe it's for -- let me just make sure before i say it. it's king george county down to the south as well as charles county. that was an old one. this is down towards westmoreland county. westmoreland county you are now under a tornado warning. that tornado warning is going to go for quite some time because that storm is well down to the south. that's the one i expect to come across the river potentially into st. mary's county.
6:40 pm
warnings. that severe thunderstorm warnings are now off to the west. i will take away the tornado watch and you can see where those warnings are right now. a new warning that's popping up here around the area too. let me see what that is for. we're getting a lot of warnings so bear with me for a second. so many coming out. just trying to go through them all. numerous flash flood warning ths. do we still have the storm team4 x 4? that is down around the springfield area. we have seen some reports of some flooding in and around springfield, fairfax county with the very heavy rain that continues there too. i will put the radar back on and put it into motion. one thing i'm starting to see now as we look just for the last hour, let me put this back into motion. one thing i'm looking at -- let me see if there's any rotation down to the south. not seeing it in prince george's
6:41 pm
area right in here. you see that area right here around the waldorf region. notice that line. that line right there with a little bit of a curvature, this line is the line that's warned on right now. could have strong storms and very strong wind associated with that line as we move on through the region. so that's something else that we're going to continue to watch here over the next couple of hours. this is around -- that was baltimore, hartford county. that's a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. you see the line. the line extending down through baltimore, through anne arundel, and then it breaks up a little bit and then it's back down to the south down towards charles county. charles county, if you live around laplata, live around waldorf, this storm means business. a lot of lightning associated with this storm too and you can see that line extending farther down to the south in through parts of the northern neck. the northern neck go
6:42 pm
we're not seeing the rain around frederick, around leesburg. starting to see things calm a little bit back to the west and that's what we'll continue to see through the night tonight. one thing we will also see, the wind change direction. see cooler temperatures. we're not out of the woods just yet and we'll see more rain. there's more rain back to the west with the system. look how long this line is and this is the storm we're going to be watching. this is the most intense storm coming through the northern neck and into portions of southern maryland. we'll be watching this for you. storm team4 will keep you posted right on through the rest of the event. >> all right. doug, thank you very much. man, we appreciate your efforts in keeping track on all these storms that are all around us today. we're going to take a look at live pictures from the storm team4 weather vehicle. it's in springfield. let's take a look. you canee
6:43 pm
down there. some people still out on the roads, but it looks like there's some ponding on the roads. you can clearly see it, but it looks like water -- the rain has slowed down quite a bit. >> and one of the things we'll certainly be keeping an eye on is the spots that are always flooding in these parts, four-mile run area, alexandria, down at the waterfront for another, because while the tornado warnings have been dropped, we understand that there are some flood warnings still -- that are affecting us, right, doug? >> we have another flood warning until 10:30. i threw back to you guys there, hadn't seen you tonight. >> come on down, bro. >> nice to see you. >> hadn't seen you. >> we've seen plenty of you. >> i want to see my jim vance and doreen figes. had to grab a quick drink. >> howard county, calvert
6:44 pm
under flood warnings and the flood warnings different than a flash flood warnings. flood warnings mean the rivers will continue to rise. a flash flood warning is a little different. flash flood means it's going to come very, very quickly. these are flood warnings so as this rain continues and we've seen one to two inches of rain, we'll continue to see that rain. the storm team4 x 4 right on the road, you can see we're dealing with ponding on the roadways, big time flooding in parts of the area too. this is the area of concern now. i'm watching this storm right here. this is a new line that's developed. again, it has a little bit of a hook, not a tornado type hook but there's a little rotation. i'm not worried about tornado with it because the rotation is way up in the atmosphere, but what it does is it helps to bring those winds aloft down to the surface. so i think that's what we could be seeing. we've got more very heavy rain around the d.c. metro area. let's zoom in on this, as a matter of fact. this is right around springfield, right around d.c. lauren, what do you got for me
6:45 pm
now? severe thunderstorm warning in effect for st. mary's and calvert county until 7:45. that line of storms, yeah, now you can see even -- let's zoom back in. anytime we see pink, we know we have a severe thunderstorm. there's that pink down here and even some white around -- just around -- this is going to move to the north. this is the very, very dangerous storm. i showed you the line earlier. when you see a line and you see it change directions, that's what we're seeing here and that change of direction shows you there's some wind shear in there. a change in direction with the wind, and that's why we get some tornadoes. i want to go back up to this storm through charles county. this one is the one that really means business now. it will come through laplata, along 301 untowards waldorf on that track and as you can see, it does have a lot of intensity with it.
6:46 pm
lightning on here. hit the lightning for me. veronica working on some other graphics. i bet this has a lot of lightning associated with it too. there's the lightning associated with it as well. we are seeing some lightning with this storm too as it moves towards the north and east. there's the severe thunderstorm warningings king george, charles, calvert, st. mary's county. every county in southern maryland now under a severe thunderstorm warning. tornado warning just down to the south. another warning that just came up here too. don't know what that one was for. i want to do a zoom here. what is that? 301 at maryland 5. that's right in here and i'm going to take off -- we'll get rid of magic trick so you can drive again for me. and we can show what's going on around that area. maryland 5 at 301. that's where we have some of that heavy rain. that's still where we have that severe thunrs
6:47 pm
in through prince george's county, down around charles county but 301 at route 5 right around clinton, that's where we're looking at some of the heavier rain coming through now too. also notice fairfax county, mt. vernon seeing some storms redeveloping here too and that whole system redevelops. d.c., we have another 20 to 30 minutes downtown before that gets on out of here and then we'll see things begin to clear as we move on out and move on through. lauren ricketts, thank you for joining us tonight. we resappreciate it. thank you for everything you have helped us with today. all of southern maryland, every county under a severe thunderstorm warning. some of the warnings go until 7:45 tonight. we'll continue to keep on it with you right there. there's what i'm talking about. put that into motion again, v.j., because again this guy right here, anytime you see this and maybe a little bit -- that's a longer motion there. but anytime you see this,
6:48 pm
hook right here. again, not a tornadic signature, but anytime you see this, you see a trail, it's almost like a mini storm. let's go ahead and stop that for me. i want to zoom in on this again. and then i'm going to draw a warm front and cold front. this is like a mesoscale system. it's an area of low pressure. this red line is actually another cold front, a weak cold front,nd then waldorf you have a little warm front here moving through. so as that spirals on through, you get the heavy winds. i would expect very strong winds right now in and around 301 right up towards waldorf, so if you live in waldorf, heads up. you are going to see winds upwards of 40, 50 miles per hour across the region. that whole line again moving off. this is the area down to the south that really has -- that really has caught my eye here. once again southern maryland, stay with us. we'll continue to cokeep you posted. .
6:49 pm
going on out there but it's not all bad. there's an outfit named two ship aerial photography. look at this video that was sent into us by chris beckman who works with the outfit. this is from a drum that's moving through the area of haymarket, virginia. you will notice the double rainbow. you saw it a minute ago. i don't know if you can still see it now. there bass a double rawas a dou associated with the storm as it blew through. don't know exactly when this was recorded, but this was taken by a drone in the haymarket area of virginia by beckman. look at that glorious sky off in the distance. i cannot tell you which direction we're looking
6:50 pm
guessing west. >> i would think so. but it is impressive, and we thank you, chris, for that. >> and a preview of what we have to look forward to when the storm moves on out of our area. take a look at this video we got as well. flooding on goldsboro road in bethesda. there's a hill and low-lying areas. i'm thinking this is probably between river road and mcarthur boulevard where there's often problems with flooding, but you can see that's in bethesda. goldsboro road, heavy rains coming down and lots of water on the roads. we say it over and over again, but we can't repeat it enough, if you see standing water on the road and you can't tell how deep it is, turn around and do not drown. >> we'll probably be seeing roads like that all over the area at some point or another tonight because as doug noted, there is a flood warning. >> and this is
6:51 pm
warning, and this flash flood warning just for a couple creeks. way tonight make sure i get these right for you. this is back lit run and cameron run. these were rapidly rising. so the national weather service tracking these and the national weather service at 6:45 says gauges on back lick and cameron run were rapidly rising. flood stage is expected to be exceeded due to heavy rain. one to one and a half inches of rain and mainly impacting the fairfax county side of the stream. street flooding in huntington is likely. if you live in hountington, street flood something likely around the huntington area. once again they are looking at back lick run and cameron run where we're seeing this. other areas faebt affected incl laich barcroft, canon area, jefferson manor, and bailey's crossroads. hol homes below
6:52 pm
if you're below the lake, you need to watch out in that area. we have that flash flood warning in effect until 8:45 tonight. again, we've mentioned the flood warnings. flood warnings are different than flash flood warnings. flash flood warnings, they come up very quick. this is right where we're talking about here. this is franconia springfield, very close to the area i was just mentioning. this is the m et tetro garage. you can still see the bottom of the bumper. once you get above a foot and a half high, then you start to get the water into the motor. you can see right there looking okay. now, the wider view here, let's go wide again and show you where the heaviest is. the severe thunderstorm warnings continue. you notice that. you've got three different warnings in southern maryland but every single
6:53 pm
severe thunderstorm warning. this is the storm we're going to be watching very closely down to the south. we're looking at this tornado warning that's included in westmoreland county around montrose here. this storm moving across in towards st. mary's county fairly quickly. we could see the tornado warning continue for that county. it already has a severe thunderstorm warning associated with it but we're also watching that as it makes its way up toward the north, too, and this is the other storm with a severe thunderstorm warning for charles county. that moving up right along 301. so we'll watch that one too. southern maryland, the northern neck, you folks are under the gun. here is where the possible tornado could be here as we move through. let's see -- i bet that's -- let's see if it's expanded here. could be another flash flood warning. i will wait and see just exactly to see what this is as we move on through the region here. we heard it be
6:54 pm
so many counties under warning it's hard to figure out where those are. those the storm team4 x 4. that will continue to be out through about the next half hour or so. we're going to stay on with you here right on through the next half hour as well. so keep it right here to storm team4 and nbc 4. we've got you covered. if you're west of i-95-let's . if you're west of i-95, you're just about done with the exception of montgomery county and howard county. if you're east of i-95, you still got a ways to go. severe thunderstorm warning in effect. down towards the south, waldorf, clinton, right around 301. you're about to get the worst of this and down around the beltway, too. do we have that national harbor camera? i bet that's a site to see right now too. around waldorf, this is the area i expect to see some very strong winds here. let's go way in around the
6:55 pm
waldorf area right around 5. that camera is dead? our national harbor camera is now dead. we don't have that camera anymore maybe because of the winds. look at laplata. look at the rainfall rates. inch and three-quarters. over three inches an hour there as we look on through. look at the white house. the white house right there. you can see the rain really coming down again around the white house as we continue to move in. let's zoom into that area right downtown again because we saw a little bit of a lull there downtown and now we're seeing that heavy rain come back into the region. as it does move up toward the north and west. here is the white house. look at the rain. look at the red. right around the inn in washington. there's the red. and there's the white house. you can see the heavy rain falling across portions of the mall. that's the mall right there we're looking at. right across the mall going right like that. lincoln memorial. right about here. white house right about here. we'll continue to watch as this whole system moves on through over the next hour or so. now moving up towards the
6:56 pm
in through portions of northwest right along georgia avenue and over towards northeast and then down towards anacostia again seeing some very heavy rain. we're not done just yet. we have some more time with this. we'll continue to watch it for you as we move through. we're going right on through 7:30 here and the reason for that is because of the severe storms here, but also because of what we expect to see down to the south. i would not be surprised to see this tornado warning expanded although it does look like -- can we put the composite back on, veronica? i want to see if the pings are still here. if the pings are there, that means we still have that severe thunderstorm. that means we still have a very strong storm. the potential is there for that tornado to pass on by through as we move on through. let's toss it back to jim and doreen. i know you guys are going to continue to watch this with us. >> absolutely, doug. it is fascinating and very necessary and informative material that you're sending our way. we are going to stay on the air until about 7:30 tonight. there's bad stuff going on. >>
6:57 pm
but some of us are in the clear but people on the -- over on the eastern shore are still in trouble with this stormy weather, so we will stay on the area through 7:30. "nbc nightly news" will run in its entirety at 7:30. so stay tuned for that and stay tuned to our continuing storm team4 weather coverage. doug, back to you. >> thanks, guys. once again we're just going to continue to stay on this line. we don't get a line like this in the month of february. just doesn't happen very often. once again, this is because if we didn't have el nino, we could almost guarantee we wouldn't have this line. we talked about this last week. the potential is there for a very strong storm making it's way in during the day. we said rain or snow. we said the potential is there for a very strong storm today and that's exactly what we have. little did we know this is going to be a severe weather event across our region but you can see the strongest storms now again east of
6:58 pm
portions of southern maryland up around the baltimore area back to the west. we are looking at clearing conditions around loudoun county, around fauquier county, not expecting much in the way of rain as we move through. down to the south, this is where we continue to see more of this. down towards waldorf, towards st. mary's, king george and westmoreland clintounty. very heavy rain in prince george's county. the flood warnings are everywhere across the region. not just the flash flood warnings but the flood, what and we expect to see the rivers and the stream rise. probably not the major rivers. this is 50 at 97. extremely heavy rainfall. that's right in here and again we're going to continue to see that heavier rain -- even heavier rain move in across the region. you also see the wind really blowing with that as well. i'm going to give this back to veronica for a couple minutes. talk more about southern maryland getting hit hard. >> traffic has be
6:59 pm
very heavy rain and ponding on area roads and low visibility. just showed you some of the rainfall rates. we can take a look at that again coming down at a rate of 1 and 2, even 3 inches per hour. there's some 2-inch rainfall rates now just about ready to head out of the d.c. and across eastern portions of the beltway, 495. same deal up to our north, bowie. rainfall rates over 2 inches per hour and all this is pushing off toward areas like bowie, annapolis, toward clinton, maryland. rainfall rates over 2 1/2 inches per hour. so we've seen the flash flood warnings for creeks and streams and rivers. we've seen the flood warnings come up, especially inside of d.c. and down to the south. meanwhile, we continue to track this line as it heads off to the east. we said up until about 7:00 or 8:00 this evening we would stay with a storm threat and, indeed, we're seeing just that. the storms still pushing off to the east now
7:00 pm
miles per hour but still potentially also producing some wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. now, you can see up around columbia, maryland, howard county, the storms making their way out of the area headed into anne arundel county, northern prince george's county. we can follow it right on down. so at least areas along i-95 out of d.c. don't have the pounding rain on area roads right now or the high winds.


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