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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he says he doesn't want to take any chances. this all comes out of a smoke incident yesterday at mcpherson square. where smoke was seen coming out. he said the initial investigation to that smoke indicates the same cause, the jumper cables that caused the smoke at l'enfante plaza last january were to blame for the incident yesterday. he has orred an immediate inspection of all 600 jumper cables throughout the entire metro rail system. it's important to note and this was brought up extensively at this press conference, that the same jumper cables were inspected just a year ago and the ones found to be faulty, about 125 of them. were either replaced or repaired. this one that did catch fire or smoked up yesterday, they say was one that was inspected and was cleared. but now the gm says he doesn't have a lot of faith in that inspection from a year ago. so he's ordered a new inspection starting tonight at midnight. he knows this is going to cause a lot
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throughout our region. i've been speaking to administration officials with the bowser administration in d.c. they said their goal is to keep d.c. schools and the d.c. government open on time. federal employees, opm said they'll have a statement later tonight. the latest from metro headquarters, back to you. >> here's an idea of just how many people this impacts. metro is the second busiest transit system in the entire country. trains make between 730,000 and 740,000 trips on a typical weekday. the metro rail system serves the population of more than 4 million people. about 45% of the population inside the beltway uses some form of mass transit. and that means a lot of people need a new way to get to work of course tomorrow. news4's derrick ward will be joining us from silver spring where most commuters are just hearing about this news. derrick? >> indeed they
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just as befuddled or at sea i guess you would say as some government officials are over this. now metro did put out a tweet so a couple people we talked to did know about it another group of people that we talked to, they are pretty much wondering what they're going to do tomorrow. let's hear what they have to say. >> i don't know, i probably have to catch a ride from my aunt or something. but i think that's, that's ridiculous. >> i don't know how they expect to, to do any better with the way they're handling things when they keep doing these last-minute things to disrupt people's commute. >> i can take the bus. i have options for me. but for other folks, it's not so easy. >> now this is the tweet that metro put out about 18 to 20 minutes ago. as you can see in big red letters there, closed. something else to think b. what about folks who may be out of town? flying in to maybe
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national airport and expecting to get metro home? they may not be in our viewing area or in an area where they know about this is going on. going to be some confusion tomorrow and a lot of adversity, a lot of traffic. right now we're live in silver spring, derrick ward, back to you. >> here's what you need to know about other public transit. metro bus service will be operating on its normal schedule throughout the day tomorrow, as will vre in virginia. and the street car on h street and bidding road will be operating with normal service. we have not heard any official word from marc, marc train service, news4's scott mcfarland is at the live desk gathering more reaction to this decision. >> fast and furious reaction from local members of congress who want the office of personnel management to allow federal workers to telework tomorrow. congressman don bier, all of the d.c. suburbs asking opm to make a decision and allow federal workers to stay home and work from home because of the shutdown at metro. we do have a statement
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kind of a nonstatement, saying we'll have guidance for the agencies and the status of the federal government shortly. hopefully shortly means in the coming minutes. a lot people are trying to make their transportation plans now. d.c. public schools will be open tomorrow and d.c. public schools will be working with metro to add additional bus service, they say tardies and absences in d.c. public schools will be excused tomorrow. so many students in d.c. public schools take metro rail to get from home to the school building. alternate plans will have to be made. more as it comes in that's it at the live desk, now back to you. >> scott mcfarland, thank you. there's not a lot of heads up for people and that has city officials and federal officials a little upset that they're just now getting word on this. we have a list of all your transportation options tomorrow on the nbc washington app. we know there's a lot of discussions to be made tonight by a lot of employers impacting your day tomorrow. we'll keep you updated here on newsro
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news4 at 11:00 and of course on the nbc washington app. we're going to switch to another top story since this unfolded on sunday. three prince george's county brothers all took part in that plot to attack police, that's according to court documents revealed today. malik ford and elijah ford are accused of doing nothing to stop the shooting. both are charged with 11 counts of attempted murder in in connection with the death of prince george's county police detective jacai colson. charges have not been made against the accused shooter. michael ford. who is still in the hospital. let's listen to some dispatch calls. >> medic in front of the cage, right in front of the community center. is that correct? station. active shooter. 5, 33-5. >> the area behind district 3, is the neighborhood. possible suspect at large.
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>> prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to a witness who saw this all unfold. she is live outside the courthouse in upper marlboro. tracee? >> that witness told us she had never seen anything like this before. and was amazed at what she watched happen. right outside her door. >> he was just angry young man. >> jeanette gray who lives across from district 3 said she stood at her door watching the man that police have identified as michael ford outside the police station. >> come out, come out and face me. >> she said he reached for something in his jacket. >> i heard pow pow pow, and i thought that's real bullets and people started running. >> after the exchange of gunfire ended, she said she saw something lying near the side of her gate. >> there's a little bush over here by my gate. it looked like on that side. somebody laying there. and i said, oh, they must have
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but i didn't know at the time until i was heard later on the news that it was an officer. >> today prince george's county police chief hank stawinski walked the crime scene as evidence technicians counted holes and measured distances. police say they're still building their case to charge suspected gunman, michael ford. >> this is the process of gathering forensic evidence to demonstrate how this event played out. >> ford's brothers, malik and elijah are facing attempted murder charges for allegedly helping their brother to commit the crime. according to charging documents, elijah recorded the video where his brother mapped out doing the shooting. malik drove michael to the police station and when he started walking to the wrong building, they directed him back to the police station. the brothers are expected to have a video first appearance. here at the prince george's county courthouse tomorrow. now, the state's attorney's office and police were hoping to get second-degree murder charges against these two brothers. but the commissioner said the evidence was not there for that.
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after this case goes to the grand jury. again, still building their charges against michael. for the alleged shooting in this incident. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we talk to the fire chief after he had conversations with folks who were in the ambulance that was shot at by michael when all of this happened according to police. reporting live from upper marlboro, tracee wilkins. >> officer colson's death comes a couple of weeks after someone shot and killed prince william county officer ashley guindon. today that family is thanking the public for their outpouring of support. we hear from another officer wounded during the same call that guindon responded to. >> thank you for praying for our recovery and for lining streets to honor the sacrifice that ashley made. >> the support we've received from the community and other agencies means more than you can know. you provided light in a time of darkness.
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video message posted on our nbc washington facebook page. police released new video hoping it will help them find these two men. they want to talk to them to see if they know anything about a possible attempted abduction at the smithsonian's popular air and space museum. tour group was walking out of that museum when a man grabbed a child's hand. but a quick-thinking chaperone saw what was going on and put a stop to it. news4's jackie bensen is live with more on the investigation. >> wendy, police are taking this very seriously. they tell us they need some help from shuttle bus drivers. >> the surveillance video from inside the smithsonian's air and space museum show two men described as persons of interest in an alarming thing that happened here march 3rd. they had been seen talking to each other inside the museum. >> the first video shows an adult male subject with dark
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described to us as black hair, with light brown roots. it looks as though the hair is dyed and it's growing out somewhat. the subject is described as having green eyes and an eastern european accent and an additional man, also a white male with white or gray hair and a little bit heavyset. >> witnesses reported that a man with dark hair took the hand of a young elementary-aged child and walked with the child for a few steps before a chaperone notice and intervened. >> at which point the man walked off. boarded a white shuttle bus and the bus was seen leaving shortly after. >> between the hours of 10:00 or 11:00 if you had a drop--off or a pickup in the jefferson park area of the air and space museum. please reach out to us. there's a chance you transported these people. >> parents we spoke to say it's just the sort of thing we warn their children about. >> wej
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importance of staying close and if they get lost where they should go. >> coming up, we've learned about a strangely similar incident with very similar photos that happened in a museum, we'll show you those photos, live on the national mall, jackie bensen, news4. we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00, we continue to follow our breaking news regarding metro and the shutdown of the entire system for a day. a little later, we'll have reaction from riders in northern virginia. and a backlash over a decision to change the name of a prince william county middle school. little by little, we're learning more and more about the violent death of shelden williams, the d.c. man found dead alongside a road in montgomery county. today officially, they've called this a case of murder. that story coming up. news4 . not a bad afternoon today,
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take a look at the numbers, just down our south and west, we're at 62, roanoke, 74, back to kentucky, 78, some warmer air moving our way and much co
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it's scott mcfarland, back to breaking news that will impact your commute tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening. metro will be closed for at least 29 hours, starting at midnight tonight. the transit agency will use the shutdown to inspect so-called jumper cables on the entire system. according to general manager paul wiedefeld, who says the jumper cables were responsible for yesterday's fire, that gridlocked service on the blue, orange and silver lines. he said the initial investigation points to it being the same issue that caused the deadly smoke issue at l'enfante plaza last year. we're waiting to hear from the office of personnel management as to whether they're going to offer telework to federal workers tomorrow because of the shutdown. already many local members of congress are asking the opm to do so we're hearing from school district now. d.c. public schools say they'll have school tomorrow. so many of their students take metrorail to get to the school buildings, they say absences and tarties will be
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arlington schools will have normal operations and we're hearing from montgomery county that county lead remembers in a summit that began a few minutes ago to determine whether they will offer excuses and ride-on buses adding buss to supplement their fleet. the mta marc train system still deciding how they'll supplement ridership in the maryland suburbs and the vre in virginia, running normal service tomorrow. amid the metro shutdown. details are coming in as we speak, we'll have them as soon as we can at our nbc washington app. now back to you. >> this evening, we're learning new details about what is now montgomery county's first murder of 2016. and we're hearing from people who knew the young man. found dead along the side of a road in the briggs-cheney area, news4's pat collins at police headquarters with details. ? jim, we know more now, we know that sheldon williams was shot and killed
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boulevard in montgomery county. but his friends and his family, they want to know why. in his life, sheldon williams had a lot of things in play. he worked at sweetgreen, a salad emporium in southeast at the same time he was taking classes at udc. through the sweetgreen windows, can you see a montage of pictures of sheldon commemorating the years he worked here. at the caesar chavez charter school where he graduated with honors, the loss of sheldon williams has had a great impact. >> a huge loss. a huge loss. scholars -- all around, scholar who is are here now, our alumni, they all have felt impacted by his loss. >> dr. miller was a math teacher when sheldon williams was a student here. >> this is the first scholar who i've taught, who has actually
5:18 pm
is senseless and and violent, is just disheartening. >> it's official now, the medical examiner has ruled the death of sheldon williams a case of murder. the cause of death, gunshot. the body of the 20-year-old found late friday night alongside castle boulevard in montgomery county. >> passerby had found the victim you know off the sidewalk. and detectives do believe that the victim was killed there. >> killed where he was found? >> correct. >> now coming up at 6:00, more about sheldon williams. more about his lost dream. i'll see you at 6:00. now back to you. >> all right. pat collins. and neighbors in fairfax county are concerned about their safety. after an 83-year-old man was found shot at his home. tonight, people in the mason neck area of lorton will meet with the fairfax county police to get an update on
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johan delide was shot in the chest in lorton last friday. found in his back yard, he died at the hospital. police say his death is a homicide. they have not made any arrest and any have no suspects in this case. call it super tuesday. part two. tonight we could see the landscape of the race for the white house shift on both sides. donald trump and hillary clinton, could solidify their shot at their party's respective nominations. but we could also see upsets. making the late ebb contests even more important. what's at stake? well primaries in missouri, illinois, ohio, north carolina and yes, the sunshine state. hundreds of delegates up for grabs for both parties tonight. and for the gop, all eyes are on florida and ohio. they are winner take all states. >> i'm kristen welk anywhere miami, secretary clinton feeling confident about her chances here in florida. this is where she's going to hold a big rally tonight. but senator sanrs
5:20 pm
increasingly strong in states throughout the midwest. particularly after his surprise win in michigan. and the winner tonight could all come down to who wins ohio. >> hi, i'm chris jansing in cleveland, ohio, a make-or-break state for john kasich who cast his vote this morning in westerville in suburban columbus, saying he's going to win. if he does, it complicates everything for donald trump. if he doesn't, it means he's out of the race. >> i'm dave gutierrez in miami, where marco rubio is fighting for his political future. most polls have him down at least 17 points here in his home state. his campaign is banking on what would have to be historic turn-out in here in the stronghold of miami-dade county. >> i'm hallie jackson. with ted cruz campaign. the senator spending time in houston tonight. where he's looking to pick up delegates, north carolina and illinois. but watch missouri. that's a place where you might see cruz surprise with a strong performance. >> montgomery county executive
5:21 pm
budget plan that includes a 4-cent increase in property taxes, that the money would go to reducing class sizes in montgomery county schools and boosting achievement. the budget adds more police officers to the clarksburg-germantown area and it funds police body camera program. the county council has until june 1st to take final action on the budget. the new fiscal year begins in july. well, the big story this afternoon -- metro adding more buses to the roads after announcing that metro will shut down the entire subway system for emergency inspections. starting at midnight tonight and all day tomorrow. we continue to follow this developing story. the latest on how the federal and the local governments are reacting to this decision.
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pretty nice day out there we saw some shower activity during the day yesterday. we saw some cloud cover again this morning. but now we're seeing some sunshine across the area. take a look outside. a great camera out towards it says rockville, that's not rockville, that's down towards national harbor. we've got the boats out here. not going to be long until we're starting to take the boats out into the potomac. how about that, looking good there. now right now some nice conditions. look at the temperatures, up to 64, winds out of the north at about 9 miles per hour. a very nice afternoon. it's going to be a very nice evening, too. 59 greaaithersburg. south and west, 70 right now in stanton. around the charlottesville area. that's the warm air that's just off to our southwest. moving in tomorrow. storm team 4 radar, nothing to show, no rain, we're not going to be
5:26 pm
around this time tomorrow night. it's from a storm system well back to the west. here's the storm systems that came through the last couple of days. they're not moving out. you can see the sunshine moving in the clouds getting out of here. but then back to the west. watching this storm, pretty potent little storm system. actually a tornado watch around for the chicagoland area. northern portions of illinois. that storm will move our way. we're not going to see any severe weather from it tomorrow but we'll see a chance for a shower, that's going to be about it. a quick shower. 11:00. cloud cover across the area. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. around 3:00 we start to see the showers moving in most of the area dry through about 4:00, 5:00 and here's 6:00 around the i-95 corridor. not a huge deal tomorrow. again a quick shower. but with metro shut down, a lot of people going to be out there walking around. you ma i want to take the umbrella just in case. all in all not a bad evening tomorrow. that gets out of here quickly. we start to see skies clear. tomorrow afternoon, 70 frederick, 73
5:27 pm
towards charlottesville. notice along the bay. only in the lower 60s, upper 50s cooler along the bay with a southeasterly breeze. next four days, 74 tomorrow, 65 on st. patrick's day. 57 on your friday. saturday, 50. this is when things start to cool. another storm could be a nor'easter. veronica has that forecast for you, which may include a little bit of snow. but don't worry. >> doug, thanks, see you shortly. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we continue to follow our breaking big news regarding the shutdown of metro. >> we're going to find out how it is going to impact tomorrow morning's commute tomorrow afternoon's commute. lot going on, folks. i'm david culver in virginia. we're working on a
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to the breaking news that probably has so many of you scrambling to find a ride to work tomorrow. metro shutting down all day tomorrow. the subway for emergency inspections. crews are looking at 600 jumper cables, systemwide, that act as kind of an extension cord to that third rail. metro believes those cables were to blame for yesterday's track fire. and the deadly l'enfante plaza metro smoke incident last year. metro's gm says it was not an easy decision to make. >> when i say safety is our highest priority, i mean it. that's sometimes means making tough, unpopular decisions, and this is one of those for sure. i fully recognize the harhi
5:32 pm
the community. >> news4's transportation reporter adam tuss joins us on the phone. with more on this unprecedented move. adam, it seemed to a lot of people to come out of nowhere. >> yeah, john i think that's the most surprising thing about all of this. but really, so did the smoke and fire incident yesterday. things seem to be going along normally there, as normal as they can be for metro and 4:30 yesterday morning, they have this incident that completely melts down blue, orange and silver line service for the morning commute. it lasts into the afternoon commute and even this morning we were wondering if service was going to get back up to normal and running. did get blue, orange, and silver service back up and running this morning. but clearly they got in there yesterday over the course of the night last night, and they took a look at what happened with that smoke and fire incident near mcpherson square. and they didn't like what they saw. if you'rgo
5:33 pm
safety a top priority, you have to applaud the general manager for shutting the system down for a day and taking a hard look at the system in the name of safety. you can't put people in harm's way if you believe there's an issue that could arise, when i was talking to metro sources after this announcement was all made. they said that people are literally going to be crawling on the tracks of the system. they're going to fan people out, sat rate the system, have people looking at all of these jumper cables everywhere and they can't even run trains because you're going to have people on their hands and knees making sure things are installed properly so this is clearly an unprecedented move. but one that the general manager felt like he needed to make. >> coming in the middle of a work week, is there any chance it stretches beyond 29 hours and any chance they could come back and revisit something like this in the weeks ahead? >> i think if metro is going to take a
5:34 pm
like this, then yeah, there's the potential that this is going do happen again in the future. you're going to have to start making some tough decisions like this. you know for so long, the system has been ignored when it comes to maintenance, people haven't put the proper amount of care into the system and so this is what you get. years later, you get the system investment that leads to the system being in the shape that it is right now. the general manager has talked about how it's worse than whey thought when he came in here. and jim, we can't say for sure that they're not going to find something tomorrow. you know if you're going to take this level of detail and really get in there and micro-inspect the system, then i have to imagine something else concerning is going to pop up. you just hope it's something that they can fix and replace tomorrow during the course of the day. and not have this stretch on for the coming weeks. we've got the cherry blossoms coming up. things like that. safety of course, a top priority, but you also have to think about getting things back up and running so we can get back to life as normal here in
5:35 pm
>> good point. adam, here's hoping, we appreciate it thank you, adam. so you can imagine as people are scrambling as they take what could be their last subway ride for the next 24 hours, we're going to continue our coverage with derrick ward on the red line train right now talking to people. what is the mood out there during this rush hour, derrick? well it's a bit of a surprise. people are kind of understanding when they realize that this is a matter of safety. we're talking to a rider here who just got the word, what's your name, sir? >> greg romano. >> what are you going to do tomorrow? 24 hours with no metrorail? >> i'm set up to telework. i'll telework from my home in alexandria. because trying to get from alexandria to silver spring would be very difficult. >> do you other colleagues that may not have that option? have you been talking to them what we're they're going to do? >> i've talked to colleague who is have going to have to drive. but for the most part, they're going to telework if at all possible. we'll make it work.
5:36 pm
safety. does that give you comfort or understanding about this? >> anything that improves safety is great. it is an inconvenience, as we all know sometimes the inconvenience of metro can be a problem. but i just, it's my one option and so i take the lumps as they come. >> thank you for your time, sir, we appreciate it enjoy the rest of your commute. you won't be doing it for the next 24 hours at least on the subway. there are announcements in the station, a big sign over the kiosk when you enter the station saying that metro will be closed tomorrow. as we heard, local governments, opm are going to come out with statements about how to react to this. expect some adversity tomorrow, no mat fer you drive or take metro. live on the red line, derrick ward, back to you. >> happy riding for a few more hours, anyway. turmoil in prince william county today over changing the name of a middle school. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver joins us live from godwin middle school in dale city to explain the
5:37 pm
incident that has sparked some backlash, david? >> that apparent backlash, personal, deeply racial. police telling me they're trying to find the person who put a confederate flag, along with a racial slur into the home mailbox of a local school board member it came after the same local school board member voted to change this middle school's name. >> godwin middle school wasn't even on the early march school board meeting agenda. instead the focus was on finding a name for this brand-new elementary school. >> our school board was setting out to name a school in honor of one of two different people who really are models for our community. >> those individuals, dr. george hampton, a living african-american community leader and army veteran and kyle wilson, a county firefighter who lost his life battling this house fire in 2007. supporters from both sides spoke up. but instead of choosing between the two, school board member justin wilk had a proposal to change godwin middle school. >> i think
5:38 pm
this, people can hate me, whatever. i think it's the best alternative. right now there's a school right now, where kids walk in, 78% minority and the name of the building is after a segregationist governor in dale city, godwin middle school. >> a late-night vote the board and the crowd approved. >> yeah. >> after inside first reported it, some community members seemed caught off-guard and some angry. one person posting, poor judgment on prince william county, godwin should never have been up for change. it was not on the agenda. poor, poor decisions, i'll be putting up a petition to keep godwin. >> another one writing, if one of my schools was ash trarbitra changed, i would be disappointed. >> this is disappointing, it's about the students, the legacy of the people we're trying to ho.
5:39 pm
i'm going to explain why tomorrow night's school board meeting could actually bring some changes and really evoke a lot stronger emotions. that's ahead in our next hour, reporting live from dale city, virginia, david culver, news4. thank you. another push for a controversial merger comes with new warnings, the urgent message concerning electrical rates and power outages in our area. >> she became the national sensation for dancing with the obamas. now she's being celebrated by an historic basketball team. her story, right after
5:40 pm
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pope francis cleared her way for sainthood, attributing a second miracle. at the time of her death she ran 600 orphanages, soup kitchens and shelters. >> the 107-year-old washington woman who became a national sensation after she danced with the obamas, she's now being celebrated by a famous basketball team. those harlem globetrotters honored virginia mclaurin, at roots public charter school in northwest d.c. she volunteers at the school on a regular basis. look at that smile. the globetrotters say they want to celebrate her positive philosophy and all that energy. well, they're named mr. president and the first lady and they are expecting one of their offspring shortly. up next, the latest on the eaglet watch at the national arboretum. and a new twist on an irs icam that a
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
at the live desk, we're staying on top of the metro shutdown for you and how it will impact you. the shutdown starts at midnight tonight, it will last through at least 5:00 a.m. thursday morning. the transit agencies will inspect so-called jumper cables on its system. cables that were at the heart
5:47 pm
mcpherson square and the deadly smoke incident at l'enfante plaza in january 2015. here's where we stand as far as the federal government goes. no decision yet from the office of personnel management. but several members of congress in the d.c. area formally asking the agency to institute unscheduled telework. montgomery county holding a meeting right now to decide what to do in that county. we know d.c. schools will open, and then metro will provide extra buss to help kids get to class. we're told a few moments ago d.c. government will open on time. for commuting, marc will be running trains, at 7:00 p.m. will decide whether it's going to offer more services so that it can better help metro passengers in montgomery county, howard county and anne arundel and prince george's. dash on buses, regular system and ride-on buss in montgomery county will provide extra buses to help. but likely not impact the rush hour. the big domino is from the office of personnel management. which holds the
5:48 pm
thousands of federal workers who take the metro system each day. deciding whether they'll be allowed to telework tomorrow. schools, arlington schools will open as scheduled tomorrow. d.c. schools will allow excused absences and excused tardies, because so many students in that school district take metro to get to school. more as it comes in on our nbc washington app and at the live desk. we have a warning tonight for taxpayers. the irs says there's a new twist with phone scams. consumer reporter susan hogan is here to tell you how it works so you don't fall for it. susan? >> well that's right. the irs phone scams are by far the most common complaint we get from our viewers, aggressive and threatening phone calls from someone impersonating an irs agent saying you owe money. while the scams are still a problem, the irs says in the last few weeks it's received complaints of a new scam. scam artists are calling
5:49 pm
tax return and need to verify a few details to process it. criminals then try to get you to tell them your social security number, or give personnel financial information. remember the irs will never call or email you to verify your identity. the irs will never demand a payment over the phone. andful never ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone or email, either. the best thing you can do if you get one of these phone calls, simply hang up. and you should report it as well. and you should also go to our nbc washington app and search for tech scams. susan, thank you. about 32,000 bottles of water donated by the people in prince george's county is now on its way to help people in flint, michigan today. fire crews helped load water donated by local residents on to train cars. the branchville, largo, glendale and
5:50 pm
staegss. flint switched water sources in 2014, causing leads to get into the drinking water supply. several people became ill, the city has now taken steps to improve the water quality. the world rides at our doorstep with the start of the d.c. environmental film festival. 140 films showcasing the vast beauty our planet and the environmental troubles that continue to plague it it begins with the story of member who risk their lives helping foreigners take what they believe is a dangerous ego trip up mount everest. to the men and women who keep national parks thriving across our globe. festival runs through march 26th. you can find a link on nbc washington app and search environmental film vest val. in this town we're familiar with panda watch. but right now we want to take you to the
5:51 pm
nest inside the national arboretum. a pair of bald eagles has been taking turns incubating two eggs for the past month and one of them could hatch as early as today. we've seen the adult eagle moving around quite a bit but so far no signs of any eaglets. we're going to break in as soon as it happens. that's a beautiful shot. >> we hope they're not asleep in ten. >> you know that drill. we've got interesting weather on the way. >> we've got, tomorrow could be just an awful, awful day for kmoorts so -- >> we want to take a deep breath, we don't want weather to get in the way of this. but in some ways our weather tomorrow could be the best that we've had in the last couple of days. if you like it warm. our temperatures will be the warmest that they've been since last friday. we're going to be going up into the 70s. so milder and then it's going to get chilly again. what we don't want tomorrow is
5:52 pm
weekend that will be chilly, if not cold as you'll see in just a moment. so temperatures tomorrow will feel a lot like may. that's why i think it's going to be a low-impact weather day for us. nice, warm, could see an isolated shower come our way during the afternoon hours. on radar, scanning the area, this is live, not a drop ton found. after the morning rain as we make our way through the day tomorrow. we start out with the morning fog. after about 3:00, up until about 7:00 we'll see isolated showers moving through. that's the green that you see here. fredericksburg, down around frederick, leesburg, hagerstown. up toward winchester. the system continues east and by 5:00, 6:00, could be moving through areas around d.c., montgomery county, up toward howard county and southern maryland. it's out of here by 9:00. we'll be clearing out once again. so nothing heavy for tomorrow, a few showers that will be isolated for the afternoon hours. the morning commute, we may have to deal with some dense and widespread fog.
5:53 pm
you'll want to have another thin layer on to start your day tomorrow. the fog could slow some folks down on area roads. all of this white is the fog. want to show you how widespread it is. sometimes it's along i-95 and maybe east. this time it's throughout the area and the visibilities will be down under a mile up until maybe 9:00 amt. the change for us, that warmth that will be moving in, you'll really notice it. so kind of a layer up kind of day. short sleeves for the afternoon. 74, 76 from la plata on down. clouds will be moving through the area tomorrow. you'll notice it during the afternoon hours with the isolated shower. for right now, st. patrick's day is looking drier. temperatures top out in the mid 60s, the weekend, 50 to 46 degrees. on the weekend, chilly, if not cold with rain mixing with a little bit of snow. coming our way late sunday. doug has more on that coming up on news4 at 6:00. >> commuters dreading a day without
5:54 pm
our coverage of this developing story. continues. the idea was to make airlawn park in bethesda accessible to people in wheelchairs 0or other disabilities to see their kids play baseball. but the sidewalk that was built for them is now flooded. how did it get this way? d what's being donean a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
5:57 pm
looking at the -- that's not the metro tracks outside dunn loring. >> they're right in the middle. because those tracks are manity now, they're going to be empty for the next, starting at midnight for the next 29 hours, roads are going to be full of cars, we'll continue our live team coverage of metro's decision to shut down the entire subway system and what it means for you, your kids, how you're going to get to
5:58 pm
if you have to work tomorrow, coming up on news4 at 6:00. new warnings today of higher electric rates and more power outages, the message tonight from local businesses and community leaders. >> as tom sherwood reports, they're asking for no more delays in approving the controversial pepco exelon merger. >> in an old industrial area of northeast washington, the ideal electric supply company, in business 30 years and owned and operated by cora williams and her family. she was one of dozens of business and community leaders today making an urgent pitch for the $7 billion pepco/exelon merger which has run into complications. it's stalled bst public service commission, a dispute not about the merger itself, but who will control millions inside community benefits and rate relief. >> pep ko has always been a strong corporate partner to the communit
5:59 pm
always. >> former d.c. mayor tony williams led the business charge today. area leaders saying d.c. needs to join a multistate merger. >> to benefit to the district of columbia, to montgomery county, prince george's up, delaware, new jersey. >> nor a company that's going to be struggling with its balance sheet if this merger isn't approved. >> opponents insist the merger will boost the balance sheet of the much bigger exelon, not improve pepco reliability. >> the truth is that pepco is a financially healthy company and ex-lon is not so happy. what exelon wants to do is gobble up these healthy companies to improve its balance sheet. >> pepco/exelon has asked the council to act by april 7th. in the district tom sherwood, news4. in a pivotal moment in politics, right now voters in five states, including voters here in florida, are casting their ballots as republicans marco rubio and john kasich in
6:00 pm
futures and to keep their white house hopes alive. >> an attempted abduction at one of the busiest tourist attractions in our area. and the dramatic eye witness account as a police officer is ambushed on the job. >> by that time i heard pow pow pow. >> what we're just learning about the brothers allegedly behind the calculated crime. >> we start with breaking news from metro. the transit agency is shutting down the entire rail system at midnight. it will be closed all day tomorrow. meaning hundreds of thousands of you, your neighbors, co-workers, all going to have to find another way to get to work and school. crews have to conduct emergency inspections on underground jumper cables like the one that caught fire monday near mcpherson square. they have to inspect about 600 cables and anything they have to fix, could cause even more service outages. >> we've got crews covering every angle from the system shutdown to the


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