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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that led to this closure already yielding some fixes. >> we're still waiting for metro to tell us if the whole system is going to reopen on time tomorrow. we're covering all the angles in our team coverage. >> we're going to start with news4's transportation report adam tuss outside metro headquarters. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: well, wendy, what we're all waiting for right now is metro's news conference that's expected about 5:30 tonight. we're going to give us an update on what they found during those inspections today and possible restoration of service for tomorrow, but we already know from talking to metro sources, we reported this already on news4 at 11:00 earlier today and have learned throughout the day that metro officials did find problematic cables throughout the system today and had to replace some of them. of course, these were the jumper cables that you have been hearing so much about over the last couple days. those cables that connect parts of the third rail. so the investigators who have been brought in from other
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amtrak and also metro officials down there on the tracks found some cables that they thought were enough of a problem that they had to replace them today. we don't know the exact amount. we're hoping to get that answer at 5:30, but the fact that the cables were replaced, one metro official said that the shutdown today was worthwhile. >> and also, adam, yesterday they were talking about the smoky fire incident on monday at mcpherson square and then that awful episode where it got smoky at l'enfant plaza last year and ended with the death of a woman. are they connected to this? >> reporter: eerily similar is what i was told today, wendy. if you look at the things, on monday the episode at mcpherson square is really what led to all of this. general manager paul wiedefeld went down onto the tracks, took a look at what he saw down there with those jumper cables, and one metro official told me that if that incident on monday at mcpherson square had happened
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just a few hours later at the heart of the morning rush, then we might have had another deadly l'enfant plaza smoke episode. that's how serious this was. this whole incident started at 4:30 in the morning on monday, but say if it happened at 6:30 or 7:00, you would have been dealing with full metrorail cars and potentially another deadly situation. that's why this move was taken. that's why there was so much concern about these cables. >> and it's going to be fixed and the metro will be opening at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow? >> reporter: we don't know that for sure yet. all we know is that metro has been going through the process. they're way more than halfway done checking the 600 underground cables they were supposed to do. so 5:30 metro should give us a better understanding of what they want to do tomorrow. they don't want to come out right now and say, yeah, we're going to open the system tomorrow as normal but then go find a cable that's problematic later on as they continue their inspections. 5:30 we should get a better understanding, wendy. >> all right. >> thanks,
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in about 90 minutes. thanks. now we know what's happening in the underground tunnels, but everywhere else commuters are facing the start of the evening rush with no rail service. >> meagan fitzgerald is at the west falls church metro station on the orange line. is it lonely there, meagan? >> reporter: it is right now, but, of course, we're expecting these buses that will likely be packed to start coming in here in the next 30 minutes, the next hour or so, but i got to tell you, the news of the shutdown seemed to be more of a shock than the actual commute this morning. we spoke with some commuters this morning who say they got to where they needed to go efficiently. traffic is always expected when trying to get around in the d.c. area, but when metrorails aren't an option, many thought the commute would be epic. but that didn't seem to be the case. >> business as usual. there was a little bit of traffic coming over but seemed to be normal to us. >> coming into the city it was kind of like a snow day, n
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lot of the parking garages were full. >> reporter: sure, traffic wasn't a breeze for everyone but it was mostly uneventful, especially for those who thought things through. >> i'm wearing my running shoes thinking i'm going to run miles to my meetings. >> reporter: now, of course, a lot of folks stayed home today. they had the opportunity work from home and vdot says that certainly helped with the traffic flow we saw this morning. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you some of the strategizing that went into commuters' commute into the city and what uber did to try and make commuting a little bit easier. back to you. >> thanks, meagan. meagan mentioned the traffic. here is a look at how the roads are doing right now. you can see mostly green, some spots of yellow and a little bit of red. mostly concentrated on the beltway there. we expect that will probably change in the next hour or so. we're going to keep a close eye on how drivers deal with the shutdown during tonight's commute. you can look at this map anytime to see if your route is jammed. head over to the nbc washington app.
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the shot that struck and killed detective colson was deliberately aimed at him by another police officer. it's another tragic dimension to this unfolding story. >> okay. that statement from prince george's county's police chief today on that ambush outside the police station. the chief did not say whether the officer who shot colson knew he was aiming at another officer. also today, the two brothers of the accused gunman, they appeared before a judge. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has all this new information that was released today. >> reporter: a press conference just wrapped up in front of the prince george's county courthouse where the police chief and the state's attorney provided updates on the atmosphere coofficer colson shooting. the police chief said they have evidence another officer deliberately shot officer
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chief had to say about that. >> i do not believe that any police officer intentionally fired at another police officer. i believe that a police officer fired at an armed individual who they perceived to be a threat to them. >> reporter: now, remember there was a lot of confusion out there in front of district 3 on sunday when the gunman, who police have identified as michael ford, showed up and started firing at the police station. now, today his two brothers who are considered accomplices, eye lee ja ford, who is 18, and malik ford, had their bond hearing. they were held without bond. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we'll explain exactly what happened inside of that courtroom, and i'll tell you this. one of the defendants actually passed out in the midst of this hearing and it caused a quick stop before the judge was able to come back and then say no bond. we'll have more on that and more on what happened here at this
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reporting in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. just a beautiful day out there across our region. plenty of sunshine earlier. high temperatures in the low 70s. even the upper 70s in some locations, but we do have some shower activity. not a lot right now, but we wouldn't be surprised if we did start to see more of these. this is a line of showers that has develod. we do have one shower right now just to the north of leesburg. this will move right over 15 around the lucketts area. by 5:00 we could see a few more in montgomery and fairfax county. it could affect the evening rush. tonight's headlines, well, tracking those showers. cooler temperatures on the way, and possible weekend snow. i know i said winter was over. maybe not yet. i've got that full forecast in just a minute. well, after weeks of back and forth and back and forth, the president nominates his choice for
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and it's someone with very close ties to our area. plus, as we speak, as you know, thousands of people who normally take metro are now finding another way home. >> yeah, the shutdown is causing some strong reaction on capitol hill. we'll have that "first at 4."
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this afternoon reaction is pouring into president obama's nomination of a new supreme court justice. >> over my seven years as president in all my conversations with senators from both parties in which i asked their views on qualified supreme court nominees, and this includes the previous two seats that i had to fill, the one name that has come up repeatedly from republicans and democrats alike is merrick garland. >> this is the greatest honor of my life other than my wife agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. >> this morning's announcement was an emotional one for judge merrick garland who is currently the chief judge in the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia. he's been on the d.c. circuit court for 19 years but judge garland is originally from chicago and graduated from harvard and harvard law. he's being nominated to replace one of the most conservative justices on the high court,
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antonin scalia, who died last month. >> news4 is gathering reaction to the president's pick for the high court. >> reporter: this is chris gordon at the u.s. supreme court. merrick garland is president obama's choice to fill the vacancy on the high court. he is the chief judge of the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. today georgetown university constitutional law professor paul rothstein told me judge garland is an extraordinary choice for the supreme court. >> he's a terrific center of the road judge in the sense that he doesn't swing left or right politically. very sound judgment. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, why justice garland may be the ideal choice for the high court after republicans previously declared they would block anyone that president obama named. back to you. >> thanks, chris. "first at 4," what a difference 24 hours s.
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trail. why one big prime time event for some of the candidates was just canceled and how they're reacting to some big moves last night. plus, everyone is talking about the metro mess. the emergency inspections and the unprecedented shutdown. now, capitol hill wantto do soms et it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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"first at 4," we're keeping an eye on the big story, the entire metrorail system is still shut down. >> and if you work for the government, you are probably working from home this afternoon, but in the meantime, the sh shutdown and the safety concern that is prompted it are making waves on capitol hill. >> scott? >> good afternoon, chris. the u.s. senate appropriations committee is holding a hearing this afternoon on the transportation budget for the federal government, but the first 15 minutes or so were all about the d.c. metrorail shut down. maryland senator barbara mikulski seen here called it a drast
4:17 pm
necessary one. u.s. transportation secretary anthony foxx is putting the blame squarely on the shoulder of maryland, d.c., and virginia for what he calls a lack of oversight. >> for months i have called on the jurisdictions to stand up for effective state safety organization. we took over state safety oversight temporarily to give them time to get it stood up correctly, and yet we have no concrete movement on the part of these jurisdictions. that would be a good start. >> also justn the federal transit administration which oversees metro and which is overseen by that man, the u.s. transportation secretary, said it will do its own inspection starting next week focusing on red light running, the use of emergency brakes, and track integrity on the d.c. metrorail system. i'm scott macfarlane. >> also, fox
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the republican debate scheduled in utah for next week in part because donald trump canceled. trump's near sweep in last night's primaries brought him closer to the nomination. >> yeah, but john kasich winning ohio means he could still be a factor in this case despite trump's warning about what could happen if the party tries to deny him the nomination. steve handelsman picking up the latest from miami. >> i believe more in this than ever. >> reporter: john kasich went to pennsylvania hours after winning ohio, his home state, beating donald trump, who cakasich warn today. >> we are fighting for the future of this country, for the spirit of this country. we're not going to get there by bashing one another. >> reporter: mathematically kasich cannot clinch the nomination. ted cruz still can. >> the longer k ee eer kasich s the
4:19 pm
donald trump. >> reporter: trump needs 60% of the rest of the delegates. he warns if he's denied it at the convention, there will be riots. democrat bernie sanders is huddling with aides but vowing to fight on. hillary clinton is planning to shift her fire on donald trump who today hit her on instagram mocking her toughness in a world with isis and vladimir putin. trump is vowing to keep what he calls his edge. trump, who has complained there were too many debates dropped out of the fox debate scheduled for monday and then kasich did and the debate was canceled. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, miami. bright blue skies. >> it's not like florida here, is it, doug? >> food is a beautif
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afternoon. but this weekend it's going to be a little different. actually, we have some changes coming even over the next 12 to 24 hours. out there right now you can see the clouds have moved back in across our region. we saw plenty of sunshine earlier but now we are seeing the cloud cover make its way in here. take a look and show you what we're dealing with from our camera as we look towards the cathedral, the national monument. looking pretty good but the clouds are in the area and we're going to continue to see those clouds right on through the rest of the evening. 73 degrees the current number. very warm. nice afternoon all across the region. 70 in bgaithersburg. 80 in fredericksburg. 81 charlottesville, 71 in waldorf. because of the warm temperatures we're looking at showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder or two, but we're not really seeing a whole lot here. we see some showers up between leesburg and around the clarksburg area. just light showers. this is a line though back towards maybe marshall and fauquier county. it may develop a little more but i'm not expecting much as we move through the rest of the evening. you may need the umbrella, but it would be a brief
4:21 pm
it's part of this big storm system spinning up here, strong storm. here is the frontal boundary. tomorrow we've got another piece of energy that's going to make its way our way. so maybe another chance of a shower tomorrow. here is thursday 8:00 a.m. no problems. during the afternoon, again maybe a shower around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. you can see some scattered showers activity but i'm not expecting much. high temperatures tomorrow still mild. mid to upper 60s, even 70 down towards fredericksburg. mild conditions for sure with some sunshine. a pretty nice day. and then we look at the weekend, guys, and we're talking about back to winter. really? yeah, an area of low pressure moving from the south could move right up the coast, and that could become a nor'easter. if it does, it would allow for plenty of cold air to come in and we could even be talking about snow this weekend. now, not going to be seeing much. we're tracking a coastal storm. snow looking more and more likely, maybe mixing with rain though. that's what we'll be watching. hard to get accumulation in the month of march, especially mitt
4:22 pm
-- mid-march. you still have to wait and see exactly what we're going to get. not unprecedented. just two years ago right around this time we saw seven inches in d.c., so it could happen but i'm not expecting too much just yet. this is a storm though, of course, we'll be watching. 69 degrees tomorrow on st. paddy's day. 62 on friday. cooler on saturday. high upper 40s to around 50 and only going 38, chance of rain or snow on sunday. veronica has the latest on the seven-day in ten minutes. allergy season is in full swing. "first at 4," why it affects some people more than others and what you should do right now to save yourself some suffering. and metro's big shutdown. we want to know if you think metro made the right call to close down all day today. >> it's our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. so call or text the number on your screen or head over
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you know the nastiest part of allergy season? it isn't even here yet. but if you act now, you can be ready when it does come. joining us is dr. jackie with family allergy and asthma care. so beautiful day today. everyone is out. people are alger lergies are th going to regret it tonight? >> sadly
4:26 pm
out. the people who really get it worse is if you have been in with your pets and dust mites all winter long, you're primed now, and that tree pollen will just slam you. be sure to take a shower before you go to bed. >> and change your pillowcase if you have been sleeping on it from the night before. >> surely. >> what else do we have to do now to get ahold of this? >> one is do not wait until it gets really bad. this is a huge mistake. you need to start taking the anti-inflammatory medications early on. that would be the nasal sprays, eye drops, and asthma inhalers. last, you have to turn the air conditioner on, close the windows. don't let that pollen come in. >> during a beautiful day that's tough to do. someone at work came up to me and said you had allergies all last week. i can't tell if i have allergies or a head cold because the sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, how do you tell? >> what you really need to look for is when the symptoms get worse. that's when you get concerned. if you have had something like what huh think might be allergy
4:27 pm
mucus, then you want to worry about a sigh munus infection. the number one thing i'm concerned about is patients who have asthma that don't understand it. that coughing and that wheeze that's a worst symptom of allergy. if your eyes are itchy from allergy, that's fine but be careful they don't get infected. >> like hi, what color is your snot these days? will a wintry mix help? >> it won't help at all. pollen is here and pollen is here to stay. that's for sure. >> of course. thank you, dr. jackie. >> surely. right now metrorail is shut down at this hour. people are working all across the area and looking for other ways to get home. it's an unprecedented move for metro but we just learned about some big steps for people trying to get home by car. an update from the live desk. cr teamoverage first at 4
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the nation's second busiest transit system grinds to a halt. now at 4:30, metro crews continue their emergency inspections and we're covering all the angles for you this afternoon. >> reaction across the region to the steps being taken right now to keep all those cars on the road moving. scott macfarlane starts us off from our live desk. scott? >> d.c. police are preparing for what they call a nightmare commute with the metrorail shut down. the department says traffic control officers will be stationed at many intersections to help direct traffic tonight and at those intersections red light camera enforcement will be suspended for outbound traffic as the officers try to get everybody out of town. police are also asking that if you get into an accident tonight, if you try to move your cars out of the roadway. if you were directed to go through a red light this morning by police, we're told those tickets will not be enforced.
4:32 pm
on plan "b," don't sni. >> they're charging us all this money and every time we turn around, there's more and more problems. >> i would rather see them shut it down and get the lines fixed and make things more safe than to put it off. >> people are weighing in on this one-of-a-kind situation. a day with no metrorail. our talk around town today is all about how you are scrambling to make alternative plans. whur's troy johnson joins us. troy, how are your listeners feeling about this decision to shut it down completely? >> well, they understand why we're going through this. obviously safety concerns up front, but they're aware that we've seen people die on this system, and they're certainly concerned about that as well. the way metro approached the shutdown, the way folks were telling me, they were a little concerned about it. if we're going to look at a full safety look, then they would have liked to have seen more time to make sure that people were prepared for something like this. folks telling me about their routines. they get into a
4:33 pm
this is a prolonged situation, now they're concerned about getting to their job, taking care of their families, and will they be in jeopardy if they can't get to work. i spoke with latisse. she relies on trains and buss to get around the area. she says she's glad the system is getting a long overdue check but she has questions about the execution. >> caller: we don't want another event like l'enfant plaza. we don't want more people dying because a lack of concern. so i applaud them for this effort but i am questioning the time. does it have to happen now? and does it have to be the entire system? why can't you shut down possibly the orange line where this incident happened? >> latisse mentioned something that a lot of people were saying, why not work on this in sections with plenty of time and give people the opportunity to find alternate ways to get to work. >> you mentioned she uses the buses. are your listeners only focused on the trains or do they think these transportation issues run
4:34 pm
>> they do. they do use other forms of transportation. obviously the buses now being the alternate route for a lot of people, and they're upset about that because that creates a really long journey for a lot of people. folks living out in prince george's county, some people saying they had to switch buses several times from locations and now you're faced with the possibility of an overcrowded bus. people trying to utilize a system they're not familiar with. they have concerned about that. taxi services and cabs and car services i should say kind of expensive for people. they're concerned about the cost in that regard, and then if they do break out the car and decide to drive into the city, the cost of parking is also a concern. >> we should put out uber capped their surge prices. there's always surge demand, but they did cap it, so it was actually less expensive to take uber today than it was on monday when they had that fire. >> that's true. >> what if this happens again?
4:35 pm
with a plan "b"? >> "b," "c," "d," and "e," all of the above were mentioned to me. and their concerned about that because they do feel like this could very well happen again. they think that this situation is just the beginning of some other issues. you know, we've gone through a full-scale investigation of the system, at least people were feeling like that happened after l'enfant plaza, and here we are in a situation that could have turned deadly on monday. so they're saying a lot of caution needs to happen. they're really upset though because we've always talked about metro and the issues. it's something we deal with when he live here, but they want to see a world-class system in our city. >> yeah. hard to do that with things not being safe because that is what you have to have at a bare mum. thanks, troy. >> we asked you our viewers to weigh in on our flash survey. did metro make the right call by shutting down the system for an entire day. most of
4:36 pm
the right call. keep voting, go to nbc washington's facebook page. we're going to be slipping back to winter by the weekend. that really is kind of big news as we look forward to dramatic change that we'll see this upcoming weekend. 70s today. this weekend maybe 40 degrees on sunday with the possibility of some snow. >> oh, no! >> that was doug. oh, no. everybody is saying, oh, no! but we are tracking that. as far as this evening, we're tracking some showers, just a few. 58 to 64. we'll still be mild. you can see some of the showers out the right now. you have to look really hard around gaithersburg, northern areas of fauquier county north of warrenton. very spotty, hardly enough to warrant carrying the umbrella. there's the big change on sunday. snow develops. we're back into the 30s after being in the 70s today. it's not an april fool's joke. we'll have more in a few mi
4:37 pm
thanks, v.j. for millions of people their neighborhoods are now completely underwater. how some of the damage from severe weather is unlike anything they've seen before. and alleviating a traffic chkehold. wohe
4:38 pm
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when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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new at 4:00, trouble at the scene of an active investigation. prince william fire marshals have blocked off the area around ponderosa court in woodbridge. it's been more than 13 hours since the fire started but the home is so damaged investigators still can't get inside. they're searching for someone who is still missing. the fire burned parts of two other homes in the neighborhood and both those families can't go back inside. on news4 at 5:00, neighbors tearfully describe the frantic first moments. we hear what it's going to take to get the building repaired. if you commute through frederick county, maryland is going to improve it for
4:41 pm
on projects there, and that includes widening ballenger creek pike near i-70 and solarex court. a second project would be a new bridge over u.s. 15 that would double the capacity and ease traffic. crews are also going to rebuild the interchange between i-270 and maryland highway 85. d.c.'s nesting bald eagles still high on their perch in a tree at the national arboretum. >> we could have a new arrival any minute now. two eagles are incubating two eggs and they've been at it a little over a month. experts say that's about the amount of time it takes for eaglets to hatch. we're keeping an eye on the eagle cams and we'll let you know if anything changes. if you already changed the date on your calendar, get ready to cross it out again. d.c.'s famous cherry blossoms won't hit their peak on the days we thought thew
4:42 pm
can now see them for yourself. and our big story of the day, right now workers are getting ready to make their way home without metrorail. what we're learning about those emergency
4:43 pm
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at the live desk we're keeping an eye on the metro shutdown this afternoon. we just learned a press conference by the transit agency has been moved back to 6:00
4:45 pm
news4's adam tuss reported at the top of the hour crews have glet e completed more than half of the 600 inspections they planned of the jumper cables in the system. an e-mail to neighborhood list serves to metro says there are a half dozen areas where jumper cables and connector boots are being replaced because of damage. crews are clearing away debris from around the cables. what we still do not know is if metro will be open and on time tomorrow and if we can anticipate another similar shutdown to today's. chris? president obama's pick for the next supreme court justice is highly respected among fellow judges, and he's well known right here in the district. >> his name is judge merrick garland. he spent nearly a decade on d.c.'s circuit court of appeals and he's now the chief judge there. nbc's brian mooar is outside the high court with what is next now in this nomination process. hey, brian. >> reporter: wendy and chris, the nominee will be making the rounds on capitol hill or
4:46 pm
including calls to top republican senators. the question at this hour is how many republicans will even be willing to sit down with him. today president obama nominated d.c.'s chief appeals court judge merrick garland to fill the vacant seat on the u.s. supreme court. >> to find someone who just about everyone not only respects but genuinely likes, that is rare. >> reporter: harvard educated, with male, and white, garland doesn't check diversity boxes but he's seen as middle of the road confirmed to his current job with bipartisan support. >> he's well known, admired from the left and the right. >> reporter: and that pressures gop leaders to even hold a hearing. >> it seems clear president obama made this nomination not, not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the
4:47 pm
month of conservative justice antonin scalia left the high court's balance of power up for grabs, and republicans want a republican president to fill that seat. >> this president will not fill this vacancy. >> reporter: garland a former federal prosecutor who took a leading role in the oklahoma city bombing investigation promised to rise above partisanship. >> people must be confident that a judge's decision are determined by the law and only the law. >> reporter: but in this election year, even republicans and democrats can agree on one thing, everything is political. for republicans blocking this nomination is a calculated risk that could backfire at the ballot box, especially if a democrat wins the white house. live at the supreme court, i'm brian mooar. wendy, back to you. >> thanks, brian. well, the cherry blossom peak bloom is now changing yet again. it's next week now. here is a live look out at the tidal basin.
4:48 pm
revised its forecast for a second time. now says the best time to see the trees in peak bloom is next wednesday and thursday, march 23rd and 24th. peak bloom is when 70% of the trees are in bloom. and it's going to coincide with the cherry blossom festival because that starts on sunday, the first day of spring. open our nbc washington app and you will find a list of eight cherry blossom events you don't want to miss. and now your sfaem forecast. >> and could that forecast change for peak blooms? >> it could because we have a colder pattern coming our way at the end of the month here. as far as today goes, it was plenty warm, of course, folks having to deal with the commuting issues today. take a look. this is chopper4 live at 16th street, southbound. you can see the traffic leaving the city. as far as today goes,
4:49 pm
area. there could be a few evening showers, and then we have another rain chance coming our way tomorrow and a snow chance for the upcoming weekend. again, colder pattern as we get here toward the end of the month. here is what we're looking at. for the weekend we start, temperatures below average. same thing the early part of next week. we'll warm a little bit by midweek but then we could get back to more cold by the time we get on the other side of those 70-degree temperatures returning. for this evening, again, just an isolated shower possible. we'll drop from the mid-70s to the mid-60s by 8:00 this evening. hardly enough to warrant carrying the umbrella for this evening and i think same situation tomorrow. similar kind of event for us tomorrow with just some isolated showers between 3:00 and maybe around 7:00 to 8:00 tomorrow. so the weather is going to have a low impact on our area. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. take a look at future weather here as we track our isolated shower chance for tomorrow. around 2:00, 3:00 you could see leesburg into d.c.,
4:50 pm
baltimore, then we carry that chance up until about 6:00, 7:00 with again just a partly sunny sky. so a lot of sunshine tomorrow. our temperatures are going to be mild. we'll be in the 60s tomorrow, just not quite as warm as today. so just a few showers for tomorrow afternoon. your morning, again, looking dry, and i doubt that we have that fog around early tomorrow morning. 65 degrees around waldorf, laplata for tomorrow. 70 degrees fredericksburg. mid-60s in gaithersburg only over to leesburg. even around herndon and fairfax going into the mid to upper 60s tomorrow. a look at thursday's weather. again, we start off on the cool side, but we'll warm nicely into the 60s and then at the end of the workweek we're back to the 50s and then 30s and 40s for the upcoming weekend. so st. patrick's day for tomorrow, looking pretty nice. for the end of the week, not bad either because it is looking dry. i like that we're going to be in the upper 50s because that will help the road conditions for
4:51 pm
possibility of some snow falling with -- i don't think we're going to have any big road impacts around the area. saturday right now nice during the day. that snow possible late, like around midnight, maybe 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. 50 is your temperature on saturday. then we have 40 degrees with a mixture of rain and snow with some light accumulation possible on sunday mainly on the grassy areas and then back into next week again right back into the 50s, close to 70 degrees. we've got a lot more on the possibility of winter's return coming up on news4 at 5:00. this is the eagle academy. it's a modern, high-tech, public charter school on wheeler road in southeast. they teach little kids here, pre-k to third grade. now, two guys broke into the school and stole a kid's ipad.
4:52 pm
taken from this school. what kind of person would do something like that? well, we have pictures of the break-in. we have pictures of the theft. reaction from parents and officials. we have all of that coming up. news4 at 5:00. there she is, the winner of the 2016 mrs. d.c. america. she's going to now compete in the mrs. america national pageant in august. and whoever wins that gets to move onto the mrs. world pageant competing against other married women from around the globe. some of the more colorful moments came during the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. one woman hit the stage with what appeared to be a giant eagle by her side. another had a cherry blossom theme and th
4:53 pm
one. a huge fan shape gown that featured the white house, the u.s. capitol and several memorials. you can't get much more mrs. d.c. than that. >> i wonder what mrs. california and mrs. new york, mrs. michigan looked like. >> it's always fun when they go all out with their dresses. >> that's a very diplomatic way to put it. >> and they're all out this way. right now wild weather is affecting a lot of the country. >> from flooding to tornadoes, dramatic spring storms leaving behind a lot of damage and in some places it's the worst neighbors have seen in a century. and, of course, we're tracking developments on our big story of the day. in about an hour, the head of metro is expected to talk about the systemwide shutdown affecting the entire area. did the unprecedented move yield the results ey th
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six.
4:56 pm
despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. folks down south and in
4:57 pm
serious problems, some severe weather. some neighborhoods are under water and one town has the worst flooding in more than a century. >> reporter: nine reports of tornadoes in parts of the midwest tuesday night. storm chasers capturing twisters on camera near bushnell and good hope, illinois. high winds and thunderstorms causing golf ball-sized hail to pound parts of the state as residents there hunker down for more storms forecasted for today. this morning those in deweyville, tactiexas, are digg out from catastrophic damage. hundreds of homes in this texas town are water-logged. 1,200 people ordered to evacuate. jays eb ner's family was lucky to walk away with their cat. churches here for decadesi
4:58 pm
salvati salvation. even the only grocery store in town has been destroyed in this historic flood. the cemetery is nearly all under water. the top of headstones barely visible. authorities know not everyone has evacuated. this water they say is dangerous in more ways than one. >> definitely. it's got contaminants in it from the ground and from all these oils and sewers and all that. >> reporter: with many waking up in shelters, in the coming days the water will slowly recede but it promises to reveal a town that has most so much and may never be the same. >> the river that triggered the flooding in deweyville rose faster and higher than anyone has ever seen and the sad thing is a lot of the people in town say they don't have flood insurance. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy.
4:59 pm
the shot that struck and killed detective colson was deliberately aimed at him by another police officer. >> right now at 5:00, a tragic development in the case of that prince george's county officer killed by friendly fire. we're learning why an officer aimed at a fellow officer during the gun bhatle. plus a live look at traffic. this is 16th street. metrorail still shut down for emergency inspections. >> we're awaiting a press conference right now from metro alfs in the next hour. good evening. i'm jim handly and we're following every development for you. skroop that's right. and i'm wendy rieger, and we are also just learning about a d.c. police plan to adjust traffic enforcement to keep this evening rush hour moving. >> we have team coverage for you on our top story tonight. trains still parked in yards, metrorails still locked and every at thi empty. >> in about 60 minutes, officials with metro plan to
5:00 pm
update us on what they found during that inspection today. we already know they did find some problematic cables and that they have been replaced. we are also going to learn about whether service will be restored for tomorrow morning's rush. transportation reporter adam tuss is tracking this story from the start joins us from metro headquarters. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. and even at this hour metro inspectors are still on the tracks on the green and the yellow lines. so that tells you how far they're still going to look for problems. and people have been asking all day, did they really have to close the system today? well the fact that they found those problematic cables tells you that the shutdown was necessary. the metro system like we have never seen it buduring the work day. closed as in-depth safety inspections take place. at this point metro has been looking at potentially faulty jumper cable that is line the inside of the tunnel walls and inspectors have found some that needed to be


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