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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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only see here on news4. temperatures right now 65 degrees. now 66. veronica and johnson inside right now taking a look at what you could be seeing outside tomorrow and that could be some snow. we're going to start with some breaking news out of europe. one of the suspects from that paris attack has been on the run for four months. now he's in custody in belgium. police raided a home in the molenbeek neighborhood of brussels and they sound saleh abdeslam. >> he organized the transportation for those terrorists in and out of paris before, during, and after that attack that killed 130 people. jim handly is gathering more details at the live desk. he will join news a few minutes. but first to that morning scare on metro. a man says he was dragged momentarily by a train with his arm caught between the doors. >> he only spoke to news4 about what happened. derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. with
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got out of the hospital. >> reporter: indeed. this incident started earlier this morning, just after 10:00 a.m. we're outside gw hospital where the man has just been released but he did speak to us about his harrowing ordeal. it happened just after 10:00 a.m. he said he was at the l'enfant plaza station going to catch the blue line. as he gets to the platform he sees the train there. the doors are starting to close. he runs up to the train and puts his arm in the door, and this is where things really started to get scary. let's hear what he has to say. >> i'm still like this. so i had to snatch my arm out like i'm hulk hogan or he man. it was like a runaway train. now i'm tumbling. i hit the side of the train and it knocked me back on the platform and i get up and i'm just in a daze because the train is still moving. >> reporter: and so as he puts his arm in that door, obviously the train starts to move. now, there's some things that are being disputed by metro. he s
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conductor look at him and that the conductor did a little move to get the doors clear but then his arm was still in the door when the train started to move. and we have spoken to metro and just about four minutes ago they released a statement. they dispute this was a dragging incident. they say he traveled along the exterior of the train and he put a bag or something in the doors and that is how he got entangled. they have yet to talk to this gentleman, to mr. powell. they do say they want to get their safety investigators in touch with him. he is out of the hospital, and this remains under investigation. we'll have more on the incident later today on news4 and also more on what metro has to say about all of that. right now we're live in northwest. derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. oh, gosh. snow in spring. it's set to arrive not just during your weekend but also during the first day of spring. >> heck of a time, huh, doug? >> it really is amazing but it seems we get a storm
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weekend like every other year or something like that. it's really hard to imagine it's going to be snowing at this time tomorrow afternoon in many areas because temperatures out right now are in the 60s. we're at 66 right now in d.c. 68 richmond. 62 in hagerstown. the much cooler air will make its way in here overnight into the day tomorrow. right now we've got two systems. look at this guy, a little system here, but that's where the colder air is coming from, from the north, and then this system, a bigger system will move in during the day tomorrow. so what are we talking about? your headlines tonight, rain and snow move in. during the day tomorrow a little faster now as we continue to update this forecast. we will see some accumulation in parts of the area and then if you're thinking we're going to stay in the cold, maybe a couple day days, but then back to springtime warmth. we'll talk about the timing of this snow, when it develops, who has the best chance to see some of that accumulation. veronica johnson and i are in all afternoon. >> thanks, doug. and you're going to want to stay ahead of this snow in weekend. when you download the
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washington app you can track the radar live and we'll send you alerts as the snow starts to impact our area. also we have a traffic alert for you. you should expect delays along this very busy stretch of wisconsin avenue in bethesda. some of the southbound lanes near bradley boulevard will be closed because crews are trying to repair a sinkhole. that work started this morning. it's expected to last for the next two days so beware of that. today marks one week since a beloved elderly man was found murdered at his home in lorton. there's still no word on who killed him. investigators are back at the house and they've been there all week looking for clues. it happened on river drive right along the potomac. meagan, it sounds like the police need some help with this one. >> reporter: yeah, chris. that's exactly right. they're still asking neighbors and community members who might have seen something or heard something that night to contact them. you might remember it was a week ago that this road right here, river road, was blocked off. cars couldn't come through, cars couldn't leave. it was thatay
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scouring the area, jumping into the potomac. searching for evidence. the map focus was here at this house behind me. this is where johan de leede was shot and killed. investigators right now are still searching for answers. it has been one week since fairfax county police say 83-year-old johan de leede was shot multiple times inside his river drive home. >> it just seems such an unlikely target. >> reporter: and neighbors are still struggling to understand why their friend was murdered. >> it's so bizarre. we're all speculating, and we just can't come up with any reasonable scenario. >> reporter: so far police can't either. they searched the home, scoured the area, and divers even entered the potomac but seven days later the mystery of who killed johan de leede remains. >> i think we all want to know what happened hopefully
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members over the phone today. we understand that there are folks here at the house right now, but they asked for privacy, which certainly is understandable. coming up at 5:00, we spoke with a neighbor who recalls the moment she had an opportunity to speak with johan and it just happened to be hours before he was murdered. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald. thanks, meagan. developing, new details about the threatening letter sent to donald truch's son. an nfl arrived at eric trump's home in new york city last night and it contained a suspicious white powder. that powder was turned out to be harmless, but a handwritten letter said that if donald trump does not drop out of the presidential race, quote, the next envelope will be -- won't be fake. the letter was postmarked march 5th. it was mailed from a post office in boston. a woman who pled gilley to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a virginia lawmak lawmaker's campaign fund was sentenced to more than 4 1/2 years in prison. federal prosecutors no
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today. she also goes by the name linda wallis. the news4 i-team report oed on e charges last fall. she pled guilty to writing $650,000 in fraudulent checks while she served as campaign treasurer for virginia senate minority leader dick saslaw. prosecutors say she also created fraudulent companies, pocketed money from an autism organization that she helped start. this afternoon everyone is keeping their eyes peeled on a particular camera in northeast d.c. "first at 4," one eaglet hatched, one more to go. we'll tell you when the second one could break through its shell. plus, what a
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> some april breezes out there this afternoon. the one thing that folks have been commenting on the most today is, come on, hard to believe you're talking about snow this weekend. really? really, we are. i know. our temperatures will take a dramatic drop over the next 24 hours. today our temperatures in the mid-60s. this upcoming weekend 40s and 30s with snow developing. at first there will be some rain moving into the area. your evening though, this even
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so it will be better than going out friday night or even -- or i should say than going out saturday night or sunday night. it's going to be dry, quiet. we drop to the upper 50s by 8:00 under a mostly clear sky. then tomorrow weather impact day for storm team4. tom and amelia will be giving you updates and pushing alerts to your phone. make sure you download the nbc washington app. rain/snow develops during the afternoon. we're talking about some accumulation already by very late during the evening hours and certainly by sunday morning. doug has more on that, how much you could get coming up. we are millions. that chant and this protest marking the one-month countdown to a crucial day for president obama's executive order on immigration. the supreme court will start hearing oral arguments on the president's action april 18th. >> and a decision could ultimately decide the
4:12 pm
temporarily protects millions from deportation if they came here as undocumented children, whether that plan also could apply to their parents. supporters of the white house plan rallied at the court today. >> we have a lot of immigrants living here. they pay taxes and everything, and i really need something for protect to everybody. >> the vacancy on the supreme court could also be a major factor in this. whoever becomes the next -- the ninth justice succeeding the late antonin scalia may have a chance to make a decision about the executive action. well, this is not what you want to hear around tax time. "first at 4," the preparers who were just accused of targeting their own customers. we're staying on top of some breaking news. the international manhunt for the man believed to be behind the terror attacks in paris. >> we just learned a lot of new information about how they found
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i'm jim handly at the live desk where we have new details about the arrest of one of the paris terror attack suspects. saleh abdeslam was the last major player on the run since a cell attacked cafes, a stadium, a concert. he was found in the molenbeek area. in one of those raids, abdeslam's fingerprints were found and that ultimately led to his arrest today. two others were arrested in today's raid and the operation is still ongoing. abdeslam was injured in the raid, but nbc's richard engel says tonight he could be a treasure trove of information about terrorists in europe. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >> back here at home the two leading maryland democrats battle for a senate seat faced off in the first debate of the primary season. >> each repeatedly
4:17 pm
the other about everything from their experience to missing important meetings and chris gordon was there. >> reporter: donna edwards of prince george's county and chris van hollen of montgomery county both serve in the u.s. house of representatives. they are both democratic and progressive. they both want to succeed retiring senator barbara mikulski. today in their first face-to-face broadcast debate on american university's wamu radio, they began by stressing their differences. >> it's interesting that ms. edwards is not running on her record, a lot of rhetoric, but no results, no record. >> i represent a unique voice in the house and i will in the united states senate. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, why this u.s. senate race is becoming bittner the final weeks before maryland's april 26 primary. back to you. there is another kind of march madness going on everybody is watching.
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at the national arboretum where the bald eagles have been nesting for almost a year and one of their two eggs has now hatched. this morning the baby's name isd dc2. >> not very cuddly. >> the other egg was laid four days after the first one. tens of thousands have been following the process on the live eagle camera and some just had to get to the arboretum this morning to see things for themselves. >> we were watching and we were so excited, we cland and we cheered. >> he had to get his other leg out. >> out of the shell. was he stuck? >> yeah, he was stuck. >> he had to push his other leg out. >> the parent eagles arrived at the national arboretum last year. the first mating eagles in our area in 7 years. >> boy, oh, boy, they come right out of their shell and what are they hit? snow. s
4:19 pm
>> the first one, you said dc2 is the name? >> yeah. >> dc2 is greeted with a sunshine. we have some beautiful weather we've seen out there right now. lots of sunshine, breezy conditions. wind gusting 25 minneapolis miles per hour. currently 66 at the airport. a mild friday afternoon. it's going to be a very nice evening if you're going to be heading out and it will be a little bit cool but this time of year we expect that. but it's still going to be nice. 67 in fredericksburg. 64 in leesburg. nice all around. no rain, no snow to talk about right now. we're watching a storm system back to the west. we did have some clouds earlier but we're seeing a lot of sunshine around. a few clouds from time to time but what we've got here, two systems. one is this little cold front to the north. kind of tough to see, but that cold front is going to drift across our area
4:20 pm
this is the system back to the west bringing some snow back towards denver, around kansas city. that storm system moves our way along the front, and by the time it gets here, we're talking about a mix of rain and snow early tomorrow. starting off tomorrow morning on the dry side. temperatures should be in the low 40s starting off the day. so not a bad start. but then around 1:00 we start to see the moisture move in, and notice by 6:00 we've got rain and snow across the area. it will start as rain first and then quickly change over to snow as the heavier precipitation starts to move in. and by the overnight hours, if you're heading out tomorrow night on saturday night, notice we have rain south and east of i-95. north and west of i-95, this is all snow. as we move on through the night into early sunday morning, same deal. notice the rain/snow line. it's always i-95 and it is again. if you live in southern maryland, most likely for you it's all rain. down toward the northern neck around fredericksburg, to the north, frederick, gaithersburg, winchester, leesburg, this will most likely be
4:21 pm
how much are we going to see? well, rain down to the south. maybe a mix around waldorf and fredericksburg. one to two inches, d.c., baltimore, warrenton and leesburg, but that is only on the grassy surfaces, only on cars, only on the rooftops, only on trees, not on the roadways. so we're not calling for a big event here. to the west, this is the area we think could be a little more of an impact, win chchesterwinchese of west virginia, these are areas we could see slick spots. that's the area you want to watch out for as we move through the day. high of only 38 on sunday, but that snow will melt during the afternoon on sunday. 45 on monday. up to 55 on tuesday, and then temperatures really climb from there. veronica johnson has more on what to expect as we make our way through the next couple days. right now, this is storm team4 friday. we are on facebook right now, facebook live. join us on facebook live. go to our nbc washington page.
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us on facebook live right now. we are also periscoping throughout the afternoon too. join us, facebook live, join us on periscope. we'll be here all afternoon. >> all right. and we have certainly been enjoying the low prices at the pump. but sometimes what goes down must go up. so we'll tell you that prices are going to be climbing. we'll hear from the experts have to say after this. >> it is called sharenting. you probably see it on social media more and more.
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scroll down any social media site, won't be long before you come across lots of pictures of some people's kids. >> in fact, new study shows parents post an average of 1,000 photos by the time their kid turns 5. >> reporter mark barger looks at the potential long-term impact of this trend that is shown as sharenting. >> reporter: 8-year-old adelle is one savvy selfie taker. the days of storing those memories in paper scrap books and albums are being shelved in favor of digital documentation. >> she had a loose tooth and she pulled it out right at the dinner table. >> reporter: adelle's mom sarah shares many of her daughter's life moments online. >> every other picture is going to be her and i. >> reporter: and she's not alone. 92% k
4:26 pm
online before their second birthday. >> we've never seen a generation of parents that have so publicly talked about their children and gone through all of the milestones of their children's lives. >> reporter: some parents go too far. >> i think there's definitely an overshare. >> there are some people who are úíúu%eá$j by learning too much information about the little darlings in other people's lives. >> reporter: it could also pose security concerns if that knowledge or those photos get into the wrong hands. >> a lot of my accounts are actually private, so i mean i think for me it's important to kind of limit who has access to the photos. >> reporter: but eventually kids want that control over their online identity. >> the first generation of teenagers really that's gone through having so much technology just embedded in every relationship that matters. what we don't know yet is what this long term means for our culture. >> reporter: one day adelle will be one of those teens but until the
4:27 pm
online. mark barger, nbc news. >> so how do you feel about this? we posted a question on our nbc washington facebook page. >> question, how do you respond when one of your social media friends are sharenting? >> let us know. talk about a selfless act. meet the local young woman who is taking a shot at helping a local place that makes a big difference in our community. like it or not storm team4 is tracking snow. doug and v.j. are looking at how much and when is it going to impact you the most this weekend.
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breaking at 4:30, one of the men behind the deadly terror attacks in paris is now in custody. they captured saleh abdeslam alive. they also arrested two other people who may be connected to the attacks that killed 130 people last year. and snow is, indeed, coming just in time for the first day of spring.
4:31 pm
storm center. they're updating your weekend forecast. you'll hear from them in just a moment. a popular tax preparation company is under fire. >> today maryland's attorney general's office indicted baltimore area tax preparers. investigators say they are linked to a tax filing scheme. >> let's get to consumer reporter susan hogan. you have developing details. >> absolutely. we warn you about this all the time and this could not have come about the worst time of year. today maryland's attorney general said the former liberty tax employees defrauded customers, the state, and federal government. according to the indictment, nine former tax preparers would purposely target homeless shelters, drug rehab treatment centers, and transitional housing. then with the premise of 50 bucks recruit these people right off the street and file fake tax returns with their social security numbers. investigators say the scheme took place at several locations, including this one in baltimore.
4:32 pm
>> preparers at these locations under direction of the owner wanted the maximum number of returns that they could get to generate the most fees possible. >> irs along with the state flagged the fraudulent returns prompting the investigation. news4 did reach out to liberty tax but we have not heard back from them yet. >> thanks, susan. well, you may need your tax return because you may notice your pockets taking a bit of a hit at the pump. aaa says gas is up 16 cents in the district and in maryland and virginia it's up about 18 cents. it's about the same as the rest of the nation. that's actually the largest increase we've seen since this time last year. by memorial day the average will be $2.40 a gallon. good news, experts don't expect gas to top $3. we want to know, will rising prices change your travel plans this spring? it's our nbc washington flash surv survey. call or text the number on our screen or head over to our
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>> it's a busy afternoon in the storm team4 storm center. spring officially starts this weekend and just in time for some snow. >> that's right. on sunday it starts. on sunday we'll have snow. the weather getting big cheers today for that mild conditions but i think the weather will get booed this weekend, especially saturday night, early sunday morning, because that's when we could see a few isolated patchy spots. well across areas of western maryland. for this evening if you're going to be going out, it is going to be dry. gets a little cool, a bit on the breezy side still as we hang on going into early evening. 51 to 56 the temperature. what to expect saturday? rain and snow will start out mixing in i think during the afternoon hours, late afternoon, early evening. so around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 or so. roads will be fine then, and for the most part roads are going to be fine too. accumulation will be on cars, on grass, on trees. it's going to be a pretty kind
4:34 pm
early part of march. your day planner forecast. you can see that snow falling there. as we take a look at the temperatures by the time we get to the noon hour, we're going to be holding steady in the mid-40s. rain and snow continues for your saturday. sunday too. doug has more on the impacts to this area coming up. >> thanks v.j. this sunday a local teenager will shoot hoops on behalf of kids who need a hand. it's a one woman hoop-a-thon called points for panthers. >> last year 16-year-old katherine maloney was able to raise more than $6,000. this year she is upping her game. news4's carol maloney, who is no relation, tells her story. >> reporter: this isn't for future glory or 15 minutes of fame. katherine maloney wants nothing to do with the spotlight. what she does want is to shoot hoops. 2500 makes. her own personal hoop-a-thon. >> my fund-raising goal last year was 2500 padres. so i figured a ar
4:35 pm
>> reporter: and you blew that goal away, right? how much money did you raise last year? >> i raised over $6,000. >> where does the money come from? >> just people being really generous to me and really supporting what i was doing. >> reporter: why she does it? well, that's where katherine wants all the attention. >> which gods are considered part of the big three? >> reporter: wja, washington jesuit academy. its mission unlike any other. >> we are a school for underprivileged kids, grades 5 through 8, all boys. we go to school for 11 hours a day, 11 months out of the year, and you have to work very, very hard. we're going to put a lot of resources into you to help both the mind, body, and spirit grow to be the best that it possibly can be. >> reporter: every penny to fund wja comes from donations from people inspired to make a difference like katherine. >> it means that you're doing great work and it means there are great people out there that can help ensure that wja continues well into the future. it means that the message
4:36 pm
community service, the message that we all owe something, that we all have something to give back is resonating out there with our young kids. >> reporter: points for panthers turned into dollars and funding opportunity. carol maloney, news4 sports. >> the second annual event is this sunday at katherine's school, stoneridge in bethesda. for more information or to donate, with he have a link on the app. just search hoop-a-thon. talk about a way to come into the world. meet the dad who had to play doctor when his pregnant wife started having the baby while they were still at home. >> it started as a local event but now it's impact has gone global. "first at 4," the special tribute to our local heroes and how you can jump in from your own home.
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hello, every. take look at our next storm system. to problems today if you're heading out tonight. we've got a couple storms coming together. one a cold front that's going to bring in colder air. another storm back to the west that will allow for rain and snow to develop across our region, but i think the roads for the most part should be okay. morning, no problem at all. afternoon, it will be raining so just wet roads. so exercise caution. in the evening it's rain and snow and it could be heavier at times. we're not expecting this to stick on the roads but i do expect to see some road issues out there. so that's why i have you in the red for those road conditions. i expect to see the potential for some problems overnight tomorrow night into early sunday morning. again, any accumulation should stay on the grassy surfaces. veronica has more coming up in a few minutes. ikea is recalling some of its lamps because of a shock hazard. if you own one, ikea wants you to stop using three models of what they call the gothem lamps.
4:41 pm
store for a full refund. you don't need a proof of purchase. ikea says even if the lamps appear to be functioning normally, there is a damage the damaged cables inside the lamp could pose a shock hazard. as part of women's history month a lot of us were asked to put a story together about the women who had a huge impact in our lives. my mom lived in michigan so i couldn't interview her and had to rely on photos and vi yos and in the course of looking through these old pictures i actually learned a lot about her as a young woman. i'll introduce to you my mom, gail lawrence, in our 6:00 hours. 4 the women we love will air tomorrow morning at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. >> and we're all looking forward to that. "first at 4," it is the first weekend for reduced track work for metro but just because it's the cherry blossom festival doesn't mean there won't be some
4:42 pm
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feeling like spring today. a lot of folks saying they like the mild conditions, but do you know where your coat is? you're going to need it this upcoming weekend. yes, we're forecasting snow with temperatures in the 30s to around 40 degrees. we'll talk area roads where we could see some slick spots coming up. republicans are stepping up their efforts to keep donald trump from claiming the presidential nomination and just moments ago mitt romney announced he's going to vote for senator ted cruz at tuesday's kau sus can you cause in utah. bernie sanders is laying out his strategy in the uphill battle to beat hillary clinton. news4's brian mooar live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: wendy and chris, hillary clinton and donald trump have something in common right now. each has a
4:46 pm
unbeatable delegate lead. bernie sanders is defying naysayers reportedly including president obama himself who believes it's time for democrats to close ranks behind hillary clinton. >> we have a path toward victory that goes right through idaho. >> reporter: he hopes a western win streak will change his fortunes at the democratic convention in july. >> we think that some of these superdelegates who have now supported hillary clinton can come over to us. >> reporter: some hand wringing republicans are looking for options to unseat their front-runner, donald trump. >> the best way to do it is to get a unity ticket. >> reporter: they're hoping to pull the not trump vote. lindsey graham and marco rubio have both voiced support for ted cruz but stopped short of endorsing him. mitt romney says e voting for cruz saying on facebook t
4:47 pm
of keeping the convention open. john kasich refuses to step aside hoping more wins will make him the consensus candidate. cruz turned his focus to next week's big prize, arizona. he has one eye on the border and another on a threshold. if any candidate claims 50% of the vote there tuesday, it's winner take all. and we have some late-breaking news on social media. donald trump responding on twitter to mitt romney's facebook post. he says this is good for me. live in washington, i'm brian mooar. wendy, back to you. >> thanks, brian. most of the blossoms are not quite here yet, but that's not going to stop the party. >> the cherry blossom festival officially kicks off just after the snowstorm this sunday. we shot this video of the trees right along the tidal basin. you can see some of them are clearly starting to show off. the national park service now says peak bloom is going to start next wednesday or thursday, andy
4:48 pm
anywhere from four to ten days, a lot of it just depends on the weather. if you want to see the blossoms but don't want to fight the crowds, check out our list of blossom alternatives. viewing sights where you can see them on the nbc washington app. i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. metro riders here this weekend, very little track work happening this weekend to get to the 2016 cherry blossom season kicking off. they see almost double the ridership here during different parts of the cherry blossom season. it's going to be busy, and that's why they're eliminating the track work this weekend. just have a little bit of something happening here on the red line. some single tracking here. only at glenmont station trains will run at regular weekend intervals. also some track work is possible after 10:00 p.m. when the ridership is really light and it really isn't affecting folks too much. also very limited other weekends because of the cherry blossoms. march 26th, 27th, april 2
4:49 pm
3rd, 9th and 10th and 16th and 17th. go enjoy them. take lots of pictures. i'll seal ye you monday morning news4 today. >> and now your storm team4 forecast. >> changes, big changes. no, really big changes coming our way for the weekend, and i know, you're reaching out to me on facebook, on social media and saying, i don't like it. well, i don't like it either, but here is the change. what you're going to notice. during the afternoon hours on saturday, after about 1:00, first some rain moves into the area. your temperatures will be up into the mid-40s and then after about 2:00 they'll start falling off. low and mid-40s. that's still good enough it give us rain as this system comes in. by the time we get to the evening hours, late afternoon, early evening, temperatures will start dropping and we'll start to see nor snow start to mix in. so that's saturday during the afternoon hours. again, getting into the 40s. an event that will last through your saturday night, early sunday morning. most of the snow that accumulates will be
4:50 pm
so it looks as though this rain/snow could last up until maybe 5:00, 7:00 p.m. or so on sunday. for the most part roads are going to be just fine. they will be a little slushy. you will see a lot of rain take over. here is a look at your future weather. 7:00, there's the snow coming in. there's the rain in the green. so through southern maryland. you will have mostly rain. areas through here, winchester, leesburg, warrenton, frederick, it's mostly snow and that's where there could be a bit more. than rain taking over during the day on sunday until we get to late when the system starts pushing out of here. what you can expect, 1 to 2 inches of snow most areas. roads will be fine. this is on grassy areas, on your cars, on the trees. hagerstown, winchester, frostburg, there will be a bit more. that's the one area up here where we will see the biggest impact on area roads where bridges, overpasses may get a little slick saturday night early sunday morning. we're talking about 70, talking
4:51 pm
i-81. hagerstown, frederick, martinsburg, winchester and toms brook, that's where there could be slick spots sunday morning. after the sun comes up, i think we're just fine. temperatures hold steady in the upper 30s. it's an event that doesn't end until late in the day. we drop to 35. anything left on area roads may get a little refreeze and start icing up first thing monday morning. something that we'll have to watch. right now tom and amelia will have you covered on saturday. look at the cold for sunday. so folks are saying am i going to be able to sled in this snow? uh-uh, it's not going to be enough but you will have to bundle up a bit. go with the extra layers. same thing early monday. we're back in the 60s to 70s midpart of next week. we have a lot more on the snow event as new information comes in. >> it sounds like it will be just a blip on it's screen.
4:52 pm
event but for the weekend the fact that folks will notice with lower temperatures that will last through monday, it's really going to have just a little bits more of an impact on our area, not by much though. >> we'll wait on our white patent leather views. >> thanks, v.j. what started as a local fund-raiser has grown into an international event. first responders around the country will be joining in a hero workout in memory of officer ashley guindon. >> reporter: crossfit woodbridge is holding a earow workout saturday to benefit the family of officer ashley guindon and the two other officers injured in a shootout late last month. >> we're holding a benefit here. these were prince william officers and two of them were members of my gym. >> reporter: it includes a mile run, 50 pull-ups, 40 wall balls. >> i consider all the police officers out there, law enforcement officers out there
4:53 pm
and it affects me pretty hard when i see something like that happen. >> for police officers it really hits home because every single day public safety people put on bulletproof vests or put on fire gear and run towards bullets or run towards fire. >> reporter: and if the workout alone wasn't difficult enough, some police participating will be wearing their bulletproof vests. let me tell you, those vests are extremely heavy. not light in the least. tomorrow's event starts at 10:00 in the morning at the crossfit woodbridge on noble pond way. you can participate or just show up to par othesupport others do workout. if you'd like to make a donation search hero workout in our nbc washington app. a doctor tells a couple expecting a baby to head home for the night. as soon as they get there, this happened. >> and i was just like i think i'm having a baby and he's like, wait, what? >> they only had secondsto
4:54 pm
what they did as their baby boy was making an unexpected entrance. and storm team4 is keeping an eye on that weekend snow. you'll want to keep it here.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
a hospital in philly told a pregnant come you're not ready to have that baby. go home. well, the baby boy, he had plans of his own and reporter randy jillenhall brings us the story of a very special delivery. >> i know. he's so tiny. >> reporter: you can plan a pregnancy all you want, but if that baby wants out, you better be ready anywhere. >> this is our son jason. >> they saw their doctor with minor contractions and went back home to rest. >> i just knew to just put my
4:58 pm
baby. >> joe is quite the catch. a marine corps vet. he received a purple heart in afghanistan after his tank was hit by an ied, but he says nothing prepares you for this. >> they didn't teach me anything about catching a baby. i can't believe i just delivered this baby, and how fast can an ambulance get here? >> reporter: paramedics arrived to find a six-pound baby boy. they helped dad cut the um bi umbilical cord and took them to the hospital. >> they were the calmest couple i have ever seen. >> reporter: a surprise delivery and a healthy family. >> well, for all the fathers, just don't miss. >> reporter: at delaware county memorial, nbc news. when i jumped off, it was like a runaway train. now i'm tumbling. >> now at 5:00 a
4:59 pm
train. he spoke only to news4 about his scary ride. plus, get ready, folks, for a nasty weather weekend. storm team4 talking snow and rain and how it will impact you. and a fairfax county man is talking about the woman that led him to isis. first up at 5:00, everybody is talking about the weather this weekend. doug, you're talking snow and rain. >> and, doug, we just learned d.c. is going to deploy more than 100 snowplows at 9:00 on saturday night. is it going to be that kind of event? >> i don't think so, wendy. this is going to be an event where the snowplows sitting on the sides of the roads waiting to see if anything happens, but i'm not anticipating any problems on the roadways, and one of the reasons why, the numbers out there right now. just take a look. outside across our area, 66 in d.c. 68 in roanoke. 62 hagerstown. 68 in richmond. so this snow when it comes
5:00 pm
going to be coming in on very warm ground. it's going to start off on rain, switch over to snow. here is the system right now and right now just about all of it is rain. we had snow back towards kansas and colorado. that storm system moving our way. cold air is also drifting down from the north. that's why we're going to see that rain change to snow. so rain and snow moving in. a little earlier now into early afternoon tomorrow. there will be some accumulation, mainly on grassy surfaces, but then right back to spring warmth. we're going to talk much more about this storm. i'm going to take you hour by hour over the weekend to show you which area has the best chance to see some snow and who has the best chance to see some minor accumulations. in t not a big storm but one to watch for sure. a metro rider reached out his arm to catch a train and was taken for a wild ride. we're hearing his story about being caught in the doors of a metro train and he's questioning why that train took off with him still caught in those doors. he spoke


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