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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 19, 2016 9:00am-9:19am EDT

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life, devastating her family. a parent to have to go through this. >> now, he's trying to stop the bullying that led to his daughter's death. it's 9:00. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm david culliver. tomorrow is officially the first day of spring. but go back into your closets and pull out that puffy coat. you're going to need it. >> that's right, we're tracking snow, also a temperature drop. storm team meteorologist tom kieren gets us started. >> i don't trust march. spring is a time when we see a battle between summer and
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shenandoah valley. now into married and northern loudon county. that's the leading edge of rain. little band of rain into heymarket. within the hour. we'll get some light rain. much of the region will see rain, but areas north and west could see accumulating wet snow and ooich got the new totals and timing on that coming up in a few minutes. as of right now, the mayor said she's going to deploy the d.c. snow team happening at 9:00 time. more than a hundred plows and
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streets. theoaapn week's cooling has nard the peak dates. the metro will cut back on track work this weekend. it is reduced for the 2016 cherry blossom season. ridership typically doubles during festival time. metro may schedule track time after 10:00 p.m. on sunday nights, when ridership is extremely light. it's scheduled for this weekend. a developing story this morning right now, firefighters called to a house fire in prince george's county early this morning. it happened on tuckerman street around 1:00. riverdale fire
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insiis >ot m i hurt and another dead. around 10:00 last night. they found a man who had been shot. but police say the actual shooting took place nearby at blue gray circle. it's there they found another man. no word on a suspect or a motive. it's 9:03. all 62 people died after a plane from dubai crashed while trying to land in russia. you're looking at some video we got overnight. we're told there were no americans onboard. investigators have recovered both of the plane's flight recorders. officials say the plane made a noz-dive and exploded into a fireball. a sudden gust of wind may have caused the crash. pilot
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and they think he may have information to help thwart future terrorist attacks. they say, quote, his interrogation can also help us understand how isis directs and coordinator its attacks on the west. you're looking at video on the takedown and they stormed an apartment of in the neighborhood where the terrorist lived before the terrorist attacks. witnesses heard a dozen gunshot megaphone telling the man to put his hand in this air and you can -- abdeslam was then arrested.
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hundreds of protesters led police to restraining the ti wd. happy with the mention. romney posted on his facebook page he would vote for cruz tuesday in utah's primary to chemodonald trump securing the votes. and continuing on the west today, arizona, utah, idaho are all up for grabs next tuesday and all three could play a very
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going to make an historic visit ed cuba. as bots reopened embassies. >> convey the image that the united states is no longer a threat to cuba. that the united states is not the obstacle for cuba to move forward into a more open society. >> the president is expected to
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i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. all right we're on eagle watch this morning. keeping a close eye on egg fume two. really, we can't see it because mom's
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could hatch any moment now. nd
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temperatures across the news 4> enough problems this past week how a door trapped a rider and he said dragged him down the
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those areas you see in the grays some wet snow piling up. already 4 inches in canaan valley, west virginia. garrett county, this photo was sent in, a dusting there. of wet snow moving in. that's way out western maryland, near deep creek. i have new totals and new timing for this rain/snow event in just a couple
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all right, tom, we'll keep warm fng goodwin. now, with me is don, the owner of crossfit here, woodbridge ro
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>> we're doing awels.
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you can c ifomeer scholarship fund. , 17-yold pae o life. news4's darcy spencer now with a legacy payton left behind that her family hopes will encourage others to get help. >> i am forever going to be a devastated person. my wife and family will always be devastated. >> reporter: that devastation is
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a battel family's immeasurab g concur in october of 2014. doctors at nih to start realizing, oh, my goodness, this was -- she was suffering.
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>> reporter: her family believes it was the effects of that to s >> reporter: the family and community have joined together . >> and if you want to learn more about payton's project or check out the freeze bullying facebook page we posted links to the story in our nbc washington app. >> if you're heading to the cherry blossom fettes value you'll want to leave the drone at home, angie. >> i know. >> reminding the public it's against the
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anywhere in d.c.s f
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friday might get a ttleikin the into the case of three brothers charged in the connection of the death of a prince george county's officer. ro scare, details straight from the man who said he was pulled down the platform. >> he gave me
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remember those right there, plows, we're going back at it again as we try to pinpoint who's going to see rain and who's going to see some snow. screams and shouts to call it quits outside of another donald trump rally. decision 2016 campaigns out west today. ahead of primaries in places like aron
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center. he' wso light rn
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all of the way into the afternoon ston, snow on the first day of spring. how much? that's the million dollar question. why? the models. the european model, new york city. 820 to 10 inches of snow. in new england, 12 inches or more. the american model, almost nothing. which is right? historically the european model. it predicted the track of sandy and joaquin, thanks to a superior super computer. just outside london at the european center medium range weather forecast they take a ton of data and put it through a
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it's a more continuous model of the se about a very complex mathematic formulation of the atmosphere. we were lacking significantly in the computing power. >> al roker with that report there and be sure to download our nbc washington app. especially days on like this, weather alert days. frayed cables weren't the only dangerous thing found on wednesday.
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cables and prompted that shtumbling.he knocked me back on the platform. >> as you see there, powell wasn't seriously hurt. aetro s
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pope francis, guess where he is likefferent languages. we said, he made it this morning. in the three years that pope francis has been on twitter by the way, he's attracted 25 million followers. the vatican saying earlier this week, he decided to join
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instagram after meeting with the how are we going to do
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>> a little girl
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and killed outside a station. >> three brothers in jail facing were g shooting death of offija colson, special attention has to be paid to where and how they are incarcerated. in order to preserve the integrity of the trial all three brothers have been sent to three separate maryland facilities. michael ford is held in isolation in the prince george's medical unit. his two brothers are in two separate unnamed facilities. >> with inmates with a high profile case like this, it's unprecedented, we have to make sure not only they are well mentally but physically. and that requires our medical staff and we have one medical unit. it would be nearly impossible to
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look at these folks. that, after it cha saws.
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right now, getting a chilly light rain in washington. right of your screen, the area in green is very light rain that's falling in washington. our northern suburbs inspect the areas in white and gray that is some wet snow thatow
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ni moderate impact a little bit of slush on some of those spa s'll replace one crew that returned earlier this month. and docked earlier this morning
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several sailors injured din m exactly what happened. she
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news4's jackie bensen has some steps the delivery companies are ups confirmed a service area, south of d.c. and parts of northeast tops the entire chesapeake area in package thefts and allows people to sign up for my choice to have u.p.s. store to be held for pickup.he also confirmed the co
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>> it's going to be worful. ths now.yes, what do you got fo in. >> some cold rain. how about that? snow haters are happy about it. snow lovers if you live in the mountains you're seeing snow moving in. it's a weather alert day. updates online and on television here as we see wet snow coming through. right now, we see that in the area in the white and gray. light snow. parts of shenandoah valley, snow falling just to the west of i-81 and into the mountains and it's tracking closer to
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2,000 feet body of
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thereno one surface...
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thought but the day they feared might nevere
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so i'm dabbling in new ventures.
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♪ nbc 4 is celebrating women's history month.mters ofcien, nbc 4 also want to celebrate the very special women who have helped shape our lives. they're our mothers, sisters, amazing.s and then some. i'd like you to meet my aunt vivy.


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