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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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for big crowds. breaking new developments out of brussels where we're learning at least two americans are among those killed in the attacks. families in the u.s. wait for word on the fate of their loved ones. but first, your out of door forecast with amelia segal. >> here is the latest on radar. back to the west, continuing to track mainly light rain. you can see this is a line set to move through the area mainly before noon today. if you're east of washington, it could linger in areas of southern maryland and the northern neck a little longer. we'll just be tracking light showers. so you want to grab the small umbrella or the rain jacket. for the most part, a low impact on your day today. look at the temperature right now, 66 degrees. and it is breezy with winds out of the south at 21 miles per hour. we'll have sun by the afternoon. i'll have a closer look at temperatures coming up. but for now, melissa has a new accident. brand new crash. 95 north atin
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here on the left side of your screen. so hoping not to start seeing some of these slowdowns headed northbound, but it is a possibility now that we have this accident. southbound, you're still fine. trying to get out of town, 95 south is fine. and in mattin maryland, you're well on 95. u.s. 1 northbound, we still have that accident being reported. and then remember on 395 south ramp to seminary, we're slow there, as well. travel times for you coming up. breaking news about the brussels terror attacks. more than 30 people killed in bombings in the brussels subway and airport. and we just found out that americans are among them. kristen wright is at the live desk. >> that's right. this is breaking news just now into our newsroom. again, word from a senior u.s. official that two americans were killed in the attacks in brussels. on your screen now, you will see the four americans who
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they were all at the airport when the explosions went off. a sister and brother from new york as well as a husband and wife from kentucky. well, at this point, we don't know exactly who the two people who are dead are. but we do know that h-- we're working to find that out for you. 31 people killed in the attacks at the airport and as well as the metro station. we just learned of course two people dead in the attacks in brussels were americans. working to find out their identities. we are continuing to track the latest developments in the terror investigation. steve handelsman is in brussels and we'll have a live report coming up at 6:45. he was killed on the job and now prince george's county police detective jacai colson's colleagues and his family will honor his life. the public funeral for the 28-year-old gets under way later this morning. molette green is live in upper marlboro with more on the day's
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service. >> reporter: good morning. we're expecting a large turnout of family, fellow officer, local and state dignitaries and of course the public is invited to this celebration of life. we do have a live shot that you can see inside the church sanctuary. the church is prepared for up to 2500 or more to attend. 7:30 this morning, the arrival of the color guard, followed by the arrival of the casket at 8:00 this morning. coming up 202 landover road. so expect traffic impacts from that. the viewing starts at 9:00 and will last until 11:00. and the fawn ral service promptly starts at 11:00. on the program, maryland governor larry hogan, county executive rushern baker both expected to speak. the funeral service is expected to end around 12:30. there will be lots of music and fond memories shared about the 28-year-old, described as
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service in the community. as you know, it's been a tough couple of weeks for the officers in this department especially those at the district three station where he was shot in a gunfight, hit by friendly fire. the detective was in plain clothes at the time. officer colson is survived by his parents and brother, but of course the entire community has wrapped its arms around this family and feels the blow to the community from this this loss. that's the latest live from upper marlboro. molette green, news 4, back to you. a woman had to be rescued after being pinned beneath a metrobus in arlington last night as she was walking near the intersection of 15th and eads street. we're hearing she's expected to be okay. the accident remains under investigation. windy conditions fuels this brush fire in germantown yesterday. an elderly couple had to be rescued as those flames got
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swept through five acres. the next door neighbor who is also a montgomery sheriff's deputy sprang into action to help them, even sounded his siren to make sure the couple realized this was an emergency. >> we just saw all this smoke, and then we came to will this store. >> i was concerned about my neighbors. >> firefighters worked through the afternoon to battle the blaze and put out hot spots. and this was the scene in boyds, maryland. chopper 4 over a brush fire at the black hills regional park west of 270. and we were under a red flag warning for much of thursday indicating increased risk for fires. here we go, the ncaa tournament rolling on. virginia playing in the big dance tonight. and they are taking on iowa state just after 7:00. whoever wins will play this weekend for a shot at the final four. it's a tough morning, though, for the terps. maryland lost to kansas in their sweet 16 game last night. the terps were
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first half, but had a long stretch without any baskets in the second. >> of course still considered one of the best. >> they were doing so well up until that second half. >> it was a good run. and they have a lot to be proud of. history making almost. ten years since they had been in the sweet 16. so hats off to the guys from maryland. >> congratulations. a word of warning about some potential visitors this your neighborhood. where bears have been spotted in our area. and also ahead, a recall that may have you checking the pap friday, t pantry, baby proper tuktductsin recalled this morning.
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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light showers moving through the area. showers in parts of montgomery, carroll, fauquier county. they look to impact washington between 10:00 and noon. notice, though, as we work our way toward 1:00, all of will activity is east of i-95. we're starting to see the sunshine break out. so have the light rain jacket or small umbrella handy. to the most part, highs in the low 70s and for all the spring brers g breakers, volume light? >> nice and light. the only issue is this one, so this is 95 northbound at prince william parkway. you can see the crash response there. looks like it's in the middle of the roadway. 395 south the ramp to
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around. 270 looks good. top of the beltway nice and light. 66, 95 north only problem here. again, quantico to the beltway, 56 minutes. take will take you almost an hour. should take you about 25. weather and traffic always on the 1s. listen to wtop. police say if you've been seeing bears in our area, keep a safe distance. bears have been roaming through neighborhoods. somebody yesterday saw a black bear and cub on their patio sipping tea. no, no tea. >> what? >> this is boling green drive in vienna. the day before that, two small black bears were seen crossing o oakton road. the steps metro could be taking to see if employees have been lying to management about repairs. plus honoring some of america's bravest. the special
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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6:15. and a significant update on the terror attacks in brussels. we just learned that two americans are among the more than 30 people killed in the bombi bombings. they have not been identified. they were likely killed in the two bombings at the brussels airport. we're also learning the airport will be closed even longer through this sunday at the least. not only do crews have to repair all the damage, but forensic investigations are still going on there. meanwhile the brother of one of the suspected suicide bombers does not believe gentlemnajim laachraoui was involved. he asked the media to blur his face. he says nobody has heard from the suspected attacker since 2013 when najim we
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it's suspected najim blew himself up in the airport terminal. we're following all the developments about the people hurt and those missing and the the search for the terrorists behind the blasts. we'll update you with everything right here and throughout the day on the nbc washington app. we're finding out the man accused of shooting a d.c. police officer is wanted for violent crimes in maryland, too. richard butler iii spent weeks on the run until wednesday. butler was arrested after d.c. police say he shot at patrol car during an unprovoked attack this southeast washington. butler was also wanted in prince george's county for attempted sexual assault of a young girl, trying to fire bomb an apartment and stabbing his girlfriend three weeks ago. a grieving mother wants some answers after her son was gunned down while walking to a bus stop in southeast d.c. gabriel turner had just finished having breakfast with his mother and was heading to work when he was shot on birney place. witnesses say they heard at least six shots. turner worked as
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headquarters. his mother had strong words for the person who pulled the trigger. >> i'd like to take his life, too. they took my son's life. i would. i would. the one that killed my son, i would like to take his life, too. >> turner worked as a janitor at the j. edgar hoover building for 15 years. right now there is no word on a suspect or motive. we're working to learn the name of the man killed in a motorcycle crash in prince william county. that crash happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon at antioch road near water fall road in haymarket. the motorcycle driver was killed. the driver in the other vehicle wasn't badly injured. prince william county police have not released any other details about what led up to that crash. a worker was rushed to the hospital after he fell into a 100-foot water tower. this happened in gainesville yesterday afternoon. prince william county fire and rescue crews had to use a safety harness to pull him out, but that took hours. and right now, the
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snow, hail, tornadoes, much more serious part of the same storm that is giving us a little rain right new. you're looking at video from up and down the midwest where more than a foot of snow fell. the system also caused dangerously high winds in the south. >> and check your kitchen shelves this morning. because gerber foods is recalling two organic baby food products. they are organic second food pouches. one is pairs, carrots and peas and the other contains carrot, apples and mango. the product may is spoiled. if you have some at home, throw them away, you can head back to the store for a full refund. we're learning about another big data breach this morning. this time it's verizon business customers that have taken a hit. hackers have stolen contact information. the tell communications giant says it recently discovered and fixed a security vulnerability.
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customers have been told about the breach. today is national medal of honor today and some of the bravest touched down in d.c. thursday afternoon for today's celebration. trup p trup pets sounded as they arrived. the group will take part in several events including a solemn remembrance of the tomb of the unknown soldier. recipients say the welcome was humbling. >> this is not a me award, it's an us award. and it's a parade take i take for them. >> the medal of honor is america's highest military honor. >> and of course we thank all those who have served our country and congratulate today's recipients. coming up on 20 minutes after 6:00. we made to friday and pretty warm out there. >> yes, we have. but it's kind of windy out there, too. maybe some folks a little concernedab
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blossoms. >> i was down at the tidal basin yesterday evening and it was breezy and it was having a minor impact on the beautiful flowers down there. you could see some of the petals coming down with the wind. but it wasn't having a major impact. so that will continue to be the case today. but today, tomorrow and sunday the days to head down. want to show you some great pictures of some wonderful students that erika eye got to speak with yesterday. roosevelt high school, a great class there. and today in fact they're taking their field trip down to the tidal basin to check out the cher cherry blossoms. some scattered showers this morning, by the afternoon, some sunshine. for the highs today still in the low 70s. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. d.c. metro area continues to remain dry. light showers developing around southern maryland and northern neck and then back just west of that corridor working their way
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in the mid-60s right now. 66 in the district. by 8:00 a.m., we'll drop to around 64 gris. and some scattered showers at that point. by noon showers mainly around washington and to the east. i think we'll see a broken line move through about 10:00 a.m. to noon. impacting the metro area and quickly moving into southern maryland and northern neck. we're flirting with 70 by noon. 4:00, we're at a breezy 73 with a mix of sun and clouds. 7:00 this evening, cool with still breezy conditions and a temperature of 64. now, tomorrow a high of 60. that's normal for this time of year. but that will feel pretty chilly relatively speaking. we'll have plenty of sunshine. we trade off warmer temperatures for more clouds on easter. mostly cloudy skies. a high of 68. next chance of rain comes on monday, maybe even a rumble of thunder. a high of 66. winds pick up later in the day on monday. it's breezy to windy on tuesday. and that will certainly have an impact on the cherry blossoms. temperatures near 60. and then maybe rain later in the
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melissa, how are the roads? a couple of new problems. outer loop before georgia, left side is blocked because of a crash there. also this problem 95 north at prince william parkway, we're sending dhchopper to that. route 1 at 23rd, a crash and police on the crescene there. 395 south the ramp to seminary, still have that problem. but it does not seem to be affecting anything there on 395. we're still nice and green on 395. something to remember for around 7:30 this morning and 12:30 this afternoon, the funeral procession for detective jacai colson. we will have some closures because of the procession. still worth mentioning. inner loop at bw parkway, powder mill and largo
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thr closures there both at 7:30 and 12:30. it is 6:23. and top metro officials want to know if critical system repairs are actually happening. adam tuss tells us why some are now raising questions. >> reporter: metro's own top watch dog, their inspector general, may be called into figure out whether employees are telling the truth about critical maintenance repairs that are being made. all of this stems after that smoke and fire episode from last week at mcpherson square that caused so many problems. that incident was so similar to what happened at l'enfant plaza some are saying the repairs just haven't been made the way that they were supposed to even though they have been told that those repairs have been made. here is metro board member mort down annany any. >> we were given reports on a regular basis that things had been taken care of.any any. >> we were given reports on a regular basis that things had been taken care of.
6:24 am
eyes as to what is going on. >> reporter: i will stay on top of the story for you here there metro headquarters. adam tuss, news 4. you are in the middle of the sixth biggest metro area in the country. d.c. leapfrogged philly according to new numbers. we grew by about 64,000 people between 2014 and last year. the census says just over 6 million people live d.c. metro area. you compare that to new york city, there are more than 20 million people in that metro area. we're recognizing the women who make our region great all month in our women of washington series. today we want to give a big shout out to jennifer gerres, a pediatric surgeon. she also mentors other women whenever she can especially those who want to become surgeons. she says female surgeons are still breaking down barriers, but with confidence anything is possible. if you know
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should highlight, let us know at a live look at the cherry blossoms where people are already out at the tidal basin. still dark out there. enjoying the cherry blossoms. test festival kicks off this weekend. sgla backups 95 north at prince william parkway. chopper overhead. and we're watching a developing situation in the midwest where an entire minnesota town remains evacuated after a fiery accident involving a freight train. when those people could finally get to come home.
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and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. we are still waiting for the sun to come up, but the dark is not keeping a lot of people from flocking down to the tidal basin this morning. a lot more than you'd expect at this time of the day. you can see it's in peak bloom. we'll show you the events this
6:29 am
weekend. >> and amelia segal has your four things to know. >> first we'll be tracking some scattered light rain showers mainly during the morning and midday hours. by the afternoon, some sunshine. chilly mornings saturday and sunday. but we'll be dry for the holiday weekend. more rain potentially on monday. i think that rain in addition to blustery conditions later in the day, those blustery conditions lingering into tuesday will have more of an impact on bringing down the beautiful cherry blossoms. we're in peak bloom right now. it will be breezy and that will bring some petals down. because i think for the most part the winds today have a pretty low impact on the trees. but the time to go is now and over the holiday weekend. blooms on average last about 4 to 10 days. melissa is tracking breaks news. 95 northbound as you hit prince william parkway, so the crash is here in the main lanes near prince william parkway. it is kind of off to the left, only
6:30 am
take a look as we sort of pan back here, a three mile backup. so all those folks that are coming into town for whatever reason right now, it is very slow. southbound a little slow, as well, because everybody is looking to the left to see what is going on. taking a look at 66, no problems. you can see our problem there 95 prince william parkway. another issue here this morning that really doesn't seem to be slowing things, though, 395 southbound that ramp to seminary, still have that accident there. big look at the beltway, we are slow top of the beltway. rest of the beltway volume is pretty light. we'll keep our eye on 95. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. a big polihis in minnesota afte proceed pain truck collided with a truck. entire town under evacuations. seven empty train cars jumped the trac
6:31 am
just keep burning. into crew members were hurt, but not seriously. and everybody should be able to go back home today. what a mess. it's 6:31 now. and today an nfl linebacker found guilty of assaulting a d.c. pizza delivery driver finds out if i'll go to jail. colts player d'qwell jackson expected to be sentenced this morning. he was found guilty of punching the driver in the face after fighting over a parking space this northwest d.c. jackson faces up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. the colts have not taken any action here, but the nfl may suspend him. a d.c. public library officer could be disciplined for telling a muslim woman to remover head scarf or leave. witnesses tell news 4 the officer was harassing the woman in the shaw public library on wednesday. that officer is no longer on duty while the d.c. public library investigates. the library's executive director po
6:32 am
isolated incident. the council on american islamic relations says there is something to be learned and they are pleased that the library acted quickly. >> did it make you feel bad? >> you kind of feel like you're doing something wrong when you're not doing anything wrong at all. >> the library says the officer could face a number of actions including losing his employment. you'll have to slow down along two streets in alexandria starting today. sections of seminary road and quaker lane will now have new speed limits 25 miles per hour. it will impact your drive along accept their between 395 and quaker lane. on quaker lane, the change is between duke and braddock. neighbors in that area petitioned the city to reduce the speed after dozens of crashes there. police say they will ticket speeders. well, there are more signs that the anacostia river is making a comeback. and now you can experience the river and all of its
6:33 am
>> reporter: i'm mark segraves. it's a view not everybody gets of washington, d.c. but soon everyone will be able to. starting next month, the d.c. department of environment and an made anacostia watershed society will be offering free guided boat tours to learn of the history of the require. you'll see historic landmarks from a vantage point you've never seen before. and you'll get up close and personal with the resurging wildlife. and while progress has been made over the years, cleaning up the river, there is still work to do and still ways you can get involved. check it out on, we'll tell you how you can get these free poet ride boat rides and how you can help clean up the anacostia river. 6:33. the sun will be shining, cherry blossoms are popping. and the festival right around the corner. opening ceremony and
6:34 am
off tomorrow. meagan fitzgerald is at the tidal basin for us this morning. a lot of fun ahead. >> reporter: a lot planned. if you're anything like me, you'll get a blanket, have a little picnic along the tidal basin, take in the sights. but we want to get to the official events planned as you said tomorrow kicks off opening ceremony. there will being performances at the warner theater. there is family day at the national building museum where a lot of events planned there for the kids. arts and crafts. that event starts at 9:00, ends at 5:00. and then of course there is taking a leisurely stroll along the tidal basin. >> we're from arizona, so we come out to visit the family every year at this time and come down and look at the blossoms. >> it's really wonderful and the flower is really amazing today. >> reporter: and as you can see, folks are already out here trying to get that perfect picture. waiting for the sun to ri
6:35 am
not a lot of crowds out here. but of course if you're not here today, you got all the way until april 17th the to take advantage of the cherry blossom festival. i must say, what i'm looking forward to is the kite flying festival which is next week end. when was the last time you've flown a kite? >> good point. absolutely. meagan fitzgerald live for us outside the tidal basin. a lot of fun to be had down there. d.c. is with about to get another new pair of baby eagles. >> that's right, we are on another d.c. eagle watch. these are live pictures of the nest in southeast washington. justice and freedom have nested there for 11 years. the two eggs were laid last month. >> so it will be a little while. this picture, though, this is slid i don't have the addition of the two baby eagles at the national
6:36 am
are busy raising their new eaglets now. in fine fashion. always love seeing our national bird there. >> they're majestic. absolutely beautiful. a little sushi this morning i'm sure will be had. nothing like raw fish from the anacostia for breakfast. >> and there is a link from the eagle cam, just go to the nbc washington app and search eagle cam. a bizarre turn of events during a high speed police chase. the unusual scene that the chase turned into when it turned into a street brawl. and himsealso ahead, how pe in d.c. and around the world are observing good friday. . and on radar, some widely scattered showers that will be with us through the midday
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really didn't know what wassing for on until the police officer showed up. i just thought i was being
6:40 am
attacked. and then it was apparent that it was much more serious than i originally thought. >> you know people had to be doing a double take. serious situation in arizona and car chase that ended in a big crash. before that, this happened. the suspect jumped out of his truck, attacked the guy driving a motorcycle. and you heard from him. looks like the man is trying to steal the bike. the motor cyclist taught him off. the suspect got back in the truck and crashed it later. police say he was rejected. he is expected to survive. look the this, he just starts swinging on this guy. >> and then he goes over the bike. makes me cringe watching it. coming up on 6:41. a little windy out there this morning. the rain coming in. >> and we'll be blustery throughout the day today. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. you can see the steadiest rain approaching winchester and the
6:41 am
hagerstown areas. a line moving through montgomery and fairfax county. by 11:00 a.m., a lot of will this activity to the east of 95 and the sun will be breaking out. we hit a high of 73 during the afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun and still noticing the winds. melissa tracking backups on 95. breaking news on 95, three miles worth of backups here right now. this is 95 northbound as you're approaching prince william parkway. express lanes are just fine. looks like you might be able to get past it, but right now we're very slow, chopper 4 showing us the backups. southbound a tad slow, as well, because people are looking to the left. outer loop at georgia a crash slowing the top of the beltway. otherwise looking good. 270 no problem. top of the beltway slow. 95 to 270 going to take you an hour.
6:42 am
95 north quantico to the beltway slow because of the problem chopper showed us. going to take you 47 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. breaking new developments out of brussels this morning. in the last hour, we've learned at least into americans are among those killed in the attacks as families in the u.s. wait for word on the fats of the fate of their loved ones. final farewell for a fallen officer. in just a short while, the body of detective colson arrives. what you need to
6:43 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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right now the prince george's county community is preparing to say good-bye to a fallen officer. you're looking live inside the first baptist church of glenarden where detective jacai colson's funeral will be held. >> just one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. first amelia segal. >> latest numbers and impacts coming up in the updated forecast. >> and again, breaking news on the roads. right now chopper 4 over 95 north at prince william parkway. a major, major backup here. details coming up. belgium remains on its highest alert level as authorities search for the suspects responsible for the attacks there on tuesday. police carried out more raids overnight and detained several
6:46 am
people. steve handels m del del sman ha developments on the investigation. >> reporter: breaking news, aaron, good morning to from you the belgian capital of brussels where there is now confirmation according to american officials who have spoken to nbc news that at least two americans were among the dead in the tragic attacks here at the train station and at the airport. no names confirmed yet. and it is not a surprise even though this brings home to the u.s. the horror of what happened here in europe, there have been as many as four americans by some accounts even more than four who have been hissing and unaccounted for here in belgium since the tuesday attacks. meanwhile, as john kerry u.s. secretary of state arrives, he's come from engaged in talks about a syrian cease fire. now that he's here in belgium, he's sure to take part in talks about how to crack down on
6:47 am
here, but in france and frankly anywhere and everywhere here in western europe with word, encouraging word, that here in belgium overnight and it into today, raids and at least six, seven, eight arrests reported. and in france, police say they successfully staged a raid that in their view they prevented what they say would have been a definite additional terrorist attack in france. and so good news on that score, aaron. terrible news that would americans are among the dead here in brussels this week. back to you. >> steve handelsman live for us belgi belgium. thank you. >> and stay with news 4. the "today" show will have another update about the americans killed anduspects. family and colleagues of detective jacai colson will gather to honor the fallen officer's life. he was skilled in a shoot-out on the job. the public funeral for him
6:48 am
molette green live with more on today's services. >> reporter: good morning. we're just under an hour away from the outdoor ceremonial start of the service that takes place right outside the church building surrounding the fountain. that's where the color guard will be. we're expecting a very large turnout for this celebration of life. the church is prepared to handle up to 2500 even more folks who will show up. the public is invited to come out, as well. so at 7:30, that is set for the arrival of the color guard. there may be 200 or more this this part of the service this morning. and then attective colson's casket set to arrive coming up 202, so there will be traffic impacts. 202 on one side and central avenue on the other. so traffic will be impacted by
6:49 am
9:00 a.m. and last until 11:00 and then after that of course the funeral service begins on the program set to speak, maryland's governor also the county executive arerushern bak. lots of music, fond memories that will be shared about this young man, 28 years old who died in the line of duty just a couple of weeks ago. that's the latest live. back to you. scary scene last night as a pedestrian got pinned under a metro bus. this happened as she was walking near the intersection of 15th and he'd streeeads street. she is expected to be okay, but the accident remains under investigation. 6:49. it is good friday and in jerusalem, thousands are walking in the footsteps of jesus today. some oe
6:50 am
large wooden crosses on their backs there. of course easter is this sunday. there are ways that you can observe good friday today. thousands will walk along the stations of the cross in maryland. there are events happening in rockville, cheverly and takoma park. the ncaa tournament rolling on. virginia playing in the big dance tonight. they are taking on iowa state just after 7:00. and whoever wins will play this weekend for a shot at the final four. a tough morning for terps fans. maryland lost to kansas in their sweet 16 game last night. the terps were winning after the first half, but had a long stretch without any baskets in the second. kansas is considered the best team in the tournament. so when you factor that in, they didn't do bad. they were very, very close. just to be able to make it in that far, a huge feat. so congratulations to them. >> and of course virginia still in it playing tonight against iowa state, so be loo
6:51 am
right now we're expecting a little rain. >> a little bit. not a lot. but there will showers around during the morning hours and being from this area, went to penn state, of course you have to love maryland basketball. such a hard decision in the brackets. but back to the weather headlines. scattered showers mainly during the morning and midday hours. cooler but dry as we head into the weekend. saturday the cooler of the two weekend days. and then the chance of rain returns on monday. and we're tracking blustery conditions later in the day on monday throughout the day on tuesday. some light rain right now in parts of southern maryland pushing up toward the northeast. also tracking some showers in the panhandle of west virginia, still west of the i-81 corridor. as the rain moves over the mountains, a lot of it really fizz link out. y this line tracking to impact the d.c. metro area between about 10:00 a.m. and
6:52 am
so you could deal with a shower or rain that would last maybe about 40 to 50 minutes at the longe longest. temperatures right now in the mid-60s. 66 in washington. so the commuter forecast for the morning hours, a few showers especially west of town, otherwise plenty of clouds coming home. breezy, highs today in the low 70s. p so for the most part, a nice day dining out tonight, tomorrow night and sunday, we'll find temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so sweat shirt weather. but for the most part, the weather cooperating. a high on saturday of 60. 68 for easter. some rain potentially in the forecast on monday with a high of 66. melissa is tracking breaking news. still this problem here on 95. 95 north as you approach prince william county parkway, we have a four mile backup headed northbound there. it is jammed. route 1 does not look that bad if you want
6:53 am
take route 1 instead. right now 95 southbound headed out of town is okay. top of the beltway outer loop at georgia, still have that crash blocking a lane. 66 overall looking pretty good. again, 95 northbound, you can see that slow spot the there as you're approaching the woodbridge area. prince george's county, no major problem. but we can show you the radar moving in to the area there into prince george's county probably a little bit later. amelia has been talking about that. taking a look top of beltway, no major problems there. and then also 270 at montrose, nice light volume. be on the lookout for bears roaming neighborhoods this morning. the most recent was a black bear and cub on a patio in vee enthat. earlier this week, two small black bears were seen crossing oakton road. police are warning neighbors to keep a safe distance. they may look really cute, but keep a safe distance
6:54 am
rescued from this five acre brush fire in germantown. just as they realized the fire was getting out of control, their next door neighbor a sheriff's deputy was mark of making his way to the door to get them out. >> we just saw all this smoke and then we heard -- we came to this door. >> i was just concerned about my neighbors. >> the couple is doing fine this morning. firefighters were able to put out the fire before it caused major damage to their home. and a similar scene is thn boyd maryland close to little seneca lake. you can head down to the tidal basin this weekend to see the start of the cherry blossom festival. a couple of us here have already been down there and it is amazing. >> meagan fitzgerald at the tidal basin this morning with what is happening this weekend. >> reporter: yes, full bloom indeed and there is a lot planned as mentioned, it is the kif
6:55 am
festival. we want to get you to the official events. tomorrow there will be performances at the warner theater. and then it's family day at the national building museum, so stuff planned for the kids, some arts and crafts. that will kickoff at 9:00 until 5:00. and it is absolutely gorgeous out here, so nothing like a nice leisurely vol around the tidal basin getting the perfect spring pictures. it's a celebration. and i think we deserve it. we had to weather that blizzard. so this is a celebration of making to spring in high pmight p my opinion. and i think the kite festival will be a lot of fun. i'll do some research as to where i can get a kite and you will see me out there. >> thanks. 6:55. here are four things to know before you head out the door. it is national medal
6:56 am
day. recipients are in d.c. to take part in several events including a remembrance at the tomb of the unknown soldier. hundreds are waiting to go home after a train and tanker truck collided in minnesota. the truck caught fire and a nearby town had to be evacuated. that still in effect until this afternoon. at least two americans have been killed in the belgium terror attacks. four americans have been reported missing. and the funeral for jacai colson gets under way at 11:00. he was killed during a shoot-out. a row session ae procession and happen before the funeral. and scattered showers around midday and mix of sun and clouds this this afternoon. breezy with a high of 73. tomorrow cooler, a high around 60. 68 for easter and more rain in the forecast on monday. so head down to the tidal basin now. >> and taking a
6:57 am
biggest problem, chopper 4 still over 95 northbound at prince william parkway, looks like 1 1/2, maybe two lanes getting by on the right. they're merging together there. that is nasty. we have a four mile backup. you can take route 1 instead. southbound 95 out of town no major problems. outer loop at georgia also that crash. >> thank you. and that is the broadcast for this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is just ahead. and we'd like to leave you with beautiful images of the dhcherr blossoms.
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight. more arrests in brussels. at least seven suspects now in custody. while in france, police arrest a man they say was planning another attack that was in its advanced stages. wife war. an angry and emotional ted cruz lashes out at donald trump. >> nald, you're a sniveling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. >> trump saying cruz started it. will the feud turn volteters aw? research connecting caffeine consumption to miscarriages. why both women and men who are trying to have a baby may need to rethink what they're drinking. comic genius.


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