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tv   Today  NBC  April 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is friday, april 8th and that is the life by fifth harmony. we have an interesting show for you today. we have a mother/daughter duo you don't want to mess around with. they're the stars of hgtv's "good bones" where they take sledge
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apart. >> they have goggles and we're supposed to break walls. >> if i can do to a wall what i've been known to do to a pinata, be careful. >> and "say yes to the dress," some of these lucky teens will be able to show off their stylish new looks. >> and we're going to sit down with the littlist boss of the movie. >> i'm dying to see that movie. >> you can go to the movie with boots tonight. one of the few weekends you're not flying someplace. sell a book. >> savannah, matt, and hoda were featured on the power list. >> one person l
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deserved to be there. you choose which one. >> carol alt, megyn kelly and look at laren spencer, that doesn't happen too often. >> it's bloody mary weekend. it's a festival. >> this one is unique. it's made with vodka, strawberry and tomato juice and balsamic service. that's been prepared for us by evan white. >> we're always honest here. we love bloody marys but i'm just warning you, if it's not our thing, you can't take it personally. >> just keep an open mind. it's a nontraditional
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>> nontraditional! >> that means buyer beware. >> remember, it's strawberry, it's going to be sweet. i'm just telling you. can i tell you something? it's sweet and savory in one swallow. go. >> i'm giving it a shot. >> take another sip. >> oh, evan, if i have to. >> think spring, strawberries. >> it's actually good. it really is. >> hey, congratulations on that. >> that he made a good bloody mary? how about the nobel peace prize. >> but you liked it. >> not that much really. >> but there's all kinds of bloody marys.
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>> it's in brooklyn this sunday. you said it was all weekend. >> you could drink bloody marys all weekend. >> why are you harassing our gue guest? >> last night if you were in front of a tv, it was the last very time you're going to see "american idol" after 15 seasons. it was one of those finales i think was perfect. the finalists were two from mississippi. it was laporscha and trent. and the winner was trent. it was so happy and so sad. clickity clacked on line. and they said not only did trent get a music deal, so
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laporscha. >> the original judge returned, a surprise appearance by simon. >> apparently they really didn't know he was going to be there. they thought he couldn't make it. they really were surprised, huh? >> so that was big. he was back. and they brought back all the finalists. look at this performance. it was such a group. if that's not going to be the best sounding choir in the world with all those voices. >> and i like them all in white. that's a very cool idea. >> and the song was something "one voice." kelly clarkson taped her performance last week because she's very, very pregnant. listen to the end of this, she sang an acapella version of the song she won with. ♪ some people wait a lifetime
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♪ some people search forever for that one special wish ♪ ♪ oh, i can't believe it's happening to me ♪ ♪ some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> she is a great singer. >> and to think of how her life has changed since she was the first winner. >> she was a waitress from texas, right? and she just opened that mouth and sang those notes and went, oh, my gosh, what else is out there? that was the genius of -- who else is out there? >> carrie underwood from ada, oklahoma. i've been to ada. >> she is something special. she got up there and she sang
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take a look. ♪
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okay, we have the mother/daughter duo that know how to swing a ledge hammer. they star in the hgtv series called "bone." they tear down properties only to rebuild them to look better than ever. >> today they're going to teach us how it's done. that's why we're dressed like that. >> we don't have walls because we tear everything down. but. >> there's like electricity? >> electricity, plumbing, gas lines. >> so these are things you might
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there's something behind it? >> there's a tool you can find it. or you can pound. >> pounding won't tell you where wires are. >> turn the gas off. >> that's a drain pipe for your toilet. if you punch through that, you're going to be real sorry. >> so don't do it. >> if your water is off, it will spurt for a minute and then stop. >> make sure your wall is not supporting anything in your house. >> like what? >> like the floor. >> in other words, hire an expert. >> if your floor joists run this way and your floor runs that way, that's fine. if
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the joists run this way, don't touch it. >> oh, boy. >> so wait a second. once you -- god, this thing is heavy. what the heck is this? >> it's a ten-pounder. can you do a low swing. >> i can? >> yeah. >> i have a question. >> this one is heavy. i'm going to swing like a golf club, okay? >> okay. >> this is how i like to do it. >> it looks great with the heels. >> give it another one. >> well, why don't you get over here? what are you doing? go ahead. give her some room. >> don't do anything -- >> oh, no, be careful. >> she's thinking about someone. >> oh, you hit the electrical wire. >> so we're going to show you how you can
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at all. >> my legs are much stronger than anything else. >> are you kidding? >> it's the most effective method. >> and how do you get the pieces out? >> you pull them out. >> why do you have all the other tools? >> that was just to give you options. >> but there's like a beam in there. >> that's the stud wall. so how do you know not to hit that? >> it doesn't matter if you hit that, you're taking the wall down. >> that was fun. >> aren't we going to see any befores and afters? because you guys are famous for it? >> no, that's it. >> that's it? >> we got dressed for this? you can catch new episodes of "good bones" tuesday on hgtv. and some girls get a prom dress
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most teen-agers, one they're going to remember for the rest of their lives and we're talking about the prom. >> a survey found families spend close to $900 on everything from tickets to flowers. so tlc known for "say yes to the dress" is helping with their say yes to the prom initiative. >> students are getting treated to free makeovers. we got to tag along with 50 high school seniors who got the red carpet treatment just in time for prom. >> i know the prom is kind of lame so if you don't want to go, it's really no biggie. >> the prom. it's a high school ritual romanticized in many movies. but it could also come with a hefty price tag. that's why tlc created "say yes to the prom," to help remove the
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build self-confidence among the participants. and who better to help style them rar than the fashion director of "say yes to the dress." >> hunting through the 2,000 beautiful dresses for the perfect fit. then comes the shoes. accessory, alterations, which all help make the look complete. it's a wonderful day that is especially for students like senior nicole. >> it means a lot to me. it means less of a strain on my mom to try and fine dress, shoes. prom is a crazy time and senior year itself is expensive so for this kind of blessing to come, it's amazing. >> and this year the program has grown better. it's the first time the senior boys are included, which makes one senior named leonard, very happy.
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great about themselves, beautiful in their gowns, handsome in their tux and feel confident when they leave today. >> and then the glam squad got to work on hair and make-up. then there was only one thing left to do, strut their stuff down the runway. when the prom is over and the music stops playing, the event is truly more than just a dress or tuxedo. >> i hope we can reward a lot of young men and women with these beautiful gowns and tuxedos. build their confidence and enjoy life. >> i love that! that is awesome. >> and we're going to meet some of the lucky students here with monte durham with some of the trendiest looks for prom. >> and ella anderson from the new movie "the vanilla yogurt. blueberries.
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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before the break we showed you some deserving high school students who got all glammed up with courtesy of tlc's "say yes to the prom." >> with us is the host, monte durham. >> hey. >> by the way, i love your retro tux. is that from the 70s? >> yeah. and we're finding the guys are coming back to the ruffles. >> are you sure? our first student is
10:31 am
she's a gymnast and -- >> number one trending in prom, split piece or two piece. the slim jersey knit skirts, comfortable, they don't wrinkle, you can dance, get out of the car. and then you get the orange to bring in the color because white is still strong in prom this year. >> what do you want to do? >> be a veterinarian. >> you look stunning. >> nicole is a student in the institute of math and science. she's take taken eight college courses in high school. she has a 96% average. she's a member of student council. >> and probably mensa. >> and the national honor's society. >> i'm exhausted. >> here we have an impart fit. see how it's fitted underneath the bustline? and it's got an overskirt. and you see the
10:32 am
shoulder, lightly beaded so you don't need a lot of jewelry and accessories. >> that much bead ages you, too. >> what would you like to do when you grow up? >> i'd love to be a psychiatrist. >> we're going to need you. >> we'll be your first appointments. >> your first two. >> and next, she likes photography, she looks forward to working with children in the future. >> they're all so lady-like. >> they are. >> in the last few years, monte, let's be honest, it was kind of tramp kind of. >> it was a little sexy. you have a natural waist, a full skirt here. when you're wearing a short dress, shoes are important. the way you stand, we went
10:33 am
because you're in a shorter dress, the movement is a little different. >> did you like this one right away? >> i do. >> it's very j-lo. >> scattered beading and laced. >> what do you want to do when you grow up? >> i want to work with children. >> we're very, very blessed to have you. >> and our final look is chaneli. she plans to attend a fashion school. >> is that strapless? >> yes, it is. it'sto the heavy. will as no -- it's actually designed after an accordion. that's where the trend came from. >> probably. >> this type is an overskirt. see, you get the movement on the
10:34 am
close fit on the inside. >> what do you want to do? >> i want to be a fashion designer. >> of course you do. >> you've come to the right place. >> let's bring all of our ladies out. you all look great. >> they look lovely, don't they? >> i'm going to west virginia, going home to morgantown. >>. >> congress up, she's only 11 but she's quickly showing hollywood who is boss. >> ella treat fragile, damaged hair to wholesome, intensely nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new honey treasures haircare. paraben-free formulas combined with the essence of royal jelly, propolis and honey extracts. whole blends nourishes deeply. heals and rejuvenates to the ends. for shiny, revived hair, whole blends is true repair.
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. we can't stop laughing. ella anderson has been been working more that be half her life. she's very impressive, considering she's 11 years old. now she's starring opposite melissa mccarthy and kristen bell out today called "the boss." >> are you claire? >> i thought you were in jail. >> aren't you charming for yelling that out on the street like that. may i? >> no way. >> why not? >> because mom's at work and you're fresh out of
10:40 am
>> it doesn't count. >> yes, it does! >> no, it does not. >> you nailed it. >> fun, fun, fun. >> thank you. >> is this all old hat to you or -- >> i love jennifer aniston so much from "friends." >> how much do you love her? >> she's one of my favorites. >> so melissa's not? >> from "friends." i love melissa. she's sweet. she's hilarious. >> were you always laughing on the set? >> yeah, yeah. being on such a comedy like that, everyone's always cracking jokes so you can't really stop laughing. it's just like not possible. >> but they're also using potty language, aren't they? >> did you plug your ear when is it got
10:41 am
ears. >> well, she's not -- >> well, she's not my mother. >> we know that. she does have a child, right? >> she has two children. >> really? okay, good. >> is your mom on the set when you're there? >> yeah, she is. >> does she give you tips and pointers or does she let you do your thing? >> she let's me do my thing. you can't really give tips and things. but you can't walk on and go you know, what you got to do all of this. >> that's right, hoda, what's wrong with you? did your mom see this in you early on and just get out of your way pause she knew it was what you wanted to do? >>. >> yeah, sort of. i've always done my own thing. >> does it all go
10:42 am
bank account? >> i don't really know. >> oh, i bet mama does. >> do you go to school? you're home schooled? >> yeah, but i make a lot of friends. >> you do? how? >> i just meet people. >> just on the street? >> yup. >> because you're friendly. i want to be your friends. >> it's funny, when i was in school, nobody wanted to be friends with me. now they're like, hey. >> you know who your true friends are. >> aunt kathy and aunt hoda. did you have your next project? >> yes, mother's day. >> with gary marshall directing? >> yes! >> you're doing thene
10:43 am
jennifer aniston. >> that's not fair. >> but you guys -- >> you guys what? >> you guys should go see it. >> which one? you you have two of them now. >> both of them. >> have a great opening weekend. it's in theaters today. >> and also lilliana vasquez, her finds are above head and thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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. oh, it's time! >> it's friday! >> i love coming into this dressing room with lilliana. >> i love anything off the shoulder. >> why? >> it's the last part of me that is still good. >> and
10:49 am
>> look at that. >> people love this trend. i like because it's sexy but it's understated sexy. you don't show so much. we saw this all over the celebrity run ways. and luckily it's trickled down into the stores. you can do the off the shoulders or when it belongs your lounge -- >> the reason like to do it sometimes is because i don't have the right bra. >> she doesn't known a honey. >> this top here is adorable from pixie market. it's under $50.
10:50 am
app hoe thetop mr. this is because we did shades clue, is orj noshlg -- originals. so this is draped over the shoulders. guys this is under $40. it's from century 21. i love that it's neutral. it's like an updated trench coat. >> what's the store i have to order it from? >> century 21. >> not the realtor, the store. >> and the new jean for the season is this cropped, distressed
10:51 am
she she's. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> thanks. >> thank you so much. >> we have one last model and she's coming out for be will you also opinions and she's petite like i am and a lot of times petites think they can't pull off volumes like this. i'm so glad it's summer. >> are you you loch to ak shoes. i love i idea of doing one simple jewelry. tease all sfrfrm
10:52 am
and pu p you pull one on the rye side as prrks sfwrrnl. >> you touch it to one side here and other side here. it prevents the top from popping up. remember how you to do that all high belong. prchl it pops right back. hut just go all over. just go crazy, trish! >> i love doing that. >> and that's in my cable. >> isn't that such oop easy solution? people say tape them. but if you tape them, you can't move. it gets sweaty. this is a much better tip. >> thank you. >> we're going
10:53 am
moment. but first this is "today" on
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all right. before we go, we got a couple of shoutouts. do you want to slim down for summer? who doesn't. go to hoda and kathie lee and we want people who want to get healthy. and we're looking for married couples who work together and tell us about about eye a and no time kevin costner is with us, james den any and for rich
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wing. >> no, they're off, everyone. have a great weekend. we're going to see you on fun
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. >> breaking news is coming out of lack is land air force base. >> we learned two people are dead in a shooting at lackland air force base in san antonio a. spokesman for the bear county sheriffs office tells msnbc. the attack appears to be a murder-suicide. the latest information that the bear county office tweeted out was that they had victims pleural on the scene, that it was still a very active scene and that, fact, two p


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