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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 27, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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vacating seats in maryland congressional tr >> in the eighth congressional district, state senator jamie raskin is the winner for the democrats. this was the most expensive house primary in this election season. van hollen won the seat back in 2003. >> and former lieutenant governor anthony brown wins the democratic primary in the fourth congressional district. donna edwards held that seat back in 2008. more decision 2016 coverage in just a minute. first, some breaking news again with weather and traffic on the 1s as we approach 4:31. so right now southbound rockville pike is closed at cedar lane. only one northbound lane getting by. sorry, had to push somebody out of the way here to get on camera. you can only turn right from cedar lane onto rockville pike in either direction this morning. we have to have fun here this
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taking a look at thes loretty good. you can see all the moisture moving into the area this morning. going to make for kind of a messy morning commute here today. 66 and 95 right now covered in moisture. you can see that rain is already falling through that area north on 395 from duke street to seminary. we do have the left lane getting by that operation. we'll keep you updated on this throughout the morning. you gave me the heave-ho this morning. things to know about, watch for falling temperatures today. we are probably as warm now as we'll be for the remainder of your wednesday. most of the rain showers for this morning are moving southbound but keep your umbrellas handy because lingering rain chances will carry us through the remainder of the week. and now as we start getting a little closer to the weekend i'm having to put a rain chance on y
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future weather by noon, just all clouds and another chance for a few sprinkles coming in during the afternoon. so the rainfall amounts today, generally a tenth or less. back into the upper 50s to lower 60s this morning. maybe you need a little insulated raincoat. we'll look at the school day forecast coming up in seven minutes. back to you. more local election results into the live desk. former mayor jim ireton con seeds the race for the house district to incumbent joe warner. werner grabbed 52% of the vote in the democratic primary. and in the seventh district, it's too close to call with jonathan goff
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a baltimore judge ordered several polling places to stay open because they did not open on time. on top of that, a fire at the courthouse during a hearing to extend the hours set the decision back later. if you are running out the door, don't forget the nbc washington app can be a great resource when on the go. you'll find all yesterday's primary results and nbc news analysis on our political page. 4:33 now. today former virginia governor bob mcdonanell will try to clea his name and stay out of prison. this is in his corruption conviction. mcdonnell and his wife were convicted of doing favors for a virginia businessman for exchange of gifts and loans. mcdonnell's attorneys say the bribery law is
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arguments are set for ddlet of center hill street in wheaton randolph road. the victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition. and a man who authorities say fled a robbery scene and jumped over a fence near the white house is now in custody. the white house complex was briefly placed on lockdown around 4:00 yesterday afternoon while the president was there. the secret service says the man hopped the fence at the executive office building there, the eisenhower building there. plans to expand arlington national cemetery are up for discussion. the u.s. army corps of engineers is assessing ground south of the current cemetery called the former annex site. this would increase the size of the cemetery, realign roads and maximize burial space. well, the countdown is on as we get ready for the start of the summer olympic games in rio. today marks 100 days until the opening ceremonies. cr
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around-the-clock to get ready tl touches on the olympic village, making sure all the sites are just right for a spectacular games. we have you covered when it comes to the road to rio. coming up this morning, find out how prepared brazil is for the upcoming summer games. we'll tell you how you can snag some olympic swag from us here at news4. and in our 5:00 hour, we will have a live report from new york city ahead of a countdown party that's happening there. and just go ahead and clear your thursday night, get the plans out of the night because the caps are playing. >> the caps will take on the penguins in a playoff match like in 2009. we are not going to repeat that situation, we're going to win this. it will be an epic match-up. the teams' stars are two of the best in the sport. the head coach says it will be a team effort to win the series.
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at the vezops breaking news on the road southbound rockville pike shut down at cedar lane. only one northbound lane getting by this water main break this morning. a major problem for folks. your alternate coming up. more breaking news in france. what just came in about the suspected terrorist attack er salah abdeslam. and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back on whether or not you should pack an
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take a look at the sketches released by d.c. police. these are sketches of two suspects who police say tried to abduct a young girl. this happened monday night on argyle street northwest. police say two men in a white car offered a girl candy and then tried to lure her inside the vehicle. one of the men has a tattoo of a beetle on his neck. just into the live desk, a key suspect in the paris attacks salah abdeslam has been handed over to french authorities. now abdeslam was arrested in
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he wasat killed 130 people. that's the latest from the live desk. breaking news on the roads right now, this is going to be a major proble this morning right near so southbound rockville pike shut down at cedar lane, completely closed there. one northbound lane is getting by this water main break. you can only turn right onto rockville pike from cedar lane no matter which way you're coming, only right to rockville pike. we'll have erika gonzalez out there in a little bit. 395 from duke street to seminary road, the left lane gets by the paving operation. you can see slowdowns northbound and southbound. a big look at the beltway, all of the screen, the radar showing the moisture coming through. and 270 at old hundred, no major problems there right now. chuck, we are going to see wet spots here this morning, no doubt, huh? absolutely. nothing all that heavy but nonetheless a little hint of road spray on occasion couldn't be ruled out. most of
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maryland. so the school d forecast, a lot of clouds and periods of light rain throughout much of the day. in the low to mid-60s. we'll fall to the upper 50s by lunchtime and recover a bit back into the lower 60s later today. the kiddos, what to wear, this kid has the expression of the day. not very happy about the rain. he's got his umbrella, he's an a-plus student for that. showers and jeans and long sleeves are back in fashion. we'll talk about the seven-day coming up. it's decision day against dennis hastert. what's expected to happen later today going to court. and get out the broom, donald trump swept the republican primaries last night and hillary clinton almost did the same. how close they are to clenching their
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no rest for the candidates after five states weigh in on the race for the white house. donald trump is set to give a major foreign policy address right here in washington. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on what to expect. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: donald trump is pulling so far ahead in the primary as he called himself last night, he's the presumptive nominee. he still has a few hundred delegates to get before he clean ches the nomination, clenches the nomination. but around lunchtime in d.c., he'll get his first chance to weigh in on the key
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policy issues. and we'll see a this speech inpe using teleprompters. so the public and his supporters will get a chance to see if that donald trump has a different impact in how he may weigh in against hillary clinton. looks like it may be shaping up to be trump in the fall. >> it will be interesting to see the content of that speech. what about the democrats, hillary clinton now has close to 90% of the delegates. what will happen next? >> reporter: expect her to focus on trump, which is what we are seeing. but she has a challenge to draw in the bernie sanders supporters. if she's going to be the nominee, it hasn't been as nasty as the republican side, but there's been quite a few barbs traded between them in the last few weeks and months and it is not necessarily true that the supporters are easily going to jump on board.
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so she's got some real work to . not saying anything about dropping out, but now they are saying he's in this through the california primary, the d.c. primary. after that they will reassess and take a look at whether they can really turn around the superdelegates. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. we are learning more about that tragedy in forestville. a woman was killed and several men were hurt in a drive-by shooting on hilmar drive. now joann woods' friends and family are helping for money to help cover her funeral. >> when i think about it, she's still up in heaven. she gets to see my grandmother and aunt. she will probably see somebody like prince so i think of
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opingods' friends are h vernon to college as well. prince george's police are offering a $25,000 reward for an arrest and conviction in this case. an update to a story we first reported yesterday morning, fairfax county police arrested the 27-year-old alexandria woman who first reported a man who was dead inside her apartment. they say jessica deneal-whalen strangled a man in the mount vernon area. the two had a prior relationship. white was 51 years old. the funeral for a fairfax county firefighter is set for tomorrow. the visitation and funeral service will be held at the mcclain bible church at 10:00 in the morning. nicole's body was found in the shenandoah national forest a week after she disappeared. she took her own life. in lieu of flowers, her family is asking for donations to the
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lifeline. 4:48 day the former house speaker dennis hastert will learn his sentence in connection with breaking banking laws and lying to investigators. some people believe sexual misconduct allegations against the republican could convince the judge to impose a strict sentence. earlier this month hastert was accused of making hush money payments to victims he sexually assaulted when he was a wrestling coach and teacher. three republican senators plan to sit down with supreme court nominee merrick garland this afternoon as many continue to call for a vote in the senate on judge garland's nomination. some republicans vow to block the vote saying the newly-elected president should fill the seat of antonin scalia. a new health care center will get a special welcome today in montgomery county. patients won't notice new procedures but staff members say they will experience a higher quality of
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department says the new space is set up to make many day-to-day processes much more efficient. >> we were real strategic about how we did some of the programs so they were closer, the ones that worked together were in the same unit. the new facility sits at the intersection of georgia and dennis avenues. staff moved in last month but today there will be an official opening ceremony. the county executive ike legit will be part of the festivities later this morning. get rid of the up used prescription drugs in your cabinets. you can go to one judiciary square at 441 4th street in northwest washington. they will collect any unused, expired or unwanted medication. the service is free, no questions asked. the next time you walk, run or bike along
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old dominion trail in reston you will be counted. this is not far from sunset avenue. the reston bike club donated it to the county. >> that's why i don't go running. >> you don't want to be counted? >> that's why. >> everybody counts, aaron. you have to be counted. stand up and be counted. >> maybe that's not the reason i run. >> give us a better idea of who is using the trail -- >> just sit there by the trail, one, two -- 718. wait a minute, i've lost count. >> i would lose count, exactly. in the first ten minutes. it would be a quiet jog out there trailside, but this is probably a mechanical device, not a person. outside this morning, cloudy skies have returned to the area and clouds are going to be a big part of the forecast for not only today but for the next several days on into and potentially through the upcoming weekend.
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day are going forward in the 40% to 50% range. the most likely day for rain is tomorrow but we are a long way from getting rid of the rain chances. friday's rain chances also stand at about 50%. saturday we're keeping the rain drops off of your saturday for now. but we did have to put it back on your sunday. so i can't guarantee you a dry weekend. right now the radar shows just light patches of rain that extend from the washington area westbound all the way to charleston, west virginia, and into parts of southwestern virginia. big severe weather, fortunately, no reports of any tornadoes or injuries yesterday. but still an awful lot in the way of heavy weather here this morning between dallas and houston. if you are flying that way, memphis, new orleans and houston could be badly impacted by thunderstorms and rain delays today. so call your carrier before you leave. if you're sticking around here, no heavyin
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if anything in the way er suns. here's future weather, by 9:00, 10:00, periods of light rain and drizzle. might catch a little break around the noon hour before more rain chances sneak back in for the middle of the afternoon. then catch another little break as we head into early this evening. temperatur temperatures, we're as warm now as we'll be later this afternoon with temperatures in the lower 50s to lower 60s. here's the first peek at the seven-day forecast. falling temperatures today in the mid-60s. back to the upper 50s by lunchtime. then only in the low 60s for here on thursday and friday, lots of clouds around. there's your weekend, both days in the 60s. rain chances focus primarily on sunday afternoon and sunday evening. breaking news in first 4 traffic, the water main break is going to be a snag all morning. breaking news, it is going to be a big problem for folks all morning. when we are talking be about rockville pike at cedar lane, just inside the beltway, getting word now again, all southbound lanes are closed, just getting word that all northbnd
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it looikal the scene, two northbound lanes right now are getting by. we may have more than that soon. you can only turn right from rockville pike or onto rockville pike from cedar lane. that's always a situation for folks coming into town there on cedar lane. you can only go right either way. 395 north from duke street to seminary had the left lane getting by that paving operation this morning. top of the beltwayi looking quie good. no rain here but this rain could be affecting our friends right now on 66 and 95. no problems right here in prince george's county. eun? melissa, thank you. it's something that will have parents with kids in day care pay special attention to today. the man accused of killing a toddler in the his care. and getting to and from work will get a lot easier for commuters in virginia. the proposal that could have you moving faster on the roads. and off to meet the
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breaking news, we have an update for you, southbound rockville pike still shut down at cedar lane. it seems like this will be a problem for the morning commute. all northbound lanes have just reopened. all northbound lanes are open. southbound lanes are shut down rockville pike at cedar lane. all right, melissa, thank you. coming up on 4:57, a
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bond. is being held this morning police say that kia dithband is responsible for the death of a baby. prosecutors say the baby's injuries were extensive. >> fresh fractures to the ribs. 11 or 12 of the ribs were broken. there was head trauma. >> little dreamers was a licensed day care owned by kia at his residence in rockville. he's charged with second-degree murder and first counts of child abuse. the tsa is getting a grilling today. tsa employees are testifying on capitol hill. the house oversight committee wants to know how misconduct in the agency including any mismanagement occurs. it is part of l
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investigation into problems the tsa. the montgomery county council unanimously passed a measure that condemns controversial new laws in north carolina and mississippi. it also bans official county travel to those states. mississippi and north carolina enacted laws that denied services to people in the lgbt community. several states have banned travel to those places. those students who are about to start their college careers aren't improving. in fact, only 37% of them are ready for the coursework they'll face. that's according to new numbers according to the naep, the standardized tests used all over the country. the senior math scores have not improved in a decade. reading scores have actually gone down five points since 1992. one of the more congested corridors in our region could get a little relief. the new network of fast-moving buses with their own lanes and stations has been proposed
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route 7 in northern virginia. it will stretchalexandria. this would transport thousands of commuters along 11 miles. now this would be similar to the bus system that just opened along the route 1 corridor in alexandria and arlington. the proposal would also mean fewer cars on the road. commuters have mixed reviews. >> it should be. it would eliminate some of the traffic. >> i don't know for the bus -- where the bus route would be. if it's on route 7 it will create more traffic. >> right now the public can weigh in on this proposal and planners need to find money to pay for it. scott brooks has a meet-and-greet with the wizards today. he finalized the deal and made it public yesterday. he is signed to be here in d.c. for the next five years. i'm just hoping he brings kevin durant with him. >> fingers crossed on that. stay with
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good morning, everyone, it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. a massive water main break could have a huge impact on how you get to work. >> chances are you want to leave the house a little early. we have complete coverage for you this morning. we'll get to melissa mollet in first-alert traffic. but to erika gonzalez who just got to the scene, we'll begin there. erika? >> reporter: hi, aaron, good morning. so we just got word that there's good news, two of the southbound lanes are now open. and now you've got all northbound lanes own. so what we're looking at here, all this debris was the runoff. this has all been pushed over here. we are right at rockville park and cedar lane. so a crew member told me this is actually the same main b


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