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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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only on news 4 tonight. >> locked me in to the back room or locked me in to his office. >> arrested on sexual assault charges. >> ton
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police search for a v.a. a v.a. woman missing more than a week. >> somebody took her. somebody did because she wouldn't just disappear like that. >> reporter: video shows her an hour before she was last seen. broken water main on rockville pike impacted both of today's commutes. what to expect when you hit the road tomorrow. it's supposed to be a safe place to worship and reflect. tonight, a young woman from prince georges county said she had a different experience while working at her church. good evening. i'm dor tonight we hear from the 22-year-old woman who says her bishop repeatedly stalked, harassed and made unwanted sexual advances toward her. jackie bensen is live with the story you'll only see on news 4. jackie? >>. >> reporter: the victim is 22. the accused is 61 years old, pa
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attending since she was 11 years old. we're not identifying her. >> he would lock me in to the back room, or lock me in to his office and touch me, get on top of me, say things to me. >> reporter: not two months after he was elevated to the position of bishop, an event commemorated by this booklet, michael turner found himself under arrest. the charges include assault, fourth degree sex offense and harassment. his accuser says during the four weeks in february and march she worked in the church office, turner would repeatedly get her alone in his private office, the copier room and elevator. >> he told me not to say anything. and not to be scared because i was a big girl. >> reporter: the victim, a soft-spoken young woman raised to have this upmost respect for turner describes functioningening almost in a state of shock.
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staff to come in early she wouldn't be alone with turner and he got found out and got angry. he forced her on the office couch and got on top of her. she escaped ran outside and raun ran to her boyfriend rye crying. finally i she told a relative what was happening. >> i told someone about it. >> what was her reaction when you told her? >> she was really upset and shocked. >> reporter: no one answered the door at turn er's home on the two days we went. there a message to the church office requesting comment has not been returned. after his arrest he was released on $10,000 bond. i asked this young woman, how she's been able to find the strength to handle this to get through all of this and she said this made her lose her faith in pastor turner but not in god. jackibe
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a woodbridge virginia a cvs store will help to find a woman missing a week. her family reported her missing two days after cap cameras captured these images. her sister is desperate to find he her shomari. >> the disappearance of the woman, her family planned a graduation party on may 15th. she graduated from the university of maryland three weeks ago. right now they are worried and hope the video can help to find her. >> tonight janet lopez is worried about her sister. she has been missing for more than a week. >> i feel like i'm living in a dream right now. not even a dream, it's a nightmare. >> reporter: surveillance
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store in woodbridge, virginia on sunday april 17th. two day s later, her family feared she was in danger and reported her missing to police. >> all i want to do is wake up from this nightmare so i can continue my life. >> janette said she last time she communicated with her was in a text message before he walked in to cvs. she said her sister seemed fine. >> reporter: police found her car and searched a pond and the search came up empty. lizette graduated from the university of maryland three weeks ago and her sister says she works with juveniles in prince william county. >> any idea why she disappeared? >> no idea. somebody took her, somebody did because she wouldn't disappear like that. she's a very responsible person. >> the fa r
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help. if you know where she is located, call the prince william county police department. live in alexandria, shomari stone, news 4. police just released the name of a video virginia woman killed in the district last week. officers found cheryl shafer of falls church stabbed to death inside of an apartment here in cleveland park. the man she was dating, 59-year-old charles psychs is charged in her murder. police are notifying the family of a woman killed in an apartment on houston avenue in tacoma park. officers responded to the cambridge this afternoon. they found the woman in an apartment and a man by an elevator near the lobby both were injured. the woman had been stabbed several times and died at the hospital. police say there's no risk to the public. all the lanes on rockville pike are back open tonight after crews finished repairs on a large water main break that
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long today. the 75-year-old main broke 24 hours ago, making a huge mess of traffic. another main broke in almost that same spot last fall. now, wssc tells us it will focus on replacing an entire stretch of the pipe along the e-businesscy commuter road because of issues caused by the pipe's age. a series of fights at a high school ended with a teacher and police officer among the people attacked. the violence erupted at the washington metropolitan school on brian street near howard university in northwest today. police say the fight started in the cafeteria after a dispute involving students from two neighborhoods. a teacher tried to break it up. a male student hit her, sending her to the hospital with minor injuries. a female student attacked a police officer. a parent talked to us about problems at the school. >> it's an alternative school. when you are in an alternative high school those are things that happen. these are the issues you deal
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one school. >> reporter: police arrested the students who attacked the teacher and the officer. there were only minor injuries. in less than 24 hours this week, the white house grounds were put on lockdown twice for people, or things that made it over the fence. >> now we're learning how the secret service wants to stop that from happening in the future. the news 4 i-team broke the story on twitter today. there was a copy of a secret service presentation made to government officials where they want to double the height of the fence to 11 feet and add anti-climb features and a stronger concrete foundation. the national capitol planning commission will review the proposed changes next week. the new fence could be in place by 2018. new tonight, the army is beginning a year-long environmental city of a 38-acre expansion of arlington national cemetery. negotiations for the expansion have been going on for years with as
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day. the hallowed ground will run out of space by the mid 2030s. the expansion could extend the life of arlington cemetery by 20 years. congress has to fund it. the cost $274 million. we're getting word that bernie sanders will lay off hundreds of campaign staffers around the country. in tonight's rally in indiana, the senator was definitely striking a different tone. our job, whether we win or whether we do not win, is to transform not only our country, but the democratic party. >> there were no attacks on hillary clinton and openly talked about the possibility of losing. his sgoel to bring enough delegates to the convention he can shape the party around a progressive agenda. on the republican side, ted cruz is facing anen
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deficit. nearly 400 delegates behind. donald trump won't let him forget it. tonight he mocked cruise for choosing carly fiorina as his running math after mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination outright. >> a new relationship has started, cruz and carly. cruz can't win. what's he doing picking vice presidents. can't win? >> cruz is all in for indiana's primary next tuesday but so far polls show more than six points behind. storms continue to wreak havoc on the plain states. this is new video of a tornado that hit iowa. it's just one of at least ten that have touched down in the past 24 hours. there's also been hail the size of golf balls and lots of rain. kansas city was under water after it got more than three inches of rain in 24 hours. winds up to 100 miles an hour
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oklahoma. one woman died after a roof collapse in texas. here at home, don't forget to grab the umbrella as you walk out the door tomorrow. >> here we go, folks. cooler temperatures and more rain. we are getting used to this drill, amelia. >> exactly, jim. we need the rain. a welcome sight. another cloudy, cool, damp day tomorrow. here's the latest on storm team four radar. some meager showers out there. we'll take what becan get. reagan national reporting 300th of an inch of rain in the area. we will track waves of rain tomorrow and in to the weekend, as well. here's the out the door planner for thursday morning. grab the umbrella. a small one will be fine. in the low 50s. low to mid-50s by 8 a.m. cool as we make our way to the late morning hours with 56. coming up, i will be showing you future weather throughout the day tomorrow, hour by
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taking a peek to the weekend. just when other olympic swirms thought it was safe to go in the pool. >> at one point, i felt like i didn't want to see another day. i felt like it should be over. >> reporter: maryland's own michael phelps is back with 100 days until rio. the new way to pay could be by selfie. if you are tired of remembering those passwords, soon all you will need in order to shop is a smile on your face. >> one year later, has anything changed? we head back to the baltimore neighborhood rocked by riots a year ago today.
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new tonight, we have a picture of the replica gun a 13-year-old was carrying when brother police shot him this afternoon. police commissioner kevin davis said when officers saw the gun and tried to approach the teen he ran. the boy didn't stop and two officers shot him. he's expected to survive. davis said officers had no way of knowing the gun wasn't real. >> that shooting comes a year to the day after freddie gray's funeral when riots threw that a city in to chaos. we went back to the epicenter of the violence and demonstrations in the penn north neighborhood. lz one obvious sign of change and growth. that cvs that burned a year ago has been rebuilt now and is back open. people who live and work in the community say changing the culture that led to the violence will take much longer. >> drug
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messed up by businesses. made it more complicated. >> i believe if we start with the children and get back the rec center and stuff like that. these kids have nothing to do. it will start with the youth. >> reporter: murals have popped up in the penn north area to convey a message of hope. new technology that could revolutionize the way we bay pay on-line. instead of entering a credit card number you can snap a selfie. mastercard is introdutying technology that can verify your identity by scanning your face. cybersecurity experts say facial recognition is more secure than any password because no two are alike an the other advantage you don't have to remember anything. >> you are not going to forget your face like a password. it's easy to do. our phones have cameras some privacy experts are concerned about sharing pictures but almost
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more secure. apple, sool google and amazon are, working on similar projects. the summer olympics is 100 days away. rio's olympic torch appeared at the brazilian embassy. a brazilian volleyball gold medalist carried the torch and a special musical performance by a band called batalla. michael fell phelps heads to the rio games as the most decorated olympian of all time. the 18-time gold medalist is back. he spoke to matt lauer about his renewed med dedication. >> i have no desire to go to work out before. i want to retire how i want to retire. i have a great opportunity to do that. i haven't trained like this in a decade. >> rio will be phelps fourth
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could compete in as many as seven events. >> going to be interesting. we mentioned the olympics are 100 days away. >> and on nbc, i believe, right here? >> right here on this very channel. so, what a difference. much cooler today and rainy and more coming tomorrow. >> yeah. i think people went from having the air conditioners on to now maybe the heat back on. we will stay cool in to the weekend. even the majority of next week is looking retty cool with occasional showers. we need the rain. the rainfall deficit since march 1st is at three inches. we are not looking at a lot of amounts, especially tomorrow and friday. occasional showers, off and on showers in to friday. we will have some dry time as well, especially on friday. as we look to the weekend, saturday looks to be the better of the two weekend days. saturday mainly dry, still cloudy and cool but rain likely on sunday. when you see
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rain in the forecast next week. because of the showers, the weather having low to moderate impact on your day and light jacket weather as you head out tomorrow. 7 a.m., scattered showers in place especially in virginia as we continue through the morning hours. especially mid-morning hours tracking rain impacting the metro area through western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. tomorrow afternoon, dealing with scattered showers. the rain could impact morning commute, light showers for the evening commute and more rain, potentially on friday. the best chance of rain on friday looks to be during the second half of the day. here's the hourly planner for tomorrow. we start off with temperatures in the low 50s and really don't warm up much from there. we will have showers at times. it's cloudy, damp, cool, could be drizzle around, maybe patchy fog but i don't think a huge concern. a high tomorrow of 58 degrees. that's well below normal. normal is 71.
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temperatures in the low to mid-50s, from 54 in washington to 52 gaithersburg, 55 leesburg. here's a look at friday. a bit warmer, but still ten degrees below normal. high of 61. we will start off with 50. heading out for friday night, want to grab a light jacket once again and probably a small umbrella just in case with the temperature around 59 degrees at 7 p.m. on saturday, cut the grass. likely dealing with rain on sunday. high temperatures on saturday in the low 60s. low 60s once again on sunday. chance of rain for monday, tuesday and wednesday and temperatures staying in the mid-60s. look at that. our average high temperature 71 degrees. looks like we are in a cooler, more damp weather pattern. if all of these rain chances were to materialize we would have an inch and a half of rain. that a would cut down on the deficit for sure. >> thank you. coming up, an off night by the nats
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and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. all right. here we go. the year is young. >> this is april. >> come on. >> still too early in the baseball season. the last time the nationals
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the mound after three inningsing of play. he gave up six runs on seven hits that day. tonight, he was a different man on the mound. he brought his a-game to nats park and for the first time this season the nationals are on the verge of being swept. harper leads the majors in home runs and rbi. how about his defense tonight? harper proving to be the nats sole highlight in the game. tyler flies out. harper track this ball down. nice sliding catch. dusty baker, he approves. later on, gonzalez on the mound tonight. not a bad outing for him. down 1-0 in the seventh. peter borgs, grounds to third but the throw is a little high and the phillies lead 2-0. they add a third run. they managed two hits and lose by 3-0. they will try to avoid be
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down to tampa. the o's looking to salvage a final game in the series against the rays. joey produced two hits in the last five games but the rookie got ahold of this ball. this a three-run homer. o's lead by three. he gets longoria to go down swinging. they struck out nine. that one is two singles and 6 2/ 3 innings. 3-1 the final. moving tomorrow night. game one between the capital and penguins will take place. this series should have everything a fan could ask for from superstar players to tradition and these two teams do not like each other. the veterans understand what the rivalry means, while the new guys caught on quickly. >> the first game i got hit a couple of
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from then on you grow respect for the other team. i'm fully on board with the rivalry. it should be fun. a lot of emotion. >> it's going to be exciting. it's going to be -- the energy will be jacked up. we can't get ahead of ourselves. can't get too excited. it will be crucial for us. >> reporter: wizards new head toech scott brooks introduced to the fans today. he played ten seasons in the nba, won a championship and he has a winning percentage as head coach. brooks says he is looking to toer ward to developing young players here. >> when this season ended and i was looking around, i knew this is the place i wanted to be. it's a talented roster. it's a roster that i'm excited on being around and buil
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>> his record speaks for itself. he's been where we want to be and we want to go to. >> for the record, kevin durant was not at the brooks conference. >> his presence was loomg largein.
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an organization that helps low-income students in montgomery county get in to college held its annual graduation stroent. the group is called college tracks and grads got dressed up and enjoyed the celebration
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center. the sec year in a row aaron gilchrist emceed the event. congratulations to all of them tonight. >> good program helping kids get in to college. >> that will do it for us. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> hope to see you tomorrow. gad night.
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- matt lauer, gisele bundchen, musil


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