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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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summerlike weather will be here by the end of the week just in time for the holiday weekend. thick fog now earlier this morning across northern maryland. so be on the lookout for that early on. most of the rain is from the d.c. metro southward into southern maryland and then down along i-95 down through prince william county, stafford, fredericksburg, all getting the heaviest early this morning. temperatures in the mid-50s in most neighborhoods and here's the way the next 24 hours are shaping up. clouds and showers, 55 at 7:00 this morning. off and on rain still likely at 7:00 tonight, in the upper 60s. cloudy and damp in the 50s tomorrow morning, but starting tomorrow afternoon, things start getting a lot better. i'll talk more about that coming up in ten minutes. for now now it is traffic time. brand new problem outer loop before old georgetown road, a car spun out on the left side of the roadway. right now not slowing things. we'll keep an eye on it as that of course could change quickly here as the commute really kicks into gear here.
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eastbound old bridge at minnieville, that crash still happening around. westbound little river turnpike, the ramp to the inner loop, right side is blocked. you get by on the left side. and yellow line delays to mount vernon square because of an earlier problem at huntington. blue line delays because of an earlier problem outside of addison road. travel times in ten minutes. developing this morning, fairfax county police are searching for the suspected gunman in a shooting investigation. police say someone shot a man on stillwood circle just before midnight. that's where molette green is now with more on the victim's condition. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we can tell you the victim is fighting for his life this morning found shot outside this apartment complex here. we're working to find out who he is and just what happened here late last night. we are at the
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that's not too far from gallows road right behind the virginia hart building to give you a better idea. fairfax county police received two 911 calls, that happened about 11:30 last night. we're working to get more on suspect information and a motive here. police have wrapped up their investigation here at the scene. again, we're in the 2900 block of stillwood circle here in falls church. back to you in the studio. it is 6:02. ka today in the trial of a baltimore police officer, we expect the judge to hand down his verdict. officer edward nero faces assau assault, high schomisconduct in and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say he arrested without probable cause
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they negligent. chris ghor done will be in the courtroom when that decision is announced. follow him @chrisgordonnews to be the first to learn the verdict. today two men will be sentenced for their role in a murder in oxon hill. williams and washington were found guilty back in march of helping in the robbery of the clarion hotel. a worker was killed. right now deputies are asking for the community's help in finding a missing man. you see his photo here. this is roberts carter iii. he was last seen saturday afternoon at the st. charles town center? waldorf. carter is 6'4" and wears glasses as you see. carter is under a doctor's care and relatives tell us he needs his medicine. just into the live desk, we just got a joint statement from the u.s. and vietnam this
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president obama lift s a decade old u.s. arms ban on the country. take a look at video out of some of those meetings. the two nation saying that they will work on resolving issues that still stem from the vietnam war. president obama defending lifting that pan which means the say of lethal weapons and equipment can take place when this comes to the country. now, by saying it will be able to happen, he is saying it will be done on a case by case basis and it will all depend on vietnam's commitment to human rights. back to you. 6:04. multiple countries including the united states are scouring the mediterranean, the search is on to find the black boxes from egyptair flight teries run out. it's still not clear why the plane crashed, but investigators have said that there was some kind of catastrophic event. the u.s. navy sent a special plane to search the water. a french shipnd
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submarine are also there. saying good-bye is the other side of the story. 66 people were on board the flight, they all died. there was a funeral service in cairo last night for two of those people. egypt officials say they found the remains of some of the victims and they are working to identify them. university of maryland police promising to review and release body cam video and the 911 call that led to students being pepper sprayed. video posted on twitter shows chaotic scene at the courtyards in college park. police were called to break up a large party early saturday morning. now police are being criticized because they used pepper spray twice. >> what i see causes me concern in some cases on both sides. students who just should have left. and perhaps we could have performed better in a couple instances. >> two people were arrested on multiple charges there. the police chief promises to do
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if his officers used proper force. a fairfax county school named after a confederate general may soon have its name changed. parents, teachers and community members are meeting tonight about renaming jeb stuart high school. if the superintendent believes there is enough support to change the name, a public vote will be held. the superintendent is expected to make a decision by the end of next month. action today that could help solve the issue of overcrowding in schools in prince william county. construction will begin on the new potomac shores elementary school, that facility will be on river heritage boulevard near kirby drive. ground breaking set for 9:30 this morning. pa totomac shores is on track t welcome students in the fall of 2017. and today students will test their geography knowledge to win scholarship money. the national geographic begets under way this morning here in d.c.
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sidwell friends 6 gradest eth one of the ones competing. the added police enforcement you'll see haed of tahead of th weekend. and also when experts think we will start seeing mosquito
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weather and traffic on the 1 1 1. the rain has temporarily come to a stop here in northwest washington. still low clouds and an area of fog out there early this morning. could slow you down just a bit. northern
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quarters of a mile advivisibilin frederick. most of the rain is south of the city. those rain crop drops are movin from us. so occasional showers. no more than your regular sized mock pocket umbrella needed. rain on the south side this morning. temperatures in the mid-50s. almost anybody could have rain on the way home, so grab that umbrella on your way out the door. upper 60s to near 70 today. "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. trouble on the beltway. two problems. inner loop just before old george up to road, crash along the right side. and then outer loop before old georgetown road, car spun out on the left side of the roadway. green line, single tracking between anacostia and navy yard right now. taking a look at your travel times, 270 looking good from germantown down to the spur. top of the beltway no problems 95 over to 270,
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outer loop, we're staying on time. 66 inbound, ten minutes. and 95 mort quantico to the beltway, 22. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. a former frederick county commissioner faces a preliminary hearing today on prosecution charges. blaine young was arrested in february during a sting in anne arundel county. each of his four charges carries up to a year in jail and a $500 fine. young served on the county board of commissioners from 2010 to 2014. a trial set today in a hazing lawsuit. kevin hayes a former student filed the lawsuit this 2014 saying the fraternity should have made sure that its chapters and members followed its anti-hazing rules. the lawsuit details how hayes says he was punched and paddled by other fraternity members. bowie state university is not named in the lawsuit. a local teen
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the run from a violent crime spree. saturday andrew greer came face-to-face with the man suspected of robbing a jewelry store in fairfax county county. hours earlier the robber shot a bystander during a gunfight with police. the robber crashed a stolen car trying to get away. being a good boy scout, andrew ran to the crash site, but he didn't know who he was helping. >> i was just thinking about all the situations take could have happened and how lucky we were that he didn't shoot us. >> the teen says the robber put on a hat, grabbed a duffle bag and took off this to the woods. suspect's name has not the been released. a driver is recovering this morning after a freight train collided where their car. this happened at railroad and oak month avenues in gaithersburg sunday morning. montgomery county fire saysmontg sunday morning. montgomery county fire says s train was carrying coal. the driver is expected to be okay. it is not noknown y
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even though this crash looks pretty bad, no one was hurt. fairfax county police tell us the driver of the bmw slammed true through an alexandria garage last night. four people were in the car. police have not said what led to the accident. this just into the live desk. we've learned that in four days three people have died trying to climb mt. everest. two are still missing. climbing the mountain resumed last month in april after a two year hiatus because of a devastating earthquake that triggered an of a large that killed 16 people this one day. since the climbing season has opened, about 300 people have scaled the mountain. i'll angie goff at the live desk. back to you. it's 6:14. in about a month, experts say mosquitos carrying the zika virus may begin infecting americans here in the united states. at this point the majority of cases start overseas, head of
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allergy and infectious diseases says soon we could soon see lol transmission. there are competing bills in congress to determine how much on spend on the fight against zika. it's 6:15. in news 4 your health, if you have severe recurring allergies, your over the counter medication could be a problem. treating severe allergies takes advanced treatment and patience. it starts with brick testing which is a way for doctors to really pinpoint what you're allergic to. after testing the patient will receive one allergy shot a month for three to five years. over time with treatment your body can become immune to specific allergens. you may want to pack the hand sanitizer the next time you catch an uber. a recent study says ride sharing cars are full of germs. researchers found more than 6 million bacteria units when they swabbed the seatbelts and door hams and window to
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times more germs than a tooth brush holder. hope you weren't eating breakfast. apparently it's cicada season. the bugs are loud and there are billions coming out of the ground. they spent 17 years waiting to invade apparently. if you live in metro d.c., you might be lucky, the bugs won't be in the district, but they will be to our west in maryland, virginia, west virginia, plus pennsylvania and ohio and new york. the bugs are noisy, but they are harmless harmless. >> says you. have you seen them? they're -- >> why are you doing that to her, tony? >> i'm just going to have to stay in this little vicinity. >> you'll be all right. trust me. >> until i call you come get the cicadas. >> aaron, that's who i'd call first. >> i'll step on a bug in a heartbeat. >>
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going much flying today nor is too much else because of all the clouds and the raindrops that have been plaguing us for pretty of the entire weekend. that rain chance has lingered on into our monday morning. a lot of clouds in our sky. so what to expect then for your monday, a showery start. most of the rain for now is south of the city. but even our friends and neighbors there in northern maryland, rain chances will be back in your neighborhood by later this afternoon. with time tonight, the rain will be slowly coming to an end. it will be a bit warmer today than yesterday. but about the real warm-up is still a couple more days away. right now no advise and issues here in town, but only three miles of visibility now in annapolis, only three quarters of a mile in frederick, maryland. rain is basically over for now in northern maryland. heaviest and steadiest of the rains wall to s waldorf towar. the rain is moving southbound. as the logos up the coast, it will throw more moisture back over the eastern shor, that will
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back into us. so for katoday, rain showers, maybe a rumble or two of hund d thunder. but rain likely today. couldn't rule out pre-dawn raindrops tomorrow, but on the whole it will be clearing out. most of the rain we get this week is happening today. tomorrow just partly sunny and mostly sunny wednesday and then hit and miss afternoon shower and thunderstorm chances come back with summery weather for the holiday weekend. future weather by 8:00 a.m., most of the rain, nothing all that heavy, most of it down to the south of the city. by lunchtime today, most of the rain in the metro. still catching a little break by noontime. but daytime heating, temperatures back up close to 70 today. that will be warm enough. might be able to bubble up a thundershower or two. this is 2:00 this afternoon. by 3:00, 4:00, some of the rain chances back into northern maryland. so northern maryland, just wait on your
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it will be back here before you know it. so datoday cloudy and 70. tomorrow increasing sunshine and temperatures mid to upper 70s. and then we'll be in the 80s. we have not been 80 degrees a since april 26. so almost 30 days in a row wrought getting if to the 80s. and then we have five, six, maybe seven or eight in a row. that is welcome news. here is melissa mollett now with an update on a messy beltway. >> messy top of the beltway. doesn't look terrible as far as delays because of these two problems, when you we are seeing some backups start to go build. earn loop before old georgetown, crash along the ride w some backups start to go build. earn loop before old georgetown, crash along the ride side. a outer loop before georgetown, a car spun out. northbound at new braddock road, still a bit slow. 66 inbound looking fairly good. a little slow inbound as you're near 234.
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will be through woodbridge. typically slow, but maybe a little slower than what we normally see. you can see the radar showing that rain moving through the area right now. it is a bit wet through that area. a little bit more dry here as you're taking a look at 270 southbound approaching gaithersburg, looking good. green line we are still single tracking because of that earlier issue at that he have yard, between anacostia and that he have yard. i'm back in ten minutes. call it a sign of the times. you watch your kids graduate from college and then help move them back in with you. why more and more grads are returning home. sgloo also how one local family is using their personal tragedy to raise awareness about water safety.
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a car crashed in to a restaurant in china and it was all caught on video. this happened friday in shanghai. police say the driver hit the gas instead of the brake and went right through the front window there knocking customers to the floor. you see him falling out of the chair. the driver was okay. but four customers did suffer minor injuries. buckle up before you leave the driveway this morning. all this week police across the country are reminding you that you have to click it or get a ticket. arlington county police bruce benson says it's especially important to buckle up as we approach memorial day weekend. he's reminding drivers don't forget about buckling kids correctly into their car seats, as well.
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properly secured. if you need some assistance, call your local police department or fire department. i'm sure they will be happy to help you. it's well worth the time. >> the click it or ticket campaign runs through june 6. happening today, a naval academy tradition. the class of 2019 will take part in the herndon machionument cli. about 1,000 students will form a human pyramid with the goal of climbing the monument covered in lard and replaplace the upper c man's hat. more than 200 pounds of lard is applied to kochl complicate the task. >> a right of passage. is your empty nest about to till up again? the month of may tends to be boomerang season with the college grads coming back home. >> it is a trendap
6:25 am
the pew research center here in washington found 18% of american households consist of more than two generations of adults living under the same roof. that percentage rose traumatically during the recession and young adults found it nearly impossible to find jobs after leaving school. the trend is consistent across j genders and most racial and ethic groups. >> it never occurred me to move back home after i moved out. >> sometimes it's an individual choice, too. you want -- and they said one of the things parents can do to encourage their grads, maybe charge them represent. >> they're working, don't give them a free ride. >> some cultures frown upon that. >> charging them? >> yeah. >> but when do you cut the cord? >> good question. never. >> uh-oh. all right, good luck.
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>> getting ready to hit the road for the holidays? gas prices you can expect to pay and the silver lining for you as you deal with higher prices at the he pump. there will be a big silver lining in the forecast. we're dealing with raindrops again this morning and we'll have plenty of rain chances coming in later this afternoon, but wait until you see that "7-day forecast." it will be looking and feeling like summertime. >> reporter: a man shot and killed in prince george's county. next, a neighbor describes the dramatic it moments th
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we sten continue to follow breaking news on a homicide investigation in temple hills. >> kristin wright joining us live from the sce
6:30 am
we just finished talking to a woman who lives right here who heard and saw the minutes and seconds after the shooting happened. we want you to hear what she had to say, but first we want you to see exactly what we saw when we first got here to 23rd parkway this morning. a white mercedes sitting in the middle of the crime scene with the drivers side door opened, just sitting here. and it was eventually towed away. the neighbor had just gotten home and asleep around 1:00 this morning. she heard the shots. she said she heard two, looked out of her window and then listen to what happened next. >> people were trying to help him at the time up, stay awake until the ambulance gets here. and i'm just like, oh, my god. >> and of course we now know that he did in fact die according to police. right now this is
6:31 am
of police still on the scene. they are trying to put together all the pieces at this point, trying to come up with with exactly why all of this happened and they are looking for whoever did it. back to you. 6:31. here are the four things that you need to know about your forecast for today. today will be the last day without sunshine. there could be a rumble or two of thunder this afternoon or into early this evening, though no severe weather threat for today. the sun will come out tomorrow and then summertime arrives on wednesday. just in time for the memorial day weekend. so outside this morning, most of the rain now southern prince george's county down into southern maryland, the raindrops will be crossing the potomac into the fredericksburg area here in the next little bit. we're mostly in the 50s right now. we'll be milder than yesterday. temperatures gradually in the upper 60s and low 70s. so just rain showers around for today. clearing out for tomorrow. that is excellent news and wait
6:32 am
forecast. it will be beach going, pool going, sit in the outside do nothing kind of weather. >> we deserve it. >> after this stretch. >> absolutely. taking a look top of the beltway outer loop before old georgetown road, car spun out. still slowing things. the earlier loproblem inner loo has cleared. bottom of the beltway, broken down vehicle on the right side of the road. and outer loop after 450, debris in the center lane. 95 north at 2012, have report of a crash. i'm not seeing anything on the camera. could be just past where we're looking here. big look at the beltway, no major problems right now at the least. green line single tracking between anacostia. travel times in ten minutes. grief counselors are hoping local elementary school students deal with the difficult loss. 24-year-old sampson was shot and
6:33 am
section. he worked as a teach assistant. his girlfriend says he returned home to find a crime in progress. a manhunt in the suspect of a killing of a massachusetts police officer is over morning. pli say jorge zanbrano shot and killed officer tear rtarantino traffic stop. police tracked the suspect down in an answermepartment nearby. all safe at the white house this morning after a ska over a cluster of party balloons. this is one of our most read stories on nbc washington. t .com. a few of the balloons landed inside the complex spark the alert. this is two day after agents shot and killed a man who
6:34 am
to the supreme court now, eight justices are set to convene and possibly issue orders later this morning. the court has three major decisions left on decide before the justices take their summer break. those cases surrounds issues of abortion, immigration and affirmative action. tied votes would leave conservative appeals court decisions if place the cases of abortion and immigration. pete williams will cover any breaking developments. the loss for one family is encouraging others to learn how to stay safe in the water. last memorial day, 7-year-old every if i drowned in a community pool because she didn't know how to swim. thousand hermates are learning swimming basics. the goal is to eliminate fear. >> we have a few students o now are free to go into the water. >> we don't want to discourage them from getting in the pool. we just want them to be safe. >> effie's father
6:35 am
said he's happy to see the community join into honor his daughter's memory. 6:35. today you can check out what the future metro station in pa foto yard may look like. the new station will be built on the yellow and through lines between reagan national airport and braddock road. the station is a big deal for ongoing development there. >> we look at the city's plan moving forward, it really is an economic driver for that development and it's very important for the city. >> the metro station is expected to open by 2020. tonight's openhouse is at the charles houston recreation center from 6:30 until 8:30. it's going to transform the traffic on i-66 and it could improve your trip to and there work every day. this week you can say what you think about plans for express lanes and buses on 66 outside the beltway. there
6:36 am
tomorrow and wednesday. today's is at 6:30 at oakton high school. if you need a refresher on all the proposed changes, just search 66 tolls on the nbc washington app. it's hard to miss, gas prices are still climbing. where prices stand right now and how they compare to recent memorial day weekends. and some slowdowns top of the beltway and delays on metro. details coming up. plus the president shal picture is coming into focus, but it appears a lot of voters rbts happy with their choices. the new numbers showing just how negative americans views are of hillary clinton and donald trump. now at havertys furniture, it's our annual memorial day sale.
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gas prices have pain goibee up. it's 55 cents higher than it was 13 weeks ago, but still slower than it was this time last year. so if you're planning to take a drive this memorial day weekend, here are the local prices. d.c. is $2.45 a gallon on average right now. in virginia, $2.11. gas prices in maryland and west virginia are within a few cents of the national average today. it is just about 6:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. and i think we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel, chuck bell. >> you are absolutely. and it's not and oncoming train for a nice change of pace. outside this morning, lots of clouds still, but already little spots in the overcast trying to appear. and we will get a break or two of sunshine today. so that is on the up side. but any amoof
6:41 am
and that may bubble up more rain chances for later on this afternoon. so don't be fooled. if it's not raining at your house now, a take your umbrella any way because it's still likely to have another chance for rain coming this. a lot of rain in so you were southern maryland and down towards fredericksburg. so recess, maybe i could be more generous than an "f," but "d" at best. highs near 70. sunshine back tomorrow. top of the beltway, outer loop before old georgetown, a car spun out there. and really the left side of the roadway is what is still blocked here. so we are see something slowdowns. 95 north at powder mill, report of an overturned vehicle. does not seem to be slowing things here. could have a problem just always north of camera. green line single tracking between anacostia and navy yard, that is still happening around the other metro problems have dissolved this morning. 270 south looking okay. starting to get sow
6:42 am
remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you get in your car today. >> reporter: fairfax county police looking for a suspect in a late night shooting. just what happened here in falls church next. also ahead, the long standing embargo that is now history as president kicks off a visit on vietnam. plus how you can sound off on a controversial plan to
6:43 am
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15 before the hour. and we're working to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. we're watching this situation in falls church after an overnight shooting left a man in critical condition. first your weather and traffic. >> out iside this morning, it's cloudy, cool and wet. you'll get at least a little glimpse of the sunshine today, but wait until you see the "7-day forecast" filled with summerlike weather. >> sounds good to me. right now a couple different problems on the beltway. inner loop after wood row will so he bridge, broken down vehicle. and debris in the lanes at 450. full details at 51. developing this morning, fairfax county police are searching for a gunman in a shooting investigation. police say seo
6:46 am
stillwood circle just before midnight. that's where molette green is now with more. >> reporter: this apartment community just waking up to the news that something happened here last night. just spoke with a woman on her way out here and she tells me she didn't hear a thing. now, we can tell you the victim is fighting for his life this morning. found shot here late last night when police got here. police tell us they received two 911 calls about 11:30 last night. we're at the fields apartments which are not far from gallon l gallows road. we're working to get more information on a suspect and motive, but police of course wrapped up their investigation at the scene hours ago. still working on finding a suspect in this shooting. that is the latest live from falls church. molette green, news 4. we expec
6:47 am
officer edward nero. officials are calling on people to remain peaceful when the decision is announced. officer nero faces assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment charges in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say nero arrested without probable cause and was negligent when he did not buckle him in properly in the transport van. nero's lawyers say he did not arrest gray and buck link is the responsibility of the van driver. delay's death more than a year ago led to violent protests in the city. chris gordon will be in the courtroom when that nation is announced. follow him @chrisgordonnews to be the first to learn the verdict. today two men will be accept tebsed for their roles in a murder in oxon hill. williams and washington were found guilty back in march of helping rob the clarion hotel, and during that robbery, a hotel worker was killed. williams was the driver ever the
6:48 am
as the look beilookout. deputies are asking for help in finding this man, 28-year-old rob perth cartert carter iii. he was last seen in waldorf. his relatives say he needs his medication. historic morning in vietnam. president obama lifting the long standing arms embargo against the country. take a look at some of the video we received. this is considered a sign of warming relations. the president making a speech during his first visit to the country. sales ever legal weapons will meet strict requirements and depends on vietnam's commitment to human rights. i'm angie goff at the live desk. back to you. it is 6:48. turning to decision 2016, hillary clinton will campaign this detroit today while donald trump take as day off of the campaign trail. our new
6:49 am
journal poll reveals they are two of the most unpopular likely presidential nominees if in can decades. mark murray is live in the studio with us. so voters really don't like their options, but they keep getting the votes. hillary clinton and donald trump. what does it say about our process? >> just says how polarized american politics are right now. but even though they're unpopular, we have a really fascinating general election on our hands, 5 1/2 months until the general election day. in our poll we have hillary clinton leading donald trump by just three points. it was 11 points last month. so two forces are actually at play in this horse race. you have republicans starting to consolidate their support around donald trump after he became the republican presumptive nominee and you have the long democratic race taking a toll on hillary clinton. some bernie sanders supporters aren't willing to get on board with hillary clinton just yet. >> so what will happen, as you mentioned this near tie for the general election and what happenss
6:50 am
>> potentially. and 47% in our new poll said that they would consider a third party. the problem is that kind of desire never ends up meeting reality. just with so many road blocks to ballot access and other things that are going on. but this is going to be fascinating. we still have many twists and turns to go. it will be interesting once the democratic race is done if some of those sander supporters start coalescing around hillary clinton. our 2008 poll after john mccain had wrapped up the race only had obama up two points over mccain around this same point in time. so many more polls to go and it will be fascinating to watch. >> for sure. mark murray, thanks so much. 6:50. and today construction will begin on a new elementary school in dumfries, virginia. prince william county officials say the new potomac shores elementary school will help ease some overcrowding at schools in the eastern part of the
6:51 am
heritage boulevard near kirby drive. potomac shores is on track to welcome students in the fall of 2017. a sidwell friends sixth grader will be one of 54 competitors at the national geographic bee here in washington today. max will be quizzed on his geography skills in the 28th annual competition. top prize is $50,000 and a trip to alaska. >> they could learn a lot more about geography. >> $50,000 scholkocholarship mo not free cash. >> that's almost nine months at half vari harvard. >> if that. >> over the last 30 days, we've had 25 days with clouds and/or rain and 19 of those 30 have been below 70 degree. our average eye this time of the year is 77. yesterday's high, only 58 with all the
6:52 am
monday? back to work, back to school, back to reality. kind of a rainy and shourry start. everywhere is wet from overnight raindrops. the rain will be gradually coming to an end overnight tonight. it will be milder today than yesterday, height g might get a sunshine are or two, but wait until tomorrow or wednesday for the car wash. much better wed coather coming way. almost all the rain this week will be today. an afternoon thundershower coming up on friday. but on the whole we're waiting on the warm-up. we'll be just about to 70 today, but wednesday, thursday, friday, how about some mid to upper 80s coming our way by far the warmest days of the year. outside for now on radar, most of the rain is just south of the city. it's going west southwest bound out into central virginia. so the heaviest rain along i-95 headed out towards charlottesville. northern
6:53 am
bringing the first little round of raindrops out of here, but with daytime heating being we will blossom up another chance for rain showers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder today. so grab the umbrella. rain chance stands at 80%. drying out tomorrow. warming up on wednesday. and it's finally going to feel like summer just in time for the holiday weekend. here is melissa thousanow with traffic. >> outer loop before georgetown road, a car spun out still causing delays. inner loop after the woodrow wilson bridge, broken down vehicle on the right side. and outer loop after 450, still have debris in the center lane. 95 north at powder mill road, we still report of an overturned vehicle. not the seeing it on camera. but it could be hanging around for us. 295 before the 11th street bridge, crash there in the right lane. 270 at monday
6:54 am
normal. 66 and 95 overall rolling along pretty well. green line single tracking between anacostia and the navy yard. coming up on news 4, it's the side of the tsa that is rarely seen. testing the technology that gets you through the long lines faster. transportation reporter adam tuss takes you behind withe sces at the it chlt sa tonight at 5:00. and right now the u.s., egypt and flans are just a few of the countries searching the mediterranean looking for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804. that plane crashed off the coast of greece last week. investigation great tore a ghat there may have been a catastrophic event on board, but if they don't find the data and voice recorder, we may never know the cause. and an investigation to find out whether university of maryland police used appropriate force by pepper spraying
6:55 am
police were called to break up a large party early saturday morning. pepp pepper spray was used twice. >> we have to take the toolingitooling i totality of the circumstances. we can't just jump to a judgment. it will take more time. >> two people were arrested. the chief promise as thorough review. parents and teachers will weigh in tonight on a plan to rename a fairfax county school. jeb stuart is named after a confederate general. if the superintendent believes there is enough support to change the name, a public vote will be held. the superintendent expected to make the division by the end of next month. i'm landon dowdy. mayor bayer is offering to buy monsanto
6:56 am
would create the world's largest agricultural products maker. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. now here are 4 things to know this morning. today a judge will issue his verdict in the trial of baltimore police officer edward nero. he faces several charges in freddy gray's death. follow chris gordon on twitter, he'll be in the courtroom for that verdict. president obama is in vietnam right now, he just announced the end of the arms embar go against that country which goes back 50 years. prince george's county police are looking for a killer, a map was shot on 23rd parkway in temple hills. he died at the hospital. the victim's name has not been released. and a man in critical condition after a shooting at an apartment complex in falls church. police found him on stillwood circle. no word yet on suspect or motive. still dealing with clouds and rain chances for today. we start drying out for him. and then finally the weather we have all b
6:57 am
long holiday weekend. >> taking a look on the beltway, outer loop before old georgetown, slowdown there. bolt of the beltway after wood row wilson bridge, slow there. and that is the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. desperate search. the hunt for that egyptair plane and its black boxes widens, as a robotic submarine joins the search. investigators try to figure out what set off smoke alarm warnings during the flight's final moments. dead heat. donald tmp and hillary clinton in a virtual tie. the majority of voters unhappy with both choices. in fact, they are the most unpopular candidates ever. why has this race suddenly tightened? controversial choice. zookeepers defend their actions after killing two lions to save a man who jumped into the enclosure and began taunting the animals. this morning, the outrage and why


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