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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the greatest of all time losing his very last battle. >> till the time he died who he was as a person was greater than his legend. >> a tireless activist and a true icon. >> i love god, i love mankind. >> tonight the world remembers muhammad ali. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> you're looking at live pictures from the muhammad ali center in louisville, kentucky. mourners leaving flowers in honor of the legend. he was one of the best sports figures of all time, but his influence extended far beyond the boxing
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muhammad ali died last night of septic shock. nbc's chris palone with a closer look at his extraordinary life and his legacy. >> reporter: the tributes and memorials to muhammad ally are growing in louisville, kentucky, where the champ grew up and learned to box. >> one thing he showed the people that you can come from the gutter and rise yourself above any obstacle that may come in front of you. >> reporter: flags there have been lowered to half staff as people mourn the death of not only a three-time heavyweight champ but a crusader for civil rights, social justice and peace. >> it's like he reached his hands out to everybody. didn't matter the race, creed or color. it was like you're part of me because you are just you're a human being. >> he did belong to the world, but he was our guy here in our city. >> reporter: the outpouring of support stretches across the country. in hollywood people are leaving flowers at ali's star on the walk of fame. and around the world, in london at an
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ali's life and career. >> it didn't matter really whether he was a boxer. he could have been an american footballer. he could have done anything. but i think it was just his sheer force of personality that made people listen to him. >> reporter: president obama said muhammad ali shook up the world and the world is better for it. we are all better for it. ali was surrounded by family when he died. >> he was a champion, world champion. he loved god and people, he loved mankind. >> reporter: many of the fighters ali beat in his illustrious career are paying their respects today. >> what a phenomenon. something we won't see again. >> we lost the greatest. that word, that name fit him to a tee. he was the greatest. >> ali will be buried friday in louisville. he tetouched so many
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we talked to a photographer who captured memorable images of the champ and had a firsthand look at ali's greatest. >> reporter: the pictures we may already be familiar with. and there are those less known. photographer fred watkins counts ali among his most interestle subjects. his observances made beyond the camera lens were just as revealing about the man we knew as the greatest. >> he always had time to shake people's hand and sign autographs. >> reporter: likewise, those who studied him in the ring were equally in awe. >> he inspired me. i learned how to have discipline, respect and integrity. >> reporter: at tony's gym in northeast, they work with young men and women the ins and outs of the sweet science, ali's gaze always upon them. >> he not only stood for boxing. he stood for humanity. >> reporter: even as his physical abilities began to diminish because of parkinson's disease, he stood strong. fred
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shoot with ali as the disease was taking hold. >> his hands were in the shape where we had to work and manipulate them. >> reporter: but he remained a warrior till the end. >> always didn't want you to feel sorry for him. he would always do something funny to make you laugh. >> reporter: and upon learning of his death, those who knew him up close and those who studied him from afar looked upon the loss of a true icon in sports and in life. at tony's gym, lessons for the young pugilispugilists. >> as soon as he walked through the door, that's muhammad ali. >> reporter: derek ward, news 4. we have more conversation on the nbc washington app. you can take a look at a photo gallery of muhammad ali's greatest moments and see how people all across the world are paying tribute. just search ali. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> i'm storm team 4 radar, i'm tracking some rain and storms but mainly
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corridor. as these storms move farther off to the east falk wier and loudoun counties. the next two to three hour potentially even longer. we'll be tracking showers across the area. 2:00 a.m. until the very early morning hours tomorrow. notice 5:00 a.m., we return to mainly dry conditions but then tomorrow afternoon, especially between 2:00 and 7:00, we'll be tracking rain and some storms, some of those storms strong to maybe even severe. biggest concerns heavy wind. maybe some small hail. i'll have timing on tomorrow's storms coming up in my full forecast in 10, 15 minutes. >> meanwhile, a 28-year-old man is being held without bond for the killing of a mentally ill
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roderick town faces first and second degree murder charges in the death of 20-year-old conrad cole. police say town shot cole after a brief confrontation on greenvail parkway in hyattsville wednesday afternoon. cole was a resident at a nearby transitional group home. and cole was headed to a nearby basketball court. when words were exchanged with somebody in a parked car. in fairfax county police are investigating a sexual assault that happened just about 5:00 in the area of richmond highway near cherwek drive. a woman says a man approached her from behind, grabbed her dress and took off running. officers searched but couldn't find anybody there. we've been telling you about it now for weeks and now it is here. metro launches its save track maintenance plan and why some of the most popular snack cakes, doughnuts in the entire country are being
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the death of muhammad ali, the greatest of all time.
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two construction workers are in the hospital after part of an overhang collapsed at this construction site in rockville. montgomery county fire officials say the workers were pouring concrete when the floor they were standing on just gave away. this happened on north washington street not far from the rockville town
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several other workers were treated at the scene. we are told that everybody is expected to be okay. metro's year-long safety blitz called safetrack is officially under way. phase one includes 13 straight days of single tracking on the orange and the stover lines between ballston and east falls church. there will also be a severe impact west of ballston. you can find how safetrack will impact you and your region just by searching metro in our nbc washington app. so ding dongs, zingers and doughnuts are among the most popular items that hostess is recalling. the flour that's used to make those tasty snacks is being recalled because of undeclared peanut residue. hostess is pulling more than 0 700,000 cases from shelves. the flour poses a risk to anybody who has a peanut allergy.
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allergic reactions. you can open our app and search hostest recall. we're tracking some storms right now but tomorrow will be a lot more active. so wee calling sunday a weather alert day. amelia is up next with what to expect. i'm darcy spencer live in langley park where a suspect is in custody in connection with an
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it's hard to believe that any one man could do everything he did. to do all the things he became in the course of just one lifetime. >> a piece of boxing history from muhammad ali sits right here in d.c. at the smithsonian museum of american history. the museum acquired a pair of ali's boxing gloves back in 1976, and they've been on display at the museum ever since. people we talked to today said they took a few extra seconds to pause in front of the gloves to remember ali's contributions to sports and society. >> boxing's never been the same, i don't think, since he was the champ. i remember as a kid. i'm 53. i remember him as a kid. just amazing how he commanded the media, how he commanded everything. >> you can take a look at some of muhammad ali's most memorable quotes on the nbc washington app just by searching "ali."
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police department simultaneously called to an apartment fire in langley park last night. just moments ago police told us that fire may have been started by a man accused of assaulting his fiancee. darcy spencer is live in langley park tonight with new details we're just getting into the newsroom. darcy? >> reporter: well, erika, this fire caused a lot of damage. let's show you that damage right here. you can see a lot of belongings are still right here in front of the apartment building and there are workers inside still boarding up the windows. police tell me that the suspect in the case was acting erratically, cartearing up thin inside of this apartment and allegedly assaulting his fiancee. they said she was able to get away before he set this building on fire last night. this is video shot by the branchville fire department here and photos provided by the fire department. they show the intense flames here last night. now, this happened about 11:00 on 15th
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park. investigators determined the fire again has been set. the suspect was detained the nearby and held for questioning. we just learned that that suspect was taken for a mental evaluation. assault charges are pending. and he could eventually be charged with that arson. we're told the red cross was out here all evening along assisting families. we're told that a number of people have been displaced, four adults and six children still looking for a place to call home tonight. erika, back to you. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> tomorrow will be a storm team 4 weather alert day as we track strong to maybe even severe thunderstorms between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. we'll be keeping a close eye on that time period. i'll be on twitter, facebook, if we have any warnings or watches, you'll be getting them here on nbc 4. after that as we look to monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, spectar
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plenty of sunshine, low humidity and wait until you see the high temperatures on wednesday and thursday. really doesn't get better than this here in washington this time of year. but tomorrow we will be tracking storms and, because of that, the weather having a moderate impact on your day. strong storms during the afternoon hours but more hours of your day tomorrow will be dry than wet. when it's dry, you'll be noticing the mugginess and maybe noting some limited sunshine. here's the radar. all of this activity is what we'll be dealing with tomorrow. as a cold front moves through the area tomorrow night. right now i'm tracking mainly just showers here in parts of fauquier and loudoun counties. we could see heavy rain and scattered showers tonight. as far as severe weather tonight is concerned, i'm not seeing that here in the d.c. metro area. future weather, tomorrow 7:00 a.m., notice a dry start as we work our way toward lunchtime at
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across the area. if you didn't get the grass cut today, you can do so tomorrow during the first half of the day, but as we move on into the afternoon hours you'll see rain and thunderstorms. notice the brighter colors here on futureweather. that's heavy rain impacting the area right around 3:00 p.m. as we move to 3:30, still tracking areas of rain especially west of washington. once we start to hit 4:00 p.m., this is when we could have strong storms in washington, baltimore and prince william and fauquier counties as well and western areas like hagerstown, frederick and back to the winchester area. 6:00 we're starting to notice rain trying to push out of the area and by 8:00 p.m. the threat for severe weather has really come to an end. heavy rain that could lead to some flash flooding, some strong winds that could lead to isolated wind damage, maybe some small hail, tornado threat is looking pretty unlikely tomorrow. but you do want to be weather ready during the afternoon
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hours. 80 degrees right now in washington. starting off the day tomorrow 71. noon 81. 84 will be the high for our day. the road conditions looking okay as we head on into the afternoon and evening hours, though. some ponding of water in spots. low humidity, a nice breeze, fabulous day. chance for a late day shower or thundershower on tuesday. 75 on wednesday, 78 on thursday. beautiful sunshine. and right now next weekend looking good. but again tomorrow you want to be weather ready especially between 2 chk and 7:00 p.m. a big catch for kids at the national mall today. urban american outdoors hosted a fishing derby at the constitution gardens. the catch and release event organizers hope to bring fishing to the inner city. all right. still to come, national
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stephen strasburg has been impressive so far this season. today he picked up a historic milestone against the cincinnati
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desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. chris miles here from the csn studios. the world's greatest. he claimed it, then became it. muhammad ali pasted away last night at 74 years old. the man who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee also said, quote, i wish people loved everyone else the way that they love me. the world would be a better place, end quote. the love he's receiving from the great athletes of today shows that his wish might come true. bryce harper wrote this message, the best ever there ever was, there ever will be. rest in peace, champ. as he read a shirt that said goat, as in greatest of all time. john wall who just received the nba community assist award this week posted this picture on instagram in honor of the world champion. again, here is john ho
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longtime georgetown coach on the passing of muhammad ali. >> i think he was brave, very brave to do what he did because he did it while he had something to lose. i think a lot of people speak out on things when they have nothing to lose. they wait until they retire or wait until they're out of the business. but muhammad ali did it at a time when it impacted his physical ability to perform his field -- his boxing in the ring. you know. it took three years when he was at the prime of his career, you know, and he committed himself to doing that. they took money, millions of dollars that he would have been able to make to stand up for what he believed in. and i think that that was reflective of the man that he was. >> muhammad ali was born cassius clay in louisville, kentucky, in 1942. at the age of 22 won the heavyweight title from sonny liston and
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in 1981 with 56 wins and just 5 losses. coach thompson was talking about during the prime of his career, ali did not fight for over three years after being convicted of draft evasion. ali refused to go to the vietnam war citing religious beliefs. when he returned to boxing, claimed the heavyweight two more times. the only boxer in history to have won the lineal title. steven strasburg is in the midst of his best season. undefeated. needed nine strikeouts today. getting a little help from his offense early on. in the second that's the two-run homer to left field puts washington up 2-0 early. only takes strasberg five innings. he went 5 1/3
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strikeouts. in the sixth, here's the most costly of those hits. joey vatto taking hip deep. this game still in progress with the nats still trailing same score in the sixth inning. as seen earlier today on nbc, defending champ serena williams taking on garbine muguruza. serving for set point early on, returns the strong backhand just out of the reach of williams. takes the opening set 7-5. second set doesn't go much better for williams. muguruza now serving for match point. strong back and forth volley. williams can't get to it. garbine muguruza wins. her first major 7-5, 6-4. novak jodjokovic aiming to complete the grand slam for his ca
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man to do so. murray looking to become the first british open winner at roland garros since 1935. redskins defensive lineman chris baker held his second annual skills camp this morning. baker's camp provides you the opportunity to learn football skills and techniques to help send them on a successful path. >> this is why i come back and give back to the community that i'm involved with. and i just try to share my story and give them the keys to make them the best people that they can be growing up in this community. i remember when i was a young kid their age, i used to play basketball a lot. and i played with marcus camby. he used to have the cambyland camp. i remember that still as a kid. the nba players, oh, my god, these are like the best people in the world. efrpg th everything they said, i grasped and hung on to.
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was young and giving back gave me a great example. >> so many athlete s expressed their appreciate for muhammad ali today. we'll hear more at 11:00. tomorrow is a storm team 4 weather alert day. >> we'll be tracking heavy rain, strong winds the biggest concern. maybe some small hail as well. >> so grab the umbrellas and the storm team 4 weather app. that's the news for now.
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on this saturday night, the greatest, the world pays tribute to a legend. tonight new details about muhammad ali's final moments from his family and a look back at his achievements. a towering figure in sports and far beyond. war of words. three days before the last big primary hillary clinton attacks on donald trump and the republican gets new criticism for racially tinged comments about a judge and undocumented immigrants. and the new flood threat not over in texas as researchers recover the last of nine u.s. soldiers whose vehicle was swept away. and talking the talk. muhammad ali was almost as famous for what he said.


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