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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it's tuesday, june 7th. coming up on "early today," making history. hillary clinton reaches that magic number of delegates, 2383 to become the democrat's presumptive nominee. donald trump doubles doin' and reportedly ordering surrogates to step up attacks on the trump university case. tropical storm collin moves ashore. the super bowl champions broncos get the white house treatment. carpool karaoke with lin dale emmanuel miranda. breaking news overnight. for the first time a woman will top a major party presidential clinton. hillary clinton has
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threshold to become the presumptive nominee. she has secured the delegates needed thanks to new pledges from other delegates. clinton spoke about embarking on history at a rally last night. >> according to the news, we are in the brink of a historic, historic, unprecedented moment. but we still have work to do, don't we? we have six elections tomorrow and we're going to fight hard for every single vote, especially right here in california! >> but the clinton campaign cautioned against the news worried it would suppress voter turnout at today's primaries. they issued this statement saying this is an important milestone but there are six states that are voting tuesday with millions of people heading to the polls and hillary clinton is working to earn every vote. we look forward to tuesday night
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not only a win in the popular vote, but also the majority of pledged delegates. that doesn't stop the campaign from using last night's news to its advantage putting out an e-mail highlighting her nomination. bernie sanders the news amounts to nothing more than a media frenzy. his campaign put out a statement saying it is unfortunate that the media in a rush to judgment are ignoring the democratic that made a clear statement it is wrong to count the vote of super delegates before they vote at the convention this summer. secretary clinton does not and will not have the required number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination. here is what he says to an nbc affiliate last night. >> well, i think what -- according to the democratic national committee what they should not be doing is lumping pledged delegates, in other words, real delegates, with super delegates, who may or may not change their mind but who do not vote until
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so everybody knows exactly how the super delegates are voting on july 25th, that is great but i don't know that. the point is that tomorrow in california, we have the most important primary. the people of california have the right to determine who is going to be president of the united states, not necessarily having to listen to a.p. or nbc and i hope that they will come out in large numbers and make it clear. >> those comments after nbc news learned of a secret call between sanders and president obama this weekend. administration officials say the president could endorse hillary clinton as early as this week. still, sanders has his sights set on california. he will spend the night holding an election night rally there while hillary clinton is expected to watch the results pour in from brooklyn where her campaign headquarters is located. donald trump finds himself being slammed from the left, right and the center for his continued attacks on a federal judge because of a judge's rulings
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heritage. republican voices are asking trump to soften his attack, he may plan to do the very opposite. nbc's hallie jackson has those details. >> reporter: despite new calls from republicans to dig himself out, donald trump instead is digging in, reportedly ordering surrogates to escalate attacks on the indiana-born judge overseeing a lawsuit against him. overruling his own campaign's original instructions. trump, claiming judge gonzalo curiel is biased by his mexican hearth. >> mexican or not mexican i want him to gave me a fair shake. >> reporter: his campaign telling nbc news no racism tied to this whatsoever. hillary clinton leveling her own attack on msnbc. >> what is he saying with respect to the judge that is a racist attack. >> reporter: trump's not toning it down the way some republicans want him to. denouncing his comments but not his candidacy. >> of course, it's inappropriate. >> he should stop insulting people, but theep
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>> quite frankly, i'm very disturbed. >> reporter: but marco rubio still backs trump. other republicans refusing to say anything at all. an exception, senator ben sasse calling the candidate's comments the literal definition of racism. >> keep in mind how insane that sounds when with you say it to whites. we can't have any white judges if there is a white defendant. >> reporter: part of his campaign since day one. >> when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. >> reporter: what is different now? trump's political allies warning him publicly to cut it out. ben carson and newt gingrich and bob corker. >> tru
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his feud with the judge. >> i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i'm going to do great with the mexican people because i provide judges. i don't care about mexicans but we are being very unfairly, bill. >> six states make their nomination tonight. trump will make comments at his golf club before the primary results. tropical storm collin is making landfall in texas. collin is pounding the coastline with heavy rain and high winds. it has flooded low lying officials. the sunshine skyway bridge has been closed near tampa bay due to high wind concerns. water spouts have popped up near the coastline. collin moves along northern florida today and georgia and south carolina. let's get the latest on this with meteorologist bill care irns wins who is tracking this storm. wh
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not that bad. a couple of minor tornadoes in florida. the areas in north carolina here. a cold front trailing through central florida so still have some thunderstorms to deal with in areas such as tampa, orlando, along i-4 throughout your morning. we are looking at that. now as far as the statistics go, very unorganized and extra tropical throughout the day today. the forecast path takes the storm 25 miles per hour to the northeast. by 8:00 a.m., it's off the coast of south carolina. then by 8:00 p.m. tonight, it's well out here in the atlantic. so i don't really expect any huge problems. like a rainstorm in areas of north carolina especially. later on today, cold front spark new thunderstorms. 7 million people at risk in boston and much of massachusetts and southern new hampshire and vermont and southern portions of maine and large hail is possible with the stronger storms in this region.
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the intermittent storms as denver could see a strong storm or too. nice cool spring-like air in the grates. that is a look at the national weather and now is a closer look at your day ahead. the warmth has returned to areas of texas along with the dry weather, which is nice as the river levels are remaining very high. how about that cool shot of air? only highs in the 60s today. from areas to buffalo to grand rapids and detroit. collin turns out to be a soaker and we are okay with that. >> absolutely. thank you. in los angeles, the convicted serial killer known as the grim sleeper was sentenced to ten death sentences. one for each of the victims. nine women and one teenage girl. they were brutally murdered between 1985 and 2007 amid suspicions there could be many more. lonnie franklin jr. was arrested had the his home after an undercover police officer posed as a bus boy.
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leftover pizza and that dna was found at the murder and crime scenes. the mother of the son who landed in the gorilla exhibit in the cincinnati zoo will not face charges. online petitions were calledle calling for the mother to be charged. witnesses statement and a family visit, the hamilton prosecutor said the mother was not negligent. the zoo has done work to ensure this has not happened again. ahead a judge fast tracks the settlement of prince's estate. outrage after a judge's sentence of a rape defendant. ofr date night... ♪ ...even if you're just staying in. ♪
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t so far the singer's sister and several half-siblings and their children have taken place in the claims process and a man in prison who alleges to be the pop instructor's son. they have until friday to chill. today is prince day on what would have been his 58th birthday. brittany the last known surviving 9/11 search and rescue dog died monday. she had to be put to slooeep. she had been declining in health. she would have been 17 this august. two stanford grad students saw a man on top of a woman who was passed out at a frat house alley next to a dumpster. many are sharing that woman's powerful message that she delivered directly to her attacker as the judge gave him what many see as a far too lenient punishment. here is nbc's cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: a jury
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stanford university swimming star guilty of three felony sexual assault crimes. he could have served more than a decade in prison. instead he got three years probation and will serve three months in county jail. >> i think that this sentence is inappropriate. >> reporter: stanford law professor michelle dawber is outraged by judge aaron persky's sentence and aiming to get him off the bench. >> swimming fast or being good at lacrosse is giving you an exception from the california state minimum penalties than basically what you're saying is it's open season on college women. >> reporter: the judge cited the defendant's age and lack of criminal record at the sentencing. >> the victim ghinadmits she wa drunk the night of the assault wrote a letter to the judge urging prison time. i was f
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bra pulled out of my dress. on the stand, turner, once an olympic hopeful, testified the sexual activity was consensual. turn turner's father who said his son would suffer throughout his life as a registered sex offender urged leniency. his life will never be the one that he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. >> 20 minutes and he didn't have time to realize that this woman was not responsive? >> reporter: most of the victim's written statement was directed at the defendant. we can let this destroy us. i can remain angry and hurt and you can be in denial or we can mace it head on. i accept the pain and you accept the punishment. that punishment far less than she had hoped. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. let's get down to business now. u.s. stocks closed monday on a
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the uptick came after comments by fed chair janet yellen that raised doubts about any interest rate hike this month. the "playboy" mansion is officially off the market. it is under contract to the neighbor daren metropoulos. he agreed to let hugh hefner live in the house the rest of his life. the property was listed at 200 million dollars but a final sale amount was not disclosed. ahead, which nba star has backed out of the olympics? details on game four of the stanley cup finals. sports is next. sports is next. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream sports is next. in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair.
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this morning, on "today," with a busy summer of travel on the horizon, jeff rossen reports on how to get rebooked or refunded if you miss your flight. that is good information. stay tuned for that. the pittsburgh penguins one game away from taking home the stanley cup. they beat the sharks 3-1 last night in san jose. they have a 3-1 series lead. game five is thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. in texas, a big night odor hitting a homer and sacrifice fly and tapped the night off hitting the game winning run on a walkoff double and rangers beat the astros 6-5. president obama hosting
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super bowl champions denver broncos at the white house yesterday. they presented him with a jersey and signed team helmet. president obama referred to peyton manning now as quote this guy from the commercials. steph curry announced he will not participate in the 2016 olympics in rio citing recent ankle and knee injuries. he has never played in the olympics. the u.s. olympics. check this out. the firefighters filled the pool apparently to make it rain. the u.s. olympic swim team trials take place on june 26th through july 3rd in omaha, nebraska. professional mixed martial arts fighter kimbo slice has died. he was hospitalized on monday for undisclosed reasons and died shortly thereafter. no word on his death. he became famous after videos of backyard fights of him went viral
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at the united state of on june 19th. jamie lee curtis appeared the premiere of her new movie in style. she dressed for the game war craft. the movie hits theaters this weekend. jerry seinfeld comedians and cars and getting could i have web series is returning with a slate of address. lauren michaels is among those who will join seinfeld in the upcoming season and premiere later this month. a chicago zoo. their new camel is alexander camelton named after the broadway hit "hamilton." creator and star of the "hamilton" play lindale
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. he also joined james cordon on "the late late show" last night. ♪ ♪ fight for your land back i need my right hand man back ♪ ♪ alexander hamilton woo! >> woo! i don't know who i'm more impressed with. corden really bought it. >> do you think he practice? >> he had to. >> how do you do that on cue? obviously, there is talent too. >> totally. i love those segments. they are the best. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." music: "pretty woman" with roy orbison ♪
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we're just about 30 minutes away from the second morning rush during metro's safetrack plan. why the commute could be even worse for some of you. eight years ago today, she seceded. today she's the presumptive nominee, but hillary clinton isn't ready to accept just yet. and a major step forward in the push to hike the minimum wage to $15. the announcement expected just a few hours there now in d.c. good morning. i'm aaron biiaron gilchrist. >> a i
4:27 am
i loved yesterday. that's the way it should be the rest of the summer. it was beautiful. >> has he bemaybe i went out atg time. >> would you two come up with some sort of an agreement? >> was it less humid to you? you're the expert. >> that's right, i'm the expert and i'm telling you it will become less humid today than it was yesterday and tomorrow even lower humidity than that. a touch of canada in summer thiem time is coming our way. just a tiny chance for a shower today a. keeping an eye on tropical storm colin as it heads off the east coast and again a taste of canada coming our way. you're really going to like the extended forecast. we'll share that with you coming up in a tumor minutes. for now someone who agrees that traffic is flnever a good thing jack taylor. >> i never seem to bring good news and i apologize. number two of metro's ongoing work on the orange and silver lines.
4:28 am
again this morning basically between east falls church and ballston. you will typed we have a little heavy traffic moving on i-70 eastbound after south street, one work zone. literally one right lane getting by. you'll also find we have work on 66 this morning. it was inside the beltway eastbound after washington boulevard. again, single right lane getting by. back into you. angie goff here at the live desk with this developing sorry out of harpers ferry where we are watching response to a deadly tubing 12ke7accident. you can see a lot of responders responded to the scene including crews from loudoun county. a woman died after her tube capsized in the shenandoah river. the 40-year-old we're told was with her family, but no one else was hurt. more as we get it. 4:28. today begins day two of
4:29 am
safetrack and we're working for you to make sure you have a smooth commute. metro says you can expect crowded platforms and trains again this morning, so plan ahead. as part of surge one, trains are single tracking between east falls church and ballston until next thursday. thorn metro says that it will have extra personnel at the ballston station to help riders get to their trains after some confusion yesterday. >> are they communicating this effectively or not? >> no. i just missed three trains in the last five minutes. >> very confusing. i don't know where to go right now. >> fairfax county says it also has more than 4,000 parking spaces available at park in rides for people catching express bus, vre or car pooling. share your story with us @nbcwashington using #safetrack. six states hold
4:30 am
superdelegates last might for nbc news to project she is the presumptive nominee, a first for woman. clinton has 2384 delegates. dust h bernie sanders has 1566. today california offers the most and sanders the fight is not over. >> if there is a large voter turnout, if working people and young people come out in big numbers, we're going to win big. >> now, clinton also focused on today's contest in a tweet shortly after the a.p. moupsed h announced her as the presumptive nominee, we're flattered, but we have primaries to win. we'll be on the lookout for a major clinton endorsement in the day ahead. tracie potts joins us live with with that ahead. the


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