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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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investigating who put the sign on the sidewalk. no charges have been filed against the driver. a 19-year-old woman is recovering after being shot at a house party. authorities say she was shot while standing on a porch. shots were fired after some people were not allowed in to that party. if you shop at giant, the grocery store is removing certain atkins bars from its shelves because of a listeria recall. the recall impacts several flavors including atkins s cinnamon bun and greek yogurt. best buy dates of september this year to april next year. a full list later this morning on the nbc washington app. we're getting you up to the minute the meant you're inute y. second workday commute gets under way during safe
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it's 5:00 a.m. i'm arab giaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we'll keep you posted on how things move. >> right now we want to get you posted up on the forecast. >> tuesday off to a nice quiet start there. no rain out there just yet. there is just the tiniest little chance for rain showers today between about noon and 5:00 p.m. tropical storm coal lip oig will be moving offshore and a taste of canadian coolness is coming our way starting tomorrow. right now temperatures are in the upper 60s to around 70. the way the next 24 hours are shaking out for you, near 70 at 7:00 a.m., rain chances today best between about noon and 5:00, but by 7:00, showers over, temperatures near 80 and a nice cool breezy dry start coming up for your wednesday morning, as well. we'll detail the afternoon highs coming up. now time
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day two of the morning rush hour on the continuing track work along the orange and silver lining. single tracking between east falls church and ballston, so plan ahead for the potential of extra delays. you may have a lot more company on the roadway. overnight work zone between kennedy center and old water gate complex. that should be cleared here quickly. 270 on the spur south after democracy boulevard, right lane had been closed with a medical emergency. back into you. no claim of responsibility for a car bomb attack in turkey. we just got new video into the live desk. take a look. we have a lot of vehicles here that were destroyed, windows blown out of this bus. nearby buildings also impacted. you can see this hotel totally gutted. 11 people are dead including accept police officers. this after a car
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police bus that you saw passed by. it happened in in-stand bull during rush hour. a deadly river accident. a 40-year-old woman diedbull during rush hour. a deadly river accident. a 40-year-old woman died when a watercraft capsized in the shenandoah river. the jefferson county sheriff's office says several people were on board when it happened last night. everyone else made it back to land and is expected to survive. metro safetrack program will affect your commute again this morning. metro says trains are usually more crowded on tuesdays, on plan ahead. as part of surge one, trains are single tracking between east falls church and ballston until next thursday. this morning metro says it will have extra personnel at the ball stop station to help riders get to their trainers after some confusion yesterday. coming up, molette green will have other options for getting to work besides
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six states hold primaries today after a historic break through for hillary clinton. she secured enough superdelegates for nbc news to project that she is the democratic party's spruz. senator bernie sanders has 1566. now, of the six states holding primaries today, california offers the most delegates at 475. senator sanders says the fight is not over. >> if there is a large vote are tu er turnout, if working people and young people come out in big numbers, we'll win big. >> clinton also focused in today's contest. a tweet reads we are flattered a.p., but we have primaries to win. we'll be on the lookout for a major clinton endorsement in the day ahead. tracie potts will join us with that in a little bit. plus the latest
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trump. today the ntsb will determine what caused a plane to slam into a gaithersburg home killing her mother and her two children. in its preliminary report, the agency says ice may have played a significant role. documents reveal the plane encountered icing conditions while trying to land at the montgomery county air park in december of 2014. the three men on board and the mother and her two druyoung chi inside the hole were killed. a fredericksburg woman is recovering in the hospital after crashing this plane. take a look. chopper 4 flew over the scene last night near i-95 in stafford county. troopers say roberta was going down the runway when she unintentionally lifted the plane off the runway and crashed. >> the widow of a man who died in police custody two years ago is filing a civil lawsuit. she believes the video proves that
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mistreated by corrections officers. some of what you're about to see may be disturbing. this is surveillance video from inside the prince george's county detention. it shows several corrections officers trying to restrain psalm you'll shields. a spokesman says shields was disruptive, separated from the other inmates and then allegedly went in on medical distress. he died at the hospital. his wife gave news 4 this video and said it was hard to watch. >> when i first saw it, i couldn't sleep for two nights. i was really having a lot of anxiety over that video. >> a spokesman for the prince george's county detention center says the department cannot comment on this video because it's part of pending litigation. today your airport frustrations will be the subject of a capitol hill hearing. the senate homeland security committee wants to improve passenger screening and address terrorism threats. recently tsa has come under fire for long
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che checkpoints. parts of florida are dealing with flooding from tropical storm colin. strong waves washed on to shore adding to the floodwaters. heavy rains and strong winds knocked down trees and pow lines near tampa. the storm is expected to move into the atlantic by mid-morning. today the senate will hold a hearing on the new war on drugs. d.c. police chief cathy lanier is one of many officials testifying about the problem of sip th synthetic drugs. also today d.c. council could take its final vote to raise the minimum wage to $15. the raise would take effect in 2020. the council measure would also increase the minimum wage for tipped worker to $5.50 an hour. that is double the current amount. metrorail opened just minutes ago, and you might be giving yourself a little extra time to get to work ts
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morning. we're live with why some think it could be worse today. and new developments in the trial of a man accused of torturing a virginia couple. what is expected to happen in the courtroom later today. and we're off to a cool comfortable start this morning. take a look at the current temperatures. very nice. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with a look at what things will be ke by the time li
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good morning. good looking morning to be outside. cool front could wring out one or two quick little showers, but likely a dry commute in and out of work. 70 degrees this morning under a partly cloudy sky. spotty showers again noon to 5:00, but by the time you're coming home, 6:30, 7:00 tonight, should be all dry by then. traveling today, a couple showers new york city and boston, no big travel delays in and out of there. if you're playing today tampa,
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orlando, charleston, wilmington, could be impacted by tropical storm colin. i'll show you the latest forecast track on that coming up in ten minutes. here is jack taylor now at wtop in for melissa mollett. >> good morning. again this morning just remember this is morning number two of the long term metro track work on the orange and silver line. you'll basically find at this point single tracking between east falls church and ballston again this morning. just be prepared for a different morning commute than yesterday. we also had earlier work along the rock creek parkway, late clearing work zone between the watergate complex and kennedy center. that should rectify itself soon. independence avenue east on kutz bridge, only a think single rige getting by there. single tracking continues this morning as metro's safetrack program enters its second day of the workweek. part of surge one, trains single tracking between east falls church and ballston until next thursday.
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molette green is live at the west falls church station with how today's commute could be worse than yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's possible there could be more challenges on the rails today with more federal government workers stepping in and heading into work today and taking the trains. now, the transit agency promising more direction to passengers who complained yesterday about some confusion on the platform. we talked to a man this morning just a few minutes ago going into work who said he had no issues honest, bmonday, but tod be different. >> i'm hoping it will be fine today. i'm on the first train going in, so i don't anticipate a problem going into town. coming back this evening, it's kind of a guess. i don't know. yesterday was fine. but every day is different. >> reporter: if you're headed out to the metro station this morning here in northern
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you will see folks in these bright yellow vests, they will be directing you and giving you information about safetrack. and for those of you catching the bus, vre, if you're car pooling, you have options to park. some 4,000 plus parking spaces available in fairfax county. that is the latest live from the west falls church station. back to you. today there is an you are department call for d.c. businesses to do more to prepare for the safetrack program shutdowns. business leaders met at the capitol hilton to discuss ways to help their employees arrive to work on time. john boardman represents 7,000 workers and he says the train is the only affordable way to make it to work. >> extra difficult for people to arrive at work early and leave late at night. we're not 9:00 to 5:00. lyft, uber are not economic
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members. >> the union wants metro on to provide more bus routes in place of trains. metro says it will consider that idea. it seems many of you opted for a different way to work on the first monday of head the troh's safetrack program. capital bikeshare reported more than 4,000 trips by noon yesterday. 146 people took advantage of the discounted $2 fare. the corral at 13th street and new york avenue was the busiest yesterday. that corral is cholecystectolose fiscal cliff fear son and metro center metro stations. as you head into work this morning, share your commuting story with us, tweet nbc washington using #safetrack. a home invasion trial takes a new turn in fairfax county. doctors no andrew schmuhl testified that they diagnosed him with low testosterone and fatigue. schmuhl's lawyers argue he was impaired by multiple medicati
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when he tased and stabbed the couple. jury deliberations continue today in a capitol hill rape case. antwon pitt is accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside her home last october and also committing a string of crimes over two weeks including cutting off his gps ankle monitor before the attack. speed and failing to follow a traffic control device likely caused the deadly atv crash in frederick maryland. they say 21-year-old chris hundreddy died yesterday after the atv he was on ran head-on into a car near michaels mill road. officials say the driver, a 29-year-old of frederick, is now at a hospital in baltimore with critical injuries. two people in the car were taken to the hospital, as well. their injuries are not life threatening. the driver of this metrobus was trapped for about 15 minutes after a bus slammed in to a
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fire officials say the bus and a pickup truck collided moments before that. the driver has serious injuries. ten passengers were also transported. police issued the truck driver a reckless driving citation which he says he will fight. >> he hit me and then that's why i lose control and then he lose control, too, when he hit me. >> that bus was headed to westfield montgomery mall at the time of the crash. it is now 5:17. rig right now a family is hoping for their daughter's safe return. she may be with an unknown man. she was last seen on friday getting in to a black chrysler 200 with maryland plates 4 ce 9611. if you see dominique or the car, call police. recovery operations still under way for those two min
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friday undid more than 10 feet of mud, sand and gravel after a pit collapsed in mississippi. they were operating an excavator and dump truck at the bottom of that pit when they were engulfed. a rescued diver is missing and two others are hurt in north carolina. the dive team was searching for a missing 20-year-old man who jumped off the boat on sunday. the two driver were rushed to the hospital when he became ill. officials are not clear what made tdivers sick. 5:18. important news for anyone considering a move. moving multiple times as a child can have negative effects on a person's physical and mental health later in life. find out yesterday showed a risk of suicide attempt went up steadily along with a child's
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the effects were equally prevalent in wealthy and poor families. the gerald r. ford museum opens today. it was expanded and redesigned. it added a new set of exhibits on the former president and the late betty ford. the new wing was also built for children to learn about civics, leadership and character. >> we'll be using those experiences to focus in on the important lessons of character and how to teach kids the traits that he taught to us. >> a rededication ceremony happens this morning with ford's family. another launch to the international space station is coming up. today nasa is showcasing the cargo ship that is headed there. you're looking at a former launch of the orbital cigna spacecraft. it will launch later this year. very cool. all that work nasa does. >> and speaking of space, a guy
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chuck bell. >> he means that in a good way, chuck. in because you're a meteorologist. >> i sense criticism coming from all directions. nice looking day to be outside for today. i know you're just teasing with me. it's a mostly clear sky over national harbor here early this morning. not much of a rain threat here for the next couple of hours. may want to have the pocket umbrella, though. a quick chance of a shower between about noon and 5:00, but rain chances only about 30%. so not a guarantee. and then sunny and nice weather, breezy and much cooler afternoon highs tomorrow should be about ten degrees cooler than today. tropical storm coal lip oig just offshore from about hilton head island in south carolina, it will be racing away from the coastline here. it will hover just off the carolina coastline up to about the outer banks, but make no approach toward
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coast or northeastern part of the u.s. so this will not be a big problem for any more than just about another 12 to 18 hours. lots of rain from virginia beach all the way down into parts of florida. that's not the rain we're concerned with. a little weather front just up here to our north and west, it's a cold front, it will bring colder air in starting late tonight as the front comes through, it may be able to wring out a shower or two, that's our rain chance for today is the front as it goes passing by. here is future weather by 1:00 today, there is the line of showers from about gaithersburg and germantown down through fairfax and many. by 4:00, 5:00, all that rain will be gradually coming to an end and we'll be sitting pretty for the rest of tonight and the next couple of takes. ne days. we'll be 75 morrow with a noticeable northwest breeze. and highs in the 70s all the way through thursday and friday with plenty of sunshine. let's gooff to over to jack taylor now at op
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again this morning we'll be morning number two of continuing track work along the orange line. accepting gel tracking. plan ahead, what happened yesterday will be much different than this morning.gel tracking. plan ahead, what happened yesterday will be much different than this morning. monday is lighter volume, and tuesday is back to normal. live look at 270, south out of frederick. still good to go all the way down to the lane divide. back into you. some couples would do just about anything to have a baby. this couple, though, is accused of trying to sell theirs. how the baby is doing now and what police think they planned on using the money for. startling new details when it comes to life expectancy in our area. why some people won't live nearly as long as man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun.
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trying to sell the woman's three month old baby. police in west virginia say the 25-year-old mother was willing to accept $500 for the baby. they arrested her and a 20-year-old man after a that i called 911. police believe the couple wanted money to buy drugs. new this morning, a report about how where you grow up can impact your health. the report only examined northern virginia and it said only a few miles of distance can change life expectancy by as much as 13 years. according to researchers at vcu, a baby born in we were lorton can live to the age of 89. but a child born in manassas has a life expectancy only 76. average in the yups is 79 right now. researchers said the biggest factors behind the disparity, education, income and race. i'm angie
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live desk. monitoring developing story out of fairfax county. we just arrived to the scene. this you can see the firefighters there on the ground. it's actually inside of an apartment building. the firefighters saying that they got there around 3:00 this morning on mosby woods drive. re as we get
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australia, the u.s. embassy saying it is aware of reports of a missing american, they're in contact with local authorities as well as the man's family back here in the u.s. the 20-year-old is still missing after authorities say that he dived in to rough waters. the 20-year-old was attending college in sydney and is feared to be the fourth victim of the area's bad weather recently. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get 4 things to know about your forecast. >> happy tuesday morning to all of you out there in the news 4 nation this morning. off to a nice mild dry start to the day. there are chances for a few spotty showers coming our way. no severe weather. best rain chances between about noon and 4:00. cooler breezes start to move in after that. and colin close to the coast but not going to be he will pagting us directly here in our area. 72 now
5:31 am
fredericksburg and planning out your day today, good looking sky out there. sun up just a few minutes from now at 5:43. today's high 85 and again chance of a few passing showers. jack taylor, good morning. >> good morning. again morning number two of the rush hour on metro's continued track work. orange and silver lines single tracking between east falls church and ballston. what you experienced yesterday you will not experience this morning. it will probably be worse so plan ahead. also about a half hour left of a work zone on the rock creek parkway both directions between the old watergate complex and kennedy center. traffic is alternating by, they will be wrapped up by 6:00 this morning. again, just plan ahead briefly. fwloo new developments as a loudoun county murder trial gets closer to a verdict. braulio castillo is accused of killing his estran w
5:32 am
yesterday his older son identified his father of suspicious man seen in a neighbor's kurt camera video. after the son's testimony, the prosecution rested its case. the couple was in the middle of a divorce and child custody battle when the mother was killed in 2014. man accused of leaving a child in a hot car is due in court. da'quan fields had his driving privileges revoked. the 2-year-old later died in the hospital p. fields faces child neglect and involuntary manslaughter charges. safe kids worldwide says temperatures inside cars can be life threatening even when it's not dangerously hot outside. the group recommends putting your purse or phone in the back seat the with your child so you don't forget them. >> the inside of the vehicle will heat up 19 degrees in
5:33 am
continue to rise. cracking a window won't make any difference. that car is just going to get hotter and hotter. >> since 1998, there have been 20 hot car deaths in virginia, 14 in maryland and one in d.c. p. the trial of officer goodson is scheduled to begin on thursday. he's the officer charged with the most serious crime in the death of freddie gray. the judge granted his request for a bench trial rather than a jury trial meaning the judge will decide his fate. gray died after suffering a broken neck in the back of a police van last year. officer goodson faces second-degree murder, mau manslaughter and other charges. we've learned a task force will look into how administrators handled former school aide deonte carraway. he's facing federal charges for sexually assaulting students. last week a separate task force
5:34 am
recommendations to prevent sex abuse at county schools. horn 300 people called into a town hall last night to discuss those suggestions. you can find the recommendations on our nbc washington app. 28 cats are safe this morning after they were abandoned in greenbelt. animal roll officer says someone left 19 cats in crates outside of the greenbelt animal shelter in the rain friday night. nine more were found in boxes in the heat on saturday. >> my heart dropped. i didn't know how long they had been out there. it was raining friday evening. i didn't know the conditions of them, i didn't know how many of them. so my first thing was to get them inside. >> after they get shots and neutered, the kittens will all be put up for adoption next week. today fairfax county's board of supervisors will decide if voters should weigh in on a proposed meal tax. if approved,
5:35 am
county would vote on a referendum that calls for up to 4% tax on prepared foods at restaurants and grocery stores. a 4% tax would mean an extra 20 cents on top of a $5 meal. it would bring in almost $100 million a year for the county. it is now 5:35. today prince george's county school officials will celebrate a new opportunity for students. they will cut the ribbon for a new hub school at oxon hill high school that will open in the fall. the hub school will increase access to college courses for students in a program where juniors and seniors can earn college credits. the weather around here much calmer, but some places could still see a shower. chuck bell will let us know when you should bag an umbrella for the kids. abandoned in the woods as punishment. this morning a little boy who survived days in the forest is out of the hospi
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oregano, just one more way we bring you chickens raised with no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way. welcome back. new video this morning of the japanese boy left in a forest as punishment by his parents. within the last hour, the 7-year-old left the hospital. >> the boy was found safe on friday in northern japan. he told police he walked to a military hut where searchers disco
5:39 am
face any charges. time to check our weather. and i'm liking where we're going with this forecast. >> chuck bell here to lay it out for us. >> you will like today. there is a little shower chance after lunch i'm today, but outside off to a quiet start here early this morning. sunrise just a couple more minutes away. school forecast then, mild and dry at the bus stop. temperature near 70. hit and miss showers but probably after recess, so recess gets an "a." shorts and t-shirts for sure with temperatures in the mid-80s. rain chance most likely just in time for dismissal. coming home after 5:00, 6:00, probably a dry commute home. now the details on the ride in and out. metro again morning rush hour number two on the sinning track won
5:40 am
single tracking between falls church and ballston. rock creek parkway work zone from the overnight between kennedy center and old watergate complex. you'll find traffic alternating. they will clear at 6:00. independence avenue east on the kutz bridge again this morning one last morning you will have to deal with only the right lane gets by. this always jams traffic. so expect big delays on 66 and independence avenue because of the work around here the early bird gets the waffle. but for all the other birds who could use a few more minutes of sleep,
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around hgets the waffle.rd but for all the other birds who could use a few more minutes of sleep, we've got you covered. enjoy free breakfast on the run and free wi-fi. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at 5:43. we want to go back to the breaking news in fairfax city where we've just learned about an apartment fire that is fatal. >> this happened on mosby woods drive. the assistant chief joining us now live from the scene. chief, can can
5:44 am
>> yes, good morning. >> thanks for joining us. tell us what happened here. >> this morning around 2:45 units from the city of fairfax and fairfax county responded here to 10171 mosby woods drive for a garden apartment fire. when units arrived, they found smoke complains on second floor. they advanced hose line and conducted search. during their search, they did find one male that they removed from the building, tried resuscitative efforts but were unsuccessful and he has died. >> chief, i know it's early in the investigation. but what you can tell us about the person who tied in this incident and what you think may have been the cause of the fire or of his death? >> right now the city of fair fairfax county fire department and police department are working hand-in-hand cooperatively to determine the origin and cause of the fire. so it's still too
5:45 am
right now we don't have much information that i can share on the family, just that our thoughts and prayers go out to their friends, family and loved ones mourning their loss here this morning. >> and how bad is the extent of the fire? do other residents have to leave and find another place to stay for a while? >> this apartment structure was ten units. there are 19 adults and two children that have been displaced. the american red cross is here taking care of them. that is a beautiful partnership that we have for them to provide that support to the residents. right now the fire is contained to the gentleman's apartment. the door are was closed, windows didn't fail. so smoke didn't really get throughout the rest of the complex. so hopefully later on this afternoon the rest of the residents s will be able to reoccupy. >> and just one adult male a
5:46 am
>> one adult male, yes. >> chief, thank you. a new book show aside of the prince george's county police department never seen before. an author followed homicide investigators every move as they investigated the murder of 17-year-old amber is anly. a "washington post" author was embedded with the departmentment for six months. his book, a good month for murder, focuses on february 20134 13. that month amber stanley became the 6th high school student to die in that county that school year. >> be there right when they requested people, at homicide scenes. >> a lot of breaks in cases and such took place. he was in there during the time when we got the new information we got about the dna evidence in this case. >> dna evidence pointed police in a new direction connected to an assault on sam werea's
5:47 am
sister. an arrest has not yet been made. a scary and brutal crime in california has put a 12-year-old in the hospital. police just outside oakland have arrested a 32-year-old woman who they say stabbed the boy in the back three times before she demanded money from a teller thae and then robbed a customer. the boy was setting in the waiting area of a bank at the time. the boy is in stable condition this morning. a d.c. man accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy face as preliminary hearing. dominic simons robbed the boy and forced him off the friendship heights metro station last month. prosecutors claim sim simons forced him in to a mall bathroom. he's charged with sex abuse, armed robbery and kidnapping. former stanford university swimmer will spend six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious female student. now there are calls to put the california judge who sentenced him off the
5:48 am
the a stanford law professor is leading the effort to remove him from the job. >> this sentence is inappropriate. basically what you're saying is it's open season on college women. >> in a 13 page letter to the judge, the victim had asked for prison time and an apology. the judge cited the defendant's age and lack of a criminal record at sentencing. this morning d.c. police chief cathy lanier will testify on capitol hill about the problem of synthetic drugs in the district. the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing on the epidemic. in april, d.c. council passed one of the nation's toughest laws on synthetic drugs. also on capitol hill today, the senate is considering the concerns of frustrated travelers. a hearing will be about rethinking tsa operations to improve passenger screening and address terrorism threats. recently the agency has come under fire for long wait times
5:49 am
an ad that seemed too good to be true, the latest question for nbc 4 responds. a high tech big screen tv on sale on a legitimate website, the ad listed it for 100 bucks. it said there was a savings of more than 900 dollars. multiple people saw the ad and bought the tv. and then a few days later, they received received notification that the deal won't happen. >> i got an e-mail saying that my order has been canceled. >> why the company abruptly canceled the order and what the law says about that, nbc 4 responds got the answers. you can see what we found by searching responds on the nbc washington app. or go to voters in six states are will weigh in for the race to the white house today. this as hillary clinton becomes the first woman to secure a
5:50 am
presidential nomination for a major party. she's not celebrating just yet, though. tracie potts live on capitol hill now and why not claim the victory? >> reporter: because she still has primaries and caucuses today to win, six of them including california. if he she claims the victory, it could discourage people from coming out to vote especially in california which sanders desperately wants to win. if he gets a victory there, it gives him a rope to stay in this race long her. >> so mccain pretty much has the nomination now. we know -- or hearing that she might be expecting a really big endorsement soon. for senator sanders, what exactly is he holding on to? >> reporter: he thinks if he can do very well today, if he can win california or do very well in california, pick up a lot of delegates, he can convince some of the superdelegates supporting clinton on come to his side. and he had a side conversation -- or conversation by phone with are president oba who is eager to endorse clint
5:51 am
first with sanders about party unity and how they will wrap this thing up. >> let's talk about donald trump for a moment here under fire again for some comments he made this time about a federal judge. any anticipation of an impact on his run from this fallout? >> it's a good question. p we've seen him make comments before that people called inexcusable and outrageous and it hasn't seemed to affect his numbers at all. now you have hillary clinton calling it a race igs attack. you have both marco rubio and ted cruz stepping out and saying that this is something that he should be taking back, not something that he should be saying. about you no indication at all that donald trump will change his tune when it comes to judge curiel and the trump university case. >> thank you, tracie. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we'll check in with chuck bell to get the good news. >> yeah, lots of good news in the forecast for not -- well, plenty of good news for today, but supremely good news for the next couple of days
5:52 am
only thing really wrong with today is a little shower chance coming up midafternoon time frame. outside this morning though, the sun is up on these early sunrises of the year. summer solstice now only about two weeks away and then the days believe it or not will start getting shorter by about the first of july. outside today, here is future weather. high resolution model, this updated every single hour. the latest thinking is that showers bubble up right around lunchtime today and come right through the i-95 corridor between about noon and 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. and then that hain risk of showers goes down across southern maryland. still a spot shower or two likely as late as about 4:00 or 5:00, but then things start to dry out. we'll be dry after 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. so for today then, partly cloudy day. 30% chance of that rain hitting your yard or outdoor picnic at lunchtime. but then quite breezy, much cooler, much more pleasant summertime weather arve
5:53 am
tropical storm colin now off the coast of georgia and south carolina. it will stay offshore, but pretty much parallel the carolina coastline all the way up to about the outer banks. and then go harmlessly on out to sea. it will have the waves up at the coastline, so if you're going to the beach today, tomorrow, the next day, the surf will be a little extra roughed up. otherwise you can see all the rain today in the outer banks area. for us, this the cold front right here, this is the leading edge of the cooler air are that will wring out the rain chance by later on this afternoon. but really cool things down quite nicely for the next couple of days. 85 today with that hit and miss shower chance. only 75 and breezy and nice, extra low humidity the next couple mornings. there might be scattered 40s in the shenandoah valley by thursday morning. next best chance for rain area wide comes up saturday. now over to jack taylor now and find out how
5:54 am
>> not too bad so far. rush hour number two. all bets are off for what you did yesterday. single tracking continues on the orange and silver line. also rock creek parkway just about wrapped up, there was a work zone down near the kennedy center. single lane getting by in each direction. they said they would be wrapped up and gone by 6:00 this morning. back to you. finally it is over. it's relief. >> emotional moments after a jury recommends death for the so-called grim sleeper. lon a lonnie franklin jr. a jury recommended ten death penalty sentences, one for each of the women he is squiconvicted
5:55 am
killing. parents say the jury recommendation is fair. >> something you're not able to give, but you take. so good. >> franklin was first arrested in 2010 when undercover agents in los angeles identified him with dna from a pizza box. formal sentencing is set for august. five before the hour. and friends of a 16-year-old who was hit and killed last week while riding his bike home from school are remembering him as a hard worker. >> quiet, but the thing is like he used to be so focused on school all the time. he used to go to school and then come here for work. i mean, he was a hard worker. >> colleagues of santos escobar-villatoro are raising money to help send his body back to el salvador where most of his family still lives. they have raised $2500 at the restaurant and several
5:56 am
online. and the city of gaithersburg is investigate whog put a sign on the sidewalk and its role in this crash. no charges have been filed against the driver. peper sheriff looking for three people who ran after a shooting. a woman was shot at a farmhouse along edwards shop road on sunday. investigators say it happened after someone -- some people were not allowed into that party. aboif you shop at giant, th grocery store is removing certain atkins bars from its shelves because of a polili lis recall. it involves several flavors. and the bars have best buy dates from september of this year to april of next year. we'll have a full list of the impacted products later this morning on the nbc washington app. i'm landon dowdy. t mobile
5:57 am
invested in the company literally. they will give one share of stock to customers who have a post paid or monthly account. t-mobile is also launching a new app giving weekly perks such as tree food, move have tickets and ride shares. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. how federal government workers could challenge the system even more during metro's safetrack. another tropical storm hits the east coast. i'm track the impacts. getting parents' attention about leaving your child alone in a parked car as summer temperatures rise. plus a new study out overnight shows how where you live could determine your life expectancy.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news in the city of fairfax right now, a deadly fire. >> angie goff is at the live desk with what we're skrjust learning. >> the story is still developing. a fatal fire in the city of fairfax. crews are still on the scene. it's at an apartment building on mosby woods drive. the assistant fire chief andrew vita with the city of fairfax.
6:00 am
the family, just that our thoughts and prayers go out to their friends, family and loved ones mourning their loss here this morning as they're finding out about the news. >> and as he mentioned, one adult male has died in this fire. we're continuing it to work on finding out if anybody else was hurt and we know the red cross still on the scene helping other families that were displaced because of the fire. i'm angie goff at the live desk. can oming up at 6:01. we'll have a fair amount of sunshine here this morning before clouds build and a quick little shower chance comes our way during the middle of the day. rain chances today only 30% mainly between noon and 5:00. tropical storm colin moving off the coast of savannah and a little taste of canadian coolness is coming our way. it arrives tonight. for now it's a mild start in the upper 60s to around


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