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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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account. right now this tweet is not true. it says nfl commissioner roger goodell died. he's alive and well this morning. someone posted the tweet during the hack yesterday. analysts say it does not represent a major threat. >> this is a relatively low-level type of attack. it could be done to target somebody, somebody who is looking to get bragging rights. >> major celebrities including katy perry and mark zuckerberg had their accounts hacked recently. quote, you leave the office for a day of golf and your own network kills you off, #harsh. and kashi is recalling their golean baklava bars. they have a best by date in july, august and september. giant has taken the product off the shelves and you can return them for a refund.
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and we have breaking news where we are learning that three high school students are dead. >> this is a real tragic story out of damascus. we have confirmed that three students from clarksburg high school have died after this crash on burnt hill road. you can see right there, that is the truck. you can't really recognize it after it slammed into a tree and then was overtaken by flames. the three victims as you mentioned were students. we are still working to find out more about them. also, what caused this and what happened. kristin wright is on scene right now gathering more information. i'm angie goff at the live desk. there are no ceilings, no limits on any of us. and this is our moment to come
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>> thank you, all! the struggle continues! >> i'm going to fight for you, the american people. like nobody has ever fought before. >> the end of the primaries is only the beginning of the work we are called to do. 5:02 now. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, june 8, 2016. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. hillary clinton claiming victory after last night's primary. she's now accepting being called the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. >> look at the newspapers hitting stands. the "new york post" says the first lady. "the new york times" says clinton claims the democratic nomination. >> more on decision 2016 in just a moment. but first, let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. and a noticeable difference this morning asoo
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the door. absolutely right. the only real knock on today will be a very breezy afternoon. northwest winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. so hold on to your hat. but open up the windows and say thank you canada. love some cool air here in the summer thyme. 57 now in winchester, virginia. 54 in northern maryland. 65 downtown. and even 60 all the way to st. mary's city this morning. the next 24 hours are going to be 24 hours well spent outside. partly cloudy, 61 degrees at 7:00 a.m. only a slight chance for a shower today. by 7:00 tonight, breezy and temperatures only near 70. and how about into the mid-50s tomorrow morning or maybe the 40s tomorrow morning in the shenandoah valley? what about the rain chance? we'll talk about that and how it will impact your commute coming up in ten minutes. speaking of the commute, let's go to wtop and jack taylor. good morning. the rock creek parkway, you have another hour headed down near the kennedy center with the big
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overhang. the traffic will alternate buy not causing huge delays early. and the crash on 66 near nutley has reopened. and northbound bw parkway near 197 is seeing a crash between 197 and 198. southbound lanes so far are reported open. aaron and eun, back over to you. we have reached a milestone. first time -- first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nomination. >> for the first time, hillary clinton claims the title presumptive democratic nominee for president. and with wins nearly across the board last night, clinton now has a majority of delegates. >> and that is without california. as of right now, it's still too y
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61% of the vote is in at this point. clinton is leading 57% to 43%. we'll look at the results we do have, clinton won by a large margin in new jersey with senator bernie sanders coming in close in new mexico and south dakota. the results overnight show sanders with victories in both montana and north dakota. >> and now clinton says the real race begins. she's focused less on senator sanders last night and set her sights on the fight with donald trump. >> my mother believed that life is about serving others and she taught me never to back down from a bully, which it turns out was pretty good advice. >> clinton told thousands of supporters in brooklyn she'll take time over the next few days to let the news of the presumptive nomination sink in. and donald trump spoke directly to sanders' supporters last night whom he says re
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quote, left out in the cold by a rigged system and invited them to join his campaign. he said the clinton family is an establishment we can't undo. >> we can't count on the politicians who created our problems. the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an artform for themselves. >> the republican nominee hinted at his next big address and said as soon as monday he plans to unleash a new attack against the clintons. now for the latest from the sanders campaign we have angie goff here. >> and bernie sanders is not done with his campaign, he says. he told supporters in california he's going to continue to fight for us in d.c. next week. >> all of what we believe is what the majority
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american people believe. >> sanders hit on many of his familiar themes, his wealth inequality and racially and environmental justice. he also told police that he got a call from the police earlier in the night and tracie potts will have more coming up later in the newscast. and the metro's safetrack program continues this morning near east falls church and ballston. metro released this video showing crews making repairs to the orange and silver line. surge within lasts until next thursday and surge two is beginning june 18th. your drive home has been a bit more congested and a lot of folks are avoiding metro by driving. take a look at this drive last night in the district blocking the intersection. just complete gridlock
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muriel bowser says the additional traffic control officers promised to be stationed here have not yet been hired. >> this is not something we had a year to prepare for but several couple of weeks. we are expecting the to /* ge gearing up as soon as possible. >> thank you for sharing your commuting stories with us during stage one. keep them coming, tweet nbc washington using #safetrack. and we posted the safetrack alternatives including deals from uber and capitol bike share. just head to our app. the prime minister of india will address a joint meeting of congress today. this comes at the invitation of house speaker paul ryan. the prime minister met with president obama at the white house on tuesday. the leaders discussed clean
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issues. tickets are available for muhammad ali's service in louisville on friday and tomorrow's muslim prayer service. between the two, 22,000 free tickets are available to the public. former president bill clinton, actor billy crystal and several others will deliver eulogies. i'm kristin wright on the way to break news in montgomery county. we have just learned that three clarksburg high school students have been kill in a crash. the pictures we are getting in soar this f
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good morning, everybody. 12 minutes after 5:00 a.m. on your wednesday morning. halfway through the week almost. future weather, very low rain chance today. not zero, though. there could be one or two spotty showers primarily in northern maryland here during the mid to late morning hours. but then after that we should be back to mostly sunny skies by later this afternoon. for the commute, on the cool side this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. we'll be in the low to mid-70s
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really is that it's going to be quite breezy. if you are traveling regionally, a couple showers in pennsylvania and new york. no big deal there. nationally, still on the stormy side in the sunshine state of florida. we'll look at the beach and boating forecast for us in ten minutes. here's jack taylor at wtop. chuck, good morning. we have two problems, northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway moving between 197 and 198. both are along the right side of the roadway. we'll have a brief delay northbound. southbound is completely unaffected so far, but we'll hope to get them cleared from the roadway quickly. this is rush hour morning number three with justice continuing to be made for the orange and silver line. single-tracking this morning between falls church and ballston. just a new adventure every morning. back to you. 5:13 and breaking news, three high school students are dead in montgomery county. they were in
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burnt hill road in damascus. kristin wright is live at the high school with more, what have you learned? >> reporter: the high school students here, we just learned that three students were killed. jacob dennis, 17 years old, patrick shiplet, 18 years old and carrie green, 17. we have video here from the scene overnight. burnt hill road here near kingstead road. the boys were in the pickup truck and jacob was driving. at this point they don't know, they hit a tree. we were just there ourselves. it is dark and windy back there. patrick and jacob died at the scene and carey green was taken to the hospital where he
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away. based on their ages, we nope graduation will not be what it seems to be with three missing. and montgomery county fire rescue pulled a body out of the potomac river around 9:30 last night. officials say a hiker noticed the body near great falls. police are investigating what caused the death. and right now a man is in custody and five people are dead following a bad crash in michigan. police near kalamazoo say a car slammed into a group of cyclists. five of them died and another four have serious injuries. police say the driver tried to run away but they caught him. he has not been charged with anything but that could change this week. today we may learn the fate of the man accuse in a
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on capitol hill. jury deliberations have been underway against 21-year-old antoine pitts accused of sexually assaulting a young mother inside her home last october. police also say before the attack pitt had cut off his gps ankle monitor he was ordered to wear following a string of other crimes. and a fairfax county will decide if andrew schmuhl can use the defense that he was impaired by multiple medications at the time of the crime. the attack was retaliation after schmuhl's wife alicia was fired. and expanding route 7 to connect to the silver hill metro station in tysons to mark center in alexandria. the 11-mile bus route will run along the dedicated
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the meeting is tonight in fallston church. and the river road intersection near pile road was the topic of conversation at walt whitman high school last night. three family members were killed there and the fourth seriously injured there. one of the options for the intersection include closing the road and installing a traffic cig nalg. >> it doesn't take that much money to force people to slug out. >> community members say no matter what changes happen, they want to see it done right. the board of education will review policies after controversy over last month's gararaduation ban. three students were banned from graduating from bethesda-chevy high school. the board members say this is an effort to
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poll cities. news for all the single people out there this morning, there is new evidence that marriage could help save your life. great. a recent study of 25,000 heart attack patients revealed married people were 14% less likely to die after the event than their single peers. the married people also spent and average of two fewer days in the hospital after a heart attack. now experts say the findings emphasize the importance of having a spouse's support after a major illness. >> and having someone nearby to make the call if there is an emergency, right? >> thanks. >> i will call for you. >> if i don't show up to work on time -- >> i will call for you. let's check out the beautiful forecast and the weather is to match. >> it will be a fantastic day to be outside. sunrise is only 20 minute from
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now. we'll bubble up a couple fair weather clouds during the day today but nothing major. temperatures on your way out the door, 5 to 10 degrees, in some places as much as 14 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday. open the windows and enjoy it. we'll go from the 50s and 60s this morning to the low to mid-70s today. again, some fair weather clouds around, not much of a rain chance with rain chances 20% or less. highs today about 70 in gaithersburg. 7078 in -- you will notice that we're cooling down tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning it will be chilly with scattered upper 40s on the map tomorrow morning. so almost, we'll call it summer cold. it's not really cold but it feels good in
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a little on the breezy side, winds northwest 20 to 25. tomorrow, northwest winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. great kite flying weather for sure. if you're like me, what about the weekend at the beach? it will be rain-free at the coast. for the next few days, 75 today. 78 tomorrow. 80 degrees on friday. and even if you're staying around town, there's a little chance for rain late in the day on saturday. but again, most of your weekend will have usable dry outdoor weather. perfect for all the summer picnics. traffic is no problem. we have two problems near northbound bw parkway
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and 197. we are seeing no problems there as it is on the right shoulder. and rock creek parkway, you'll find both ways near the kept dissenter looking good. very light volume this morning. and we have single tracking on the orange and silver line between east falls church and ballston. everyone is adjusting to the morning commute. thank you. we have learned three high school students were killed in an overnight crash. as kristin wright mentioned, we learned clarksburg's high school graduation is this morning. and we are working to get more information out of stafford county where a sheriff's deputy has been shot. no word on the deputy's at this point. derrick ward is headed to the scene for us and we have angie goff trying to get more
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police in florida are trying to figure out the identity of a man found in the mouth of an alligator. this happened on tuesday. officers got there and say they saw the gator thrashing around with a body in his mouth. eventually, the gator let go and police were able to pull the body from the water. it's not clear whether the gator killed the man or how he died. chaos breaks out at a funeral when one family member shoots another in baltimore. a man shot his father inside the recreational hall of a church. the funeral was being held for the man's brother gunned down in may. a fight broke out over something said at the service. that father is in the hospital now in stable condition. the son is in police custody. 5:25 now and an update on the olympics and the concern about zika and the birth defects associated with it.
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concern during the games in august because it is winter in brazil at the time. it is colder and there are fewer mesquitos. the head of the communications for the olympics held a news conference after several athletes pulled out of the games and said they would respect the athletes' decisions. and a man who says his gold medal was stolen and wants them to find it. he won for slalom canoeing during the 1992 olympics in barcelona. he was in a restaurant earlier this week when someone stole his car with the gold medal inside. police found the car but not the medal. he's been posting updates on facebook asking for the public's help to find the suspect. please do the right thing and return the gold medal. 5:27. we have breaking news right now with a stafford county sheriff's deputy shot. what we are learning when we check back inth
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desk. and a noticeable difference outside this morning with the humidity sticking around for the past couple of days is gone. chuck
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i am banking assistance and registration technology. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. he has a lot of bad habits from his previous bank. we'll make it our mission to change that. hello account holder number 000-2738-4873 we'll teach him that customers, aren't account numbers... bart, this is tod. ...and that even though they aren't customers,
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take your time. he'll learn that, even the smallest of human touches, can go a long way... hey bart, the pens are free. oh. ...and that we have longest hours than other banks. wait, wait, wait. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. eventually he'll learn that we do things a little differently here at td bank. don't just bank. bank human. just in out of stafford county, we are seeing who police are looking for after a shooting in stafford. this is joshua anthony sumter. he's 160 pounds and considered
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the deputy was shot after responding to a break-in call. derrick ward is headed to the scene for more. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:30 on this wednesday morning. the sun is working up into the sky. chuck bell has 4 things to know about the forecast. the sunrise is 13 minutes away from now and oh, that feels nice. humidity vacation in place for today, tomorrow, on into friday as well. you'll be a lot cooler than it has been the last couple of weeks. it's a bit of a blustery day with winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. and we are tracking a small chance for rain on the weekend. i'll let you know what time the weekend is going to see some rain. for today we'll start at 59. we'll be in the low 60s by 7:00 a.m. mid to upper 60s by 9:00. near 70s by lunchtime with the afternoon a great one. one or two spotty showers can
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will be dry today with afternoon highs in the low to mid-70s. i'll see you in a few more minutes in the school day forecast. now to jack taylor and our news partner wtop. good morning. we're starting to get the delay on 95 in virginia going northbound from dale city up to the prince william parkway. purely volume, nothing in the way. just a lot of volume. the express lanes are moving very well. out of frederick on 270 coming southbound, we have a live look near 109. light volume, crowded up near 85. still good to go near germantown. all lanes are available. and good news for everybody that has been aware of it since last week, this is the first morning rush hour dealing with all three travel lanes on independence avenue to the bridge. you're good to go there. and pilot error led to a plane crashing into a maryland home two years ago. the pilot, two passengers and three people on the ground all died. the national transportation safety board's final report said the pilot failed to turn on crucial de-icing equnt
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crashing. this particular jet had no system to warn the pilot. the ntsb recommends training to help pilots recognize icing dangers and take immediate action. ten people are now in jail due to a multi-agency drug investigation. 40 kilograms of heroin was also seized with an estimated street value of $4 million. the officials say they coordinated their sources of supply in india, africa and other areas. and an undercover sting leads police to an auto shop place. a 30-year-old man was arrested at the store. >> reporter: buying and selling stolen goods -- what do you make of this whole thing? >> i don't know that.
5:33 am
thing to have, i don't know anything right now. >> reporter: has anybody been arrested? >> no. >> the man is charged with felony trafficking and other charges. the board of viewer visors voted to put a new meals tax on the november ballot. it will generate $100 million the first year for capitol products and tax relief. and thousands of workers are getting a huge raise. the city council voted to approve the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. the current minimum is $10.50. it is still unknown what this means for businesses, though. >> it could be problematic
5:34 am
to come in and retaining some of the old businesses. so the jury is still out. >> tipped workers who receive a lower minimum wage will see their wages go up in d.c. from $2.77 to $5 an hour by 2020. a local d.c. shelter is getting star power at the annual women empowerment luncheon. tomorrow oprah winfrey is the keynote speaker at the tenth annual empowerment luncheon in northwest washington because of low district women who are needing help. no one will be turned away. >> we will welcome her. it does not matter where she has come from. >> n street village is where i found my foundation. >> lynda rush has been dr-f
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a keynote speaker tomorrow along with oprah. you need to pack a light jacket for the kids this morning. a live shot outside where we are in the 60s. chuck bell will be back with the school day forecast. and a shocking attempted robbery on camera. who stepped in to help the teenager. and we have breaking news on the montgomery county
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an attempted kidnapping is caught on camera as a 13-year-old girl is pulled from her mother and then the man pulls her throughout the store. >> the man was arrested by a sheriff's deputy in the parking lot. and we want to get you up to speed on the forecast before you send the kids out to the bus stop. >> and chuck bell, we may need a little bit of a jacket or sweater. what do you think? i wouldn't necessarily but i know, eun, you were wearing a jacket this morning. it is a noticeably cooler start than the last couple of mornings. 5 to 10 degrees cooler, in fact. 59 in sterling, virginia. 59 in reston. 55 in arlington. the school day forecast, you may
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this morning, but shedable layers because it will be a beauty of a day. recess gets an "a" today with winds out of the northwest, 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. afternoon highs a low to mid-70s. that's certainly shorts and t-shirt weather thanks to the sunshine, but just a light wrap this morning. how long is all this humidity vacation going to hang around? we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. now to traffic, actually, let's go back to the news. thank you. our coverage of the historic primary results continues. >> what we learned about the bernie sanders campaign overnit and what is nghex at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme.
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and helps support their immune system. and we don't need to add antibiotics to their diet. if you want some sage advice, you should use thyme. okay, rosemary. thyme, just one more way we bring you chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way.
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it is so exciting. >> it kind of feels like i can do anything. if hillary clinton can do it, why can't
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>> i was at watkins elementary on capitol hill and i read a book about why there had never been a girl president. and now i can tell those girls and boys we were on our way to having a female president. hillary clinton takes up the title presumptive nominee for the democratic presidential candidate. more on the election changing politics in a few minutes. but first the forecast highlights from storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> the sunshine officially up at 5:43 on this beautiful wednesday morning, the skies are clear. notice all the ripples on the potomac. there's a noticeable northwesterly breeze this morning. we'll be on the blustery side this afternoon with winds running 25 to 30 miles per hour at some times. on the breezy side, but you'll appreciate it as a whole. let's go to our
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we are rolling northbound on 210 where we had activity before farmington road. everything is cleared out of the roadway, so all lanes are open at this point. at this stage we have everything available to. you a decent shape along 29 before fairfax county parkway. we have an accident building there on the scene. they may start rerouting you soon. beware of that. back to you. new details today in the case involving the former uber driver who allegationly killed six strangers in michigan. he plans to plead insanity. jason dalton is charged with murder and attempted murder in the february 20th shootings. prosecutors say dalton did not have any diagnosed mental illness prior to the shooti
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a trial date has been set for a south carolina man accused of killing nine members in the historic black church in charleston. dyl dylann roof faces several hate crimes for the shooting at a chur church. and an update on the news4 i-team investigation into a famous local cemetery. the deputy superintendent are accused of misusing the nonprofit's credit card for home improvement projects on their own homes. the i-team obtained the copy saying the two admitted to using credit cards to make personal purchases. they were reprimanded by the board of directors and had to reimburse the money and pay taxes. but the document also said the board did not want to make a police report. the state's attorney in er
5:46 am
pursue any charges because it says the cemetery is a private entity. the police have now closed this case. and in a statement to the i-team, the attorney for the cemetery said we have read the police report regarding the allegations made by the two former disgruntled at-will employees, the case is closed. to watch the entire series, go to the nbc washington app and tap on the investigations tab for more on this. and an act of defiance from north korea, a senior u.s. state department official said the country has restarted production of plutonium fuel. the officials say that shows north korea has plans to pursue its nuclear weapons program. the u.s. says this goes against heightened international sanctions after check-ups on the program earlier this year. the u.s. has not made an official comment. right now the search continues in mississippi for two missing miners. they were buried under ten feet
5:47 am
of mud last friday. officials believe they probably did not survive. search teams are now using heavy-duty pumps to recover the bodies. and i'm angie goff at the live desk. an investigation is underway in northwest d.c. in front of the columbia heights metro station after a man is stabbed there on 14th street. he's in the hospital right now. we are told that he is recovering from serious injuries. no word on a motive for the stabbing or a suspect at this point. we'll continue to make calls. aaron? angie, thank you. 5:47 now and this morning the nfl is working with investigators to figure out who hacked his twitter account. we'll tell you right now this tweet is not true that said nfl commissioner roger goodell died yesterday. someone was able to post that from the nfl's verified account. it's the latest in a series of twitter hackings including ones against katy perry, e
5:48 am
and others. >> this is someone looking to get bragging rights. >> again, commissioner goodell is alive and well. in fact, he later posted on twitter saying, quote, man, you leave the office for one day of golf and your own network kills you off. #harsh. >> that is harsh. 5:48 now and we'll check the forecast right now. a much cooler start to your day. >> chuck bell is here with the details. >> you guys should tweet that chuck bell has the day off and i can leave. that would be awesome. >> no, no, we need you to do the forecast, sorry. >> outside today it's a beauty of a morning. this is the view looking westbound from the rockville camera out west towards tysons corner in northern virginia. a good-looking day with rays of sunshine there on the eastern faces of the buildings. the next couple of days, tomorrow and today we have cooler, less humid air in place for the next few days. really, today wi
5:49 am
thursday and friday also look nice. getting into saturday, a chance, a 30% to 40% chance of late day showers or thunderstorms coming in. not looking like a big threat to your saturday plans. just know that saturday night there may be a late night shower or a rumble of thunder. for today, rain chances 20% or less. here's future weather by 8:45 with the smallest chance today of a quick-passing shower. these are five-minute rain chances that most of us won't have to deal with at all. and we'll dry out during the second half of the day. as you plan out your day, the sun is already up and doesn't go down until 8:41. that's 14 hours, 49 minutes of daylight today. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. we'll climb into the low to mid-70s for a time this afternoon. and again, it will be a breezy day to be outside. the perfect kite flying weather. winds stay up overnight but it will still be an almost chilly start tomorrow morning under a clear sky. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the upper 40s to low and mid-50s around the area. and toow
5:50 am
perfect, almost 100% sunshine tomorrow as temperatures climb back into the mid to perhaps the upper 70s. here's your whole seven-day forecast, a nice day today with a mix of clouds and sunshine. high of 75. all sunshine tomorrow and friday. highs back into the upper 70s. maybe back to near 80 degrees on friday. to get into the weekend, there's a slight chance for a shower late in the day on saturday. probably more of a saturday night feature than anything else. then sunday looks like a good one as well. highs over the weekend, the mid to upper 80s. a bit more warmer and humid. but another humidity break coming our way into early parts of next week. this is how you save money on the air-conditioning bill. back to you guys. let me thank all of you for being part of the political revolution. >> this is our moment to come together. so please join our campaign. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged
5:51 am
welcome you with open arms. >> bernie sanders is not stepping down but the fight is on to steal supporters from him. our coverage of decision 2016 takes us live to capitol hill where nbc's tracie potts is live. tracie, if the election has taught us anything, the sanders supporters are really committed. >> reporter: no question about that. and that is the leverage he seems to have right now. there are millions of people who he has pulled together over the course of months who really believe in this type of change that he's offering. and according to the polling, a significant number of them not necessarily sold on hillary clinton. and so while the numbers clearly aren't looking in his favor at this point, and he acknowledges that, he certainly has leverage within the party if democrats want to unify and win this thing in november. >> and sanders is going to stay in the race, but we may be learning that he's trimming his staff. this tells a lot about
5:52 am
might be next. >> reporter: half of his staff will be reassigned or let go at some point this week. and this really speaks to where the sanders campaign is going. is this a campaign for the nomination still? or is it more of a movement within the party to get the key issues addressed? >> so wouwátppens next? we know sanders is not giving up. he'll meet with president obama as soon as tomorrow. >> reporter: right. they're supposed to sit down tomorrow. he'll sit down with harry reid here on capitol hill while here. and it's important to clarify this, he was not called in by the president, the president did call him last night but this was sanders' request. he wants to talk about wall street and the key issues he thinks are so important and where they are going to fit in to whatever campaign the democrats end up having in the fall. right now increasingly it looks to be hillary clinton. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us, thank you.
5:53 am
taylor at wtop in for melissa this morning. jack? >> good morning. a trouble spot trying to move in fairfax at 29 to lee highway. we have a closing of 29 in both directions putting it near fairfax county out near logato road. nothing is moving and everyone at this point is trying to self-divert. 66 is a good option. hopefully as we heard the crash was in the northbound lane which has potential for a big delay. just be aware of this area. now here's a live look on 50 in maryland. this is inside the beltway down near 202. it's a little heavier volume. also, sidenote, a lot of callers from the top traffic center saying there's more volume in virginia riding to the west side through tysons. everyone is trying to get an earlier start trying to avoid what is going on with the metro continuing to work on the ong
5:54 am
and silver line with single tracking going on. back to you. parents in prince george's county have a long list of concerns after accusations of sexual assault on children in public schools. they are weighing in on a recent review of school safety by an independent task force. some of those on the force don't believe there was any confusion about how or whether to report complaints from students. >> i started my career teaching in this system and i guarantee you that i knew absolutely that i was -- i looked at the video and the responsibility was very clear. to tell your principal and call child protective services. >> they recommended more than 60 changes after accusations surfaced this spring against a man who faces federal charges for abusing children on and off school property. earlier this week we learned a separate task force will investigate this specific case. >
5:55 am
and now it is more likely the transgender bathroom fight is going to the supreme court. the case we're talking about is in virginia. a transgender student gavin grimm is suing the school board saying he's discriminated against because he can't use the bathroom to match his identity. now the school board is petitioning the highest court in the country to look at this case. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. bigger is better. ford and chrysler are ramping up production of suvs and pickup trucks while cutting back on smaller cars. they will idle the production at some american car plants this summer as gas prices have fallen the last few years. so has the demand for smaller vehicles. cars make up 40% of sales this year versus 50% in 2013 when we were down to $3 a gallon. i'm landon dowdy. it's
5:56 am
to those with mental disabilities is asking for help. they did not receive any funding in the fiscal 2017 budget and the group says montgomery dedicated $12 million to disability providers. >> the ability to pay and retain staff has been significantly diminished. so our group in prince george's county alone is down a million dollars. we support those who also hire those with disabilities. >> the disability provider should work with the state to improve wages paid to the employees since the providers have a contract with the state, not the county. police are looking for the man who grabbed a teenager girl as she walked to school yesterday morning on silverbrook road. she screamed, he ran away and then she says she ran to south county high school to tell of
5:57 am
victim to get a more detailed description of the suspect. and there is a new consumer warning to tell you about. kashi is voluntarily recalling the golean baklava bar because of a mysterious possible listeria contamination. they have best by dates in july, august and september. giant has taken them off the shelves and you can return them for a refund. three clarksburg high school students kill in a crash the night before graduation. there are no ceilings, no limit on any of us, and this is our moment to come together. >> what is ahead for hillary clinton after claiming victory last night? the scare for passengers aboard the europe flight. what happened to keep them from getting a
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, a sheriff's deputy was shot late last night. >> derrick ward is live at the scene now. derrick, what can you tell us? >> reporter: take a look, this is the scene here at the heritage commons townhouse
6:00 am
virginia. detectives are on the scene where a deputy was shot this morning. this is joshua anthony stumford. the original call was for breaking and entering here. when they arrived, the suspect started to shoot at the officer and hit him several times. we don't know the extent of the injuries but we are told they are serious. and they are looking for joshua anthony sumter known to frequent the southern part of safford county. they say he's armed and dangerous and asking anyone who comes in contact with him or know him to get in contact with him. if you do see him, call authorities immediately. still they are piecing together exactly what happened here as we get information on the deputy hit, the extent of his injuries and whatever else we can ascertain from the sce


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