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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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last all that much longer. temperatures now are mostly in the low to mid-60s. and we will see a nice rise in temperatures coming up later on today. my computer of course has decided to take friday off a little early. there we go. sometimes it just takes a little shot in the hard drive. outside 61 in manassas, 65 downtown. next 24 hours will be nice. 66 this morning, 77 this evening. a muggier start tomorrow and there is a chance we may be 90 both days this weekend. it is traffic time. heavier traffic now trying to move out of gainesville into manassas. we had some activity out near the prince william parkway. vdot quickly on scene. now it will just be the sun glare that you will drive into continuing toward manassas into centreville riding toward the beltway. you should find all lanes open. on metro, we've had our issues. green line residual dys
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orange and silver, additional delays both directions due to a signal problem out near west falls church. but we have the ongoing activity with single tracking between east falls church and ballston in place until next thursday. 6:01. right now there is a search in prince george's county for a sex assault suspect. police say the suspect spotted his victim at a metro station. megan mcgrath live how at the new carol tkarcarrollton metro with more. >> reporter: the man wanted in the sexual assault was captured on surveillance camera. the hope is that someone will recognize the man seen in these photos and call investigators. take a look here. we have two photos to show you. the suspect can be seen wearing a red coat with a cross or plus on the back and sleeves. he's also wearing black track pants with a white stripe down the side. now, this attack happened at around 6:45 in the morning, this was yesterday morning. police believe the sus
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carrollton metro station to a business if in the 4,000 block of garden city drive. that's not far from here. at that location, that business, the woman was sexually assaulted. now, we spoke to a woman here at the metro station and she says that it's all very disturbing. she says there needs to be more security not the just here, but in the neighborhood near stations. >> i think they do need a greater police presence. and what is really sad, quarter of 7:00, it was still light. should have been light outside. so that's a little bit alarming. >> reporter: and police say that the suspect and the victim did not the know each other. if you recognize the man seen in those surveillance photo, you're asked to call prince george's county police. back to you. today there will be a hearing for a man charged with attempted rape of a woman on a moving metro train. metro transit police say this
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train near the glenmont station. hicks head her at knife point and tried to rain hig othpe her. police say he may be relatsponse for another assault in montgomery county. two brothers arrested in connection with the death of a man on castle wood place. investigators say decarlow and shawn dickerson was involved in some sort of fight with jabari jones. he was found dwead i said will the house after police came to do a womelfare check. officer goodson's trial resumes today. he drove the van where freddie gray alledgedly suffered a deadly neck injury. prosecutors say goodson gave gray an intentional rough ride pointing to video that shows him running a stop sign and crossing a center. bad for son faces the most serious charges including
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murder charge. his lawyers say gray's injuries were slelf-inflicted. a cyclist has died after being hit by a car. the cyclist pulled out in front of a car on 40 last night and the driver couldn't stop in time. part of the highway near the intersection was shut down for a time. we're making calls to find out the identity of the cyclist. no traffic troubles on this stretch of the connector near exit 3. all lanes back open after a serious motorcycle crash shut down traffic. one person has life threatening injuries. a situation in california, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake near the area of palm springs being felt this morning and people as far west as 100 miles from this area, folks in san diego and los angeles feeling the effects of that. we're checking in with our news
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we're not hearing any reports of dwanlg, so good news there. but again, 5.2 magnitude earthquake being felt near palm springs this morning. back to you. parents are voicing concerns about transgender students at the fairfax county public schools. the board agreed last year to include transgender students in its nondiscrimination policy. that policy includes allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice. parents who oppose the plan say they didn't get proper notice and could not sign up to speak last night. >> they're not giving parents like myself, you're a parent, also, they're to the giving parents a chance to find out about this stuff with why you have tme to speak up. >> the school board did not make any decisions about the issue. we are waiting to hear back from the district to clarify its agenda policy. today d.c.'s mayor will announce a plan to help landlords improve conditions and eliminate hazards on their property. this is a pilot program that offers renovation
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we'll learn more later this morning at a kickoff event in ward 8. a traffic alert if you drive the 95 express lanes. starting today, the northbound 95 express and i-395 hov lanes will close at the 10:00 a.m. for the morning reversal for all weekdays. the early closure means southbound travelers on 95 can enter those lanes around 11:30 one hour earlier than normal. the schedule will remain in place throughout the entire summer. cap and gown are in order for a member of the first family today. we're talking about malia obama. she is graduating from sidwell friends school later today. after graduation, malia will wait a year before she starts at harvard university next fall. president obama says he turned down an invitation to speak at today's ceremony. he said that he'll be wearing his dark sunglasses to hide the tears instead. sometimes you just have to be a dad. >> exactly. he'll be emotional and mrs. obama, their oldest leaving -
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stairs. >> i get sad at my kid graduating kindergarten. a new warning about the zika virus. >> and chuck bell tracking the conditions you'll see during the morning commute. a nice picture. can't make this stuff up. he'll also tell us about a summer heat wave. >> get in your lane. i'm like sir, it's into two, ju trying to show him two lanes. >> a woman caught in the casof road rae ge
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. good morning. a beautiful day to get your friday started. temperatures now are in the mid-60s across the area.
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not too humid yet. and it will be a great day to be be outside today. afternoon high right around 83 in washington. travel conditions, sunny and warm locally. no worries from richmond to boston. if you are flying out of town, miami, ft. lauderdale, minneapolis, chicago, houston area airports all could have some thunderstorm delays. and if you're thinking about going to the beach this weekend, if you're putting the lawn chair in the car, great day today and sunday both look flawless at the he coastline. any shower chance on saturday not until after the sun goes can down. just don't forget your spf. our traffic partner wtop's jack taylor now with an update on the commute. >> we'll deal with the last friday with the metrorail long term work zone on the orange and silver single tracking between falls church and ballston. right now on the green line, residual delays to greenbelt from an earlier train malfunction. also orange and
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directions from a signal problem at west falls church. building volume now south out of frederick on 270. a live look near 109. still traffic moving pretty well headed down toward 121. back into you. 5,000 and he ccres scorched yarnell, arizona. this is the wildfire situation that we have been watching grow and grow. several hundred people evacuated from their homes.tenderfoot fire as either and it's being called only 10% contained. fema has already okayed disaster funding for this area struggling to try to get this under control. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. he put his car in park and took his seat belt off and ran around to my driver's side and he
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>> that is how a d.c. woman says a trip to buy her son shoes turned into a violent road rage incident. markeater holyroyd was driving down south 15th street in pentagon city when a man drove up wibehind her, threw somethin at her car and cursed at her. police say that was timothy due b dubois. he hit her several times and bit her finger. two men pulled the suspect off of her. dubois went back into his car and drove off. she believes he would have really hurt her and her son if someone hasndn't interviewed. >> if this guy had something, he would have hurt us bad. and i'm screaming at him like sir, my son is right here. he was just crazy. >> due proviubois has been char malicious wounding, assault and battery and driving
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influence. a northern virginia man in court yesterday facing charges that he provided material support to isis. mohamed jamal khweis told a tv station overseas that he flew out of bwe to jo wchltbwi to jo hundred decided to defect. he's back in court in alexandria next week. it is the last day for anyone claiming to be an heir of the late singer prince to get their paperwork in. prince died but did not leave a will. court documents list six siblings or half slings as heirs to his multimillion-dollar legacy. the world health organization says women living in areas with zika should consider delaying pregnancy. the virus is rapidly spreading. it could impact millions of couples that live in outbreak
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defects in newborns. s main defense right now is to avoid mosquito bites. 25 people in virginia have contracted the virus and that number is up five cases from last week. mosquitos that can carry the zika virus are found in 40 dat s states and here in d.c. muhammad ali will be remembered by thousands today in louisville at what is sxaekted to be a packed arena. sarah dallof is live with the latest on how ali will be remembered. >> reporter: good morning. in just a few hours, the doors to the aret rerena behind me he open and 18,000 expected to pay their final respects to muhammad ali. ali's advisers say he himself helped plan the funeral over the course of a decade, laying out his desire for it to be open to the public and to people of all faiths. it will begin with a
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procession through the streets of the city. a final drive by his childhood home. and the ali center. inside, he will be eulogized by former president bill clinton, broadcaster bryant gumbel and friend and comedian billy crystal. tickets to the tune ral were handed out earlier this week. they were gone within an hour. no tho for those who didn't get one, the service will be streamed online. >> and we have you covered for all of the tributes. you can see it streaming live in the nbc washington app starting at 2:00 today. you can also watch for an nbc news special report. today harks t marks the fir woke week of safetrack. prince george's county is already looking ahead to the next surge which begins june 18. surge 2 will shut down blue, orange and silver lines between eastern market,
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men minu minnesota avenue. they plan to shuttle commuters on the county bus system. it will be free for county residents and metro plans to add buses, as well. metro is working to improve its communication with passengers. the transit agency is adding to its customer service team to try to provide faster real time responses on social media. metro says it hired four new staffers to answer questions and provide more frequent service updates. metro's safe track program will also commute on the rail over the next year. we are working for you during this disruption. we have your best alternates to metrorail in the nbc washington app. just search "safetrack." it is now 6:17. president obama made history as the first sitting president to appear on "the tonight show" couch. he kicked off the appearance with a fan favorite, slow jamming the new. >> climate change is real help health care is
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>> umm. commander in preach! >> what a title. the president and fallon of course talked about the campaign during the sitdown interview and he made a pioint to focus on th 223 days left in his second term saying he and the first lady's first so that will be somewhere warm. kch can't say i blame him. >> typically go to hawaii so he might not come back. chuck bell is keeping an eye on the warm-up around here coming this weekend. >> that's right. hasn't been 90 degrees since last september and i think we're about to put that streak to an end potentially with back on back days in the 90s over the course of the weekend. for now though on your friday morning, sun is up on a beautiful day outside. going to be mostly sunny throughout the day.
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we have actually been a little behind in rainfall even with all the rain we had in may, we're still technically about an inch to almost an inch and a half now behind average for rainfall this year. about 3 inches behind where we were a year ago. high pressure that brought us the nice weather and cool mornings, that is moving off the east coast of the u.s. as it moves away, the winds come back around to the south and southwest on the back side of that area of high pressure. as a result, guess what lives south and southwest of us, heat and humidity. it's moving in. overnight tonight, you'll notice the change early tomorrow. for today though, sunshine, no chance for any rain. any showers tonight just really a stray sprinkle or two late tonight into the pre-dawn hours tomorrow morning. most of the daylight hours tomorrow will be rain free, although there is technically a chance for a spotty shower or two. best rain chances tomorrow come in after about 9:00 tomorrow evenings. and even that is not a
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than that. so here is your friday forecast then for today, full sunshine, mid-60s now. upper 70s by noon. and low 80s for high temperatures today. a lot of stuff going on this weekend. i'll be running the capital pride 5 k tonight out at congressional cemetery. and then for tomorrow, the pride parade, it's always hot and sticky for the pride parade. temperature temperature 91 between 2:00 and 4:00. the parade steps off at 4:30 and winds through due pobt ap dupom logan circles. sunday likely to being 90 degrees for the festival. jack taylor, did you like 90 degree weather? >> chuck, good morning. we have some delays in virginia 66 headed eastbound rolling into manassas. some activity headed out of gainesville. you will find heavy traffic
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morning on the rails. obviously we've been dealing with the or and silver line single tracking long term east falls church and ballston. we also had heavy rail traffic along the green line earlier. residual delay it is s to greent now back to normal service. orange and silver, signal problem at west falls church. back into you. young child found wandering morning a mile from his school in the middle of the day. the changes the school says it's making to prevent future incidents. but first, how a planned ilash mob w
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welcome back. virginia small business opiusin can apply for low interest disaster loans. the u.s. small business administration says homeowners apre ren and renters are also eligible. people can borrow up to $2 million to repair
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in south carolina at an amusement park, the bpower went out and riders were stuck on this ride for more than an hour. two other rides also got stuck. the fire department eventually got everyone down safely. a building in reston will go up the on the site of the town center office building and it will rise 23 stories. that's 115 high feet higher than anywhere else. the skyscraper may also include shops and restaurants. this weekend there is a fun way for you to help children in our community. a dance mob like the one that broke out four years ago will take over one loudoun plaza tomorrow to take the therapeutic riding center. it teaches special needs children how to ride horses. >> it's like you have to like bend
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need to do to get on your chair. >> more than 400 dancers are expected to come tdonate a dollr each to the center. you can check it out at the one loudoun center. it's expected to kick off at 6:00 tonight. >> pretty cool. >> hard to coordinate all those people to do a dance. >> have you ever ridden a horse? >> no. it looks really hard. >> it's not so hard. >> look at you. >> i've been on the beach with my locks flowing in the breeze. s's been great. p. >> i thought you knew you. you learn something new every day about this one. >> two times. local father turning to us for help after his 6-year-old son wandered away from his kindergarten crass. the changes that school is promising to make. and outside this morning, it was 40s and activities yesterday morning. it's 50s and 60s this morning. likely to be in the 70s by the time we get to sunday
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forecast coming up. plus doing her part to help area women in crisis. the surprise donation made bio practice.
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he was supposed to be in class, because young boy was found walking alone along a busy road. what changes are being put in place to keep something like this from happening again. but first, the storm team is tracking a summer warm-up. right now you're stepping outside to pleasant conditions, but the heat and humidity will be back soon enough. >> chuck bell preparing you for your day and weekend with 4 things to know. >> good morning. happy friday, everybody. these summer fridays feel extra special. hope you've been enjoying the nice weather, but it is good-bye coolness, hello heat and humidity. likely to have our first 90 tomorrow and may have a repeat performance of another 90 degree day coming up on sunday. there are chances for rain over the weekend, but they're fairly low. i'll help detail the timing coming up. for now though, it is only
6:31 am
frederick, 59 winchester, 63 manassas and 63 right now in fair fairfax county, virginia. the next 24 hours will be dry. nice this morning. we'll be in the upper 70s by 7:00 tonight and muggy start first thing saturday morning. school day forecast coming up. good morning, chuck taylor at wtop. >> we'll take a live look at beltway ultimate outer loop top side filling in quickly headed toward georgia avenue. hearing behind this camera shot you may have an accident along the left side of the roadway. state police headed to the scene. 66 rolling eastbound, heavy traffic as you pass the 50 interchange driving into some sunshine. traffic along the left side of the roadway there. also rail troubles this morning on the orange and silver lines, additional delays both directions due to a signal r problem. so delays in the are
6:32 am
fairfax county schools are making changes about. >> a father concerned that his 6-year-old was able to wander away from school. molette green is here with more on what happened. >> this is the parent's worst nightmare. everybody is glad the little boy is okay, though. this morning his father wants to make sure the investigation is taken seriously. pushing for the teacher and teachers aide to be put on paid leave. we're learning about changes coming on londontown elementary school. all this after 6-year-old christian probst says went to the bathroom and when he came back to class, he discovered everybody was gone, they were apparently at recess. christian went to a back door out on to season road off campus and wandered more than a mile away before someone spotted help and called police. >> he get out? i want to make sure that the community is aware to raise the level of
6:33 am
against this happening again. >> he spoke out, the principal wrote a letter to parents promising more vigilance and more frequent roll call before and after recess. 6:33 now. the search continues for a man would police say exposed himself to a teenage girl as she walked to the bus stop thursday morning. this is a sketch of the suspect. the girl says it happened after 7:00 a.m. on fair haven avenue in the alexandria section of fairfax county. the 17-year-old told police that she was walking on the sidewalk when a car pulled up next to her and she saw the driver exposing himself. he drove off in a gray four door sedan. the teen immediately told one of her parents who then called police. today the community is invited to meet with alexandria police to talk about this week's homicide. pierre clark was shot and killed wednesday. tonight's meeting is at the charles
6:34 am
center at 6:30. samuel ellis was sentenced to 20 years this prison with all but four years suspended. ellis lost control of his car and crashed killing alexander murk and calvin li, all three recent graduates of high school. >> this is every nightmare. either having a child go to jail or go to the cemetery. and four years is time for mr. ellis to think about the things he's done. >> a 16-year-old boy in that car also suffered a serious spim injury. a brand new resource center is opening. trails ci tracee wilkins has details. >> reporter: it's supposed to be a one stop shop for all needs dealing with domestic violence, teen relationship, child
6:35 am
families in crisis need and need quickly. inside of this building, there will be folks to help out on the law said, the court side, there will be social services, as well as nonprofit organizations all working with that the 13,000 square foot building 100 yards from the courthouse. now, this is something that the county has been working on for the past 7 year, multiple partners helped to put it together. considering the rise of domestic violence issues in prince george's county, it couldn't have come at a better time. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. so they knew she was coming, but had no clue she would be so generous. oprah winfrey recognized the n street village shelter. she not only served as keynote speaker, but she surprise aed the shelter with a $1 million donation. . the d.c. shelter supports women in a crisis situaon. no one is turned away. the agency provides sh
6:36 am
it serves 1400 women a year. big thank you i'm sure went to oprah for that effort, allows them to do a lot more work in the future. >> still doing a lot of donations and work after her show and everything. fun to see her in d.c. well, picking on the wrong family help the lesson for a would-be robber when trying to hold up this virginia restaurant. making it easier for you to get out of town this weekend. the changes being made along part of i-95 to help you with summer traffic. and a picture perfect morning. a live look as we see the potomac and national harbor. chuck bell getting your kids ready for the changes ahead with thr school day forecast.ei
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don't want to mess with this couple. a man is in police custody right now after he tried to rob the crazy wings restaurant in
6:40 am
you see the video. you see what she did? he pulled out a gun, she grabbed it, fought him off and then the husband came out of the kitchen with a cleaver. he actually cut the guy. the suspect ran away. pooem poli li police didn't have a hard time catching him. >> i think she didn't realize the gun was real. so dangerous. >> a lot of things here you shouldn't do in general. but, you know, worked out for the best for the restaurant. >> glad they're okay. >> don't go to crazy wings looking for trouble. >> the name says it all. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. speaking of crazy. >> what? >> she said it this time, it wasn't me. >> bus going right over me there. i have my honorary lanyard here. i was privileged to be the keynote address speaker yesterday at the city center public charter schooltw
6:41 am
campus. eighth grade graduation. the kids said you can be an honorary teacher and i said i'm a tough grader. so they said see you next year. my advice to the kids, everyone else is already -- i mess up my own advice. it's an oscar wild quote. be yourself. everyone else is already taken. that was my advice to the eighth graders as they go into high school and the peak of peer pressure. outside today, a-plus. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. over to wtop. good morning. two hot spots on the beltway both in maryland, outer loop coming around from 95 to georgia avenue, you have the norm. sounds like or looks like now chopper 4 over the scene that had been near the northwest branch. we believe thousand we may have all travel lanes open. earlier the fender-bender had blocked the lefte.
6:42 am
open, but very slow ride. other problem spot in prince george's county on the outer loop trying to get past branch avenue headed up toward allentown road, the incident blocking two right lanes thousand on the beltway outer loop. tractor trailer leaking fuel. back to you. >> reporter: prince george's county police need your help in identifying a suspect who followed a woman from a metro station and then sexually assaulted her. live report coming up. not in our town. the message richmond police chief wants would be protesters to hear before trump's rally tonight. heated exchanges and some pa parents forced to leave as the school move
6:43 am
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6:45. woor wat we're watching a number of big stories including the search for this man who followed a woman from a about metro station and attacked her. >> one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> and we're off to a mild and dry start. temperatures are in the 60s. but the heat and humidity, they are a coming. your weekend forecast just ahead. a sex
6:46 am
been on the loose in prince george's county for 24 hours. megan mcgrath is live at the new carrollton metro station now where the suspect spotted the victim. what you ccan you tell us? >> reporter: well, police say that the suspect and victim did not know each other. that he saw her at the metro station, followed her to a nearby business and that's where he attacked her. suspect was caught on surveillance tape and there are pretty good photos. take a look. he is wearing a red coat with a cross or a plus on the back and on the sleeves. he's also wearing black track pants with a white stripe down the side. this happened yesterday right around 6:45 in the morning. police believe the suspect followed his victim from the new carrollton metro station to a business in the 4,000 block of garden city drive, so that is nearby. and at that lotion, thcation, t where he sexually assaulted
6:47 am
they want you to take a close look at those pictures. if you have any idea who this man is, you are asked to call prince george's county police. back to you. today tll be a hearing for a man charged with attempted rape of a woman on a moving metro train. police say it happened in april on a red line train near the gasolilenmont station. john hicks held her at knifepoint and forced her to perform a sex agect on him. two brothers arrested for the death of a man in upper parl borrow. decarlo and shawn dickerson were involved in a fight with jabari jones. jones was found dead behind a house after police went to do a welfare check early thursday morning. baltimore police officer caesar goodson's trial resumes today. goodson drove the
6:48 am
where freddie gray suffered a deadly neck injury. goodson faces the most serious charges of the six indicted including murder. his lawyers say gray's injuries were self inflicted. parents are upset about a plan involving transgender students at fairfax county public schools. last year the board agreed to include transgender students in its nondiscrimination policy. the policy includes allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice parents say they did not get proper notice and could not sign up to speak last night. >> to me it is a big deal. i recently went on a field trip with my class and i wasn't even allowed to use the female bathroom at the museum that we went to until all the girls in my class cleared the bathrooms. >> the school board did not make any decisions about the issue and we're waiting to hear back from the district to clarify its agenda policy. a
6:49 am
this point only 10% contained. this has been going on for a few days now. 5,000 acres scorched in the tenderfoot fire. this is in an area about 60 miles northwest of phoenix, arizona. and this morning we are hearing that fema has already okayed disaster funding for that area. again, 5,000 acres scorched and several hundred people forced to evacuate their homes. back over to you. richmond police chief promising there will not be violent protests at tonight's donald trump in the city. these are scenes from california last week. chief durham says officers have been preparing around the clock for tonight's rally at the richmond calcium. the police chief warns anyone who breaks the law at or near the rally will be arrested. bernie sanders is fighting to win d.c.'s democratic primary on tuesday. >> we are standing after having won
6:50 am
>> thousands packed a parking lot outside of rfk stadium yesterday despite meeting with president obama at the white house, sanders says he will continue to fight for issues important to him at the democratic convention in philadelphia. >> i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her, i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> donald trump is a genuine threat to this country. >> hillary clinton has two new key endorsements from president obama and senator elizabeth warren. the president plans to join the clinton campaign on wednesday at a stop in wisconsin. first family probably waking up hum willing the tune of pomp and circumstance this morning. they're getting ready for malia obama's graduation from sidwell friends school. after graduation, pa lee a will wait a year before she starts at harvard in 2017. president obama says he turned down the
6:51 am
the graduates saying he will probably be shedding a few tears out in the audience instead. >> it's an emotional time. he needs to be a dad and take it in. >> do you think they get special seats? >> i'm sure they have security. he's still president. >> you don't think they will put the president in the back row, do you? >> if you don't get there on time, you sit where you sit. >> i'm sure they have a special security area. >> i'm sure they do. >> it's because of security. it's not that he's -- >> only president that sits in the bag, the lincoln booth in that church, he would sit in the back row. that's the only time i think he sits in the back. >> doesn't he know everything? >> you never know what you'll get from chuck. >> fair enough. outside we go here early this morning, it's a great looking start to the day. what should you expect? plenty of sunshine. temperatures back up into the low 80s again this afternoon and
6:52 am
northwest today keeping the humidity nice and low. so sunny and nice on the weather scale for today. but for tomorrow, on into the weekend, shower chances return. not a big chance for rain, just a 30% chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. the big story, it will be way warmer. the warm front coming our way during the overnight hours tonight and by the time you get up tomorrow morning, you'll notice the real increase in the humidity around here. so enjoy today. today's high 79 in gaithersburg, 84 in leesburg, 78 by the bay and edgewater. plenty of sunshine. a couple of mid level clouds around by later this evening and there could be a stray sprinkle or two overnight, that's about it. best chance for rain tomorrow here in the metro between about 7:00 and 10:00 at night. but there could be a stray shower during the day. headed down to the beaches, great weather at the coastline all weekend. any rain chance on saturday is after dark. if you're staying around town, capital pride parade tomorrow, hot and humid. 91
6:53 am
and slight chance for a shower there during the course. and of course the capital pride festival comes up on sunday afternoon. it will be another warm one in, the 90s likely again on sunday. but not as humid and a little breezier. here is that "7-day forecast" then. 90s both days over the weekend, lower humidity and slightly rower temperatures early part of next week. it is a friday morning commute. here is wtop's jack taylor. good morning. big unusual delay down near st. barnabas road, inner loop heavy travel to start down toward the wood he row wilson bridge, outer loop, trouble spots out toward branch avenue. a tractor trailer is leaking fuel. state authorities arrived on scene. right half of the roadway remains closed. now district authorities dealing with this this issue northbound in the
6:54 am
leave the freeway headed up toward d street, report of a downed wire. authorities are saying the left side tied up. this will tie up traffic both sides of the freeway going northbound. back into you. a big birthday celebration for the queen of england this weekend. queen elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday, but this has been going on since april. that's when her birthday really is, but it is celebrated in the hospital of june because the weather is better. today also these live pictures coming in from st. paul's cathedral where they are also celebrating her husband's 95th birthday. this is going to be a three day series of festivities and of course the today owi"today" sho have much more on the queen's 90th birthday celebration. back over to you. a traffic alert if you drive the 95 express lanes. starting at 10:00 this morning, all northbound 95 express and i-
6:55 am
morning reversal. this will happen every weekday so that south bound travelers can get on those lanes an hour earlier around 11:30. the new schedule will be in l e place throughout the summer. someone hit a bicyclist, the washington county sheriff's office says the cyclist pulled out in front of a car on dual highway near cornell road. they say the driver couldn't stop in time. the psych recyclist was killed. maryland transportation authority police say lanes are back open after a serious motorcycle crash shut down traffic last night. one person was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. i'm landon dowdy. uber does an about-face. it will now let users of its x service reserve rides up to 30 days in advance. last year the company said that it had no plans for scheduled rides, but
6:56 am
offing them. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. 6:56. here are 4 things to know this morning. the world will pay final respects to muhammad ali today in louisville. former president bill clinton and actor billy crystal will be among those giving eulogies. wildfire in arizona has grown ten times in size. it's now burning more than 5,000 acres near the town of yarnell. firefighters say they have the fire 10% contained. hillary clinton and donald trump bring their campaigns to d.c. today. clinton will speak in northwest washington at noon. donald trump will also be in northwest for a speech and then travel to richmond for a campaign rally. and right now police in prince george's county are looking for the man you see this this these photos. they believe he sexually assaulted a woman in landover early yesterday morning. and your check of the "7-day forecast," 80s today with sunshine and low humidity. slight chance for an afternoon storm tomorrow, 92.
6:57 am
sunday afternoon it will turn breezy and humidity will start to fall. so the ride parade will be a steam bath, the prize festival wi pride festival will be nice. enjoy them both. >> thank you, which you can. that chuck. that is the broadcast. >> the "today" show is next. we'll have -- >> sometimes the director speaks in our ear and it makes you stop for a second. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with with your weather, traffic, any breaking news. >> he said 20,
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. clinton's secret weapon. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud. >> one day after receiving her endorsement, nbc news has learned that hillary clinton will meet with massachusetts senator, elizabeth warren, this morning. is warnen on the v.p. short list? the zika warning. will more funding be able to stop an epidemic? life after late night. david letterman opens up for the first time since leaving his show. >> i couldn't care much about


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