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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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after a show. grimmie was a former contestant of "the voice." she finished third on team adam. the vigil will be tonight in her hometown in new jersey. "news 4 your health," teens who use ecigarettes are much more likely to smoke cigarettes as a young adult. that is according to a study from the university of southern california. they followed a group of 11 and 12th graders for more than a year. students who reported vaping were more than six times more likely to have begun smoking sdret cigarettes by the age of 18. experts say more research is needed. oh, rmy gosh. people are getting shot, dude. >> i don't know where my son is. no one can tell me where my son is, if he's been shot, if he's dead. no one knows. >> it's being called a hate crime. domestic terror.
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american history. >> it is with great sadness that i share we have not 20, but 50 casualties. >> and this morning we're learning more about the man behind it all. >> it's been reported that mateen made calls to 911 in which he stated an allegiance to the leader of the islamic state. >> i'm aaron gilchrist in orlando. as the investigation here continues, this community is trying to come to terms with a historic loss of life. how they're coping with this tragedy, just ahead on news 4. >> i thought i was going to die, like i didn't know if i was going to come out alive. >> and this morning, stories of horror turned heroism continue to unfold. as the nation lends its support. ♪ we shall overcome, we shall overcome ♪ good morning. i'm eun yang. >> an
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aaron gilchrist who as you saw is on assignment in orlando. >> we want to show you the emotional cover of the orlando sentinel which reads our community will heal. we have team coverage for on you this tragedy still rippling through florida as well as the nation. >> so many to figure out how this could happen, how they can begin to heal. megan mcgrath has the greatest on what people here in our area are doing to help. and aaron gilchrist is in orlando as we mentioned this morning with more on the investigation. >> but first we want to check in with chuck bell to get an update on our forecast. how is it looking, chuck? >> so far so good. it will be a beautiful day to be outside for today. so long to the 90s after two days in a row over the weekend 90 or higher, no thints in the near future. a cool dry breeze back in place. right now it's all the way down to 55 in winchester, 65 here
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washington. a nice northwesterly breeze up to the 15, 20 mile-per-hour range. but low humidity air in place. low 60s here this morning. 7:00 tonight, mostly clear sky. temperatures mid-70s. and with a few more clouds around, we'll be in the mid-60s to get your tuesday started. tuesday looks dry, too, but rain chances start to sneak up later in the week. more about that part of the forecast coming up. now over to the glass enclosed nerve center where jack taylor is still filling in for melissa mollett. we had the work zone just about wrapped up inside the beltway 66 east, last two vdot trucks will clear by the time you get out on the road. 15 late to clear out with the paving. we have a little delay south of point of rocks headed down toward leesburg. hopefully clearing things out. paving going on two spots first one south of the bridge town near st. clair lane, the other down near
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wrap-up stages by the time you hit the roads. developing this morning, the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 50 killed, 53 more injured at pulse night club in orlando, florida. 21 of those killed have now been identified. >> and authorities are now piecing together more information about the shooter, omar mateen, but what they don't know is why. those close to him say seeing two men kissing in front of his family may have set him off. >> team coverage continues with aaron gilchrist. he is in orlando for us with more on what is to come throughout the day. >> reporter: this is the first monday after what was an historic shooting incident here in orlando. we know in the day ahead there is at least one large community vigil planned to the evening tonight. but through the day we hope to get more answers from law enforcement about their investigation and what they have been able to uncover about the real motive behind the shoo
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left 50 people dead, another 50 plus people injured in hospitals across orlando. we did stop last night at a few places around town where people were gathering. some of the gay night clubs here in orlando still open for business last night. a lot of the patrons saying that they felt the need to be around other people. they wanted to be together. this is a community that of course is quite sad today, there has been gathering where people are hugging and crying together, trying to comfort each other. at the same time, there is an effort i think to show resilience, to say that despite what happened here in the early morning hours of sunday, this community still wants to show that it is strong, orlando strong is a hash tag trending on social media. so this community trying to show that as they move forward from this, they expect that there will be additional vigil, additional gathering of people throughout the week here. families will continue to gather to try to get more information about the victims. we know that there have been a few locations set up for families to get that information and for them to
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days more of sadness and pain for families here in orlando and for the orlando community and gay community in particular here. but the resounding message we're hearing is that they do intend to bounce back from this. we of course will be here throughout the day and reporting later on for nbc 4. i'm aaron gilchrist in orlando. and i'm david culver from the live desk this morning. right now the pulse club remains blocked off, it will stay that way for several day as the investigation continues. but overnight, we do know crews began removing the bodies of those killed. it's part of the agonizing process in identifying the victims. orlando officials overnight have been posting the names of the deceased on its city website. we know 11 names were added overnight alone. those identities being released as the families of those killed are notified that their loved ones are in fact hokct among
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he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. that's the only examination that i could give. he was obviously disturbed. short tempered, violent and physically abusive, that is how the orlando club shooter's ex-wife describes her former husband. more from her in about ten minutes. but right now, here's what we know about the mass murderer. form co-workers describe omar mateen as toxic and racist. they reported him to the fbi twice because of the comments he made about radical islamic propaganda. law enforcement tells nbc news the 29-year-old swore allegiance to isis moments before the rampage. his father says the sight of a same-sex couple kissing in front of his family recently set him off. and we're working to find out whether federal agents learned anything froming the shooter's home. they cleared the area last
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trying to determine whether terrorism, hate or both pushed mateen over the edge. >> this was an act of terror and an act of hate. >> president obama calling the tragedy in orlando an attack on our fundamental values as americans. he promised his support and called for reform. kristin wright is live at the capitol where gun control is once again top of mind. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the gun debate rages on absolutely as we expect all sides involved to somehow find a way to use will tragedy to make their point. we have a picture we want to show you here of president obama being briefed on the orlando massacre. this morning we are all learning more about omar that teen oha m weapons. he had and
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rifle. mateen bought the rifle legally in florida last week. it has become the gun of choice for mass shooters. san bernardino, sandy hook, colorado movie shooting. president obama said orlando is another reminder of how easy it is for the wrong person to get their hands on a powerful weapon like this. >> we have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be. if we to nothing, it's a decision, as well. >> reporter: mateen was flagged by the fbi at one point, but cleared. so we'll certainly hear various proposals in congress on gun legislation coming up later in thehour, we'll tell you about one specific one just announced. back to you. >> reporter: people in our area are looking for ways to help the victims in orlando. blood drives today are expected to be crowded. i'm megan mcgrath, a live report coming up. our coverage of the deadlieas
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nation continues from orlando this morning. a live report on the scene still active at the pulse night club in just minutes. and chances are you had the air blasting in the car this weekend, but that might be different on your way into work today. a closer look with chuck bell. >> i looked over and i saw bodies falling, people screaming. >> i thought i was going to die. like i didn't kno w
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you're looking live right now at a picture of the flag at the u.s. capitol flying at half-staff in wake of the horrific mass shooting this orlando. this morning we continue to follow the latest developments out of florida where the orlando community is reeling after 50 people were killed in what is now the deadliest mass shooting
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a live report from orlando in just minutes, but first let's check in with chuck bell with a look at our forecast. good morning. it's indeed a pleasant start outside. a cool front came through late yesterday and now all the cool dry air is back this plack in p quiet weather will be the rule today. so sunny today locally and regionally. flying, houston, dallas/ft. worth, minneapolis and perhaps milwaukee might be the places badly impacted by weather today for delays. your commute around town, just a lovely day. sunshine and beautiful. mid-60s for the ride in this morning. and temperatures near 80 for the ride home later on this afternoon. looks like we don't have anymore 90s to worry about, but there may be raindrops before the week is over with. more about that coming up. let's go over to jack taylor. good morning. 66 inside the beltway into falls church, the work zone cleared out near washington boulevard. l
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early delays. headed inside the beltway itself. otherwise 495 looking good. inner and outer loops, all travel lanes are open early. woodrow wilson bridge should find everything open. all is green early this morning. that's the way to start out a monday morning. back into you. instability, sickness, he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. >> that is the woman who may know the orlando club shooter pretty well, his ex-wife. sitora yusufiy says omar mateen is a sick person. they were only together about four months before she filed for divorce. she said she is, quote, angry to be of a fiaffiliated to someone who could cause so much harm. >> everything that i stand for to not have that,
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anything, i was so hurt and heartbroken for the people that lost their loved ones and families that are now suffering. the people that are wounded, that are healing. >> yusufiy says that mateen was both mentally and physically abusive during their marriage. she says it has been nearly a decade since she's communicated with mateen or his family. as dozens of victims are being treated in orlando, authorities are making an urgent plea for blood donations. this was the scene at a blood bank in orlando just hours afte the shooting. megan mcgrath is live for us this morning with how people in our area can help. megan. >> reporter: well, good morning. we're here at the red cross' national headquarters on e street. if you look behind me, you can see the flag out front flies at the half-staff in honor of the victims. many around the country and here locally are looking for ways that they can help. and many will give blood today. there are four blood drives here locally o
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crowded. take a look at the locations. you can come here to the donation center on e street, g rockville donation center, the alexandria chapter house, there is also going to be a donation center at the fairfax location on prosperity avenue. all of these taking place beginninging later on this afternoon. the red cross has extra donation trucks, they at the ready on standby in case they are needed because when tragedies like this happen, many people want to help, did what they can even though they're hundreds and thousands of mile away. and giving blood is one way that they can do that. so four blood drives happening in our area later today and we'll have that information with the exact times coming up here a little bit on our website. i'll have that information next team time we speak. back to you. and our team coverage
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joins us live from orlando. i know you're right outside one of the hospital where is some of the 53 people hurt were taken. it's still early in the investigation, but what can you expect to learn this morning? >> reporter: well, this is going to be a very busy day and it will be a very long and be painstaking investigation. they're trying to determine what caused the gunman to open fire and injure 53, killing 50 people. his father gave someclues. he told nbc news that recently his son saw two men kissing and became enraged and that may be why he targeted a guy club. he had been investigated two times earlier by the fbi, once in 2013 for alleged comments he made about terrorism, and then a year later he was questioned about a relationship he had briefly with a man who was american who went to syria and became a suicide bomber. both thoseca
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they say they found no evidence of any direct link to terrorism. made teen owi mateen moved to florida more than ten years ago with his family and was a security guard. again, this is the beginning of a long investigation. back to you. >> leanne gregg live from orlando. thank you. and from the live desk, we're learning dozens of vigils have planned for the next several days. despite our distance from orlando, no doubt many of you eager for the opportunity to come together today organizers planning to remember the victims in baltimore as well as in hampton roads. tomorrow there is one set in richmond. we have tweeted out a link with a site that lists the planned gatherings of remembrance. back to you. and we will be staying on top of this tragedy and its developments minute by minute this morning. right after "news 4 today," there will be a special edition of the "today" show on the
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terror in orlando. the time is 5:19. how about we put a request into have great weather to start off the workweek. >> wouldn't that be nice? chuck bell telling us more about what we can expect. >> request approved. absolutely right. i would love to tell you that it would be like this all the way through the summertime, but i suspect that july and august we won't have these little breaks in the humidity that we get to enjoy for today. outside, a gorgeous early morning sky there over washington this morning. a lot of the early color. sun not up until 5:42, but these are some of our earliest sunrises of the year. cool breezes are back in fashion. plenty of sunshine today. and unlike over the weekend, both highs in the 90s on saturday and sunday. today we will not get that warm. in fact you'll really notice the difference on your way out the door this morning. temperatures are 10, 15 as much as 20 degrees cooler this morning than the same time yesterday morning. so over the weekend, it was hot and humid with the first 90s of
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but today and tomorrow, sunny and nice. low humidity, a bit of a breeze outside for today. no chance for rain. could actually use rain, we're a little behind in rainfall for the year. but there will be rain chances coming our way later in the week. right now, though, it is a nice one. 57 in winchester and luray, 67 in manassas right now. 61 degrees up in damascus. temperatures 50s and 60s the next couple hours. mid-70s by lunchtime and afternoon temperatures today mostly up into the low 80s for a brief time and then back into the 70s by early this evening. perfect night for baseball, cubs are in town for a very important series. hopefully they don't do to us like they did last time in chicago. on your way to the game, upper 70s, first pitch 7:05. game time temperatures low to mid-70s. perfect weather to be outside. so "7-day forecast," 82 today and tomorrow. a little bit on the breezy side this afternoon. northwesterly wi
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miles per hour. small chance for rain back on wednesday, but the best chances for rain this week will be coming up on thursday and friday. and notice there no 90s anywhere in the next 7 days. >> 95 down around the prince william parkway getting heavier into springfield. some brake lights, but that's it. purely volume. nothing in your way so far. same trying to get out of tread rick moving south on 270. a few more cars, but no real delays. just an occasional brake light. nothing wrong through germantown headed toward the lane divide p. all lanes are available. entire trip frederick south headed toward the beltway itself, should find everything available to you. back into you. gone too soon. just days after three teens were killed in a gruesome accident in damascus, family and friends prepare to say good-bye. and new details in the murder case against oscar pistorius. what we just learned about his
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the live desk. >> it was an act of terror and an act of hate. >> please stand and join in a moment of silent reflection on this tragedy. >> keep us in your prayers and hopefully this madness will stop. >> join us. ♪ we shall overme,co
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5:26. today will be the funeral mass for a clarksburg high school student killed in a crash with two friends. patrick's viewing and funeral will be at st. john neuman catholic church. last week they were riding in a
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the road and slammed into a tree. all three teens died. today the man who hit multiple people with his car on few year's day will be sentenced. malik lloyd was drunk when he jumped the sidewalk and hit a pole. lloyd fled guilty to dui, felony assault and destruction of property in march. 13 people were hurt. a second sentencing hearing under way right now for oscar pistorius. the double amputee will go back to jail possibly for the next 15 years. pistorius had been serving house arrest for shooting and killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2014 and then in december, a panel of south african supreme court judges actually raised it from manslaughter
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dafvid culver back with you from the live desk. breaking news, we're hearing from international feeds that omar mateen, the orlando mass shooter, is being islamic state radio one of the soldiers of the caliphate in america. he's injured 53, killed 50. 21 victims identified overnight. those names posted to a city of orlando website where they're updating them after they have notified the loved ones that their relatives are in fact
5:31 am
the delicate task of removing the bodies from the pulse night club has tip tipped and likely to continue through the day. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist who is on assignment in orlando. chuck bell telling us about a nice refreshing change to the workweek. >> good morning. welcome to monday morning, every. the four things you need to know about the forecast before you make your plans today, dry air back in place. that humidity is gone. that lovely breeze that returned yesterday afternoon, that sticks around for the day today, as well. no more 90s for now. there is a chance for rain later in the week. could be heavy. i'll detail more about that coming up. for now your monday morning planner off to a breezy and sunny start, lots of great color in the sky alr
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morning. afternoon highs up into the low 80s. we'll be detailing more about that rain chance coming up. jack taylor's turn now here on the show. good morning. >> good morning. headed out of frederick 270 southbound, plan ahead. a little bit of a delay, just volume heading down the hill toward the scale. same 95 north out of dale city. you're a little crowded passing the prince william parkway with merging traffic. nothing wrong beyond lorton. being a cross 14th street bridge, everything vstrange to y available to you with all lanes open. senator bob casey will unveil new gun legislation in reaction to the orlando shooting. casey's bill would ban people convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes are owning guns. he's expected to introduce it
5:33 am
later this morning after meeting with lgbt community leaders in pittsburgh. >> he texted me at 2:06 and said mommy, i love you. in the club, they're shooting. that was at 2:06. trapped in the bathroom downtown. please call police. i'm going to die. call them mama, now. i'm telling -- i'm in the bathroom. he's coming. i'm going to die. >> that was nina justice, the mother he haof eddie justice, describing a text exchange with her son who was in the pulse night club in orlando. that would be her final conversation with him. in this next exchange, she described how her son says he was trapped in the bathroom with the gunman. >> i asked him was he hurt. and he said yes. i said are some of the people hurt. he said yes. and i said what bathroom are you in. he said the women's bathroom. and then he said hurry, he's in
5:34 am
he's a terror. and then i asked him in the men's bathroom. and he said no. >> she called police and alerted them of what was happening. officials in orlando confirmed late last night that her son eddie was among those killed in the shooting. an indiana man is behind bars this morning after police found three assault rifles and chemicals used to make explosives in his car. 20-year-old james howell's arrest came just hours after the shooting in orlando. a police chief initially tweeted howell said he wanted to, quote, do harm at l.a.'s pride event, but she later corrected her tweet to say that howell said he was going to the parade. one witness describes his interaction with him. >> as soon as i looked at him, he came out the car, started running across the street and started hiding in between the trees and bushes. and weke
5:35 am
about a whole long minute and then i guess he kind of got very nervous. >> the fbi says the arrest has no connection to the attack in orlando. >> and that attack in orlando, that the shooting now ranks as the deadliest single day mass shooting in the united states history. it passes the shooting at virginia tech back in 2007, that is when a 23-year-old student shot 32 people to death before killing himself. 17 others were injured. it is now 5:35. today a fellow police officer could testify in the murder trial of baltimore police officer caesar goodson, goodson is charged with second degree murder in freddie gray's death. officer william porter was compelled by a court to testify against goodson. last week a medical examiner testified that had gray suffered a catastrophic neck injury in the police transport van last year. goodson was the driver of the van. the defense claims gray's injuries we
5:36 am
right now prince william county police need to find this man. take a look. this is emerson duron, last season saturday morning on a sheets oig in woodbridge, he was carrying a black backpack with a pink and red pattern. and d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting, this one in southeast. just after midnight, officers responded to reports of gunshots on f street. when they arrived, they found 23-year-old antonio leach had been shot. he died at the hospital. police are now offering a $25,000 reward for information on a suspect. three people were seriously hurt after a chain reaction crash in montgomery county, this happened on look wolockwood dri. a driver hit two people and several cars. one of those cars hit another car. the truck ended up on its side and firefighters had to rescue that driver. two pedestrians and the driver are in the hospital now with serious injuries. it's
5:37 am
take a look at this tire in manassas. it happened at an apartment building around 11:00 saturday night. no word on how it started, but we know two people had to go to the hospital. 40 people were displaced because of all the damage. today the subject of a multiagency meeting in washington, the washington council of governments will bring together more than 100 businesses to figure out how to restore metrorail's represent pew tags and reliability pmt representatives from other transit agencies will also be at the meeting. metro will also be the subject of a prince george's county council meeting today. general manager paul wiedefeld will provide the council with a briefing on transportation issues. metro's second surge of the safe track program will have a big impact on prince george's county. surge two will shut down the blue, orange and silver lines between eastern market, benning road and minnesota avenue. that will begin on june 18. yesterday's shooting is
5:38 am
shifting the tone on the campaign trail. how the candidates are reacting and how the tragedy is changing some of their plans. if you've stepped outside this morning, you probably already notice it's a lot less humid. look at that beautiful picture. chuck bell says the weather should stick around today. a closer look at that. it's all a blur. >> i want to wake up. >> i know it's a very hard final for many people in our state. >> they were beautiful people.
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pittsburgh penguins dominate in the playoffs. this morning they are holding the stanley cup. hurts a little bit, i have to admit. they took out the caps of course and finished out the sharks in the finals last night. >> the penguins' fourth championship. fans crowded the streets, but it seems the celebrations for the most part were peaceful. at least we lost to the champions. >> i don't know. still -- it's like you know, they're the cowboys of hockey. i can't root for the penguins ever. it's hard. >> we'll move on. to chuck bell, we can root for you. >> we love you. we love this breeze. >> and you're forgetting that
5:42 am
so today is the day we ask him for a raise. because he's in a good mood. >> good call. >> shorts, t-shirt and sunblock, that's all you'll need for the kiddos this morning. mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s now with a lovely northwesterly breeze out there. temperatures today hovering in the upper 70s and low 80s. plenty of sunshine. we all know it can't last. i'll let you know when the changes next. let's go over to jack taylor. we have a little bit of a delay on 95 this virginia. just volume. up near the prince william parkway. nothing wrong. should find all the travel lanes open. metro another monday as we ride the orange and silver line with single tracking, long term work between east falls church and ballston. camden line marc, running 20 minutes late. otherwise brunswick and penn running without any kind of a delay. time is
5:43 am
tragedy in orlando. that show support is next. and another tragedy in florida over the weekend, shooting death of a singer who gained fame on "the voice." how friends and family are honoring christina grimmie later today. it's a blur. i wish like i could still wake up from it, but i can't. >> they were beautiful people.
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we're following the newest developments in the orlando club shooting. coming up, we'll hear more from people who worked closely with the gunman and what he they feared most about him. and outside this morning, a beautiful sunrise taking place over the nation's capital here early on a monday m
5:47 am
outside today. complete check of the forecast today and for your week highway r ahead, that is coming up. the face of hate, violences we will love one another. >> the president addresses terror at home. news 4's chrkristin wright is l on capitol hill with new talk today of gun control reform. kristin. >> reporter: yeah, flags flying at half-staff. today senator bob casey of pennsylvania will announce his proposal for new hate crime and gun legislation. senator casey is expected to make this announcement in pittsburgh today. the proposal comes after orlando and a series of mass shootings. shore senator casey is proposing that those committed of misdemeanor hate crimes be banned from buying guns. he m
5:48 am
leaders in pittsburgh and then will lay out this plan at press conference afterwards. omar in a teen omateen had been investigated more than once but cleared. he bought the rifle he used in the shooting legally. >> kristin wright live from capitol hill. thank you. former co-worker describes omar mateen as tox i itoxic. daniel gilroy said the shooter was loud, very excitable and racist. working with mateen was difficult and gilroy said he asked for a transfer. >> he was scary in a concerning way. and it wasn't at times. it was all the time. >> investigators are still trying to determine whether terrorism, hate or both pushed mateen to kill 50 people and injure 53 more insi
5:49 am
it's 5:48. tributes are pouring in for the victims of the orlando club shootings and their families. >> hate will never win. together we have to -- >> that's how the tony awards started last night, the theater community in particular wants victims for know they're not alone. >> this tragedy is our tragedy. theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, it's embraced and is loved. >> after the tribute, "hamilton" went on to win 11 tonys. just one short of the record. the orlando shooting is having an affect on the race for the white house. today both donald trump and hillary clinton are shifting the focus of their speeches in reaction to the attack. edward lawrence is following this story for us from capitol hill. so what we are expecting to hear from both sides
5:50 am
>> reporter: yeah, the response to the shooting actually started out the same for both of the candidates, but first let's deal with hillary clinton. hillary clinton tweeted out that her thoughts are with with knows affected by the horrifying agent. she went on to say that we need to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and other violent criminals. secretary clinton says that she will further address in an event in cleveland what sheps she would take to head off this kind of thing in the future. donald trump started out on twitter offering condolences saying he's praying for all the victims and families but then caused a social media storm for taking credit for his radical islam claims calling for more toughness and vigilance. this will change the rhetoric going forward. >> and what about bernie sanders? he wants to talk about this, as well. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders spoke to reporters last night in vermont. sanders says that we must crush and defeat isis. he said that because the shooter has pledged allegiance to
5:51 am
in a 911 call that he made right before the shooting happened in orlando. senator sanders says that we need to close the loophole for gun control. >> edward lawrence live on capitol hill. >> gun owners understand that we have to do everything that we can to prevent guns from falling into the hands of people who should not have them, and that means expanding the background check, it means doing away with the gun show loophole, it means addressing the strong man provision. i think that there is a wide consensus to move forward in that direction. >> reporter: sanders says he will continue with his campaign right up through the convention. edward lawrence, back to you. >> edward, thank you. it's 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. looks like it's shaping up to be a nice day. >> and someone standing by with a look at the next seven days. hi a, chuck. >> good morning, everybody. a great looking start
5:52 am
sun already up. these wonderful long days, 14 hours 51 minutes of sunshine for today. northwest winds showed up yesterday mid-morning. they continue this morning. we're 10 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. plenty of sunshine and highs today back in the 80s. it is 25 degrees colder now than at the same time yesterday morning in winchester. you will really notice the difference on your way out the door this morning. weather front pushed all the heat and humidity away from us and we'll be at or below average for the next couple of days even with all the sunshine. here is future weather. all sunshine all the time to your monday. a couple of fair weather clouds rolling in overnight, no chances to rain today, tonight and even tomorrow should be a mostly dry day. although there will be a couple extra clouds around tomorrow and there could technically be one or two spotty showers up across parts of northern maryland. because rain chances tomorrow
5:53 am
as we get in to the day wednesday, here is future weather on wednesday morning, temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s. but clouds and rain chances back. not a washout on wednesday, but looks like a pretty steady chance for rain as we get towards thursday and friday. those are likely to be the rainiest two days of the week. here is your "7-day forecast." 82 today and tomorrow. breezy and sunny today, a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. again, a little chance for rain coming back on wednesday, but thursday and friday are looking a little bit on the soggy side. that is actually good news. we could use the rain around here. and raindrops always keeps out of the 90s. now a check on traffic. good morning. 270 south bound out of frederick, nothing wrong but building volume getting south of 85 to urbana. en121, traffic flies. 66 starting to crowd up eastbound getting into manassas. no trouble out of
5:54 am
beginning to build. hearing through twitter we may have a trouble spot this montgomery county along 410 near piney branch road. more information coming up soon. it may an water main break. a photo we saw showed an enormous amount of water on the roadways. 5:54. there will be a candlelight vigil for the woman killed in another deadly shooting in orlando this past weekend. 22-year-old christina grimmie was shot and killed friday night as she signed autographs after one of her performances. grimmie was a former contestant on "the voice." she finished third on team adam. the vigil will be tonight in her hometown in new jersey. "news 4 your health," teens who use e cigarettes are much more likely to smoke gets as young adults. that is according to a study from the university of southern california. they followed a group of 11th and 12th graders to more than a year. the students
5:55 am
were more than six times are more likely to have begun smoke cigarettes by the age of 18 than those who didn't. experts say more research is needed. today he developers will clear the way for massive new construction in the heart of tysons, virginia. a wrecking ball will drop into enterprise building right neert greenbelt metro station. this will happen around 9:30 this morning. in its place, developers are planning to build what they are calling the boro. it will include shops, offices, park spaces and flagship whole foods. good morning.. i'm landon dowdy. apple kicks off its annual developers conference today with a key note speech by ceo tim cook and the company is widely expected to unveil a new operating system of its software upgrades and new hardware for the apple watch and mac. and most are expected to
5:56 am
improvements for siri. team coverage of the orlando shooting continues. >> the latest there orlando as well as what people in our region are doing to help. >> but first some of the sights and sounds stretching from orlando to washington of a it whatever is now the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. ♪ we shall live in peace, we shall live in peace ♪ >> you will not break us. we are better people than this. >> people were screaming help me, help me, i'm trapped. >> people start screaming and the sound doesn't stop. people start falling. you realize it's not a show anymo anymore. at that point, i realized i needed to get out. >> just in the club and now
5:57 am
♪ we shall liver in peace some day ♪ thank you so much. did you say honey?
5:58 am
is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast right now we're watching developments out of orlando in the wake of the deadliest ma
5:59 am
you're look live at the scene in front of the pulse night club where an active investigation is under way at this hour. we've learned several developments about the tragedy while you were sleeping. crews are slowly recovering the victims' bodies from the club. and now they're working to identify all of them. at the same time, we're learning many of those victims' names and more about who they were. police say omar mateen killed 50 people. while investigators are trying to learn more about him, we're finding more about the possible ties to isis. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell on a quiet monday morning here in washington. so long to the 90s. we made 90 or better both days over the weekend. today a nice northwesterly breeze about 15 to 20-mile-per-hour range. so a little breezy at times, but staying dry anol
6:00 am
65 in annapolis, 61 leesburg, manassas and purcellville, 57 in smithsburg, maryland this morning up along the pennsylvania border. so the next 24 hours look this way. just a beautiful way to get the day started. 50s and low 60s on your way out the door this morning. highs today will be in the low 80s by 7:00 tonight. mostly clear skies, temperatures back into the mid-70s and mid-70s to get your day started, mid 60s to get your day started tomorrow. a few more clouds tomorrow, but rain chances should hold off until middle of the week. more about the next rain chance coming up at 6:21. it is time for a check on traffic. let's go over to the traffic partner wtop and jack taylor. >> good morning. takoma park is our trouble spot. according to twitter, would we' seeing most of this on side roads. chopper 4 will head over. outer loop top side from 95 toward georgia avenue,


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