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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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eun yang. here's what we know right now. flooding is one of the major concerns. at least 18 people have had to escape their own homes in one county in florida. there have been several water rescues as well and a number of roads are closed. more than 100,000 people do not have power right now. most of those are in florida, but we could see even more outages as the storm moves across state lines. we just talked to nbc's jay gray and saw the weather is already very strong in georgia, where the storm is centered right now. >> now, this storm may be getting weaker, but it is still quite strong. we're sending our storm ranger 4 to north carolina where a third state is under a state of emergency right now. this truck is incredibly powerful. one of a kind. gives us the ability to track storms literally anywhere. we'll be using it to make our coverage the most accurate it can possibly be. right now, we turn to chuck bell who has the latest track on this storm. chuck, good morning. >> thanks, aaron, yeah, the newest information and so
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came out an hour ago and i've been going through the information and i'm getting more and more confident as i go through the data that our weekend may have very little in the way of impacts in this storm. a different story out of the beaches obviously. we'll be detailing that as we go through the hour. what's new with the storm track is little bit farther off shore. it has a very large wind field. it's breezy around here. most of the wind and east of the bay. the storm could sit off the jersey shore for 3 or 4 days. today, nothing to worry about. plenty of sunshine. temperatures now. low 80s later. washington metropolitan area. heavy rain stays well east of the i-95 corridor. there's a chance we get hardly a drop from i-95 westbound, but still looks like we could get 3 to 6 inches of rain down toward the beaches. a very tight gradient between
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at all. download our nbc washington app. let's good to jack taylor who is dealing with a huge mess of problems. this is not good. it's the baltimore washington parkway northbound. first of all, we've got a big delay that's going to start back near powder mill road, rolling northbound 198. good news what is left in activity northbound was over on the left shoulder, two vehicles, the truck just left. he had been in the median. all your travel lanes are open. the southbound delay with those headlights you are seeing, huge problem. southbound lanes are open but you are still going to find it very heavy and extremely slow both directions. southbound will recover first. northbound, unusual delay. we still have some flashing lights. authorities still have to deal with the accident that is before 197, that the right now over on the left shoulder. that will change soon. just be aware it's going to cost you extra time. 95
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nudge, wink wink, without any kind of a delay. back to you. today kicks off the farewell to summer labor day weekend, but everyone's eyes will be on the weather. we want it get out to megan mcgrth with when you should head out for your holiday. traffic on everybody's mind this morning. >> reporter: that is absolutely right and right now it's looking pretty good. look over my shoulder here. you can see the bay bridge, the head lights, those are folks he had headed eastbound toward the beaches. we're not seeing any traffic delays at all. it's still very early. 353,000 vehicles crossing the bay bridge during the course of the weekend. how will hermine affect your weekend? it's not going to be good as you've heard chuck explain all morning long. high winds, pounding surf, the potential for riptides and heavy rain, all of that saturday evening into sunday and we could see an impact in term of your
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we could see some wind restrictions on the bay bridge. if the win gets high enough saturday night and into sunday, sometimes they restrict the kinds of vehicles that can travel across. those high profile or tall vehicle like trucks will of course be posting updates on our nbc4 app. if you are going to be headed to the beach, the best times to go, take a look, today, before 10:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m., saturday before 7:00 a.m. or after 6 p.m., if you are headed out sunday or monday, go before 10:00 a.m. or after midnight. we are expecting a lot of folks to start hitting the roads here over the course of the next couple of hours, so we are expecting traffic to begin to build. keep in mind, there will be extra police patrols out there on the highways. they will be doing a number of different things, including pulling people over for dui, aggressive driving, seatbelts. bottom line here, give yourself a little extra time. leave early or leave late. ba
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all right. thank you. 5 minutes after the hour and right now an investigation is under way after a derailment at a virginia storage yard. at least one train went off a nonpassenger track at alexandria yard last night around 9:40. no one was hurt there. metro transit police say it does not appear to be affecting any machine systems and trains appear to be running on time in that area. expect some trouble, though, on the red line today. the rhode island avenue station is closed after concrete fell from the ceiling again. the station did reopen yesterday after concrete fell from another part of the ceiling on wednesday. no one was hurt. shuttle buses will be available to take passengers from rhode island avenue to brooke land today. we're following breaking news not far from that station. police are investigating a deadly shooting about a mile from there. we know a man was killed. police haven't said who they are looking for. derrick ward will have a live update for us at about 6:30. stay with us for
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this morning, students at anacostia high school will return to school to learn one of their classmates has died. the 17-year-old was killed in a double shooting yesterday afternoon on 16th street southeast. d.c. police are not identifying the victim. a pizza delivery man was also shot and seriously hurt. one mother had to help her kids with their homework outside because the crime scene was blocking the entrance to her apartment. >> i'm pretty frustrated right now. one, it's hot and my kids have been in school all day. they want to relax and do their homework, they want to eat diner and just do things normally as a normal family would do, but we can't. >> police are offering a $25,000 reward for information on a suspect that leads to an arrest and conviction. now, to a developing stoirg in laurel. howard coin police are investigating a double murder there. they found two people dead inside a home on queensguard court last ni
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has been taken into custody. we want to show you some video from the scene overnight as detectives collected evidence from that home. police have not identified the victims or the suspect. a uva fraternity is moving forward with its $25 million lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. a virginia judge denied the magazine's attempt to throw out the lawsuit. it's a widely discredited article that seven fraternity members raped a student in september of 2012. colin kaepernick takes a knee. this time he has some company. he also tried to explain himself. how the football fans are reacting. breaking news, we're keeping a close eye on the weekend forecast as tropical storm hermine moves up the east coast. chucks back when our w iea
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good morning. 10 minutes after 6:00 on a friday morning. after some showers late last evening, things have cleared out nicely and it is a cool, comfortable start to your friday morning. temperatures in the mid 70s around most of the metro area. even some upper 50s in the shenandoah valley. it depends on where you are going to be spending the labor day weekend as to how much the storm will impact. shenandoah valley and the mountains, hardly a drop. almost no impact at all in the shenandoah valley. in and around the d.c. metro, much of the i-95 corridor certainly going to be breezy saturday night into sunday and monday and there's a period of showers possible, but our rain chances are dropping fast here in the d.c. metro area. the chesapeake bay, particularly the lower bay, windy and rainy at times. the delaware and maryland coastline are going to take it on the chin. around here over
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to 50% around the d.c. metro. there's a 20% chance we could get missed by the rain altogether. not so at the beaches. more about the impacts on the coastline coming up in ten minutes. jack taylor with big impacts on our friday morning traffic. good grief. at least at this point, the accident is clear on the baltimore washington parkway. chopper 4 has been on scene for a while and we're tracking the delays northbound. southbound rubber necking delays gone. northbound doesn't look great, unfortunately. we've got very heavy and slow traffic trying to roll northbound. now, 20i7, live look down near 109, nothing wrong. a little volume this morning. also the rail riders, unfortunately with rhode island avenue station is closed throughout the day. shuttle buses will run between rhode
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brookeland. back to you. 6. . 13 right now. donald trump has been king the rounds to defend his immigration speech which fired up his base but disappointed many hispanic supporters this week. yesterday, he was asked about what he would do about undocumented immigrants who have not committed crimes. >> after it's all stabilized, everything is done, the hardened criminals and killers and drug dealers are gone, then we'll make a determination what we're going to do. >> trump also emphasized that mexico will pay for a border wall. after meeting with him earlier in the week, mexico's president said that will never happen. hillary clinton's biggest backers, like vice president joe biden, are taking over on the campaign trail. it looks like the democratic nominee spent most of the past month fundraising. new totals showed that clinton raised a combined $143 million last no -- month for her campaign and the democratic party. it's the biggest
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a maryland blogger is in a lawsuit filed by melania trump. they had retracted one of its articles and apologized for this lawsuit. six people from prince george's head start program are banned from the classroom. three have been fired. the others recommended for termination. the program if you'll remember lost $6 mill in federal funding after an investigation into allegations of student abuse. the board of education has vowed to keep the program going. its ceo released this statement yesterday, saying, quo --te i have taken discipline action against six individuals, including certified teachers, classroom aides, and an administrative supervisor. these individuals will no longer be in front of any child. a baby is inri
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after her mom was attacked by an 18-year-old who said he didn't want to be a father. brothers choked and stabbed the victim in wheaton on wednesday. he intended to kill the woman and the baby. the 19-year-old was six months pregnant. the infant was delivered prematurely. this coming weekend, in memory of officer noah leotta, police held a traffic checkpoint. a truck driver -- a drunk driver hit him during a similar checkpoint last year. d.c. police need your help finding three people who broke into a school to steal electronics. they just released the video. the thieves pried open the basement door in the middle of day on saturto
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equipment into a red car and took off. anybody who thinks they recognize the suspects, they are asked to call police. the zika virus keeps spreading in florida. 49 home grown cases in the state so far and officials are doing pretty much they can to stop the disease. now they are blaming plants though for the problems. they say mosquitos often breed in tropical pants. some in particular. crews have started removing from the ground. officials say they finally caught mosquitos that are carrying the virus. all eyes on northern california today. 20-year-old sex offender brock turner is going free there. he was sentenced for six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a frat party.
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he is being let out for good behavior after just 90 days behind bars. the county sheriff's office is expecting protests especially from people who thought the original sentence was too short. once he's out, turner will be on probation for three years. he will also have to attend drug and alcohol counselling and register as a sex offender. quarterback colin kaepernick says he doesn't want his protest to be taken out of context. he was on his knee during the anthem during the 49ers preseason game last night. this time, a teammate, eric reid also refused to stand. it was the san diego chargers military salute night and his protest was booed. >> we have a lot of issues in this country that we need to deal with. we have a lot of people that are oppressed. we are a lot of people that aren't treated equally, aren't given equal opportunities. >> yesterday, kaepernick pledged to donate the first million dollars he earns this year to organizations that help
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i want to go back to our breaking news this morning. hurricane hermine made landfall around 1:30 this morning in florida. right now, the biggest worries as it is now a tropical storm, are the storm surge and flooding effects from the heavy rains. it hit florida with sustained winds at about 80 miles an hour. the storm is losing strength and expected to drop down back to a tropical storm before pushing down to dpaxt and the carolinas -- georgia and the carolinas. i want to show you cedar key, florida. huge trees toppled over on cars and houses. there are mandatory evacuation orders in some parts of florida, but nbc's gabe gutierrez reports, some people refused to leave. >> reporter: in these conditions, we want
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these island. all these storm are serious, because they are unpredictable and the scary part is when tornadoes spin off of them. >> despite the risk, they have chosen to stay. >> we've done everything we can to prepare and it's too hard to pack up and leave and this is home. >> they plan to ride out florida's first hurricane in more than a decade. gabe gutierrez, abc news, apalachicola, florida. wipt to turn to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who has been tracking this changing storm this morning and looking into the forecast for the weekend. >> i'm getting very optimistic for the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia. i remain pessimistic for the eastern shore and the beaches. after showers last night, what a gorgeous sun rise coming our way. clear sky over washington early this morning. what's the latest with hermine, what's ne
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shore, that brings more dry weather off metro. coastal flooding is an issue and beach impact could last lee or three or more days. it's friday, everybody. plenty of sunshine early. a couple more clouds coming in later today but on the old, a good day for exercising outside. high school football tonight. nothing to worry about. now, as far as the storm, hermine is about 600 miles south of ocean city now and the forecast track brings the storm off the outer banks by early saturday afternoon by late saturday night on to sunday. it's slowing down. by monday, tuesday, wednesday, the storm just sitting off the jersey coast. this is going to be a long
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for us locally, the rain chances are dropping. showers possible but no heavy rain. breezy saturday. could be on the windy side sunday, any flooding concerns are confined to the coastline. breezy, a chance for showers, but a lot of dry hours during the weekend, and then the weather really starts to improve monday into tuesday. i'll give you the ten-day outlook at 6:51 which has blazing heat back in here by middle of next week. it is a slow go on the roads this morning. here's jack taylor to help you navigate it. >> we're hoping it gets better. chopper 4 has been flying over the baltimore washington parkway. state highway is going up there to try to assist. they may block that left lane
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there's a lot more space between the cars. it's getting better. beltway itself relatively quiet. this is a nice friday pace and before the weekend, we should find we've got all travel lanes open. it's been described a mattress on the roadway on the inner loop before you get into the legion bridge. hopefully by the time you get out on the roadway that will be clear. it is not causing any kind of delay. back to you. we have smart phones, smart watches, and now news of a smart belt? what the new technology can do to help your waistline. >> and breaking news this morning. tropical storm hermine starting to cause problems for georgia. jay gray is doing live reports from tis location in savannah for lots of stations around the country this morning. when he started this morning, no rain. now, you take a look here, you can see it's sort of dried out a bit since he was last with us when the rain was really coming down.
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if you are not a fan of the fitness tracker you see everybody wearing on their wrist och times, how about a fitness belt? the device is called a welt and sam supg will begin shipping them next january. it uses a sensor and monitor to measure activity and food intake. it's available for both men and women and will cost $69. >> i don't want to know. >> interesting. just put on a pair of spanks and that will limit your intake. d.c. commuters know they have it rough. >> auto insurance centers found people in our area has it the worse when it comes to money and time. traffic delays cost the average d.c. commuter $1843 every year. that's nearly double the average american who loses about $960 per year.
6:27 am
charles county marylanders have it the worst when it comes to time. they spend an average of 43 minutes commuting. warren county, virginia, made the top ten with an average of a 42-minute drive. rising in the ranks, outgoing d.c. police chief, cathy lanier says it wasn't easy for a woman. she explains how she beat the odds. how a $40 marijuana deal led to a sho
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it is the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade. hermine roared assure as a category one hurricane. now we're getting new video of the storm surge causing massive flooding. >> breaking news in the district. police are working the scene of a deadly shooting. we're live with new developments. d.c. police chief cathy lanier says it is her city but as she prepares to retire, she reflects on her challenges a moment a captain told her this. >> everybody here supports you, but you'll never go past the rank of captain. >> it is
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>> and we're watching it all for you this morning. 6:31 just about now. here at home going to be a sunny start to your holiday weekend. a pretty sun rise there but as we monitor hermine, it looks like it's going to be a rough week at the beach. chuck. >> you bet it is. if you are planning on going to the coastline, just know it's not going to be very good weather for you at all. outside thork what a great looking way to get things started. labor day week will start sunday didn't sunny today, wide impacts. there's a real summer sizzle coming your way. weather under ground temperatures this morning, low to mid 60s under a clear sky. oh, does it feel nice outside this morning. we'll be in the upper 70s and low 80s for high temperatures later on this afternoon. no problems on your friday. friday night football will be good but the farther east you go this weekend, bigger and bigger impacts. i'll show you the latest track coming up at 6:51 as
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between now and then, download our nbc washington app to help keep ahead of the weather. let's go to jack taylor who can help you keep ahead of the traffic. everything is recovered on the bw parkway. news chopper 4 is headed along burrtonsville, you see authorities are on scene. traffic will get by, alternating by one direction at a time. this is 198 west of 29, near all nut lane. we have a crash in virginia, near i-95 northbound. it is northbound on 95 before the prince william parkway. be cautious headed in that direction. we'll keep you posted. crews may be on scene. be careful. red line, single tracking -- excuse me -- shut down the rhode island avenue station, closed.
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d.c. police investigating a deadly shooting in northeast. roads are still blocked in this area of 14th street and saratoga avenue. derrick ward is live now with the latest on this. derrick. >> yeah, aaron. police appear to be wrapping up the scene now of this investigation of this shooting and it was fatal. it happened about 1:00 this morning. this is where police arrived here in the 1400 block of montana. very close to rhode island avenue. ironically it was on tuesday when there was another double shooting not far from here. a pregnant woman was victim of that shooting, she was believed to be an unintended target. they are not believed to be related. we're live in northeast. derrick ward, back to you. a botched drug deal led to a shooting inside mcdonald's
6:34 am
chinatown. according to the "washington post," a 15-year-old shot the 25-year-old man as he was weighing the marijuana to sell. this happened on august 12th inside the mcdonald's restroom next door to the revise on center. the victim still in the hospital. the shooter, a 17-year-old and 20-year-old, are facing assault with attempt to rob charges. she has served the district for decades and soon d.c.'s police chief will face a new challenge. >> the decision to leave didn't come easy for cathy lanier. >> d.c. police chief cathy lanier will leave her post in two week for a new job as head of security for the nfl. she's been on the force for 26 years here almost ten as the chief and her decision to leave was a surprise. even to her. she talked with me about it. >> i was so passionate my whole
6:35 am
doing it somewhere other than here. this is my city. >> chief lanier says she willably that same passion to the nfl a job with huge challenges like super bowl security, player misconduct allegations, and much more. this is a woman who has never backed down from a challenge. like the time she filed a sex discrimination complaint against her colleagues at the d.c. police department. just five years into her career there, she won, but -- >> i remember a captain who i liked very much saying to me at the time i was a sergeant, he said you did the right thing and everybody here supports you, but you'll never go past the rank of captain. and so for the next several years of my career, i took that to heart. because everything above the rank of captain was appointed. he was right, i wouldn't have gone above the rank of captain anywhere in the next few weeks. that was the way the environment was back then. i guess he was wrong. >> chief lanier has become
6:36 am
most popular public official in town and that's because she's out in the community all the time. she shows up and expects her team to do the same. lanier and many others believe this relationship has helped d.c. avoid the dangerous and deadly confrontation between other police departments and their communities. >> i feel very, very good about our relationship with the community, and that stands out the most because of what's happening nationally. i guess the other thing that really stands out to me is the ability to drop the homicides below is 100. >> she will move to new york city after a lifetime here in the d.c. area can and she says she's got to get a whole new wardrobe. remember, she's been wearing a uniform to work every day for 26 years. 6:36 right now. it is no longer a hurricane, but that does not mean hermine isn't a threat. the tropical storm now is slamming the gulf with rain and strong wind. >> beaches are closing across the east
6:37 am
morgan radford joins us live from point pleasant, new jersey. how are things looking there with you? >> reporter: guys, good morning. you can see it looks like a typical sun rise right now. things look pretty calm but not for long. we're expecting a double whammy as we wait for hermine this weekend. you can see behind me at point pleasant beach, all along the coastline, these are red flags. they are asking swimmers not to get in the water. here in point pleasant, they are draining the lake, that's to keep the waters from flooding into the street. just to give you a sense of things. this is now as we expect heavy rains, winds, and flooding to hit this labor day week, dampening a lot of people's plans expecting to get in the water. this is a very busy beach for. be sure to stay tuned to the "today" later on. >> explod
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problem is big enough for samsung to take new action this morning. and deadly shooting at a home in maryland. police say the person that is in custody has a connection to the victims in this case. plus we continue to track tropical storm hermine. chuck is back with more coverage on what you need to know about your weekend weather. the time i
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good morning, everybody. temperatures have cooled into the low to mid 60s across the metro area. even upper 50s on the map this morning. kids going out to the bus stop, nice and comfortable. plenty of sunshine for the first part of the day. highs today upper 70s and low 80s. good weather for your outdoor plans. up to and including high school football tonight and college games tomorrow, the maryland and navy game
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the latest on the track and the timing and the impacts coming up in just a few more minutes. jack taylor has got a lot of impacts in traffic. well, what's happening if you are getting away, 95 going southbound in virginia, just before the prince william parkway, v dot and virginia state police dealing with an accident. a vehicle went hard into the jersey wall. it's causing a bit of delay southbound. this is before the prince william parkway and everything is on the shoulder. back to you. some of you will be back on a shuttle this morning thanks to another metro station shutdown and this time it has nothing to do with safe track. a live picture from sandy point, maryland, if you are planning to head to ocean city this labor day week. we have more team corage on ve
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you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems.
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luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. hermine is now a strong tropical storm. i have the critical changes in the track that could make a big difference on the impact on the beach. >> headed to the beach this weekend. i'm megan mcgrath. i'll tell you the best time to leave to beat the traffic. i'm molette green,
6:46 am
the video of the damage and impact of the flights along the eastern seaboard. our team coverage begins right now. to our top story we go this morning. tropical storm hermine. it was down graded from a hurricane just over an hour ago. it made landfall as a hurricane overnight in florida's panhandle and while it is now a tropical storm, it could still mean a big threat to your week plans. this storm has winds of 70 miles an hour. it's heading inland. the rains is heading back to the east coast this morning. headed to the beach, expect a coastal surge. this morning we begin with gabe gutierrez in apalachicola, florida. >> erika, it was a much calmer situati situation. it's been down graded to a tropical
6:47 am
way to a georgia and carolina. here in florida, tens of thousands of people are without power, especially in the tallahassee area. flash flooding around the tampa area and cedar key. this storm rolled in 1:30 this morning or so. making landfall with winds 80 miles an hour. >> gabe gutierrez. thank you so much. chuck, i know you were on facebook live this morning helping people as they have been planning for their holiday weekend, some folks getting up now at 6:47. what do we know about hermine, where she is going. >> the latest track is more favorable to the d.c. area and points out west of the shenandoah valley. new track, new list of impacts. here's the latest from the national hurricane center.
6:48 am
carolina by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. saturday night into tuesday, the storm slows down and starts hanging around off the jersey coast and then lingers off the jersey coast for several days. this is going to be a long duration event at the beaches. otherwise, around here, not as much of an issue. the impacts, shenandoah valley, hardly a drop, hardly an impact. the d.c. metro, breezy for sure, saturday, sunday and i can't rule out some showers, but showers not heavy rain. the chesapeake bay, windy, rainier at times, especially southern maryland. i'll show you future weather and why i'm more optimistic about our staying dry here in the metro coming up at 6:51. zm labor day is the unofficial send off to summer but as people prepare thoed to the beach they will be keeping an eye on the weather. we'll continue our coverage with tropical storm hermine with megan mcgrath who is live at the chesapeake bay bridge, this
6:49 am
to get out of town. >> reporter: yep, get out of town and beat that traffic. right now it's absolutely beautiful here at the bay bridge. we have a nice cool breeze going on here, but, we, of course, are expecting the weather conditions to take a dive later into the weekend. saturday night into monday, if you are headed to the beach, it's not going to be a great weekend. high winds, pounding surf, and heavy rain but still a lot of folks are going to be traveling to the beaches. they have the reservation. if you want to get there without sitting in all of that traffic, take a look. these are the best times to leave. if you can leave today, before 10:00 a.m., that's great or wait until after 9:00 tonight. saturday, leave before 7:00 a.m. or after 6 p.m. sunday monday, best to leave before 10:00 a.m. or after midnight. we are expecting volume to begin building here in the coming hours on the bay bridge. 353,000 vehicles expected to cross the bridge during the course of this week. it's going to be ve
6:50 am
keeping an eye on the weather. we could potentially see wind restrictions on the bay bridge as the winds pick up later on into the weekend. we'll be updating everybody. you can take a look at our latest conditions on our news 4 mobile app. back to you in the studio. hermine is impacting air travel right now as flyers try to make it out and get to their labor day holiday weekend destinations. we're seeing delays into and out of airports across florida. take a look here at this map and the planes trying to get ahead of the storm. flying shows delays for flights departing and arriving. flights from charlotte airport and south florida, tampa, orlando, and miami, temporarily grounded. before you head out the door to your airport, you might want to check with your airline. that is the lates
6:51 am
back to you. with this powerful storm out there, we have put storm ranger 4 on the road to work for you. it's basically a million dollars worth of weather technology on wheels. it's on its way to north carolina. storm ranger 4 lets us track storms anywhere. we'll keep you posted. we're working for you, keeping on top of everything we can expect from this storm. if you haven't already, now is the time to download the nbc washington app. get alerts about the weather in your neighborhood and wherever you might be headed this holiday weekend from storm team 4. howard county police are investigating a double murder this morning. they found two people dead inside a home on queensguard court last night. a family member of one of victims has been taken into custody. police have not identified the victims or a suspect in this case. you can expect some delays on the red line today. the rhode island avenue station is closed after concrete fell from the station again. the station did reopen yesterday
6:52 am
part of the ceiling on wednesday. nobody was hurt. shuttle buses will be available to take passengers today. chuck joining us on the set. if you are not going out of town, you may have a dry week. >> absolutely. especially west of i-95 to the shenandoah valley, probably not a drop of rain and rain chances in the city are falling dramatically as this storm stays farther out to see. nonetheless the storm is having big impacts down to our south. parts of central florida have pick up more than 22 inches of rain with this storm. someone else who is dealing with heavy rain now is jay gray. he's live in savannah, georgia, dealing with all the tropical troubles. >> reporter: we're thankfully getting a bit of a break. that's how these storms work. we've got these outer bands move through until it gets tighter around the eye of the storm. we've seen intense rain throughout the day. we've seen swirling winds
6:53 am
into the morning and then midday hours. we expect gusts of 40 to 45 miles an hour at the strongest. we expect heavy rains. we're seeing building water in low-lying areas so flooding is going to be an issue. a beautiful city with older trees that means that wind could pull down branches and even perhaps some of the trees with that comes the power lines, so we have crews stamged ready to get in and clean up and get things back up and working once the storm moves through. that's going to take some time. we expect to see those conditions to build through the midday hours throughout and the storm moves up to the east coast. that's the latest live from savannah. no rain, the wind has calmed down. we know a lot more is on the way. >> hard to believe, an hour ago, you could barely see jay for the swirling rain going on down there where he's standing. what's new? the new
6:54 am
very large wind feel field. we'll be dealing with breezy conditions around the metro area. the stopper could be a three to four day event along the beaches. for us today, planning out friday, sunshine now. increasing clouds later. a dry day today. nothing on storm team 4 radar. there are rain showers already in parts of central north carolina, though the center of the storm is still 600 miles south of the ocean city. here's the reason i'm lowering rain chances in the d.c. metro for the weekend. future weather carries the rain into southern virginia by late tonight, early tomorrow. here's 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, no rain in washington, westbound, as we go forward in time, all that heavy rain stays out on the eastern shore. we may be dealing with nothing more than passing showers and breezy conditions around here for the weekend. there's your updated ten-day forecast. passing showers but breezy this weekend. big impacts, of course, at the beaches. we dry out on monday and things get super hot again for the second half of next week. good morning, jack taylor. good morning,
6:55 am
an accident. it's on georgia avenue north of hathaway drive. southbound is completely unaffected. northbound, you'll be under police direction. 95, north of prince william parkway, there's a crash causing a bit of delay. all travel lanes are available. back to you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. samsung is halting sales of its new galley 7 note smart phone. it found 35 cases of battery problems and samsung will offer a global exchange program for phones that have already been sold but it will take two weeks to get replacements ready. with your cnbc report, i'm landon dowdy. here are had 4 things
6:56 am
need to know before heading out door. a man was killed along 14th street and saratoga avenue just before 1:00 a.m. deputies in northern california are preparing for protests right now. in an hour, brock turner will be released from jail after serving three months for sex assault. labor department will release a much-anticipated jobs report today. a positive return could cause the federal reserve to raise short term interest rates this month. hermine is a tropical storm and moving up the east coast. >> impacts are falling as we go through the weekend. it's going to be one big punch to the beaches. if you are going to ocean city or rehoboth, know it's going to be a completely different story there. all the games should go off without much of a problem. on to aaron's favorite story of the day. >> if
6:57 am
you need to get in line behind me at your closest post office today. to mark 50 years in -- since the tv show. there are postage stamps unveiled today. it's expected to draw millions. >> would you like to show the folk your costume. >> can you have -- cuff links. t> if he pushes the buton, we
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. hurricane hermine slams into florida overnight bringing pouring rain, driving wind and violent surf. now a tropical storm passing over florida and then heading straight up the east coast just in time for the holiday weekend. we're live inside the storm zone. >> explosion. investigators trying to figure out why that spacex rocket blew up on the launch pad incinerating a $200 million facebook satellite. this morning why the accident isn't just a major setback for facebook but for the future of space exploration.


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