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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  October 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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right now, on news 4 this week, voting confusion. one county sends out mailers with the wrong polling locations. we're telling how they correct the problem. and staying put, keeping ad we'll explain the news on the economy and traffic. and teamwork at a virginia school that helped to save a student's life. welcome to news 4 this week. hi, everyone, i'm chris lawrence, we start with the confusion over where some northern virginia voters are supposed to cast their ballots on election day. bureau reporter david culver went to arlington to figure out what is behind the problem and
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>> once opened, it's that simple card with your polling place for thousands of voters. the list of voting locations that you see here was actually several miles from these people's actual one. >> all these precincts, the location got printed on the voter cards as the lion park community center which of course is indirect. out, the directors got word, they sent out a corrected letter. >> they corrected the information, new voter cards are on their way if not already at the voter's mail boxes today. >> the thing is, these voter cards don't really matter for the november 8th election, and nonpartisan voting advocates suggest wherever you live, virginia, d.c., maryland, you should check on line. >> whether it's young people or
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where to go. >> she suggests going to your respective state elections website, type in your address and you will find your actual voting place. >> that information is correct, everything in the data base is correct. >> while mine said the lion park community center on the mailer, it's actually the art atrium, as confirmed on the website. and marriott says it in downtown bethesda, which means all the tax dollars and jobs will stay there. >> reporter: marion has been looking to relocate because the current access doesn't allow the car.
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winner, they want to stay here. >> reporter: marriott announced the goal is to have the cutting edge work space for state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, and access to transportation options. together, the governor and state of maryland will split payments amounting to about $44 million in incentives that helped to convince marriott to relocate in downtown bethesda. >> we are told tt and to the state from marriott moving into downtown bethesda is a net $1.8 billion. i promise you that is a great return on the modest investment we will make to help make that a reality. >> reporter: people who own businesses and restaurants in bethesda, nearly 3500 employees
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maryland, a tribute to the state and economy here. exciting news. >> reporter: montgomery county council will begin discussions about the development of downtown bethesda over the next 20 years. they will hold public hearings to hear from supporters and opponents of the plans. >> the traffic around here is abysmal, there is no place to park. >> yeah, some council members are already talking about that, the need for more parking and being overtaken by tall buildings. you heard of smartphones, now smart trash cas are eased out in the district. >> reporter: when is a trash can more than just a trash can? when that trash can is able to tell the department of public works that it's full and needs to be emptied. the ability for it to report when it's full or empty is
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help to make the difference in the quality of life for the entire city. >> to give you perspective, i can put a sensor in the trash can and that's great, it can tell you if it's empty or full and needs to be picked up. but now if i have that information and can see what the typical levels are on a daily basis and i can now switch the trash pickups from your standard pickup that shows up at your house, to better help the transportation department, we're going to achieve likeul effort. >> the smart trash cans will communicate back to headquarters using new wi-fi technology being installed on new street lights, a pilot program of about 80 of the new lights are up and running at the white house, the new l.e.d. lights can be controlled and will self-report when they need to be repaired. in addition to the wi-fi hot spots on the poles, there will be cameras on them used by the
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there will be an app later to help to find parking spaces. >> how strategic can we be about the assets we own? and how can we use our assets this a way that not one or two, but agencies can help the residents faster. >> the new smart light pole technology will be announced tomorrow. bowser is hoping to attract the installation to add cost savings still ahead on news 4 this week, the first lady wows during the final state dinner of the obama administration.
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race car driver mario andretti, and singer gwen stefani performed, and the first lady wore a donna versace gown, and she said she was honored to dress the first lady. and new food options to enjoy during the game, known chef has opened a test kitchen stand on the main concourse, featuring food from the well known restaurants around town. the first featured restaurant is beef steak, other local chefs will feature food as well. and former super bowl champion ray rice speaks out about his high profile domestic violence case. why he wants you to hear his story and what he wants now for
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thank you. the staff at herndon high school just got a huge lesson in teamwork which optioned to save a teen's life. bureau reporter david culver shows us how an officer helped. >> reporter: philip stone was here when the panicked out. >> we heard a call on the radio for the school that said there was an unconscious student on the football field, so all of us responded as quick as we could. >> officer stone, the assistant principal, amanda hudson, and nursing aide, robin weinstein optioned. >> i said all hands on deck.
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>> there really are not words for that, i usually have words but there were not any for that. >> there on the ground, the junior. officer stone started compressions, amanda, began mouth-to-mouth robin prepped. they had been trained what to do, but in that moment it seemed to work just right. they all did something. and together, they kept ethan alive. severe is that? >> he is in cardiac arrest. >> emergency teams rushed him to the hospital, he has been recovering slow, but his mother talked about it. >> the fact he came out of it with no neurological or physical impairments is just unbelievable. >> a mom thankful to the school staff. >> right there at the right time, it's -- you know, we always say god has a good plan
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because everybody was in the right place that thursday morning. >> this group eager to welcome ethan back, news 4. we have been focusing on domestic violence all month with our series, "safe at home." it's a significant issue in our community and a difficult problem to address. we've heard from a lot of victims, but now a different perspective from a happen who had a -- man w fight. >> winning is big, i understand. i take it, i cherish it. but if i played and never got another super bowl, but if i helped to save some men in the locker room, then i'm a champion. >> reporter: ray rice defines championship differently these days, the former star of the ravens made this video two years ago when this video was released, showing him hitting
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elevator at a hotel in new york city. >> i think a lot of people know who you are because of one piece of videotape. but most people don't know what has happened in your life since then. let's talk about that, let's start with that. >> well, i call it -- i peel back the layers of years of just finally actually getting to know who you are. and getting to know who i am. first and foremost, i'm a going through life trying to be the man. it was the worst decision of my life. and i'm going to pay that consequence for the rest of my life. you know, i have two kids who now i have to raise my son to grow up to be a man. but i also have to protect my daughter, you know, from myself. a guy that can potentially you know, be like me in my worst moments.
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as you know, how does that happen? >> i had a bad season of life. i have never dealt with issues. >> issues that rice told us came at a young age. the oldest of four children, his father was shot and killed when he was very young and rice was raised by his mother. >> me being the oldest of the house, i had to be a man at a very young age. i tell the story i started paying bills whe old. i go to college, all about chasing the dream. >> college was rutgers where rice played football and then the nfl came calling, he was drafted by the baltimore ravens at the age of 21. and with that came money and fame and he said those things comepounded those problems, particularly in his relationship with his high school sweetheart, jene palmer.
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problems, it could be a big deal. >> rice was indicted for aggravated assault, and reached a program that required regular counseling for offenders. the case against him was dropped after he completed that program. >> i think the culture has to change. >> now rice speaks out about domestic violence, most recently at a forum on the topic. >> i want my story to be told. now there is a lot of detail to it but i want it to be told. i want to help as many people as >> why? because domestic violence is a real issue. it is a real issue. it happens. you know, every 12 seconds as we speak. but when you think about it, the conversation was not really being had the way it's being had now because of my video. if i can explain to young men my
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>> reporter: rice's fiancee, jene, is now his wife. they live with their daughter and newborn son in connecticut, not far from where they grew up in new rochelle, new york, initially benched for two games in 2015, rice was initially suspended after the video was made public in 2014. later that year he appealed his suspension and it was lifted. >> there see this interview and think well, he is hoping to get back in the nfl. >> i'm not going to say i don't miss the game, i do miss it. everything i do i want it to be genuine. i don't want to use an interview to get back to playing the game of football. >> reporter: rice said setting an example for his children is something he wants to work on now. >> i have to make a decision every day that i am going to be
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we have resources for anyone dealing with domestic violence, whether you're a survivor or friend or just curious about it. if you need more information, search domestic violence resources. some good news coming out of northern virginia, more than 250 couples celebrated either 25 or 50 years of marriage in arlington. and a lot of them say the secrets is their >> is to inform and change. >> the couple celebrated their anniversaries at the cathedral of st. thomas moore, the bishop blessed each couple and encouraged them to keep bringing their faith into their marriage. when we come back, stepping out in style. how you can help a great cause
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this just may be the video of the week from the national zoo. check it out. kerry smith sent us this video of a sea lion bonding with their son. it seems every time he threw a rock in the air, the sea lion would do a little flip. on and on the two played around for a good 30 minutes. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. and you have a chance to help raise money to find a cure right here inur are already spending your money on. we explain how to turn your souls pink. click up your heels and step up in the fight against breast cancer. one pink sole at a time. repair with pink is the campaign slogan for breast cancer awareness month at expert shoe repair and luggage in chevy chase, giving customers a chance to?
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>> customers can put their footprint on this campaign through october, like these pink soled bottoms that belonged to a breast cancer survivor and customer named mary. joe, the shop owner says the repair with pink campaign donates for material costs to breast cancer research. and offers another way to join in the fight. >> if i didn't believe in wouldn't do it. >> high heels, resoled in pink. about $40 in all and then you walk out with a new pair of pink bottoms with a purpose. news 4. >> now, they look pretty cool, too. that will do it for news 4 this week, i'm chris lawrence. we'll leave you with more from the white house and the obamas'
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